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Obama Eases Some US Travel Restrictions to Cuba

December 18, 2014

The island of Cuba is only 90 miles from Key West, Florida, but it has been 54 years since most U.S. citizens could legally travel there. Yesterday, however, President Obama announced that in light of Cuban leader Raúl Castro’s agreement to release two Cuban-detained Americans (one an intelligence operative) in exchange for three Cubans jailed in America, the U.S. plans to re-establish […]

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AirAsia Drama Lands Unruly Chinese Passengers in Hot Water

December 15, 2014

Korean Air’s “nutroversy” can take a back seat this week, as it’s AirAsia’s turn to make infamous headlines. In an incident that CNN termed “hot watergate,” the combative behavior of a few Chinese passengers aboard a China-bound AirAsia flight forced the captain to return the plane to Bangkok, infuriating not only the 174 passengers and six crew members on […]

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Boeing 787 Dreamliner Service at North American Airports

December 11, 2014

With news earlier this week that Royal Jordanian would begin operating its 787 Dreamliners from Amman to Montreal and Detroit, I asked TPG Special Contributor Eric Rosen to look at which North American airports are currently being served by Boeing’s next-generation aircraft, and by which airlines. Note: The information here is current as of publication, but airline […]

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Korean Air Flight Delayed Due To Macadamia Nuts

December 9, 2014

Last Friday at New York’s JFK Airport, Korean Air’s vice president of in-flight services, Heather Cho, delayed a Korean Air flight in order to boot off the supervisor of a steward who improperly served Cho’s pre-flight macadamia nuts. This action, which caused the Seoul-bound Airbus 380′s 250 passengers to arrive at Incheon Airport (ICN) 11 minutes late, has proved so unpopular […]

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Singapore Airlines Price Glitch Causes Half-Price Business Fares

December 4, 2014

It’s safe to say Singapore Airlines has had better weeks. The Southeast Asian carrier is presently working to recoup its losses after a computer error in the global distribution system used by travel agencies caused about 900 business-class tickets from Australia to London to be sold at coach prices. Sold between Saturday, November 29 and Monday, December 1 by various online travel agencies in Australia, these […]

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TSA Admits Fault for 1.2 Mile Security Line at Chicago Midway

December 3, 2014

On Sunday, November 30, the busiest travel day of the year, post-Thanksgiving travelers flying out of Chicago-Midway International Airport (MDW) found themselves stuck in a security line that stretched about one mile with wait times of 20-75 minutes, requiring the help of Chicago police officers to manage surrounding airport car and foot traffic. The TSA now blames […]

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Top Cyber Monday Hotel Flash Sales

November 29, 2014

When it comes to shopping, Black Friday is quickly getting overshadowed by Cyber Monday—24 hours of online deals perfect after a long holiday weekend. While skipping shopping mall crowds is one major Cyber Monday perk, another is that many of the properties are under the Marriott and Starwood umbrella, so you can still earn Marriott Rewards […]

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How and When to File a DOT Complaint

November 25, 2014

Getting a plane full of people and stuff from one place to another is no easy task, and mistakes are inevitable. The important consideration for travelers is how airlines respond, and what to do when that response is inadequate. Today, TPG Contributor Nick Ewen discusses one tool every frequent flyer should know how to use, the DOT complaint. Air travel […]

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5 Destinations for Digital Nomads & Online Entrepreneurs

November 12, 2014

The best risk I ever took was quitting my job on Wall Street to focus on The Points Guy full time. It’s incredibly rewarding to be able to travel for a living and help others get the most out of their travels. If you’ve ever wanted to take a similar risk, this post is for you. TPG […]

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When to Book Your Christmas and New Year’s Eve Travel

November 4, 2014

Let’s face it, you probably still have a jack-o-lantern sitting on your doorstep and your Thanksgiving Day plans are still up in the air, but the busy winter holiday season will still be here before you know it. Travel booking site has plowed through a snowstorm of data to find the best times to book your trips for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, so if you […]

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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Airport Restaurants in the US

October 31, 2014

While the landscape of U.S. airport dining can sometimes be a wasteland of fast-food joints and far-from-fresh fare, there is hope. Popping up at airport terminals across the country are riffs on local hotspots, tasty national chains and even eateries created specifically for a hub. Hope you’re hungry, because TPG Assistant Editor Melanie Wynne is issuing your boarding pass to great meals at […]

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West Africa Travelers Now Required to Enter US Through 5 Airports

October 21, 2014

The following is an update of last week’s coverage the CDC’s new Ebola airport screening program. The Department of Homeland Security announced today that starting Wednesday October 22, all travelers coming to the U.S. from West Africa nations affected by the Ebola outbreak will be required to enter through one of five U.S. airports where enhanced screenings are […]

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Ebola and Travel: CDC Launches New Airport Screening Program

October 9, 2014

Following the death yesterday of Thomas Eric Duncan, a Liberian man afflicted with the U.S.’s first recorded case of Ebola and sequestered in an isolation ward at a Dallas hospital, the U.S. federal government is launching its first large-scale attempt at screening for Ebola at American airports. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has announced that […]

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When to Book Your Thanksgiving Travel

September 30, 2014

Now that the leaves are changing color, a chill’s in the air and pumpkin-flavored everything can be found everywhere, it can only mean one thing: Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. Travel booking site has sifted through a cornucopia of data to find the best times to pounce on Turkey Day travel, so if you haven’t made your travel […]

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Are Mileage Runs Still Useful with Revenue Requirements?

September 23, 2014

Last week, the New York Times published an article by Josh Barro called “The Fadeout of the Mileage Run“, in which he explains the premise of mileage runs, how airlines are cracking down on them by adding revenue requirements to earn elite status, and how loyalty programs are changing. It used to be quite common for frequent fliers […]

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How to Prepare for International Travel: Tips. Tricks & More

September 15, 2014

TPG Special Contributor Eric Rosen spends about six months of the year on the road, much of that traveling abroad for weeks at a time. Over the years, he has come up with a handy checklist that makes traveling international easier and more efficient. Here are his tips. When it comes to travel, heading abroad […]

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Maximizing TripAdvisor: How To Find Your Perfect Hotel

September 8, 2014

TPG Foreign Correspondent Lori Zaino stayed in nine different hotels and Airbnb rentals during her recent five-week trip to Southeast Asia. When I asked her which properties were the best and the worst, she said that all of them exceeded her expectations. I was surprised to hear that and asked how she managed to find […]

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Computer, Mobile, & Internet Security Basics for Travelers

August 18, 2014

Today TPG Contributor Jason Steele explains why computer and mobile security are important considerations for all travelers, and how you can help prevent yourself from getting hacked. Before I became a writer, I spent many years working as a computer systems administrator and technical support analyst at Boeing, IBM, and at state and federal government offices. […]

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Luggage Tracking Devices: LugLoc, TrakDot, Okoban & More

August 13, 2014

Today TPG Contributor Jason Steele delves into the world of luggage tracking technology, exploring options for keeping an eye on your bags even when your airline doesn’t. There’s a sinking feeling you get when you’ve watched all the checked luggage emerge from the baggage carousel, and one of your bags is not among them. Your fellow passengers […]

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DOT Considers Cell Phone Ban, Orbitz Dining Rewards & More

August 9, 2014

Here’s a rundown of points, miles and travel industry news you may have missed this week: Department of Transportation Considers Ban on In-Flight Cell Calls: In response to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s December 2013 proposal to overturn technical rules barring in-flight cellphone use (as well as a general public outcry about the potential annoyance of other passengers gabbing away for hours […]

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Delta to Offer Free Entertainment on Domestic Flights

July 30, 2014

America’s number 3 airline is making a ratings grab. Starting this Friday, August 1, Delta Airlines will roll out Delta Studio, the carrier’s own branding of a Gogo wireless in-flight entertainment (IFE) system called Gogo Vision, and will begin offering free access to movies, TV shows, music and video games on all of its domestic flights that last 90 minutes or more. Delta passengers can access […]

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3x HHonors on Weekends, Contest to Fix PreCheck & More

July 26, 2014

Here’s a recap of points, miles and travel industry news from the past week: Earn 2X Hilton HHonors points during the week and 3x on weekends: The Hilton HHonors Triple Your Trip promotion allows HHonors members to earn bonus points for stays at participating properties: triple HHonors points on Friday, Saturday or Sunday nights; and double HHonors points on […]

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Will TSA Fee Increase Improve Security? Survey Says…

July 23, 2014

On Monday the new Transportation Security Administration (TSA) fees on airline tickets went into effect. The old fee structure was $2,50 for each leg of a flight with a $5 cap on each one-way trip and $10 cap on each roundtrip. Now there’s no cap on the fee, and the TSA will charge you $5.60 for […]

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FAA Suspends US Flights to Tel Aviv – Options for Travelers

July 23, 2014

After a combat missile launched from Gaza landed approximately one mile from Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport (TLV) early Tuesday, the FAA grounded all U.S. flights to Tel Aviv for 24 hours (through 12:15 pm Wednesday EDT), by which time they will further advise. In the meantime, the European Air Safety Agency has issued a strong recommendation that European […]

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