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Avoid Credit Card Fees: 5 Fees You Won't Pay With Discover it Miles

Dec. 07, 2018
4 min read
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There are many reasons a family needs the Discover it Miles card in their wallet. Points-junkies will appreciate the awarding of 1.5 miles per dollar on all purchases, especially since those miles are matched at the end of the first card member year. This means that 35,000 miles earned in the first year through old-fashioned spending ultimately turn into 70,000 miles once the miles are matched after 12 billing cycles. Earning a total of 3 miles per dollar across all purchases that first year (once the miles are matched after the end of the year) is outstanding, but that's not the only reason the Discover it Miles card is one to consider.

A study showed that credit cards charge an average of six different types of fees (in addition, of course, to interest if you carry a balance). One of the most common types of fees tacked on by credit cards is a late payment fee, but the Discover it Miles card does not charge that fee for your first late payment. In fact, there are many different fees this card does not charge, which is great, since getting hit with fees can quickly eat away at the overall value of the rewards you earn.

1. No Annual Fee

Discover it Miles comes with no annual fee — not just the first year, but for as long as you hold the card.

2. No Late Payment Fee for the First Late Payment

The vast majority of credit cards charge a late payment fee the very first time you are even one day late with your payment. Of course, we advocate that you are never late with a credit card payment, but life happens (especially when traveling), so it is great that the Discover it Miles card won't tack on an extra fee for that first late payment.

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After the first time you're late with a payment, you’ll pay up to $39 for each additional late payment — don't make a habit of it.

3. No Over-the-Limit Fee

If you have more expenses pop up than expected, rest assured that Discover won't hit you with an over-the-limit fee for going above and beyond your set credit line.

4. No Foreign Transaction Fees

While more cards than ever can be used without foreign transaction fees, it is not yet a benefit available across all cards. In fact, I just recently made a mistake and used a card from another bank in Vienna that did still charge a foreign transaction fee. Shockingly, the card I used carried a $95 annual fee, reinforcing that no foreign transaction fee charges is still a relevant perk. Combining 1.5 miles per dollar earned across all purchases (matched at the end of the first year) with no foreign transaction fees, makes this a card that is easy to swipe around the globe.

5. Free Overnight Shipping for Card Replacement

If something happens and you lose your Discover it Miles card (or it becomes compromised in some way), you don't have to wait five to seven business days to receive a new one in the mail. Discover offers free overnight shipping and card replacement to any US street address that you request, so you stop worrying and quickly get on with life.

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With easy-to-use miles, all miles earned in the first card member year matched after the end of the year and a minimal number of extra fees, the Discover it Miles card is a good match for busy, traveling families.

To learn more about how a Discover it Miles card can enhance your family's overall credit card strategy: