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A Rundown of US Credit Cards With EMV Chip Technology

May 15, 2014

With the unveiling yesterday of the rebranded Barclaycard Arrival – which is now called the Arrival Plus and comes with a Smart Chip (with PIN capability, no less) embedded, as well as recent announcements about the Delta Amex cards getting them May 1 and the introduction of the Amex EveryDay cards with Smart Chip technology, […]

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Wells Fargo Enters Travel Credit Card Space With New Propel Cards With American Express

May 12, 2014

Wells Fargo is one of the “big four” banks in the US, alongside JP Morgan, Citi and Bank of America. All three of its other competitors have hefty travel credit card products, but Wells Fargo has lagged behind in that department, until recently when they launched two new credit card products aimed at getting a […]

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American Express and Wells Fargo Teaming Up To Launch New Credit Cards

August 9, 2013

When it comes to rewards credit cards, I believe that the more competition- the better. With more players in the marketplace competing for the same crowd of creditworthy consumers, we’ve seen sign-up bonuses and promotions increase drastically over the last 5 years. There could be another player in the mix soon: Wells Fargo. This week […]

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