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Airplane Food Delivery Service Launches...For Some Reason

Oct. 24, 2014
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Airplane Food Delivery Service Launches...For Some Reason
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You've probably never considered eating airplane food while not on an airplane, but a new subscription food delivery service called Air Food One is hoping to change your mind. A partnership between Lufthansa's catering arm, LGS Sky Chefs, and grocery service, the German company is currently delivering in-flight-style meals once a week to subscribers in Dusseldorf and Cologne on an eight-week trial basis. Should this trial prove successful, the company plans to widen their service throughout Germany and beyond.

German company Air Food One has started delivering in-flight meals at home - but only in Germany for now
Lufthansa's Air Food One is delivering in-flight meals at home - but for now, only in Germany

The Air Food One Concept & Menu

Designed to appeal to busy people who don't have much time or talent for cooking but want a healthy alternative to typical convenience food, initial dinner menus include broiled steak filets, fried cod, and baked chicken in pepper sauce, as well as vegetarian options like cannelloni pasta. Prepared and delivered fresh, these meals retail at between $11.50-13 US, including delivery costs.

One of Air Food One's delivery options
One of Air Food One's initial menu options, fried cod with chive mashed potatoes

While the price point sounds pretty good, overall I think this sounds like a strange idea for a delivery service. After all, while Lufthansa's food is certainly decent, no carrier has ever served me what I'd define as a great meal!

My Five Least Favorite Airplane Meals

In fact, I've had some downright unpleasant ones. Here are my picks for the least appetizing things I've ever been served while up in the air:

American Airlines' Chateaubriand steak du mop water

1. Chateaubriand steak - American Airlines. While seated in American's business class from Madrid to New York JFK, I described my dinner as being "so foul it tasted like a bucket of mop water."

On airberlin, all the allure of Thai food with none of the taste

2. Chicken breast in lemon sauce with green tagliatelle, sauteed carrot, zucchini & tomato - airberlin. When I flew airberlin's business class from Berlin to New York JFK, I got really excited about my main entree's attractive presentation, which reminded me of Thai food. However, the flavor fell far short of that spicy cuisine, with tasteless chicken and burnt pasta that was actually a bit crunchy in spots - not the best combination.

American's rubbery pasta, anyone?

3. Cavatelli with puttanesca & sauteed mushrooms - American Airlines. In spring 2013, while in American's then-new business class from Sao Paulo to JFK, the best I could say about this mess of a pasta dish was that it was "rubbery" and "definitely not a memorable meal at 33,000 feet."

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No salad could make up for the lack of decent nutrition in Delta's chicken parm sandwich

4. Chicken parmesan sandwich - Delta Air Lines. When I flew Delta's BusinessElite from Amsterdam to Newark, I was served a meal shortly before landing, a hot chicken parmesan sandwich with a fresh green salad, which makes this list because it was extremely unhealthy. I mean, really - fried, breaded chicken on white bread with cheese?! It was like a trifecta of bad choices.

Sweet and cheese-smothered = no no gnocchi

5. Butternut squash gnocchi - American Airlines. Seeing a trend in airlines here? Well, at least the cabin was a different class. While in American's A321 first class from LAX to JFK, this entree was unpleasantly sweet and then smothered in cheese, for a taste combo that inspired me to quit eating after only a few bites.

I wish Air Food One all the best in their endeavors, but after these experiences with airplane food, I personally won't be using their services anytime soon!

Would you consider having airplane food delivered to you at home? Please share in the comments below.
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