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Watch a Long-Haul Flight Take to the Skies in This New Doc

June 13, 2017
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the secret life of the long-haul flight
Watch a Long-Haul Flight Take to the Skies in This New Doc
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Find out what life above the clouds is really like for cabin crews with Secret Life Of The Long Haul Flight, a new British documentary that follows a Qantas Airlines flight from London to Sydney — with a stopover in Dubai. The hour-long short film, which premiered in Britain last Friday, offers a taste of the many challenges that go into orchestrating both legs of this 22-hour-total journey. For the flight's diligent crew, much of those demands come from keeping everything running smoothly. Flight attendants film each other as they go about their duties, from inspecting the bathrooms every 30 minutes to cooking almost-presentable eggs.

Cooking eggs without a flame just ain't the same.
Cooking eggs without a flame just ain't the same.

Viewers will also get an answer to one of the more common long-haul flight questions out there: Where does the crew sleep? (Spoiler alert: For this Qantas crew, that place is under the stairs in 12 tiny — and chilly — bunks.)

But the documentary doesn't stop at the flight crew; it takes a hard look look into nearly every stage of the flight. The audience gets a whirlwind tour of Qantas' international fight control center and some insight from the ground crew as they load the plane's belly chock-full of goods. Airline veterinarians even give a behind-the-scenes glimpse into pre-flight check-ups given to every pet onboard.

In-flight dining fans will also appreciate the deep-dive into the preparation of airline cuisine. Australian celebrity chef Neil Perry gets credit for Qantas' menu, and he tells the audience that his goal is to create dishes that outdo airline food's less-than-stellar reputation.

Secret Life Of The Long Haul Flight depicts so much more about the nearly day-long flight, and if you have the time to spare, do give it a look. It might not top actual flying, but it'll make you appreciate your next long-haul journey all the more.

H/T: The Guardian

Featured screenshot taken from "Secret Life of the Long-Haul Flight."