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US Airways to Retain Some Star Alliance Partners After Joining Oneworld

March 13, 2014

With US Airlines leaving Star Alliance at the end of this month, there are a lot of  questions about how awards will be handled with Star Alliance partners. In most cases, airlines sever ties with most of the alliance partners. However it looks like US Airways will be retaining partnerships with 12 Star Alliance carriers, per Australian […]

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Transcontinental Comparison: Economy Seats

March 10, 2014

Recent mileage program devaluations and restrictions on elite status upgrades like those on Delta will make it harder than ever to sit in the front of the plane, so it’s worth your while to know what each airline offers in economy. Several airlines offer economy sections with more legroom and recline (and even priority boarding privileges […]

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Current Mileage Purchase and Share Bonus Promos: American, Avianca, JetBlue, US Airways

March 5, 2014

There are several promotions where you can buy or transfer miles and get a bonus of anywhere from 25-100% right now, so I thought I’d put them all together in one place for a handy reference. Here are the current promos. American Airlines 30% Discount on Shared Miles Now through March 31, American Airlines is […]

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How Will US Airways’ Departure from Star Alliance Affect Future Bookings?

March 2, 2014

Later this month, US Airways is officially leaving Star Alliance to join Oneworld, the alliance of its merger partner, American Airlines. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this on Twitter, like the following two: TPG reader Nat asked: @thepointsguy With US leaving *A, if I want to fly NYC to Cape Town 3/2015, does it make […]

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Variable 25% – 100% Bonus On Purchased US Airways Miles

March 1, 2014

US Airways is known for liquidating its miles cheaply with fairly frequent 100% bonuses on bought and transferred miles. Lately, these bonuses have been more and more targeted, like one in February just for US Airways Mastercard cardholders. Now the airline is running a variable mystery bonus of between 25% – 100%. You just have […]

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Current Airline Elite Status Match and Status Challenge Information

February 27, 2014

In the wake of Delta’s huge SkyMiles program devaluation announcement yesterday, as well as the fact that both United and Delta have instituted spending requirements for elite status, I know a lot of Delta Medallions and United Premiers are reevaluating their airline elite status strategy (myself included), so I wanted to post a quick roundup […]

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Using To Convert American Express Membership Rewards into US Airways (and Eventually American) Miles

February 26, 2014 is a points exchange and clearing house that allows members to trade one kind of points and miles for another and to track your balances and see certain promo offers. You can also redeem your points or miles through it for retail gift cards or for Paypal credits. It’s free to join and its […]

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US Airways Making Negative Changes to the Buy Up To Preferred Status Program

February 20, 2014

In addition to being a cheap and frequent liquidator of frequent flyer miles, US Airways will actually sell its elite status outright to anyone willing to pay. You can even buy status without having flown a single flight, though it’s intended to help people who fall short of the required mileage for various elite levels […]

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Can You Prevent US Airways Miles From Expiring By Flying On American?

February 16, 2014

TPG reader Faryn has some US Airway miles expiring soon, but is wondering if flying on American Airlines is enough to keep them active. Here was her question: “I have some US Airways miles that are set to expire in April. I am flying American this weekend. Will that prevent my US Airways miles from […]

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Using Miles For My First Trip to Australia: Melbourne, Hamilton Island and Sydney Here I Come

February 15, 2014

Up until this week, I had never been to Australia, which I know is hard for some people to believe since it seems like I’m constantly traveling. A visit has been on my to-do list for a while, but finally I decided to pull the trigger and take advantage of US Airway’s generous Australia awards […]

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Saturday Recap: Award Ticket Discounts On American Airlines, 35% Off Starwood Rates for SPG Members, 15% Off Gogo Inflight Wifi, Hilton HHonors Promotions, Bonus Miles On Emirate’s New Boston Route & More

February 15, 2014

Here’s a recap of the interesting points and miles news from the week: American Airlines Offers 2,500 Mile Discounts On Award Tickets From Los Angeles and Las Vegas: American Airlines has an economy award discount of 2,500 miles for one-way awards or 5,000 miles roundtrip awards from/to Los Angeles and Las Vegas for flights within the […]

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With the American Airlines Merger Can US Airways Miles Be Used On Air Tahiti Nui Yet?

February 9, 2014

TPG reader Mike emailed me to ask if it was possible yet to use US Airways miles on Air Tahiti Nui because of the airline’s merger with American. Here was his question: “Can we use US Airways miles on Air Tahiti Nui yet? Or do you think that will only happen when US Airway miles […]

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Is Buying Miles Worth It: A Rundown of Current Promotions

February 6, 2014

Though they’re not often the best ways to accrue miles, if you need to top off your frequent flyer account in a hurry and your options are limited, it can be worth it to purchase the miles you need. Luckily, airlines run frequent bonuses, though some are better than others. While there’s no public offer […]

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My First Post-Merger US Airways Flight and My Updated Thoughts on the Merger

February 3, 2014

I’ve been pretty opposed to the American Airlines/US Airways merger since it was originally announced. I hoped the Department of Justice would have put the kibosh on the deal, but secretly knew that US/AA would up their lobbying game and twist enough arms behind the scenes to get their injunction overturned. That eventually happened and […]

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Targeted US Airways Credit Card 100% Buy Miles Bonus Through February 28

February 3, 2014

Earlier this month, US Airways announced a targeted 100% buy miles bonus for Dividend Miles members who had purchases miles in 2013, and today, the airline launched another 100% buy miles bonus for cardholders of US Airways credit cards where they can buy or gift miles with a 100% bonus now through February 28, 2014. […]

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Can You Use British Airways Avios For US Airways Flights?

January 19, 2014

TPG reader Patrick tweeted me this week to ask the following: “Can you use Oneworld partner British Airways to redeem for US Airways flights?” Recently American Airlines and US Airways announced that you be able to redeem frequent flyer miles in each others programs. So, TPG reader Patrick tweeted me this week to find out […]

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Saturday Recap: 25% Virgin Atlantic Award Discount, 50% American and US Airways Miles Bonuses, 2X Miles with Rocketmiles and More

January 18, 2014

Here’s a recap of the interesting points and miles news from the week. 25% Percent Off Economy Awards With Virgin Flying Club: Almost all routes are discounted by 25% on Virgin Atlantic when you redeem your Virgin Flying Club miles for economy travel by January 27, 2014. Blackout dates are between April 4-21,2014 and July 16-September […]

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Barclaycard Credit Card Contract With US Airways and American Extended Through 2017

January 17, 2014

One of the major points of speculation surrounding the American Airlines-US Airways merger has been what will happen to the US Airways Mastercard issued by Barclaycard once US Airways’ Dividend Miles program is folded into American’s AAdvantage program and whether the card will go away before or after that. Last week, Barclaycard issued a letter […]

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US Airways 100% Bonus On Purchased Miles – Targeted To Those Who Bought Miles in 2013

January 14, 2014

US Airways has sent out a targeted offer this afternoon to folks who bought or gifted miles in 2013 to earn a 100% bonus on purchased miles now through January 31, 2014. that means you can buy US Airways miles for the bargain price of just 1.88 cents each. I thought we might have seen […]

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American Airlines US Airways Codesharing Begins January 23 – and 50% Mileage Credit Bonus

January 13, 2014

Last week, American and US Airways announced reciprocal mileage earning and redemption options as part of the ongoing merger, and today, American announced yet another step where, starting today, flyers can book codeshared flights on the two airlines for travel starting January 23. The move should make it easier to create itineraries that combine flights […]

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Elite Status Series: US Airways Unique Features and Benefits

January 10, 2014

So far in our Elite Status Series, we’ve covered American, Delta, Southwest and United. Last week, TPG contributor Nick Ewen went through the four tiers of elite status in the Dividend Miles program: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Chairman’s Preferred. Today, he finishes up with US Airways by tackling the unique aspects of the program to […]

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US Airways Mastercard Bonus of Up to 50,000 Miles

January 9, 2014

Update: The offer mentioned below for the US Airways Premier World MasterCard is no longer available. View the current offer here. Yesterday, I wrote that the US Airways Mastercard from Barclaycard is going to be around for a while longer (my guess is probably about a year) and that Barclaycard had sent out letters to […]

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Barclaycard US Airways Mastercard Not Going Away

January 8, 2014

With the American Airlines US Airways merger proceeding apace and yesterday’s big news that flyers of both airlines would be able to earn and redeem miles on either, speculation has been even more rampant than usual that the US Airways Mastercard from Barclaycard would be discontinued sometime soon. That’s because Citi will continue to offer […]

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American Airlines and US Airways Announce Reciprocal Mileage Earning and Redemptions

January 7, 2014

American Airlines and US Airways have officially started to merge from a consumer perspective, announcing a slew of reciprocal benefits today. Dubbed “Customer Day 1,” the two airlines have been training their employees extensively about these new benefits, which include: AAdvantage and Dividend Miles members can earn and redeem miles when traveling across either airline’s […]

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