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100 Free Southwest Points – Week 4

October 25, 2011

Hat tip to MommyPoints for this week’s answers to Southwest’s Chief Rewards Officer promotion quiz. Play along and earn 100 Southwest points – $1.66 in Wanna Get Away Fares! Log-in and select Play the Game: All of the above You Already Planned On Making True Restaurants Locate 6 items in the below picture: Lightbulb, Hotel, Flower Vase, […]

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Hilton Free Night Giveaway: Today in Chicago, Thursday Istanbul, Friday Milan

October 19, 2011

Just a friendly reminder to all TPG readers in Chicago today – you can snag a free Hilton night if you are free today at 3pm Central time to Tweet them something (details announced at noon) and stop by the Wit Hotel at 201. N State Street. Inside scoop is that Thursday’s promo will be […]

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100 Free Southwest Points With Chief Officer Promo Week 3

October 18, 2011

TPG reader Noah saved me a couple minutes and sent me this week’s answers to their Chief Rewards Officer promotion quiz. It’s an easy 100 Southwest points, which is $1.66 in Wanna Get Away Fares. Hey, free is free! 1.       True (you can close the video right away) 2.       The Amount and type of fare 3.       […]

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Hilton Free Night Giveaway: Tuesday in London, Wednesday in Chicago

October 18, 2011

Day 1 of Hilton’s Free Night Twitter Scavenger Hunt seemed like a big success – of the 100 free nights given away, so far 10 TPG readers have reported success. That’s a pretty nice proportion of the winners in my opinion and I’d like to see that increase as we move into the next cities! Tuesday’s […]

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Hilton Giving 500 Free Nights Via Twitter Treasure Hunt

October 17, 2011

Hilton is giving 500 free nights away to Twitter and Facebook followers who participate in their scavenger hunts that will take place in different cities each day this week. The contest begins at 12:00noon Eastern time today and Washington, DC is the first city. “Cities, tasks and exact locations will be revealed to the public […]

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Up to 1,200 Free Miles With Delta SkyMiles Shopping Assistant

October 17, 2011

Online shopping malls are all the rage these days. Retailers know that miles are a great way to encourage shoppers (color me guilty) and often offer huge bonuses to increase sales. One of the newest marketing platforms are browser embedded toolbars that automatically alert you to mileage earning opportunities. Delta’s is now offering 500 free […]

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100 Free Southwest Points

October 11, 2011

Week 2 of their Chief Rewards Officer promotion is now in effect. To snag another 100 free Southwest points, watch this short video and answer the 5 quick questions with the following answers: 1) The amount and type of fare you purchase 2) All of the above 3) True 4) Business Select 5) Business Select: 12 […]

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Free Southwest Rapid Rewards Points With Chief Reward Officer Promotion

October 7, 2011

Southwest is running a massive promotion giving out tons of free points for answering easy surveys. Register here and then play each week’s games for 100 points a week (6 weeks = 600 points). Southwest points are worth up to 1.66 cents each, so you will earn $10 towards flights for taking roughly 6 minutes of your […]

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2,500 Free US Airways Miles with Sharebuilder Account

October 5, 2011

Gary at View from the Wing points out an easy way to get a US Airways Grand Slam hit and 2,500 valuable US Airways miles for simply signing up for a Sharebuilder account. Simply sign-up via US Airway’s direct link (here) and enter your personal information- it took me about 5 minutes. Although it states that […]

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Friendly Reminder: 6 Deals are Expiring on Sept 30th, 2011

September 29, 2011

Maybe it’s because September 30 is the last day of the fiscal year, but a lot of great promotions, deals and transfer opportunities will be coming to an end on Friday, so now’s your last chance to take advantage of them. 1. Transfer Amex points to Continental Airlines. For information check out my recent post and video on […]

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500 Free Aeroplan Miles with Fairmont Email Sign-up

September 21, 2011

If you don’t currently have an Air Canada Aeroplan account, you should get one right now (link). They are a transfer partner of American Express Membership Rewards and after Continental leaves the program starting October 1, 2011, they will most likely become the premier partner when redeeming Star Alliance awards. They are also transfer partners […]

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2,500 Free Chase Ultimate Rewards Points With

September 6, 2011

Mike from the Hustle Blog recently Tweeted me about an easy way to get 2,500 free Chase Ultimate Rewards points via Basically, you need to have an Ultimate Rewards card, like Sapphire Preferred , Freedom or Ink Bold (Business) and then log-in to the Ultimate Rewards site, in the top right search box just enter […]

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750 Free United Miles With MyPoints

September 5, 2011

Update: I actually wrote about this in February and I did get the miles (along with another commenter) so it seems reasonable enough to assume these should post in about a month or so. I recently got an email offer for 500 free United miles for signing up for MyPoints, but before I could sign […]

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Just a Friendly Reminder to Get Email AApraisal

August 30, 2011

Just a quick reminder that you can get up to 3,000 AA miles just for signing up for their emails. This deal ends next week, so I thought I’d remind any of you procrastinators! See full details here. The miles won’t post for a couple months, but it’s a pretty easy/free way to get some […]

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200 Free Continental Miles

August 4, 2011

Technically for Chase Continental Debit/Credit card holders, but can’t hurt to try anyway! 100 free miles link 1 100 free miles link 2 Hat tip TPG reader Brian!

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792 Free US Airways Dividend Miles via Rebtel

July 23, 2011

Rebtel is an international calling service that assigns your international contacts a local telephone number and then charges you lower rates (than regular long distance) for the call. It takes the confusion out of dialing a million numbers or worrying about calling cards to make international calls. It’s actually a pretty unique service and one […]

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RIP Free Miles and Points Courtesy of the US Mint Dollar Coins

July 22, 2011

I can honestly say I never once bought a dollar coin, but I know many of you have. Recently the practice caught a LOT of press with an NPR piece and as of today, you can no longer buy dollar coins with a credit or debit card (per the announcement below). I know this is […]

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250 Free Starwood Points for Liking Aloft Austin at the Domain

July 22, 2011

Update: It looks like this promo will come to an end at 10am central time, so hurry up if you want in! I just got this email from the hotel: To whom it may concern: Due to the overwhelming response from your promotion on your website of our SPG points for liking our page, we […]

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Up to 3,000 Free AA Miles for Email “AApraisal”

July 13, 2011

I’ve gotten several emails from TPG readers about an AA promotion with up to 3,000 free miles for simply entering your email address and signing up for newsletters. I was a little busy this morning getting my Great Seatmate Contest underway, so I didn’t pay as much attention as I should have because free miles […]

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1,000 Free Delta SkyMiles for App Check-In

July 1, 2011

Earlier this week I wrote about new features on Delta’s iPhone app – overall it’s a pretty nifty way to manage your itineraries. Now they are offering 1,000 miles (registration required) as long as you check-in via a mobile app (I assume either iPhone or Android) from now until September 7, 2011.  This should also work […]

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100 Free Aeroplan Miles for Free Sign-up

June 17, 2011

You can get 100 free Aeroplan miles for simply signing up for free account. You need to enter a Canadian zip code, so thanks to TPG reader JD for providing R3L 1B7. One bonus per Aeroplan member. This is a great way to keep your Aeroplan account active since points expire after a relatively short period […]

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1,000 Free Frontier Points or Other Miles/Points

June 12, 2011

Frontier Airlines is giving 1,000 free points for signing up for their free frequent flyer program. Frontier is based in Denver and is an American Express Membership Rewards transfer partner, but if you never have any intention of flying them, you should still get the points, because they can be converted to other programs (see […]

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100 Free Continental OnePass Miles

May 26, 2011

Simply register your OnePass number here by June 30, 2011 for 100 free miles. These are targeted towards Continental Debit and Credit cardholders, but it can’t hurt to try. Not a huge payday, but every mile counts!

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1,000 Free American Miles for Citi Cardholders on May 10

May 10, 2011

Update: It does indeed look like any current Citi AA credit card holder  can get the 1,000 points. Simply go here, enter your AAdvantage number and then select the box for “Already a  AAdvantage Citi Card holder? Click here for special bonus” Citi just sent an email that leaked tomorrow’s installment of American’s “30 Deals in […]

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