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Rental Cars For Family Travel

July 18, 2014

Today, TPG Contributor Jason Steele looks at strategies for renting cars that can fit the whole family without breaking the budget. When I travel by myself, I have a simple formula for choosing which size rental car to reserve: I pick the smallest and least expensive car available. Rental car agencies rarely stock sub-compact cars, […]

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Strategies for Minimizing the TSA Fee Hike

July 14, 2014

Today, TPG contributor Jason Steele looks at ways to mitigate the increased TSA security fees set to begin next week. As TPG reported recently, the TSA will soon be raising its fees, making airfare more expensive. The current fee is $2.50 per leg, with a cap of $5 per one-way trip or $10 per round trip. Beginning […]

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Maximizing Hilton HHonors For Family Travel

July 11, 2014

Today, TPG contributor Jason Steele continues his series on family travel options in the most prevalent hotel brands with a look at Hilton HHonors. Previously, we looked at the family friendly aspects of two popular hotel loyalty programs, Starwood Preferred Guest and Hyatt Gold Passport. Today, I want to examine Hilton HHonors and see how it stacks up in accommodating family travelers. How HHonors […]

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Making Family Travel Easier with Car Seats & Strollers

July 4, 2014

For those of you whose adventures come with infants and toddlers in tow, today TPG Contributor Jason Steele advises on how to minimize the hassle of traveling with a car seat or stroller. My wife and I find that the rewards of family travel exceed the challenges, but there really is little upside to towing child car seats and […]

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Maximizing Hyatt Gold Passport for Family Travel

July 2, 2014

TPG Contributor Jason Steele continues his series on family travel options in major hotel loyalty programs. Up this week: Hyatt Gold Passport. Previously, we looked at family friendly hotel options within the Starwood brands, and readers commented that they wanted to compare that perspective to other brands. For starters, we’ll look at the Hyatt Gold Passport program […]

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How to Maximize Family Friendly Hotel Rooms With SPG

June 20, 2014

One of the challenges of family travel is finding accommodations for everyone. After our first daughter was born, finding a hotel that could supply a crib or a cot was fairly easy, but now that we have two children, the task has grown much harder. Starwood properties, which include Westin, Sheraton, and several other brands, […]

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Travel Tips for Parents Leaving The Kids at Home for the First Time

June 18, 2014

TPG Contributor Jason Steele has learned the ropes of family travel, but one challenge he never expected was that of finally leaving the kids behind for the first time. For those of you who are busy raising the next generation of explorers, I asked him to offer his insights. My wife and I love the challenges and rewards of traveling with […]

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A New Parents Guide To Traveling With Children

June 13, 2014

Traveling with young children can be both a blessing and, well, a less happy blessing. Family vacations call for more planning, stricter budgeting, and better organization than the average couple’s holiday. Despite the challenges, my wife and I have taken our two daughters on several lengthy international vacations, and countless domestic ones. Not only did we survive these trips, […]

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Coordinating Credit Card Strategies for Couples

May 30, 2014

Equitability in relationships is crucial, including financial decisions like which credit cards to apply for, who does the applying, and who reaps the benefits. I asked resident TPG family man Jason Steele to share his strategies for maintaining balance and harmony in a credit sharing couple. Couples need twice as many points and miles to travel together, […]

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Mother’s Day Gifts For The Traveling Mom

May 10, 2014

With only a day left until Mother’s Day, the TPG team has come up with a few fun ways to show your mom you love her and celebrate her love of travel- especially if you’ve procrastinated and need a unique last minute gift idea. 1. Use points and miles to take her on a trip: […]

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Is There a Minimum Age Limit To Get An Airline Frequent Flyer Accounts?

April 27, 2014

Earlier this week, TPG reader (and responsible parent) JB tweeted me to ask: “@thepointsguy Brian, is there a minimum age limit for setting up a frequent flyer account? For instance, can my six-year-old start accumulating miles?” My answer is – absolutely!  After all, as the saying goes: “The family that accrues miles together, stays together.” (Okay, […]

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Traveling With Children: Planning Activities for All Ages

April 19, 2014

Planning the perfect vacation with children means picking the most family-friendly airlines (both domestic and international) and packing the best gear (for infants and young children), but the most important part might be choosing activities that are fun for the kids, and their parents, so I asked TPG contributor Jason Steele to write up his […]

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Tips For Flying With Kids in First Class

January 23, 2014

Though some airlines have banned kids from their first class cabin, you’ll still find lucky little tykes traveling like tycoons from time to time. With that in mind, TPG Contributor Jason Steele shares his own experience flying first class from Tel Aviv to Denver via Germany with his six-year-old daughter on Lufthansa, as well as […]

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JetBlue Launches Family Pooling Program

October 10, 2013

The ability to pool points together can make booking award travel a lot easier. Usually frequent flyer programs make you pay a transfer fee (usually about 1 cent per point plus fees), which greatly decreases the value of those points, since these days redemptions are usually between 1 and 2 cents per mile/point (though certain […]

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Travel Gear For Families With Toddlers And Young Children

September 25, 2013

A father of two young children himself, TPG contributor Jason Steele looks at some essential gear for families traveling with infants. Although family travel becomes easier as children start to walk and become potty trained, traveling with toddlers imposes a new set of challenges that require some different gear. Here are the top 10 essential items […]

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Essential Travel Gear For Families With Infants

September 24, 2013

Following our recent posts on family travel, TPG contributor (and father of two) Jason Steele gives his insights into traveling with infants and just what gear you’ll need to bring along your little bundle of joy on your next trip. We all have our favorite travel gadgets to see us through the most arduous journey, […]

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Maximize Monday: The Most Family-Friendly International Carriers

September 9, 2013

Recently, TPG contributor Jason Steele looked at the most family friendly airlines for domestic and short haul travel, considering luggage allowances, seating assignments, in-flight entertainment, and access to boarding priority. Today he’s going to roundup the international airlines with the best travel policies for family travel. When it comes to traveling with a family, things […]

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The Most Family Friendly Airlines For Domestic And Short Haul Flights

September 2, 2013

Traveling as a family is not easy or cheap, and all airlines are not created equal when it comes to accommodating family travel, so TPG contributor (and father of two children) Jason Steele has compiled a list of the family-friendliest airlines flying the skies these days and what accommodations they make for parents and kids.   Some […]

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Singapore’s Scoot Airlines Creates ScootinSilence Child-Free Cabin

August 21, 2013

Singapore Airlines announced that it has created a child-free zone on its budget carrier Scoot Airlines’ planes and that passengers can “upgrade” to this newly dubbed “ScootinSilence” area – reserved for travelers 12 and above – for about $14. Scoot is the latest airline to introduces a child-free zone on its flights, following in the […]

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Top 3 Credit Cards For Family Travel

July 25, 2013

Update: My links for the 50,000 point Southwest offer are no longer working. You may be able to find working links at Even though I don’t have any (human) children myself, my siblings’ families are all growing as they have more kids and I’m actually in charge of planning a big family trip in […]

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Is it Possible to Combine Tickets Booked in Different Accounts Onto the Same Itinerary?

July 7, 2013

TPG reader Paul has a great family travel question. He is traveling with him family of four, would like to know if there is a simple way to book tickets from their individual United MileagePus accounts and merge them onto the same itinerary: “I’m not sure if you have addressed this before but do you […]

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Tips for Using Frequent Flyer Miles for Family Travel

December 5, 2012

It can be hard enough finding one let alone four award tickets on the same flight, adding another layer of difficulty to families looking to cash in frequent flyer miles for award tickets this holiday season. We asked TPG contributor Jason Steele to put together some strategies on how you and your loved ones can […]

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How to Plan Award Travel With An Infant Or Lap Child

September 13, 2012

TPG contributor Jason Steele, a young father himself, fills us in on what you need to know when flying with your young children – the fees, the age restrictions, and what you can do to make the most of your points when planning your next family trip. One the many challenges of welcoming a baby […]

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Crappy Flight Wins Worst Vacation Story Contest Giveaway

June 25, 2012

The winner of TPG’s  Worst Vacation Story Contest is: Crappy Flight! Turns out ending your vacation by having to endure several hours trapped on a plane with a toddler leaking all manner of foul liquids is pretty bad – for everyone involved! TPG was so impressed by the participation of readers that he agreed to […]

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