Chase Ultimate Rewards Mall Drops Travelocity and More

by on July 10, 2014 · 34 comments

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Online shopping portals are a no-brainer. Never, ever shop online by directly going to a retailer (whether that be Neiman Marcus or American Airlines). Always go through a portal so you get extra miles or cash back.

I love getting these "you've earned more points" emails

I love getting these “you’ve earned more points” emails

American Express shut their earning portal down last year, but luckily Chase has a pretty generous portal ( -> Earn Faster) that allows you to rack up tons of valuable Ultimate Rewards points at hundreds of retailers. As I’ve written about before, this is a great way to maximize the points you earn on airfare- they used to offer 2 points at Travelocity, so in addition to the 2 points per dollar on all travel and dining from the Sapphire Preferred and the 7% annual dividend, it was like getting 4.28 points per dollar spent. I value Ultimate Rewards points at 2.1 cents a piece, so that’s like getting an additional ~9% back in value.

Only two vendors for flights!

Only two vendors for flights!

Sadly, many retailers were pulled from the portal recently, including travel sites Orbitz, Travelocity and Priceline. Luckily Expedia and Hotwire are still options at 1 point per dollar spent, but they’re only at 1 point per dollar each. Hotwire has been 2 points per dollar in the past, so let’s hope Chase ups the ante next month! Note: If you’re going to book through Expedia, make sure you triple dip and get their new Expedia+ rewards points as well.

It pays to shop using a shopping portal. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Have you noticed any other key retailers missing from the Ultimate Rewards portal? 

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  • Points guy

    Any reason for 2.1 cents valuation? The most valuable use for UR points is to transfer to UA or HYATT either of which worth that much

  • J

    IHG, Holiday Inn. Used in March and April. Gone today when I went to book a stay.

  • Savvy Consumer

    It’s because of the 7% annual dividend. Hence 2.14%

  • reeder

    I spotted 5x on the Chase Ultimate Rewards for Freedom last night. Good for stays where you don’t need to accrue points, like independents.

  • Michael

    Maybe not always good to go thru a portal. For example, I shop at Sierra Trading Post and get their emails for a discount off my order. I have never been able to add Sierra Trading discount code thru the portal. The extra points thru portal are not worth the extra $$ cost.

  • Ben

    Nope Savy consumer, thats the 2.14 points you get per dollar. He values them at 2.1 cents per point which would be 4.494 cents per dollar in value.
    I always get at least 2 cents per point on UA and HYATT. I just book 3 nights in San Fran for 45k points which would have been over $1000 total. Also round trip coach on United LA to NY can be $600. For Business redemptions you get an even better value.

  • Savvy Consumer

    Precisely. The value of the points will wary based on which partner you transfer to and the dollar value of that flight/hotel. But as far as chase points value is concerned, they’re 2.14. That’s what I was alluding to.

  • RS_

    Click through your email promotion, and fill up your cart. Apply the promotion code, THEN close browser and login to UR portal. When you click through portal to STP cart should be ready and discount in place. If not, paste in code from email.

    Have done this many times, as recently as yesterday. Points always have posted. (I usually use Freedom UR account).

  • JC

    I was told by Chase that you receive the Travelocity portal bonus once you complete the trip, is this true? I made a large flight purchase on travelocity through the portal for a family trip in September. Any idea if they will still honor the bonus once we take the trip in Sept?

  • jasmine

    Iam sure capitol one bank had a hand with travelocity being pulled of the mall since there points can be used to booked awards on travelocity at a discount.

  • Steve

    IHG and Marriott both gone today when I tried to book. Glad to know I wasn’t seeing things…er, not seeing things.

  • DWG

    I wish these hotels would return to the Ultimate Rewards portal: Marriott, IHG and (even) Super 8. Maybe six months ago Super 8/Days Inn were included with the Ultimate Rewards portal, offering an extra 2 points per dollar. And IHG was on the portal just a month ago, offering 3 points per dollar. For a recent stay with Holiday Inn, I logged into the Alaska Airlines shopping portal, picked up 3 Alaska miles per dollar spent, then booked the Holiday Inn with my Chase IHG Mastercard (earning an extra 5 points per dollar). As you can see, I now use the Ultimate Rewards Portal less often, frequently looking at other portals.

  • iamright

    ShopDiscover still has access to many of these hotel sites. Marriott is still 5x. Easy to use the rewards as cash or get discounts on many gift cards.

  • MC

    The max points/dollar-spent value is 2.14. The question now is what is the dollar-purchase-value/point. TPG is saying the latter is 2.1, suggesting that for every point earned you can get 2.1c in value. The 7% annual dividend is irrelevant. Even if you got strictly 1 point/dollar-spent, he’d still be saying those points are worth 2.1c each for purchasing.

  • Soddon is currently sitting at 5 pts / dollar and you still get their little “free night” bonus too.

  • trey

    I’ve seen retailers come and go on the chase portal. Saks was gone for 6+ months but now back with 9pts/$.

  • Two to Travel and Tango

    It’s no ideal for travel, but Upromise for any folks with student loans or high interest savings accounts still awards you 5% for Travelocity, 6% for Priceline, and 6% for Orbitz. If you have a high interest savings account with Sallie Mae, you get a 10% match at the end of the year of any rewards earned through the Upromise shopping portal so it can work out to be a great deal!

  • Carter29072

    I haven’t seen Kohls in the last week. Am I missing something?

  • djd1950

    Maybe I’m missing something, but I find that ebates is often a better deal, especially when they have double rebates for many stores, including Nordstrom and Macy’s and Kohl’s, as they did over the July 4th weekend.

  • MashkaNY

    This is what I do as well. I basically shop, and then launch a new window through the portal to check out. Never had any issues with promo codes.

  • LJA

    Not exactly on topic but I frequently find that EVReward does not list the correct number of points/dollar offered. I use the site to search for a retailer and I believe many others do as well. For example, EVReward might say that Sephora is 7 pts/$ and when I click thru to Chase it will say that I will be awarded 5 pts/$. Anyone else find this?

  • Greg

    Yes – I think Cashbackmonitor tends to be more complete and more up to date.

  • Ed

    I transferred 9,000 UR points to BA and booked a ticket that was selling for $380.
    Value obtained: 4 cents per point.

  • Ben

    Yes, that is the case. It worked for me last December when I went to NYC and booked on travelocity & Just keep those screen shots! :)

  • Matt

    In some cases, yes. I would rather 2 chase points than 3% on ebates. Because I can move Chase to United miles, or British avios etc. And a flight costing $600 might only be 20k miles, so they’re worth 3c/ea. or 6c v 3 on Ebates. Just an example.

  • Ster1Thai

    The Kohl’s 10pts/$ is gone, but I think it’s because Chase Freedom right now is offering Kohl’s at 5pts/$. JC Penny however is 10pts/$ right now.

  • taryn

    Do any of the portals have Amazon? I shop through American Airline’s portal but they don’t have Amazon, and I sure wish they did because I buy from Amazon a lot.

  • dee seiffer

    You don’t have to pay student loans with Upromise. You can have them send you a check with your payout.

  • dee seiffer

    Some do, but not for everything… just select categories like clothing or shoes.

  • Guest

    Even better is using their high yield savings. 0.80% APR, and if you use direct deposit with them (we transfer $25 a month from our main checking to our Sallie Mae savings) you get a 10% match at the end of the year on our Upromise earnings.

  • Two to Travel and Tango

    Even better is using their high yield savings. 0.80% APR, and you can get a 10% match at the end of the year on your Upromise earnings. All in all, it’s a pretty handy portal!

  • Michael Paul

    Bummer, just used Priceline the other day to book a hotel. Booking another right now and was scratching my head wondering where Priceline went. Guess now I know. Boo to the Ultimate Rewards mall on this one.

  • Patrick

    Glad you wrote about this. Chase switched to a new Ultiamte Rewards Mall site, and I think it is terrible. The old mall had the promotions listed for each store. The new mall does not. Do you know if you use a promotion code once you click through to the site if it disqualifies you from receiving the Chase points? In other words, do you have to buy everything full price now to get the points?

  • Taffygrrl

    Boy, I tried going through the Chase Sapphire portal and it doubled the cost of my American ticket! Not worth it for the points.

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