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US Airways Launches Million Miler Program

December 10, 2010

Airline million miler status programs, glamorized by George Clooney in Up in the Air, are real programs that encourage longterm loyalty to a particular airline. While each airline has its up and down years, these programs are meant to cement the most loyal flyers and keep them when they might think about defecting to a […]

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Up to 1,000 Free US Airways Dividend Miles with New Toolbar

December 6, 2010

Install the US Airways Dividend Miles search toolbar and get 500 points. You get an additional 500 if you are a Preferred member or have a US Airways Mastercard. Additionally, you get an additional mile for every 3 searches you make. These toolbars offer free miles for stuff you already do and if you don’t […]

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US Airways Buy Miles 100% Bonus Extended

November 14, 2010

US Airways has extended their 100% buy miles bonus until November 30th. I’ve written a lot about this promo, frankly because its a great deal. While they keep extending it, this will run out one day soon and it’ll be one of the “remember when” type promotions we remember fondly in the future. I’ve helped […]

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US Airways, Delta and American Airlines Post Strong Third Quarter Results

October 21, 2010

US Airways, Delta and American handily beat industry expectations on Wednesday by posting strong profits. US posted a $240 million profit compared with a loss of $80 million a year ago. Delta earned $363 million campared to a year-earlier loss of $161 million. American earned $143 million compared with a year-earlier loss of $359 million. Looks like […]

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5 Things I Love About Domestic First Class

October 8, 2010

I’ve been traveling domestically a lot lately, and thanks to being a Delta Platinum, I’ve been upgraded to first class on every flight. However, due to scheduling demands, I recently flew JetBlue to Austin, and those four hours in coach as a non-elite status passenger really made me reflect on what I love about first […]

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US Airways Grand Slam Promotion

September 27, 2010

US Airways recently announced their new Grand Slam Promotion, which encourages members to earn points on all non-flight related activity, such as hotel stays and rental cars. This is a way for US Airways to generate revenue, because every time you choose to earn frequent flyer miles with a hotel, rental car or other partner, […]

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1,500 Free US Airways Miles for New Members

September 21, 2010

Get 1,500 free miles for signing up for a Dividend Miles account (see details here). Join by September 30, 2010, so act soon! They are also running a Grand Slam promotion, which encourages partner activity. My analysis of the promotion is coming shortly, so if you want to bank some US miles (one of the […]

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US Airways Buy Miles Promotion = Cheap Star Alliance Premium Cabin Travel for All

August 19, 2010

US Airways, notorious for wild buy miles promotions, is running yet another bonus on purchased miles. Detailed here, you can get up to a 100% bonus on buying miles, up to 50,000 bonus miles (100,000 total). As I wrote about earlier this summer, this means you can buy a Star Alliance (think Swiss, Lufthansa, Continental, […]

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