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5 Ways to Feel More at Home While on the Road

June 02, 2019
4 min read
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It's not always easy to settle into a new city or hotel. Hotel rooms can be stuffy, stale and, let's be honest, a little lifeless. And when you're a frequent traveler, it can be even more important to find comfort when you're away from home.

Queer Eye TV star and frequent traveler Antoni Porowski recently shared how he keeps his hotel room cozy with Harper's BAZAAR: "If I light a candle, within 10 minutes, the place smells like home, and I feel comfortable and safe. . . It's the next best thing to being in your own bedroom, basically." Making a hotel room personalized with a signature scent is a great way to keep a piece of home with you everywhere you go.

And because for many, spending nights away from home is more about business travel and less about vacation, we decided to consult with the TPG Lounge to find out how they keep their trips comfortable and homey. Here's what they said:

Keep Up With Your Home Routines

For some people, a sense of home comes from setting things up the way they are at home or keeping up with regular routines. For example, TPG Lounge member Carry B. said, "I set up all my cosmetics, etc. exactly the way I have and use them at home in the bathroom ... [and] set up the next day’s clothes like I do at home."

Take Your Favorite Entertainment on the Road

Sometimes hotel TVs don't offer enough options to cut it. So, some TPG Lounge members mentioned that they take it upon themselves to bring the entertainment with them. Alex T. said, "I bring along my Roku Stick+ to access my Netflix account on the road. Plus I have one channel that helps me receive US news when I can't good international news channels." Smart!

Some even enjoy bringing game consoles to keep the energy up and the boredom down. Others just need something to help them wind down, like TPG Lounge member Lindsey D., who said, "I listen to the 'Betty in the Sky With a Suitcase' podcast. She's comforting."

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Familiarize Yourself With Your New Neighborhood

If you're overwhelmed in a new place, it helps to acquaint yourself with your surroundings. Lots of TPG Lounge members said that they have to scope out some important places in order to get settled. For example, Greg K. said, "I never truly feel safe in a new place until I've found a nearby grocery store."

Meanwhile, Gloria L. said that finding a workout spot when traveling is essential. "I’m one of 'those' OrangeTheory people, so I always check to see if there is one nearby. If not, I strategize pre-trip on how I’ll get to do my routine."

For others, it's all about knowing where the nearest caffeine source is. Scott L. said, "Gotta find a Starbucks."

Bring a Piece of Home With You

Like Antoni Porowski's tip of throwing your favorite scented candle in your luggage, other TPG Lounge members commented that they like to take some pieces of home on their trips with them for added comfort.

"I bring my pillow," Scottandsuleymi C. said. "Sounds dumb but I find hotel pillows inconsistent and sometimes gross. It seems I sleep much better when my head rests on a familiar spot." On a similar note, TPG Lounge member Dagmar B. said, "I bring a small fleece travel blanket to spread on the bed." There's nothing like an extra bit of coziness.

Commenter Belle J. said, "I bring my Snoozies house shoes," which is a great tip for those who find that hotel slippers miss the mark.

Incorporate Your Travels Into Your Home

Not everyone finds traveling to be uncomfortable. TPG Lounge member Joaquin W. said, "I feel way more at home when I’m traveling," and, in the same spirit, commenter Byron B. said, "I'll bring the counter point. I've made my home (which I'm in about 10 days a month) more like when I travel." He added, "[I use] mini shampoo bottles since I have so many extra, use airline pajamas, etc." Maybe that's been the trick all along.

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