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The 5 Craziest Things Passengers Tried to Sneak by the TSA in July

July 31, 2017
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The 5 Craziest Things Passengers Tried to Sneak by the TSA in July
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Another month has come to an end, which means it's time to recap the most absurd things intercepted by TSA agents at airports across the country. July didn't disappoint — alongside the agency's normal haul of guns, guns and more guns (enough guns, in fact, to set a single week record), is a collection of questionable artwork, repurposed explosives and a rock from out of this world. Found on the TSA's wonderful public service Instagram page these items made us laugh and gasp — even quack. And, of course, we're grateful that the TSA remains diligent in preventing passengers from boarding aircraft with such dangerous weapons.

1. Cross-Species Wrench

This monkey wrench turned into a grasshopper has lived quite a life. But before its owner — presumably an artistically-inclined plumber of some sort — could shepherd his creation into the Great Toolbox in the Sky, he lost it at the security checkpoint. Turns out welding legs to a potentially deadly tool isn't enough to make it OK for carrying on. Next time, pack large tools such as these in a checked bag.

2. Creepy Crawly Hand Grenade?

If it looks like a grenade, feels like a grenade and ....walks... like a grenade, chances are it's still banned by the TSA. Checkpoint security confiscated this eyebrow-raising excuse for modern art at Albuquerque International Sunport (ABQ) earlier this month. Grenades of any sort, even if they're made into works of art, aren't allowed on board aircraft, or in the cargo hold.

3. A Moon Rock

It's not every day you see a real, live (well, as live as a rock can be) moon rock, but the TSA agents at Dane County Regional Airport were in for a treat when a NASA employee brought along his sample. And he was all too happy to show it off. The rock comes from the Apollo 15 mission back in 1971, and was permitted to fly alongside its owner on the terrestrial flight.

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4. Smoke Grenade

"Vaping" may be the hot new trend among millennials who have a desire to fry their lungs, but the TSA isn't here to be trendy — agents confiscated this poorly-chosen piece on sight. Nothing that looks even remotely like a grenade is allowed on an airplane for reasons that really, really, really should be quite obvious.

5. A Live Mallard Duck

We've seen plenty of emotional support cats and dogs above 30,000 feet. But a duck? Don't think so! However, it's apparently a thing — a woman arrived at Charleston International Airport (CHS) with her service duck in tow. This duck was allowed to fly, but make sure you're familiar with your airline's policy on service animals before you show up at the airport.

What's the strangest item you've seen at a TSA checkpoint?

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