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10 of the Craziest Travel Products We've Seen All Year

Dec. 23, 2017
5 min read
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We’ve seen a lot of crazy travel products come and go over the years. Between random travel apps (hello, Take Me Home, I’m Wasted) to ridiculous carry-on items (an axe gun, really?), we've seen it all. But this year, there are even wackier items to add to the list. Here, 10 of the most random travel products we've seen in 2017.

1. Petflair

Back in September, we talked about the Australian company Petflair, who not only makes customized beachwear (starting at $59), but beachwear with your pet's face on it. Men and women have their own swimsuits to choose from (think: a Speedo for the guys and a one-piece for the girls) in addition to beach bags and towels, giving you the option to always travel with your best friend.

2. Purple Seat Cushion

Are long flights a total pain in your butt? Well, not anymore thanks to the Purple Seat Cushion ($79). Made with Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ and created in a unique grid design, this seat might look silly (it is bright purple after all) but offers ultimate comfort that comes in a variety of sizes to fit all rumps.

3. The Carry On Cocktail Kit: Champagne Cocktail

The next time you're in the mood for something bubbly while flying, make it yourself. The Carry On Cocktail Kit ($24) comes with elderflower syrup, a jigger, bar spoon and recipe to follow so you can master Champagne drinks with ease.

4. Rockaloo

When you're running around the city and need a bathroom break quick, the Rockaloo app (pay per use, starting at $.99) has you covered. According to Time Out, this handy app lets you purchase "a pass to bathrooms at private businesses," which locates the nearest restrooms for you to pop in without ever standing in a long line again.

5. The Travel Pillow

A pillow that not only helps your posture but contorts to your individual sleep position? Sure, The Travel Pillow looks a little creepy with its gigantic hands, but LADbible says it offers some of the best hugs a person could ever ask for.

6. Groove Ring

Leave the fancy engagement ring home the next time you travel and instead slip on the Groove Ring (starting at $29.95) from Groove Life. Made of durable and flexible silicone material (and available in a wide range of colors and prints), this ring (which can also be monogrammed) is dedicated to those outdoor travelers who want to stay fashionable while getting their hands dirty.

7. Fin

Photo courtesy of Fin

Move over Siri, Fin is the new personal assistant in town. An on-demand service used straight from your phone, this baby can do anything from drafting a new email to booking your next big trip. With two different monthly plans starting at $25, you can choose which assistant is best for you, depending on what you use it for and how often.

8. Tugo Drink Holder

If only you had more free hands when you travel ... just think how much more stuff you could bring. With the Tugo Drink Holder ($9.95) you can keep your coffee or water bottle securely between your luggage handles, freeing up your hands while shopping at the airport.

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9. Banana Box

What's worse than a squished banana inside your carry-on? Nada. Travel + Leisure says you don't have to worry about that anymore thanks to Banana Box ($3.35). Hard plastic in the shape of — you guessed it — a bright yellow banana, keep your fruit protected throughout your travels with this handy case.

10. Modobag

Zip through the airport lines with ease on a Modobag ($1,395). This motorized luggage, complete with handlebar and brakes, allows you to take a seat and scoot your way to your terminal like a pro. And when you don't want to show off, you can always revert to using the handle.

Featured image by Carry On Cocktail Kit The Champagne Cocktail