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What To Do If Your Flight Is Oversold

December 12, 2014

The airline industry has an inherent degree of unpredictability. While airlines do a mostly good job scheduling flights and filling them with passengers, things inevitably go wrong. Today, TPG Senior Points and Miles Correspondent Jason Steele looks at one of the more common problems in commercial aviation, and explains what to do when you have a ticket, but have no […]

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Singapore Airlines Price Glitch Causes Half-Price Business Fares

December 4, 2014

It’s safe to say Singapore Airlines has had better weeks. The Southeast Asian carrier is presently working to recoup its losses after a computer error in the global distribution system used by travel agencies caused about 900 business-class tickets from Australia to London to be sold at coach prices. Sold between Saturday, November 29 and Monday, December 1 by various online travel agencies in Australia, these […]

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Delta Announces New Airbus A350 and A330-900 Orders

November 21, 2014

In a blow to American aviation manufacturer Boeing, Delta announced yesterday that from 2017 to 2019, the airline will replace its older Boeing 747-400s and 767-300ERs with 25 long-haul A350-900s and 25 medium-haul A330-900neos from European-owned Airbus, which feature Rolls Royce engines, and are expected to save 20% per seat in operating costs. The retail cost of these 50 new […]

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JetBlue Adds Checked Bag Fees and More Seats, Loses Legroom

November 20, 2014

In a move designed to satisfy its shareholders rather than its customers, JetBlue will soon begin charging checked bag fees, and in mid-2016, will begin adding more seats to its popular Airbus A320s. Having seen the success, however controversial, of budget carriers who charge individual fees for everything from carry-on bags to seat assignments, JetBlue projects that […]

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7 Airline Policies that Punish Leisure Travelers

November 7, 2014

Airlines are in business to make money, but it’s important that they balance their bottom line with the comfort and satisfaction of their customers. Today TPG Senior Points & Miles Correspondent Jason Steele looks at some airline policies that are tipping that balance in the wrong direction. Last week I wrote about the effect of revenue-based frequent flyer […]

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8 Airline and DOT Rules Every Flyer Should Know

November 5, 2014

When doing business with airlines, the fine print in the contract of carriage can often mean headaches (generally for you, not for them). However, there are some rules designed to work in your favor, but they’ll only do you good if you know them. Today TPG Senior Points and Miles Contributor Jason Steele discusses some of those rules, and explains how […]

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Are Fuel Surcharges Legal? A Consumer Advocate Weighs In.

October 8, 2014

Alongside devaluations, Fuel surcharges are the bane of all award travel enthusiasts, and as someone who has made a career out of being a savvy award traveler, there’s little that irks me more than when airlines nickel and dime customers by imposing these bogus (and sometimes deceptive) charges. Today TPG Contributor Jason Steele discusses the legality (or […]

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First Class Dining Policies of the Major Domestic Airlines

August 27, 2014

Over the last few years – and even in recent weeks - major domestic airlines have been attempting to up their First Class dining game, achieving varying degrees of success. With food, wine and cocktail and service options going through some changes this fall, I thought it was a good time to take a look at the landscape […]

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Battle at 30,000 Feet: Seat Reclining vs. Leg Room

August 26, 2014

I just read a story that struck a chord with me. The AP reported that on Sunday, a fight broke out between two passengers over leg room on a United Airlines flight from Newark  that caused the flight to be diverted. A man utilized a Knee Defender,  a gadget that attaches to your tray table and prevents the person in front of […]

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DOT Considers Cell Phone Ban, Orbitz Dining Rewards & More

August 9, 2014

Here’s a rundown of points, miles and travel industry news you may have missed this week: Department of Transportation Considers Ban on In-Flight Cell Calls: In response to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s December 2013 proposal to overturn technical rules barring in-flight cellphone use (as well as a general public outcry about the potential annoyance of other passengers gabbing away for hours […]

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Airlines Sue the TSA, Hilton Guests Can Choose Rooms & More

August 2, 2014

Here’s a recap of points, miles and travel industry news from the past week: Airlines Suing the TSA Over Security Fee Uncapping: This past Wednesday, July 30, 2014, two airline lobbying groups - Airlines for America and the International Air Transport Association – sued the TSA over one key detail of the administration’s recent security fee hike. With Congress’ […]

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Count Change Fees as MQDs/PQDs – the Weekly Wish

July 31, 2014

Today TPG Contributor Nick Ewen continues his series The Weekly Wish, looking at flaws, shortcomings, and room for improvement in the world of travel and loyalty programs. Today’s wish: count change fees towards elite qualification on United and Delta. It sure seems like 2014 has been the year of the “$” in the frequent flyer world. Delta started the […]

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Delta to Offer Free Entertainment on Domestic Flights

July 30, 2014

America’s number 3 airline is making a ratings grab. Starting this Friday, August 1, Delta Airlines will roll out Delta Studio, the carrier’s own branding of a Gogo wireless in-flight entertainment (IFE) system called Gogo Vision, and will begin offering free access to movies, TV shows, music and video games on all of its domestic flights that last 90 minutes or more. Delta passengers can access […]

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Will TSA Fee Increase Improve Security? Survey Says…

July 23, 2014

On Monday the new Transportation Security Administration (TSA) fees on airline tickets went into effect. The old fee structure was $2,50 for each leg of a flight with a $5 cap on each one-way trip and $10 cap on each roundtrip. Now there’s no cap on the fee, and the TSA will charge you $5.60 for […]

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FAA Suspends US Flights to Tel Aviv – Options for Travelers

July 23, 2014

After a combat missile launched from Gaza landed approximately one mile from Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport (TLV) early Tuesday, the FAA grounded all U.S. flights to Tel Aviv for 24 hours (through 12:15 pm Wednesday EDT), by which time they will further advise. In the meantime, the European Air Safety Agency has issued a strong recommendation that European […]

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Malaysia Airlines Offers Refunds on All 2014 Flights

July 21, 2014

Like most people, I’m still struggling to comprehend the tragedy that is Malaysia Airlines flight 17. Unlike the last Malaysian Airlines tragedy where endless questions remain unanswered, this incident looks to be exclusively the handiwork of terrorists, and the full effects are yet to be seen. This incident could have happened to any airline, and […]

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TSA Fees, Free Iberia Miles, Etihad Launches SFO-AUH & More

July 19, 2014

Here’s a recap of points, miles and travel industry news from the past week: Reminder that TSA fees go up on Monday, July 21:  In news I shared earlier this month, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will soon more than double – and no longer cap – the mandatory security fee they charge most airline passengers. On July […]

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Using Air Travel Passes to Maximize International Travel

July 9, 2014

Today, TPG Contributor Jason Steele introduces us to the Air Travel Pass, a great way to get around for travelers with multiple regional destinations in mind. The most efficient way to use your points and miles is to see as much as you can with one major international award flight, rather than travel back and forth between home […]

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TSA Bans Uncharged Gadgets on Transatlantic Flights to US

July 8, 2014

If you’re headed to the U.S. on a transatlantic flight, make sure your cell phones, laptops, tablets and more are charged by the time you get to the airport, or you might not be allowed to board with them. As part of the Enhanced Security Measures announced by the Secretary of Homeland Security last week, the […]

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Ticketing Errors, Schedule Mix-ups, and Wrong Destinations

July 8, 2014

Today TPG Contributor Nick Ewen looks at common ticketing errors, how to avoid them, and how to survive them if they happen to you. As a travel enthusiast and die-hard soccer fan (still smarting from last week’s dramatic US-Belgium result), I couldn’t help but cringe when I read about the Australian couple who thought they had booked […]

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New TSA Fees Will Make Airfare More Expensive

July 2, 2014

Thinking about planning a big trip? Best to book your flights now, before they become more expensive. Starting on July 21, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will more than double – and no longer cap – the mandatory security fee they charge most airline passengers. Formerly this fee was $2.50 for each leg of a flight, with a […]

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The Winners and Losers of United’s New Revenue Program

June 13, 2014

This week United dropped the bombshell that their MileagePlus frequent flyer program would be moving to  a revenue-based earning model starting in 2015. Long story short, moving forward you’ll earn miles based not on how far you fly, but on how much you spend. At a high level, those who spend a ton on their tickets […]

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10 Tips On Being a Better Passenger- From a Flight Attendant

June 12, 2014

Ever wonder what you can do to endear yourself to your flight crew? Want to know why some people get upgrades and preferential treatment and others don’t? Curious about how your in flight etiquette is perceived? Meet Cary A. Trey, an anonymous flight attendant for a major US carrier flying mostly international routes, here to set the record straight on […]

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Standby Rules and Strategies for International Flights

June 11, 2014

What can you do if you need to take an earlier flight to get to your destination on time? Can you switch from an international connecting flight to a non-stop to your destination? Standby rules are pretty clear for domestic flights, but can get murky when traveling internationally. Read on to learn more about the policies of major […]

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