Up to 50% Bonus AA Miles With Starwood Transfers in July

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Starwood Preferred Guest points are the most valuable currency on my monthly list of currency valuations at 2.3 cents a piece. They’re valuable because they can be used for hotel redemptions (plus 5th night free on awards and cash + points) and can also be transferred to 32 airline partners- many at a 25% bonus for every 20,000 Starpoints transferred. My favorite transfer partners are Alaska, American and US Airways.

American AAdvantage miles are also pretty high up on the value list at 1.7 cents a piece. They recently suffered a stealth devaluation (most notably axing their valuable stopover rules and Oneworld Explorer awards), though not as bad as many other currencies. That being said, I still suspect program changes as they continue on towards merging with the US Airways Dividend Miles program at some point in 2015. That being said, there are still valuable awards, like 40,000 miles roundtrip to Europe off-peak (October 15-April 15) and there are several new partners that unlock unique destinations, like Qatar and Sri Lankan).

New SPG to AA transfer bonus

New SPG to AA transfer bonus

AA just launched a promotion for the month of July where you get a 20% bonus on SPG transfers- no registration is necessary. If you plan it carefully, this means you can get a 50% bonus because the 20% bonus includes the built in 25% bonus when transferring in blocks of 20,000 points.

For example, 20,000 Starpoints normally = 25,000 AA and with this 20% bonus you’d end up with a bonus of 5,000 extra, for 30,000 total AA. There is a max transfer of 79,999 Starpoints per day, so the most you’d want to transfer on a given day is 60,000 in order to maximize the 5,000 built in SPG bonus.

60,000 Starpoints= 90,000 AA miles, a pretty solid deal if you know how to maximize AA miles (this could also be a good way to pad your AA account for those who have also gotten in on the amazing 100,000 mile Citi Executive AAdvantage offer this is still alive and kicking!)

Note, SPG transfers can take over a week to process, but they usually go in weekly sweeps on Monday/Tuesday so if you do it by Sunday, it usually only takes ~72 hours. American Airlines will let you hold award tickets if you call and place them on hold for up to 5 days, so while there may be a small window for error, you can take advantage of this promotion and hold award tickets if you time it correctly.

Key Terms & Conditions
- To qualify for this AAdvantage bonus mile offer, member must initiate the AAdvantage mileage conversions with the Starwood Preferred Guest® program between 12:00 a.m. CT July 1, 2014, and 11:59 p.m. CT July 31, 2014, (the “Promotion Period”), and be in good standing in the AAdvantage program.
-Members can convert multiple times during the Promotion Period.
-This offer is non-transferable and non-reversible.
- Bonus miles will be posted by American Airlines to the qualifying AAdvantage member’s account within seven business days after the initial conversion activity has been posted by Starwood Preferred Guest.
-Bonus miles earned in this promotion do not count toward elite status qualification.
- Starwood Preferred Guests can transfer up to 79,999 of their Starpoints per transaction per program within a 24-hour period to the American Airlines AAdvantage program.
- For every 20,000 Starpoints transferred within the same transaction, Starwood will automatically add another 5,000 Starpoints.
- There is no minimum Starpoint transfer requirement for Platinum Preferred Guest members. Gold Preferred Guest members have a minimum transfer requirement of 1,500 Starpoints, and Preferred Guest members have a minimum transfer requirement of 2,500 Starpoints.
-Transfer maximums are based on a combination of member Starpoints and the Starwood Preferred Guest airline transfer transaction bonus.
- Only one airline transfer transaction per member per 24-hour period is allowed; multiple transfer transactions within the same 24-hour period will reject.
- Both the Starwood Preferred Guest and AAdvantage account must have identical member names in order to complete this request; different names will cause the transfer to reject.
- Airline transfers are one-way, non-reversible and non-refundable.

Hat tip View from the Wing

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  • Tony

    The last step in transfer SPG points to AA Points not showing the 20% July promotion. Please clarify

  • thepointsguy

    Not sure what you are asking here

  • Tony

    I try to transfer 40000 SPG points to AA Points. Once I am getting to the last step . It only shows = 50000 AA.

  • Anonymouse

    I think he’s saying that 40,000 SPG is converting to 50,000 AA — as opposed to what should be 60,000 with this promotion.

  • Anon

    Oops meant to reply here. I think he’s saying that 40,000 SPG is converting to 50,000 AA — as opposed to what should be 60,000 with this promotion.

  • SeaBee3

    It is not showing it because it is not a SPG promo but an AA/US Airways promo (yes, US Air is offering the same thing). It will happen when the transfer is received by AA/US.

  • thepointsguy

    The additional 20% bonus posts separately

  • thepointsguy

    The 20% additional bonus posts separately

  • thepointsguy

    The 20% bonus is added by AA separate from what you see at checkout on the SPG site

  • brian

    I think what he is saying is you change in 20k, you get 25k, then SEPARATELY you’ll see the other 20% post, perhaps lagged in time a little

  • Too Nashty

    Does it give you a 20% bonus when you transfer via the “Nights and Flights” promotion?

  • famp

    so do you think this is a good way to convert amex points to aa miles?

  • pcg

    Would you say this is worth a speculative transfer of SPG points if one has a rough schedule of travel (that is currently too far in the future to book)? A little nervous with what will almost certainly be a big US/AA devaluation but this seems quite good otherwise…

  • Mark

    Question, If i transfer the points over, could i transfer them back after i received the bonus or does it have to stay with AA?

  • Cheapblackdad

    US Airways transfers eligible as well. AA really wants people to have a lot of its miles. What are these guys up to?

  • taryn

    I hope this is a periodic offer, I can’t do it now but will be able to before the end of the year.

  • Robert

    Today all of us must have received another one:

    Here’s how it works:
    Convert 20,000 Starpoints into Dividend Miles (in one transaction).
    As always, SPG® will automatically add 5,000 miles.
    You’ll earn 20% bonus miles.

  • jack

    hi if i have 80k starwood points, do you think it will worth to transfer to aa? Thank you

  • Martin

    They will devalue their miles.

  • Martin

    starwood points are most valuable. I would only transfer just enough to redeem whatever ticket you need for AA. Don’t let excess points sit in the AA account.

  • Martin

    The transfer is irreversible.

  • Martin

    The transfer promotion deal is GOOD. However, I feel there is something up their sleeves.

  • MightyTravels

    I’d suggest earning and burning soonish before the merged airlines surprise us…

    Torsten @

  • john

    Why isn’t this titled, “20% bonus” since the 25% part is always available?

  • thepointsguy

    Because the total bonus is “up to” 50% if you maximize both and the transfer amounts

  • Mike

    Thanks for clarifying. I just converted 20,000 starpoints and only saw a total of 25,000 miles.

  • Ken

    I called Starwood preferred on July 19 and they said there was no 50% promotion. I transferred 40,000 miles and will let you know if I receive the 50% bonus. If you have a link to the bonus, send it along.



  • Leslie

    here is the link to the AA promotion – just save a copy of this until your AA bonus points are added to your account, which they say can take up to seven days.

  • Dave

    Warning on the SPG transfer. As it states above, “Both the Starwood Preferred Guest and AAdvantage account must have identical member namesin order to complete this request; different names will cause the transfer to reject.”

    Even if one account is Mike and the other is Michael, or Dave versus David, it will reject. It’s not a same day process to change your nickname to your legal name with SPG. I guess that’s the downside of everything being automated. No one can look at it and use commonsense.

  • Rakesh Pai

    Can i transfer AA miles to starwood ?

  • Fernando Bernardino

    I was thinking about applying for this card. Too bad the offer expired. I’ve got 300k+ points on my AMEX Platinum, 250k+ on my Citi Executive AA card (thanks 100k bonus), and no idea how to really use them effectively…

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