US Airways 100% Share Miles Bonus Returns Through June 30, 2014

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US Airways has once again launched their famous 100% Share Miles Bonus now through June 30, 2014 though the terms are a bit different this time around. Normally the Dividend Miles member who received the miles would receive the 100% bonus, but US Airways decided to change the rules and split the bonus so the sender will get 50% and the recipient will get 50%. Also, “the maximum number Share Bonus miles that can be received by one member for this offer is 50,000 bonus miles. All miles shared beyond this limit will not be eligible for a bonus.”

US Airways Share Miles Bonus

Another change that was added into this bonus is that the price to share miles increased from 1 cent to 1.5 cents per mile. You also get hit with a $30 processing fee and a tax recovery charge of 7.5%. While this 100% bonus used to be extremely lucrative because you were essentially buying miles at 1.1 cents a piece, it’s now lost some of its luster since you are buying miles for about 1.7 cents a piece- and they’re split up between two separate accounts.

US Airways Share Miles Cost

For example, sharing 50,000 miles would cost you $836.25 after taxes and fees, and you’d be generating a bonus 25,000 miles for that price (and 75,000 miles would be in the receiving account) for yourself and 25,000 for the recipient. 

Key Rules and limitations

1. You must be a Dividend Miles member for at least 12 days.
2. The 100% bonus will be split between the sender and received.
3. The maximum bonus per recipient account is 50,000 miles (so 75,000 total including the bonus miles).
4. For each Share there is a processing fee of $30 and a 7.5% tax recovery charge and GST/HST will be charged to Canadian residents.
5. This transaction is processed by so it won’t count towards airfare multiplier categories like the 3X points per $1 on flights booked directly with airlines on thePremier Rewards Gold or 2x on Sapphire Preferred, or 2x on the no-fee Barclaycard Arrival.
6. Bonus amounts will be awarded upon completion of the transaction.

Worth It?

Even though the terms to this promotion have changed and the bonus is now split, it is still a great deal for those of you who manage multiple accounts. As always, it depends on your travel needs and the award you intend to redeem your miles for. US Airways recently exited Star Alliance and joined Oneworld, though it retained some Star Alliance partnersCheck out my list of the Top 11 Awards To Book With US Airways Miles Now That It Is A Member of Oneworld.

Eventually, the loyalty programs will merge and you should be able to swap miles.

Eventually, the loyalty programs will merge and you should be able to swap miles.

Another thing to keep in mind is that these will become American Airlines AAdvantage miles at some point in 2015. US Airways is currently in the process of merging with American Airlines, flyers on both airlines can already earn and redeem miles reciprocally, and that means that the Dividend Miles and AAdvantage programs will eventually merge as well. That’s great news for US Airways flyers who don’t have much of an AAdvantage mileage bank stored up because if past mergers are anything to judge by, we should be able to swap miles between accounts before they actually do merge, and book the most advantageous awards from either program. 

Of course you should do the math and make sure this promotion makes sense for you but I’d definitely advise you to take advantage of this as long as you have a redemption idea set up so you can redeem your miles as soon as possible so that you’re not affected by future devaluations – and there will certainly be more of them as American and US Airways merge their frequent flyer programs

A cheaper way to boost your US Airways balance is with the US Airways Mastercard, which offers 40,000 miles after the first purchase for an annual fee of  $89 (plus a bunch of other valuable perks).

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  • jmw2323

    glad I bought last time around at the 1.1 c/mile.


    Hi I’m not clear. So if I share (withdraw) 50k miles from my USA account then 75k ends up in my Dad’s account and I get 25k added back into my account? So the net effect is my account goes down 25k and his goes up 75k for $836? Thanks.

  • kingbourbon

    Maybe, if we all take a pass on this rather lame “Share Miles Bonus” June 2014 promotion, USAAirways will hopefully return with the 1.1c/mile promotion again. Otherwise, the CC opportunity is the better option.

  • Dave

    Can you clarify the max bonus amount?

    Are you saying that any given account can only receive a max amount of
    75,000 (50k +25k bonus) or 150,000 (two maxed out transfers from separate accounts resulting in
    50k bonus)?

  • Nick DeSantis

    It’s time for another round of applications next month and I’m honestly torn between the US Airways Mastercard and the Barclay Arrival, knowing Barclay is very strict I wouldn’t dare apply for both. I love barclays 2% rewards and no foreign transaction fees however I feel like US makes up for it with its companion ticket, since I travel more in the stats than I do foreign. There is a lot of money to be saved with that companion ticket. Oh, decisions decisions.

  • DubZ

    really depends on your credit. I applied for both cards recently about 2 wks apart and while I didn’t get instant approval on the Arrival card, I did approved a few days later.

  • Jeff

    Cute story on travel at

  • Greg

    Thanks, this just saved me over $300. I was looking at going in business class New York to Frankfurt this summer. Delta wants over $2800 for the non-stop. There is availability using US Airways points + $900tax/fee to go JFK-LHR-FRA in business class on British Airways in August. Takes a little longer, but I’ll end up with some cash in my pocket.

  • dcjimmy

    I agree with the other comments, the fine print is confusing, because the terms “Shared Miles” and “Bonus Miles” seem to be used interchangeably; you state maximum BONUS per participant of 50,000 miles; do you mean maximum SHARED miles? Or, to make it clearer (I cannot discern from the US AIr site either), maybe detail what is the maximum SHARED miles, and the maximum BONUS miles? Is it 50k shared max, plus the 25k bonus max? I plan to max this out, but want to be sure before I buy. Thanks!!

  • Justin

    I’m seriously debating this. I just don’t know if I’d use them for international travel before the merger. I think anytime I can get US miles on the cheap it’s a good idea but most of my flying (other than Ireland/Scotland) will be domestic. Hmmm…

  • v

    You are correct,. I did it today. Sharing was more cost effective that buying. Shared 15,000. My beneficiary received 15,000 + 7,500 and I 7,500. The cost of sharing was ~$271 (al fees included) the cost of buying would have been ~700

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