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Lori Zaino
After graduating from University of Arizona in 2006, Lori headed straight for New York City. A couple years later she decided to leave her desk job as a fashion buyer behind, and move to Madrid to get a master's degree in Spanish and simultaneously explore as much of Europe as possible. Lori has been residing in Spain for the past 6 years and travels around the world to report on fashion shows and menswear trends for online magazine "Best Dressed Man on the Planet,” while also covering women’s fashion for her own website, “Life and Style Madrid”. Additionally, she is a personal shopper for foreigners traveling to Madrid and shares her knowledge of points and travel on The Points Guy.

When she’s not writing, you can find her learning Italian, practicing yoga, learning about (and consuming) Spanish Rioja vino and of course, traveling as much as she can. Some of her favorite vacation spots include The Greek Islands, Seoul, Mexico City, Budapest, every square inch of Italy, and any Mediterranean beach town.

Lori helps with creating online content for the Points Guy and loves to help people organize trips around Europe, so feel free to email her with any questions at [email protected].

58 Articles by Lori Zaino

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