Boingo Amex Preferred Plan: Worldwide Wifi For Free

by on June 4, 2014 · 28 comments

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Though the personalbusiness and corporate versions of the American Express Platinum Card no longer provide American and US Airways club access and will now have more restricted Delta lounge access, Amex recently announced a new benefit that should restore a bit of the card’s lustre: starting this month, June 2014, Platinum Card members will receive complimentary, unlimited access to Wifi hotspots worldwide, provided by Boingo Wireless.


The Boingo American Express Preferred Plan (or AXP Plan) will give Platinum cardholders access to approximately 1 million land-based global hotspots in airports, retail locations and hotels. Once enrolled in the plan, each eligible, authenticated Card member can have simultaneous internet access for up to four devices without worrying about data caps or roaming fees.

As of December 2013, the readers of business travel magazine Global Traveler had awarded American Wifi carrier Boingo “Best Wi-Fi Service” for three years in a row. While Boingo doesn’t give you access to in-flight Wifi, this plan is still a great perk for road warriors and other frequent travelers, as it’ll save you the hassle and potential expense of finding Wifi between flights, meetings or sightseeing.


The Boingo AXP Plan is similar to Boingo’s $59 Global Plan

The plan seems to be equivalent to the Boingo Global Plan, which costs $59 a month and includes similar access but allows only up to 2,000 minutes per month. Note that even if you already have a paid Boingo subscription plan, you’ll still need to create a new account in order to receive your complimentary Boingo Amex Preferred Plan.

While this doesn’t completely make up for the loss of some serious benefits, it is a step in the right direction and if you have a Platinum card- you might as well sign up!

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  • Justin

    I signed up for this and am heading to Scotland & Ireland in August/Sept. Can’t wait to see how well it works when I’m out and about.

  • AirCanada881

    I’m assuming this isn’t available for European people but just Americans?

  • SantiHolly Speranza

    Thanks for the post, I signed up and got it… I wish that AMEX would actually email their customers who pay $475 / Year for the card this information. If it wasn’t for you TPG all of us consumers would miss out on a lot of great information. Thank you and see you at the conference in Chicago in Oct!

  • Alex

    This benefit is also available for Centurion members.

  • Todd

    It’s been reported that the Australian card works and I can personally confirm the Canadian does not work.

  • Peter van Es

    Look like it’s only for US based Platinum cards. My Mexican card was rejected. Time to cancel that one because I pay the same $475 yearly with less and less benefits.

  • John K

    Your annual fee on the Mexican card should be 475 pesos…

  • yeshu

    thanks. just signed up.

  • Michael

    Does anybody know if the additional Card members on your Platinum account can also get this benefit? Or is it only for the primary Cardholder?


  • Toby

    Just so you guys are aware, you can get this with expired platinum cards as well. Just signed up and my card has been cancelled for months

  • John Hill

    The signup page says “one complimentary membership”

  • John Hill

    Agreed! I know they have my email, so why don’t they notify me of the benefits that will keep me using the card and paying the annual fee??

  • Allan Klein

    If only Boingo would buy Gogo…

  • Anonymous

    Just share your Boingo login info with your family members.

  • Susakajo

    Why am I hearing this from you instead of Amex? (I do appreciate you telling us!)

  • tommycall

    doesn’t work for delta platinum card, bummer

  • peter metevier

    No e-mail from Amex;.Signed up, but was not able to connect. Has anyone actually logged on?

  • - -

    Speaking of awesome Amex benefits they don’t tell you about, I inadvertently discovered a different one: It’s Amazon Prime free 2-day shipping for non-Amazon sites. I never knew about it and Amex didn’t say a thing!

  • Mark

    Phenomenal benefit. I never would have known about it without this post. Thank you! Would have been nice to know about it from AMEX

  • Peter van Es

    Even $475 MXP is too much for this card. Also just payed the Global Entry fee with it, but no sign of AMEX picking up the bill! A waste of money.

  • UrbanPhoenixInjunCAM

    My nephew is an additional cardholder on my account and he signed up no problem.

  • Michael Rosario

    They sent me an email :) Thanks for posting though, just to confirm that their email wasn’t junk.

  • James Coleman

    You have to keep checking on American Express Platinum offers tab of you amex online account.

  • James Coleman

    It works pretty the locations you will have to check and see if they meet your needs

  • NickS

    I am currently in the UK and this feature works amazingly well! I am now connected in most places – Pubs, restaurants, shopping malls etc.

  • NonStopSki

    I have an Amex Business Platinum card.. doesn’t seem to work.

  • Araz Rashid

    Just came back from Europe: Airports of Madrid, Prague and Geneva including the downtowns don’t have it and/or could not find a connection.

  • Sharon

    I know this is old news, but apparently the benefit is now available for European AMEX Platinum card holders as well. Just received an eMail for my German AMEX Platinum and am signing up. Since our cards cost €600 (approx. $750 per year), any additional benefit is welcome. Not complaining about the cost, though, since the German card includes international medical coverage for up to 240 days a year (each trip up to 120 days) with a €200 self-deductible per incident. Also includes Trip cancellation insurance and lots of other perks, including Priority Pass.

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