Alaska Airlines 40,000 Mile Sign-up Bonus Worked For Me

by on June 2, 2014 · 33 comments

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Alaska Airlines miles are some of the most valuable miles out there (2 cents a piece in my most recent valuation), and one of my priorities this year has been to build up my bank of miles to redeem for some incredible redemptions (like my recent Emirates First Class trip home from Mumbai via Dubai for just 90,000 MileagePlan miles). One of the easiest ways to rack up miles on the cheap is via their Bank of America credit card, which I picked up in my most recent round of applications. The offer is technically targeted towards elite member, but I ended up getting all 40,000 miles after $10,000 in spend (there is also an offer for 30,000 miles after first purchase):
Alaska 40k Benefits

Bank of America Alaska Airlines Visa Signature
Current Bonus: 40,000 miles when you spend $10,000 in 6 months (25,000 after account approval and 15,000 more after spending $10,000 within 6 months)
Benefits: Earn 3 miles for every qualifying dollar in purchases of Alaska Airlines tickets, Vacation packages and Cargo purchases, and earn 1 mile per $1 on everything else. Coach Companion Fare every year from $118 (USD) ($99, plus taxes and fees from $19).
Annual Fee: $75 annual fee, not waived


40k bonus points posted without fail

40,000 point bonus points posted without fail.

I am not an elite Alaska Airlines member and my 40,000 bonus miles just posted, so I can confirm this offer worked for me. If you can swing the full $10,000 in spend, then I think this is one of the top deals out there- especially if you value the $99 coach companion ticket (which must be redeemed for Alaska operated flights). I’ve also heard you can get this card multiple times, so stay tuned because my next round of applications is happening soon!

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  • Gary Leff

    It seems like, for many people, 30k miles with no spend requirement would be better than 40k after $10k spend. You’re effectively only getting double points for that incremental $10,000 in spending.

  • Naseef

    If you want lower miles you are better off getting the 25k miles + $100 credit version of the card instead of 30k with no $100. And if you are MSing a lot anyway then 40k miles is better for you.

  • leah, Best Travel Gear

    I agree, that $10k spend is tough for a lot of us. But those AS points are super valuable to me, I’d love to have an extra 40K.

  • thepointsguy

    Where do you see the 25k plus $100 credit? I tried making a flight booking, but was not offered it

  • thepointsguy

    Did not realize that was an option- will add- agree it is a decent option for people who don’t have a lot of spend to play with

  • LAKnight

    $10k spending for 6 months is “manageable” if you compare the spending requirement of Citi AA World Elite MasterCard ($10K spending for 3 months). I would wait for 50K miles from Alaska Credit Card, though. (finger crossed)

  • Gary Leff

    There has never been such a thing. And why wait, they will give you the card over and over :)

  • Naseef

    YMMV as usual because of the first bullet point

  • LAKnight
  • dan

    I got two Alaska Card for 50,000 miles each back to 2013, and the spening requirement is far less than 10,000. You guys should wait for the better order.

  • Mercruiser

    I used the link on Flyertalk. I can confirm that I churned the card and got the 25,000 and the $100 statement credit. I was also able to book the companion ticket and use my four MVP Gold Guest upgrades to get two first class RT tickets to Kauai.

    Flyertalk Alaska Thread:

  • Bryan

    Last December they iasued 50,000 miles. I received it after 3000 in spend.

  • artistica101

    I’m interested in this one but the 10k spend is out of my range so i might try hitting the lower mark and getting the 30,000 points as my next card.

  • CXL

    My application is pending. Does BoA have reconsideration service for credit card application like Chase and AmEx?

  • LAKnight

    866-865-7839 (personal credit analyst, 8am-9pm EST M-F)

  • CXL

    This number is not working. I have tried.

  • LAKnight

    (866) 458-8805

  • Brian

    This sounds great. Thank you. If someone could just suggest ONE replacement for CVS VRs > Bluebird for MF in NYC, what would it be? Thank you!

  • Susakajo

    I wish Alaska would offer a card without foreign transaction fees…..

  • Lantean

    yes there has… clearly you don’t know about it.

  • Chris Nigon

    I’d say that the 25K + $100 statement credit is the best offer out there considering BOA’s churn friendly rules..

  • DavidNJ

    I’ve been racking up points over the last two months via the Alaska shopping portal. Amex GC 3X. I buy $5K per Month which equals 15K Mileage Plan miles per month. I use my Amex gold and signed up for free overnite for 90 days. I get a fee waiver code every time I get amex email that my purchase has been approved. Three months equals 45K Mileage Plan miles. I liquidate throught Amex Target and Amazon Payments via multiple family accounts. I also get 1X MR’s for the Amex Gold. In three months that’s 15K MR’s which is 1/2 needed for the 15K bonus on $30K spend w/ Amex Gold.

  • DMartin

    I’m new to this hobby, and the timing on your post was impeccable for me! I just hit $10k with my BofA AS card within 4 1/2 months of opening the account, and didn’t realize that the other 15K miles were on the table. (My home port is Seattle, so this was a given to have this card.) I’m looking forward to keeping an eye out for those extra points!

  • Mercruiser

    Sounds like a lot of work when you can just churn this card repeatedly for “25K mile offer, $75 AF but $100 statement credit after $1k spend in 3mo”

  • DavidNJ

    One trip to Target and one trip to the no fee ATM @ the corner of my street per month. Everything else accomplished on the computer. If they keep the 3X miles for AGC, that’s 180K Miles & 60K MR per year. Churn a few cards and you do the math. Well worth it to me. Total cost = about $144 for the Target loads.

  • Brian

    What’s the best way to get updated when this is available? Because it sounds perfect.

  • clvus

    I got this card with 50,000 miles after $1k spend a few months ago. That offer wasn’t generally known and I can’t remember how I found it.
    Maybe that offer will come around again?

  • clvus

    It wasn’t generally published but yes the offer was 50k Alaska miles for $1k spend

  • LAKnight

    Quick answer is to check this web site. ;)

  • Blake

    I have this card now but am using the Brittish Airways card to rack up miles and fly on Alaska. If I cancel the Alaska card now, how long do I need to wait to sign back up and receive a bonus offer? I received the standard 25K miles when signing up originally.

  • ApTx

    Are you saying you can reload target amex card via Amex gift card
    If so then how you get money out of it?
    I’ll appreciate if you could provide more details so that I could better understand it. If possible plz also state total charges you gave to pay for cashing out every $5k in gift cards

  • Mike

    Hoping not to change the subject, but I booked a r/t business tkt to Buenos Aires on Aeromexico with Alaska miles. I’m wondering whether I’m wasting precious Alaska miles perhaps put to better use with another partner carrier to another destination like Asia. Thx

  • M

    Is there anyway to get this offer in branch? I am not a permanent resident/citizen. BofA requires either to be able to apply online. Another question is can I choose *resident* in the application? Can they check my residency status based on my ssn?

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