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How to Use Citi Price Rewind to Save Money Easily!

May 24, 2016
5 min read
How to Use Citi Price Rewind to Save Money Easily!
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Update: Some offers mentioned below are no longer available. View the current offers here: Citi Premier® Card. Citi has announced most of its credit card benefits and protections will end on September 22, 2019, including some of the benefits or protections explored in this story. For more details, see this story.

Like many of you I'm no stranger to credit card perks outside of simply the miles and points that they earn. I've used credit card protections to cover things like a broken iPhone (more than once) and $200 flight change fees when my daughter got sick and we couldn't travel. However, I was a total novice at using my credit card's built-in price protection benefits that would offer a refund of sorts when something I bought went on sale within the first 60 days or so from purchase.

Truthfully I didn't really use the price protection perks even though several of my cards offer it in some form because I just couldn't be bothered with the record keeping and price tracking. I mean, I wish my life was that organized, but I also wish I could eat chocolate cupcakes and french fries every day without gaining weight, but let's be real...

I try to get the best price possible on most things when I buy them by leveraging sales, stacking coupons, etc., and then I generally just let it go and move on with life. However, when I got the Citi Premier® Card a couple months ago I decided to try out their Citi Price Rewind feature since it looked like it would automate the parts of the price protection coverage that historically have made it too much of a time consuming pain for me to bother.

To use Citi Price Rewind for one of your Citi consumer credit cards (except Chairman Credit Cards) just pay for your purchase with your card then enter the purchase on the Citi Price Rewind website. The website then conducts searches of "hundreds" of online stores and if the same item is found at a lower price within 60 days of purchase you can get a reimbursement for the price difference without having to do the searching and submitting yourself! You can also submit your own claim for reimbursement if you find a lower price that the site missed (though that sounds like work beyond what I can manage right now).

To use the Citi Price Rewind you have to upload a receipt of the purchase to the Price Rewind website in order to actually submit the claim, but you don't have to do that step just to start the price search. I simply took a picture of a receipt and uploaded it for my claim and that worked just fine.

My claims have all been for clothes, since that is an item that frequently goes on sale within 60 days of purchase. However, you can also track bigger ticket items like electronics and appliances. Many types of purchases are eligible, but some that are not eligible include: motorized vehicles, items that can be consumed like food or medicine, jewelry and gems (other than watches), tickets, services, collectibles, and plants/animals. There are a few other terms and conditions, too, but not so many to where the service becomes too cumbersome.

It took me about 5-10 minutes to input some purchases on the Citi Price Rewind website and let the tracking begin. I found that the site did a very good job finding lower prices for most of my items. The only exception was an item that went on sale on a site other than the one I bought it from, but that site called it something slightly different so it wasn't caught. I could have tried to submit my own claim, but sadly didn't get around to at this time. I found that entering the clothing items was a little tricky with some items due to their name/size/color not always coming up exactly correct, but it was workable in most of the situations.

Three of the items I entered in the past 60 days were found to be eligible for price rewinds. After the 60 day search ended I received checks for two of the items after approving the lower price found within about a week. Both of those were for small refunds of a few dollars each.

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I am still waiting for a check for one item that was a larger refund of about $28 as that one is still in a processing status. You can also opt to have the refunds credited to your Citi account instead of sent via a check if the refund amount for that item is for more than $25.

I very much plan to utilize the Citi Price Rewind feature more in the future, especially for our family's clothing purchases since those items seem to almost always go on sale at some point in the 60 days after we purchase. It does take a few extra minutes to enter our purchases in the Price Rewind website, but once they are entered the website does the rest of the price searching work. If a lower price is found you just have to go back into the website and make a few selections regarding your refund and you are done.

Have you used any credit card price protection benefit such as Citi Price Rewind? I'd love to hear your experiences using this or another service as I know it is something I should do more regularly for our family's purchases.