Up to $200 in Free UberX Rides In Miami!

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As a Miami resident, one of the things I hate most about this city are the taxis. While I don’t like to make sweeping generalizations, the drivers are generally aggressive and will do everything in their power to not let you pay with credit card (to the point of breaking the swipe machines. Beyond that, in most areas of town you can’t simply hail them on the street- you need to call one of the few taxis companies and hope that they come. Usually they do, but during busy times like Art Basel, you simply cannot get a taxi. This is dangerous because with no reliable taxi system people inevitably drive when they shouldn’t and being stranded is a terrible feeling, especially as a visitor to a city.

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However, that all changes today, the first day that UberX is available in Miami. (Uber is the livery service where you can expect to be picked up in a black SUV or towncar, whereas UberX allows screened drivers to operate their personal vehicle, like a Prius or Accord,  for the same service.) This has been a long fight against outdated Miami laws that protect the taxi cartels. However, it appears that Uber is going to launch despite not getting approval from the city in order to stay competitive with rival Lyft, who started offering rides two weeks ago. So far, Lyft drivers have gotten 11 fines worth $22,000, but apparently the company is willing to pay the fees in order to get a foothold in the market, and it appears Uber is willing to do the same.


5 free rides up to $40 each!

5 free rides up to $40 each!

When a friend texted with a screenshot that UberX was available, I actually let out a “Wahoo!” that everyone in a one mile radius could hear. I am an avid Uber user- whether in New York, Los Angeles, Cannes or Paris– I use it religiously (even earning Uber VIP status) and have had nearly universally good experiences. The drivers are friendly, cars are clean and come with water (and sometimes candy and other goodies) and it is EASY. You store a credit card on file, fire up your app and within minutes a car is waiting to take you wherever you need, safely. No need to find parking or wait for annoying valets.

Reliable transportation, just 1 minute away!

Reliable transportation, just 1 minute away!

When I loaded Uber in South Beach there were multiple cars ones minute away. Pretty impressive for day one! Hopefully, the service catches on and more and more drivers sign onto the service. I keep seeing Facebook ads targeting people in Miami to drive for UberX and make $60,000 a year, so it definitely appears UberX is aggressively targeting the Miami market.

Lyft Miami

Lyft Miami- closest car was 11 minutes away- not bad, but not great

I’ve never used Lyft, but it’s a similar concept to UberX, where every day people can become chauffeurs and register to drive you around town. I pulled up their app and there were no cars on South Beach, but it seems like there was good coverage in downtown and midtown Miami.

Arrival Plus Angle
A couple weeks ago, BarclayCard announced new categories that would be eligible for reimbursement under the new Arrival Plus card:  Buses, Taxis, Limos, Campgrounds, Trailer Parks, Timeshares, Tourist Attractions and Exhibits, International railway. I had a $60 Uber in France recently and sure enough, it is now eligible for redemption using Arrival Miles, so it would cost 6,100 Miles to wipe off a charge of $60.38 and then you get 10% of those miles back (610) because it is a travel redemption. Plus, I earned 122 Miles on the purchase itself (2x on all purchases).

If you don’t have the Arrival Plus, the Chase Sapphire Preferred awards two points per dollar on all travel expenditures, which includes Uber as well.

It is now possible to use BarclayCard Arrival Plus Miles to pay for Uber rides

It is now possible to use BarclayCard Arrival Plus Miles to pay for Uber rides

Overall, this is great news for anyone who lives in Miami or wants to visit. Hopefully the city’s lawmakers and politicians will realize that this is going to be a boon for the city and  they’ll stop fighting or trying to enforce penalties against drivers.

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  • Vanessa

    I live in chicago and I am going to miami next week. So when I simply request for an uber out there, it will see my new location and therefore be free?? :)

  • Joe

    Great news – could really have used this when I visited in March.

  • Chris

    If anyone needs a referral for a $10 credit (usable after your free rides are over) you can use mine!

  • thepointsguy


  • joeypore

    Looks like I’m going to have to visit Miami!! Recommendations for must-do activities / restaurants?

  • Darren

    Also brand new in Orlando, up to $250 in free rides ($25/ride, up to 10 rides before June 20)

  • guyver2077

    how does uber x work? rides free through june 20th?

  • Graydon

    Visit Joe’s Stone Crab and have the stone crab but only October thru May I believe. Off season options are great as well. Hit up Calle Ocho (little Havana) for some cuban treats. Take time to shop and eat in the Coconut Grove area.

  • guyver2077

    i signed up etc… but where does it say the ride would be free?

  • thepointsguy

    When you load the app for the first time in Miami

  • guyver2077

    I did load the app in Miami but didn’t see any mention of the ride being free. I’ll check again later.

  • Dan Nainan
  • Dan Nainan

    In my travels around the country, I have observed so many examples of poor service and arrogance by taxi drivers, not to mention ripoff prices that they just seem to make up off the top of their heads. I’ve called for rides to the airport, only to have no taxi show up.

    The other day, I was at the train station in Princeton, New Jersey, on the way to a show. There was a line of at least 20 taxis available, but I called Uber instead. Why? because the last time I was in Princeton, those taxi drivers wanted $25 to go three miles.

    Uber is a much more efficient way to get around. The days of those inefficient, arrogant taxi drivers will soon be over.

  • Larry

    Sweet!! Going to Miami Saturday, beats taking the bus to SoBe. Are they allowed to pick up at the airport?

  • Farhan

    As a Miami resident. This is awesome! Thanks for the tip.

  • guyver2077
  • guyver2077

    Thanks. but that doesnt really explain how to get free rides through the 20th

  • Traveling Drunkard

    Does this work to Fort Lauderdale? This might be a great move for my next trip saving me having to get a ride to MIA.

  • Still Zoned


    !!!! £30 Off First Ride With UBER!!!

  • freediverx

    Free rides up to $40 only. I think FLL to Miami would cost more than that.

  • free codes


  • Stephanie

    It is not usable after free rides are over. It said another promotion was already applied and I already used that promo. Also, I just signed up and didn’t get two weeks free. I got one ride free. What did I do wrong?

    My code is stephaniem1842 and it’s for $20. I’m a single mom and I have to use Uber daily to get to work. I’d greatly appreciate anyone who could help me out by using my code. Thank you so very much

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