Will I Have an Issue Booking Hyatt Visa Free Reward Consecutive Nights Separately?

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TPG reader Adam emailed The Points Guy to ask:

“I recently obtained two free nights via the Hyatt Visa card. My girlfriend and I will be visiting Europe next year and I planned to use the two nights to stay at the Park Hyatt Vendome in Paris. When I went to book a two night stay, it said there was no availability for those dates. However, by playing around with dates, I realized that each night was available by itself for a free night stay, so I went ahead and separately booked two reward nights there. My question is: do you think I will have any issues with this? Technically, the hotel could force us to check out after the first night, and then make us wait until the official 3 pm check in time to check back in for the second night, correct? Are there any other issues that could happen with this?”

TPG reader Adam emailed me asking about redeeming his two free reward nights earned through the Hyatt Visa at the Park Hyatt Vendome Paris, which is amazing hotel (though it could use a renovation, but that’s another story). The website said his two night stay was not available, however he was able to book the two separate reservations for two consecutive nights, which is rather tricky. Usually, it’s the other way around, where hotels have minimum stays. Adam’s concern is that they may make him switch rooms each night or check out and then check in again.

Checking and and checking out again would be the worst case scenario. Image courtesty of Shutterstock.

Checking and and checking out again would be the worst case scenario. Image courtesty of Shutterstock.

Now, if Adam had booked different types of rooms, that could be a possibility, but if you booked the same level room it is more unlikely. Maybe the two night reservation was unavailable because the same type of room wasn’t available for two nights.

However, I would recommend calling Hyatt and having them put a note the system to honor your request to stay in the room. There is a chance they could make you change, but I think in most cases, if it is the same room type, they will do everything in their power to make sure that you are not inconvenienced and have to move rooms. I would compare your reservations, perhaps there is a bed type difference. You could always forgo the “upgraded” room and offer to stay in the “lower level” room if that is the case.

I am confident the hotel will do their best to let you stay in the room. Adam, make sure to report back and let us know what happens, and if anyone else has been in this situation, let us know if you have any tips or stories to share.

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  • Darren

    This is always the case with the Hyatt free night certs. They will not show availability for any more than 1 night on You can either book the nights separately online, as Adam has, or call them to book them as one res for the two nights. I booked them online separately at the PHV in June and they worked fine.

  • tigermark82

    Same thing happened to me for the Andaz 5th Avenue. When I called Hyatt they said they would have to book two separate reservations, but that the hotel would combine them upon check-in.

  • Journey4Happy

    +1 on comments above (or below?). I just did this last month. When I called Hyatt, the rep told me that the website doesn’t allow booking with multiple certificates. She canceled the ones I made online and rebooted under one confirmation #. No need to worry about waiting until check-in; just do it over the phone.

  • HyattNights

    My wife and I have made separate adjacent reservations to extend our stay at the same hotel and it has never been a problem to keep us in the same room. When I asked the Hyatt Gold Passport rep she said the hotel would do everything it could to keep you in the same room (I understood this was because of the additional overhead of cleaning an extra room for the same party).

  • Chris Mc

    I have stayed at the park Hyatt Vendome 8 times in the last 7 years(all on points) and I have had multiple reservations 3 times. Just let them know when you check in – I have never had a problem.

  • Bobby Boulders

    First, have your girlfriend sign up for the card so you have a total of four free nights – my wife and I did that and had four free nights on our seven night stay at PHV in April 2013 – incredible. To echo the other comments, just phone the hotel and they’ll note this situation in your reservation. No big deal. Enjoy. Cheers mate.

  • Zila

    No online twice, once for each night, then email the hotel and explain. It can also be done with any other combination of paid plus free nights at the Hyatt and Hilton. Been there, done that.

  • Fred Millett

    Hyatt’s Award Certificate Redemption area of its website sucks. You are going to run into the same problems with your free night anniversary certificates. Always call Hyatt and book through the phone. There is always more available rooms than their website is showing you. One thing they really should fix.

  • Nick Ewen

    Note that this may also work if you are a Diamond member and want to stay in your suite after the two free nights. I visited the Park Hyatt Istanbul over New Years and booked three nights on two separate reservations; one was the two free nights in a spa suite and the other was a single night in a standard room. I had them put a note asking if they could keep us in the suite, and sure enough, it worked. YMMV, but it was a nice way to “ensure” an upgrade on the standard room.

  • stephaniejmota

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  • alan

    When booking long stays ahead of time when the rates are really cheap I book each night separately thus can cancel one night if arrival date/departure date or other issues arise without losing the good rate for the whole stay. The only problem is with Hilton HHonors – overseas properties seem to be unable to join the reservations properly on arrival and they always screw up the points awarded and only give them for the last night of the stay. This often takes a while to correct but it is worth it in the long run. This is not a problem in Canada or US (but is a problem in Mexico).

  • Lively

    After reading all the comments from people staying free/on points at the PHV (and I was planning to do the same)….it makes me wonder: does anyone actually pay to stay there?

  • Eugene

    yeah, shouldn’t be a problem. I did 2 free nights at PH toronto and was booked online as 2 separate reservations. I just did the same for PHV 2 nights in Nov and I don’t expect any problem :P

  • TravelBug2015

    I called to use the Hyatt free night certificates and it worked out fine. A friend also called to reserve the Churchill in London and that worked out fine as well. Remember, you have to use the certificates within a year of your Visa card approval.

  • Josh

    At least most airlines have award availability calendars that make it easy to plan your trip around using awards. Hyatt’s award availability is cloaked in mystery and IT inadequacy. I’ve hard a hard time using my 2 free nights for anything good.

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