Daily Getaway June 9: Marriott eGiftCards

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American Express and the US Travel Association (a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting US travel) have partnered to offer discounts and deals with various travel brands and loyalty programs during the next month, including hotel packages, points/miles purchase promos, rental car discounts and more. These deals are called the Daily Getaways.

Each day we’ll hash out the details of that day’s deal to see whether it’s worth taking advantage of.

Today’s deal goes live at 1 pm EDT, and you can sign up for alerts if you’d like to be notified when the deals go live.

All of these promotions have the added benefit that you can save an additional 10% for purchasing with an Amex card, like the Platinum and Premier Rewards Gold, or even co-branded cards like Delta Gold and the Starwood Preferred Guest Amex.

Marriott eGiftCards

Get 10% or 19% off Marriott eGiftCards.

Monday June 9, 2014: Marriott eGiftCards

  • Marriott eGiftCard: $100 for $90, 410 available (maximum purchase limit 5)
  • Marriott eGiftCard: $500 for $450, 308 available (maximum purchase limit 2)
  • Marriott eGiftCard: $1,000 for $900, 75 available (maximum purchase limit 1)

These deals all offer 10% off (or 19% with the Amex discount). The most lucrative option is clearly the $1,000, which saves you a full $100 (or $190 with Amex discount). If you have upcoming Marriott stays that you’re planning to pay for with cash, this deal is a no-brainer. If you don’t have a stay planned, but know you’ll use the gift card eventually and can afford to front the balance, you may as well get in on the savings, especially because the eGiftCards never expire.

Marriot eGiftCards can be used at participating Marriott properties worldwide

Marriot eGiftCards can be used at participating Marriott properties worldwide.

In addition to hotel stays, the eGiftCards can be redeemed for dining, golf and spa treatments (even if you’re not a guest at the property). The $100 card would make a perfect gift, and would only cost you $81 with the Amex discount. The cards are valid at  3,700 participating properties worldwide (including some Ritz Carlton properties).

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  • Ben Price

    This seems like one of the weaker Daily Getaway deals yet…

  • Mitch

    Does anyone know if these can be used for receptions at a Marriot? We are planning on having our wedding reception here and would love to save some money.

  • Scott

    Yup,…can be used towards any Marriott expense.

  • Scott

    If you purchase the $1,000 Gift Card with an Amex the price is $810. Seems like a great deal to me especially if you have plans to stay at Marriott properties.


    How do I use these certificates “worldwide” if they are denominated in US Dollars?
    I would like to use these in London, but when making reservations on the Marriott website, the room rates are all quoted in Great Britain Pounds (GBP).

  • Robert

    Looks like they sold out within 5 minutes. I couldn’t get into purchase any of them. :-(

  • stvr

    What other Amex cards work with this deal? Can you give links to all of them please?

  • Jim

    Not sure about anyone else, but I refreshed the site at 1:00 and got into the queue for a $1000 gift card immediately. After putting in my contact and payment info, I received some cryptic “Oops, something went wrong” error message and was kicked out of the system and subsequently shut out of the deal. This after the Hyatt points problem where the deals didn’t show as sold out until more than 30 minutes later. What a wast of time.

  • Robert

    They seemed to be gone in less than one second. Clicked at 1:00:00 and no dice!

  • disqus_zgyxAmiHSg

    I guess I was lucky as I was able to purchase a $1,000 Marriott gift card. I refreshed the site at 10:00 (PDT) and kept getting the message to try again. After numerous attempts, I went to the $500 gift card site and tried it with no luck. I then went back to the $1,000 site and was able to get through. Yeah!

  • Scott

    I was able to score 2 $500 cards but I had to keep trying while other transactions timed out. At 1:07pm I got lucky and was able to add the two cards to my cart.

  • rachel

    agreed. gone before you know it. maybe i can write a “script” that keeps running until i get in. so rigged.

  • MJM

    Snagged two $100 cards on the first try at 10 a.m. PST. No fancy scripting, just my finger on the refresh button. I use these cards for food/drink at Courtyards which wouldn’t earn points anyway and work pays for the room.

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