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Tips from the Pros: How to Be a Fresh-Faced Frequent Flyer

Dec. 17, 2016
5 min read
Tips from the Pros: How to Be a Fresh-Faced Frequent Flyer
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As a frequent flyer, you know how to pile up the points, manage your miles and pack the perfect suitcase. But once you’ve reached your destination, are you always feeling — and looking — your best? Here, professional make-up artist Carrie LaMarca shares her top tips to keep you as fresh-faced as possible.

Up All Night

Business travelers are usually faced with long-haul red-eye flights, layovers and interrupted sleep patterns. So what’s a weary traveler to do? Answer: create an in-flight beauty regime.

"One product every traveler should pack in their carry-on is face cleansing wipes," said LaMarca. "The first thing I do after takeoff is remove all of my makeup. Then, hydrate your skin. I recommend that you carry on either a thick moisturizer — like La Roche-Posay’s Nutritic Intense Rich — or a hydrating overnight mask like this one by Origins. A hydrating mist spray also works well to keep skin hydrated throughout the flight."

As for fighting long-haul fatigue? Get some shut-eye.

"I know it's hard for a lot of people to sleep on planes, but it's so important for skin and overall health," said LaMarca. "I always make sure to bring a good sleep mask and some earplugs on board because they really do help. Once I complete my in-flight routine, I put on my sleep mask, play some white noise on my iPhone and get in the zone."

Carrie recommends purchasing Bed Bath and Beyond’s Bucky 40 Winks Ultralight Sleep Mask. Its cupped design doesn’t press up against your eyes while you sleep so it guarantees maximum comfort and completely blacks out any light your neighbors might shine while they wrestle with their own in-flight insomnia.

Let’s Talk Business

While business travel works wonders for racking up miles, travelers can often find themselves tight on time once they’ve reached their final destination. To save you some time, here are a few essential products LaMarca recommends packing in your carry-on if you're going straight from the plane to a business meeting.

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"For women, I would say a dry shampoo," said LaMarca. "Not only will it remove oil from your scalp, but it will help revive your style and give added texture to limp hair."

If you only have time to run to the local drugstore before your next flight, LaMarca recommends Pssst!’s travel size dry shampoo. Generous on time and with your wallet? Pick up what she calls the ‘best of the best’: Klorane’s dry shampoo with oat milk.

"Men have it a little — okay, a lot! — easier, but a good texturizing pomade to resculpt hair will help male business travelers tremendously," said LaMarca. "I recommend Bumble and Bumble’s Sumotech, which is great for all hair types and weather conditions."

When it comes to skin care, men and women alike should pack a good moisturizer — like Kiehls’ ultra facial cream — as well as some lip balm, eye drops and an eye mask.

For an instant beauty pick-me-up, pack an eyelash curler and mascara — no questions asked. Once curled, top your eyelashes with a swipe of mascara to make you look instantly more alert and pulled together for that important business meeting.

"I promise you, an eyelash curler is one of your best friends!" said LaMarca. "It instantly makes your eyes bigger and appear more awake. I even use one with some of my male clients because it really does make a big difference."

If You Lose Your Luggage…

First of all, don't freak out. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, always carry the essentials listed above with you, and if you're in a pinch, grab what you need once you get there.

"Women should pick up a red or pink lipstick at the airport or local drugstore. Use this on your lips to take your look from day to night," LaMarca said. "You can also use lipstick on your cheeks instead of a blush. Pat some on the apples of your cheeks with your fingertips, allowing the lipstick to melt into your skin and create a natural flush."

LaMarca also recommends picking up deodorant… for obvious reasons. And a good conditioner. "You can usually get by with the hotel's shampoo but the conditioner never quite makes the cut," she said.

And if you're going to France, don't bother bringing any products with you. "Hit the pharmacy as your first stop because France has some of the best products in the world and it’s my favorite place to stock up!"

A Final Tip

As a frequent flyer herself, LaMarca revealed her #1 tip to mask her own long-haul fatigue: "Drink a ton of water, get some sleep and carry a great under eye concealer!" She also said mixing her favorite concealer with some moisturizer to create a foundation allows her to customize her coverage level while cutting down on the amount of products she has to travel with.

What are your secrets for looking your best on the road? Share them with us, below.

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