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Hate Small Talk? Try Kyoto’s New Silent Taxi Service

April 12, 2017
2 min read
Japan - Kyoto - taxi cab
Hate Small Talk? Try Kyoto’s New Silent Taxi Service
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“How was your flight?” “Where are you coming from?” Anyone who has ever hitched a ride to or from the airport in a taxi or other car service has likely endured a barrage of questions like these. And while they’re meant to be pleasantries in the truest sense of the word, some people (okay, many people) would sometimes rather ride along in silence. Miyako Taxi, a cab company that operates mainly in Kyoto, Japan, has come up with a brilliantly simple solution: a fleet of designated "Silence Taxis," where the only question riders will be asked is where they’re headed.

As RocketNews24 reports, these quiet cars — which are still in a testing phase — have a notice posted to the back of the passenger seat that lets passengers know they’re riding in a small talk-free car, where "Hello," "Goodbye," and "Where are you going?" are about the only things you’ll hear from the front seat, unless there’s some sort of emergency or urgent situation that needs to be addressed. Of course, if you want to chit-chat with your driver, all you need to do is start the conversation, as they’re just not allowed to initiate it.

While we're hoping that the pilot program is successful enough for other cities to take notice and follow suit, for now, our lips are sealed.

H/T: RocketNews24

Featured image by Corbis via Getty Images