Travel Giveaway: $440 Airline Gift Certificate

by on May 15, 2014 · 1,214 comments

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Yesterday I wrote about the newest product from Barclaycard called the Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard which replaces the Arrival World MasterCard. The new card has the same features as its predecessor, plus a few added and extended benefits to make the new card even more attractive. The card features the EMV Chip + PIN technology that I wrote about this morning. One of the best perks of the card are expanded travel statement credit redemption options which include buses, timeshares, and campground. Not to mention it’s a nice looking facelift to the card itself.

The Arrival Plus now comes with a Smart Chip.

The Arrival Plus now comes with a Smart Chip.

So to celebrate these expanded categories, for today’s reader giveaway, we want to offer $440 in gift certificates to the airline of your choice from the following options:

  • American Airlines
  • Alaska Airways
  • JetBlue
  • Delta
  • Frontier
  • United
  • Virgin America
  • Southwest

The signup bonus for the Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard is 40,000 bonus miles, which is equivalent to $440 when redeemed for travel. Getting this card is already like a $440 credit in your wallet, so I want to tell you what you would use this $440 gift certificate for. Perhaps to fly to Seattle, like I did last week on Alaska Airlines? Maybe you’ve been wanting to visit the Smithsonian in DC to see Julia Child’s Kitchen?

How To Enter

  • Comment on this post and let me know how you would use your winnings. Where you would go? What airline would you choose?
  • Post your comment to this post by 5 p.m. ET Monday, May 19th to be eligible.
  • You can only enter once.
  • The winner will be chosen at random and announced in next Thursday’s giveaway post.
  • The winner will have five days to respond to our email getting your contact information (we get email information from the Disqus commenting system).

Good luck!

Last Week’s Winner

And the Winners of Last Week’s Prize of a Bally Wallet Is…


We asked our Twitter followers to utilize the TPG Maximizer –an all new tool that takes our expert points knowledge, the best sign-up offers, and big data to recommend the best new card for you. We got a lot of great entries and the random winner is @jpoysti’s, who had the Chase Sapphire Preferred card recommended to him by the TPG Maximizer.

The Bally Laltiro Wallet!

The Bally Laltiro Wallet!

Stay tuned for more great giveaways here on the blog and on TPG Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Safe travels!

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  • briscoetime

    I’d head to New Mexico to check out the Sangre de Cristo Mountains!

  • Daniel

    I would use it to go to Hawaii on United Airlines

  • Bill

    My upcoming Hawaiian honeymoon!

  • Joe

    I would use the money to visit good friends in New York, and on American, of course (live in DFW).

  • Angela

    I would use it to pay for fuel surcharges on a trip to London from the US.

  • bluemnm

    My wife and I are planning a trip for our upcoming 5 year anniversary. We are looking at going to Hawaii on United Airlines. We would use winnings towards the cost of the plane ticket there.

  • Thomas

    I’d go American and to Vegas for some “free” drinks and table games

  • Andrew

    I would use it to susidize a flight home for the holidays :).

  • jinga

    I would use it to fly to Aruba from Miami on American Airlines.

  • Steven Abootman

    I would use it to take my 3 year old and wife to Aruba so they can see the caribbean for the first time!

  • Kabukijuul

    I would use it towards a trip to China on American to see the karst limestone cliffs in Guilin. Love reading your blog Points Guy!!

  • Darin

    Would help fund a Hawaiian getaway (Maui most likely), flying Alaska airlines for sure!

  • Jacob K

    Recently switched my airline loyalty to AA, so I’d put it toward an AA flight this winter. Thinking Brazil to escape the cold!

  • Aaron Sugiura

    Flights to SF from NYC are super expensive this summer, so I’d use the gift certificate to fly American into and out of SFO’s gorgeous T2.

  • Ruthlessly Absurd

    Well you see, my wife and I want to go to every state capital and we’re doing a bangup job. But Bismarck, North Dakota? Have you attempted to fly there? Clearly no one does, since the fares are through the roof. I need that sweet sweet gift card action!

  • Zachary Gragg

    I would use the winnings to make a surprise visit to my fiance in Nicaragua, who is waiting for me finish my semester.

  • Jon

    I would take a trip with my GF to Seattle from Philly

  • Cool Breeze

    I’m about to take my sons camping in Washington and Oregon! Now I can use my Barclay’s Arrival card to pay for our camping trip! That’s almost 20 nights in our tent!

  • Chris

    Palm Springs getaway to stay and play and golf

  • Bill

    Time to see the great Olmsted parks – Central Park, Prospect Park, etc.

  • Douglas Lin

    i have a wedding in LA this summer and i’m still looking for plane tickets

  • Jason

    I would use the money for a couple hotel stays during my upcoming trip to Thailand that I booked with points earned from my CSP and Freedom cards!

  • mrjeff_714

    I would definitely use it for my yearly trip to visit my family in NY!

  • Andy Baez

    Well lets see.. I’ve got Chicago next week on Southwest, Aruba on Southwest in July, Seattle on Southwest in September, Atlanta in October, Paris on American going but I do not have a carrier yet for the return trip. This money could definitely help with the cost of fees and surcharges. Oh and I forgot, I am planning on a trip to Sydney most likely on American next April.

  • Chatelaine

    I want to visit Portland, over July 4th. I just got it in my head last week and now I’m trying to figure out how to make it happen!

  • mary

    California wine country with my hubby please!

  • Jordan S.

    I would use it towards going to visit my grandfather in Rome, my grandma just died last August. He lives with my father and I’d probably use it to spend christmas with them. They all haven’t seen our third son yet. I would use Delta to fly to Rome probably.

  • Marc

    I would use it for Southwest to go to West Palm Beach to go sailing and swimming!

  • Venki

    I would use it for American and visit costa rica!!

  • petillante

    I would go see my sister get married in Denmark this summer.

  • Kevin Heffernan

    My wife and I are saving up our points (and $) for a nice vacation overseas – We have a Mileageplus card so United $ would be great!

  • Jonathan

    I’d use it on my upcoming travel plans for AUS-SEA on Alaska Airlines

  • Brian Sullivan

    I would use the points to take my wife to “go back to the island”, Oahu in the fall

  • Lynn

    I tacked on a free one-way to a United flight to visit my Mom in Dallas, but now I need a way to get me and my son back!

  • Patrice

    I’d choose Alaska Airlines With their lower fares right now, I could take my husband with me to Fairbanks!

  • Chris

    I’d most likely use it towards a dive trip in the Caribbean via United.

  • dlcebc

    My wife and I will visit the Taos Wool Festival in New Mexico on American Airlines

  • Jack

    I would use it to fly American to Vegas this summer for a fun weekend with friends!

  • Jake

    I’d use it on Alaska Airlines to get back to Vancouver/Whistler this winter!

  • Alex

    I would use for the trip to Montreal on United!

  • InternetMan

    I’d use it to fly American from DFW to ORD with my wife. We’d like to celebrate my wife’s 1 year anniversary of being phyllodes breast cancer free with our family there. It is also where she had her surgery.

  • Andrew P

    I’d use it to cover my fuel surcharges following award redemptions when flying to Europe!

  • Neer

    I would use it on US airways from philadelphia to Los Angeles to help my mother make a transcontinental move to the LA area..she needs all the help she can get to move!

  • tinkin3

    I’d use it to fly Virgin to LA to visit my daughter!

  • RestlessAntics

    I would use the AA miles to fly from LA to FL for a Carribean cruise I’m going on with friends next year!

  • April West Jordan

    I would take the family to see the Golden Gate Bridge and tour Alcatraz. We love historical sites and traveling.

  • Manikandan

    The winnings will go towards my domestic travel to MIA!

  • usnamom2014

    I’d fly on American to L.A. to roller blade in Huntington Beach!

  • Ali Lyder-Norton

    I am taking a trip to Scotland in August – and thank you to your amazing blog, I just booked my trip there FIRST CLASS!!! I would have never thought of this before. I haven’t booked my flight home yet, but I am looking to fly American and do an overnight in London before coming back to the states.

    In showing off what my amazing first class experience will be to my husband, he has informed me we will not be flying unless first class from now on- and I really want to go to Iceland next year, so it looks like I will be following your blog for all the right moves to make that happen!!

  • Dean Taketa

    I booked my new bride a cruise for her 50th Birthday from Sacramento to Florida for a special cruise to Rome and flying on any of the airlines would be a blessing but Southwest Airlines might be the best option with many flights to choose from:-) Thanks

  • kathy

    I would use the $440 in gift certificates to purchase SW Airline ticket to Florida for a beach vacation on the Gulf side of Florida. Need sunshine and sand after a very Cold winter.

  • zootlet2

    I would probably fly Virgin America SEA-JFK to visit an elderly friend.

  • R. J.

    We would celebrate our 20th anniversary by returning to Jamaica, where went on our honeymoon.

  • scott

    I’d love to use on Southwest to attend the Albuquerque balloon festival in October!

  • Kerry

    I would celebrate New Years down in New Orleans by flying direct on JetBlue.

  • nrdk

    Would use the gift certificate towards connecting flights to Boston in order to get out to Europe [on Aer Lingus] for our honeymoon next year

  • Christina

    I would use it to fly to Nice for Thanksgiving.

  • Lauren

    I would use it towards a ticket to Tokyo! I’ve wanted to go since I read your posts from your trip there a few years ago!

  • jeff

    I would use it to bring my 10 month old son to asia to visit family. It took me 27 years to visit asia so im hoping to give my son a head start

  • Parker

    I would use it for a delta ticket to Houston. Not because I like delta, but because they’re the only one with nonstop flights from SLC.

  • Adam

    I’d use the certificate on a flight out to Texas to see my brother in the Army who’s stationed at Fort Hood. He’s been there a few years and I haven’t made time to fly out there and see him. Also hear Austin is a cool place!

  • Mike D

    I would use the credit for upcoming trip to Paris/London.. Planning on using United, so I’d like the certificate to upgrade to business class!

  • AnthonyOrner

    I would use the credit to find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop. I would use Us Airways to do so.

  • Pgbowman

    This would be perfect to use on my Delta flight to New Orleans for a very good friends wedding this coming fall.

  • Sky

    I would fly my fiance from Austin Texas to San Jose Cali on Southwest. I have finished graduate school and moved to San Jose for a job. I miss her and I would love to bring her here for a weekend. We’d also drive to Lake Tahoe and spend the weekend there at a budget hotel.

  • Guest

    Visit my sister across the country in LA! Jet Blue for sure for the free checked bag :-)

  • Jeff

    I’d use it to fly American to go to NYC for some shows ans shopping!

  • babyshark31

    I’d travel to New Orleans to go to my brother’s med school graduation!

  • Adam

    I’d use the gift certificates towards one (or two) of my many flights during my Honeymoon this November in Australia and New Zealand!!!

  • Anthony G.

    I would use the funds to bring my little sister to visit Italy with me through United Airlines!

  • Kevin

    I would use United to fly from Boston to Phoenix to finally go to Scottsdale, AZ! I’ve only heard amazing things about that place.

  • Nikhil

    WiIll utilize towards a much- wanted vacation I have been planning forever with my lovely wife to the exotic Greece and Turkey, on Turkish Airlines.

  • sara

    I’d go anywhere to escape the Boston winter for a few days on JetBlue :)

  • Mark

    I’d fly somewhere interesting on Delta.

  • nashgator

    i would fly to st. thomas for my honeymoon on american airlines.

  • Collins Friddle

    I would use my winnings to take my wife to Iceland via IcelandAir for our five year anniversary!

  • JoAnna

    Visit my sister across the country in LA! I’d pick Jet Blue for the free checked bag :-)

  • Joey

    Seattle sounds great to me, but tack on a road trip to Vancouver for a great vacation!

  • Linh nguyen

    I would choose alaska miles to combine with my 60,000 existing miles to do another european trip!

  • Kevin Schmidle

    Take the family of 4 to Florida! BUF-ORD; $109 off season………….or use towards my AA account for Europe…

  • Chris Horsman

    I would use it on United to head out to LA to go after a promotion at my job…that way I will not need to rely on gift cards to travel in the future! :)

  • Rakesh

    I am going to use this on United to visit India!

  • Ben

    Love to use it to get halfway to India on United – great $850 fare fares from LAX and ORD (via EWR) I’m hoping to use for a wedding!

  • joshb8403

    I would choose virgin america and travel to LA because I have yet to go to the west coast!!

  • SaltyHoney

    I’d use it to visit dear friends in Santa Fe on Jet Blue.

  • Alex, Denglish Speaker

    I study in Germany, so per usual this card would be put towards flights home to Houston. I try and make it twice a year, but it’s tough on a student/pub budget.

  • Allen

    I would book my flight to Vegas on American to go to my best friend’s bachelor party!

  • Lynn Nguyen

    Ohhh how fun! I am moving to London at the end of the summer and there are a bunch of West coast friends I’d love to see before I jet off. I’d use the $440 and United points to get me to San Francisco and spend time there and Monterrey (friend has a sailboat!).

  • John

    As a travel newbie, I would fly to New Zealand to experience heaven on earth…and show you all that anyone can use travel points to live their dreams :)

  • Vincent

    Back home to France for Christmas! Would love to try the Open Skies direct service to Paris, the Prem Plus product looks pretty sleek.

  • Dan J

    I’m getting married in June and planning a honeymoon to Europe, specifically Italy. I’d use the miles with American airlines to help us upgrade our seats from economy to make for a more enjoyable flight and a more memorable experience since we’ve never flown first class before.

  • mchiller

    I would use it to help me and my girlfriend get to Ireland on Delta. It’s been her lifelong dream and she just graduated with her Master’s so it will hopefully happen soon! What a graduation gift that would be!

  • Paul

    I’d fly American to London!

  • max

    I’d fly to Washington, DC for a wedding I have to attend this summer.

  • Linda

    LA on Delta!

  • Wei-yu L.

    To CGK on AA/JL utilizing the new deal!

  • max

    On United!

  • Nancy

    Yowza! i would use the gift for a trip to Istanbul on Turkish Airways and fly direct from LAX to Istanbul!

  • Ramsey

    This is a neat giveaway! I’ve been thinking about taking a quick trip to Savannah on JetBlue.

  • Evan S

    Los Angeles, Delta – K fare and use miles to upgrade.

  • Avi

    Will take my nieces to Sea World San Diego on Virgin America/United (only these 2 fly direct SFO-SAN). They will be here on their first trip to the United States

  • dailypaperreader

    I would use the $440 to fly to San Francisco to visit my youngest daughter. I would fly on Delta (or possibly American depending on flight schedule). Of course since I would be on the West Coast a trip to Napa could also be negotiated.

  • Yakov Wohlgelernter

    I would send my wife to her sisters engagement party next week

  • Thad

    I’d fly to Captown on United.

  • Amy R

    I would use it to fly to Guatemala on United airlines with my husband. That is his home country and he hasn’t been home for years. And I would like to see where he grew up.

  • fahad anjum

    i would love to win this voucher to go from abu dhabi to boston to meet my brother . i will use it for delta

  • Cat

    Fly to Australia!! to ride motorbikes

  • Deepak

    I will use American airline for LAX to Kauai flight and visit the Garden Isle during summer.

  • James Coston

    I’d put it towards going to London on American!

  • pmlago

    This would help on my trip to Niagara Falls on Southwest. Thanks.

  • Aman Sohi

    Will be traveling to Peru to hike Machu Pichu followed by a week in Patagonia and a week in New Zealand (Milford Hike) before heading back home in San Diego

  • Cat

    Using United

  • Anne – Music and Markets

    Hi Brian – I’d use it to fly United to Austin to visit our adorable grandchildren ;)

  • Scott

    A trip to Burbank, CA using Delta! Love touring the Hollywood Studios and the CA sunshine! :)

  • Wendy Gersten Shostack

    I would fly American Airlines to Cancun!

  • heymikehong

    I’d use the winnings on Alaskan Airways to take a trip back to my childhood home in Anchorage, haven’t been back since I was in the 3rd grade! I’d also bring my ice climbing gear and go explore all the amazing ice Alaska has to offer!

  • Kristina

    I’d use it on Delta to go visit family in Pennsylvania!

  • Innes

    I would fly on American to visit my girlfriend in Charlottesville.

  • LMP

    I would fly my father-in law to Atlanta from Montevideo, Uruguay to visit us. He just had cataract surgery will actually be able to see the cites and his grandson rather than a bunch of blur!

  • Edward Russell

    I need to purchase my Thanksgiving flight to Shanghai on American. $440 would almost cut the cost in half!

  • Raymond_G

    This is fantastic… I’d use it on American to fly to London. Thanks!

  • Blake Sunshine

    I’m only a few Southwest flights away from A-List for the year, so I would definitely use it for that! Of course the Southwest 50,000 point offer that is out looks really tempting too!

  • Robert

    I would use the credit to fly back to Los Angeles to visit my family and see my sister’s final dance performance.

  • Roy H

    this would go towards a flight to Japan with United (DEN-NRT dreamliner!) for some awesome powder skiing next winter.

  • Janine

    I’ve never flown first class. I could use it toward an upgrade on AA so I don’t have to envy all those people in the lay-flat beds.

  • James Cai

    I’ll use it for the CDG-ORD flight to go to my friend’s wedding.

  • Scotty G

    I’d use it to take my kids on an early December trip to Florida to see the new additions to Harry Potter @ Universal Studios!

  • Kory Olson

    I would fly home to FSD to surprise my family this summer

  • Marian

    Hawaii on American!

  • jmw2323

    Southwest to go to NY for Thanksgiving

  • Sunny Rawat

    I would probably make a trip to somewhere in Europe on Delta!

  • Mike K

    I’d use the winnings on Delta to fly out and visit my family in Seattle that I haven’t seen in years.

  • Ernest S.

    I would use it to toward United tickets so I can send my parents on a trip to Maui. They are going through some major life changes (selling their house and business), and could use a vacation to “reset” their life.

  • Michael Paul

    Gosh, I’d take the opportunity to go see family in San Diego, which is currently on fire right now.

  • Adam H

    I would use American Airlines to fly to Yellowstone.

  • Geoff D

    I’d fly Virgin to Portland to visit my brother and do a road trip to visit breweries in Bend, OR and Seattle, WA

  • Candace P

    I would use the points to travel on Alaska Airways to Seattle and take a cruise to Alaska with friends we met last year on a tour of England and Scotland!

  • jack

    I’d love to stay at the new Park Hyatt New York via Virgin America.

  • Nathaniel Lukefahr

    I’d use the gift certificate to take my girlfriend to Turkey. We’ve always wanted to walk Istanbul’s streets and stay among Cappadocia’s fairy chimneys.

  • Daniel Perez

    I would use the credit so my wife and I can fly on United to Houston to visit our Maid of Honor who recently had a baby :)

  • Daisy

    I will use the gift to take my sister to Las Vegas on JetBlue or American

  • tkhong

    I would choose Delta and fly to NYC–also want to try out Park Hyatt NYC

  • Emma

    to visit my friends who just moved to New Orleans – maybe for mardi gras next year??

  • Amy

    I am planning a trip to Belize next summer, and I don’t know if I will have enough miles. American flies direct from DFW to Belize!

  • Tim T

    I’m flying coach to Taiwan in a few months. I would like to for once in my life fly first class. I would like to upgrade my Delta Skyteam partner to fly first class!

  • Mike

    Have to fly back and forth between san fran for wedding planning and also possibly to honeymoon. generally fly aa

  • Venkata N Menta

    I will give to charitable org

  • James K

    I would use it for flight to Cancun on American Airline.

  • Brian Niebler

    I would use the credit to fly to Billings, Montana and see my brother who moved out there since airline tickets are just so darn expensive to get there!

  • Daniel

    Southwest to NYC for the US Open this September!

  • Bo

    I will fly to Alaska using Alaska airlines for a vacation!

  • Jeff Greatorex

    I would fly United to Europe with my girlfriend! She deserves a special trip.

  • Karl P

    I would use the prize to go to Las Vegas on Southwest. Vegas is waiting for my overdue visit!

  • yiplar

    These points would be PERFECT to fly Southwest from Washington DC to Aruba this Fall! New to your site and loving it. Once in Aruba, I’m using my new Club Carlson points with a friend to stay 4 days at a category six Radisson Aruba Resort for a mere 25,000 points per night thanks two second night free reward stays, paying all taxes, fees and transportation with Barclay Arrival Miles! Wish me luck on my first attempt on a completely free rewards travel experience.

  • Caroline

    I would use the gift card to fly to Seattle to see my very best friend and her new husband :)

  • Mary

    I am trying to earn enough United points to travel to New Zealand.

  • Tex

    440 should get me to San Fran and back.

  • Matt S

    I have so many on the list, but I think I’d use it towards one the many Delta deals to Scandanavia later this year.

  • John V

    I would use AA in conjuction with my UR/AA miles to get my family to Hawaii!

  • Bruce Hsu

    I am going to use the point to visit Europe!

  • Dan S

    $440 should get me half way to Europe!

  • Omer

    I would use this to offset part of a family trip to Costa Rica this winter for my dad’s 70th!

  • BK

    I am planning a 70th Birthday trip for my father. We are Korean and it’s a tradition to do something big for 60th birthday but I was in college/broke to do anything. This year, we are planning on taking him to Italy and would use Delta to help get him there.

  • Dan S

    On United Airlines

  • K.M

    I’d use it on Alaska Air to get to Hawaii! I love Hawaii and I’ll also be earning (valuable) Alaska miles!

  • JosephCabrera

    Central America via United

  • Estheti

    I planned my first solo trip anywhere. And have been watching us airways for a direct flight from Philadelphia to Dublin.

  • baccarat_guy

    towards a quick trip to Cairo.. since I haven’t been back in years…. probably KLM AMS-CAI-AMS; especially since it’s been a 777 lately.

  • Aarif

    I would probably go to texas or florida to visit family next winter… and use whichever airline is cheapest (since I can do that with arrival points).

  • DrewS84

    I would use it to fly home to Cleveland from Houston to surprise my family who I haven’t seen since last month, and won’t until Christmas!

  • Nicole

    My 35th birthday is in July, and being in Houston, would take United to do a long weekend in Los Cabos!

  • Kelly S

    I would use it to book a trip for my parents in law to visit us in Texas. I would want to win the Southwest credit! Southwest provides the best connections for their needs!

  • JHov85

    If selected, I would use this to book a trip on alaska airlines to Hawaii. My wife has been working extraneous hours at work for the last few months and is in bad need of a getaway. I would love nothing more than to surprise her with a trip to Hawaii. I proposed to her in Hawaii, so it will always hold a special place in her heart.

  • gailc

    I would love to visit one of my best friends who just moved to Singapore and take a dip at the Marina Bay Sands. It looks like a spaceship! Flying Delta.

  • Steven Huynh

    I would use the $440 certificate to take my parents out to Hawaii this summer after I finish school. Will be using United to Hawaii!

  • Adam

    I would use it to pay for a trip to Boston as part of expenses for family gathering flying United!

  • Greg

    $440 Would go a long way on Frontier. I’ve been itching to fly them to Costa Rica to stay at the Andaz property there.

  • David K

    I would fly my family to Seattle on Alaska Air, and then take a cruise through the inside passage to Alaska.

  • Cheryl

    I’d fly to LAX via Jet Blue to sail to Catalina with my best friend this summer!

  • Sean G

    I’d spend it on either a flight to Hawaii or Mexico on Alaska airlines.

  • Mark K

    I would use it to book the last leg of my daughter’s first vacation from JFK to MCO (DisneyWorld). Why the last leg? Because American killed the International Gateway Stopover rule just days before I planned to use it!!!

  • Rick

    Purchase seat upgrades for me and my spouse on upcoming Alaska Airlines flights to Seattle.

  • genesys9

    Will use the winnings to visit Hawaii on Alaska Airlines and use my two night gift certificates at Hyatt (via Chase Hyatt)

  • Guest

    Fly to San Jose via LAX to see my friends next thanksgiving!

  • sAnIL ,,, ;)

    with another $440 i can take a business class on my fav Emirates to india
    want to travel on the A-380

  • todd s.

    I’d take my spouse to Austin, Texas on Southwest Airlines for our 15th anniversary! The $440 will definitely cover my ticket, and then I can use my Southwest companion pass for my husband. It will be worth two tickets if I win!! Thanks!!

  • mkm

    Fly to San Jose on Alaska via LAX to see my friends for Thanksgiving!

  • Nikko Odiseos

    Visit by adorable nieces in the bay area!

  • Cody Johnson

    I would use the $440 certificate to fly southwest to NewYork. It has been 8 years since i have been there and have been wanting to go back.

  • Cynthia

    I’d use it to fly IAD-CDG on Delta over Labor Day and use my new Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard at every automated Metro kiosk I can find. Hallelujah for the PIN!

  • Grace Cox

    I would fly to the Chicago seminars on American!

  • Ryan R

    I’d use it on American to help cover the cost of flying (AA/ATN) to Bora Bora in late October for our wedding anniversary!

  • Wayne

    would fly to New york on Delta . To watch Arsenal vs the NY red bulls in july!

  • wiznick

    I’d use it for flying to HNL from LAX on AA.

  • ElectionAttorney

    I would fly to Hilo for warm water and the farmers’ market

  • Lauren N

    I would go to the Pelican bar in Jamaica on delta!!!!! A bar made of sticks out in the ocean?! Beer me!

  • buntij

    I’d take a trip to the Big Island on United to stand in the middle of the lava flow at night and look at the stars.

  • WBTM

    I’m go to the Australian Open on Qantas or Cathay Pacific

  • Henry

    I’d head out to Vegas on Delta for a week at the tables!

  • Brian S

    I would use it on United for my next planned diving trip to Baja in November!

  • danb1

    I’ve never been to any of the national parks!

  • tringuyen82

    I’d use it to pay the fuel surcharge on BA award flights in first class.

  • Dago Fonticiella

    I would use it to fly to London in AA from MIA

  • Ana

    I’d use it to visit my friends in Tokyo on American!

  • Justin

    Would use it to help get us back on BA from Dublin in September!

  • Charlotte (TYR)

    Delta or Icelandic Air… since they are the only two airlines that fly from US to Iceland (without having to go go Europe)!

  • Patty Calzada

    I would use it to travel to orlando and finally visit the wizarding world of harry potter! Still have some nights to use up this year on our SPG timeshare.

  • zbird

    Go to San Juan with my wife on United!

  • Larry

    Hawaii on American

  • kent

    Jetblue to Boston to visit family on the 4th of July!

  • Elizabeth

    I would fly to anywhere in the Pacific Northwest on Southwest Airlines and make great use of my companion pass!

  • Yehudah

    Would use it on United for 1st family vacation

  • Jerm

    I would visit my family in SFO on Delta

  • Big Dawes…..

    American Airlines (no fuel surcharges) for me fly into LHR rent car drive north see me mum, have not seen in a couple years! Then southwest to Gloucester and Bristol to see family members that have been born since I left 20yrs ago….

  • ALEX H

    Hawaii for a honeymoon!

  • Curt

    I would use it on Delta to visit my Dad in Indiana and celebrate his 86th birthday!


    Use it for a Christmas trip to Denver using either Southwest or Delta

  • Marty G.

    I would like to visit Washington DC for the Law Enforcement memorial. I’ve never been there but proudly serve as a man in blue and never had the money to get down there. I don’t know who flies into there, but any airline would be just fine for me.

  • Rod L

    I would use it to fly Norwegian’s new 787 long haul service from LA to Stockholm to finally visit the land of my ancestors!

  • Rob

    I would go to Cancun on Alaska’s new route from SEA.

  • Rings

    Put it toward an AA flight to Lima. Need to find out just how good the food really is there.

  • Steph

    I used it in Iceland to go on a day trip of snorkeling between the continental plates and caving in a lava tube. I booked the trip through my hotel so it came up on my card as a hotel expense. It wasn’t the whole thing, so I used the rest for the hotel and the bus to the airport the next (this) morning.

  • Chapped As

    Would use the credit to buy upgrades certs from AA for domestic 500 mile upgrades.

  • athanatos

    LAX-IAD-FCO on United — hate layovers, but love Rome!

  • Joel

    I would probably head to Chicago on Virgin America.

  • Yarnie Chen

    I would love to head back home where I grew up – Guam! Its been a decade since I’ve been back.

  • Benjamin J L

    I’ve been wanting to take a weekend to take one of Cathay Pacific’s “fifth freedom” flights from YVR to JFK to experience the product without having to go all the way to Hong Kong.

    Would love to use the gift card to get to and from JFK/YVR and use miles for Cathay Pacific in First.

  • Will

    I would pick Southwest to take a couple domestic trips with my girlfriend. I earned a companion pass but have no more Southwest points to use! First stop: Seattle.

  • Beau Sorensen

    I’d use the credit on Delta – I’m a hub captive here in SLC, but I would use it towards a trip to Japan. Japan’s my favorite place to go. I lived there for a few years and go back every chance I get!

  • Andy T

    Would use the gift cards to pay taxes/fees on an award ticket!

  • Rob D

    I’m taking a trip to Europe this summer before starting grad school. I’m planning on flying United, since I am the closest to having status with them.

  • Frank

    I will use southwest point and fly to their new route in cancun in the summer!!

  • T Man

    Ii would use it (and a little more) to fly on AA from DFW on the 777 to Shangahi!

  • TMK

    Use them to offset AA/US trip to Rome

  • ShoeGistics

    I would use the points to travel to Cambodia and visit the resorts there!

  • christinecg

    I would love to go back to Taiwan to visit family. thank you.

  • Katey M

    Southwest so I could double the winnings with my Companion Pass and I eager to go to Aruba with the new flights!

  • Grant

    I have a work training in Chicago coming up in September and would love to use this to help pay for my wife to join me! Thank you for this giveaway!

  • Jan

    I would use it to fly to FLL for a much needed job interview for a great position. I have been out of work for 2 years and this would so help my daughter and I if I could get to this interview. Thank you

  • Stuart

    I would use them for a business trip to San Antonio in September

  • AXJ

    I’ve been trying to book a Delta flight from ATL to PHX in June to visit some Starwood Luxury Collection properties and see the Grand Canyon for the first time. But, the flight hasn’t budged from a healthy $446 so a $440 spot would be perfect! Thanks!

  • Chad G

    In August I’m beginning to embark on a 20 month Graduate Program in San Diego, I live in Chicago. I will be burning through my miles that I’ve been saving up (AA and Ultimate Rewards). I would use this credit for one or two of my cross country trips for my one a month 4 day on campus residential classes.

  • Arlene Ivana

    I’d visit friends in Southern California with my husband!

  • Vicki

    I would use the certificate to buy a ticket on AA to SEA.
    SEA is beautiful in the summer!

  • mike

    I’d fly to Cabo on United.

  • Spencer Ogden

    Same as you, head to Seattle.

  • tiffany l

    i would use my winnings to book a united flight to the west coast–it’s been too long since i’ve made a trip!

  • Sabby

    Would use it on delta, to go to San Diego!

  • jonathanc

    I would use the certificate to travel to London on AA….where I could use my chip & pin card!

  • Drew

    I’d fly to Boston to catch a Red Sox game this summer!

  • eun

    would use it on delta to go back to the Philippines to visit my family (from NYC).!

  • Bibendum

    I would use the gift certificate to send my husband and son to France so that I can have some vacations!!!!

  • Bhasu Risal

    I’d use it to go to Maine, on Southwest.

  • Jason

    I would like to go to Denver on Southwest, because they fly direct from PIT. I have never been and I have a list of friends and family that have moved there and I have not had the chance to visit them yet. Everyone keeps talking it up, begging me to come out and visit, and I want to check out the slopes and sunshine!

  • danny

    planning to visit family in kentucky. delta bos-cvg.

  • Charlie

    Would use it for a ticket to China.

  • Pat O

    I’d use it (amongs other points) and send my parents on a well needed vacation to the Caribbean!

  • Alex

    I would use it on Southwest and Starwood so I can take a trip out to disneyland with the family!

  • Herb

    i would go to Rio de janeiro…

  • Ami V.

    Would use it to fly to Hawaii for an anniversary.

  • gama

    I would book a ticket to go skiing in Canada, Whistler, and perhaps would go with Air Canada.

  • Scott Hayton

    Take a trip to Hawaii… and probably fly Alaska Air.

  • Alexis L

    I’d use it to pay the taxes and fees on three award tickets to Germany to visit the Christmas markets this December.

  • Jonathan

    Alaska.. I need to pay for the taxes lax-dxb-pvg

  • KantSpel

    I’d use the money to offset the airfare to Bogota, to visit my in laws.

  • gtnaut

    I would use it for a trip to Hong Kong. Planning a trip now with some buddies. I am not picky about the airlines.

  • Sam

    Go snorkeling in Hawaii!

  • Rhen

    We are thinking Iceland next summer via Delta! This would be awesome.

  • Kang L

    I would use the money to take my family on a vacation to San Francisco by Southwest Airlines! :)

  • Michael

    I’d use the miles for a family trip to Paris on United.

  • Erin Sunseri

    I would use it for a ticket to Japan on Delta!

  • Courtney E

    We would go to Belize with American Airlines!

  • Bill

    I would take my family to Kauai, HI on Alaska Airlines non-stop from SF Bay Area.

  • Will-A-Way

    Churchill to see the polar bears. I would use Aeroplan miles to fly from Winnipeg to Churchill. As for 440 dollars, I would use that to take a 45-hour train back to Winnipeg!

  • Uri

    I would fly to Niagara falls on SW

  • RD Bryant

    A much need vacation…Off to Hawaii we would go… after we have and recover from surgery this summer. We have not had a vacation in over 7 years.

  • Jeff

    Australia for new years!

  • Siddharth

    I would take my family to Bermuda on Southwest/Airtran

  • Julie

    Since only Delta and United fly out of Jackson Hole, WY, I’d have to go with Delta and fly abroad! Belize, NZ, Thailand? oh the places you can go…

  • Heidi

    Trying to put a trip together to visit family in NJ/NYC and wowzers this would e a HUGE help! We usually go United, but have always wanted to try Jet Blue and Virgin America. Thanks for all of your wise words! :)

  • Phil


  • DaveC

    I would use it to see my grand daughter in West Virginia.

  • Balazs

    Round trip to LA to visit long-seen friends with AA

  • Mary W

    I am flying to the western side of Montana this summer. There is no easy way to get there from here and tickets are insanely expensive for the all day adventure. I would use $440 to off set the cost of tickets. I would use which ever airline had the best deal when I finally book – either Delta or American Airlines most likely.

  • matt

    go with my fam to miami to visit my wifes grandparents on southwest

  • Sachin M.

    I would fly to ND to surprise my parents! Delta has nonstops to Minot so I would roll with them…

  • Octavian

    United to fsd!

  • Mark McGillicuddy

    Grand Canyon!

  • Ben

    I would use it on AA to go to Europe !

  • dd

    I’d take my wife and myself to the Netherlands flying United so she can take part in the red head festival. She’s been wanting to go there for years to take part in the largest red head event in the world.

  • Jeff Broman

    I would use it to fly to Barcelona on American.

  • Ivan M.

    Trip to Houston to visit the Space Center!

  • Jeanie French LaPack

    I would use it to fly home to LA for a visit on American.

  • Mario Ramos

    Taking my fiancee to visit New York

  • Ryan Koch

    I would use it on AA to fly to South America.

  • Toan

    Fly United to Tokyo

  • floressalicis

    I would use it on Alaska in combination with my Alaska Airline credit card’s companion ticket voucher to fly me and my fiancé to Hawaii to see the Big Island and Maui.

  • sebin im

    Will go to hawaii flying AA. never been hawaii.

  • Nirmal Patel

    Prague, flying United Airlines.

  • Jordon W

    I would use it on Southwest to fly my parents to Tulum for my wedding!

  • Kazu Okumura

    Fly AA to Miami to party with my friend from high school.

  • Adam

    I would use it to fly United to Puerto Vallarta.

  • Amanda McGowan

    I’d use the certificates to fly from SFO to ATL. I really need to get my granddaughter out there to visit her grandparents!

  • Rachel Wallack


  • Cyprian

    Go salmon fishing for my dads 72nd birthday. NYC to Alaska on Alaskan airlines

  • Jacob

    I’d go to Vegas for my birthday!

  • Lisa T. (LAX)

    I would use it for a short get way to Seattle and Vancouver on AA ^-^

  • Nipun Jami

    I would use it to travel to Turkey and go to Cappadocia to check the Sunrise on Hot air Balloons…. and its not one or two.. its hundreds of hot air balloons at once

  • Crystal

    Have my kids join me on a business trip with Virgin America.

  • Rajnish

    I would go to Maui.

  • Kami

    Hiking the Alps in Switzerland!

  • mrxjz

    I would choose to fly to hong kong with AA (codeshare with cathay pacific), and use that $440 airline credit to off set the price difference between economy and premium economy ticket on cathay pacific.

  • Max

    I would use United to get me to Europe and back with an open jaw and stopover.

  • Andy

    30k Southwest points…hmm, I’d take my wife to Acadia via BOS!

  • Heather

    I would go to Alaska on Alaska Airlines

  • Andy O.

    I would go to some stop in Alaska on Alaska Airways. Want to see the northern lights.

  • Katie King

    I would use United or Delta to fly from my urban jungle of LA to Hawaii and do a week-long meditation retreat! My physical therapist says I need to find a way to relieve stress, can’t think of a better way than a free flight and some uninterrupted time in a Hawaiian hammock :)

  • Bhargav

    I would use it to visit to fly AA to visit my mother!

  • doris

    Japan on United!

  • Tonetone28

    I’d fly JetBlue to Alaska via lax in Mint.

  • Michael

    Alaska Airlines to Hawaii!

  • CE

    I would use it to fly Delta to hawaii for Christmas prices are outrageous!

  • Joan

    Hong Kong!

  • dubaych

    Antigua next winter on American, to escape the cold … or maybe ice hotel in Quebec, to celebrate the cold

  • John Denholm

    I’d use it to take my son to the San Diego Zoo – Flying Southwest to SAN is easy from the Bay Area.

  • Edward

    I would visit an old friend in SEA using UA!

  • Nahla Wahba

    I’d take my kids to a water park.

  • Ree

    I’d use it on American to go to Europe!

  • Jared Montgomery

    I would use United to fly from ORD to my favorite place in the world..home! Flights to Springfield, MO are always right around $500 and rarely go on sale – a perfect way to get 2+ cents per dollar in times when I am heavy on points and light on cash.

  • Pandakun

    I’ve got an upcoming trip to Lisbon & Morocco (Marrakkesh) this October, but then I realized I’d be staying a bit longer in Lisbon than I originally intended. With that in mind, I did some Google searching and thought it’d be fun to visit Madeira island – a little “off the beaten path” from what I’d planned, but it looks like a neat place.

    Except that there were no “point”-based redemptions that I could make to stay there, and – of course – it would be another flight to pay for. If I were to win the card, I’d use it to off-set the cost of getting another TAP flight out to Funchal, and staying at Quinta Jardins do Lago. That would be the relaxing icing on the otherwise adventure-packed vacation (cake)!

  • Josiah Lamz

    I’d fly Southwest to Grand Rapids, MI to bring my family together.

  • Logan

    I would use the gift certificate on United to fly down to Lima, Peru, to reunite with my peruvian love interest.

  • Eddy

    I’d use the GC to help with tickets on an Alaska flight with the wife to the Big Island for some snorkeling!

  • Monica

    I would use the points to fly to Hawaii for my close friend’s wedding next Spring. As for who to fly with, I would try for Delta since I’m a fresh silver medallion member but may end up choosing another airline if the price is right.

  • Eric S

    I’d escape the Boston winter next fall to someplace warm (really, anyplace south would do).

  • Nick

    I’d use the money to help cover part of a flight I have to book from MEL>YYZ over the next couple months.

  • Max

    LAX to SRQ for the holidays.

  • Julia

    I would chose southwest to fly of to NYC to see one of my best friends that I only see about once a year!!

  • Chad Blake

    I’d fly to Hawaii on Alaska to take a little breather from work with my wife.

  • Kate

    I would use it to fly on United to Hawaii for a wedding in August. Thank you :) Kate

  • Seth

    Fly to Puerto Rico to visit my girlfriend’s family for the holidays…expensive time of year to fly there.

  • Al

    Go to St.martin

  • Devin

    Planning a trip to Brazil for the World Cup!
    Though I don’t have tickets to any games, the extra travel money for United could be better served buying World Cup tickets (if I may say so myself).
    Getting to Manaus (deep in the rain forest where the USA plays Portugal) can be tricky, and from Manaus going to Recife (where USA plays Germany on the clear other side of the country) even trickier so the extra travel allowance would be very helpful.

  • Gotham

    I would go to Hawaii from New York with Alaskan Airlines and be thanking TPG all the time while doing so

  • MisterChristian

    I’d go with American. I’d love to fly them to Switzerland to see the Alps in summer.

  • brian n

    I would use it to help my friend get to Banff Springs with me. I’m already set with points.

  • Pedro pilot

    I would fly AA to Vancouver this fall for a week’s vacation!

  • Luqi Li

    I’d like to have summer vocation at Grand Rapids, MI. I’ll use the certificate for my American Airlines ticket!

  • Kara

    I would choose Delta, because they’re the easiest to fly out of my home airport. I’d go to Seattle or Portland to visit the wineries up there!

  • Francesca

    I would go to Sicily.

  • Alicia B

    I’m planning a trip on Southwest to Portland this fall.

  • Jon Nason

    Anywhere in the Caribbean sun – Delta can get me there from ATL!

  • disqus_HOgdQuoqe8

    I would use my winnings to go skiing in Park City Utah and fly Delta to get there

  • AC

    i would use the United gc to pay for part of plane tickets to fly my parents to US to spend Christmas with me.

  • JamesJ

    I would happily tell my wife that she can join me on my next business trip to San Francisco on United. She’s been dying to go.

  • Matt Apter

    I would use JetBlue for a quick trip to visit friends in Orlando!

  • yellowpad

    Visit my son in Tucson, which boasts an “international airport” that is IMPOSSIBLE to get to.

  • Jeff

    I would fly AA to RDU to see my friends wedding with my GF. Never been to Raleigh, can’t wait to go.

  • MannyV

    My daughter is getting married here in Cincy ih December. This would be a great surprise for her if her Delta flight from PDX to CVG would be a gift compliments of TPG Giveaway. :)

  • JR

    just starting out on earning miles and points. haven’t booked anything yet, but would love to have a summer vacation via Jetblue to Orlando.
    My daughter is wanting to visit the Harry Potter park!!!

  • sarthakaggarwal

    Would love to fly to a beach in Florida, this cold weather in chicago is not helping at all! Would love to try a new JetBlue airline…

  • Chuck

    American to Hawaii!

  • charles

    Go to hawaii

  • smizroch

    I’d fly Delta from SEA to NYC sooner than later, while I still have my fancy status with them (ending soon, gone for good, or for as long as their keep their ridiculous new qualification policy)

  • Johnson

    Go to Maine

  • Jonathan

    I would fly United to NYC to look for jobs there over the summer. I’m graduating from my master’s program at UCLA next month, and I would love to move back!

  • Gin

    Fly on Southwest to Aruba and tack on the companion pass alongside. Would love this!

  • trulyshyazn

    Fly my pregnant wife out to see her family in chicago! =)

  • Maria Paula Straub-Montenegro

    I would love to go to Dubai through AA and have a skinny martini with my husband at the top of the Burj Khalifa. Pretty please!!

  • George

    Seattle to Boston, on United, since my daughter will be there this Summer.

  • Harish Kumar

    I will fly to LAS VEGAS from Austin in June to celebrate by birthday. RT on southwest cost 444$. If I won, I will only need an extra 4$ for my trip and I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  • EricN

    I would love to have the extra cash for train tickets in Europe this summer!

  • Ben Price

    I would use my winnings to visit my mother-in-law in Catania, Sicily.

  • Neil

    Finally take my wife to Seattle!

  • Christine B

    I would fly my dad in for Father’s Day…AA nonstop DFW-BWI

  • cowbox

    I’ve never been to the southern hemisphere, so I’d use the certificates to travel to Australia!

  • Shelli Wilson

    Bucket list trip to Calgary and Banff!! Would love
    To stay at a Fairmont @fairmonthotels with our daughters. BTW this is my favorite credit card – so many benefits!

  • LuvVacations

    I would fly Alaska for the very 1st time after reading your positive airline review up to Wash St to visit family.

  • Dan

    Fly to Vegas on JetBlue from Boston for a boys weeked!

  • Michael W Brombacher

    I would go to Charleston, SC for a beach trip!

  • glen

    I’d take Alaska Airlines to visit my friends in Seattle!

  • Felicia

    I would definitely do a long weekend trip to Miami for me and my husband.

  • Cliff

    I’d hit up Alaska Airlines for a flight to Calgary, and the sweet, sweet Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. Two nights free from the card!

  • Adam Jakowenko

    I’d take the opportunity to fly my favorite airline (Virgin America) for a weekend getaway to Chicago. Why FOOD! Food, food and more food. Have you ever had french fries fried in bacon fat? Well, you can get them in Chicago. Let’s all go, shall we?

  • Angelica Wilk

    Can I get a break from New York City and take off to my own paradise $440 would get me there – promise!

  • undertoe6

    Fly to see my Sister in Tennessee!

  • Tina

    I would love to go to Costa Rica with Jetblue! :)

  • Ron

    United to West Palm Beach

  • KR

    AA, United, or Southwest would all work to visit family in ABQ. Thanks!

  • Harlan Vaughn

    Caribbean on American!

  • Giancarlo Morelli

    That would get me halfway to a roundtrip ticket to London. Hopefully I can try out a 787.

  • Andrew

    NYC to San Fran on Virgin America! Never flown on them because I usually care about miles, but if the ticket is free, then I’d like to try a new product!

  • Rich

    I would use mine for a Southwest positioning flight for my award ticket to Europe this summer

  • Lin Mendoza

    Southwest BNA – ELP: bringing the baby sister out to visit after PCSing to the middle of the desert.

  • Jeff Lile

    I’d love to go to Las Vegas on Southwest!

  • Michael K.

    United to visit a friend in Canada

  • Arthur H

    I’d use the certificate on an international flight to either South Africa or Japan.

  • Tyler

    We would use the AA gift cards to take our long awaited trip to Paris with stops in Champagne and Burgundy!

  • John Gillespie

    I would use the gift certificate on United to go visit my family in england!

  • Lamia

    Southwest! Use it to fly to MCO for a cruise! Thanks

  • Bryan F

    American to visit my Mom in Santa Cruz

  • Blythe

    Long weekend in Florida to visit friends and have some beach time. I would fly United!

  • Jon

    I would use the winnings to fly US Air to Vegas and try to make some more winnings

  • P

    I’d use the gift card to best the heat and fires in So Cal and fly to Alaska or Hawaii

  • michael

    I’d like to try the new AA route from DFW-HKG. Love the new AA so far!

  • DWG

    I would coordinate the United certificate with the funds in my United gift registry to purchase a red-eye transcontinental flight on United’s lay flat first class seats, traveling from LAX to NYC.

  • Jennifer Church

    United credits to book a trip to Savannah to try out the new Kimpton hotel there.

  • Dina

    I’d use the giftcard to fly AA from JFK to HNL with my family next year.

  • md9802

    I’d use it on United to help cover our upcoming trip to Asia!

  • xcha

    delta to paris!

  • nhmomjcd

    I would use the winnings for 2 tickets on aitalia airlines from Rome – Catania sicily, and take my daughter who is studying in Rome this summer. Since tickets are only like $320 for 2 people I would use the remainder of the winnings for a great B&B in Siracuse to see the Ancient city!

  • Speliotes

    Fly united to Jackson Hole

  • Jason

    Guatemala on Delta

  • Becca

    I would use it to help get my sister and I to Chile. She’s about to graduate and needs a vacation!

  • ralph van dyke

    I would fly AA to visit my Mom in Florida!

  • yichuan2010

    I would fly from Chicago to Boston or Seattle to thank those who helped me get into grad school in person.

  • Scott

    My wife and I would use it towards a DL Tix to Australia for our anniversary. This has always been my wife’s #1 trip of choice. The last time we were able to get away for an anniversary 3 years ago we used PTS for BE for the 1st time on Delta to Spain.

  • alicetowery

    I’d use the ticket to fly to Madison, Wisconsin to see my granddaughters!

  • Peter

    I would fly American Airlines non-stop flights from Boston to Portland and back.

  • Terry

    I would use it on Southwest to go to Puerto Rico baby!

  • Taylor

    I would put it towards a trip to Puerto Rico! My husband and I haven’t had a vacation together since our honeymoon!

  • Vijay

    I’d use the money to fly from Chicago to Albuquerque!

  • Tae

    I would like to fly to San Francisco to meet my old friends with the gift certificate.

  • Haowei Chen

    I will used to on a Delta Flight to ATL from SAN. And then go to Savannah!

  • LXZ

    I would use the winning towards our trip to Europe, flying UA from SFO to Rome!

  • Lisa Wheeler

    I would use the winnings to surprise my husband with a trip to Vegas (where we got married) on Southwest. Combine that with some myVegas scored room deals and that would be quite a free trip!

  • bostrvlr

    I would use it on American toward a flight to Buenos Aires to learn to tango!

  • Sean Besser

    Vegas baby. Vegas!!!

  • Tom

    I would use the winnings to take the wife to the carribbean on United

  • Stephanie

    I would use the $ to book a flight down to Miami to visit my Dad and little Sister :)

  • Bryan

    I would use the winnings to put towards a trip to South Africa!

  • loumin

    I would use the certificate on United. We are going to Hawaii next spring!

  • Skylar

    I found out recently that I am a direct descendant of Richard “The Signer” Stockton, one of the signers of The Deceleration of Independence. I would use the certificate to go visit his home, Morven, in Princeton, New Jersey. I would fly American Airlines from LAX-JFK, so I could experience the new A321.

  • Brandon

    I’d use it for a nonstop flight to Japan from Minneapolis on Delta to visit my girlfriend. If I get lucky like last time the plane will have lots of empty seats. Some people even got the four middle seats to themselves, so they were able to lie down and sleep easy. That’s a free economy class bed upgrade!

  • Oldmanbob

    I would use the funds toward a trip for my wife and I to go to Germany to see our son who is actively military serving in the US Air Force. Probably use Delta as we each have about 50K miles saved thus far, as we have saving our miles up for many, many years.

  • Craig

    I would take my wife to New York City flying JetBlue (since I’ve never flown that before). She’s always wanted to see New York.

  • Will

    Juneau for a week of halibut and salmon fishing on Alaska Air!!

  • Sadie Lou

    Los Cabos on Alaska Air!! A week on the sandy beaches, swim-up bars, and margaritas!!!

  • W. Hung

    i would take a flight to europe! its been on my list for a long time.

  • Jeff Reardon

    I think I would use it to go to Cancun on Southwest. thanks

  • wildcat007

    I would fly AA direct from DCA to PHX to surprise my family!

  • sherm485

    Would hop on Delta to escape these SD fires and head back to WI to see the fam.

  • Adam J

    I would use the certificate towards airfare on United to Taiwan with my wife. Shhhh…it’s a secret…


    I would use it on American to head to Los Angeles. The snowstorms this year cancelled our original plans.

  • Larry

    I would fly to Boston, probably on American, to see a Boston Red Sox game in Fenway Park

  • Douglas

    I would take the kids to Orlando on American to vacation in Disneyworld.

  • Sachin Sohal

    3g’s(+-) away from hitting 15k bonus on my AMEX Reserve and working my way to Platinum Status for the first time ever…so JFK to SFO via Delta with my Girlfriend after our Step 1 Medical Licensing exam next month. I am doing things the right way, so #BusinessElite roundtrip and #St.Regis for the SPG Points

  • Brian

    I had to get my new Arrival+ card expedited so I can take it with my girlfriend and I to Europe next week, I would love to use the certificate to book our next trip!!

  • Nick

    I’d use it to fly to Hawaii on United

  • ASW

    I’d put the credit towards a United flight to Japan to see the historical sites in Tokyo and the gardens of Kyoto.

  • smitty06

    Girls weekend in vegas on United

  • Aubrey Miller

    I would use it go visit my sister in Hawaii who is moving to Honolulu in August!

  • Miaminj

    I would use it to fly to Miami this Thanksgiving. Tickets are outrageously expensive from NY as compared with years past.

  • Mary

    I’d fly on Delta to Chicago to see my best friend’s new baby (oh and see my family as well, which would make my mom happy too) ;)

  • Esteban

    I’d use them to buy a ticket and visit my family down in Colombia

  • chrisclue

    I would LOVE to go to London. I’d use this gift certificate plus the 120K+ AA miles I have saved up to fly business class!

  • Mark

    I would use it to fly back to Colorado to see my fiancé for wedding prep during this fall. 12/14/14 can’t come soon enough, not the wedding day but the start of the honeymoon

  • Ken

    I would fly AA/US to a Caribbean island with my wife for a romantic weekend getaway

  • Jay

    I would use the gift card to fly AA to Amsterdam. Thank you for the giveaway!

  • savscott

    I would fly Delta to Las Vegas with my wife to see Rod Stewart and the Eagles in October

  • Mr. Cool

    detroit m&arriott breakfast buffet!!.. spirit ar of course

  • Dustin M.

    I would use it to take my girlfriend to Kona, HI. We’re both coffee addicts and would love to explore the awesome coffee shops there! I’d fly Hawaiian nonstop from JFK-HNL and then to KOA!

  • phil

    I would add the miles to my AA acct. and visit a college friend in Germany that I haven’t seen in over 20 years!!

  • Sue

    I would use them to fly to Hawaii with UA.

  • eric

    I would use the gift certificate to help fund a trip to Japan.

  • Thomas R

    I would use the winnings to purchase a flight from Maui back to Boston

  • A friend in SC

    It would save me from climbing in a wheel well to get to California.

  • Kyle S

    I would use the funds for a positioning flight on American.

  • Jasmine

    My honey’s 35th birthday is coming up and I’d like to take him on a surprise summer vacay – somewhere West Coast with sun! I’d fly American, United or Delta since we live in the DMV area and I have miles on all!

  • Marlene

    Since I live in a delta hub, I would use the airline credit on Delta. I would most likely put it towards a trip to Europe, like the flight to Norway I got for around this same price coming up this fall.

  • Rene

    I would choose a United Gift Card and use it to fly to our family reunion in Las Vegas in August!

  • Martin Bartels

    I would take United to Hawaii for some serious hiking and to enjoy the beaches.

  • IKC

    Delta to Reykjavik!

  • snakedoc1

    I would fly to Alaska on Alaska Airways. I’ve been in 30 countries, but never been to Alaska. Imagine that!

  • Torrence

    I’d use the gift certificates to help get me and the family to Hawaii on UNITED!

  • AJ

    I would use it on American Airlines to London, to watch the Dallas Cowboys play.

  • Amber

    I would use mine to fly on Alaska Airways to go see my best friend Katie in Seattle who is expecting a baby!

  • Kevin

    On United for a flight back to California for Christmas!

  • shay peleg

    I would use my winnings to take some trips in Asia (going to be there anyway)

  • Jamie

    I would fly Alaska Airlines to Anchorage so that I can partake in a dog sled race!

  • James

    Hawaii with United Airlines

  • Icefleur

    I am so fortunate to have friends that invite me to go skiing in the west each January. So this would be a great thing to use with United to Eagle Vail!

  • George

    I live in HKG so I would take the money to fly my wife to Singapore on Scoot.

  • spistora

    I would use it towards a trip to Australia with my wife. I am working on American Airlines points currently.

  • Mark

    I would use AS to fly on their new route to New Orleans!

  • Katie Fielding

    I would use the winnings to fly to BC to explore Vancouver Island!

  • Brent

    I would use the winnings to fly southwest to the Caribbean!

  • steve

    I’d get a southwest GC and use it+my companion pass to Aruba and Austin with my wife.

  • Glenn

    Definitely would add it to my AA miles account to get me 40,000 steps closer to a RT in 1st class!

  • Jb

    I would definitely choose Alaska Airlines as they are my airline of choice domestically. I would use the credit for my upcoming anniversary in Kauai

  • Brandon Mann

    I would use the gift card to escape the scorching AZ summer and go to Seattle for a week in July.

  • BigTex

    Vegas baby. Vegas.

  • Avi

    American Airlines to Bermuda!

  • Christopher

    In a very responsible move, I would take $400 of that money and put it on 0 and 00 at the roulette table at the MGM Grand in Vegas. With the remaining $40 I would order 2 overpriced cocktails for my wife and myself, then sit back and watch.
    If we lose, at least we got some free drinks. But if we win….The Points Guy would receive a nice Edible Arrangement in the mail. A WIN WIN!

  • brian kusler

    Hello. Just clicked through to sign up for the Barclay card. Love that it finally has Chip and Pin! I’d take the gift certs on Delta. I’m trying to get enough money/points to fly my sister and my nephews here to NYC from Portland, Oregon for Christmas and Delta has direct service at a convenient hour. Thank you!

  • Rene

    I would fly United to LGA for some decent Chinese food!

  • John Hill

    I’m taking my friend to San Diego to see the Phillies vs. Padres. I could offset some hotel costs with the $440.

  • Sourabh

    I heard about the myVegas slots game from a previous post on this blog, and have been playing it everyday. We are planning a Vegas trip late summer, and this $440 would hopefully cover the airfare! By the way, I live in Seattle & would surely use Alaska.

  • Genevieve

    I would use the gift certificate to go to Dubrovnik on United!

  • BW

    I would use my gift certificate to go to Europe.

  • Steve

    Delta to Vegas!

  • Warren

    I would use it to pay for tix to Dubia on Delta

  • ven

    I would fly Alaska Airlines to Hawaii to celebrate my Sons birthday

  • BW

    On United

  • deb

    Fly any airline I could to Hawaii. Was just looking through my Barclay’s card benefits earlier this evening.

  • David Miller

    I’d fly to San Francisco for a bachelor party, probably on Southwest.

  • Chris

    Use the cert to use to fly my SO’s parents to Hawaii. They deserve it!!!

  • Larissa Alonso

    I would go to San Francisco to give lots of hugs and kisses in my grandma (that i don’t see for 2 years now), and to take my 2 babies so the youngest one can meet the great grandma for the first time! Via United, of course, cause is the only one non stop, and flying alone with 2…the only thing a mom could wish for…non stop flight hehe.

  • Allen

    Fly alaska to hawaii

  • Ravi

    TPG recommendations are right on the money. I cant tell how fortunate I am to get points based on his post – that have taken me to my favorite outdoor sports destinations. As for this one , I would use the money to fly to OSL where the flights are cheap (for now) for hiking this fall or go skiing in the Alps next Jan/Feb.

  • Vin

    I fly with my wife to Europe on United

  • Buddy

    I would take my fiancé to Vegas on Delta,
    PS Thanks for all the tips! Made Silver Medallion a couple of weeks ago and just got my first confirmed upgrade from JAX to JFK this Saturday..

  • Riddle350

    I’d use it to help me on my trip through Central and South America including trips to The Galapagos and Easter Island. Probably on United.

  • Colin

    I’d use American Airlines to go to NYC

  • cl

    fly to alaska on united. thanks

  • Stogs2

    Delta or American to visit my brother in NY for his first running of the NYC Marathon

  • Moon

    I will use this to go to Asia next year, to see my mother who I haven’t seen in 4 years. I will probably fly Southwest to get me from Houston to the west coast then fly an international airline.


    Safari in South Africa

  • Phlash

    Fly to CA on Virgin America

  • Kevin W.

    United flight out to SNA to see the family.

  • Kelly

    I’d fly to Scotland, and go to Neist Point for sunset.

  • Chris

    I would fly to NRT via JAL.

  • Justin

    I would use it to plan a nice weekend in a warm location outside of Michigan, like Florida and Key Largo where you suggested some great snorkeling. Ahhhh.

  • Jack

    I would love the AA gift certificate to go to Kauai!

  • KoolFatKat

    I’d fly to Hawaii on American.

  • Ivan

    My wife and my anniversary is coming up in October and I am planning a surprise trip to the Caribbean, I would use points on American Airlines to get from LAX to the Caribbean. Thanks!

  • Eric

    I’d travel to Seattle on Alaska Airlines, and celebrate with an Alaskan brew at Safeco park.

  • mattincabo

    I would fly to San Diego on Alaska Airlines to see my parents.

  • Mark

    I would use the GC to surprise my wife with a ticket to Europe on Delta. I’m flying there for business this summer, and this way she’d be able to be with me to help me celebrate my big 4-0.

  • Kcal

    Before Delta changes to their new program I am shooting for two free tickets. I have enough miles for one ticket and if I got your gift plus sign up for the Barclay credit card I will have enough for two tickets for one last fling. We are looking at Costa Rica for next January when it is miserably cold here in the frozen north. Or perhaps Hawaii if we could get enough miles:-)

  • Emily

    Starting my 3 year RTW trip so I would use the winnings to fly American Airlines (via Sri Lankan Airlines) from Bangalore, India to the Maldives and live it up for a few days!

  • Jason McClure

    Lihue on AA.

  • Vince

    I would travel to Alaska by Alaska Airways and check out/climb Mount McKinley. And while I’m at it, maybe attempt if I can see Russia from that view.

  • Richard

    I would fly Delta to LAX!

  • Jim

    I would use it to visit family moving to Arizona – and fly US Airways!

  • 2ruse

    need to see my friend Mitch! bring him out here to SFO from NYC

  • Julia

    I would put it towards a ticket on Delta to most anywhere in Asia!

  • Jenn

    I would use the miles to add to my United account and fly to London over fall break!

  • dkmashino

    I’d be on DL, tyvm; traveling to ATL.

  • Randy

    Already booked flights to take my family of 5 to see Disney World this fall. I would use the winnings to book our rental car.

  • Dave

    I’d go to Cleveland on AA to watch John Manziel throw 3 TDs in the Browns season opener!

  • Susan Robson

    I’d plan a trip for my Mom to come to STL to visit my family! Of course, I’d book her on American!

  • Gustavo Garcia

    I have been trying to get to all 50 states and territories, all 10 Canadian provinces and territories before I am 50. I am over half way. I would probably go to Yukon or Newfoundland next.

  • Bo

    UA to Roatan for a week of scuba diving!

  • reikokorin

    I’d go visit my family in Colorado. I haven’t seen them in almost a year, and luckily flights between Chicago and Denver aren’t too expensive!

  • CH

    Visit the grandparents… LGA to PBI on B6.

  • DMartin

    I would use the winnings to fly Alaska Airlines someplace very warm in the middle of winter, because I live where it snows and I hate snow. But I love AS!

  • Corinne

    I haven’t had a vacation since I graduated college, so like 6 years. I need a vacation.

    I’d use this to for a ticket to Jamaica, where I have family that I haven’t seen since I was 3.

  • ben

    Will use the prize to help buy a ticket on United to Hawaii.

  • Jeremy

    I’d visit NY, I love that city!

  • benstephens

    I just got back from Belize, I think I’d use the winnings to return.

  • Alaine

    I would love to win. I’d fly United to Virginia to visit family.

  • joanna

    I will use the prize to buy a United ticket to Seattle.

  • Lisa J

    I would use this towards my dream trip to New Zealand for my 30th birthday.

  • Nick Knight

    I would use it to fly Unites to see my friend in Denver.

  • Dennis

    I would fly to San Francisco on Delta and enjoy the Big Sur coast.

  • Frugal4Life

    Fly my baseball-loving husband on United nonstop from LAX to EWR to pick up my brothers and nephews in NJ and drive to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. We’ve been trying to get that plan together and go for years but the finances and timing never seem to match up!

  • Eric

    The deadline is my birthday and I would use the winnings to visit my girlfriend who lives in a different city. I’ve been many exotic places and sometimes you just want to go home.

  • Manny

    Dog-sledding in Alaska on Alaska airlines!

  • Ali

    Would love to use this towards taking my family to Geneva when I travel for work.

  • Burton

    I’ll use the money to fly my wife and I to Cabo for our Anniversary on American Airlines!

  • Keith

    I would grab a Southwest flight to Fort Myers to see my dad, and get some fishing in

  • RRR

    I would fly one of the new cheap fares that Norwegian Air has to Stockholm from L.A. and make up any difference in cash.

  • yeonjei

    Would love to use this to SFO on Delta!

  • kay

    The would choose Southwest gift certificates for domestic travel.

  • Jen

    American to Hawaii with my parents and sister!

  • Nathan

    I would love to take my girlfriend to California and fly Virgin America PHL -> LAX.

  • Michael

    I’d fly JetBlue to Puerto Rico and use the Hilton rewards points I’ve been saving to stay at a resort there. :)

  • Matthew Ender

    Id use the $440 to surprise my wife with a trip to Cancun on Southwest. Thanks to the companion pass (from premium and plus signups earlier this year), that’d get us both down there for a long weekend :)

  • Christine B.

    I would use it towards a one-way ticket to New Zealand on American Airlines…first stop on my RTW trip next year using miles and points! Thanks for all the great advice.

  • Thanh Le

    I would choose Southwest. My sister and I are trying to go to New York in September for the U.S. Open!

  • attgig

    going to ft lauderdale from bwi on southwest. first family flight after our baby came.

  • Liz

    I would fly southwest to visit family in Austin!

  • Jeremy

    I would fly to Ft. Myers to go to Sanibel Island. Used to go as a kid and would love to bring my wife there. American.

  • Bryan

    My friend and I are planning a 12 day trip across Japan. This will help with intra-Japan flights and let us see so much more of the beautiful island!

  • Z

    Would use it for an upgrade on a long 12 hour flight on UA.

  • Jason Lofton

    Would use it to fly back to Dana Point, CA to stay at the Blue Lantern Inn and enjoy the complimentary wine and hors d’oeuvres as the sun sets over the Pacific while perched high on the cliff where the hotel sits…with my wife of course.

  • Jason Lofton

    I would fly AA.

  • Adrian Garcia

    I’d use the $440 on SW to double the value of that to $880 with my companion pass!

  • johnathome

    Heading to Alaska with a bunch of my buddies. Would use the funds to buy a United ticket from SFO to ANC.

  • medman68

    HA direct flight to maui from phx!

  • BOSHappyflyer

    I would choose American Airlines. I would take my family out for a vacation, either in Orlando to visit the “Mouse” or to Hawaii. :)

  • Natalie

    I would use the gift certificate towards an adventure trip to New Zealand! ✈ ✈. I’ve been reading your posts avidly and saving up miles, but I still could use that extra boost since I’m a student and can only spend so much per month. Thanks so much!

  • Llador

    I have ow to London sept 2014 I would use points for return trip first on American Airlines

  • Patrick

    Getting married June 28th. Flying with 4 month old baby shortly after for honeymoon.. Would credit the $440 to whoever wanted adult beverages till the $440 was gone. Alaska airways out of Seattle.

  • John k

    Use that to travel to New York

  • Max

    I am planning a trip to Rome, Florence, Bologna and Venice for September. I would love to use this to help take my parents to Italy for their dream vacation and fly using American Airlines.

  • Paul

    I’d definitely use United and wait for a great deal to come around, then snap it up. Like the recent $800 RT ticket from ORD to Jakarta.

  • Kobe

    Planning a trip to Europe! Hope to get that certificate!

  • Brenton

    My wife is pregnant and due in December, so I’d probably take her somewhere fun for her babymoon. Her choice… ;)

  • Rae

    Barbados for Cropover – the 40th celebration of The Sweetest Summer Festival

  • Dan

    Delta, direct to their hub in Minneapolis to see my wife!

  • Rae

    On AA

  • Aleks

    I would take advantage of the crazy good fares to the Scandinavia that Norwegian is inspiring the US airlines to offer. Delta if flying this year, probably AA next.

  • Bucky Katt

    I would use this to help get my wife, daughter, and I home from Alaska, to DC. We have our flights *to* Alaska as part of a one-way “stopover” award from Europe-DC (stop)-Alaska. The plan was to book our trip home as part of another “stopover” award (Alaska-DC-Europe), but American put the kibosh on that a few weeks ago. So we need to get home, probably still on American because now we’re looking at saving enough to book a trip to either South Africa or New Zealand in business class, and have almost enough miles.

  • brody

    Would take my girlfriend to Puerto Rico on Jet Blue so she can meet her baby niece for the first time!

  • Andrew P

    I would fly Southwest from Atlanta to Pittsburgh to visit some friends. I think I’d even splurge for priority boarding this time!

  • James

    would love a nice getaway to Miami! Use it to visit some family and friends, and of course get some sun!!

  • elteetrav

    I’d love to try Alaska airlines, and go to Alaska to escape the summer heat in Florida

  • Ella

    Doing a nice solid bro!

  • Sean Hall

    I would go to Australia and use mostly American Airlines.

  • greg

    jet blue to sarasota to see my parents

  • Tom

    American Airlines to Florida for a beach getaway.

  • Sarah Scott

    I would go home to Seattle for Christmas

  • Bridgett

    Honeymoon that we really never got to take 5-years ago. American out of LAX to Italy. Just us! That would be so lovely!

  • Maddie

    Would use the $440. To pay for trip to Cairns from Sydney in Sept.

  • Gabriel Haller

    The only way my wife and I can travel nowadays, since we are both overdrawn in debt through grad school, is by collecting (TONS) of points :) I think an extra $440 on UA can help us get just a little farther, after this past harsh semester.

  • Ben

    I would take a short haul from NYC to the sunny beaches in Miami :) . Spend a week soaking up the sun and then head back to work :(

  • CT

    Planning a trip to Switzerland. After 30 years, it’ll be my first trip to Europe! I would love to be able to use it to ride a train to one of the highest train stations in the world at Jungfraujoch. Can’t wait! I would travel via United :)

  • rlev13

    Hong Kong! Maybe pay for half ticket?

  • echicago

    Hi TPG… long time reader and big fan. planning for a trip with family and would really be grateful to win the gift certificates. thanks for all you do..!!

  • jon

    fly with air new zealand from london to lax in july!

  • Scott G

    Nonstop on United from IAD to AUS to hang with friends and eat some great BBQ this summer.

  • Ray

    I would fly the girlfriend to Disney World on United. Being proposed to in front of Cinderella’s Castle is her ultimate fantasy that I want to help make a reality.

  • Aaron

    I’d use the $440 to help get me and my wife from NYC to LA for a second honeymoon. We’re gonna fly JFK -> LAX on Delta. Thanks for all your advice / tips. Love your blog!

  • LeslieB

    I’d use the 440 to get me and hubby to see family in The Big Easy (and eat amazing food while we’re there!!).

  • Nick

    I would use the $440 towards a Southwest flight from Orlando to LA for a west coast theme park trip!

  • daw

    i would like to take my family of four to honolulu for the first time later this year. i would like to fly alaska airlines direct to honolulu

  • Cole

    I would go fly to china to see the Great Wall using united!

  • Coralia

    I want to go to Australia First Class for the first time by Cathay Pacific. I think the American Airline Miles will help me get there sooner.

  • Paul

    I need a vacation from work! Fly Virgin America with my fiancé to Cabo or Puerto Vallarta!

  • Dustin

    We are looking to take the kids to Europe next spring. This would be great to pay for taxes and fees on those award tickets!

  • Dustin

    From Eugene, Oregon so using $440 on Alaska can get me some nice direct flights out of Eugene which is hard to do! Alyways could use a family trip to Disneyland!

  • Courtney

    Hi TPG! I’m planning a trip to Hawaii next summer for a wedding and a reunion at my alma mater, UH Manoa. I’d use the winnings to supplement my savings/ Delta miles for my flight to Honolulu. Thanks for posting this giveaway!

  • Andrea

    Living abroad in Asia means flights home back to the States can get pricey. Would be nice to lower the price by $440 bucks so we could see our family once we have our first child sometime next year!

  • Laarni

    $440 can go towards my dream trip to Alaska in hopes of seeing the aurora borrealis!

  • Jerome

    I would use my winnings to travel abroad in first class on a 12+ hour flight. I’d take United Airways.

  • HsInAz

    Planning trip down under next year. I am sure I can use this and some more! :)

  • timothy

    I’d like to put it toward flying my sister, brother-in-law, and 2-year-old niece to California for Thanksgiving. They’ve never been here, and I’d like to show them the bay area. ;)

  • Or N

    I’d use it toward a trip from NY to LAS with my wife. We would probably use it on United or AA.

  • Lamonster

    I’d love to be able to fly out to bozeman Montana this summer to spend time with family.

  • Billy

    I would like to use the gift to fly my wife via BA to UK to see her mom. It would be a nice gift for them who haven’t seen each other for several years now.

  • Noy

    JFK-LAS to see some shows I’ve wanted for a long time now! I would use it on Delta.

  • Brian

    I would fly from Tulsa to Boston on United. Boston is on of the few cities that I want to visit, but haven’t been to yet.

  • Landon

    I would use the winning to fly to DCA to SJU (Puerto Rico), for some R&R and practice my Spanish. $440 is just enough to cover that round trip ticket =)

  • Joe Hallissey

    Use it towards United tickets to visit my grandmother in Jacksonville! A perfect summer vacation.

  • Lu Johnson

    LAX-NYC on American Airlines, my brother is getting married in December and I’d use the credit to get there

  • Karan

    Plan to surprise a very good friend- unable to meet him due to work commitments/ family commitments or high price during long weekends. This will be perfect to travel without worrying about finding the right time or price to travel on Virgin America from SFO to DFW!

  • El_Prez

    I would take Delta to ATL, to visit ailing family members.

  • Brendon M

    35+ countries and 20 something states and somehow I’ve never been to San Francisco except a layover at SFO. for $440 my wife and I could both visit for a long weekend flying DEN-SFO.

  • fazilav23

    I’d book a ticket to Alaska to visit Denali National Park and to see grizzlies with the hubby and baby. His dream come true!

  • Giulio

    I’d fly with American Airlines to Hawaii out of Miami connecting in Dallas. It would be a wonderful trip to visit some old friends!

  • John Ruda

    I’d head south to Florida for a 3 day weekend.

  • Adam

    I would fly American Airlines to New England for an H.P. Lovecraft tour.

  • Stan

    Would use this credit for a trip to NYC on American Airlines

  • Sandeep B

    Would use it to cover some of the costs for the outrageous pricing on the short flight between tahiti and bora bora on an upcoming trip.

  • Claudio Palma

    I would use the credit to visit my family in Chile.

  • Haley

    I would fly American and use it to help me finally get to Australia and to visit an old friend. I’ve never been south of the equator, or heck, anywhere besides the U.S. and Europe really, so it’d be an amazing graduation gift of sorts to visit Oz.

  • Debby

    I would take Alaska Airlines to Chicago to take care of my mom who recently had a stroke.

  • boxedlunch

    mileage run for status on aegean…to wherever has the highest eqm/$

  • Newo

    I’ve always wanted to go to Machu Picchu and I’m hoping this fall will be the time! I’d fly United, Boston-Lima with a stop at IAH.

  • felipe vella

    I am from Brazil so I`d use it with american to visit USA and open my bank account on Chase so I can start my credit history with my ITIN+EIN and in 6-12 months start to collect those credit card bonus miles.

    After start reading TPG I started to think on those US credit cards and it`s bonuses a lot. :)

  • bettyblanco

    Go to Florida to visit old friends!

  • sue

    i would fly my niece to las vegas for a college graduation gift

  • Travis

    I would use it in Italy in July with an airbnb property.

  • LG

    I would use the $440 as a gift to a member of Stoked Mentoring in NYC. I would donate the gift certificate to a student entering 12th grade to use for flights for college visits. Jet Blue all the way as they have the best rates out of JFK.

  • orsetto

    I would use the credit toward airfare to Mongolia and live in a yurt for a bit, roam sand dunes and sip airag — be a different kind of nomad.

  • Miro

    Go to South Dakota to visit old friends!

  • Roop

    Fly from Seattle to Detroit on Delta for a once-in-a-lifetime historic opportunity to watch my favorite club Real Madrid play against Manchester United at my alma mater – University of Michigan (Michigan Stadium). It is supposedly going to break the record for the maximum attendance for a soccer game in the US!

  • Rye

    I’d fly to Peru, buy a big bag of coco leaves and hike up to Machu Picchu.

  • Abhishek

    Go homeee… Sweet home.. On delta

  • Dennis

    Scuba diving in Palau (Blue Corner)!!!!

  • Nickerss

    I’d fly American Airlines LHR-PHL to see my long-distance girlfriend!

  • Frank

    My wife and I have always wanted to do a trip to Europe. If I won I would use the gift card to help make that happen! I would love to visit Dublin, London, Paris, and Rome. Not sure which airway I would pick as I mostly travel domestically on Southwest. I have had great international (Carribean) flights on US Airways and American Airlines! Hoping to win!

  • Anirban Mukherjee

    I would use it for a vacation in the Caribbean with American

  • Paul Teixeira

    AA to Puerto Rico!

  • Keith

    Going to the world cup because my buddy bought us tickets to a game, cant really afford it but he makes much more than i do n dont wanna say no, so would definitely use the 440 to help get from rio to recife (june 26th usa vs germany game) and probably sao paulo to rio and other travel expenses as well. Flying united there to brazil n back using miles i got all from 8 credit cards and your site’s amazon payments tips

  • clarelouise44

    I’d use the gift certificate toward a flight on United to Asia

  • Paul A

    My girlfriend is moving to DC and we are doing coast-coast long-distance for a short time. I would use the $440 to visit her and fly SFO – IAD on Virgin America.

  • ngme

    I’d fly to the Caribbean during my vacation in August!

  • Unrea

    I would use the $440 gift credit towards my $1500 roundtrip ticket purchase to fly via AA from Osan AB(Seoul Korea) to Bloomington Illinois to see my family and Mom.

  • Susan Pertierra

    I would use the $440 for a roundtrip Delta flight from FLL to LGA or EWR for my sister and I. If we’re lucky we might be able to squeeze 2 tickets out of it.

  • Eric

    i’d use it towards hotels for my RTW this summer

  • Patrick

    Headed to a wedding in Miami and could definitely use this for the flight

  • Kevin

    I’d use it on American to fly from Korea back home to Texas

  • Martin

    I use to it to visit the Caribbean on Southwest or United. This will be my first time in the region.

  • RJP

    I’d use the $440 credit towards a flight on United from Newark to St Thomas… and then use my Barclay card to pay for the ferry to Tortola, so I could apply Barclay Rewards for a travel credit against that!

  • Ashley

    SFO to CDG on Delta for my move to Paris this summer!

  • A. S.

    I’d use it to send my wife to NY for some shopping. :)

  • Morgan76

    CPH to EWR with United or Delta.

  • Robbie

    Take my daughter on a trip down to Florida to visit Grandma

  • Derf

    I would use the $440 to fly American Airlines from my home airport of MYR now that they finally fly from here through their merger with US Airways!

  • Ryan

    I would love to fly on a trip to Asia via American!

  • dee seiffer

    Hubby and I have the Southwest companion pass this year and next. I’d choose Southwest, so we can keep flying for free even after we burn through our points. Cool give-away, TPG. Thanks!

  • Dave Golden

    If I won, I would take a trip with my lovely wife to Boston, one of our favorite cities to enjoy the history, dining, and our favorite , Carly the black lab at the Fairmont.

  • SR

    I would go to Las Vegas on American!

  • Matt

    I would pay to upgrade an upcoming free night (thanks Chase Hyatt Card!) to a suite at the Park Hyatt Vendome in Paris!

  • Milwaukee Nick

    I would fly to Orlando on Southwest from Milwaukee!

  • Darrell

    I would surprise my son and his wife and our new granddaughter with a trip home for Christmas this year. He has served in the U S Coast Guard for the last 16 years and was transferred to Hawaii last year right after our granddaughter was born. They will be there for the next four years so we don’t get to see them (especially the baby) very much. What a Merry Christmas that would be!

  • Mark R.

    Delta to San Diego to see my son.

  • Kevin

    I would use it to fly to Montreal to eat at Au Pied de Cochon. i just saw it on TV and i’ve been dreaming about foie gras ever since!

  • Darrell

    I would surprise my son and his wife and our new granddaughter with a trip home this year for Christmas. He has served in the US Coast Guard for the last 16 years and last year, right after the baby was born he was transferred to Hawaii for the next four years. It would be a nice present for them and an even bigger one for us. Skype is nice to see how big she has grown, but nothing beats holding her in your arms. We just signed up for AA’s 50,000 mile bonus card so that should help.

  • Ben

    I would fly on American Airlines to go to Los Angeles (never been before!)

  • Sanders

    I’d fly to Colorado to visit my friend’s ranch and go ride a few horses/hiking in Rocky Mtn National Park!

  • dan

    One last trip to Key West, before Southwest discontinues service on June 6!!

  • Up&Away

    Not my most exotic trip, but the family’s in the mood to go back to Disney, so tickets to MCO might be on our radar.

  • Kate

    I would use the winnings to cover a portion of my travel back to the US (LON-CHI) to visit my family in Iowa after a long year away in grad school.

  • Daniel Dodd

    I would apply it to a trip I am planning to Italy on American Airlines

  • Jon Middleton

    I would fly AA to SJC to see Fleetwood Mac in concert on my birthday.

  • RkyMtHker

    I would use the winnings to fly United to Munich, Germany to help the residents celebrate Octoberfest.

  • Kevin

    My wife and I have not had a vacation in almost 3 years due to new baby and some other life events. We would use the winnings towards a Europe vacation we are planning for next year to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. We would use American to supplement our miles and fly first class on the outbound!

  • Jess

    I would love to take my family to Iceland. CVG to KEF on SAS. $440 would go a long way to making our dreams come true.

  • tim

    I would fly AA to go to HK so i can put my systemwide upgrades to use

  • Jennifer

    My mom is retiring in December and is planning to leave for a “retirement gap year” in February. She’ll be traveling throughout Europe during that year. I would give her the gift card to go toward her flight costs on Delta.

  • wangkai

    I will take a flight to SEA to go to Olympic National Park! :)

  • Ed

    AA to MIA!

  • Chris

    I would take my dad who I have been out of touch with for quite some time on a weekend getaway to San Diego. He took me there a couple times when I was younger and we always enjoyed it. I would use the $440 to get there on United out of Denver. Thanks for all the great info here.

  • slathrop

    I would use the winnings to fly to Chicago for Lollapalooza!

  • heather

    Planning a Yellowstone trip with family next year…$440 would be nice to fly ATL to JAC.

  • Randy

    I need to help move my daughter and family from STL to MCO. I’ll need a one way ticket to STL (Drive to FL) and then another to get home at RIC. This time any airline will do

  • Iain

    Fly to England on BA using American Airlines codeshare. Would love to use the chip and pin. Outside the tourist areas when we try and use chip and signature people look at us like we’re thieves.

  • mjtaxpro

    Fly to Florida via southwest

  • VM

    While it won’t cover my trip to Majorca, it will definitely go a long way!

  • Michael Kennedy

    I would use the $440 to help purchase a trip of a lifetime for my wife and I around the world. We are going to be using AA points and $ to go to London, Hong Kong, Sydney and San Francisco.

  • Vicki

    I’d take the kiddos to Orlando and fly on Southwest.

  • Elizabeth

    I’d use this certificate to fly Alaska’s new nonstop from Seattle to Cancun!

  • Kelsey W

    I would use it to fly with Delta to Thailand for a scuba diving trip with my husband for our four year anniversary. We love diving and Thailand has some of the worlds best dives.

  • Luisana

    Fly to our happy place “Maui” on American for some needed R&R.

  • Colleen

    I’d use Delta and would put it towards a trip my husband & I are planning for our anniversary!

  • Jsn

    I have never been to Europe, but have wanted to visit for many years. I would like to fly United (EWR-anywhere in EU). Hopefully, my dream will be coming true in exactly 12 months.

  • RP

    Alaksa to Honolulu.

  • Hao

    I would use it for Southwest flights from the Bay Area to LA and or Seattle.

  • Pazpeaceman

    I would fly any of the airlines offering a below $440 fare to SXM so I can finally get to experience the jet blast and low landings at Maho Beach!

  • Justin

    I would go for United miles to help subsidize a trip to Yangon in a few months! I’ve been saving up

  • Brendan

    I’d use the winnings to fly Southwest to Aruba for our honeymoon!

  • jessica

    I would use it towards our thanksgiving trip to Miami!!

  • Matt

    I would combine that with my Southwest companion pass and take the down to Aruba!

  • Christoph

    Traveling back/forth to Yangon these days, so would use it towards a United/Thai flight from SFO through BKK

  • Jenny

    I’d go to LA for 25th High School Reunion!

  • Dan

    I would use it to help cover our Delta airfare from DTW-SEA for a family vacation this summer

  • Robert

    I’d put it towards an AA flight to Recife next month to watch the Americans beat the Germans in the World Cup

  • Liz

    I would go for United gift certificate to help subsidize a trip to Alaska this summer ! I’ve been saving up for this trip for several years already.

  • Dayna

    I would select a Southwest gift card and use the money to fly to San Antonio to visit my sister who recently joined the Air Force.

  • Cary Wiltz

    I’m in love!
    Alas, we live 2275.1 miles apart so, it’s a no-brainer for me:
    I’d use the generous $440.00 to fly IAD (United Airlines)/DCA (Alaska Airlines) or, take the longer trek to BWI (United Airlines) and fly out to PDX to spend more quality time together. :)

  • Guest

    I’ll use the $440 to get my fiancé from DFW to SAN for my wedding in November.

  • Alice Wu

    I’d like to fly American Airline to Toronto to visit relatives.

  • David

    I’ll use the $440 to fly my fiancé and me from Dallas Love Field to San Diego for our wedding in November, days after Southwest starts nonstop service!

  • Nathan

    I would fly Nashville to JFK to Iceland on Delta. One of the better reasons left to fly Delta.

  • Keith

    I would fly United from Dulles to SFO to go wine tasting in Napa. $440 would pay for coach fare and leave a little left over for wine.

  • Jay

    I would use the $440 in gift certificates to help me reach a Business Class award seat from Miami to London on a trip I have planned for 2015.

  • Jonathan

    I’d take a trip on Delta to San Diego, getting sick of the snow here in Denver…

  • Jason K

    I’d book a flight to see my mom and sister in Jacksonville.

  • Rick

    Would love to fly to niagara falls with my wife. southwest airlines would be our best option.

  • Emma

    I’d hop on JetBlue’s nonstop flight to Saint Martin. Soooo need a break from the humidity consuming NYC!

  • Randy

    I’d use the $440 on Southwest to fly the new nonstop from BWI to OAK this fall to visit Sonoma for the annual Wine & Food Affair!

  • Emilym2013

    My husband has spent our first two years out of college working as a financial analyst, at an average of 90 hours a week. In august, as compensation for the last two years of not having a life, his office is giving him a month sabbatical. We are planning out first trip to Europe for the month of august and would love to have the $440 on American to help us with the flights!

  • Lor

    New Orleans is on my bucket list. Southwest Airlines is my choice of airlines.

  • softrice

    I would fly to Costa Viola and play with violet sand. :)

  • RJB

    If I had the $440 gift certificate I would fly to Bali next winter when it is cold here and warm there.

  • NinaK

    I am planning a trip in October to visit friends in Tunisia. I would use the $440 to book with United (whose *A partner is Turkish Airlines which would get me there via Istanbul)

  • Josh

    I would apply it to a one year wedding anniversary trip to Italy!

  • John

    A beach, any warm beach flying American.

  • Diane K

    O Canada Yup I’d use the credit on US Air to fly to our northern neighbor and get a great big hug from 7 of my grandchildren living in Toronto This gift credit would sweeten the deal Thanks a bunch!!

  • Pierre

    I would use the $440 towards a JFK-IST with United this summer! Thanks

  • Jen G

    I would use the money to fly NYC to DFW in October to see the Red River Shootout (Texas vs Oklahoma). Hook ‘em.

  • TTN

    I would like to try out Southwest Airlines, which just recently started in area. Want to do the direct route to the west coast to visit my siblings who I haven’t seen for 5 years.

  • Hot in Arizona

    It is 102 degrees here in Arizona today. I would use the gift certificate on Alaska air to fly to Anchorage .

  • Barry

    I am a loyal American flyer. AA flies to the Big Apple I want to take my wife to experience the Ground Zero Memorial I am proud to be an American!

  • Danny

    My wife and I have always wanted to go to Germany! We’re trying to arrange a trip during Oktoberfest this year, so we’d use the $440 towards that! Beer and Bratwurst in Bavaria!

  • Amy

    Ooh I would use it to fly southwest to vegas!

  • Adam Jorde

    In October, I’m marrying the love of my life and going on a Carribean honeymoon on Norwegian Cruise Line’s newest ship, the Getaway! My fiancée and I would use this gift certificate to pay for one of the non-stop tickets from Minneapolis to Miami.

    Thanks to TPG, we learned how to use card bonuses to pay for most other aspects of our trip as well! We are using Barclay Arrival combined with Capitol One Venture to pay for $1,200 of our $2,000 cruise. Also, since we live in DC, we’re paying for all of our flights back to Minneapolis with points except for the flights that we purchased for $15 a piece out of Dulles on Frontier Airlines a couple days ago! Next card in line is US Airways Premier to pay for the other ticket to Miami. Then we’re looking at the 50,000 bonus points after the first $1,000 on the Marriott Rewards Chase card to put us up for a few nights as we road trip back to DC from Minneapolis with our wedding gifts!

    Our goal is to see if we can pay for the entire honeymoon with points and this certificate would allow us to reach this goal! Thanks for all your help TPG!

  • David

    I would fly to California for vacation!

  • Eric Wang

    Go to the Asia!

  • EZchess

    I would use the $440 on JetBlue to fly to Bogota, Colombia to visit the Museum of Gold and shop the worlds greatest emerald market downtown.

  • frenchman619

    I’m planning a trip to LA in July, would love to use the money towards a flight to LAX on Virgin America

  • Steve

    I’m flying to Hawaii for my honeymoon thanks to Citi AAdvantage Executive. This would be huge for covering the car rental and baggage fees once there.

  • Deisi

    I’d fly to Texas from VA on AA to visit my mom.

  • DerfL

    Chicago to eat at Alinea

  • Amanda B.

    My husband and I would fly United to go visit my family in Cleveland.

  • Chris R

    I would use the winnings to fly AA to Peru to visit Machu Picchu.

  • Kenneth

    I’d use it for non-chain hotels on my upcoming trip to Europe!

  • Jon

    I am flying JetBlue with extra leg room to Orlando to take my daughter to Disney World. It’s time for her to see the happiest place on earth.

  • Alec H

    I would use the gift card towards a flight on AA’s new DFW-HKG route starting next month!

  • JB

    Id fly up to VT on American with my 2 yr old daughter and 7 month old son. Lake Champlain is a hidden gem that hardly is ever crowded with boats and is beautiful during summer and fall. Super nice people, extremely scenic and overall just relaxing. May get myself a heady topper or two as well when I’m up there.

  • Seth W.

    I would use the money to fly to my buddy’s wedding in San Francisco. Flights from NYC to SFO in August are upwards of $500. Could really use the help.


  • jholl74

    We are going to NYC for the first time in October for the Food & Wine Festival (woo hoo!) I plan to buy my ticket and use the Delta companion pass from my Platinum card for my husband – the $440 winnings would just cover the cost of my ticket so it would be a free trip to NYC for us!

  • Matt C

    I would book a trip to Aruba since Southwest now has a non stop route from Orlando FL!

  • Shawn Knutson

    I would use it to buy my wife and sd tickets to Vegas on Southwest for her graduation

  • Keri

    I would use this to Surprise my boyfriend for his birthday. He’s an NYPD cop and doesn’t get the chance to always take off. He’s been working overtime a lot within the recent months to save up to buy us a house and me a ring. He wants the best for us, but I love surprising him and I do what I can or what is best. Bringing him away for his birthday would be awesome. Would give me an opportunity to send him away with either me or maybe some of his buddies. I want to take him to Cali, Arizona for maybe some golf …. Or I would take him to Seattle since he can’t go with his friends when they play the NY Giants.

  • PaulandStephanie Archibald

    I would use the $440 credit towards a nonstop Salt Lake City to Paris flight on Delta!

  • Brian

    I want to visit a few business schools and this would go a long way towards the travel costs!

  • Lewis Cline

    I’d be flying Alaska to Seattle to visit my family and to be sure good times were had by all.

  • teresa

    Would go to Rome to see the Pope on United!

  • Marc

    I will fly United to LAX to go surf with my friend and get away from the nasty Austin summer!

  • Ryan

    I just used 40,000 Barclay Points to book a hotel using Priceline’s Name Your Own Price tool. I got $0.01 per point value which was much better than the Hilton and IHG hotels in town. I would use the $440 to spend on dining and activities for that upcoming trip to Kansas City.

  • Edward Walton

    I would fly over to London to celebrate my best friends engagement by opening this bottle of Pappy Van Winkle he gave me years ago.

  • CarpeToday

    Trying to get to Bora Bora to use my Hilton Certificates. The $440 would definitely get us closer!

  • Jfa

    AA to Paris -Michelin dining here I come

  • Larry

    I would use the $440 towards a yet-to-be-planned honeymoon next summer…

  • Brad

    I’d fly the family to Spain for the summer on Delta. I have sky pesos to burn and with the extra cash I could afford round trip tickets.

  • Nitin

    I will go to Las Vegas for my Bachelor’s party in August. This $440 gift card will help me to fly from Philadelphia to Vegas. I will be able to do some extra stuff with the money that otherwise will be utilized in airfare.

  • MSPpete

    I would use the $$ for flights to a scuba diving desination!

  • Kathryn

    My partner works on a national tour, so he is on the road 50 weeks out of the year. I would use the $440 to fly American to see him, which could be in any number of cities on the west coast.

  • Burns

    I would use the $440 toward a trip to New York on American Airlines to see Idina Menzel on Broadway!! We have wanted to see her live since Rent in the 90s.

  • Kara Compliment

    My grandmother is starting chemo soon, but lives on the other side of the country in Spokane (I’m on the East Coast). I would use the $440 to surprise her and be there for support.

  • Sean

    If I won, I would fly JetBlue from Boston to Los Angeles! Who could go wrong with one free bag checked, extra legroom, unlimited snacks and DIRECTV?

  • Tuvya G

    I would go with my wife on a honeymoon using the new upcoming Southwest route from BWI to Nassau.

  • Chris

    One-way flight to the Yucatan, Mexico for a new job

  • Sarah

    I would use these miles to fly to my favorite country — Switzerland — and visit the Terence Oberland and the beautiful mountains this summer.

  • Cait

    I just cashed in everything and opened a tex-mex food truck in DC. I want to expand my menu to include cali-mex (yes, that’s a thing) too and need to do research. I would fly Virgin America IAD – LAX and eat a freakish amount of tacos for a 26 year old girl.

  • Sarah

    I would fly to Switzerland and visit my favorite country — Switzerland — and the Bernese Oberland mountains of Gstaad.

  • Nicole

    I’m trying to plan a trip to Europe for my sister’s 30th birthday, with a stopover in France for my cousin’s wedding. This would be my first ever complex itinerary, but I’m excited to finally put everything I’ve learned from this blog into good use! I’d use the $440 to cover the taxes/fees for the United flights. Right now, I’m looking at NYC-CDG-BCN / MAD-NYC, but it’s still a work in progress!

  • Matt

    Getting married next spring

    Any airline that can get me to Europe

  • PC

    How about a trip to Peru on any line that can get me there

  • Cherimoya Ice Cream

    I would fly to Austin from ORD on American and eat my carry-on weight in barbecue.

  • Michelle

    My husband and I are planning a trip to Argentina for our anniversary. It will be our first trip away since our daughter was born 2 years ago. American Airlines direct flight DFW–>EZE. Woo woo!

  • Brenda

    I would use the $440 to help take my dad to Hawaii with us this fall. Seeing the Pearl Harbor Memorial is on his bucket list, and we want to help make this happen. We would be flying on Alaska Air.

  • Kim

    I would use the $ to take my 7yr old son to Disneyworld in Orlando…while he’s still little and it’s still okay to hold his mom’s hand. US Air.

  • Andrew

    I would use the $440 to fly from NYC to see my sister, who recently moved to the U.K.! And my little niece. American Airlines or bust. :)

  • mspswede

    I wanna go to Paris in the fall!

  • Bismay Mishra

    I try to visit my family back in India once/twice a year so would use this credit towards the same. I’ll use the credit towards booking an economy flight with Delta (SFO-DEL) and use VA Gold status (earned painstakingly through work & personal domestic travel in US) to get extra leg-room seats (will definitely confirm with airline again and again, based on fellow TPGers’ experiences). That way I can travel comfortably while still earning a good number of miles.

  • Glaire

    I would use them on United and fly to the tropical paradise of Pawtucket, RI to visit my Mom.

  • Will

    I would show up at the airport, take a look at departures, and randomly pick a destination. Always wanted to do that…

  • Moe

    I just completed the $3000 spending requirement for the 40k points on the Barclaycard Arrival Plus. Love the new card design and added features. I’d use the $440 credit along with my Barclaycard points to fly United to Mexico City out of DTW with a friend to take in the culture and visit the Frida Khalo museum

  • TerryH

    Would use it on AA for a trip to San Diego this summer!

  • Brenda

    I’m planning a trip to Aruba for my birthday. I’d use the money to fly Southwest.

  • Colin

    Would take my significant other to Tokyo and spend the 440 on flights, awesome Japanese food, fast trains, and a cheap airbnb unit!

  • Scott B

    My Mom is turning 80 in June, and she has never been to Europe. Going to use the money to buy her a ticket, and take her to some of the places she has always wanted to see – Paris, Rome, Barcelona.

  • Rob

    I’d use the gift certificate to fly to Florida on Jetblue to visit my Mom!!!

  • yyyccclll

    Will use on AA to Europe to celebrate our 20th anniversary!

  • Julie

    I’d go to Las Vegas on American or Delta! I’ve never been there before.

  • Larry

    NYC to see the new World Trade Center and Memorial.

  • NYCBK123

    I would go to Vegas on Virgin America!

  • Matthew Ellstrom

    I would use it for a trip on Alaska Airlines to Seattle for a foodcation. I would use the money saved on flights to fund eating at many of the great restaurants around Seattle.

  • Greg

    I would use the money to cover spa treatments on my honeymoon at Conrad Maldives this september.

  • Wordsi

    I would use the funds to purchase my ticket on American Airlines (Quantas) to Australia later this year.

  • Connie_T

    I am retiring in a few months and plan to spend a year traveling through Europe. My first destination will be London. I’m planning to fly Delta.

  • Archon1995

    I am a writer, and an upcoming book is set in the Malsanne Valley in the French Alps. No matter how many pictures you find, you can’t accurately describe a place without being there first. I would use the gift certificates to help with the cost to get there, with either Delta (likely) or American (possibly). There are a number of cities I could route through to get there – Lyons, Geneva, Torino and Nice spring to mind.

  • JMC

    $440 to get around Brasil during the World Cup

  • Leigh

    I’d use it on Southwest to visit my boyfriend in California.

  • Ashley Gore

    Southwest to Tahoe to visit friends & sightsee over Labor Day weekend!

  • harish bhavanichikar

    I would go to Martha’s vineyard on jetblue from Charlotte.

  • gloria wong

    I would fly jetblue to lax.

  • David D

    Flying to Germany in August (using miles) but would use the $440 for intra-European flights from Berlin, delicious German beer, and superfast trains!

  • Matt T.

    I’m currently on my honeymoon in Seattle, and my wife and I did not get a chance to do the whale watching excursion that we wanted to. So if I win, I would love to be able to apply this to airfare to bring her back to see them :-)

  • MrDeadly

    I’d fly Delta to Dayton and see the US Air Force Museum at Wright Patterson

  • Jonathan

    My dream is to drive a Lamborghini on the Autobahn and $440 would definitely help with the car rental.

  • Katie Evans

    I would use the winnings to go to Nova Scotia and do a Workaway with a host family for a few weeks before school starts up again!

  • WesB

    Alaskan Airlines…. fly to Seattle with my wife to see the Pacific Northwest

  • Tucsonbabe

    I would use the $440 on a Delta ticket for the non-stop JFK to Nice so I could walk along the Promenade des Anglais .

  • Chris

    I would use the $440 to help offset my trip with my kids to see the Canadian Rockies!

  • Ingrid

    On Air Tahiti, French Polynesia’s domestic carrier which is not affiliated with a mileage program, to buy an airpass that would take me to the Marquesas.

  • DJ

    Virgin America somewhere FUN for my 50th!

  • Brian

    Planning an engagement proposal in Paris in october, that would come in handy flying from Paris to Barcelona! Thanks TPG!

  • Kelly Maise

    Recent college grad with hardly any money left and itching to see the world! I live in Michigan, so a trip across the country to my dream city (San Fransisco) would be an absolute dream come true!!!

  • Daniel Herbert Swanson

    I’ve never been to Paris – so I’d definitely fly to San Fran from NY the weekend after I receive the card. I’ve never been to San Fran either. Could be fun :)

  • David Adams

    I’d use it to cover part of a trip to Hawaii on United. (I’m a 1K)

  • Bandana Garg

    Would use it to go home to Nepal. Haven’t been there in a while. Don’t yet know which airline.

  • Greg Koeka

    I would most likely use this with Alaska Airlines to visit my fiancés sister on Kodiak island where fishes commercially in the summers. Maybe we could even try to couple it with the Alaska CC companion offer, flying from Denver. Ironic, we just started talking about next summer for this trip, buying tickets far in advance is the best price strategy.

  • Devon

    I would choose American Airlines and use the money to try to get to the Maldives. It’s a dream vacation that would only be possible with something like this helping.

  • Cory

    I believe I would use it on American Airlines to either fly myself to visit my friend in Oklahoma City, or to fly her up to visit me.

  • Susan

    I would use the $440. on United for a trip to Dublin to visit my daughter who is studying there!

  • rich

    hawaii on american

  • Julie B.

    I just recently got the award bonus from the Arrival Plus! I’ll be using some of it to go to New Zealand! I would use the $440 on United to help cover flying my partner and I from NZ to Australia to visit family. :)

    (I got an error with my comment… I think it failed to post as I do not see it, not trying to post twice!)

  • AC

    I would book a round trip flight on Southwest to their new route to Cabo San Lucas in August. Why Cabo? Well….

  • Ira

    I would use the $440 towards purchase of a ticket to take my 73 dad to the south of France a destination he has always wanted to go

  • Catherine R.

    I would fly on Southwest Airlines from Flint to LAX spend a few days in California then take Hawaiian Airlines to Maui.

  • Eric

    Planning a hiking trip to the rockies this summer with my fiancé. We’ll fly AA or US.

  • jamesgoode

    I’ve always wanted to see the Golden Coast. I would fly United to LA for some warm weather, beach time, and photography.

  • HenryW

    My ailing in-laws in Phoenix need support, and the $440 would (mostly) get us there from Seattle!

  • Teri Ross

    I would use the miles for the trip I am planning to Australia on Delta (via Virgin Australia. This would be a terrific birthday present for me (May 19)! TIA. ;-)

  • Brian S

    Fly to DC to visit my family on Frontier out of Denver.

  • Jared

    I would take advantage of cheap fares on United to Oslo this coming winter to take my girlfriend on an ice climbing trip in Norway! I would also hop on a cheap flight on Norwegian Air Shuttle to get to Reykjavic, as we have always wanted to explore Iceland!

    We would go from SFO-EWR on Southwest using the companion pass she is working towards and then EWR-OSL on United where I would try to get us an upgrade with the status I am working towards with United. I would probably sign-up for the Arrival Card World Elite and use the trip to hit the spend for the sign-up bonus!

  • Darcy

    I would us the $440 to take a trip to Las Vegas!! I would use the savings from the airline to buy a fancier room than I would normally purchase and Britney Spears tickets!! Seriously planning my trip already!

  • JL

    My father has wanted to go to Disneyworld for most of his life, but he had my siblings and me while he was still pretty young. He’s put his travel dreams on hold for three decades. The $440 will be used on American Airlines to get him there!

  • EArcher

    Virgin America because I have been wanting to try it and I would visit my friend in Florida.

  • matthewD

    I’ve managed to get myself to Key West but Southwest will longer be flying out of there so I’d use my winnings to fly home on AA.

  • chaya

    I would like to fly to florida…..

  • Mary

    I have to make frequent flights back and forth to Alabama where my dad is in a nursing home and my mother is on her own. I’d use the $440 toward those flights.

  • Zach

    I would use it on United to go to a beach destination with my fiancee. We’ve both when wanting to go scuba diving and I’ll be getting certified this summer. Maybe Puerto Rico or Cancun, or some great place in Europe. It will also make for a great vacation before my final year of law school.

  • J.D. Fugate

    Thanks for offering the giveaway. If I win I’ll use the credits on American or JetBlue to travel from New York to Barbados to join a cruise with my in-laws.

  • Kevin

    I would use the winnings for a trip to be with my girl in Memphis

  • Kathy

    VIRGIN!!! It is so rare to find great prizes for them. Headed to hmmm….Dallas?

  • gpks00

    I would use it on Southwest over this and next year to use with the Companion Pass that I just obtained. A great way to visit most of the USA.

  • Tony Childers

    We’d use the gift certificate with United or Southwest to visit family in in New Jersey only a few miles from EWR!

  • sara

    Trip to see the in-laws on the other side of the world to meet the newest grandchild!

  • Rachel Sabo

    I would fly American Airlines to London in September of 2015 for the Rugby World Cup. My boyfriend plays semi-professional rugby now, along with being a successful attorney and I am trying to plan a surprise trip for him to London during the Rugby World Cup. I know he would absolutely love it and he has NEVER been out of the country. Love your blog- I’m a huge fan.

  • Noko

    I would fly LAX to JFK by United to see my son who goes to college in New York city! I can earn United mileage too!!! Great!!!

  • Kent O

    Any of these airlines would be good. With $440, I’ll have many options. Maybe two RT to Los Angeles to visit Joshua and Palm Spring!

  • Nguyen

    I would use the winnings to fly from Sacramento to Cancun using Southwest (since starting July, Southwest adds more international routes). Thanks.

  • Matt Hudson

    Def fly to seattle, drive down to Rainier National park for the wild flowers in July :-)!

  • Mat M.

    I want to surprise my fiance with a trip back to Dortmund, Germany so she can see all of her old friends from school. I’d most definitely fly Delta since I’ve never had anything but good experiences with them

  • Lucy

    Would like to fly to Yellowstone on Southwest to see the big nature. Can’t wait!!

  • AWT

    Have been trying to add another country to my 50 already visited – South Africa! The business class fares on Delta are a killer. Would be thrilled to help offset the cost with a $440 travel credit.

  • Jerry L

    will go United $440 credit to Maldives in June for our lovely anniversary. can’t beat sweat 2nd honeymoon !!

  • York

    Go to NYC with AA

  • Jonathan

    Finishing up the year as a teacher, and would take a much needed vacation– World Pride Toronto is top of my list!

  • twenteries

    I would love to fly Southwest to Maine for my anniversary!

  • Goosh

    Take my kid to Disneyland. Would fly from SFO to SNA on UA.

  • Ben Z

    I would fly to LA from NYC to ask my gf’s dad for her hand!

  • Big Boy Travel

    I will use the winnings on Delta to help cover a trip to my dream city of Prague.

  • Anita

    That would help me get to Italy next spring on American.

  • Paul Dalle

    I would use the winnings on a Delta Flight to Wilmington NC Going to be bringing up my 13 year old niece to visit Grandmother for a couple weeks during the summer.

  • Ben Reid

    I’d head to Whistler via YVR on United. Never too early to be thinking of ski season!

  • Eric

    Alaska Airlines to Portland

  • FlavCity

    $440 is enough to take a summer trip to NYC and check out some plays and enjoy the city when it’s not so busy. Would take American Airlines.

  • Peter K

    Hawaii on American for my brother’s wedding!

  • Teresa S.

    Would fly the best valued airline to Germany and see the Christmas markets.

  • Peter

    I’d take my kids up to NYC on the US Airways shuttle (via AA) for the weekend.

  • Chris Hampson

    I’m booked to go to Belo Horizonte, Brazil next month for the World Cup. This would be very useful in getting to Rio with my wife to be there for the final!

  • Cali

    I would choose American and I would go visit my best friend before she moves to France!

  • Craig

    I would use the points to book a position flight for a mileage run.

  • Jon

    I would fly Alaska Airlines with my wife and one year old to Anchorage, rent a car and drive to Denali National Park.

  • jdshscja

    I would use it to bring down the ridiculous prices to MSP, so I can attend my father’s memorial service.

  • James

    I would use it to fly to England on American this summer for my sisters wedding!

  • JimmC

    I would use the gift card for Alaska Airlines to fly down to LA from Seattle to visit my girlfriend. We are currently in a long D relationship and this would help tremendously!

  • cosmic apex

    I’d use this towards my Central American / Mexico trip, which (hopefully) includes Panama, DR, PR, and Cancun!

  • Steve

    I’d love to use the certificate for my vacation this summer that we’re actually planning to book this week! We want to fly out on Delta to Seattle from NYC, and then drive down to San Diego to fly home.

  • David

    Seattle to Honolulu all the way, probably via Alaska. Can’t go wrong in paradise.

  • aegt

    Will it use it towards my trip to Hawaii

  • Charles Frohman

    I would use the money for a United flight with my partner to Tokyo

  • Andy

    I would use it to fly Delta back home to and Alma Mater: Ann Arbor, MI. Have a wedding to go to and I am at the same time going to go the the Real Madrid and Manchester United game and Michigan Stadium.

  • Meredith

    I’d use it on Southwest to head to Aruba when those flights start later this year. Have always wanted to go there!

  • kyle

    Fun! I’d use American Airlines to fly to Texas and do a barbecue crawl

  • helixcon

    United EWR to DTW to visit family over the summer.

  • mrgalactic

    I would use it to fly Southwest to Denver and do some hiking or skiing!

  • Ashwin

    I would go to Split, Croatia on Delta to attend Ultra 2014, the electronic dance music festival. Never been to Eastern Europe and have always loved electronica music!

  • pseudo nym

    Already used the bonus on the card to pay for three airbnb nights for my honeymoon in bali… so happy they are now releasing the chip+pin combo!

  • marcus

    recently had to cancel our first trip to california due to catching a Norovirus in Las Vegas. The wifey was very disappointed. would use the voucher to fly to San Francisco for long weekend.

  • John Hubbs

    I would use Southwest air to fly into San Juan and take 7 day Southern Caribbean cruise

  • Lisa K

    I would pick American–saving for a family trip to Australia

  • cindy

    San jose costa rica

  • Jon P

    Organizing a mega WDW trip with multiple families. Already got all of my park tickets for a family of four due to Capital One and Barclay rewards. Need a couple more park tickets for our close friends!

    BOS, ORH, or BDL to MCO on JetBlue!

  • Jack Marsh

    Oh I could list many ways that I could make very good use of this fine prize. However, how about ” I just really like to win great prizes”

  • David

    I would book a flight to MSP to visit my nieces!

  • Dawn

    I’ve got a friend who is registered to compete in track events in the gay games in Cleveland in a few months and she can’t afford to fly there, so I’d take United and give it to her.

  • snapper

    head to hawaii to defrost

  • Nathaniel W

    Flying to Philadelphia to spend a couple days with my brother in June. I would use the points to buy my younger brother a ticket to fly with me on United Airlines. Ticket cost was $420 last night.

  • Eric

    I would use on a stay using AirBNB. I’ve read the Dublin AirBNB review & a friend just got back from Europe where he used it also. Maybe also use some of that money to take a nice train trip through Europe.

  • Joseph May

    Delta has a 400ish fare from Toronto to Hong Kong for next January. If the fare still exists that’ll be my pick.

  • Erica

    I’d use American Airlines miles to get to Dominica for a hike to the Boiling Lake!

  • Stephen Lewis

    I’d use it to send my wife to visit her former coworkers/friends in Raleigh, probably flying United as they have decent routes from Grand Rapids to Raleigh.

  • ajeun

    Trip to Hong Kong using Delta!

  • nklagge

    I would fly United from San Francisco to DC to meet a new baby niece/nephew arriving later this year!

  • Shaun

    I will use the United gift card to purchase a multiple city leg from my hometown-HKG-SIN since it costs $539 instead of flying direct to HKG which is $759!

  • Edgar

    I would like to use the prize for a United flight to Thailand to visit my family there.

  • Elisabeth

    Wow, this would be amazing to win! If I won I’d use it for American Airlines and visit Hawaii! :)

  • AnonymousMom

    Want to take the kids to Disneyworld! (They’re almost teenagers and have never been to a Disney:() Already have enough Hilton points for the hotel, but I don’t currently have enough Southwest miles or Ultimate Rewards to get three DEN-MCO RT tickets on Southwest.

  • Matt

    I’d use it for our second honeymoon to Mexico. ORD to SJD on American.

  • nagrom9

    I would use my winnings to help me study abroad in Senegal next year. The flight and program are expensive, so I need all the help I can get!

  • phil gold

    I’d use Delta to take my wife on the much deserved honeymoon, after letting me serve over seas for 4+ years right after we got married. Shes the BEST!


  • Brandon

    I would use the gift certificate for a flight from my hometown in San Jose, CA to Birmingham, AL, near where my college is.

  • Katherine

    I’d fly to Seattle on Southwest to visit friends.

  • Richard H

    I would use it to fly American to South America.

  • Jessie

    We would travel to Scotland and Wales. We have been doing family geneology research and would like to see the “old country”. We might travel American Airlines to London because our local airport offers a direct flight. Thanks!

  • Mayra

    I would use the $440 to add to the savings for a trip to the Chilean Patagonia.

  • Mayra

    Forgot to add that I would fly on American and Lan.

  • deb

    i would use the credit to go to california to visit my brother. we don’t get to see each other as much as we would like, since when we take a trip (using saved up miles to pay for airfare), it’s to go somewhere more exotic/interesting? then a family visit. would be nice to win this just to be able to take the time for a relaxed trip and hang out with him for a few days

  • Dani Klein

    Would love to take my family to Miami or the Caribbean on JetBlue! Thanks Brian!

  • Kagey

    I would use it to defray the cost of a flight to Paris. I didn’t spend enough time there on my last trip, and it’s beckoning me back. As for which airline to use, I’ve got a good amount of Avios points to use. so I’ll try to use those, too.

  • tigermark82

    would try to snag a cheap fare to Seattle from CLT on AA for a family vacation and earn some miles in the process.

  • Josh

    I’d surprise my wife with a trip to HI (she’s never been before) for our anniversary. I’d choose UA because I have status with them.

  • Grant W

    Going to Hawaii in August, it would definitely be used for a helicopter tour of Kauai!!

  • Pointy McMiles

    BUR-OAK on Southwest for a weekend of walking hills and stuffing ourselves with Hog Island oysters at the Ferry Building.

  • Kedar

    We will use the winnings to cover for our trip to India to visit my parents, family and celebrate our first wedding anniversary. We would fly with Delta, United or American Airlines.

  • Mike K

    I would fly on Delta to Belize to dive the blue hole! It has always been at the top of my list!

  • Sherrie707

    I’d probably use it towards a leg of my future RTW. Planning a stop in HI first, so that’s a good option.

  • samuel

    As a teacher, summer is a break but also can be more study… so, I will use those gift to fly southwest from NYC to Colorado for class and ROOKIE mountain and then fly to Virginia for more class and check out smokey mountain

  • Debra

    I would use it for United & partner airlines to fly to Kenya with my husband for safari in Masai Mara.

  • KJS

    I’d fly US Airways down to Augusta, GA to be home for the Masters next year!

  • Evan

    I used my points to fly my mom to Anchorage Alaska to take a cruise this summer. $440 is exactly what it would cost for a roundtrip ticket from the small town where I live (Nome, Alaska, which has no roads) to meet her for the weekend before she leaves on her cruise.

  • MariDoug

    I’d use the gc to take my niece on vacation as a graduation present.

    runningmatey at hotmail dot com

  • Liz H

    We’re adopting and headed south to Atlanta this July. We’ll likely be
    flying Southwest as they have best direct flights available for times we
    need. We’d use the card to help cover those costs. Thanks for

  • Mark

    I am traveling to Europe on my first mileage run funded via work, June 3: RDU-LGA-MIA-LHR(Stopover)-MXP and June 18: MXP-MIA-LGA-RDU. On my bucket list is to fly business class over an ocean. I would use the $440 towards a $350 fee+25k miles on AA to do it. Please help me make my first mileage run more bearable. :-)

  • Jared

    I’m taking my parent on their first trip abroad in the fall – so I would use it towards that, on American.

  • Rita

    Following your advice, we would travel to Hawaii on Delta to maximize the MQM’s while they are still worth something!

  • Joe

    Fairbanks Alaska on Alaskan Airlines to go see the Northern Lights.

  • Goose

    Awesome Erica! I am from Dominica and this made my day.

  • Cassy Turner

    Denver to Accra on Delta to offset costs for a school I work with there.

  • Chris B.

    I’d use it to take my new Chase Ink Plus for a spin in Toronto with the fam!

  • Saif

    I would use it to fly the very convenient American Airlines LAX-BDL route to see my 8 month old niece!

  • KAZ

    I’d head to LA and treat the kids with a trip to Disneyland (and the wife with a spa day in Beverly Hills)!

  • vortix

    I would use the gift certificate for a flight to Hawaii on United. Thanks!

  • matt felsburg

    I would use this to fly alaska airlines from stl to Seattle the week of my birthday after a 4 day trip in NYC

  • Cami

    Our kids have been coming home from school so excited about US history. We would love to take them to Washington D.C. I think we would probably fly from SLC using Southwest.

  • Erin K

    Going to Houston Labor Day weekend so $440 on United would get me there from ORD.

  • chris4381

    These winnings would double the reimbursement I received from using my Barclaycard Arrival points to reimburse my Gol Airlines flight in Brazil during the World Cup!

  • Andy

    I would visit my husband in London, probably flying on American Airlines.

  • JBF1052

    LAX — SDF June 25-29, 6 rounds of golf in 4 days, plus 3 distillery tours along the Kentucky Bourbon Golf Trail.

  • Cory

    I am planning an award trip for my family of 4 to Mexico. I would use the $440 to pay for the taxes & fees. We will be flying from JFK to Cabo.

  • Carles Latorre

    Recently we moved to the US, so that would help towardsbuying the 5 summer tickets back to Barcelona to see the familiy.

  • Encore Traveler

    Wife and I are attending a wedding on the Island of Paros, Greece at the end of June. I would love to get some seats on Aegean from Paros to Athens. However, after 4 months of unsuccessfully trying, I think I will need to buy ferry tickets instead or perhaps make a down payment on a charter flight!

  • Rushabh Pasad

    Would use the $440 credit towards a vacation to Hawaii!

  • Jessi

    I would use the $440 to fly home on united or southwest to see family!

  • yhemy ojke

    Going to Grad school in the UK, the certificate will subsidize my flight from EWR to BHX on United

  • Paul

    DCA -> SJU on JetBlue for some beach time

  • Foapd

    Definitely an escape trip from JFK to GIG! Hot beaches!

  • teresap

    Would like to visit somewhere outside of north america for the first time, maybe Europe. Collecting AA points.

  • kolpin

    i’ve been dying to go to La Paz, Mexico to swim with whale sharks. fingers crossed!

  • Brett Jeffery

    I would climb Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa!

  • H G

    Wanted to do the 3 day hike at Machhu Pichhu for years. We were able to get inca trail permits for Sep, and I have been using my Sapphire Preferred religiously to earn miles for United. $440 will be added to that fund.

  • Nancy C

    A birthday trip in August PDX-NYC to see a Broadway show!

  • Anthony

    I’d fly southwest over the delta headquarters just to give em the finger.

  • SD Guy

    I’d go to Seattle and fly (like a) Virgin

  • MaryAnn

    Probably Southwest Airlines to Florida.

  • Helen

    Going to NYC for my birthday which falls on Labor Day this year! Would love to fly via Delta because of their direct flights from San Antonio to JFK! That would be an amazing gift for my boyfriend and I to enjoy and visit his mom after being out of touch for over 5 years. :)

  • Ross

    I’m getting a new niece/nephew soon, so I’d use this to fly Southwest to Portland!

  • peteynice

    I would buy a round for everyone in coach on my next flight.

  • christopherind

    Car rental in Europe – I will get reimbursed :)

  • MilesRunner

    I would fly from JAX to SEA on DL or AL for a mileage run.

  • Nathan

    A gift certificate of $440 would cover one half of my trip back to Hungary to visit my loving family! Here is hoping…. :)

  • Nichole Sylka Lorkowski

    I would fly Southwest to Orlando

  • Stan Kulp

    Spend on American for trip to Middle Europa, tracking my ancestors

  • og11223

    I would love to take my mom and sister to Miami in September. I would use the gift certificate toward Jet Blue tickets purchase.

  • Charlene K

    I would go to the newly-opened 9/11 Museum in NYC.

  • Joseph Mansour

    I would go on jetblue to fort lauderdale!

  • Sarah C

    I would return to Singapore on Singapore Airlines (PEK – SIN)! A perfect weekend trip from Beijing!

  • G to the K

    My winnings will go toward a fund for my honeymoon to Meldive.

  • Anna Pry

    i would use it to visit family in new jersey

  • Ron

    Fly to Florida to help my daughter move into new home

  • Monica T

    Going to visit some old friends in LAX. Flying from DC! :)

  • Ellen

    I would travel to Iceland!

  • clvus

    40,000 miles that’s enough for a one way to SE Asia, send me to a tropical island, I don’t need to come back!

  • Ritam B.

    I would use the winnings and fly Lufthansa to Italy and use it for a celebration trip for someone special in my life who deserves it.

  • godfrey

    i would use it to fly out my mom to AZ via delta.

  • Vicki

    Fly to NY to visit my grandmother on her 101st birthday!

  • yossi

    have not been on vacation with my wife for almost 2 years. would go to kuai use my hyatt 2 free nights.

  • James

    NY to SF on United for a wedding!

  • Ron

    Head to Mississippi on American Airlines to enjoy the casinos and beaches.

  • Elise

    I would fly my brother out from New York to San Francisco, California to visit me! On United.

  • Alan

    I would use $440 in American Airlines gift certificates for a long overdue trip from Texas to Hawaii.

  • Brendan

    New Orleans for some shimp po-boys and beignets!!!

  • Kristen

    I’d fly to Austin on American.

  • thisname101

    I would do exactly what you suggested. Alaska Airways to Seattle :) never been there…

  • Gregory Feczko

    I would fly on Southwest and head back to California to see my girlfriend. LDR’s are difficult, for sure, even with all the technology like Skype, etc.

  • Rich

    $440 gift certificate for first time visit to Hawaii.

  • Karin B.

    I would fly Delta to St. Petersburg, Russia for a 20 year reunion with some old friends!

  • Biggles209

    I’d fly United down to Santa Fe – never been there!

  • Lana

    I would use it for Delta flight to Atlanta for my sister-in-law’s wedding :)

  • Joseph Alberts

    i’d fly united from philly to vancouver, bc to visit my girlfriend. $440 could just about cover a decent fare.

  • tina m

    I will choose Delta and i’d go to NYC.

  • Sara

    I would love to return to Napa. I’m also eying running another marathon in the coming months and this could open my race destination list wide open.

  • T. Williams

    Well, I am a college graduate who hasn’t been able to land a permanent job. I have been working temporary positions since I graduated in 2007. With that said, I have no money to travel and miss out on tons of baby showers, weddings, and opportunities to go on vacations just cause. While I’m no more deserving than anyone else. I feel it’s a blessing to be able to explore God’s awesome green earth, however, limited funds keeps that from happening. So I would probably use my winnings to visit once and for all visit family in California, friends in NewYork, or wherever my heart desires. Thank you in advance for considering. God bless.
    T. Williams

  • justin hurley

    I would use it to help me get to Montserrat next winter.

  • Upgraded

    I would use the $440 to take my husband to Mexico City on AA

  • Breck

    New York trip

  • Michele

    $440 would definitely be a decent bump towards flying myself & hubby to EYW on US Airways!

  • Skor

    I will fly to Mumbai on the ultra long haul United non-stop flight from Newark.

  • M He

    Would spend $440 to cover some of the costs of flying to Italy in September!

  • Liz Gross

    I have this card and absolutely love it, especially with the new World Elite enhancements! But if I were to double down and get the $440 award AGAIN, I’d fly Delta (and maybe actually get status this year) to somewhere warm later this year. This winter was brutal (I live in Wisconsin), and I don’t think I could take another winter without a break.

  • Samuel Lee

    I’m finishing nursing school this month and I’d LOVE to take a trip to visit my friend in Hong Kong…my first time there! Hook a nurse up!!!

  • Kstoitzov

    I’d use the $440 towards our Christmas JetBlue round trip from LGA to MCO to spend a few days with my girlfriend’s family.

  • Joanna

    I would use this on Delta to go to Bogota Colombia in November to meet up with old friends!!

  • Taryn

    I would fly Alaska Airlines to my upcoming Vegas trip. I love that they fly out of my small hometown airport and continue to add new routes all the time!

  • Jeremy

    I would choose AA gift cards which should help me cover the cost of flying my mother down to Florida when we go to DisneyWorld this fall. There wasn’t enough award seat availability to get us all there so I will have to pay out of pocket to get mom down there. This would be a blessing!!

  • John Hansen

    Would love to visit a friend in Hong Kong. This would help towards a Cathay Pacific ticket.

  • Jason

    Would love to use it to buy a ticket to take my new wife on a honeymoon

  • Tina

    I will go to LAX on delta to see my best friend’s wedding from BNA.

  • Emily

    I’d fly to Atlanta probably on Southwest to surprise one of my best friends from elementary school. I haven’t seen him in 15 years and we don’t really talk anymore but I think it’d be a fun trip.

  • AC

    going to prague at end of june – would put it toward a united flight out of sfo!

  • Chanel @ La Viajera Morena

    I would use it to fly from Greece to Italy this summer :)

  • Michael Scheffert

    I would use it towards a flight to Singapore or Maldives. I realize the whole value wouldn’t be covered but eventually I’ll just have to flip a coin and go!

  • Chelsea

    I would use it to fly from my fellowship post in Cape Town to go visit a friend in Kenya flying on South African Airways.

  • Jason

    I would take the girlfriend scooba diving somewhere amazing.

  • The Mystery Traveler

    I would go to Maui on United to introduce my wife to my family

  • Hawaiitex

    I always wanted to see the pacific northwest. I would start at Portland Oregon
    and work my way up ;)

  • Amy

    I would fly Alaska Airlines SEA-AUS to visit my hubby who’s stationed in TX

  • Jerrod

    i am United Platinum but i would likely use the winnings on Alaska to go see my sister in St Helens OR.

  • Chris

    I’d take my mom and fly Southwest from Nashville to BWI to let her see her sister and other family members she hasn’t seen for years and let her enjoy Annapolis and Chesapeake Bay.

  • Jeanne

    I would use the gift certificate to offset the cost to fly Virgin America LAS to NYC First Class.

  • Linda

    I would put the $440 towards an epic trip with my friends to Japan! We’d be brave enough to take a stab at pufferfish, play some pachinko, and soak in all this vivacious city has to offer. Ideally, I’d like to fly with United or Japan Airlines. SFO – JPN :)

  • Teddy

    I’d use the credit to go to New York with my wife on United for our long-overdue vacation.

  • Dwi

    I would use the credit to cover some of the cost to go to Taiwan for my food hunt. Yummm!

  • Dwi

    And I’d like to go on United. Darn, forgot to write it.

  • Kyle Duren

    I would use the cert to fly back home on Alaska Airways from LAX-SEA, to visit family!

  • citizen

    I would fly Delta to Madrid Spain and stand in Porta Del Sol and wait…

  • Travelsaurus

    Return to the site of our wedding on Sanibel for our first anniversary! American.

  • Eric Vigesaa

    Heading to Korea this winter. Would use the winnings to fund a stop in Japan on the way home.

  • Connie

    Go to visit my son and his family stationed in Japan American Airlines

  • CS

    Would fly DL PHL>RHI to celebrate our wedding this summer in the WI northwoods with our family!

  • billf629

    I would visit my children and grandchildren in NYC over the summer.

  • nadball

    I’d use it to fly my wife and I from India to Thailand to get a $1 massage on the beach.

  • rachel

    I’d visit my in-laws in San Francisco!

  • APJH

    I would use the credit to fly American Airlines from JFK to Bologna, Italy, to witness my sister and her fiance get married as possibly the only family member present. Gotta be there!

  • AW

    I would buy my parents plane tickets to visit us so they can spend time with my kids.

  • steve

    I’d use it to fly United to Alaska to watch the Midnight Baseball game during that summer solstice. Then I’d fly straight to Hawaii!

  • Sheryl

    I would use it on United. We’re planning an anniversary trip to Hawaii in January.

  • Jasmine Williams

    My beautiful brother’s young wife just went through delivering her baby at 5 and 1/2 months. The baby that was once kicking and happy in her belly did not survive as doctors refused to put any baby not at 6 months on life support. I live two states away and I feel helpless to help. Honestly I want to use this money to give them a trip to San Francisco or Seattle to help take their mind of the pain of losing their first baby Jaylen Williams. He was beautiful by the way.
    As they live in Los Angeles, I would fly them on Virginmerica.

  • Matthew

    I’d fly UA to Atlanta to visit my daughter

  • Brennan

    I’d use the winnings to help with hotel cost on an upcoming trip to NYC!

  • Jimmy T

    The wife and I haved booked a flight on Delta out of ATL for trip to San Diego this summer to attend a GIS conf. We would use it to take the kids too.

  • JB Wilcox

    My wife and I would fly Southwest, leveraging our Companion Pass, and fly into Jacksonville, drive up the East Coast, and fly out of either Charleston or (depending on how much time we had, perhaps somewhere further north.

  • Cynthia

    I’ve always wanted to take Canada’s VIA rail from Toronto to Vancouver. I’d use the winnings for the flight to Toronto and then home from Vancouver.

  • Duane

    I would use the winnings to take my wife to Hawaii.

  • Joe

    I would use Delta Skymiles and take my new bride to California to see the Pacific Coast, which neither of us have seen.

  • Mark

    I would go to the Florida Keys. I always wanted to visit them. I would fly American as I live in an American hub.

  • lori bremner

    I’d use my $440 credit to get me from my home in CA to NJ this fall to go door knocking for a friend of mine who is running for Congress. We became friends as we are both volunteers for The American Cancer Society and I know she could make a difference in Washington DC, working in a non-partisan manner to break the current log jam! She’s an underdog in a challenging district and can definitely use the volunteer grassroots support!

  • Anne Earney

    I would go to Vail this winter with my husband. We’d probably fly Southwest into Denver.

  • Rene Webb Miller

    I would use the giftcard for Alaska Airlines. My husband loves to fly on Alaska Airlines when he goes to Sitka to fish for halibut and salmon.

  • Michelle

    I would take my mom to Paris!

  • Yati

    I’d use $440 in Southwest gift certificates for all the short cheap flights i need to take, and save my UR points for something bigger :)

  • emjelo2000

    I would use towards my first trip to Europe next year.

  • Tania Pereyra

    I would use on American to visit my family in Brazil.

  • TQiu

    My family of four are visiting China this summer. I would use it to pay for hotel stays in China.

  • Buddy M.

    I’d probably use it to fly from PHX to KOA on the direct flight on USAirways/AA.

  • Gavin Gillock

    I would fly Delta to New York to see all the sights and celebrate graduation!

  • yaychemistry

    I would fly home to Seattle on Alaska Airlines!

  • disqus_c6pmFa0abI

    Puerto Rico on United — mileage run with fun in the sun.

  • shonuffharlem

    JetBlue to fly my father down from New York for a weekend with him.

  • iyc

    I would use it toward a flight on American to Tokyo, then take the bullet train to Kyoto.

  • Uri Hadelsberg

    Id use it to pay for airfare to London

  • Joy

    I will be in Canada on a consulting project all summer, so I would use the credit to fly my mom out to see me.

  • Christel

    I would fly across the country on one of the domestic airlines (JetBlue/Virgin America/Southwest) to New York so I could visit my best friend in NYC.

  • Thomas Ledcke

    I would visit my family in Nashville. I almost got to go last year but then my back went out for several weeks which hampered with my travel plans. I lost my ticket on Travelocity.

  • Ashley

    I would uSe it for my trip from hog to bkk.

  • Thomas

    This would make a great start to taking the wife to SFO on United.

  • Mary Jenkins
  • Harrison

    My fiance lives in Dallas (I’m currently in Boston) and we are currently doing long distance. Would use the winnings to fly down to see her!

  • theB

    I’d fly to london on aa

  • Todd

    Would use it toward flying to Iceland on delta this summer!

  • linda

    Go back to Seattle for another Alaska land and sea tour

  • Sara

    Visit a friend in California before she has her baby.

  • Layla Bohm

    I would use the credits to go to Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, in October for both Ironman Championship volunteering and to see my elderly grandparents. My grandfather just had his umpteenth melanoma (yes, melanoma) removed, but he’s still as optimistic as ever at 90 years old.

  • AJ

    Would fly to Japan! I really love that place.
    Would fly on the airline that has the best price of course! Would book the rest of the travel on the Chase sapphire referred to me by the wallet maxer

  • C. M.

    The giveaway is nice. IF I get it, I will fly on Delta from Detroit to Los Angeles to spend a day in Disney Land.

  • Seth

    I would use Southwest to take a trip to New Orleans this fall. I love the French Quarter – the jazz and the food! A fall trip would be perfect!

  • Joe

    Take a trip to Korea with the wife. I’d use American Airlines actually.

  • Kelly H.

    I am getting married on August 16th and would love to use these winnings to help out with our honeymoon/wedding travel expenses! Probably using Southwest! Love them!

  • cezovski

    I think I would use it so my husband and I could fly to L.A. to visit our family there this summer!

  • Brian Robert

    I just bought a ticket to a music festival! I’m using the Barclay arrival points I earned from using your site to book a 150 dollar round trip to Chicago to go to riot fest! Many of my coworkers at Applebees would love to go, but i am still trying to convince them to get into the miles and points game. If I won I would use the gift-card to fly my friends on Frontier airlines to Chicago for the fest!! I would not be able to afford this trip without the point earning tips i learned from your blog. i am getting a free room at Marriott thanks to the sign up bonus, and your advice to call them to match a 70 thousand point bonus I was offered after applying for a 50 thousand point bonus. I would love to fly some friends out for this festival, but i am still stoked to be ablle to afford to go by myself! thanks for the advice, and considering me for this contest!!

  • wendy wallach

    I would take my daughter back to Rapid City, SD to see her grandparents. I know, not glamorous, but they have not seen her in over 18 years.

  • DT

    Ko Phangan Full Moon Party. Questions?

  • playyourpart

    Head to Mexico City to rekindle with an ex-girlfriend. :)

  • Carole

    I would chose crummy ole Delta because I’m in Memphis and that’s still our best bet. I would use it to travel to New England this fall

  • Susan Tanti

    I would use those points to stayin Disneyworld with my hubby and two young children just before Christmas ans stay at the Boardwalk villas and get the free dining offer from Disney. No cooking and Disney at Chistmas…a dream come true for me….

  • Susan Tanti

    I would use the winnings to go to Disneyworld before Christmas with hubby and kids and get the free dining offer from Disney. No cooking and free flights to Disneyworld around Christmas…that is magical…a dream come true…

  • Felicia Braude

    Would be great for a round trip flight on delta to Bermuda!! That’s what the flight prices usually are!

  • Julie DiStefano Walker

    If love to win now that me and my husband have no kids in the house it’s nothing but travel!

  • Kent S

    I would take my wife to Phoenix on our favorite airline, Southwest.

  • Keaki

    I have been holding off applying for the Barclaycard because I already have several cards and didn’t want to diversify my points earning too much. BUT, I have been waiting for a US card to come out with chip and pin, having had problems in Europe with cards that don’t have it. So I applied as soon as I read the post. I would take American to go to Barcelona or the Caribbean to scuba dive.

  • Brandon

    My sister recently moved to Seattle from SoCal and I just moved to DC from San Diego… I didn’t have the chance to make my way up north before moving to the east, so I would love to credit the $440 to Alaska Airlines and get a non-stop flight to visit her!

  • rosarugosa

    I’d put it toward all of the summer weddings all over the country that I’m slated to attend.

  • Danielle Meek

    I would use it to fly to Maine to visit my mom, brother, niece, nephews, and grandparents!

  • Dave Westhed

    There have been a lot of great fares to Alaska for late summer lately…I would use $440 to snag a ticket to see what the Great Frontier is all about.

  • Adam E

    Flying Delta direct to visit my wife’s family

  • MichaelWiebe

    We have been looking at going to Nashville for the last couple of weeks. My wife just graduated from her Master Degree program and I would take her to Nashville on a long weekend to unwind before she enters the work force full time. We would use Southwest to get there since its just a little ways away.

  • Samara

    I would use it to visit my family in California.

  • Aimee

    I would fly Alaska Airlines (since I live in Alaska) to go back and visit family in Michigan who have never met my one year old little boy!

  • OranjeImmigrant

    I’d go visit a recently retired friend in Alaska flying AA. Can’t justify spending cash or miles with so many other exotic destinations out there, this would be the perfect way to go visit him and Alaska.

  • Drew

    Southwest to vegas!

  • Matt

    I would go to Austin and eat at a bunch of food trucks while flying American.

  • cotoneloc

    I’m trying to get to vegas for my girlfriend fathers surprise bday but fares are in excess of $600. $440 credit will make it much more manageable.

  • Alana

    I have always wanted to visit Austin, TX. I’d fly American and spend a long weekend trying all of the amazing food!

  • Chris

    I would use the gift certificate for American to go to Paris out of DEN.

  • Traveling Granny

    I would use it on Alaska Air to take grandkids (11 & 15) from PDX to Alaska.

  • ftrainline

    Go to Napa Valley with my new wife and have our second honeymoon!

  • Kylie

    I would use the $440 and fly Delta from my home city in NY to Sacramento to reunite with my best friend from college.

  • Linda Erdely Pierce

    I’d hop a flight from CHO to ABQ on Delta to volunteer at the Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Festival, and stay at the airport Carlson hotel for free on accumulated points!

  • CreditHeadIT

    As a stay at home mother and full time student who has yet to spend a night away from my adorable & spirited 2.5 year old, I could desperately use a little moms weekend away! I’d fly Alaska Airlines to Napa and enjoy a weekend of wine tasting, something I’ve always wanted to do! Unfortunately, my salary of hugs and kisses isn’t valid form of payment at Alaska Air ;)

  • Chris

    I’d fly home (Charleston to Dallas) on Southwest a few times! I’m in residency out here and my wife is getting homesick!

  • thenewEMPIRE

    My wife hasn’t seen her son, that is in the Navy, for 2 years. I would love to surprise her with a ticket to Seattle to visit her son.

  • Luke US

    I would use the winnings to fly to Hawaii…it’s always been my dream! :) Thanks for this nice initiative!

  • JB

    As a servicemember, I deploy a lot. One benefit of being a servicemember is that while I am deployed, my wife, who I met overseas, can fly abroad for free or nearly free aboard an Air Force plane, if seats are available. That’s a big if, and just because you manage to secure seats to another country doesn’t mean you’ll snag seats for the return trip home. With a screaming toddler in tow, waiting days or weeks for a seat, and then flying intercontinentally in the cold, loud, windowless rear of an Air Force cargo or refueling plane, is not always the greatest proposition.

    Given another upcoming deployment, if I won the $440, I’d use it towards booking a flight for my wife to go home for the first time since I stole her from her family, threw her over my shoulder, and dragged her across the ocean to the US of A.

  • Trace

    My wife and i live in China and are learning Chinese for the sake of hopefully doing non-profit type work in rural regions once we are able to communicate well. We want to start a family next year, so we’d like to take a babymoon to Rome and Istanbul later this year. I’d apply that $440 to that trip and make it a little bit easier on our wallets for this last “hurrah” before embracing life with little ones in the more rural regions of China.

  • Liz C

    I’d grab a United EWR-DEN flight in September to ride a bike through the Rockies and enjoy the music of Riot Fest.

  • fmandds

    I am planning a trip to Europe with a friend and this would help make it cheaper!

  • Michael Heffner

    Southwest. I’d use it for my winter Aruba vacation.

  • Renee

    I would use the $440 airline certificate, along with the sign up bonus miles I’ve earned from my Citi American Airlines credit card, to visit my family who will be moving to Europe in a few months. It will be my first European trip!

  • Jbw

    I am a few miles shy of getting elite status on Alaska Airlines, which will get me cheaper airfare and waived luggage fees. With your continued tips and the last few miles I need, the $440 is essentially worth so much more in future savings! I would book a rt ticket to New York on Alaska Airlines.

  • NaveJ

    I would fly my mother-in-law with the family to Disney World on American.

  • Ben

    I would fly American (Based in Miami) to Ireland!

  • Steve

    I’d use it for a trip with my wife and baby from Seattle to Cancun to enjoy the beautiful weather. I’d fly Alaska since they’re great and have lots of flights from SEA.

  • Andrew G

    I would use the credit for a positioning flight for a millage run or visiting family in Chicago.

  • Nicole

    I would use the money to pay the fees on my BA tickets to London!

  • sergey

    I would fly to Yellowstone in the summer! Never visit before

  • Mark

    I’m attempting to round up enough miles/money for my family (wife and two young boys) to adventure from Seattle to Australia/New Zealand in early 2015.

  • redct

    Take a nice trip before heading back to college!

  • Helen

    Would love to use the $440 toward some tours on a trip to the Caribbean with my family that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford for all my family members…thanks.

  • Ryan L

    My wife and I would love to fly to the east coast for her sister’s graduation in December, but we are expecting our first child in 4 weeks, so we are short on cash. We signed up for the Arrival card and we would use that bonus along with this gift card to get there!!!

  • Julie

    I would fly American Airlines to Detroit to visit friends. I’d also like to check out The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village, local craft breweries, and maybe an apple orchard.

  • JACK

    want to say a very big thanks and appreciation to DR fadeyi for bringing back my husband who left me and kids for almost 2 years within the space of five days after following all instruction given to me. i am very much grateful for restoring peace in my marital home’ i pray God almighty give you the strength and wisdom to help more people having similar problem like mine. for help you can
    CONTACT HIM on this email :[email protected]

  • ennelai

    I’d fly Alaska Air to Hawaii from the West Coast cause I’ve never been there before!

  • Theodore Lin

    I would visit one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites that is presently in danger, preferably flying with United Airlines.

  • JV

    I’d love to visit my family. I’d use it to fly home from Amman, Jordan to California. Its been quite a while.

  • Dennis

    I would fly US Air Charlotte to Burlington, Vermont for a long weekend with my wife. I have been trying find a reason to go to Vermont, it is the only state I have not visited.

  • Dan

    I would fly use the credit to help launch my new relationship with AA after requesting a status challenge. First stop: Miami!

  • Rob P

    I’d fly to Aruba on Southwest next winter! Thank you!

  • SSM

    I’d fly southwest from IAD–> MBJ with my wife for some much needed R&R!

  • Allie39

    Denver just because I’ve never been, always wanted to go, but never had a reason to do so! With an extra $440, why not?

  • Anthony

    I’d use it to go to NYC from RDU with closest friend!

  • Niks P.

    The Portland International Beerfest in August is calling my name! We would fly Alaska Airlines (our favorite!) out of ORD.

  • Denis

    I’d attend the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque.

  • Agustin Rey

    So many places to go to…I could fly to Montana to see the Mount Grinnel Glacier… Then make my way to Nevada to see some Geysers… Followed by a drive to the east to see the Monument Valley in Utah. Then on my way back to Florida, I might stop in Arizona to check out Schnebly Hill and the Havasu Falls…

  • American Dreamer

    Planning to visit France!

  • LoneStar

    I would use the winnings to fly to Savannah to my sister’s wedding.

  • Trisha

    I would go to France for the 24 Hours of Le Mans with my brother — we’re both huge travelers but we’ve still never traveled together!

  • RI

    I would use the $440 to fly from RI to Hawaii with my family.

  • Todd

    I’m finding that flights are expensive over the July 4th holiday this year so I would use the certificate to fly from NYC to Michigan to see family.

  • Ambrelle

    I would use it towards a trip to Eastern Asia in January that we have been talking about taking.

  • J R

    I’d use the winnings to try the new JetBlue Mint product from SFO to JFK this summer/fall!

  • dude26

    I would use it to fly from NYC to San Francisco with Virgin America!

  • mlfID

    I would use the credit to get a ticket for my mother to visit me since I had to cancel a trip to see her due to a crazy work schedule.

  • GC

    Would use it to try JetBlue’s new MINT class to LAX in November!

  • Grazia Graziella

    I would use it to fly from NYC to SFO with US!

  • Pample Mousse

    Planning a trip to the East Coast…

  • LBC

    I’d use the winnings to fly to Maine in September and visit that beautiful region

  • Michael

    I’d go to Ft. Lauderdale, Fl through American Airlines to see my little sister graduate from Med School!

  • PointsNovice

    Planning a trip to Amersterdam this fall BOS-AMS with 2 year old. Would use the 440 to offset the new cost of a 3rd ticket we are not used to :).

  • Ben Rosenthal

    I’d take a delta flight from Atlanta to visit my old college roommate in Seattle!

  • Jill

    I’d fly American to Los Angeles to visit my little sister, who just purchased her first home there.

  • jmm

    i’ve always wanted to go to japan and this would finally give me the opportunity to get there!

  • Samir

    Got married Dec 22, 2012. Wife and I have been long distance a she is finishing residency in family medicine this June. We are finally planning our Honeymoon to Hawaii this July, neither of us have ever been. We would fly Delta.

  • Audrey

    Would like to take my Mother to Florida to visit her brother. Mom is 88; her brother is 90. Mom is in the early stages of dementia, so I don’t know how much longer she will recognize her brother.

  • Suzie K

    Our 16 year old daughter was re-diagnosed with cancer last week. Would love to take her LAX to Honolulu on American after her chemo treatments and stem cell transplant. Or bring our middle daughter from college in Boston during treatments. We take each day and have quality time.

  • Marius

    I would fly to Malta.

  • Mandarine Oriental

    I’d fly to Hong Kong to visit China!

  • Shannon Williams Munemo

    Planning a trip to Tokyo then Hong Kong on delta. My husband and already have the flights but we need $$$ to pay for the hotels!!!! Hope I win :):):):):)

  • Laura

    I wanna go to Orlando !!!!! So much! I prefer american airlines

  • jeffreyc

    Moving from the PA to Stockholm in two months, so I’d use it for a one way flight to my new home for a few years!

  • Russell

    I would go to Key West, FL and fly on either Delta or United.

  • Kevin Ford

    This summer marks an unusual number of military history anniversaries: Bicentennial of the attack on Ft. McHenry and the Star Spangled Banner, sesquicentennial of a number of Civil War events, centennial of the beginning of WW1, 75th anniversary of WW2, and the 70th anniversary of D-Day among the most significant. I would love to see how many of those I could commemorate where they happened! So probably start with Delta out of Boston to Paris for D-Day…

  • Lana

    Who won? Next Thursday came and post and info

  • Kathy

    Virgin to Dallas to see family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tyrone Perdue

    I would like to visit my Grandma in Ohio

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