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Are Mileage Runs Still Useful with Revenue Requirements?

September 23, 2014

Last week, the New York Times published an article by Josh Barro called “The Fadeout of the Mileage Run“, in which he explains the premise of mileage runs, how airlines are cracking down on them by adding revenue requirements to earn elite status, and how loyalty programs are changing. It used to be quite common for frequent fliers […]

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Mileage Run Deal: New York and LA to Asia via Europe ~ $130

May 22, 2014

Mileage runs can be a funny thing. To some people it’s worth flying 48 hours straight in coach to rack up tens of thousands of extra miles for a few hundred dollars, while other folks do everything they can to avoid setting foot on a plane. Whether or not a deal is worth it to […]

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Deal Alert: Low Fares To Europe on Delta and United – Houston IAH – Athens ATH As Low As $682 Roundtrip

January 14, 2014

Fare Deal Alert just reported on some decently low fares on a combination of Delta, Air France and/or KLM, and on United/Aegean from Houston IAH to Athens ATH roundtrip via a variety of airports including Athens, Paris and Amsterdam, with some airfares coming in as low as $682 roundtrip. It looks like these fares are […]

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Amazing Deal Alert: Roundtrip Flights from US-Europe $345 on United

November 23, 2013

Update: The Flight Deal is reporting that these fares are dead, but I am still finding them loading on Wideroe all the way through the checkout page, though I have not purchased any, so they may be gone, but if you’re flying this spring, it could still be worth investigating in case any of these […]

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Deal Alert: New York to Istanbul from $522 Round-trip

October 9, 2013

Per this Flyertalk thread, there are currently some cheap fares if you’re planning to head to Istanbul early next year. I was able to find fares on Air Canada from New York JFK to Istanbul via Toronto Pearson starting as low as $522 for dates beginning in January 2014 through March 2014, and even further […]

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JFK to Los Angeles and Vice Versa on United for $228 Total Roundtrip This Fall

October 1, 2013

Update: It looks like fares have risen to around $298 on this route now on and the OTA’s – still better than average but not the best deal. I fly between the coasts often and I’ve seen airfare shoot up into the $300+ range and often skyrocketing to well over $500 for last minute […]

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Amazing Deal Alert- Hawaii to Paris As Low As $661 Total Roundtrip on United

September 26, 2013

Per JakeRyan1 on Flyertalk, United has some amazing fares from Hawaii to Paris good for travel this fall and next spring. I priced out a Honolulu to Paris (via Newark/Dulles/Houston to maximize the miles) for $665, which nets 18,031 Elite Qualifying Miles, so a total of 3.7 cents per mile- pretty awesome. Unfortunately these fares […]

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Cheap Flights to Dublin on Delta: Chicago from $401 Total Roundtrip – Including St. Patricks Day!

September 26, 2013

Dublin is one of my favorite cities in the world- great people, bars and overall vibe. It also helps that airfares dip low throughout the year. Today’s cheap fares are from Chicago- $401 total roundtrip and you can route via Atlanta for maximum miles- 9,088 valuable Medallion Qualifying Miles and base Skymiles plus up to […]

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Flight Deal Alert: New York to Asuncion JFK-GRU-ASU on TAM For $548 Roundtrip

August 26, 2013

Last week, there were some great fares from various US cities to Lima on both United and Delta, and it looks like some Flyertalkers have been finding a few good mileage runs today roundtrip from New York JFK to Asuncion (in Paraguay) via Sao Paulo on TAM in October and November for just $548. The […]

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Deal Alert: Mileage Runs To Lima From San Francisco, Salt Lake City, New York and More Starting at $420 Roundtrip

August 23, 2013

Per this FlyerTalk thread on mileage runs, there are some low fares from various US cities to Lima on both United and Delta next March and April starting at around $420 roundtrip from San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Denver, Minneapolis, Boston, New York and others via Houston (United) and Atlanta (Delta). What’s interesting but not […]

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Deal Alert: New York JFK-Seattle for $185 Roundtrip on Delta

August 20, 2013

Per this Flyertalk thread, there is a great mileage run from New York JFK – Seattle SEA for $185 roundtrip on Delta that’s running several dates in October and November available on stays of anywhere from 1-7 nights, so you can make a real turnaround mileage run out of it, stay for a long weekend, […]

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Cheap Thanksgiving Business Class Flights To Europe Are Back! JFK To London $1,613, Total Roundtrip

June 20, 2013

Every year many carriers discount premium tickets to Europe by up to 50% or more. Some fares even work for Christmas/New Years travel and recently many of these fares were filed. Many just require a Saturday night stay, but some do require a week. Play around with ITA software so be flexible to find the […]

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Amazing Deal Alert: Business Class NYC to Santiago, Chile for $901 Total Roundtrip on American/LAN

February 16, 2013

Per Lucky and TheBOSMAN on Flyertalk, American is offering incredible roundtrip business class fares to Chile starting April 1 and going through June.  I just booked two $901 roundtrips from NYC to Miami in American first class and then Miami to Santiago, Chile in LAN Business class (lie flat beds). Sadly, American doesn’t offer bonus […]

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Cheap Flights from NYC To Hawaii: From $365 Total Roundtrip!

February 15, 2013

I love Hawaii and know few people who haven’t had amazing times visiting. Growing up on the east coast we always opted for the Caribbean for tropical vacations and I never understood why east coasters would trek all the way to the Pacific until I went to Kauai for the first time and fell in […]

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Cheap Summer Business Class Flights to Europe: JFK- London on Delta from $1,395 Total Roundtrip

January 30, 2013

Last week I posted about unbelievably low business class fares to Istanbul- from $1,300 roundtrip from NYC. Well, it seems as it other airlines have also jumped in on discounting summer business class roundtrips to Europe. The key is that you need to stay for at least 10 nights and less than 31, but if […]

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Cheap First Class Fares on United and American to China and Japan in 2013

December 15, 2012

Cheap is a relative term, but on a strictly percentage off normal pricing, United and American are in some sort of fare war and are now offering some pretty low first and business class fares to China and Japan in 2013. From Miami, United has fares around $3,000 total roundtrip to Shanghai for confirmed first […]

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Cheap Flights to Moscow: From $357 TOTAL Roundtrip from Baltimore, NY from $452

December 4, 2012

Delta and their SkyTeam partners are running some incredible fares to Russia. There are plenty of dates Baltimore to Moscow (via JFK) on Delta for $357.84 total roundtrip, including all taxes and fees! The trip nets 10,322 Medallion Qualifying Miles, or just about 3.5 cents a piece, which is definitely mileage run worthy. However, Russia […]

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Amazing Fare Alert: NY/LA/Miami to Buenos Aires & Santiago from $339 Total Roundtrip!

November 25, 2012

Per The Flight Deal, TAM airlines has some incredible fares to Buenos Aires (via Sao Paulo) in March- June of 2013 from as low as $339 total roundtrip from multiple US cities: Miami to Santiago, Chile $337 (March 6-11 sample dates): $337 total roundtrip Miami to Buenos Aires (March 14-17 sample dates): $339 total roundtrip […]

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BREAKING NEWS: Alitalia Now Honoring Japanese Promo Code For Most

October 24, 2012

There was a lot of excitement this past Saturday with Alitalia’s Japanese promo code that took $315 off any Alitalia flight. However, the next day they unilaterally cancelled all tickets much to the dismay of dealseekers (myself included). The legality of this decision is still debatable as it was complex being that they are an Italian company, […]

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Good Delta & Swiss Fares: Istanbul from $529 and London To US Cities for Under $600

October 18, 2012

It looks like there’s a fun little mileage run possibility going on courtesy of Delta, KLM and Swiss to Istanbul this winter, as well as another Delta fare sale from London to certain US cities that just came up today. Noted on this Flyertalk thread, there are some low fares from Chicago to Istanbul for […]

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Thanksgiving Discounted Business Fares to Europe: From Less than $1,500 Total Roundtrip!

August 8, 2012

For the past several years, most major US airlines have heavily discounted business class airfares to Europe over the Thanksgiving holiday. Luckily, this year many have already loaded these discounted fares- with certain roundtrip business class fares from the East coast to Europe as low as $1,439 roundtrip. This is a great opportunity to plan […]

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Amazing Deal Alert: Delta Fares Between Pittsburgh & Los Angeles & San Francisco for $137 Total Roundtrip!

July 17, 2012

Update: Deal is dead Delta loaded some unbelievably low fares between Pittsburgh and San Francisco and Los Angeles from $137 total roundtrip! You can route through JFK and Atlanta to maximize your miles and originate on the west coast or in Pittsburgh. I priced out a Pittsburgh-JFK-San Francisco-Atlanta- Pittsburgh for $139 total- an amazing deal […]

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New York to Dublin on Delta from $387 Roundtrip! (Plus Other Cities)

July 12, 2012

I love Dublin – and not just because my name is Brian Kelly. It’s a charming and fun city that works as a great weekend destination from the east coast. The flight is just 600 miles longer than JFK to San Francisco, so it’s one where I can handle sitting in economy comfort if the […]

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Cheap Flights to Istanbul on Delta and United- From $525 Total from NYC

May 31, 2012

Last November I jumped on a Delta fare sale to Istanbul, which came to $576 total from JFK to Istanbul, building in stops in Rome and Amsterdam. In total I banked over 10,000 valuable Medallion Qualifying Miles. Flights to Istanbul are on sale again – and this time it’s for travel in from October 20 […]

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