Mileage Runs

American Airlines NYC – Honolulu for $431 Total Roundtrip

April 6, 2011

Need a warm, Hawaiian getaway to defrost from this miserable winter? AA has some cheap fares from Newark to Honolulu that come to $431 total roundtrip. Play around with dates towards the end of April and returning in May on (look on the flexible date calendar for the $186 fares). Routing through Chicago nets 9,925 miles, […]

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The Real Benefits of Mileage Runs

April 4, 2011

I just completed my third European weekend long mileage run (taking a trip for the sake of miles) within the last four weeks and instead of being totally exhausted, I’m actually feeling refreshed and looking forward to my last run – Stockholm again this coming weekend. When evaluating the benefits of a mileage run, most […]

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God Morgen From Copenhagen!

April 2, 2011

Just got off a fun filled JFK-CPH flight with a bunch of readers! It was great getting to meet so many of you in person – I get a lot of messages, but it’s a rare treat to put a face with an email address. Leigh, Lauren, Kevin and the others whose names I […]

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$1,369 Delta Business Class fares to Amsterdam from Boston, Miami + others- Available All Summer!

March 24, 2011

I’ve written several times about the uber cheap Delta business class fares to London (around $1,450 total roundtrip). Now there is a sale fare to Amsterdam for even cheaper – from $1,369 total roundtrip from Boston, Orlando, Miami, Tampa and Jacksonville for dates until the end of August. There is tons of availability (even over […]

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Delta Cheap Fares to London Even Cheaper, Now from $339.50 from JFK

March 23, 2011

Yesterday I wrote about $349 fares to London from JFK and I would have expected they’d be gone by now, but they aren’t. In fact, I just priced out a JFK-LHR (through Amsterdam on the way there and nonstop on the way home) from April 1-3 and it came out $10 cheaper for a grand total […]

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Cheap Delta Flights to London: $349 TOTAL from NYC, $530 from LAX

March 22, 2011

If you want to go to London from now until April 12, check out They have all-in total roundtrip fares from $349 from NYC (April 1-3 for example, thanks to TPG reader Adam)) or $530 from Los Angeles. Not bad, since I’ve seen NY-LA coach fares for the same price recently. These fares are available […]

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Stockholm Recap: Beautiful People, Top Notch Sheraton and Expensive Drinks

March 21, 2011

I did my first weekend $150 jaunt to Stockholm and had an absolutely terrific time. Although exhausting, I really enjoyed my 24 hours in the city and was able to cover a lot of ground. Saturday was a sunny, gorgeous day so I walked for miles exploring the old city and taking in the Stockholm […]

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Preparing for a Crazy Travel Month: Stockholm Twice, Copenhagen and Boston

March 18, 2011

As many of you remember and some were able to take advantage of, Delta ran an insane fare “sale” to Europe last month and I was able to book three trips: two to Stockholm and one to Copenhagen – all for $150 total roundtrip each. Due to a hectic work schedule, I only had weekends free, […]

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Reminder: Cheap Delta Business Class Fares to London Extended Until March 31, Fly by August 31

March 15, 2011

Well, the fun just got extended for a couple more weeks. The cheap ($1,500ish total roundtrip) Delta fare sale from Boston, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville to London has been extended to March 31. Ticket by March 31, 2011 and fly between March 26 – August 31, 2011. Remember, these fares book into I class, so you get a […]

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Miami, Boston, Orlando, and Tampa Dirt Cheap Business Class Fares to Europe

March 14, 2011

I’ve written several times about the amazing $1,400ish business class fares from Miami and Boston. Well, now it seems like even more carriers are getting in on the action. This past weekend, a lot of Flyertalkers reported seeing new fares like Miami to Amsterdam and Tampa to Paris for $1,400 roundtrip total (including taxes) on […]

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Amazing Deal Alert: Boston to San Diego and Vice Versa for $62 TOTAL!

March 8, 2011

Update 1:48pm EST: Looks like its mostly gone, but some may be available on Can’t hurt to check! Congrats to those who got in on this unbelievable fare. Wow, wow, wow! Haven’t seen a domestic transcon fare this cheap …  well, ever. Book at for BOS-SAN and SAN-BOS from now until June. Dates […]

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70 Euros Off Flight & Hotel Packages On

February 24, 2011

This may not be as lucrative as the SAVE300 deal, but it’s still pretty good (especially if you know German!). Step by step instructions: -> Click & Mix -> Choose your departure and destination (I chose JFK-BOS on March 25-26 for my example) and then make sure you change Erw. (18-64): to 1 Sort […]

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$500+ Roundtrip Canada to Buenos Aires on Air Canada

February 23, 2011

Argentina and Canada are two of my favorite countries, so I love this fare deal: Most major Canadian cities (Montreal, Toronto, Halifax, Vancouver) to Buenos Aires for as low as $511CAD roundtrip. Fares are bookable on Update: SCL (Santiago, Chile also seems to work!) YUL-EZE March 9-14 is $521CAD total RT. And there’s lots of […]

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Insane Deals on Flights to Europe, Delta NYC-CPH $150 total

February 15, 2011

I just booked several weekend trips to Copenhagen for around $170 TOTAL roundtrip on I’m going April 1-3 and looking at several other dates. This is an incredible deal and won’t last long. Check for your departure city. PHL-Madrid $140 Also Stockholm for $150 roundtrip. This is just INSANE! Delta has a 24 hour […]

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Asia Fare Sales Still On, Including Delta Miami to Taipei for $587 TOTAL

February 12, 2011

Yesterday I wrote about fare wars between a lot of carriers on flights to Tokyo and I’m happy to report there is still a lot of availability. In fact, one of the most jaw dropping is Delta’s attack on American hub Miami: Miami to Tapei for $587 TOTAL roundtrip including taxes. WOW. I’ve seen JFK-MIA […]

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Tokyo Fare War: $590-$700 Total Roundtrip From Many US Cities

February 11, 2011

There seems to be a fare war happening on US to Tokyo routes. I see all-in roundtrip fares for about $700 for JFK/WAS/DTW/DFW/LAX and more to Tokyo (Narita). There’s a lot of availability from now until April 1. Check out the fares for your city and take a quick trip to Japan. I’m considering spring […]

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What is the Best Day to Buy Plane Tickets?

February 3, 2011

I get asked this question a lot and I’m not sure if I’m ever able to answer it correctly since airline fare pricing is fickle and you should never count on deals on a certain day. However, that being said, one of the best deal I ever found was a Delta fire-sale on European flights, […]

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Amazing AA Fares out of DCA/IAD/DEN to SFO/STL/DCA/DEN- from $100 TOTAL Roundtrip

January 26, 2011

Wow, this is one of the best “fare sales” I’ve seen this year- shame I’m not based in DC or Denver based or a Oneworld flyer. Many of these fares also work from Denver (looks like this is an attack on United hubs). Play around with the cities/dates to see if they work for you, there […]

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Delta Special: Boston to Denver/ Denver- Boston Roundtrip Total for $130

January 15, 2011

Delta is running quite the sale in between Boston and Denver. A ton of dates, including weekends this winter from Boston to Denver and vice versa. If you route through Atlanta, it comes to 4,290 elite miles for $130, or 3 cents per elite qualifying miles, which is pretty awesome. Plus, you can even go […]

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Cheap Flights to Morocco ($350 TOTAL from NYC)

January 6, 2011 is pricing some pretty cheap flights to Casablanca, Morocco. I’m seeing around $350 TOTAL from NY and a little more from Boston and Chicago. Play around with your city and different dates from now until May. I went to Marrakesh last year and absolutley loved it. When I went in January, it was sunny […]

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Reminder: Last Week to Qualify for 2011 Elite Status!

December 27, 2010

Almost all elite status calendars will reset on January 1, 2011, so you better act this week! Whether you need a couple thousand miles to make airline elite status, or a couple hotel stays to lock-in hotel status- you only have 5 more days to act.  If you don’t think you can possibly bear to […]

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Mileage Run Planning

December 21, 2010

I’ve been getting a lot of requests lately to help plan mileage runs. To be honest, I’m simply not an expert at finding the best routing/deals on revenue flights. Even when I “mileage run” I usually stay a night or two and make a mini-vacation out of it and I travel enough regularly to only […]

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Continental Onepass and Elite Maximizer: A Good Deal?

December 19, 2010

UPDATE: The Presidential Plus Continental card is no longer available. This fall, Continental introduced their Onepass/Elite Maximizer program, which allows flyers to purchase extra Onepass miles and Elite Qualifying Miles with paid itineraries. If you purchase the extra Onepass miles (for roughly 3.5 cents each), you can then also purchase Elite Qualifying Miles, which are […]

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Kudos of the Day: Delta Technology

December 10, 2010

I read the Cranky Flier post “Is Delta the Airline Passenger Technology Leader?” yesterday and it got me thinking that Delta does have some pretty good technology in comparison to the other US legacy airlines. Delta certainly has its share of IT blind spots (online award booking calendar and a buggy website), but from a passenger […]

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