50,000 SkyMile Bonus for Amex Delta Gold & Platinum Cards

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Update: The offers mentioned below for the Delta Gold and Platinum cards are no longer available. View the current offers here: Gold Delta SkyMiles Personal, Gold Delta SkyMiles Business, Platinum Delta SkyMiles.

Today American Express launched limited time signup bonus offers of 50,000 Delta SkyMiles for three of its co-branded Delta Air Lines cards: the Gold Delta SkyMiles credit card (both personal and business versions) and the Platinum Delta SkyMiles credit card (personal version only). The signup bonuses for these cards are normally 30,000 SkyMiles for the Gold cards and 35,000 for the Platinum card, so the present offers are substantially better. These offers will be available until September 8, 2014.

Which one is best for you? If you’re just looking to top up your mileage account and want basic benefits like free checked bags, the Gold version is the best long-term option. If you need MQMs and can hit high spend thresholds, then the Platinum version is likely the best fit. Another reason to get the Platinum Delta SkyMiles card is that it comes with a companion ticket every year upon card renewal, so if you’re able to get value out of that feature, then this card is definitely the one to choose. 

Here are more details of the present offers:

Gold Delta SkyMiles American Express
Type: Personal or Business
Bonus: Get 50,000 SkyMiles when you spend $1,000 in 3 months, and earn a $50 statement credit after your first Delta purchase (also within 3 months).
Benefits: Earn 2X miles per $1 on Delta purchases, 1X miles on everything else. Check your first bag free on every Delta flight for you and up to 8 people on your reservation. Priority Boarding and 20% In-Flight Savings. Discounted Delta SkyClub access ($29 per visit). On the Business version, save 3% to 10% automatically on business expenses from FedEx, Hertz, OfficeMax, and more with OPEN Savings. No foreign transaction fees.
Annual Fee: $0 introductory annual fee for the first year, then $95, no annual fee for additional card.

Why Get It? This is the highest public signup bonus we’ve seen on this card in a while. I’ve made no secret of my frustrations with Delta regarding their recent devaluation and the planned shift to a revenue-based loyalty program, but you can still find ways to put SkyMiles to good use.

Delta Platinum Amex

Platinum Delta SkyMiles American Express
Type: Personal (business version also available, but with lower signup bonus)
Current Bonus: Get  50,000 SkyMiles and 15,000 Medallion Qualification Miles when you spend $1,000 within the first 3 months, and earn a $100 statement credit when you make your first Delta purchase within 3 months.
Benefits: Earn 2X miles per $1 on Delta purchases, 1X miles on everything else. Check your first bag free on every Delta flight for you and up to 8 people on your reservation. Earn a bonus of up to 20,000 SkyMiles and 20,000 MQM’s annually (10,000 of each for $25,000 in calendar year spend, and another 10,000 of each for a total of $50,000 in calendar year spending), Priority Boarding and 20% In-Flight Savings. Annual Companion Certificate for one roundtrip economy ticket in the 48 contiguous United States. No foreign transaction fees.
Annual Fee: $195

Why Get It? Again, this is the highest public offer we’ve seen since the 55k bonus from over a year ago, though that one had a much higher spending requirement. This card holds value for those looking to boost their MQM’s through spending. The companion ticket that you receive every year after card renewal might also be worth it for Delta frequent flyers out there, and can easily offset the annual fee of the card if you maximize it.

Delta underwent massive changes - with more on the way.

With Delta having devalued so much recently, how much worse can it get (dare I ask)?

Not all the recent news coming from Delta has been bad. Starting this month, Delta is offering free entertainment on domestic flights of 90 minutes or more, and the airline recently made some modest improvements to its transcontinental economy service between JFK and Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle.

While I currently value SkyMiles less than almost all other airline miles, with Delta having already made so many recent changes, I have to think they’re unlikely to devalue again anytime soon. That doesn’t add any value to the present card offers, but it does make them a safer bet if you don’t have immediate plans to redeem your SkyMiles. With the low spending requirements and some interesting benefits, these cards are definitely worth considering if you can apply before September 8 and get the increased signup bonus.

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  • John

    I cancelled the Gold Skymiles Business card about six months ago when the annual fee came due. The standard exclusion is:”Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have or have had this product within the last 12 months.” As far as you can tell, am I eligible for the bonus if I now apply for the business platinum?

  • Ed

    Would you advice to just get one of these cards for the signup bonus, even though you might not fly Delta much?

  • josefismael

    Plus the more AMEX cards you have the more AMEX offers you’re eligible for :)

  • Diamond Vargas

    Yes you are

  • CH

    Do miles gained from either this card or the United Explorer card expire if you cancel your card? Or once you have earned the bonus can you cancel your card without worry of losing the points?

  • Nick

    If I already have the Platinum card can I sign up for the Gold Business for the miles bonus?

  • DubZ

    I was under the impression with AMEX’s recent changes, you are no longer eligible for ANY signup bonus for a card you’ve previously had…

  • LAKnight

    Does AMEX consider Delta Gold and Delta Platinum not the same product? I am thinking about to get both cards together, which means I can get 100,000 miles. Is my assumption correct?

  • Bill

    If I already have a Plat, can I get a Gold and still get the bonus?

  • Mark Garretson

    TPG – Can you offer any tips for a Gold Cardholder who wants to get the 50k by upgrading to the Platinum card?

  • PhatMiles

    They do not.

  • PhatMiles

    Considering how valueless the SkyMiles are, may be you should add “Horrible ‘Deal’ Alert”

  • Andrew

    I tried to apply for the Platinum, got to the last step and was told the system was down. I wonder if I’ll get the same offer being an American Express Platinum card holder.

  • MilesRunner

    The following sure seems like those who have EVER had this card will not get this bonus.

    “If we identify you as currently having an American Express® Card account, you may not be eligible for this welcome bonus offer. This offer is also not available to applicants who have or have had this product.”

    I closed a personal Delta Platinum card almost two years ago and I’m betting that they would not give me the bonus if I apply again.

  • Alex H

    The same case for me. But I don’t think you will get the bonus offer if you had this card before. Amex is very strict about these issues nowadays.

  • DB

    If get oen for me and one for my wife, will we both get the bonus?

  • Jose

    I applied for the card on Sunday 08/11 for the 35,000 miles. Does anyone know if I have a chance of talking them into giving me the 50,000?

  • Alex H

    I had a Platinum card about two years ago. Then I applied for the same card about one year after the previous one was cancelled but Amex refused to honor the welcome bonus offer. I called to speak with more than three managers and also wrote to the corporate level, but to no avail.

  • Kim

    Are you really hawking affiliate links without even mentioning/reminding/warning about the new Amex bonus restrictions??? Kudos to VFTW and Ben for doing so.

    This, not too long after you left affiliate links hanging out for a worse offer for 4 days before a correction.


  • Patrick

    Unfortunately applied yesterday for the Gold card and called today to try and match today’s increased offer which was unsuccessful. Does anyone have any similar experience where they have gotten AMEX to match the increased offer? Also thinking about applying for the platinum card today as well, is there a specific number of days you must wait in between apps for AMEX? Thanks!

  • Garrett

    I think if you make a new application for the Platinum Delta card, you should get the bonus. If you upgrade there’s a less lucrative offer they’re willing to extend to you. A quick call to customer service should get you the answers you need though.

  • James Slager

    Delta miles never expire, so you don’t have to worry about that.

    United points will eventually expire after some period of time without use on your account. But, the points will not immediately disappear.

  • Garrett

    In my experience Amex is kind of shitty with this kind of thing. They tell you that your application is “coded” one way or another and that there’s nothing they can do to fix this. I’ve had luck in the past with getting SOME kind of additional compensation by calling to cancel the card in question. You have to be prepared to actually cancel though. If the agent you’re speaking with is unwilling to find a solution, ask to speak with the supervisor. I wasn’t given the bonus I was expecting on my PRG, I called and ended up getting 15,000 Skymiles and a $300 statement credit. Better than nothing.

  • Jose

    Thanks for the info, I’ll call them once I get the actual card to start the battle. I was ultimately going to cancel this card anyway so I’m prepared to pull the plug on it.

  • Joe

    I tried applying for my wife and she got this message but never had this card at all in her life

  • Joshua Lewis

    I closed my Gold Amex Skymiles card in April or May of 2014 (I can’t remember which) after receiving 35,000 miles. I saw this post and figured I would apply for this new offer even though I would most likely be rejected…I was approved! Not 6 months after closing my previous card and milking the miles. Unexpected but great!

  • Martin

    Has anyone applied for both the personal and business cards and got accepted?

  • Martin

    If you last had this product more than 12 months, you are eligible!

  • Justin

    If I get this card, can I use it’s perk of free checked bag on my upcoming delta flight even though I paid for the flight with a different card?

  • mike n.

    can someone clarify Amex’s card policies? I had a delta card and then got a business card and they said it was the same card so no bonus. If you have a blue regaular card and you apply for a gold business card will you get it? Amex has screwed me a few times, they have gotten very tight with the bonuses

  • damien

    I used to own the gold delta skymiles from AMEX. Can i apply again and benefit from the sign-up bonus?

  • Urbanist

    What a fucking crock. As a current AMEX cardholder, I’m not eligible for this bonus, despite the fact that I don’t have either of these AMEX cards.

  • damien

    You were approved yes. BUt it does not guarantee that you will receive the 50K miles. or does it?

  • Martin

    Where you’re wrong is that you can be accepted for the second time within 12 months but you will not receive the promotion. Have you thought about that?

  • Zila

    Probably not

  • LAKnight

    Let me answer my own question. AMEX considers Delta Gold and Delta Platinum as same product line.

  • Mike

    I am so pissed at Amex right now, literally got this card YESTERDAY, and they will not match this offer just spouting terms and conditions at me. If a store sells a product and it goes on sale the next day they will price match it for you. Amex would not budge and I reached out to their phone support, and twitter. They said I wouldn’t even be eligible if I signed up again because I was already a card holder (for 1 day!) Even being an existing member of amex with other products had no weight. I ending up cancelling the card and said the hell with it. Was thinking of cancelling my platinum for lack of benefits anyways, I am going to cancel that once my MR points transfer…

  • Graydon

    Yes, free bag regardless as to how the ticket was purchased. In order to take advantage of the free bag you need to add the Delta credit card to your profile. It’s simple and once you do that the system sees the card and you will see the first bag free.

  • Mike

    Yes that is correct. I got this card yesterday and inquired about matching the bonus today, they said no. I asked if I could resign up today if I cancelled that card (1 day later) and they said I wouldn’t be eligible.

  • Ed

    Does the $50 statement credit apply to buying Skymiles as well?

  • Wellington

    Similar to other comments, if I already have a Gold, can I apply to the Platinum and get the bonus?

    More of an interesting Q – if I have AA Plat status and sign up for a status challenge with Delta, can I get status via the 15k MQM without even flying?

  • Mike

    So I kept my platinum charge card (for the time being) and was approved for a business gold for the same bonus. I suppose I will be checking back in 3 months haha.

  • Mike

    Same thing happened to me haha. No luck. Ended up cancelling it (they didn’t even care just instant canceled it!) But spoke with cancellations while I was cancelling platinum charge card, and she informed me the business cards are considered different product lines, and I would be eligible for the new bonus if I signed up for that one. She advised me to just list myself as a sole proprietorship. Im cool as long as I get my bonus.

  • Mike

    Good luck! Same thing happened to me, I called them today, spoke with 3 people, 1 supervisor, and tweeted amex. They didn’t care, and when I called to cancel they literally just instantly cancelled it no fight.

    However when I went to cancel my other amex out of spite, the lady informed me the business cards are considered different products and I would be eligible for the promotion from them.

    So if you get nowhere with your current one, cancel it, and you can try what I ended up doing. The lady at amex said to put myself as a sole proprietorship, and I was approved. so far so good.

  • Mike

    Just got off the phone with Zana in the platinum card retention/cancellations department. She said the business line/consumer cards are different. I had signed up for the personal gold and they would not match the offer, but said if I signed up for the business gold I would be eligible. Even though I told her I dont have a business, she informed me to sign up as a sole proprietorship, and I was approved. But as much as I want to trust her, there is always the chance she just said that so I wouldn’t cancel my other platinum charge card. But thats what Amex said for what it is worth to you.

  • Ed

    Never ever apply for a card with a standard bonus offer. ONLY apply when the bonus offer is substantially more.

  • The yank

    You will no longer be eligible for ANY sign up bonuses in a specific family brand (e.g. Delta, Starwood etc…) if you have preiously received a sign up bonus.

  • The yank


  • mike n.

    they told me the same thing, 3 times, once on the phone, twice in chats so I had it in writing. still didn’t get it. I wrote a letter and sent the chats. they still rejected my appeal

  • Angela

    I would like to know this same thing! I have the delta platinum personal. I would like to sign up for the gold business for the bonus. anyone know this?

  • WireValley

    Don’t ever apply for a card without Googling to see if there is a better offer available. There have been posts this past weekend that the 50,000 mile offer was actually available on I applied and was approved!


    If you’ve never had the Gold card then you would qualify.

  • Jose

    Thanks for the info. It might be pointless to argue with them on the card I already applied for, perhaps my wife can get her own card.

  • PJ_in_WI

    One additional, and sometimes lucrative, benefit of the Platinum is the ability to pay with points. I have, at times found award tickets only at their outrageous redemption levels and then found the fare was $400 or less, or needed a one-way ticket for positioning. In this case, it’s better to pay with miles, where they’ll credit $0.01 per mile towards the airfare. As most blogs have noted for years, rarely are DL Skymiles worth even $0.01, so this is a fixed-rate redemption route.

    HOWEVER, be aware that you do NOT earn BIS miles for a ticket purchased this way. It’s just a good choice in certain circumstances.

  • mike n.

    amex likes to tell you one thing before you get the card and one after. i was told business was different also, then got the card spent the money, points never showed and they told me something different. I’d say get everything in writing but that doesn’t seem to matter to them

  • shawn connolly

    If I had a delta gold Amex card and closed it about 2 years ago, can I apply for a new one and get the sign up bonus?

  • BMD

    Anyone else see this red text when you try to apply for a new Amex?

  • BMD


  • dolpheye

    All these comments and not 1 about the Plat 15k MQMs? What I am most curious about is if these MQMs can be gifted just like the spending threshold bonus MQMs are. The plat $195 fee is already worth it with the $100 credit and BOGO ticket but this becomes a goldmine if I can also get 15k MQMs into my account…

  • Martin

    Please learn to read and read well BEFORE asking questions. If you ever had the personal card in question, you will not be eligible for the promotion. However, if you never had the business card, you are eligible for the promotion if you apply for the business card, even if you previously had the personal card.

  • Jordan

    Do you get access to the 700+ airport clubs and lounges with the Delta Plat Amex?

  • BubbaJoe123


  • BubbaJoe123

    Just did a chat with Amex customer service. Bottom line, you’re eligible if you have another Amex product, but not if you have, or have ever had, this product (Delta Skymiles Amex):

    Amex Rep: Welcome
    bonus offer not available to applicants who have or have had this product.

    Me: OK, but I am eligible if I have another Amex product, correct?

    Amex Rep: So as long as you have never had a Platinum Delta skymiles card in your name as the primary card member and meet the spending required you will qualify for the welcome bonus.

  • Elina

    How long does Amex keep track of previous cardholders? I had a Delta Skymiles Amex Gold from 2003-2005. I’m wondering if I would be eligible for the bonus for either Gold or Platnium Skymiles if I applied.

  • Jonathan

    Just got my Gold Delta Amex Business card. Does anyone know if the $50 statement credit would apply to buying a Delta eCertificate?

  • LAKnight

    Clean up the browser’s cache and apply. Or, use another browser to apply.

  • scotty

    Yes, it counts.

  • scotty

    After that much time expired, I doubt you’d have any problems.

  • t.j.

    Can the statement credit when making a delta purchase be gotten by simply buying sky miles rather than paying for a ticket?

  • NilB

    Yes, you can buy Skymiles and get $50 statement credit on that.

  • NilB


  • Pascalstu

    Exact same story, they are terrible! I am also pissed at them, for just 1 or 2 days they could definitevely do us a “favor”. I think I will also cancel the card!

  • Aislinn

    Does anyone know when the bonus 50,000 miles will post to the SkyMiles account after hitting the spending threshold?

  • Ripped off

    any amex

    gold card or the amex delta gold card

  • Emmanuel Ruiz

    Hi there! if I booked with Alaska Miles to fly Delta, will I still get priority boarding and free checked bag by showing them my Delta Gold AMEX Card?

  • TT

    I got Premier Gold from Amex this year. I still got 50000 miles when I signed up for the Delta Gold last week.

  • Bubbles

    I had a Delta Gold Amex that was closed 2 years ago. I applied on-line and Amex approval process did **not** indicate that I was disqualified from 50k offer. So far, so good. New welcome packet arrived 2 days ago and there was no mention of the 50k. I contacted Amex and they explained that I was not eligible. While chatting with Amex rep while logged into my account, I poked around and found a Delta Amex “awards checker” gadget that had inputs for name, address, and SS#. It showed that I was not eligible. I canceled the new card without activating it. There was no $$ charge to Xcel. I have not since been able to locate the Delta Amex “awards checker” gadget on the InterNUT.

  • Bee

    So amex is displaying false advertising they said 50,000 and 15000 mqms I applied get approved and now they say that its 35000 and 15000 mqms. They are cheating me out of 15000 bonus miles because the 15,000 mqm’s count toward the 50,000 miles. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Clipper147

    At its inception, as a Amex (green) card holder, I was offered a Skymiles (blue) card with no annual fee in perpetuity as long as I remunerated for the original card. Now Amex has broken their part of the agreement with a $55 annual fee posted on my most recent statement. My reward for 40 plus years of loyalty? {And then, I was a long-time PanAm employee.}

  • mosdef

    AMEX is ridiculous, I spoke with 4 different customer service reps and got different answers. I cancelled my gold Delta AMEX card a year ago. I asked the reps if I got the Platinum Delta AMEX if I would receive the bonus miles. 2 said I wouldn’t while 2 said I would. Finally got on the phone with a Supervisor who told me that I would get the bonus offer for 50k miles as long as I have never had the Delta AMEX Platinum card (which I haven’t). I took down the reps name and ID# so if they give me any problems I’m going directly to the BBB to file a complaint.

  • Jordan

    Will the Delta Platinum card give me and my authorized user access to all the airport lounges available to AMEX Plat Members? What about the TSA credits and reimbursement?

  • AndrewAbroad

    I have had 3 Amex cards, including Amex Gold, but not a Delta card. I was approved for both the personal and business Delta gold cards with the bonus offer. Make sure you go to the signup page using some sort of Incognito Mode for your browser. I know if you have an Amex account they’ll direct you to a page with the default offer and give you a message about being a card holder. It happened to me with the SPG card but you’re actually still eligible for the offer.

  • Peter Herman

    You need the AMEX Platinum card to get into airport lounges which is a $450/yr cost, but worth it if you travel a lot, plus there are other benefits

  • Cheri Costello

    If I have a gold and upgrade to the platinum am I eligible, or only if I apply for a new card. When I called to upgrade, I was only offered 5k not 50k.

  • jeff

    I have a current and active Delta Gold American Express (Personal). I applied and just received the Delta Platinum American Express (Personal), hoping that I qualified for the 50K bonus and 15K MQM. I received the card, and not a printed mention of the bonuses were made. Nada. Zip. Ziltch.

    I called AmEx (on the back of the card) and spoke to a live rep. She looked up my account and said I do qualify for the 50K Bonus and 15K MQM on my first $1000 of qualified purchases within 3 months plus a statement credit of $100 after my first Delta qualified purchase. I asked her if this was boilerplate she was reading, or actually attached to my account, and she said this is what comes up on her computer screen when looking up my account. SO, I think I’m in the clear, and I will spend the $1000 as fast as possible, just in case, so I don’t waste points on using a card that won’t earn me bonus points.

  • iris97

    According to the Amex website, offer is still available today, so you may want to update your link…
    Apply Now
    Earn 50,000 Bonus Miles with the Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card†
    after you use your new Card to make $1,000 in purchases within your first 3 months and a $50 statement credit after you make a Delta purchase with your new Card within your first 3 months. Offer expires 9/8/14.

  • Charlene

    I got the Gold card because of the 50,000 miles bonus with hopes of using them toward an upgrade to Europe next year, but I saw nothing about it in the literature that came with my card.

  • Carter29072

    I would like to get a definitive answer on this as well. I met my $1000 minimum spend and the statement closed. I was give the 1000 sky miles but not the 50000 sky miles. I even called Amex before I applied and was told that I had never had the personal Gold product and that I was eligible. I called today to find out where my bonus points were at and the agent told me 6-8 weeks. I don’t think that sounds right. Any one else know this for sure?

  • Akshay

    I just got an offer for the Amex Delta Platinum card with 60,000 Bonus points after you spend $1000 in the first 3 months. You get another 10,000 points if you spend more than $25000 in the first year. The MQM’s remain the same.

    I just received my card last night.

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