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This travel sweatshirt inspired by a kangaroo has divided the TPG office

Aug. 18, 2020
4 min read
Photo by Orli Friedman/The Points Guy
This travel sweatshirt inspired by a kangaroo has divided the TPG office
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When you work at The Points Guy, there are a few topics that frequently come up in conversation — "Where will you travel next?" for example, or, "I'm really close to hitting my minimum spend," and, of course, "You have how many points?!"

But, late last year, something arrived at our office that nearly tore the office in half. And no, it wasn't a debate about the best economy seat or our favorite travel rewards credit cards.

No, this was a debate about a sweatshirt inspired by a kangaroo.

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Enter: The Loungaroo High-Tech Hoodie and Pillow.

Photo by Orli Friedman/The Points Guy
Photo by Orli Friedman/The Points Guy

Touted as a two-in-one, brushed-knit polyester spandex travel sweatshirt, it folds into itself to become a pillow. It's very soft to the touch and has a plush lining. For a very versatile sweatshirt and pillow (sweatillow?) it's lightweight, claims to be wrinkle-resistant and is pretty cozy.

It even has a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) blocking pocket to ensure that no one steals your passport or credit card information.

This tech doesn't come cheap, of course. The sweatshirt costs $75, but you can get 10% off by signing up with your email online. You can buy directly through Loungaroo's site, or on retailers such as Amazon. And yes — you can get free, two-day shipping with Amazon Prime.

Since you'll be charged over $10 for shipping via Loungaroo's site, you'll get the best deal by purchasing through Amazon.

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We actually reviewed a travel blanket from Loungaroo (read: Lounge-a-roo) last year, and while it looked absolutely ridiculous, it was comfortable and "a dream to wear."

So, what about the brand's new sweatshirt made it so controversial?

Photo by Orli Friedman/The Points Guy
Photo by Orli Friedman/The Points Guy

Well, for starters, it's not exactly flattering. Unlike the travel blanket, you're supposed to actually wear this in public, yet it didn't have much stretch to it — especially in areas where it should. I'll stick to my Lululemon, personally, thank you very much.

The concept of a "kangaroo pouch" pocket with RFID-blocking technology and a zipper to secure your valuables is clever. After all, how many times have you slipped your phone into a front pocket only to have it slide right out the other side?

Travelers who are already carrying a purse or a backpack might find this pocket is a little redundant — and it sure looks silly when it's loaded up with your phone, wallet, passport, boarding pass, hand sanitizer, spare face mask and other travel essentials.

But TPG's executive editorial director, Scott Mayerowitz, completely disagreed. Yes, he said, the sweatshirt looked a bit awkward with the front pocket (do people ever want to look like a kangaroo?) but decided it was comfortable and practical — especially the aforementioned pouch.

Photo editor Wyatt Smith said he fell somewhere in the middle. He thinks it's "fine, but not flattering."

"I probably wouldn't wear it," he said.

If you don't fill up the front pocket, though, it can be a comfortable, functional sweatshirt perfect for air travel — and starring in videos about passengers behaving badly on airplanes.

The one thing we could all agree on, though, was that it looks adorable with office pup Skippy in it.

Photo by Orli Friedman/The Points Guy

Bottom line

Overall, the office verdict was that the Loungaroo sweatshirt looks, well, bizarre. It's undoubtedly soft and comfortable, and might be even more practical in its pillow form. But the jury's still out on whether it qualifies as airport chic.

Would you wear this Loungaroo sweatshirt?

Featured image by Photo by Orli Friedman/The Points Guy