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Best Starwood Transfer Partners for Flights to Israel

June 23, 2014

Israel is a popular destination for American tourists as well as VFR (Visiting Friends and Relatives) travelers. It’s also a fairly complicated award trip to book, as the award charts of different airlines place Israel in different regions. Since the most valuable points are those earned in flexible transfer programs, we thought it would be […]

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10 Tips On Being a Better Passenger- From a Flight Attendant

June 12, 2014

Ever wonder what you can do to endear yourself to your flight crew? Want to know why some people get upgrades and preferential treatment and others don’t? Curious about how your in flight etiquette is perceived? Meet Cary A. Trey, an anonymous flight attendant for a major US carrier flying mostly international routes, here to set the record straight on […]

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Maximizing Starwood’s Unique Mileage Transfer Options: Part 2

June 9, 2014

TPG contributor Jason Steele takes us through some of the unique transfer partners of the Starwood Preferred Guest program. The sign-up bonus on both the personal and business American Express Starwood Preferred Guest cards is currently 30,000 points after $5,000 spent within 6 months, with the $65 annual fee waived the first year.  Of the […]

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Maximizing Starwood’s Unique Airline Transfer Options: Part 1

June 6, 2014

TPG contributor Jason Steele returns today to talk about maximizing Starwood Preferred Guest points when transferring to airline partners. American Express is currently offering their Starwood Preferred Guest card with a 30,000 points sign-up bonus for a limited time on both personal and business cards. While these points can be quite valuable for award nights […]

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A Food Lovers Guide To Mexico City

May 29, 2014

Mexico City, or Distrito Federal/ D.F. as the locals call it is Mexico’s sprawling capital city, as well as one of the world’s top culinary destinations. Although it may seem intimidating, this city is well worth a visit, especially if you’re a foodie itching to sample local specialties like tamales or tortas. TPG contributor Lori Zaino, lover […]

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Giving the Wedding Gift of Miles – Registries, Transfers, Upgrades, and More

May 12, 2014

Spring has sprung, and that means wedding season is here! If you have weddings to attend, points and miles make great gift options for those wanting to contribute to the honeymoon. We asked TPG reader Lori Zaino to show us how it’s done. Giving the gift of travel to newlyweds has become much more popular […]

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Using Hotel Points in Las Vegas and Maximizing New Partnerships

April 28, 2014

There was a lot of news out of Vegas in the past year with established Sin City properties launching new points partnerships with the likes of Hyatt, Starwood and Marriott, so we asked TPG contributor Nick Ewen to cover the basics of these partnerships and how you can maximize each. As a former Las Vegas […]

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Traveling With Children: Planning Activities for All Ages

April 19, 2014

Planning the perfect vacation with children means picking the most family-friendly airlines (both domestic and international) and packing the best gear (for infants and young children), but the most important part might be choosing activities that are fun for the kids, and their parents, so I asked TPG contributor Jason Steele to write up his […]

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Hotel Review: W Verbier, Switzerland

April 17, 2014

One of our picks for the top hotels to check out in 2014 was W hotel brand’s first foray into the ski resort world opened in Verbier, Switzerland, in December. TPG Contributor Casey Hatfield-Chiotti recently visited the town in the Swiss Alps known for some of the best off-piste (backcountry) skiing in the world and […]

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Destination Edition: Top 7 Emerging European Travel Spots In 2014

April 11, 2014

You might notice a change in the title of our destination series. While for the past two years we’ve been featuring a Destination of the Week with information on using miles to get there and points to stay at various hotels, we’re branching out and trying something new we’re calling Destination Edition. Posts in our […]

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Update on Maximizing Credit Card Spending Strategies With Prepaid and Gift Cards

April 10, 2014

CVS recently hardcoding its registers not to accept credit card payments for Vanilla Reloads last week has prompted a major shift in credit card spending strategy. Earlier this week, TPG contributor Jason Steele share strategies for purchasing Vanilla Reloads elsewhere. Today he expands his focus to recalibrating your credit card spending strategy on prepaid and […]

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Buying Vanilla Reloads With a Credit Card: Alternatives To CVS

April 8, 2014

Buying Vanilla Reloads has been an important part of a lot of people’s credit card strategy of late. Unfortunately, CVS has stopped accepting credit cards for Vanilla Reload purchases, but TPG contributor Jason Steele shares some strategies and tips on where else you can find them and still buy them with points-earning cards. Friday was […]

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Maximizing Points and Miles on Healthcare Spending

April 7, 2014

Update: The offer mentioned below for the Capital One Venture Card has expired. View the current offer here.  With the Affordable Care Act going into effect, medical costs and spending are on everyone’s minds. As a major factor in everyone’s budget, healthcare costs can be both a big expense, but also a good opportunity to earn […]

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How To Get Around the Glitch Moving Avios Between British Airways And Iberia

April 2, 2014

TPG contributor Jason Steele (and a lot of other frequent flyers) have found it impossible to move Avios between their British Airways and Iberia accounts recently. Here’s the way he found to work around the problem. The British Airways Executive Club can be an incredibly valuable rewards program, but it is crippled by the outrageous […]

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How To Find and Book Star Alliance Awards Not Showing Up on

April 1, 2014

TPG Contributor Jason Steele has noticed a dearth of Star Alliance awards that should be showing up when trying to search through Curious, he investigated further, and this is what he found out about where to find the Star Alliance awards you need and how to book them. As award search engines go, the […]

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Destination of the Week: Goa

March 28, 2014

As she continues on her own epic trip throughout India, TPG Contributor Jenny Miller takes us to Goa, India’s smallest state. Best known for its miles of perfect beaches and all-hours nightlife, this tiny wedge of India’s western coast also offers intriguing Portuguese-influenced cuisine and ornate architecture. WHAT TO DO The first step in any Goa […]

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Throwback Thursday: Airline Elite Perks We Wish Still Existed

March 13, 2014

With the accelerating recent erosion of elite benefits – including Delta’s limiting same-day confirmed flight changes for Medallion members, United aggressively selling upgrades instead of conferring them upon elites, and the end of American AAdvantage Gold members being able to select Main Cabin Extra seating for free coming on Monday (they’ll still be able to […]

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Updated Strategies For Earning Points and Miles With Prepaid and Reloadable Cards

March 10, 2014

A lot has changed in the world of checking/debit alternatives like Bluebird, as well as prepaid/reloadable cards in the past year, so I asked TPG Contributor Jason Steele to write up some updated strategies on turning these products into points-earning powerhouses. Among travel rewards enthusiasts, prepaid cards and checking/debit alternatives have long been used to […]

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United’s Strict New Carry-On Baggage Rules Go Into Effect

March 3, 2014

United put its new carry-on baggage sizing policy into effect yesterday, so we asked TPG Contributor Jason Steele, a Denver-based United flyer, for his take on the policy and its enforcement. If you’ve flown on United Airlines recently, you might have noticed that they have deployed new carry-on baggage sizers at all of their gates, […]

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Destination of the Week: Houston

February 21, 2014

For today’s Destination of the Week, TPG Contributor Casey Hatfield-Chiotti takes us to a Southern hub with a thriving arts scene, fantastic food, the Johnson Space Center, and where visitors get a healthy dose of good ol’ Texas hospitality. We’re headin’ to Houston. WHAT TO DO Houston may be better known for being the nation’s energy capital than for […]

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Destination of the Week: Vail/Beaver Creek, Colorado

February 7, 2014

With Colorado snow levels up 20% from last year and snowfall down in most other Western ski areas, TPG contributor Jason Steele says that now is an ideal time to book a winter escape to the adjacent ski resort towns of Vail and Beaver Creek. Here’s what you can see and do while you’re there. During […]

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Destination of the Week: Papagayo, Costa Rica

January 31, 2014

If this winter’s polar vortex is inspiring you to plan a tropical vacation, know that now through April, Costa Rica  is warm, sunny and dry. For today’s Destination of the Week, TPG Assistant Editor Melanie Wynne takes us to one of her (and The Points Guy’s) favorite spots on the northwest coast of Costa Rica: the wild, volcanic Peninsula Papagayo. Best […]

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Tips For Maximizing Lufthansa Porsche Rentals in Frankfurt

January 25, 2014

Earlier this week, TPG Contributor Jason Steele walked us through Tips for Booking Lufthansa First Class Award Tickets, Tips for Flying With Kids in First Class, and Tips for Exploring Frankfurt Airport on a Layover. Today he shares his experience taking advantage of a Lufthansa first class perk – an all-inclusive 3-hour Porsche rental to […]

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Tips For Exploring Frankfurt Airport On A Layover

January 24, 2014

Earlier this week, TPG Contributor Jason Steele walked us through Tips for Booking Lufthansa First Class Award Tickets and Tips for Flying With Kids in First Class. Today he shares his tips on what to do during a layover in Frankfurt, Lufthansa’s main hub and a major transfer point in Europe, especially for Star Alliance […]

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