Which Card Is Easier To Get Approved For – The Chase Ink Bold Or Ink Plus?

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Update: Some offers mentioned below are no longer available. View the current offers here: Ink Bold, Ink Plus

On Thursday, Chase announced new limited-time sign-up bonus offers on the Ink Bold and Ink Plus of 60,000 bonus Ultimate Rewards points when you spend $5,000 in 3 months. Because this is as high as the bonuses on these cards have ever gone, many readers are interested in getting one if not both cards while these offers last, and TPG reader HiHello left a comment:

“Which card is easier to get approved for? The Ink Bold or the Ink Plus?”

The Ink Bold and the Ink Plus are some of Chase’s top cards and are geared toward small business owners, and Chase has pretty high standards when it comes to accepting applicants for either. The two cards are almost identical in terms of the benefits they carry – including earning 5x points per $1 at office supply stores and on telecommunications, 2x points per $1 on gas and hotels, Lounge Club membership and the ability to transfer the Ultimate Rewards points you earn with them to any of Chase’s 10 travel partners including United and Hyatt. They each also come with a $95 annual fee that is waived the first year.

Chase Ink 60

However, there is one major difference. The Ink Bold is a charge card, which means there is no preset spending limit limit but, but the balance must be paid off monthly or you can incur very high penalty fees. On the other hand, the Ink Plus is a credit card, which means there is a set spending limit on it, but cardholders can carry a balance if they need to, and pay it off over time, though you’ll get hit with substantial APR’s. The Ink Plus also gives you access to Chase’s Blueprint service which helps you design a plan to pay off purchases in flexible ways and track your spending. Charge cards like the Ink Bold often give cardholders bigger spending power and flexibility, but credit cards give you the option of carrying a balance if you really need to.

With that in mind, applying for the Ink Plus might be a good option for you if you already have a lot of lines of credit open with Chase and need to consider shifting one of them to your new card in order to open it. Because it is a credit card, Chase might be willing to let you do so. Because the Ink Bold is a charge card without a spending limit or line of credit in the same way that credit cards operate, you cannot shift your lines of credit around to it.

Why not get both?

Why not get both?


I would actually say that if it’s in your spending ability and you can strategize properly to meet the minimum spending requirements on both, that you could consider getting both cards at once while the bonuses are at an all-time high of 60,000 points. If you can hit the $10,000 requirement getting both cards would incur, you could get 120,000 Ultimate Rewards points in one fell swoop. To put that in context, that’s 4 nights at a top-tier Hyatt like the Park Hyatt Sydney or the Park Hyatt Paris Vendome, where rooms regularly go for over $1,000 a night. It’s also worth $1,175 in Wanna Get Away fares on Southwest – another Ultimate Rewards transfer partner – so you’re looking at a very decent return on your spending.

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  • Jdammer

    Wouldn’t it be $1,716 in Wanna Get Away fares?

  • Journey4Happy

    not sure if I see the answer to the question’s title. It seems you’re saying that the Plus is easier. It fits what happened to me, as I was denied the Bold last year, but approved the Plus this year. There were other factors, though (last year a credit glitch had them recheck my credit 30 days after app – when I did 5 apps – plus this year I offered to canx SWBiz card)

    So now that I do have a crap load of limit on Chase cards, how do I increase my chances of getting the Bold?

  • JohnF

    Do the cards still include Lounge Club access? I couldn’t find this mentioned anywhere on the offer page.

  • PJ

    anybody ever got approval for an INK card without reporting a business he/she is in or going to be in ?

  • clvus

    The question was Which card is EASIER to get approved for? The Ink Bold or the Ink Plus?”

  • ABC

    Who cares? I appreciate another great ad on behalf of Chase that hopefully brings in great affiliate commission for the TPG team.

  • Graydon

    Yes both still include access.

  • clvus

    not sure fig that is a valid point. TPG advocates for all cards. Chase happens to be the easiest to work with (IMO)

  • Carter29072

    Applied for the ink bold last week for hubby as a sole proprietor for a second business that he has (using just his ssn). Was not instantly approved. He already has the Ink Plus. I have a feeling that they just may want to ask him some more questions about the nature of his business but I think he will probably get approved. He does have alot of credit open with Chase though. We’ll see.

  • Credit card Joint

    We have found the Ink Plus easier to be approved for. However, if you get the Bold first, you can apply for the Plus later and tell recon that you wanted an option of paying over time.

  • Agent Provocateur

    I know that multiple sources are saying if you’ve had the MasterCard version of Bold before, you can get in on the current 60K offer because it is a Visa now. My questions is – do I have to cancel my MasterCard version before applying for the new Visa version? I actually use the Bold for my business, so I would like the opportunity to switch over my recurring charges before cancelling the old card.

  • MisterChristian

    Maybe I just missed it, but the above link for getting both cards at once wasn’t about getting both cards at once. It was about getting a second if you already have the first. I thought there might be a useful tidbit about applying for more than one chase card at a time, which would seem pertinent. Presumably more acceptances would be good for everyone.

  • Avi

    Anything I can do I called and told me I am declined

  • P

    If I have 3 businesses with 3 tax IDs, Am I allowed to apply for both ink and bold for each business at the same time ie. 6 credit cards total at once??

  • ADPage

    Just got the Ink Bold, instant approval but I have the BA and Sapphire Preferred with them already.

  • Juan

    Got approved for Ink Plus in March. Tweeted @Chase and asked for 10K bonus match from new 60K bonus offer on Ink cards. Applied today for Bold and got it after calling Recon line. CSP and Freedom holder as well. Will have over 200K UR points within 3 months. Oh, if you have Ink Plus and want to get Bold, don’t fret, go for it….just be confident when speaking to Chase Business Card Recon line rep. Good luck to all!

  • jocelyn

    I hv ink plus already ( was approved end of nov) and wouldlike to know if ppl think it will b hard to get approved for the bold. If its unlikely i plan to apply for sapphire.

  • Erika Awakening

    HI thanks for these articles. The Ink Plus is in the mail on its way to me and am looking forward to the bonus miles :) I am not sure reading this article whether anyone knows if the Bold is easier or harder to get? Does anyone know if it’s good to wait between applications or can they all be done at once? There are several cards I’m interested in right now and not sure whether to wait a little while to apply or just go for it …

  • clvus

    No, I got both, same account, MC first.

  • Casey Mitcheltree

    Was he approved?

  • Fernando Bernardino

    I think you are.

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