Are Travel Visas Eligible for Category Bonus Points?

When getting Chinese visas this summer, TPG Contributor JT Genter missed out on a potentially large spending bonus, assuming that the visa fees would count as a travel expense. Here’s how you can avoid the same fate. Before I could board my Air China flight to China this past July, I needed to acquire a…

State Department Launches “Apply Early” Passport Program

For any international traveler, from the occasional flyer to the busiest jetsetter, the most indispensable item to have on hand is a valid passport. Luckily for US citizens, those little blue books are good for 10 years, so you only have to spend time thinking about renewing them once a decade. However, the State Department is…

A First-Timer’s Travel Guide to India

Traveling to India for the first time can seem daunting, but TPG International Contributor Lori Zaino — who recently took her own first trip to this huge South Asian country — wants to assure you that a vacation here will prove both fascinating and delightful. To help you stay healthy, safe and savvy during your own trip to India, she offers…

12 Crazy Forms of ID To Get Through Airport Security

If you’ve ever arrived at the airport only to realize you’ve forgotten your driver’s license or passport – or worse, had either lost or stolen during your travels – there may be no reason for panic. As it turns out, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) actually allows some flexibility when it comes to alternate forms of identification to green-light you through security….

Five Countries You Can Only Visit Through Government Sanctioned Tours

 Steve Gempeler and Peter Gulas of Allied Passport & Visa are back with their expert knowledge of all things visa and passports. Today, they’re tackling the complicated topic of traveling to countries that only allow Americans through government sanctioned tours. Read on for everything you need to know about traveling to these countries and obtaining the appropriate visa….