Citi Executive AAdvantage 100,000 Mile Offer Going Strong

by on July 14, 2014 · 57 comments

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One of the best deals out there is the 100,000 mile offer for the Citi Executive AAdvantage, which I posted about earlier this month. I myself have gotten 3 of them (yes, that’s right, 3), and all three accounts are still open. You might wonder why I would keep all three cards when each one incurs a $450 fee. There’s a simple explanation.

After 30 days, Citi won’t prorate your annual fee if you close your account, and the minimum spend is $10,000, which will likely take most people longer than a month to charge. If you’ve paid the fee, you can do what I do, which is to call Citi and explain that you want to cancel, and you may receive some lucrative retention bonuses. I was offered 1,000 extra miles per month when I spend $1,000. That being the case, it made sense to hold onto the extra cards.

The Citi Executive AAdvantage card comes with Admirals Club access and Chip+Signature technology...and 100,000 Miles!

Get Admirals Club access, Chip+Signature technology, and 100,000 Miles!

While both the annual fee of $450 and the minimum spend of $10,000 are high, the Citi Executive AAdvantage card comes with $200 in statement credits, so essentially you’re getting 100,000 AAdvantage miles for $250, which is a great deal no matter how you slice it. I value American Airlines AAdvantage Miles at 1.7 cents a piece, so this card provides at least $1900 in value for an expense of only $250. It also includes Admirals Club access, chip-signature technology, and no foreign transaction fees, so the true value could be much higher depending on how you feel about American Airlines lounges.

You don’t need to close existing cards to get the bonus; you can have multiple cards and multiple bonuses. However, this offer was on life support last week (and even disappeared briefly). I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets pulled for good, so if you’re interested, apply sooner rather than later. Some additional highlights of the card include Admirals Club access and No Foreign Transactions Fees.

American Airlines Airbus 321

Where will you go with 100,000 AAdvantage miles? Tell us in the comments below!

There is a timeline that card applicants must abide when applying for Citi credit cards. If your most recent application for any Citi card is less than 8 days ago, you need to wait. Also, if your previous (second-to-last) Citi application is less than 65 days ago, you need to wait. These rules are not published or known by Citi CSRs, but rather are based on thousands of Citi card applications and datapoints from fellow points and miles enthusiasts.

Disclaimer: This card is not part of our affliliate program, and although the offer is not explicitly listed on the landing page, per this Flyertalk thread and from other discussions throughout the bloggosphere, I know that this offer is valid. If you do apply, please share your results in the comments below to help inform fellow readers.

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  • Peter K

    Don’t forget the card also gives you access to US Airways lounges. Obviously this benefit will be moot in the near future, but it is great for people who fly in/out of US hubs regularly.

  • davep

    I have 3 and my wife has 2. On my third I only received a $5,000 limit and they wouldn’t let me rearrange credit on other cards to give this one a larger limit so it’s going to be a bot of a pain to get the spend – have to pay off mid month and then do another $5,000. Probably will apply for a third for the wife and a fourth for me soon.

  • Guest

    Can I still get the bonus if I already have one card?

  • davep

    Yes, I have received 2 bonuses already and am working on the third.

  • thepointsguy

    Yes – how do you think I’m on my third?

  • Miler

    I am on my 5th and has been a good ride so far.

  • Craig Chu

    FWIW I can confirm this offer is still going strong. I applied for and got my card in June and just finished charging $10k in the first billing cycle and received my 100k miles. Normally I only charge $1-3k per month but I was lucky enough to have lots of work expenses this month!

  • T

    Can you buy gas cars or gift cards to count towards the minimum spend requirement?

  • B.Day

    How fast does this card arrive?

  • AKA

    I successfully bought gift cards to my favorite gas stations, restaurants and grocery stores. If you buy, say, Visa Gift Card, that won’t count…

  • dee seiffer

    I got both of mine within 2 days of application/approval.

  • dee seiffer

    If you buy Visa GCs at a grocery store, it counts. If you use it to buy Amex GCs on line through the Amex web site, you will be charged for a cash advance.

  • Justin

    I was approved (after calling the line) last Monday, July 7th. He told me the card would take like 7-15 days to arrive. However, it arrived just three days later on Thursday, July 11th.

  • PhatMiles
  • NinjaChicken

    I just applied for my 2nd card using the link…. it didnt say anything about what the mileage bonus is…. When I goggled it I got a link that said 50,000 for 5K spend in 3 months …. My application said pending approval as its my 2nd card. I guess I will know

  • double_danno

    So if I hit the 10K in under 30 days I could cancel the card, get the $450 fee waived, and still get the 100K bonus miles?

  • Jeff Moll

    Applied July 10, got approved July 14. Just trying to learn how to use the AA Advantage miles best.

  • jack

    Why don’t you just make the application out for everybody too!

  • Eleni Benetatos

    I tried to get it but can’t find the link please help…..

  • PR@TPG

    Thanks for catching that; it’s fixed now.

  • bnurick

    If I get more than one can you cancel via mail or do you have to call? How do you do it?

  • CW

    Does the start date for the spending period begin when you are accepted or when you activate the card? I want to apply before this ends, but I won’t be home to activate the card for a few weeks.

  • odinthor

    I applied thanks to all of you on the link you posted to the landing page. I got approved online, got email response within two days and two days later got my card in the mail. My question about multiple applications is this. Do you basically have separate AA skins our are you able to get then all combined in to one account? If not, can you transfer between them for free? Thank you so much, I am happy to be part of this community

  • Juno

    looks like the link is dead again

  • Matt

    The link isn’t working for me anymore. Am I the only one?

  • Stokes

    applied and got the card in a nice box.
    was able to meet the spend in 10 days…does it make sense to keep it open?

  • Steven Cohen

    I can’t see the 100,000 mile offer anywhere. All the links lead to errors. Do you still have a valid link? Thanks!

  • LMP

    What link did you use? I cannot find one that works?

  • eli

    its down to 30,000 points now :(

  • Nithesh Reddy Dasari

    DEAD !!

  • Carles Latorre

    Still working, applied yesterday and got approved. called back to confirm 100K miles + 200statement credit, and… YES :)

  • Steven Cohen

    Do you have a link that is working today?

  • Jay

    TPG, If I hit my 10k spending within the first month, can I cancel before the second month begins and not have to pay the $450 Annual Fee. Also, do the 100k pts still appear on my Aadvantage account when my first billing cycle ends even if I cancel the card earlier?

  • Jason

    Is there a phone number that I can call to apply?

  • Steven Cohen

    This link has 75k: Still can’t find 100k though.

  • Carles Latorre
  • Carles Latorre
  • David

    Vanilla GC is dead since it cannot
    be loaded into Walmart anymore and all Walmart in Norcal now have been
    extremely strict on allowing us to use debit gift cards (Metabank, etc) to load
    into BB. Usually now the cashiers are trained to ask the customer the BB and
    the debit cards so they can check and swipe it onto the register by themselves
    rather than letting the customer do it. What is the best solution to this, if
    we need to meet the minimum $10k spending on this card?

  • Rowergirl7531

    I tried the link posted by Carles 5 hours ago, but got an error message. Anyone successful with the 100K offer today? Thanks!

  • Steven Cohen

    Thanks. Is that working for you today because I tried on multiple browsers on two computers, including IE in private mode, but I just get this error page:
    A system error has caused a delay in processing your application. Please try again later.

  • taryn

    I applied for a card that offers 50k miles for $3k spend in 3 months. I used this link: I just got this card and I’m only 2/3 of the way to the spend requirement, so I haven’t received miles yet.

  • taryn

    Until a better answer comes along … I have a 50k AA card, and there is nothing in any of the info I received explicitely stating that the account must be open for any particular length of time. But it does say “Earn 50,000 bonus miles after spending $3,000 in purchases within the first 3 months of cardmembership” which could be an implicit requirement that I keep the card for at least 3 months.

  • taryn

    My 50k AA card says “first 3 months of cardmembership”, and I’m quite sure that I became a cardmember when my application was approved and the process to open my new account was initiated, not when I activated the card.

  • thepointsguy

    From when you’re approved

  • Max

    Hi guys – I tried earlier but it seems like the link is down again :-(

  • Mich

    How come I’ve read that the sign-up bonus is given only once for this type of account? This was in the terms/small print if my memory doesn’t fail me

  • Rajiv Vyas

    The link does not work. Takes you to an error page. Does anyone have an updated link that works?

  • Brian

    I have one card already and applied for another o e but was denied…what can I say to persuade citi to give me another one when I call the reconsideration line?

  • Monica Reynolds

    I already have a Citibank Platinum Visa AA card & received 50K points. I just tried to apply for the Citibank Platinum Mastercard AA card which offered another 50K points and was denied despite having excellent credit. Citibank said I cannot have more than one of these cards. I then asked if I could apply for the Elite Mastercard and they said no since I cannot have more than one of these cards.

  • Monica Reynolds

    So it seems you cannot have multiple cards at the same time. How did you manage it Points Guy? I want to apply for the Elite card but not waste my time. Thanks!

  • Monica Reynolds

    Same thing happened to me. Did you get a reply from anyone on this?

  • Fuji Monster

    I received my second card in the mail three weeks ago and reached the spending requirement yesterday. I am waiting for the miles from the second card to be posted, which I think should happen soon (Statement closes on July 20th). Would you recommend keeping both cards? I don’t see the point of keeping both cards with the $450 annual fee. I use the Barclay card for every day purchases. Would I lose the miles if I choose to close the accounts? what’s your recommendation for that? Thanks

  • Richard

    FYI that one only yields $100 in statement credit w/ the same annual fee. So it’s $350 for 75k points – not quite as good, but still $1275 in points (using TPG’s 1.7c valuation).

  • Steven Cohen

    Agreed, but no one is posting a working link with the better 100k for $250 deal. I got that one already once and wanted to do it again, but it looks like I’ll have to go with this one unless anyone posts the better one. I can’t find it on FlyerTalk either.

  • Steven Cohen

    I finally gave up and went with the 75k deal. It’s not as good as the 100k, but the 100k doesn’t seem to be coming back, and I was concerned that if I kept waiting for it, the 75k would disappear, too.

  • Bill B

    Maybe a dumb question, but for cards like the AA Advantage where the deals change frequently, how do you know which one you actually got. Last week I followed the $10k/100k link and received my cards a few days later. Is there a way to decipher whether this deal went through or I got the lower reward version?

  • Norzan

    Hi. I got one Executive Aadvantage card in March and applied for a Platinum Aadvantage card in the last week. My application was declined because “this special offer is valid only for first-time Citi Aavantage cardmembers”. After several calls, every csr told me the same thing:”according to current terms, as a previous or current Aadvantage card holder, I cannot apply for ANY Aadvantage card IN MY WHOLE LIFE as long as current PROMOTIONAL OFFER alive, even after cancellation of current Executive card”. I don’t think the Platinum Aadvantage card I applied for is being associated with any promotional offer, so it’s just like I have to say farewell to all AA credit cards… In addition, I really hate talking with Citi’s csr, they are really rude.

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