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Status Matcher Helps Travelers Attain and Keep Elite Status

June 30, 2014

Yesterday I answered a reader question about airline status matches and challenges, and I mentioned a website called Status Matcher, which provides a bounty of information about the status match and challenge policies of most airlines, hotels, and even auto rental companies (hat tip to TPG reader Ali who introduced me to the site!). I think this website […]

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Should I Accept An American Airlines Platinum Status Match?

May 18, 2014

The Pacific Northwest is the place to be based these days. Flyers in Seattle and Portland have been benefiting from the battle between partners-turned-rivals Delta and Alaska, and it looks like American is muscling in on the territory now as well. Portland-based TPG reader Edwin got a targeted offer from American this week, and Tweeted me […]

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Virgin America Double Status Points On Transcontinental Routes, and Dallas Love Field Sale – 50% Off Main Cabin Select and First Class

April 25, 2014

Earlier this week, Virgin America announced a double points promo on transcontinental flights in honor of Star Wars Day (yes, I’m being completely serious). To qualify, register here to book and fly between April 29 and June 11, 2014, and you will earn 100% bonus points for every qualifying flight. But what’s even better is […]

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Airline and Hotel Invitation-Only Elite Status

April 17, 2014

We’ve covered elite status at various airlines and hotels, including series on American, Delta, United and US Airways, as well as hotel-program comparisons, and the ways in which airlines try to one-up each other’s elite strategies, but have you ever wondered if there’s something more elite than elite? Like the black card of hotels and […]

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Which Delta Platinum Medallion 2014 Choice Benefit Should I Choose?

April 1, 2014

When you hit Delta Platinum and/or Diamond Medallion status, the airline offers you a choice of benefits called…Choice Benefits, unsurprisingly. Every year I requalify, I strategize about just which benefit holds the most value for me, and this year threw a couple curve balls at me, and all Medallions. As of March 1, 2014, Delta […]

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Why Would Delta Rather Fly Empty Business Class Cabins Than Upgrade Elites?

March 26, 2014

Along with many of the other negative changes Delta has announced over the past year including award chart devaluations, revenue-based elite requirements, and a new revenue-based mileage-earning system that will go into place in December, the airline also changed up how it hands out upgrades to elites back in December – and I’ve been hearing […]

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JetBlue Mosaic Status Matches and Challenges

March 18, 2014

Now through April 18, 2014, JetBlue is offering status matches and challenges for TrueBlue members to earn Mosaic status good through December 31, 2015 for challenges, and through 2014 for elite status matches. That’s up to 21 months of elite status if you can hit the numbers quickly. For members without elite status to match, […]

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Buy or Renew US Airways Club (And American Admirals Club) Membership for 5,000 Preferred Qualifying Miles

March 15, 2014

Now through May 31, 2014 when you buy or renew your US Airways Club membership (and get access to all 35 American Airlines Admirals Clubs as well), US Airways will give you 5,000 Preferred-qualifying miles. The reason you might want to consider doing this is because the Platinum Card from American Express (which just raised […]

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Throwback Thursday: Airline Elite Perks We Wish Still Existed

March 13, 2014

With the accelerating recent erosion of elite benefits – including Delta’s limiting same-day confirmed flight changes for Medallion members, United aggressively selling upgrades instead of conferring them upon elites, and the end of American AAdvantage Gold members being able to select Main Cabin Extra seating for free coming on Monday (they’ll still be able to […]

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Is Delta Not Honoring Platinum Medallion Offer For New York Flyers?

March 7, 2014

Back in January, Delta announced a drool-worthy offer for New York-based flyers with a fast-track to Platinum Medallion status. Whereas Platinum Medallion status normally requires you fly 75,000 miles or 90 segments (and starting in 2014 that you spend $7,500 on airfare or $25,000 on a co-branded Delta Amex), those flyers targeted for the offer […]

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Extending American Airlines EVIP Systemwide Upgrades Past February 28, 2014

February 27, 2014

One of the best airline elite status benefits out there are the 8 EVIP systemwide upgrades American Airlines gives to its top-tier Executive Platinum members. Systemwides, or EVIP’s, are one-way upgrades that can be used on pretty much any paid (non-government, military or award) fare – even discounted economy fares – and can be used […]

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Current Airline Elite Status Match and Status Challenge Information

February 27, 2014

In the wake of Delta’s huge SkyMiles program devaluation announcement yesterday, as well as the fact that both United and Delta have instituted spending requirements for elite status, I know a lot of Delta Medallions and United Premiers are reevaluating their airline elite status strategy (myself included), so I wanted to post a quick roundup […]

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The Elite Status Cliff Approaches: Audit Account Balances to Ensure Proper Credit

February 20, 2014

February 28 fast approaches and that means the elite status countdown is in its final moments. Many airline and hotel loyalty programs reset the elite status benefits year (not qualification – which is based on the calendar year) at the end of each February and now is the time to audit your accounts to make […]

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US Airways Making Negative Changes to the Buy Up To Preferred Status Program

February 20, 2014

In addition to being a cheap and frequent liquidator of frequent flyer miles, US Airways will actually sell its elite status outright to anyone willing to pay. You can even buy status without having flown a single flight, though it’s intended to help people who fall short of the required mileage for various elite levels […]

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Maximizing Expiring Elite Benefits, Perks and Upgrades – Exchange Forum

February 18, 2014

I have posted this before, but a lot of elite perks – including American Airlines EVIP Systemwide Upgrades, expire February 28, so I thought I’d repost this in the hopes that some of you would help out fellow TPG readers with elite perks and benefits like systemwide upgrades and lounge passes that you might not […]

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Delta Targeted Medallion Platinum Offer To Drool Over

January 29, 2014

Competition over New York-based flyers is heating up this week with offers from both Delta and American for flyers who book premium international tickets to reach a higher elite status level plus a few other valuable perks. The Delta offer is hands-down the more generous of the two. Targeted folks who register before March 31, […]

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American Elite Status Boost and Renew Paid Options Now Live

January 29, 2014

Back in November, American announced that it would be launching two new options for frequent flyers to pay to requalify for status if they fall short of the miles that they need this year. These options are now live and available for purchase here through May 31. Just as a reminder, here are your choices: Boost: If you […]

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Starwood Amex Elite Nights Posted and My 2014 Starwood Platinum Goal

January 16, 2014

Update: The offers mentioned below for the Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Cards from American Express have expired. View the current offers here –personal, business. On the heels of having my Delta rollover Medallion Qualifying Miles post the other day, I was checking my other points and miles balances and I noticed that the annual elite nights and stays credits I […]

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My Rollover Delta Medallion Qualifying Miles Posted for 2014

January 15, 2014

We’re well into January and I’m starting to put serious thought into my airline and hotel elite status strategy. As part of my decision-making process, I logged into my account and saw that my rollover MQMs from 2013 have posted. Delta is unique in that it allows its Medallion elites to rollover any miles […]

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JetBlue Double Base Points Now Through March 3 – Faster Elite Status

January 15, 2014

JetBlue is offering double base points for flights purchased and flown between now and March 3, 2014. That means instead of the usual 3X points per $1 you earn on JetBlue fares, you’ll earn 6X points. Base points count toward qualifying for Mosaic, the airline’s elite-status-ish program, so that means you’ll only have to spend […]

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Which is Better for Mileage Redemptions – United Premier 1K or American AAdvantage Executive Platinum?

January 12, 2014

TPG reader Ahmed Tweeted me the following question this week: “Deciding between United 1K and American Executive Platinum. Which has a better award?” The 2014 elite-qualifying year is still young and we’re still in a time where you can be flexible when strategizing which airlines to fly as you think about 2015. It’s the perfect […]

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Elite Status Series: US Airways Unique Features and Benefits

January 10, 2014

So far in our Elite Status Series, we’ve covered American, Delta, Southwest and United. Last week, TPG contributor Nick Ewen went through the four tiers of elite status in the Dividend Miles program: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Chairman’s Preferred. Today, he finishes up with US Airways by tackling the unique aspects of the program to […]

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Elite Status Series: US Airways Chairman’s Preferred

January 6, 2014

So far in our Elite Status Series, we’ve covered American, Delta, Southwest and United. Last week, TPG contributor Nick Ewen went through the first three tiers of elite status in the Dividend Miles program: Silver, Gold, and Platinum Preferred. Today, he tackles the highest level currently offered: US Airways Chairman’s Preferred status – how you […]

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Will Delta’s New Revenue Requirements Affect My Lifetime Status?

January 5, 2014

TPG Reader Marie is concerned that Delta’s new elite status spending requirements will affect her lifetime status with the airline: “I am confused about the elite status changes on Delta. My husband is a Lifetime Gold Medallion and I am Lifetime Silver Medallion. Do we retain this status with the new changes? Since we have […]

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