Can I Earn Multiple Signup Bonuses for Southwest Cards?

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The Chase Southwest credit cards are among the most lucrative deals out there. If you know how to leverage them, the 50,000 Rapid Rewards points earned from each card (after spending $2,000 in the first 3 months) can get you about $800 worth of Wanna Get Away fares, and if you earn one of their prized Companion Passes (which I’ve written about a lot), you can almost double that value.

TPG Reader Nick tweeted me this week asking whether he can earn a second signup bonus for these cards. He got the Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus card in the past, canceled it about 6 months ago, and wants to know if he can get it again.

The short answer is no, at least not for the exact same card; that’s generally the rule with Chase. Although I’ve heard of exceptions, Chase won’t give you a new bonus unless the card is tweaked so that it’s in the system as a different product or offer. That said, you have other opportunities.

There are four different Southwest 50,000 mile signup offers out there: personal and business versions of the Plus card (so even though Nick has already had the personal card, he can still get the business version), and personal and business versions of the Premier card. The Premier has a higher $99 annual fee, but you get 6,000 anniversary points every year (versus 3,000 for the Plus card), which covers the majority of the expense. You’re eligible to get the 50,000 point signup bonuses for each of those four different offers.

Chase may not want to give you all four cards, but I do know people who have all four and have raked in the 50,000 mile bonuses. If you plan your signups right, that yield almost 4 years of incredibly valuable Companion Pass travel and thousands of dollars worth of Southwest points. Read more about maximizing Southwest travel and the Chase Southwest cards in the posts linked below.

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  • GayleHByrd

    If you plan your signups right, that yield almost 4 years of incredibly valuable Companion Pass travel and thousands of dollars worth of Southwest points.

  • Brian

    I currently have both the SW Plus and Premier cards. I got the Premier card earlier this year with the 50k sign up bonus. However I got the Plus card back in July of 2012 when the signup bonus was only 25k. Can I cancel that card and re-apply and get the current 50k offer?

    Also if I wait to cancel until after I get the $69 annual fee and 3,000 yearly bonus, would those 3,000 miles count towards the companion pass?

  • Chris

    Sign up points can be used towards the Companion Pass, correct?

  • RabdiSonia

    I mean how long does Chase keep history? I have had bunch of chase cards over the years and don’t remember all the chase cards I have had. Am I still eligible to receive bonus points?

  • guest

    I don’t think you can. I went into my local Chase Bank to apply for the Sapphire Preferred card (BTW that was a good tip to go into the branch, I got a better signup deal to get the bonus, only $2000 spending in first 3 mos. rather than $3000). I asked about getting a new Rapids Rewards card with the 50,000 bonus and the person helping me said they don’t offer that in the bank and she would have to call. I was told that since I already have a RR card (RR Visa Signature), that I would not be able to get the bonus points. I said I was planning to cancel my present card and just get the new one, but no, they do check your history, and if you have or have had a RR card with them, no go. Who knows, maybe you’ll have better luck, and maybe I’ll even try calling them again myself.

  • BethS

    Sweet. I have had the SW Plus card for two years. Was just accepted for the Premier card. The best thing when booking SW with miles, is book even if you’re unsure about a flight. You can cancel up to ten minutes prior and it’s better to lock in than to wait and be out of luck. Plus, once you book, check it like a hawk. If the amount of miles needed goes down by any amount, you can rebook it right then and the saved points will immediately go back into your account. I stretched my first 50,000 miles into 5 flights by doing that.

  • mi_dreaming

    Thanks Brian for this info! We signed up in January when you 1st mentioned it, and we “earned” the companion pass, which I just used to book Cancun on Southwest! Because the merge will be after September, international flights qualify on the companion pass if booked through (By the way, we’ve been to 12 countries for “free” from what you have taught us! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!)

  • Alex

    Chase Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier Card’s Refer A Friend campaign is running now. Get 5,000 bonus points for each friend you invite (50,000 points annual cap), who gets and uses the card by certain dates. It is targeted:

  • stevo

    Question: Just got the Southwest Rapid Rewards card and almost got my 50K bonus. Can I get this card here: and transfer those 70K points into the Southwest account and be eligible for the companion pass?

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