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Transferring Ultimate Reward Points Between Accounts

April 18, 2012
4 min read
Transferring Ultimate Reward Points Between Accounts
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Most likely due to the flurry of activity with the recent sign-up bonus changes for the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, the Ink Bold Business, and the Chase Freedom card (No longer open to new applicants), I have recently received several questions about how to transfer Ultimate Reward points from one account to another. Since I actually just did this from my old Ink Bold business card to my Chase Sapphire Preferred account, I am happy to report back on how the process went. I moved my points just in case I needed to close my old Ink Bold card when I applied for the new Ink Bold card. As it turns out, I didn't have to close that account, but moving the points just in case was a solid "just in case" move, and now has them consolidated with my other Ultimate Rewards points.Anyway, back to the transfer process. Below are the Ultimate Rewards transfer rules directly from Chase's website. I bolded the part that seems most important to me.

Account-to-Account Point/Cash Back Rewards Transfers: Cash Back Rewards is a form of rebates subject to these Program Redemption Rules. You may transfer points/rebates to any other eligible credit card or debit card with Ultimate Rewards. You may only transfer points to accounts earning in points and rebates to accounts earning in rebates. Transfers may only be used to combine points/rebates belonging to the same individual or business in the Program; or for the purpose of enabling spouses or domestic partners to combine points/rebates earned in their respective names. If the transferee's or your credit card account(s) or checking account(s), as applicable, are in default at the time of the transfer, Chase will not make the transfer. Once points/rebates are transferred, they cannot be credited back.I have heard about many folks who transfer points to/from Ultimate Rewards accounts of their parents, siblings, etc. While it seems that type of transfer will often work, just be aware that it is outside the official rules. However, transfers between spouses/domestic partners and to the same "individual or business" in the program are within the official rules. In some cases it may make sense for one partner to have the Chase Freedom card and the other has the Chase Sapphire Preferred card. That way, only one annual fee is paid on the Sapphire Preferred, but the Ultimate Rewards points earned on the Freedom can be transferred to the UR account linked to the Sapphire Preferred and then on to hotel and airline programs.Now that you know the rules, here are the steps for making a transfer:1. Log in either to your account on or at (or have someone else log into the account that you wish to transfer from if it is someone else's account).Often when I log in at, my Freedom and Sapphire Preferred accounts immediately displays a screen that asks if I want to combine points.If you log in from, you then select "Manage Ultimate Rewards" from the top of the screen.Once you click on "Manage Ultimate Rewards", look on the left-hand side of the screen for an option that says "Combine Ultimate Rewards points".2. Whether you went directly from your account or from, the next step will then be to select which account you want to transfer from, and which account you want to transfer to. They may both already be options in the drop down boxes, or you may have to enter the information in by selecting "other". You will need the account number and the last name of the account holder to whom you want to transfer points.3. Enter how many points you wish to transfer and then confirm that is the correct amount.The transfer should pretty much be instant, and you have now combined Ultimate Reward points. Congrats! ;) This is how I moved the points from my Ink Bold Business card to my Chase Sapphire Preferred card yesterday, and it is how I will move points from my Chase Freedom Visa to my Sapphire Preferred card when it comes time to make a transfer to a hotel or airline partner. It's a pretty simple process and I am thankful that Chase has a family-friendly policy of letting spouses and domestic partners freely move points between accounts.What has your experience been with transferring points from one account to another?Disclaimer: I do receive a commission if you apply for credit using one of my links. With it, you get a phenomenal points-earning credit card and my sincerest gratitude.