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Comedian Nikki Glaser on Vacationing with Amy Schumer and People Who Kick the Chair from Behind

Sept. 03, 2016
4 min read
Comedian Nikki Glaser on Vacationing with Amy Schumer and People Who Kick the Chair from Behind
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Nikki Glaser — comic, TV star and podcast host — won over fans with her Comedy Central show, "Not Safe With Nikki Glaser," and seems to have impressed Amy Schumer quite a bit; they’re frequent travel partners. Here, the clever comic shares travel-horror stories, how Paris Hilton inspired her and the one hotel chain that makes her feel like she’s not having enough sex.

What’s your secret to a successful trip?

To just hang out. I learned to vacation from my good friend Amy Schumer. She’s really good at going on vacation and has invited me to be part of many of them, so I have co-opted from her vacation style. We don’t have to go out and have fun when we go on vacation. Amy and I sit around and watch “Dating Naked” marathons on VH1. She hires people to come in and cook for us so we don’t have to get out of our pajamas. If it’s a male chef, we’ll harass him. We stay in since sometimes I don’t like to be social.

What's the best trip you’ve ever taken?

I went to Thailand early in my relationship with my boyfriend. We went to Phuket and it was amazing. I went scuba diving. I was scared until I saw a picture of Paris Hilton scuba diving. When I saw that, I thought, ‘If she can do it, I can do it.’ It was so beautiful in Thailand.

What's the longest flight you’ve ever been on?

To Thailand. It was hell. I was on China Eastern Airlines. I fell asleep for three hours and when I woke up, I thought I put a dent in the trip but we were still on the tarmac! Then it got worse. I was cramped and the person behind me was kicking my chair violently. Everyone on the plane but me was Chinese and I was wondering if it was a cultural thing. I asked the guy next to me, who thankfully spoke English, about it and he said it was not acceptable and he yelled at this woman in Chinese to stop.

Any travel horror stories that can top that one?

I remember being stuck at the Atlanta airport for six hours. This is my all-time worst experience. I knew then that people who had access to the elite clubs were allowed one guest. I was 24 and desperate. I waited outside. I saw a businessman and asked if I could be his plus one. He was so weirded out. I kept asking guys like I was a homeless person outside of 7/11 if I could go into the club with them. It was awesome. Finally some guy let me come in with him.

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Where's the one place you've always wanted to go?

Australia. But I’m going there next year for a wedding.

Are you a points gal?

Yes. I’m an American Platinum and Delta whatever. It feels so good to have those points. I’ve been collecting them for six years.

How do you use your points?

I use them for family and for flights and for first class. Sitting in first class has changed my life. I don’t know what I would do without it.

Are you a window person?

Yes. I need something lean on.

Favorite airline(s)?

Delta and American.

Favorite airport?

Charlotte. I love those rocking chairs. That’s a sweet little airport.

Least favorite airport?

Atlanta. That’s my living hell.

Favorite hotel?

I loved staying at this nice one I was just at in Montreal, the St. Paul Hotel. I like the High Line Hotel in New York. W’s are nice, but they are intimidating since it feels like the message is, ‘You better be having sex in your room tonight, you pussy!’

Featured image by Image courtesy of Nikki Glaser's Facebook page.

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