50% Bonus on US Airways Select Shopping Partners Thru June 30, 2012

May 16, 2012

US Airways just loves to give out bonus miles – whether it’s their yearly Grand Slam promotion or their frequent buy-mile promos – it’s not very difficult to rack up tons of Dividend Miles. The great thing about US Airways miles is that you can redeem on Star Alliance partners and they have some amazing […]

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Earning Points With American Express Gift Card Purchases, Plus Free Shipping Promo Codes and Cashback

May 10, 2012

Buying gift cards is a great way to meet your minimum spend requirements, as well as to keep earning points beyond sign-up bonuses. It just takes a little advance planning to figure out what you’re going to buy at what merchant so you can get the gift card first then use that to pay off […]

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Up to 35 Miles Per Dollar for Mother’s Day Flowers and Gifts

May 8, 2012

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and if you haven’t gotten Mom something already, here’s your chance to get her some lovely flowers and gifts…and earn some extra points (as well as brownie points) all at the same time. Flowers are insanely expensive and there’s a huge markup, so shop around for the best price. Though […]

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1,250 Virgin Atlantic Bonus Flying Club Miles For $35 Online Purchase

March 31, 2012

I got an email from Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Club program yesterday offering members a 1,000-mile bonus for shopping through the airline’s “Shops Away” online shopping portal when you spend between $35 and $1000 on your  first purchase between March 30-April 30, 2012 at the following merchants: Apple Store, Barnes & Noble,, Shoebuy and Macy’s. […]

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British Airways Update: Realtytrac and Nordstrom Promos

February 16, 2012

In the beginning of this month there were two monster British Airways E-store shopping promotions: 36 points per dollar spent at Nordstrom and 3,000 free points for signing up for a free trial. I made my Nordstrom order on February 3, 2012 and my Realtytrac on February 5, 2012. Both deals still show pending […]

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Liquidate Gift Cards for United Miles: A Good Deal?

February 15, 2012

United is teaming up with popular gift card liquidator Plastic Jungle to give their MileagePlus members the option to redeem certain retail gift cards (of $25 or more in value) for United miles. I think this is a really interesting concept – it gives people the option to swap out a currency that they may […]

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1,000 British Airways Avios for $50 Safeway Purchase + Free Shipping

February 9, 2012

The British Airways Estore has been on a roll lately! This deal isn’t as lucrative as the bananas 36 points per dollar Nordstrom deal thats currently going on, but it could be an easy win for anyone who shops at Safeway grocery stores. The Estore is giving 1,000 Avios points for, “First-time customers for any completed […]

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Update: Realtytrac British Airways Promo Not Authorized, Accounts Will Be Closed

February 8, 2012

The CEO of Realtytrac just contacted me to let me know that the current 3,000 free point promotion with the British Airways Estore is unauthorized and  they will be canceling every single account signed up through this promotion so no one will be charged a dime. At this point, I do not know if the […]

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3,000 Free British Airways Avios Points with Realtytrac

February 6, 2012

Realtytrac is a paid service that allows you to research real estate properties. The British Airways E-store (which is also currently running an amazing promotion with Nordstrom) is currently offering 3,000 British Airways Avios points when you sign-up for Realtytrac. Simply log-in and then search for Realtytrac in the top right search bar and you’ll […]

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British Airways Nordstrom 36 Points Per Dollar: Positive Update

February 5, 2012

On Friday I wrote about an insanely lucrative online shopping deal with Nordstrom: 36 Avios points per dollar spent. The details were a little bit murky, but basically the current earn ratio is 12 Avios per dollar and it said triple points on your first order of $50 or more when you enter promo code […]

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Amazing Deal Alert: 36 British Airways Avios Per Dollar Spent at Nordstrom!

February 3, 2012

Online shopping bonuses have been all the rage lately. Many retailers are gearing up for a busy Valentines Day shopping season and it looks like the British Airways e-store and Nordstrom have a whopper of a promotion: 12 Avios per dollar spent normal ratio plus “Triple Avios will be awarded on your 1st qualifying purchase […]

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18 American Miles Per Dollar and 90% Off Gift Certificates

December 27, 2011

Dining out is expensive, but most of us already know that we can maximize our miles and double dip on dining out by taking advantage of dining programs. However, you can maximize your savings and miles a step further by taking advantage of gift certificates. sells discounted dining certificates for thousands of restaurants […]

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Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers Update

December 21, 2011

Chanukah started this week, Christmas is on Sunday, and we’re in the final holiday stretch to get all that shopping done (and still qualify for free shipping with certain merchants). So if you’ve been procrastinating, or haven’t yet figured out what to get your favorite travel buddies for the holidays, I’ve put together another update […]

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5 Unique Travel Holiday Gift Ideas Using Frequent Flyer Miles and Points

December 20, 2011

There are a million gift ideas out there to get your loved one this holiday season and I’ve even highlighted some of my favorites in my Travelers Gift Guide. However, often the best gifts aren’t those you can buy in stores, but ones that are unique and come from the heart. Being an expert in […]

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Last Minute Online Shopping Bonuses

December 19, 2011

I’m a huge procrastinator, so I always end up buying my gifts last minute. This year I’m trying to be a bit more prudent because I’m trying to do 100% of my shopping online. Not only to avoid disastrous in-store shopping experiences, but to maximize the points I earn. When you go into a store […]

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UPDATE: Holiday Travel Gift Guide

December 9, 2011

I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve updated the Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers (which you can also find at the tab on the top right side of the site) with new suggestions from TPG readers, as well as a few gifts I’ve been searching out myself over the past couple weeks since […]

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$100 Travelocity Hotel Giftcard for $50 at Gilt City (Plus 1,500 United Miles)

December 5, 2011

Last week I wrote about a great deal where you can make a purchase at Gilt Groupe and get 1,500 United/Continental miles and 5 miles per dollar spent. If you were holding out to buy something you might actually use, then you might want to check out their current offer of a $100 Travelocity Hotel gift certificate […]

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Free Money and Gifts with Amex Gift Chain

December 2, 2011

Amex is running a great new promotion called the Gift Chain, where all you need to do is register your card and then shop online at select retailers and you’ll receive special gifts for purchases $25+ between now and December 21, 2011 (or until supplies last).  I have two Amex charge cards (Premier Rewards Gold and […]

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$20 Amex Statement Credit With Vente-Privee

December 2, 2011

Discounted merchandise websites are all the rage these days and the loyalty programs are getting in on promoting the top sites. Earlier this week we saw Gilt and Continental/United team up to offer 1,500 miles for a first purchase from the discount site (and 5 miles per dollar on all purchases) and now American Express […]

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25,000 Delta Miles for $500 SkyMall Purchase

December 2, 2011

UPDATE: DEAL IS DEAD The Delta SkyMall isn’t the finest online retailer, but they are offering a whopping 25,000 SkyMile bonus when you spend $500. This is a great bonus – especially if you can knock out any holiday shopping or buy merchandise that you can sell resell easily. Even conservatively valued, Skymiles are worth […]

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Reminder: Earn Miles and Points for Cyber Monday Shopping

November 28, 2011

Just a quick reminder on this Cyber Monday that there are tons of great points-earning opportunities as you do your holiday shopping. Credit Card Programs Chase Ultimate Rewards Shopping: 12 points per dollar at Groupon, 10 points per dollar on Apple and Kohl’s purchases. American Express Bonus Points Mall: 6x points on Target and Bloomingdale’s […]

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TPG Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers Now Live!

November 25, 2011

If you look at the top of the screen, you’ll see a new menu item for “Travel Gift Guide.” Right now there are 22 items – ranging from 99 cents to $159,000, and all of them are either items I use, TPG reader recommendations, or ridiculous pipe dream fantasies of mine (Hello, Necker Island!). I’ll […]

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Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers: I Need Your Suggestions

November 24, 2011

Tomorrow I’ll be launching a Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers which I’ll be updating until the end of the year. The theme of the guide will be by travelers for travelers. I have my go-to items, but I want your ideas as well. Whether it’s something you can’t travel without or something you’ve got your […]

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Maximize Online Shopping With

November 23, 2011

If you read my beginners guide, you’ll know that being smart about online purchases can gain you lots of points and miles. On Monday I highlighted many upcoming mileage mall bonuses, like 10 Chase Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent at Apple on November 28th. However, with so many mileage malls and cashback sites, it […]

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