What Will 60,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards Points Get You?

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Update: The offer mentioned below for the Chase Ink Cash cards has expired. View the current offer here.

The Chase Ink Bold and Ink Plus cards currently offer 50,000 points after $5,000 spent within the first 3 months. At a minimum you will have 55,000 points after meeting the minimum spend and could potentially earn over 60,000 Ultimate Rewards points if you max out the bonus categories which include 5x on the first $50,000 spent in combined purchases at office supply stores and on cellular phone, landline, internet and cable TV services and 2x on the first $50,000 spent annually at gas stations and for hotel accommodations when purchased directly with the hotel.

We thought it would be fun to put together a list of things you can do with 60,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points since that’s an easy number to attain with such lucrative sign up bonuses.

What Are 60,000 Ultimate Rewards Points Worth?
Earlier this month I wrote about how I value each credit card currency and Chase Ultimate Rewards was valued at 2 cents per point and will increase in next month’s valuation because they just added a valuable new transfer partner: Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer. Taking the 2 cent per point valuation- the 60,000 points is worth $1,200- not too shabby considering the $95 annual fee is even waived the first year. Even if you don’t value Ultimate rewards points as high as I do (because I know how to maximize  their 11 transfer partners: United, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Korean, Southwest, Hyatt, Ritz-Carlton, Marriott, Priority Club and Amtrak), you can book travel directly through Ultimate Rewards travel at 1.25 cents per piece, so 60,000 UR points = $750 in travel and you generally earn miles/points on travel booked through Ultimate Rewards. Note: Ultimate Rewards points earned from Ink Cash are not transferable to partners and can only be used for gift cards/statement credit of 1 cent per point, unless you have a Ink Bold, Ink Plus or Sapphire Preferred, in which case you can combine all of your Ultimate Rewards points and transfer them.
Ultimate Rewards Transfer Partners

Here are 10 different ways that you could use 60,000 Ultimate Rewards points to get great value (click here for our updated list of award charts so you can analyze other options for your preferred Chase transfer partner):

1. Roundtrip economy from the US to Europe via United. United made some nasty changes to their frequent flyer program in February, but economy class awards, even on partners, were largely unaffected. Since United does not tack on crazy fuel surcharges or fees, redeeming for economy awards can still be a great value. Take this trip from Los Angeles to Munich over Oktoberfest- only 60,000 miles and $117.80 (~$85 of that is from German taxes, so you can get this lower by going to other destinations). The same itinerary to purchase would cost $1,442.30, so take out the $117 and those 60,000 miles are saving you $1,324 or 2.2 cents a piece. Granted, you don’t earn miles on award tickets so you need to take the miles/elite miles you forego into account, but still- United miles can still save a bundle- even for economy redemptions.

60,000 miles for a roundtrip economy award US to Europe

60,000 miles for a roundtrip economy award US to Europe

2. Southwest Awards: 60,000 Chase to Southwest is worth ~960 in Wanna Get Away fares.
Southwest also devalued their Wanna Get Away awards at the end of March, but you can still get pretty decent value- especially if you’re lucky enough to be the owner of a Southwest Companion Pass which essentially doubles the value of every ticket you buy, whether with cash or points.

$197 in cash for PHL-Las Vegas

$197 in cash for PHL-Las Vegas

Take for example a one-way flight Philadelphia to Las Vegas on July 4, 2014- you can either pay $197 (and earn 1,038 points) or use 12,111 and $2.50 to redeem for an award. With taxes taken out, 12,111 points saves you $194.50, so just over 1.6 cents a point.

12,111 points to cover a $197 flight (plus $2.50 in fees)

12,111 points to cover a $197 flight (plus $2.50 in fees)

This value can be doubled if you have the Southwest Companion Pass status, which gives a free flight (just pay taxes) whenever you pay for one or redeem points. So a Companion Pass holder could pay 12,111 points for two tickets on this Philadelphia to Las Vegas non-stop at a value of $394.

3. Hyatt Redemptions: 2 nights at a top Park Hyatt for 60,000 points, ~$2,000 in value. 

Hyatt also made some chart adjustments that went into effect January 7, 2014. Six Park Hyatts were now a part of a 30,000 point a night category 7: Beaver Creek, Milan, Paris, Sydney, Tokyo and Zurich and a bunch of other hotels would shift categories, so there were winners and losers.

With 60,000 points transferred to Hyatt at a 1:1 ratio, you’d have enough to stay 2 nights in a Category 7 property like the Park Hyatt Sydney, where I stayed this past February. I priced out January 23-25, 2015 and the average daily rate is $1,080 AUD ($996 US).

30,000 points a night saves almost $1,000 a day

30,000 points a night saves almost $1,000 a day

So 60,000 points would save you $1,992, or 3.3 cents a point.

4. British Airways Short-Hauls: British Airways is one of the programs that hasn’t changed for the worst and has gotten better with the inclusion of new partners like US Airways, Qatar Airlines and TAM. BA ShortHaul BA ShortHaul

British Airways prices flights 1-650 miles at only 4,500 Avios each way. So a roundtrip New York to Toronto is only 9,000 Avios and $88 (mostly Canadian taxes- they come down for all US awards). Still, you can get 6.67 roundtrip short haul awards for 60,000 Chase points- not bad considering British Airways does not charge last minute award booking fees ($75+ with most carriers).

5. Amtrak: Amtrak is one of the most overlooked Membership Rewards transfer partners, but can provide great value if you know how to use them. Check out this post on Amtrak redemptions, but basically you can get a bedroom suite from New York to Los Angeles (hey, it’s not the quickest, but could be a fun?!) for 60,000 points and they retail for over $2,067 one-way, getting over 3.47 cents per point.

6. Singapore Airlines: First Class Suites from Houston to Moscow 57,375 miles and $227 for a $7,507 flight- over 12.6 cents per point! Check out this post for more information on when Singapore KrisFlyer can provide great value. 
Singapore suites paid Singapore Houston to MoscowThere are myriad more way to juice 2+ cents per point in value from Chase Ultimate rewards- what are your best redemptions to date? 

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  • Marland

    Hey TPG! Love your site and my best points redemption to date was actually similar to your itinerary when you went to Maldives. However, I flew home. I went Business Class from Male to NYC. Singapore and Royal Laurel changed my life! And for 60,000 miles plus $45 taxes, won’t be flying economy again! (except on the $130 flight I am taking to Europe and Tokyo) Which reminds me, can you post an article on ideas of upgrading those flights to Milan as well as to Tokyo?

  • SmileyBob

    The only one on here with true value is the Southwest…who’s going to pay 2k for that amtrak trip? Or 2k for 2 nights in a Park Hyatt?

    Not to diminish 60k’s worth, but I feel like these are overinflated examples.

  • thepointsguy

    As always, it really depends on what you want. Some people shudder at Southwest, while others think flying first class to the Maldives is stupid. Neither is right. The Amtrak one was just to show the true diversity/to have a laugh! But I’m sure someone out there has taken advantage of it.

  • thepointsguy

    That’s the worst part about flying business class- makes you never want to go back to coach!

    Which flights- the super cheap Alitalia ones? Not gonna be cheap/easy to upgrade unfortunately

  • Marland

    You’re a being a bit small minded here Bob. 60,000 points gets you on a Business Class flight (57,500 to be exact for Newark – London) these days. That flight is $3,000 roughly and some people like to fly comfortably without having to pay such a hefty price. And 5 cents a point ain’t too shabby.

  • tigermark82

    Singapore miles can (for now) still be used on us airways. If you can find low level availability that is.

  • Marland

    Hey TPG, thanks for the response! I am going Alitalia to Milan and Air France from Prague to Tokyo. My research tells me it won’t be cheap to upgrade (although Delta offered a modest $69 to upgrade for economy comfort). I’ve never actually taken one of those upgrades and wondered if anyone can comment? The free spirits do seem appealing :)

  • Bob

    One of my favorite redemptions is for domestic flights in Japan on Japan Airlines for 9000 BA Avios for roundtrip ticket. I find flights in that country to be rather expensive and flights such as Tokyo Haneda to Osaka goes for $540 roundtrip. This redemption gives me 5 to 6 cents per point value.

    Similar logic applies when it comes to asian regional flights on Cathay Pacific including business class flights and ones between mainland china and HKG.

  • *claps on 1 and 3*

    I’m new to booking travel with UR so forgive the basic question. How does one travel from Newark to London for that amount of points? Everything I’m doing says 90k and higher.

    I’m just going to the UR site, clicking book travel, and giving myself about a week in September.

  • Juno

    I love Amtrak redemption. Living in DC/Baltimore area, Amtrak is often the best way to get to NYC. 3 hours and BAM! you are in the heart of the city. No need go get to the airport an hour earlier, no need to go through security… no need to catch a cab to the city from the airport… I bet you can get from DC to NYC faster in a train than in a plane.

    RT in the North East corridor is just 4k points for coach seats. My wife and I splurged and are taking the Acela up and back to NYC next month. Great deal! $255 ticket is only 8k points on Acela

    Trip from DC to Orlando in a roomette (small room with toilet and 2 bunk beds but you get 3 meals on your trip and shower) is only 15k points for 2 people. That’s a fun journey if you like trains. Or take your car on the Auto Train for 15k more. Easily affordable with Chase points rather than spending almost $2k+ to go to DIsney world with the kids!

  • Marland

    It is very much about patience and availability opening up. For example, one day a few weeks ago availability for a Newark to Heathrow opened up (direct which is usually 1 flight per day for United)/ I booked it and the award disappeared. However, a few weeks went by and availability has come back. Make sure you search by “flexible dates” in the United site and be sure to note the color coding as the calendar shows availability for “Award Saver”. Those are where you will find the 57.5k point redemptions.

  • Brover Norquist

    Amtrak is one of the most valuable UR redemption options. Just booked two r/t tickets between WAS and NYP for 8,000 points total, would have cost $656 (8.2 cents / point).

  • thepointsguy

    Check out and click Award ticket- try to find roundtrip economy saver tickets- should be 60k and ~100 or so in fees. If you see an award that is available, transfer the 60k points to United and book online.

    You should read about Ultimate Rewards transfer partners and familiarize yourself with the whole concept of transferring points vs. redeeming via the UR Travel portal

  • thepointsguy

    Check out my review of economy comfort here.. its fine, but nothing like biz class. KLM economy comfort is pretty decent too

  • Holly Johnson


  • Will

    Thanks for the very useful details. I have 2 questions:
    1. Anyone can apply to a Chase Ink Plus card without having to have a real business, right (as a Sole Proprietor)?
    2. Would I be able to convert a Chase Ink Plus card to Chase Sapphire after some time? My goal is to benefit from the 60,000 vs. 40,000 signup offer.

  • pssteve

    Best use I found was 5 nights (110,000 pts)at PH Maldives last year when rates were $750/night.(3.4 cpp). The key is these pts are usable while the ability to use for flights, at least AA miles is drying up.

  • DJE

    Hey TPG! Love your site! I just applied for both Chase Ink cards. If one gets denied and I have to call them, what is a good reason I can tell them why I need both? Thanks a million for all your help!

  • Steve |

    Marland congrats on scoring the priceline deal! I grabbed one for $130 myself! Agreed I was thinking the exact same thing, wondering if there was a way to upgrade on Alitalia or KLM with Delta points

  • uma

    This card makes me sad because i can’t it. I’m not a business owner nor does my work allow a business card. (sigh)

  • Corey

    Totally agree with your assessment of Japan flights. It’s so useful anywhere in Japan but Okinawa is a bit more expensive. I’ll be in Korea this year and trying to find the best way to get between there and Japan while avoiding fuel surcharges =

  • Corey

    LLCs seem to be the best option so far

  • Craig

    TPG – I used your link to apply for the Ink Plus and got the pending review message. I’m not all that familiar with how these referral links work, but I hope you still get paid if I get approved. If I don’t, I’m not sure I’m going to request reconsideration as the minimum spend on this one was always going to be difficult for me anyway. Thanks for the post! :)

  • MichiMom

    I have an Ink Mastercard that I would like to cancel this fall. If the Ultimate Rewards points earned on that card have not been transferred but I also have a new Ink Plus card that has pointed linked to Ultimate Rewards, is there any danger of losing points? In other words, do I need to transfer my Ultimate Rewards points prior to closing an account, if I have another card linked to my Ultimate Rewards?

  • John


    If I’m transfering my UR points to United or Southwest, how long does it usually take to transfer? Does it go through immediately and I can use my points to book an award flight?

  • Perry Hobbs

    Yes, you will have to transfer over the points prior to closing. I ran into an issue with my Sapphire Card (Got Both Sapphire Cards) closed the account prior to realizing my UR Points had not posted and when the next billing cycle closed they were awarded but no longer available. Shot a message to Customer Service and they went a ahead and gave me the points but noted that upon closing they are forfeited.

  • K2

    Ok…I just applied for the Ink Bold and got a message saying I would be notified via mail. Not a fan. They also didn’t give an application number for me to call and check the status.
    I like the instant approval from American Express way better.

  • *claps on 1 and 3*

    Oh wow. I had no idea.

    Thank you so much.

  • yourPFpro

    1. Yes
    2. No

  • yourPFpro

    Call the chase biz recon line until you get approved.

  • yourPFpro

    Just make one up

  • K2

    Thanks! Got approved! :)

  • Chris

    Transferring from UR to United is instantaneous, and is a 1:1 transfer (one UR point will get you one United mile).

  • - -

    I am in the DC area too, thanks for the good tips. I have never flown to NYC except when transferring, and I have been itching to take my car from Lorton down to Sanford and drive to St. Augustine and down to MIA. Chase UR is one of the best ways to earn and redeem.

  • - -

    I would, I consider them to be a good value. But hey, I’m blowing 58K on the Chase->Krisflyer suite, so what do I know?

  • Chris

    With 60,000 UR points I was able to book a round trip award ticket on United, from Chicago to England AND Italy (with ~$150 in fees).

    The award includes a stopover in London for a few days, then on to Naples (Amalfi Coast!), and then an open-jaw flight from Rome back to Chicago.

  • yourPFpro

    Can I do chase marriott card and ink plus in the same day or how does that work?

  • Singapore Air

    Brian – do you have a post discussing the “sweet spots” in the SIngapore Airlines award chart? If not, could you do a post on that? thanks

  • Landon
  • Will

    Thanks yourPFpro.

    Is #2 not possible for sure?

  • TJ

    Here comes the big question that i have been waiting to get answered before getting this card. I’ve a 3k mortgage payment a month and $800 car payment. Is there a way I can use this card to make those payments and still come out ahead in terms of value of points earned? For simplicity’s sake lets consider the point value to be 1 cent.

  • Singapore Air

    Thanks .. but this is a post on Partner awards. I am specifically looking for sweet spot redemptions on Singapore Airlines aircraft.

  • Landon
  • cara

    You can try budget airlines like Vanilla Air or Peach air from Incheon to Narita/Osaka. You can usually get a 1-way ticket for about ~$100

  • Corey

    There are even cheaper airlines. Found ~140-160 $ on Korean airlines like tway and jeju =]

  • Corey

    round trip *

  • Stu

    If you transfer the 60,000 points to Southwest will they count towards getting the companion pass at 110,000 points?

  • Landon

    No, but you could transfer them first to Hyatt or Marriott and THEN transfer them to Southwest, though you lose a lot of value that way.

  • Landon

    There ARE ways, but they’re generally not simple. Read about the check writing feature in this post on Amex Bluebird for one such method:

  • thepointsguy


  • SmileyBob

    Let me just clarify that I’m not saying the value isn’t there in any of these redemptions, but rather that the CPP is over-inflated. I.e. Would you really pay 2k for that specific amtrak trip.

    My example with southwest was intended because that’s a 100% CPP rating, since you can book any southwest ticket with points or miles, the value will always be the same. I’m not necessarily calling Southwest the better value between that and United.

  • Emily

    When you click the chase link to apply, it asks for Business name and tax i.d. number… #years as owner and nature of your business, etc etc.

  • TJ

    Thanks for the reply. Are these $500 vanilla reloads still available at one of the office supply stores and are they easty to find?

  • Joe

    How many Ultimate rewards points can I transfer to UA?

  • JaMarcus Burlap

    Checking United’s website – standard economy redemption on actual flights to Europe is 65,000 miles each way = 130,000 roundtrip. Saver rates are great, but even while traveling 10+ flights a year with them, they’re few and far between. Personally excited about trying the KrisFlyer conversion via Singapore Airlines, but United is going the way of Delta.

  • garynofishing

    There is something I would like to clear up as far as properly booking your Amtrak trip using your Amtrak Rewards points. The best way I can explain this is just by telling you my most recent story and then you can apply it to YOUR future trips.

    I followed the “Points Guy’s” advice and applied for the Chase Sapphire card. I also ordered the second card and for doing this I received 45,000 points. This card also allowed me to combine all my accumulated points on my other Chase issued cards and send all those points to my Amtrak Rewards account.

    Now—here is my trip. I live in Tucson and want to go to Seattle via the Sunset Limited to LA and then transfer to the Coast Starlight to Seattle with full Deluxe bedrooms the entire trip. Two weeks later, come home the same way. My entire trip happens to be located in ONE zone.

    I used to think that this trip was 4 separate train rides (4 tickets). But it is NOT. Even though I AM taking 4 trains, the fact that I am simply transferring to the Coast Starlight from the Sunset Limited without any overnight stay in LA makes it a single trip. For that trip (Tucson–LA–Seattle) cost me 25,000 points. The Dollar cost of that trip if I paid cash was over $2,000 (I think $2180)

    My round trip was 50,000 points total. Had I paid cash—over $4,000 Considering that I received 45,000 points from my Chase Sapphire card and since I am required to spend $3500 once i GET the card in order to fulfill the requirement to get the points—-my Amtrak trip was free. Yes–free because I spent the $3500 on travel related things like my Hotel reservations–and for THAT–I got Double points (7000)

    Now I figured this out that my bonus points were worth 8 cents each. My FREE bonus points that I received (45,000) , used properly, were worth $3600 cash when used in Amtrak travel. Is this a fabulous deal or WHAT??

  • Teri

    I’m about to book the Park Sydney Hyatt with my Ultimate Rewards sign-up bonus. I know I can book directly via UR, but is there any advantage (ie better pricing) if I transfer the points into a Hyatt account (which I don’t currently have).

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