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AirAsia Drama Lands Unruly Chinese Passengers in Hot Water

December 15, 2014

Korean Air’s “nutroversy” can take a back seat this week, as it’s AirAsia’s turn to make infamous headlines. In an incident that CNN termed “hot watergate,” the combative behavior of a few Chinese passengers aboard a China-bound AirAsia flight forced the captain to return the plane to Bangkok, infuriating not only the 174 passengers and six crew members on […]

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Best Chase and Amex Transfer Partners for Travel to Israel

June 30, 2014

Recently, we took an exhaustive look at the best Starwood Ultimate Rewards airline mileage transfer partners for award trips to Israel. Today I want to look at the best options for using American Express Membership Rewards points and Chase Ultimate Rewards points. American Express Membership Rewards This program offers a number of airline transfer partners […]

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In-flight Phone Calls/Texts Roundup: Which International Airlines Allow Talking and Texting on the Phone

December 23, 2013

I recently posted on whether or not cell phone use will be the downfall of aviation, and after the announcement that flyers would be able to keep their electronic devices on throughout flights, even during takeoff and landing, the FCC has also said it is considering a proposal that would allow passengers to use their cell […]

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Top 13 Ways To Get To The Maldives Using Miles and Points

November 19, 2013

While it might not be the easiest thing to get to the Maldives on miles since there are no direct flights from the US, it is definitely possible to fly there on a variety of airlines via other hubs if you get creative with codeshares and your miles – like I recently did by using […]

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Babies Get Their Own Zone on AirAsia

February 8, 2013

A crying baby at 30,000 feet is a common, much-documented travel experience (some might say nightmare) that every traveler has had to put up with at one time or another – or sometimes it feels like on every flight! In fact, almost one third of plane passengers say they would be willing to pay extra […]

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