Thursday Giveaway: $400 Gift Card and 2 Admirals Club Passes

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With the amount of traveling that Team TPG does, we are constantly on the go. Be it a trip to Paris to stay at the W Paris - Opera or on a flight on Virgin Australia down to Sydney, we travel extensively and we of course need to ensure that we are well equipped for our journey.

Some of the items you can get at

Some of the items you can get at

One of our favorite store that we’ve written about in the past is, the worlds largest online retailer of bags and accessories. I have purchased many items in the past, some of my favorites coming from such brands as Tumi (I am a big fan of the Vapor line of bags) and Samsonite, Delsey and their own brand as well.

For this week’s giveaway, we are giving away a $400 gift certificate to, which is just the amount you’ll need to score the Tumi Vapor Continental Carry-On, which is currently on sale! To sweeten the deal, we’re giving away 2 passes to the American Airlines Admirals Club, so you can relax in style before your next trip!

  • Comment on this post and what type of bag you are traveling with right now, and why you need an upgrade. What brand is it? Why do you need to ditch it for something better?
  • Post your comment to this post by 5 p.m. ET Thursday, June 5th to be eligible.
  • You can only enter once.
  • The winner will be chosen at random and announced in next Thursday’s giveaway post.
  • The winner will have five days to respond to our email getting your contact information (we get your email information from the Disqus commenting system).

Last Weeks Winner

And the Winner of Last Week’s Prize of a gift package from famed French patisserie Ladurée is…Avital!

After a trip to Paris inspired us, we decided last week to give away an amazing gift pack from Ladurée Paris, the outstanding bakery known for their light-as-air French macarons, scented candles and out of this world sweet treats! We asked I asked what your favorite spot in Paris is, and if you haven’t been, where you would like to go. We got a lot of entries and the random winner is Avital who commented that “Briezh Cafe crepes are the very best – just make sure to make a reservation or come at an odd hour. Musee D’Orsay is my favourite of the museums.” Congrats Avital, Paris is truly a magnificent gem or a city, and we hope that your gift package from Ladurée brings you back!

The Musee D'Orsay, an former train station turned museum, a can't miss!

The Musee D’Orsay, an former train station turned museum, a can’t miss!

Stay tuned for more great giveaways here on the blog and on TPG TwitterFacebook and Instagram. Safe travels!

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  • Nathan

    Although I love my Ricardo Beverly Hills 28″ silver bag, I need an upgrade because after a few travels it already looks like a bag that has been used for 10 years :)

  • steve

    I have a 15 year old Samsonite bag and it’t time for a new one. Very happy with the bag.

  • Ed

    I own a Atlantic carry-one right now and it does not need replacement! HOWEVER, I would love to buy a matching messenger bag that I can click-on to it so I can bring TWO bags onboard my next TATL business class trip :)

  • Andrew

    I own an ebags weekender and while I love it I would like another bag with wheels and more space :). Something more “work appropriate” would be nice as well.

  • urifintzy

    I had a Perry Ellis but I gave it to my mom (to save her a 2nd baggage fee) and now I don’t have a carry-on anymore! My next flight is next month I NEED THIS!

  • Amy

    Have a Skyway bag. Would love a lighter bag.

  • Spencer Ogden

    I travel with a RedOxx Air Boss, no upgrade needed. But a new roller for my wife would go a long way!

  • Ian

    I’m currently using an old, beat up duffle from The North Face… not exactly the best way for a young professional to make a good impression. The Tumi Vapor would be a great way to change that.

  • Mo Stern

    A samsonite 25″ I got in Marshall’s. Its good but the wheels aren’t smooth.

  • Justin Hom

    Would love a lighter bag too!

  • Bruce Everett Taggart

    I have a generic ‘Ricardo’ suitcase that was bought on a trip to Korea:) It has seen MUCH better days (broke in many places) and i need an upgrade quickly :)

  • Amy

    I love my ebags weekender convertible backpack but I’m starting to miss wheels so I’d like an ebags rolling duffel. And I can always use more packing cubes!

  • Allen

    I’m using an old Swiss Army suitcase and would love something nicer and less beat up for when my wife and I travel for our first anniversary!

  • Brian

    I’m traveling with a High Sierra wheeled backpack. I’d like something a little sturdier.

  • Jeff

    I have a TravelPro bag right now, which I love, but it’s gotten a lot of mileage on it and I’d love to get a hard-sided bag to better protect stuff inside.

  • Richard

    I have a bag which could burst at any moment from overusage! Would love a trendy and in-style replacement!

  • mary

    a very heavy Cabela’s suitcase is what we have now- would love something lighter and more stylish for all the Ultimate Reward-funded trips we’re planning thanks to your advice!

  • Amy R

    I don’t even know what brand of luggage I have right now… some hand-me-down old suitcase with a hole in it. I think this gift card would help me out a lot in the luggage department.

  • Masha Keith

    I have Ricardo 28” upright spinner that is due for replacement. Would love to get the Samsonite Cosmolite bag instead

  • slyabney

    Currently my carry on is a ESPIRT lightweight hardside I bought out of need in Germany. I’d like to upgrade the rest of my luggage (Soft sided London Fog) to match!

  • Joseph

    Some hand me down from a discount store years ago, not sure if it even has a brand I would love something made in this century.

  • Shari

    I have a GREAT victorinox carry on, but it’s just getting beat up from all the travel and ‘gate-checked’ last minute decisions…the edges are frayed and kind of sharp, the zippers stick…but it’s a great bag…I’d upgrade to another of the same or the TUMI version!

  • Monte Poster

    Today: samsonite wheelie… Tomorrow: tumi vapor?

  • Vicar Borgio

    Actually used this service (Ebg) on my last jaunt purchasing a Nine West carryon for my S( who we kidding C) O. Great service. Smooth easy transaction great bag. Could use an update on my own so toss my hat in the ring.

  • Marcus Rogers

    Plain old Samsonites. Nothing fancy.

  • Valentijn

    I am currently travelling with a backpack I bought a couple of years ago. However, one of the shoulder straps got stuck in the baggage handling system – ripping my backpack apart. I am currently finishing my trip with a stitched and taped backpack, but I definitely need a new one when I get back! I can’t wait to see the faces of the CX F ground crew when I check in for my return flight with this bag ;-)!

  • Uri

    I travel with a 15$ Walmart wheeled Duffel bag. It is lightweight and you can fit a LOT in it without running the risk of over-weight. However, it does not have a pull-away handle and so is difficult on one’s back if you are over 150 cm or so. I could use an upgrade (or lose 30 cm)!

  • Nick Nieto

    I do a lot of traveling for photography and a new bag would be a welcome addition to my travel arsenal. :-)

  • bcyc

    Have a US Travelers bag but it’s starting to wear off. Would love a new bag! Also have a trip coming up in 3 weeks with AA. Would love to have the Admirals Club passes!!!

  • jack_in_dublin

    Tripp case that I can sneak onto most short flights along with briefcase. But I’d like something sexier. :)

  • Marc

    I am currently traveling with either a duffle bag I won from a National Car Rental raffle or with a large hiking backpack. The duffle bag is starting to fall apart while the hiking backpack is a bit too large for shorter trips.

  • Shari Benyousky

    I’m traveling with an old Rick Steve’s softsided bag and so I really need a good upgrade. I’m absolutely salivating over the Tumi Vapor. Please. Please. Please let it be me.

  • pete

    I currently own a 29″ Samsonite Sohara brights which I bought in 2006. It’s a hybrid (fabric + plastic) luggage. My family and I used it for multiple trips over the years and it has taken some beat! It can probably be used a few more times, but it’s time for a new one with the cracks and damaged wheels and the lack of replacement parts!

  • linniebee6

    My old Delsey is soiled, and sad looking and the handle has a hitch when I pull it up. Like to try a new one

  • Bandana Garg

    Currently using a samsonite hyperspace spinner 26. Love it but it’s seen quite a few carousels at the baggage claim in its lifetime and might have run its course already. So need a new one for my europe trip this september.

  • allen

    i have an old samsonite but it’s only two wheels, time for me to get onboard with a 4 wheels luggagge!

  • Jeff

    I’m traveling with an older Andiamo bag and need a replacement that actually has a warranty.

  • Amar Patel

    I’m using an old Samsonite 21″ spinner that is starting to show it’s wear and tear. I have been traveling more recently and definitely could use an upgrade!

  • Marc D

    I’m currently using a 2004 vintage Travelpro Crew 3 (I believe it is). Rolling strong but could really use an upgrade! The wheels are worn, zippers are broken, and it has about 100 gate check tags on it.

  • Omar Ali

    I have an old american tourister carry-on, with a broken wheel and duct taped seams. It needs to be replaced!

  • carol

    samsonite luggage, but it’s heavy and i need a four wheeler!

  • Sean Hall

    Right now I have a modified gym bag with a handle that I bought at Wal-mart. It has no brand name. The TSA took off the TSA locks and forgot to put them back on. Its got two holes in it and every time I told it upright it falls over. I’ve had my eye on a Tumi for about two years ago and was wanting to see why they cost a half a thousand dollars before my next trip :)

  • frenchman619

    Currently rocking a Samsonite spinner, pretty serviceable but it doesn’t have the rock solid feel of a Tumi bag

  • Miki

    I have a roller that is close to 10 years old. I love this bag as it is small enough to fit on a CRJ, but it is showing it’s age. I don’t know the brand as the tag has fallen off, it was purchased at a department store. We have had to replace the handle with a bungee cord and now the seams are starting to show wear so it is time to find a replacement.

  • Davey Shafik

    I am currently using Jeep branded luggage from Walmart, I actually love it and have done > 150K miles with them over the last 2 years or so.

    They are hard cases with spinners, definitely the best luggage I’ve ever owned.

    But… my larger case has lost a zipper, and the interior liner that separates the two sides is shot on both the larger and the carry-on.

    I’ve been drooling over the Tumi stuff for a while…

  • Jim

    I drag around a carry on Kenneth Cole with souped up roller blade wheels. Gets the job done, but is heavy. Plus if it’s expanded, it gets gate checked…although I have avoided the fees twice now…

  • Jake Weinstein

    American Tourister I bought about 5 years ago.. one wheel has a chunk missing and its fairly worn with all the travel. Id like to upgrade to something with hard sides, 4 independent wheels and a longer warranty. Tumi looks nice

  • Stephane

    I have a 上海西丹实业有限公司 but it is already broken !

  • Nick

    using some unknown comp from AC my aunt got at the Trop. Upgrade needed cause its for a girl. A girl I am not.

  • NewYorkWendy

    We travel for a month at a time so we need two large bags. Ours are Samsonite fabric, wheeled bags, one rectangle and one foldover garment bag. Plus two carry ons of course!The large bags are way too heavy and are two-wheelers. Four wheels rock.

  • Cory

    If a longer trip, I travel with a large backpack with a detachable day pack and toiletry bag. The zippers are starting to fray and break down.

  • Luis

    I’m currently traveling with a hand-me-down carry-on my aunt lent me three years ago and I never returned, lol. It’s bursting at the seam and the handle is on the verge of snapping off. I’d love to put it to rest for something sturdier!

  • TEO

    Currently using a 60L duffel bag for all trips. Really.

  • Jyish

    I’m travel with an old Samsonite carry on with a broken wheel, so I just carry it instead of wheeling it.

  • Kory Olson

    I have an older travel pro. I love it, but it has some wear. A tumi carry-on would be great!

  • Jeff

    i currently have a set of samsonite spinners from costso and need an upgrade because we are now a family of three!

  • Brian

    I travel with an old beat up and ugly carry-on for business and pleasure. It’s not very pleasurable! It would make my day to travel in a little more style.

  • Eugene Cho

    hey’s. for a piece that offers a lifetime warranty, it always breaks and needs to be repaired!

  • Michael Morehouse

    I’m currently using a Swiss Army suitcase and one of the wheels does not turn properly… very difficult to roll around the airport!

  • Shelly

    I have a crappy carry on bag that I bought a few years ago for $19.99. It’s seen better days and I would love a new fancy Tumi!

  • Sp1677

    Currently using the original Samsonite spinner, needless to say it’s not spinning too well – would be great to try the Vapor line as recommended.

  • Robert Duncan

    I currently travel with Travelpro Crew 4 luggage which has seen better days. I’m also missing the luggage hook to connect the carry-on to the roller bag. Would love to have the gift certificate so I can upgrade my bags!

  • Nick H

    I have an unknown brand (most likely something on sale from Kohls) that I got from my mother about 15 years ago. Almost every zipper is broken and it can’t be expanded. I don’t dare open it unless I absolutely must because it can take forever to get closed again. Other than that, it’s great!

  • Zohaib

    I currently travel with a Samsonite that was hand me down from my father who used to travel a lot. I have been traveling a lot for work and pleasure this year – and I could definitely use a new Tumi carry on.

  • zootlet2

    I currently use a Travelpro rollaboard that’s not bad, but would love something lighter. I could also use some packing cubes. Thanks for all the great posts!

  • ed

    i have a samsonite from costo that TSA destroyed it at JFK. Can definitely use a new one especially for international travel.

  • Jonathan S Kim

    Revo Twist 21″ carry on is my current bag. Some of the rivets holding the wheels on have popped off. One of the swivel wheels locks up so my bag literally will twist out of my hands. Cuts into the fabric from awesome TSA handling. And it falls over from its own weight; I guess the fabric has stretched so much that the center of gravity is way off.

  • Liz T

    I have my son’s college Land’s End book bag from 10 years ago. It’s still holding up and is large but I think it’s time to move on and quit smacking people with it as I turn around. Would LOVEEE the Tumi!!

  • Justin

    I’m currently traveling with an OLD Samsonite two-wheel bag, but it is incredibly heavy and awkward. I’m in need of something lighter that I can use to transport my giraffe unicycle to and from Europe.

  • Wayne

    Currently using large Nike Duffel bag.

    i need on of those duffel bags with wheels.

  • Dylan

    My current bag, a Victonrix roller bag, is completely falling apart. In dire need of a new bag. Help!

  • Justin

    One of those old Best Buy swiss army knife backpacks is what I travel with and it’s barely hanging on by a thread…literally! I just flew back from SFO to PHL (to ABE) and it came apart twice when I took it out of the overhead. It’s an embarrassing bag to say the least but I have so many memories with it I’d hate to get rid of it.

  • Jake

    I have a large cloth American Tourister. The handle is broken and the wheels barely work. During my last trip the handle tour into the body of the bag…. So I had to lug this 50lb bag through the city. I really need a new bag.

  • Brad

    I travel with an old samsonite i’ve had for about 6+ years. Its gotten its fair share of use. Love your blog!

  • Sera

    I have a US traveller Rio carry-on and the handle has literally come off. Needless to say, a Tumi Vapor carry-on is sure looking like a nice upgrade right about now…

  • Goo

    I have a ripped up puma duffle bag currently. My shoulder needs a break from carrying it through the airport!

  • millede

    my favorite under the seat travel smith bag tossed a wheel recently. It was perfect for quick trips and roomy enough for long weekends. I have an american tourister but it is just a bag

  • vbyrd

    I carry Samsonite xspinners for business and Arc ‘terx for holidays. I need new bags bc of new size requirements by airlines.

  • Janice

    I’m using an osprey bag with attachable wheels in which the wheels always fall off so it’d be nice to upgrade it.

  • Ron

    I currently have a netbags softside carryon which I’ve used substantially for many years. It’s finally starting to show some age from all the wear and tear. I’m open to replacing it with a good, expandable bag from any brand, preferably one that meets all the airlines’ size requirements.

  • Benjamin Lu

    I have a black American tourist bag, plastic has completely cracked, just time for an upgrade.

  • Jeff

    No name bag from Costco, I say it’s no name because the tag is gone and it is worn from 60 plus countries and 40 states

  • Orit Rindner

    Im using a Samsonite 4 wheeler which I have had to return twice due to the bad wheels and broken zippers. I would love to have the opportunity to get the Tumi Vapor….pleeeeez :-)

  • Jimmy

    I’m traveling with a Samsonite carry-on suitcase right now. I need an upgrade since the handle is loose and one of the zippers is broken. It’s annoying when I try to walk down a few stairs since the handle is broken. It’s also annoying when I try to open/close the suitcase since one of the handles is broken, which is why I tied a shoelace to it so I can open/close the suitcase easier.

  • Carrie Shields

    I had an old hand me down American Tourister suitcase that my mom bought from Walmart. The top of it is held together by staples…. No lie. I definitely need an upgrade :)

  • Rence

    My only bag is a beat up Samsonite carry-on. Makes packing a test of my mathematical abilities when going on trips more than 3 days, and the handle regularly just comes off!

  • Scott

    Using an old Bentley bag we got as a wedding gift 14 years
    ago, needless to say our marriage is in better shape :)

  • Petrone

    I have a hardshell (prefer them since you can squeeze more in without the bag expanding) Izod carryon that I got at TJ Maxx. I went to Colorado a few weeks ago and somehow they destroyed the handle when I had to gate check the bag. Now it won’t come out at all so this would be AMAZING!

  • bryanschmiedeler

    I was traveling with a Tumi, but my wife stole it. So I need a new bag.

  • Carli Fernandez

    My husband has a horribly old cheapo, plastic falling apart bag that barely wheels. I would use this to sruprise him with an upgrade!

  • Rick

    An old Hartmann bag. I could use a new one!

  • cheryl

    Currently traveling with a “no name” hard-sided, but very light bag I got from a discount luggage store. It has made it all over the world, but is in desperate need of replacing! I bought it because it wasn’t black like everyone else’s bag! Black and white polka dots LOL. So sick of it.

  • Lisa Damiano

    I currently travel with an old, red, fabric Kenneth Cole two-wheeler that I bought at TJ Maxx 100 years ago. I have been planning to upgrade to a better four-wheeler for months but keep putting it off. This would be a tremendous opportunity to finally get something I can wheel up the aisle before my next trip (to Iceland/Greenland in July)!

  • Matt Wojciechowski

    I currently use a blue Victorinox carry on luggage bag. While it’s served me well in the past, it’s certainly starting to show its age. It’s at the point where one of my essential carry-on items is a tube of superglue…to reattach the handle when it falls off on a monthly basis.

  • ryan281

    I currently use a Red Oxx Air Boss, which I love, but I’m missing a good day bag. I still have my old Timbuk2 bag from college but I’d like a laptop bag/satchel/something that looks a little more adult.

  • Jeff Yu-Wei Lee

    I travel with a american tourister carry on bag for about 4 yrs. I need an even nicer bag for my girlfriend, so my bag does not have to travel alone!

  • Nevs

    I have a bowler bag that does not stand on its own so its very inconvenient! I’d like to have a hard shell since i often carry gifts/fragile items.

  • Doug

    Currently American Tourister duffle bag. Would love to upgrade to Tumi, mine is showing its age.

  • Victor

    I currently use a big old red suitcase. I have no idea what brand it is and I am rather embarassed to travel with it but its big and I cant afford good luggage. This is what I’ve been using for close to 10 years

  • FSPP Fan

    A Samsonite four wheel spinner that is out of alignment after one trip as a checked bag. Two of the four wheels don’t touch the ground anymore, so it’s now become my slightly trapezoid shaped two wheeling four wheeler. Would love to get a new, much more durable bag like Tumi!

  • Julio César Urdaneta Torres

    I have a very old Guacharo bag. I bought it in my 20′s for a trip to the beach, it has accompanied me to several trips across continents. I don’t want to get rid of it, but it does need some well deserved rest and some fixes. This set will certainly come in handy as my old bag friend gets some well deserved R&R.

  • James Slager

    I’ve got an old set of samsonites. Functional, but not at all pretty, and quite beat up. I’d love a new set (especially one where the carrying fits in the new sizers!)

  • cotoneloc

    Today I’m flying with this very old hand-me-down Boyt that basically just an empty rectangle without any of the internal suiting components that I’d like to have in my next bag.


    I travel with a Briggs and Reilly carry-on that has a wheel whose bearings make so much noise I hate traveling with it.

  • Kevin

    I have a $20 carry on bag from Target. We have trips to Hawaii, Disneyland, and Tahiti in the next 6 months. I could really use something a lot more durable and usable.

  • Chris K

    Currently using the Samsonite Luggage Silhouette Sphere Widebody 20 Inch Spinner. Bought it this past December and it’s already falling apart after checking it in once! So much for Samsonite’s “quality” line.

  • DaveInDC

    I travel with an Osprey travel pack and it’s served me well for many years now. At 44, I’m getting a bit old for backpacking and could use a wheeled carry on. I’ll definitely keep the backpack though!

  • MisterChristian

    I’ve got an Eddy Bauer that was a wedding gift. Good bag, but beat to pieces. I’d love to try out the toughness of some really top notch luggage next year, when I’m going to Bali!

  • budbeerlady

    I have a generic walmart black bag that we currently use for luggage. Since the airlines were destroying our bags every third trip I went low end. Duck-tape has saved us on a few trips! I need an upgrade from our generic black walmart duffel so we don’t look so country hick.

  • barclee

    In my family, apparently anything left in the garage is up for grabs. I borrowed my sister’s vintage set last year only to have them burst
    open as I dragged them up some merciless stairs in the London Tube
    (during rush hour- talk about traumatic!), my brother took
    mine with him when he moved to Rome, and now my sister is
    running off to New Orleans with the last decently-sized one. I’m
    excited for an upcoming fall trip to Tokyo via Milan (booked during that Priceline
    chaos a few days ago- thanks for the tip, TPG!), but realized the only luggages left in our garage are kid-sized plastic toys from the 80′s….. it’s a desperate hour. Help
    me, Points Guy! You’re my only hope!!!

  • Eddie

    Go to carry on bag in currently a costco special…has served me well, but the seems are starting to fray, and one of the outer compartments is now useless as the zipper busted on my last trans atlantic trip…could really use the eBags gift card!

  • Arius

    I have a hand-me down old school two wheeled Hartmann bag. Was excited when I was told I was getting it, but then I saw why it was given away! The left wheel is chipped so not only does it make noise, but I basically drag it half the time (the noise it makes is awful!). I have to palm punch the extendable handle down and the expandable zippers broke so I can’t use it for longer trips. Please… MERCY!!!

  • Alex

    Currently traveling with an Osprey backpack with a zip-off day bag. Great for backpacking trips, but since I’m traveling for work a lot now, I think it might be high time to upgrade to some “grown-up” luggage.

  • Robert

    I’m currently using a Ricardo 20″ spinner from Costco. It has served me well, but you get what you pay for…

  • Caroline

    I have a Patagonia MCL that I love, but it would be much easier for shorter, less adventurous trips to have a carry-on with wheels!

  • Allie

    The HEAVIEST samsonite ever made! Need an upgrade now that I’m traveling every week!

  • Cass

    I have sketchers suitcase that looks like Lego blocks!!!! Time for a more grown up suitcase and would love to have Tumi. Ahhhhh TUMI!

  • barclee

    In my family, apparently anything left in the garage is up for grabs. I borrowed my sister’s vintage set last year only to have them burst open as I dragged them up some merciless stairs in the London Tube (during rush hour- talk about traumatic!), my brother took mine with him when he moved to Rome, and now my sister is running off to New Orleans with the last decently-sized one. I’m excited for an upcoming fall trip to Tokyo via Milan (booked during that Priceline chaos a few days ago- thanks for the tip, TPG!), but realized
    the only luggages left in our garage are kid-sized plastic toys from the 80′s….. it’s a desperate hour. Help me, Points Guy! You’re my only hope!!!

  • Courtney Lynch

    I most often use 1 of 2 bags: a Rick Steves duffel-type bag or a similar one from REI that converts into a backpack. They both work fine for my purposes, but man it would be nice to have something with wheels. I feel like the airport would be a much more enjoyable place if I weren’t constantly lugging everything around on my back or shoulder.

  • dw

    I have a five year old Samsonite I picked up from Ross. She has been great to me but she is on the small side and she is starting to get worn. Time to upgrade.

  • Al

    A samsonite carry on that’s pretty banged up. Need a carry-on that protects my shoes

  • Jason Gerdon

    Currently rock’n an Atlantic bag right now. It has been great, but I am on the road so often, the poor thing has taken a beating. Really could use something a bit more sturdy for all my adventures.

  • Hilary

    My Dockers carry on bag weighs almost 10 pounds when empty and even more when stuffed – the weight sometimes causes a problem on the airlines (QF) that weigh bags before boarding. My larger checked luggage is falling apart at the seams (some unknown cheap brand). I prefer to travel carry on only whenever possible and a new Tumi carry on would be awesome!

  • Arjun

    Use a Jansport black roll aboard which I have had for 5 years now and the right wheel struggles to move – becoming a hassle trying to drag the bag as I run through airports trying to get to the gate. Jansport doesn’t make the model anymore so I have no choice but to get another bag. Also it looks a little “college” and needs an upgrade.

  • Jonathan Yiu

    North Face backpack, need a wheeled carry-on cuz I’m getting old…

  • Mary

    A Rick Steves bag that the zipper tags are all off. Makes it hard to use the zippers.

  • Navster

    I was using a Jeep hardshell until TK managed to completely shatter it on my way back from TLV. Although their inflight service was top notch, trying to get some sort of compensation from their office on the ground has left a lot to be desired. Oh well, at least I have a case for my ipad now.

  • max

    A carry-on whose brand I don’t even remember it’s so old. Time for an upgrade! :)

  • Kevin

    Currently travelling with the Burton Wheelie Flight Deck. Great bag that has served its purpose, but flying on a weekly basis has taken it toll and the extendable handle requires some coaxing. Also, the “cool” pattern I picked out in college isn’t so cool now travelling for business! Would love a new bag with a handle that works and looks professional!

  • j midtown

    Joseph Abboud Roll-aboard. It’s seen better days.

  • Alexandra

    Traveling with a Delsey 30 inch rolling duffel. I had recently commented on how well it held up to my near monthly voyages. The day I raved about it, the airline apparently got the bag caught in the conveyor belt and sheared the entire side panel clear off. Once it was in baggage claim, it was one of those bags that comes out all taped to heck and you say “wow that sucks”. Well, it did. It was my bag being held together by tape with all my bloomers sticking out. It’s time for a new bag!

  • DFWGuy

    Currently use a TravelPro two-wheeler with a cracked wheel, so it go clak-clak-clak while being pulled. And its apparently over the ‘official’ size allowed by AA based on being denied entry on the plane with it twice now. Time for a new bag.

  • Jeffrey

    We use Samsonite luggage – not sure of the specific model – from Macy’s five years ago, and it’s falling apart a whole lot more than I expected of the bran… busted zippers, fraying fabric, broken handle, and a repair service that’s generously called “inconvenient”.

  • Chris W

    I have a bag so old the badge fell off. No idea what brand. The handle pull busted out from the bottom of the suitcase, so it is taped down with ducktape. Then, to top it off, one of the two handle pull rods busted and slid down into the suitcase. It’s like pulling a candy cane around. A delicate little crummy candy cane attached to a black fabric box.

  • zbird

    an old samsonite that goes “CLACK, CLACK, CLACK” whenever I roll it down the hallway. It holds my gear well enough but the noise is getting embarrassing!

  • Dean Lambert

    LL Bean 20″ Ballistic Pullman – Need to swap it out for Hardcase as its getting battered by the baggage handlers as im travelling on the Embraer’s and everything has to be checked

  • Michael H.

    I am using an REI Wheely Beast which works well but need another good bag for my upcoming trip to Bali with the whole family.

  • Warren C

    eagle creek travel pack. usually carry on. my last trip went thru 21 airports. i need an upright spinner bag.

  • Rushabh Pasad

    Use an unbranded soft luggage bags bought from India. It has completely worn out with the trolley mechanism broken and needs to be replaced with something better.

  • R. J.

    I have a ridiculously beat down Samsonite cheapo carry-on. I look with envy on those Tumi bags.

  • Jason K

    An old American Tourister. Time for an upgrade–want to get a spinner this time.

  • BT

    I have a samsonite that is beat down. Need an upgrade.

  • cyprian

    Many years ago when I was fresh out of college, I got swindled into buying a crappy bag that I over paid for… NOW I know better, and am in the market for a new bag…. I am still using that bag that I don’t even know the brand because the logo fell off… The wheels are clogged up and the handle is broken, but it does have a lot of good memories attached to it.

  • rileyrayrobbins

    Samsonite hardshell spinner. Frankly it’s a great bag. It rolls smooth, it takes a beating and the handle action is great. The problem? Too small. I thought about getting the next size up but I didn’t. And now I regret it.

  • Jonathan

    I’m using an old MountainSmith Ramble. While it’s served well, it’s time for a more businesslike bag.

  • Collins Friddle

    I’m using a TravelPro 24″ that I have had for 4 years. I need a new one because the new carry on requirement is 22″ or less. Sad times :(

  • Angela

    American Tourister Splash 21″ Upright in the most obnoxious shade of orange and brown. I’d love to get a bag that wasn’t so ugly!

  • Nilina Mason-Campbell

    I’m traveling with a loaner right now from my mother. It’s fabric, has two wheels and the handle is broken, so it never fully extends. Having a bag of my own would be great number one, but also I tend to travel with weighty luggage and I would love to upgrade to a bag with 4 wheels and a handle I can leverage the weight on.

  • Rabbit

    The brand tag on my bag fell off years ago! The thing is so old I’m surprised it still works at all. I keep secretly hoping that the airlines will lose it and have to buy me another one…

  • trinity1183

    I use a carry-on Samsonite. Its small and has stories to tell. Not as much as other people but its working on it.

  • JJ Escobar

    I have an Olympia carry-on and my husband busted the seams on it during our recent trip to Seattle to go on an Alaskan cruise. I need some new luggage!!

  • Carter29072

    I am using a Samsonite. Just dropped it off to have a wheel replaced after coming off a cruise ship. It was damaged. I think I am due for a replacement after many, many trips this past year.

  • Nina Nicole

    Currently using 10 year old concourse luggage I received as a gradutation gift back. Since then Ive done a lot of traveling back and forth between college and overseas. Its time to upgrade. I would really love some new luggage for my summer travels.

  • Susan Witz

    We purchased 2 expensive Titan Luggage X2 Flash and within a very short period (about 12 months) they BOTH cracked! I thought it was just my “over packing” (hey, I’m a girl), but then my husband’s also cracked. We’ve had to “make due” with American Airlines packing tape to patch through until we can get new ones. ugh!

  • esh27

    I have something I don’t even know what it is. Got it 25 years ago and it has Atlantic zipper pulls, so it must be Atlantic. The classic style of tiny rollers you pull the suitcase on edge with a strap, so it will fall over if you look at it wrong. It is finally falling apart and with a new job involving 1/2 travel I need some decent luggage for carryon and checking. Hard shells are the target I think.

  • Kevin Schmidle

    oh man, the same Samsonite roller for 10 plus years; been durable, but due for a mega upgrade!

  • Jacob Cohen

    Have an old crappy bag and I don’t even the know the brand. I want a tumi though because my current bag is only a few years old and is in poor shape.

  • danjee

    I use old Tumi Vapor, which is starting to have problems with the handle. Hoping to upgrade to a Zero Haliburton.

  • Andy Waters

    Right now I’m using a Tumi Tech spinner. It’s seen a lot of miles and is ready to be replaced. It’s also not designed as well as I usually expect Tumi to be. There is no handle on the bottom so it makes getting it in out of my car a pain in the neck. I have used in the past and agree that it’s a great place to buy luggage. I’m looking to switch brands as well due to a co-worker of mine bragging about his vapor.

  • Eddy

    Currently toting around a Tumi Voyageur Avignon. I got it for a pretty good price about three years ago but the nylon material has resulted in the bag being a little beat up. So I’m hoping to upgrade to something more durable, especially as more and more folks jam their behemoths of a bag into the overhead space.

  • Mark

    I use a TravelPro roller than is on its last leg, literally. I bought it years ago at Nordstrom Rack and would really like a roller w/ 4 wheels. I really wanted to win the Bally brand card holder a few weeks back!

  • Rick Morton

    I use a Samsonite 25″ spinner. It is a decent bag, but has started to become a bit tired and frayed with the number of miles I do. I have been looking at going to a hard side for some time, but haven’t made the jump. I’m on my 4th year of 100k + miles and need a sturdier bag.

  • Robbie

    A 5 year-old cheap Chinese luggage that fell apart after it’s first use. I’ve been suffering with it ever since.

  • SoniaF

    I have a Kirkland brand, yes Costco, suit case that I have for over 10 years! It’s heavy, it’s bulky, it doenst have spinners, and I seriously need a new one!

  • PhatMiles

    Use a samsonite carry on with 2 wheels. Don’t want to drag anymore. It is heavy and kind of a pain to get through big/shitty airports like FRA/LHR.

  • Trish Shanahan

    I need to trash my American Tourister which has seen 14 years of employment and start off retirement with a Tumi for my fall trip to Spain.

  • Dana G

    It’s a beat-up Atlantic brand suitcase – certainly not attractive, and on its last legs!

  • Gabe

    Im using a Samsonite from 5 years ago with tears and holes. I desperately need an upgrade!

  • Phil

    I use an ancient travel pro. Probably seen half a million miles by now. Wheels replaced once, extension handle twice. All the zipper handles are gone (replaced with paperclips). Now the nylon cloth is finally wearing out. Probably time to replace it huh?

  • Robert

    I have a beat up old tumi two wheeler. I want to upgrade to a hard plastic four wheeler to jet through the airports.

  • Thomas

    I use a big, old Roots suitcase that I received as a graduation gift over 10 years ago. It is showing signs of wear and tear and an upgrade would be appreciated. It would be great to have a four wheeled suitcase to speed up travel and increase maneuverability in airports.

  • Grace Cox

    All I have is a $25 rolling duffle from costco. Definitely not a Tumi.

  • Devin

    Been using the same American Tourister roller bag for the past 15 years. Since United’s increased enforcement of their carry-on rules, I am back to checking my bags until my new bag is the correct dimensions.

    Been eye-balling the Tumi International for a while now, and this would be the fuel to make the jump.

  • Mike H.

    Timbuktu – works well as a carry on, but could be time for an upgrade.

  • James

    Have an old Delsey. It’s nice and light, but need something a little classier now that I’m middle aged.

  • AC

    I have a 7 year old Travelpro that has numerous signs of ‘over-exuberant’ luggage handlers from over the years. Time to get a carry-on.

  • one2think

    I have a three piece set branded as American Airlines luggage. They have held up well, but are starting to give out.

    I use the smallest for overnight trips and the medium for all others. The large only gets used on vacations. ..sadly still in “like new” condition. (More a factor of my infrequent vacations and less about build quality)

    I am *sure* that baggage handlers from other airlines are treating my luggage unfairly due to the AA logo on these bags. Stop the bullying! Save my bags! Help me by relegating these bags solely for use on American Airline flights.

    If I win, imagine how cool I will look in the Admiral’s lounge sporting my old AA luggage. …..or better yet, my new luggage!

  • laurel52787

    I am traveling with a Travel Pro! Its awesome however on my last trip, after a good 4 years of having the bag, the whole handle just came right out! I’m traveling to New Zealand in December and need a new bag to get me through 7 cities and 6 airports!

  • miketown

    I currently have a Tumi carry-on, but would like one w/ wheels.

  • Brian

    Currently using a Tumi Alpha. Would like to get a 4 wheeler to replace it.

  • saml

    I’m currently using the ebags hardside spinner, which I like, but it doesn’t come in the cool blue chevron pattern like the Tumi Vapor, so I’d love a fancy upgrade to make my husband jealous of my luggage!

  • Mehul Sheth

    Have a small Travelpro rollerboard that fits under seat in front of me. Great for the domestic overnight trips I take now, but going to be doing a LOT more international travel for work, need something bigger that can fit a weeks worth of stuff!

  • Dustin

    I’m using an old american tourister. Its so old the wheels actually retract back. One of them never comes down so I have to use a key to get the wheel to pop down every single time…Desperate for an upgrade!

  • Tiffany

    Comment on this post and what type of bag you are traveling with right now, and why you need an upgrade. What brand is it? Why do you need to ditch it for something better?

    I have an old lousy navy blue piece of luggage (random brand X) that I use. I got it for my 16th birthday (now age 28), so needless to say, it’s on its last days. I need to get rid of it for something better because I’m afraid one of these days on the trip it’ll rip open or the handle will break off in the middle of a trip.

  • Brad

    Carry on wise, I bounce between an inherited Tumi Alpha circa. 1994 which is a crap shoot to fit in an overhead bin or a small rolling duffel I picked up at Goodwill that has no name brand other then a giant “Wynn/Encore Las Vegas” logo on top of it. Looking to upgrade to a more “international” carry on size friendly bag.

  • Steven

    I have an older black Samsonite roller but I want to upgrade to something fancier!

  • Bryan L

    I just travel with one of my backpacks. Wish I had something more professional looking

  • Dave

    I sport a fancy red Adidas gym bag that’s taken me through college, first career working in hotels, and now around the US as I get the hang of business travel and point accumulation! It’s pushing a decade old, but it’s been getting the job done that whole time!

  • Ivo

    I am using a 5-year old Samsonite and on top of that a compact wheeled brief by Tumi. I mean… a Tumi on top of a samsonite… doesn’t really fit of course, so it is time I find my loyal Tumi friend a bigger Tumi sister or brother. I loved the “Jonathan Adler travels with Tumi”.

  • mchiller

    I have a knockoff I bought at a Japanese market. I need a new bag because the wheels are square and i sound like a bull in a china shop going through airports!

  • Jeffrey

    I have a large samsonite bag which has had two wheels broken off. Both were dangling from the bag at baggage claim and I re-riveted them back in place. Desperately need a new bag.

  • Kerrie

    I am still using the Samsonite set my parents bought for me when I left for college…21 years ago! Now I will have to say the set has served me well, but finally after all these years they are basically starting to disintegrate. My fear is that one day soon, I will find my “unmentionables” strewn over someone else’s Tumi Vapor Continental Carry-On coming of the baggage carousel!

  • Diana

    I have an old blue Samsonite suitcase that’s taken me across the US. Its been beat up as its travelled with me. On my last trip, i still used it even though its without two zipped pulls – I just put in paper clips instead!

  • Nancy Romero

    My bag is so old I don’t even know the brand. And I have my first points flight planned for next month so it’s time to upgrade!

  • Grant

    Currently using the In-Case Travel Pro 3 day bag. It’s perfect for my business trips but I need a bag for my personal travel and this would definitely help out a lot. Thank you for this giveaway!

  • Michael

    using samsonite carry-on right now. upgrade to rimowa or tumi will be great

  • Matthew Ender

    I have an old American Tourister rolling duffel that we use for weekend trips…and let’s just say it’s on it’s last thread. The zipper only goes up 3/4 of the way, so we have to pack strategically so that nothing falls out of the top 1/4!

  • A.N Rajah

    I have a cheap carry on luggage and it is all broken and need to buy a new one.

  • mallen190

    I use a Travelpro Maxlite that has certainly seen better days. Traveling every week has taken its toll on the handle and wheels and it’s time for an upgrade.

  • steve

    I’ve got a set of 9 year old travel-pro 2 wheel suitcases. They’re getting ratty and I need to upgrade them. I’d like a smaller spinner carryon and a similar large 2 wheeled BIG suitcase for business trips.

  • ErikV

    I have a well traveled Samsonite that has seen better days. I need a new bag because the wheels stick and squeal like nobodys business.

  • Viv

    I need to replace my green 20 year old Olympia rollaway that I’ve been using since I was single (maiden name scribbled out with black marker) and 2 second-hand black suitcases bought at a thrift store, zippers always catching and 1 zipper-pull missing. Since we’ve been traveling every few months now thanks to tips from The Points Guy, we desperately need updated bags.

  • Yankees

    Currently we’re using a cheap knock-off we got at the local 99¢
    store as points don’t cover those :-). We can use those when we will be flying in July to Paris / PH Vendome (Free). It would feel really nice to have the right luggage suit us walking in there.

  • tridentnyc

    I use a Victorinox carry on without swiveling wheels. In addition to it wanting to tip over, it is pear shaped and will fit in some overheads but not others. Sucks when there is an equipment change and I’m the dope in the aisle that can’t close the overhead while an angry line backs up behind me! I need that new bag…bad!!! :)

  • Sarah

    Oh man, I think I have a Coleman. It’s not actually that old, it’s just really heavy – and with my weak arms and everything else I already pack, I can’t be carrying around any extra weight if possible!

  • BenM

    Having worked for a few airlines, I non-rev’ed a lot with a green Ricardo roller bag. It’s pretty beat up and the zippers are getting stuck. Would love a new “go-to” bag.

  • Michele a

    A pink and black stripped suitcase DVf brand, wheels are worn, zipper is broken and it’s just too darn heavy for traveling on planes and trains, I need something sturdy and light

  • Jennifer

    Well this is embarrassing, my bag is so old and worn out that I can’t even view the name anymore since the hardware has fallen off. Guess I’m in dire need of a new, functional bag. The zipper pulls have disappeared on me as well!

  • Chris Horsman

    I use a northface bookbag from college as my carry-on which is covered in ink stains and is missing all the zipper pulls. It doesn’t look great with a suit so I could definitely use a Tumi upgrade!

  • Matt F

    I use a standard black roll aboard that is so old I do not even know the brand. I have had to replace both screws on the handle, the rubber of one of the wheels is gone, and it is fraying. But the bag has been with me to a lot of great destinations, that I have a hard time parting with it.

  • Daniel D.

    Hi there!

    I currently use an REI carry-on that I purchased last year for a few trips I was taking. It’s great, but I’d love to pick up a hard-sided bag as well!

  • Spencer

    Samsonite carry on.
    It has served for many miles.
    But all things break down.

  • Kevin

    I use a beat-up samsonite carry-on. The handle is bent, the samsonite badge ripped off, the zipper is ripped, and it just looks like it’s been beaten half to death. I’d like to travel without looking like a hobo.

  • DLD

    Currently sporting a mid sized american tourister that has seen a few hundred thousand miles with me. Other than wear and tear that has accrued, the big problem is with increased international travel (for both work and play) I simply need a bigger bag! Something hard shelled would be an improvement as well…

  • Justin

    I currently use a knock-off North Face bag that I purchased in China 3 years ago. The stitching is wearing out, some of the zippers are broken, and pretty much every strap is tied together instead of buckled (all the plastic buckles have broken). I should have expected as much for a $30 bag. I am backpacking through Vietnam and Cambodia in a few months, so I definitely need an upgrade!

  • Sid

    I have a set of beat-up Samsonite luggage that is literally coming apart at the seams, and I’m about to start working full-time in a job that requires me to travel every week!

  • ralph van dyke

    I’ve been using soft luggage. It’s now covered with duct tape.

  • DubZ

    My Atlantic carry on is 10 years old this year and while it’s not completely busted just yet, it’s getting there. Zipper pulls are missing, some of the zippers get stuck often, and the collapsible handle is in danger of buckling any day it feels like.

  • Lauren

    Samsonite and my side handle broke which is a pain!

  • Rod L

    RIght now I’m using a 4 year old bag I was given by my cousin. She got it for free through a special from Lucky Brand jeans when she bought $200 worth of denim. Really need a new one!!! It’s about time…

  • Shelley

    My husband travels a lot for work and really needs new luggage. Would make a great Father’s Day gift.

  • Andy

    My old dirty red luggage bag has been around almost as long as me…in fact I’m quite sure it’s the only bag I’ve owned. Equipped with a wheel that stops rolling whenever it wants and a broken zipper (thankfully the other zipper works though!). Now that I’m getting close as ever to reaching my Southwest Companion pass and an int’l trip with my AA miles, I’ll be taking more trips in the next year and a half than I ever have before!

  • InternetMan

    Right now I’m using a 65L Osprey backpack for everything. The problem is that it is technically too big for a carry on so I get away with it like 50% of the time. I need something that is within the size limits so I’m not forced to check luggage when I don’t want to.

  • Kevin

    Unfortunately, I’m that guy who carries his hiking backpack as a carry-on, and typically the only bag I bring at all. so at any given time I’ve got about 12 straps and buckles hanging down from the overhead compartment. I think it’s time to look a little more professional on business trips.

  • V. Kumar

    I have had the same suitcase for 11 years. The wheels all broke off 4 years ago, but the body is still sturdy so I keep it. While lifting this old beast off the baggage claim last year, a US airways rep came up to me unsolicited and gave me a $25 coupon out of pity. I think it is time for me to upgrade.

  • MerRhosyn

    I’m traveling with a Delsey, but I’m hoping to upgrade to a Rimowa because of the recent United carry-on bag size rule change.

  • KoolFatKat

    I use a Ful rolling duffel. Would like to upgrade since I sometimes have to gate check it due to its size.

  • Jessica

    I’m travelling with an American Tourister wheeled duffel that’s close to falling apart. I’d like something a little sturdier so I can bring back wine without stressing that it will break.


    I’ve been using an oversized backpack from Target for the last decade. I like it because it’s light and has squeezed into many tight overhead bin situations. However, it’s time for me to get a professional roller bag!

  • Cody Johnson

    I currently have a Revo suitcase that i bought at Ross. It has served me well but is now worn and in need of retirement. I am going to Taiwan in November for 3 months and have been look for a new suitcase. Would love to have an ultralight suitcase for my upcoming trip!

  • Ryan R

    I’m still using a 20 year old Orvis wheeled carry-on. It’s a great quality piece but I sure would love the Tumi Vapor!

  • Dave Mo

    Some wheeled bag with a zip-off backpack from REI. It gets the job done but it’s not going to turn any heads!

  • Shorty

    I’m using the Tumi continental carry-on and I absolutely love it, but it’s been so well loved that a Vapor upgrade would come just in time!

  • Jane

    I NEED a new suitcase. The one I have is a Delsey that I purchased at TJ Maxx and has rips and is pulling away around the edges.

  • Jbeinstein

    I have a Samsonite Hyperspace Spinner 21.5 Expandable Carry-On. I could use the upgrade because the weighting is awful in the bag, it’s too front heavy and always ends up falling over, making the roller board bag useless.

  • michael

    I have an old perry ellis duffle bag that I got for free a few years ago as a promotion for buying clothes. It’s lightweight and somewhat durable–for my light weekend travel I find it way preferable to my bulkier roller bag. Would love to get a newer bag though–mine is pretty beat up.

  • Maria Paula Straub-Montenegro

    My husband and I have Osprey 46 liter backpacks that worked great for us until I had to have foot surgery a few weeks ago. Now my husband has to carry all of our gear in his back since I am unable to carry mine for the next 4 months. Nice luggage with wheels would be a tremendous help!

  • MLS

    I’m traveling with a bag that’s about 15 years old and I’m embarrassed to be seen with the ole thing, as loyal as it has been though the years! I have replaced the zipper pulls with old pendants off of a couple of necklaces, the name tag fell off years ago and one wheel only works when it wants to, oh and it’s the same color as every other bag that’s out there so finding it easily at the baggage claim is impossible! LoL

  • Ali Lyder-Norton

    I currently have an “American Traveler” brand large bag and the zipper broke on my last trip… so pick me! Or I will need to be the annoying daughter asking to borrow my parent’s bag for my next trip…

  • danny frost

    I’ve got bags for all sorts of occasions. A leather duffel for short weekend trips with light packing, a rolling duffel if there is heavier stuff, a Heys Crown III 21″ hardside spinner for short business travel that includes a lot of rolling around, and most recently a Travelpro 22″ expandable carryon for week+ trips abroad where I may need to check luggage.

    Problem is I don’t really have anything larger than an expandable carryon, and that’s what I’m in the market for next.

  • Matt

    Using a 20″ Ralph Lauren piece of luggage that has been around the world but the last trip to Thailand seemed to doom its fate with multiple tears and a bent wheel at last.

  • Phil

    I’ve been using a relatively cheap Rockland expandable carry-on for almost 10 years, which has held up remarkably well for the cost. But it’s slowly been showing it’s age, plus it doesn’t fit the carry on sizers which are now being strictly enforced despite the fact that it easily fits in a 737 overhead bin … time for an upgrade!

  • Larry

    We have American Tourister luggage which is about 6 years old and beginning to show it’s wear & tear. Wife keeps pushing to buy new luggage.

  • schoi

    Perfect timing! I was actually eye-shopping for a luggage!
    I have “ELLE” luggage that my parents gave me about 15 years ago and I ‘m sure they don’t even know where they got that. maybe from the elle magazine subscription? 1 one of 2 wheels are broken and lock is broken. it’s just unusable! I wish I could win!

  • mhenner

    mine is from Rick Steve’s Travel Store. But it old and tired.

  • Joseph May

    I travel with a 21 year old 25″ Impuls for longer trips and a 21″ Samsonite rollaboard. The Impuls has easily a million miles on it and is just being to wear out. The 21″ I consider to be disposable but after 100,000 miles is still going strong. Still a TUMI would be wonderful.

  • Josh

    I’m using a beat up old American Tourister when I need to check a bag but that won’t cut it for my trip to Peru this summer! I’m not gonna lie, it was a great bag, it’s just seen a lot of miles at this point.

  • Ninj

    I have a beat up Adidas duffel bag (limitations and all) that’s been to 16 countries and 3 continents and it’s time to upgrade into something more practical.

  • cg

    I use AmericanTourister and oh man it sucks! I’ve been through 3 already, hoping I can get at least a Samsonite

  • GetToThePoints

    I primarily use a Jansport Travel pack if checking luggage and a Ogio carry on otherwise. I need to replace the Jansport as it is getting pretty old and the case is starting to fray around the zippers. Great bag though as there are multiple pockets to keep things separated and sorted out in. Something that is lacking in most newer bags. But, should I win I guarantee you I will find something suitable!!

  • Kevin

    I use a Samsonite carry-on that I got from Costco. It’s serving me quite well but it’s quite heavy and so a lighter carry-on will be a really nice upgrade.

  • Newo

    I’ve got a worn Samsonite bag that works fine in the States, but it’s too big to qualify as an international carry-on. I need a new bag for my upcoming trip to India, Nepal and hopefully Thailand (if it seems safe in August).

  • Matthew Sharp

    I use a Kenneth Cole bag from that’s about 10 years old. I travel for work about 40 weekends a year for ESPN. The zippers work but sliders have nothing really to grab on to. It’s just an embarrasing piece of luggage but I’m too cheap to buy anything new. Guess I’m waiting for an airport disaster to purchase. Shame on me

  • teresap

    using the least expensive set of luggage I could find on Amazon about three years ago. it has served it’s purpose but is starting to show it’s age and cheapness.

  • Avi

    My current bag is an american tourister carry-on that I bought 2 years back. I am a consultant so constantly on the go and the bag has started showing signs of wear and tear. Since I travel so much, I have been thinking of getting something better. Granted 2 years is a long time but changing bags is not easy when you travel this much. You get fixated on your old bag and keep looking for that weary looking thing

  • Emily

    I am traveling with a “soft” carry on size Samsonite. I need an upgrade because I want a hard shell, like the TUMI carry on you mentioned that is on sale in your post. I need to ditch the “Soft” carry on size Samsonite for something more durable. I’ve also considered the fancy wheels I’ve seen that appear to rotate 180 or 360!

  • Jonathan Leung

    I use a high sierra backpack for domestic travel to avoid the bag fee. But later this year i will be traveling oversea for a month. Getting a new suitcase would definitely help me bring back the goodies!

  • smitty06

    I love my victorinox bag but it looks so dirty because it is fabric. I would love a non fabric bag that is rugged enough for all my travel.

  • Up&Away

    We still use some cheap Disney luggage for my kids carry-on. We could seriously use an upgrade since the bottom stand is falling off among other problems!

  • Dina

    I am using a sasmsonite roller bag. I’d really prefer a briggs and stratton due to the quality of the construction and design capability for storing more items in a fairly small space.

  • Elizabeth

    I am using a suitcase I got from American Airlines to replace one that got damaged on a trip to Europe back in 2007. I have no idea what brand it is and I would like to replace with something smaller…..I’ve learned I don’t need that much stuff when I travel :)

  • Johnson

    I am hoping to get a TUMI piece!

  • Douglas Lin

    10 yr old samsonite bag i got in college. i only travel a few times a year but it’s quite worn out

  • welovekimberly

    My faithful Samsonite suitcase is durable and hardy, and has taken many journeys with me. But gosh dang it is heavy! It weighs 18 lbs, it’s challenging to get what I need in there and stay under the 50lbs limit most carriers impose.

  • Patrick Mc

    I’m traveling with a Ricardo Beverly Hills 22″ Roll-aboard that I got back in 2009 for a college trip. IT has served me well until a few weeks ago when the zipper started to tear. I bought two full-sized suitcases on ebags last year thanks to your post about their increased bonus points via the chase shopping portal (Samsonite and Travel Pro) but now I need to replace the carry-on!! :)

  • Mary W

    I am using old Samsonite with the old style wheels. I envy those who have the swivel wheels. They are not struggling through the airport like I am!

  • hochie

    I have Dakota luggage from my wedding that almost meets the weight limit it seems with how heavy they are. You can literally only pack them half way before they become too heavy :(

  • Mary Ware

    I desperately need to upgrade my luggage. I travel carryon only mostly and my cheap Travelers Club carryon ripped at the seams during my last trip in Europe, and my husband is tired of me borrowing his Swissgear roll aboard!

  • Nick O (PIT)

    I have a couple Samsonite bags, but none that actually count for carry-on. So I use a duffel bag I bought from Target for $9.99 for my carryon. I’m pretty sure I’m doing it wrong

  • Ang

    Currently using a Samsonite that is definitely a little worn down, so in need of an upgrade!

  • Lincoln Young

    I dash from flight to flight with my Beckel Canvas duffle bag. It looks cool, but it’s hardly fit for duty running from one end of the terminal to the other. It’s time for some wheels. Looking at one of those Tumi Alpha 2 Intl Carry On two wheel rollers.

  • Aaron

    My suitcase is fine what needs an upgrade is my travel backpack and a day pack. I want a really nice travel backpack, convenient yet stylish.

  • JJ

    I use a Samsonite hard shell. It’s on it’s last legs though!

  • Phil

    I have a Samsonite roller that has seen better days. All the zipper tags are gone so it’s pretty difficult to open and close the bag. It’s been with me all over the world, but it’s time to put this bag out of its misery.

  • Bas

    Currently have a Samsonite spinner but the wheels suck so I’de love an upgrade. :)

  • Phil

    I have a skyway bag from costco that isnt holding up well, the nylon is starting to tear and the plastic liner is breaking. Need a new bag!

  • M Jones

    I travel with an older Travelpro Crew bag… almost ready to get a new one!

  • usnamom2014

    A Mickey Mouse suitcase that was given to us at the Grand Floridian hotel after a piece of our luggage fell off the golf cart that was taking us to check in – it was run over and destroyed by a car behind us.

  • Vivers007

    I think my 17 year old Hartmann is due for a replacement. The wheels squeak and the handle is not as long as the current ones. I love shopping on ebags for packing cubes and other travel

  • amelie

    I use the Boreas Erawan 50L duffle/backpack in yellow & blue as my carryon. I just started a mod on it to avoid looking like a backpacker. :-) I do like the funky style, but I am in need of a roller suitcase.

  • joey

    i have a tumi bag and its seen better days!

  • menara2408

    OMG! I need that set, my old fashioned 3 piece suitcases are all ripped, they are Pierre Cardin that I bought at Bj´s in 2007. I have no complains but I do need to replace them. The airport handlers are the ones to blame because of the way they treat them.

  • ZP

    My bag is a “generic” knockoff Northface — logo reversed and all — that I got when my original bag was destroyed by a crazy taxi driver in Vietnam…time to upgrade!

  • PriusGuy

    I have a nice Samsonite bag but am thinking about going to a 4-wheel model at some point (although I live on a hill and worry that a 4-wheel might just end up in the next town if I’m not careful).

  • Zach

    An atlantic rollaway with duct tape on the back! It needs help!!

  • byroshi

    Using a Tumi Tegra Lite international carry on right now. Don’t need to upgrade but it would be nice to get a larger sized Tegra Lite to go with it!

  • Garyst16

    I’ve owned a Travelpro Crew 5 for years. It’s on its last legs… I recently purchased the Kirkland carry on from Costco, but it’s just not the same… I travel about130,000 miles a year for business and haven’t found anything that truly inspires me… Maybe an eBag?

  • joon0033

    I use a plain black travel pro. Good bag but the last time it was outside the Tarmac while it was raining and my ties got wet and were ruined.

    I need to upgrade to a hard case bag with spinner wheels. The tumi ones you linked to look great.

  • doris

    Got a samsonite carry on but one of the pockets got ripped by a handler! I love my samsonite and would definitely get another one.

  • Samir

    I currently travel with a Sansomite. It’s a bootleg I picked up in Thailand because my bag’s wheels broke. I need a new travel worthy set because we are honeymooning to Hawaii in July!

  • Paul

    Currently using a Rimowa. The rimowa is so impractical. Thinking of upgrading to a Vapor.

  • Ernest S.

    I have an old Delsey bag that is just slightly bigger than the new carry-on requirements, so I need a new bag! The bag served me well, and survived weekly trips when I used to travel for work. Would love to replace it with a new bag that has spinner wheels. I get jealous watching people push their spinner bags down the airplane aisle.

  • sAnIL ,,, ;)

    V.I.P old style suitcase … need a new style travel suitcase for my upcoming goa trip

  • John Ruda

    I currently have a TravelPro 22″ which just about pushes the envelope for the overhead bins. The retractable handle is problematic and has been getting stuck, so it’s time for a new one.

  • Lynn

    I have a Delsey, which is just a little weirdly shaped, making it difficult to pack, and a Ricardo Santa Cruz, which I actually like better than the Delsey. Unfortunately that one is a little big for a true carryon, and isn’t a carryon in Europe. Which may be a problem this summer….

  • RegMerc

    I have a Delsey carry on. It has seen better days. It will be nice to get an upgrade.

  • Steve

    Currently use a Swiss 20″ roller. Its worn out and the ball bearings have fallen out the wheels. I fancy that Tumi referred to.

  • manivelle

    My old Hartmann from the last century is in fine shape, but it doesn’t roll and I no longer have the shoulder strap. And I’m sort of from the last century as well. So, let it roll!

  • Josh

    I have an ebags weekender convertible for my carryon, which is great, but I’m always looking for an upgrade!!

  • so1oonnet

    I carry a samsonite 20″ today.. I need to travel to india and need something that can take the punch when I am there.

  • Kim

    I have an old and worn no-name wheeled duffel. I recently got Hubby the Mother Lode Jr. backpack along with packing cubes from eBags and I am in luggage envy! I need to get one for myself so when we go to Paris next March (on American Airlines, for taxes only of course) so I won’t be wheeling my wobbly duffel all over cobblestone streets!

  • Patrick

    Just a straight duffel bag :(

  • Happy Feet

    I started to collect miles and points for about 1.5 years and now I am totally ready to travel with hubby and 2 kids. I have a very old luggage that I got from Macy’s about 15 years ago. Time for an upgrade!!

  • Matt

    My luggage is a Nike duffle bag that I got in 2002. It has held up great but it doesn’t look very professional when you get picked up by a client from the airport and they grab your “luggage” aka faded navy blue gym bag.

  • Francesca

    I have a delsey. Definitely need a new one.

  • D

    Been using my Kirkland Signature carry-on from Costco for about 10 years now. A bit worn and wheels squeak. Although, reliable, 10+ years; it’s about time for something new.

  • Hashim305

    Right now I have an Atlantic Luggage QuadWheel that’s almost 10 years old. It’s been durable, trusty and reliable, but it’s definitely seen better days.

  • TheVoodoo

    First entry on this website!

  • Jonathan

    An old black rollerbag missing a wheel

  • Linda

    We use a no-name sports/duffel bag. An upgrade would be great!

  • James

    A big ole duffle bag. Time to get Rollin.

  • Mark Jardim

    I am currently traveling on an airtran flight to alanta and then to lax with a very old black duffel bag that has been to bangladesg 3 times and is missing it’s straps and a side zipper…i am a big fan of your site and could use some new gear!

  • Brenton

    B/c I’m 6’5 and even two pairs of shoes basically fill a basic carry-on, for the last 10 years I’ve been flying with my old Nike duffel bag. It doesn’t look huge when I carry it, and can fit in almost any overhead compartment. I also occasionally will just put whatever I can in my wife’s checked luggage and whatever I can’t live without in a messenger bag. I could really use an upgrade!

  • Jen

    My luggage is so old that I don’t even know what kind it is! It has holes and rips in it. I would love new luggage!

  • brockab

    I’m currently having to borrow my Dad’s old Samsonite bag. I just started a new career, and a nice new bag to travel with would be fantastic!

  • Chao

    My bag is old and I love thAD pass

  • yellowpad

    My Pathfinder carry-on has lost its bearings… Time for an upgrade.

  • William

    My go to bag for short 1-2 day business trips from L.A. to San Fran over the past 5 years has been a softie G.H. Bass bag with 2 handles and a shoulder strap. Somewhat functional yet I live in hope that someday I might have a flex handle and wheels, you know..the 4×4 kind that are ready to ruuuuummble!

  • Mike – Dayton, OH

    I’m currently using a 15 year old threadbare Travelpro rollerblading with wobbly wheels. And did I mention it looks embarrassingly bad? I’d love something new to get me through the next 15.

  • Jessica Doench

    I have a pretty decent navy blue Samsonite spinner bag that I use for weekly trips for work, but when I want to bring my husband we have to drag out the teeny tiny red roll aboard we picked up from Target for $18 five years ago. It would do, but we’re planning 10 days in Hawaii this December, so that may be pushing it…

  • David Stephens

    I need the new bag!!! I travel every week for business, mostly in the Western US, but usually take at least one international trip each year. I’ve been loyal to Samsonite for years. My first 4 wheel bag (green) has been great for about 10 years, but the wheel started making too much noise and people started looking at me as I would race through airports. I purchased a new Samsonite (red) 4 wheeler a couple of years ago. In Portland last year, one of the wheels got jammed and I unknowingly dragged it through the airport. That melted the wheel off. I switched back to the old reliable green back during the repair. I used the red back for about a year until 2 weeks ago, the same thing happened and 2 wheels from the red bag basically ripped off. So now I am back to the old reliable green bag, but it’s ragged and still makes too much noise. Walked through SFO last week and it seemed to echo. Been looking at the Travelpro Maxlite 3 series as a replacement.

  • John Hansen

    Actually my Samsonite bags have been great, but with frequent traveling they are showing some wear and tear. New bags would be appreciated.

  • Liz

    I have an old Delsey Helium set, and they don’t even stand up straight! Literally fall over every time I leave them alone! Definitely need a new bag!

  • Antoin

    I’ve currently got a Samsonite 4-wheel spinner. Best thing I ever bought. It’s not much of a spinner anymore because one of the wheels didn’t make it through an MSP-MIA AA flight 2 weeks ago!

  • Aaron

    I don’t have bag currently. Need to buy soon for upcoming travel.

  • Jasmine

    Using Swiss gear but my id tag on the front broke within weeks of purchasing the bag so I need a sturdier bag!

  • PrateekJain2012

    I have a generic Pierre Cardin suitcase which isn’t very sturdy. But main reason I wan’t a new bag is the need of a duffel bag and a backpack for a hiking trip in Peru! (I booked that trip using united miles with free one way nyc-mia on return!)

  • Zinnon

    I currently travel with a Protege carry-on from Walmart. At the time it was great, but now that I travel more, it has started to take a beating. Also I think at this point in my career I need to step up my travel game with a more efficient and professional bag.

  • Stogs2

    I’ve got Samsonite Hybrid soft/hard sided bags. Wheels have lost their outermost layer, handles are frayed or broken, and I think every zipper pull has been replaced at least once! Would love a new bag that is lighter and in one piece!

  • Robert

    I could surely use a new carry on bag. My current carry-on bag, which I have put through the ringer over the past four years, is made by Skyway (No longer in business). My bag and I have been all over the US, Canada and soon to be Costa Rica (if the wheels don’t fall off of it). We have been in the snow, in deserts, the mountains and cities. For the past year, one of the two sliding support poles for the handle has not worked. In order to keep it going, I have to make sure to grip the handle on the side of the good support pole. I am always worried that the next time I pull on this handle, the other pole will break, leaving me to have to carry my carry-on. I have tried to fix it, find a shop that could fix it and even tried reaching out to Skyway (this is how I found out they were out of business). Help, save me, free me from my misery. Thanks

  • NKP

    I use luggage from job lot that is completely falling apart and am desperate for easy roll sturdy luggage!

  • Ari

    I’m using an old knapsack that just doesn’t fit all of my stuff. It’s definitely time for an upgrade and to take some heavy weight off my shoulders.

  • Martin Bartels

    I have a swiss gear bag missing half a wheel thanks to United. Apparently the wheels of the bag is not their responsibility, even if they throw it down the ramp when it had to be gate checked.

  • Wendell

    I currently have a Ricardo bag – and I need an upgrade because I have used this bag for the last 10 years; it has been very sturdy and has gone to many destinations with me. I need an upgrade as I have many trips coming up!

  • Susan Pertierra

    I have an assortment of suitcases and wheeled bags. I still have my 2 Samsonite hard sided suitcases from college, though I don’t use them anymore. I have a small spinner wheeled bag that is small enough for a carry-on.

  • avi

    Mine is a Heys spinner but would love a tumi! ;)

  • Robbie

    Use a Nautica carryon that has served me well for many years but has seen better days. Its at the point that every trip now I am nervous it is not going to make it home by the end.

  • Michelle Lofton

    Right now I am using an old wheeled Disney carry-on duffle bag…complete with Disney characters all over it. I need an upgrade because I travel for my job a few times a month, and the Disney bag just doesn’t have the professional feel!

  • arress

    I have a black duffel type bag currently. It is 5 years old and is beginning to fray near the zipper. I like it because it made for an easy carry on…but I cannot find one that works the way this bag does.

  • Joey

    I travel lite, with an old backpack with no name. My back has been begging me for some wheels, l think he will be happy with a Tumi ;-)

  • Tom

    My travel bag? My trusty Marlboro duffel bag…and my dad quit smoking over a decade ago! Time for an upgrade!

  • Colin

    My current bag is a Samsonite. I was way off.

  • Joshua C

    I have a Victorinox roll aboard. It’s not a hardshell case, so I’ve had some of my travel-sized liquids get squeezed out from either rough luggage handlers or heavy pieces thrown on top of it. It also still only has the one directional wheels, making it hard to drag with say a duffel on top of it, without having it fall off!

  • Patricia Brousseau Caradonna

    I am using an old duffle bag we ordered from Marlboro points many years ago. The zipper is broken and it is Marlboro red. I am embarrassed to be seen carrying it. I need a bag with wheels that roll and glide easily plus looks more feminine.

  • MRL

    I’ve got a Samsonite 4 wheel spinner but have been eyeing that Tumi carryon

  • JSMiller

    I currently use Tumi luggage but my favorite roll aboard ever was made by Andiamo. It was perfect! I used it until it fell apart.

  • GG

    My bag is a 12-year old Purdy Neat Stuff roll-aboard. It sure is ugly. Twelve years flying with that bag and I have gotten uglier too. So I think a new bag might be an improvement!

  • Jay Dela Cruz

    my swissgear has seen better days. tumi is the ideal brand/luggage for my travel escapades. hope to win!

  • CajunGuy

    Bag? What’s a ‘bag’? Does a pillowcase count? Actually I’m using a 20 year old roller that has a zipper off track and I use a strap to hold it shut. It’s the perfect size for weekend trips and I can easily gate check it if needed. These new bags would be awesome as I’m planning a trip to Latin America and could use em! PICK ME!

  • Carole

    I am travelling with the Eiffel bag and would love some color!

  • Jon

    I have a a Tumi T-tech that has served me well but is way to small for longer trips. I would love to upgrade to a larger Tumi suitcase and I could also use a nice weekender duffel bag. Thanks!

  • Diane

    I have a set of Stratus luggage, which is functional but a little heavy. I’d love to get something that is light enough to actually let me pack gifts to bring home….. :-)

  • Pamela

    I have a Marie Claire brand hard case suitcase. It doesn’t fit my needs because if I even come close to filling it, I am ALWAYS over weight and if I don’t fill it, everything moves around and gets messed up. Would love to have a new roller suitcase.

  • David

    I have a Ricardo Beverly Hills four wheel and I need a new carry on because two of the four wheels have now broken. Great bag for quite a few years, but time for a Tumi!

  • Adam Jorde

    I have a Delsey red carry-on bag, which is currently missing one of its four caster wheels after one of the train conductors on my trip from Prague, Czech Republic to Krakow, Poland slammed the train door on it. Needless to say, since that event two years ago, I’ve had to drag that poor bag through the winter snow of Eastern Europe, the sands of the Atacama Desert in Chile, and the cobblestones of Mendoza, Argentina. A new bag would be greatly appreciated!

  • AKY

    My family and i took a trip to Sydney, Australia two summers ago. I brought a then 5 years old red American Tourist roller bag. Cheap, but functional. But of course, it tore itself apart somehow. Not wanting to really go shopping for luggage on vacation, i bought for $12 a 4 wheel roller bag of unknown brand or origin from the flea market. Unfortunately, it is still the bag i use today out of laziness and cheapness.

  • Moon

    I actually have 2 samsonite but they are not the right size. One is a carry on and one is a huge 29″. I need one that is somewhere in between (i.e. 25″) for trips that last 4-5 days, which the carry on is not large enough for all my stuff but the large suitcase is way overkill.

  • Rob P

    I have a standard black Samsonite suitcase with wheels. I need to get something very unique that I can spot easily at baggage claim!

  • bhavesh

    I personally don’t need a new bag; however my fiace will when she moves from the UK to the US later this year. It is a big move, and having good quality bags to protect her stuff would be just the beginning of our travels together.

  • Jill

    My trusty Samsonite carry-on rollerboard has been very good to me for the past two years, despite a minimum of 3 roundtrips a month. Also, it’s a purple color which helps me keep easy track of it. I’m in the market for another Samsonite or possibly a splurge with TUMI (if I can find the perfect new purple accents for it).

  • elguapo

    I’m running a tried and true Osprey backpack. A vestige from my days of hostels and camp sites. Time for an upgrade!!

  • Z

    Samsonoite carry on bag. Why do I need to ditch it? Because it’s samsonite ;)

  • Val Moore

    I’m currently using a nice Samsonite bag but I’d love to get my hubby a nice bag that rolls well. His stinks!

  • Todd

    Have an Ogio carry on that was good until a car accident in India broke the front, plastic stand.

  • Susan D

    I have a heavy old Ricardo Beverly Hills. It has traveled well but I need to upgrade so my bag weight limit is maxed out by clothes and souvenirs instead of by the bag itself.

  • rick

    I’ve always been to cheap to pay for a good bag. You name the cheap ones and I’ve had them. I call them throw aways so I would love one I can keep for a while.

  • David Miller

    Currently travel with a soft roller and a backpack… Both have seen better days and could use an upgrade.

  • Gary

    Have a Samsonite 4 wheel roller. But Samsonite or at least this particular model has a tendency to fall apart with the wheels falling off and the sides fraying. Lost one or two pieces already due to lost wheels so need something nicer.

  • carogonza

    I have an American Tourister spin bag. I need an upgrade because it is too small!

  • reeder

    My main bag is an Eagle Creek Load Warrior 22″. I’d love to get a B&R U116 to serve as the base with the upcoming Tom Bihn Aeronaut Jr or a Rimowa Salsa cabin bag. Not every bag fits every trip :)

  • KPA

    Victorinox Mobilizer for the carry on. Would like to get a hard side to go with my Victorinox Spectra and Tumi Vapor big bags.

  • K.M

    I’m using a Muji carry-on suitcase. It gets the job done, but I’d love to get a Tumi suitcase!

  • Sidney Cook

    I have an old two wheel travelpro I would love a spinner!

  • JT

    Bags are really old and its embarrassing to keep borrowing from other people!

  • Kinh Nguyen

    I’m actually currently using an eBag carryon. It’s nice but I’d love a spinner instead of 2 wheels. It gets heavy dragging it around sometime :)

  • Mike D

    I have an older Dockers bag that has trouble rolling, is heavy and the space isn’t the greatest layout. Could use something better for the coming travels.

  • A. S.

    I currently have a Briggs & Reilly — which I loved for a long time — but it’s time to upgrade to something smaller and lighter.

  • CH

    Halliburton zero from six years ago. The bag is past that cool ‘I’ve been to many places’ look and now just looks and feels beat up.

  • Audrey

    I have a Delsey carry on. Would love a set!

  • Corinne

    A slightly shredded duffle. It’s falling apart at the seams.

  • Mark

    I have some horribly cheap samsonite luggage that is a replacement set for the first set that ripped apart on the first trip.

  • Miguel

    I bought a new bag but my wife always takes mine! She leaves me with her rinky dink bag instead! So I need a new one please!

  • Chuck

    16yr old ProTraveller that is still in “okay” shape, despite 4 around the world trips, weekly travel for last several years, and over 1M actual miles.

  • Allan Klein

    My overhead bag is actually a 21″ eBags brand; after 250k miles, it’s showing it’s been tossed around a bit from gate checking on those damn CRJs! I actually don’t think they make this one anymore, but it’s similar to the TLS. I do rock a Tumi Alpha Bravo knox backpack, so it sure would be awesome to have a matching Tumi in the overhead! :)

  • Cami

    I always only travel with a carry on but I definitely need a new one. I had an embarrassing incident at a Delta gate two months ago. It was a completely full flight and my carry on was 2 inches too wide so they made me check it. Because the flight was so full it was overweight so they would have to send my bag on the next flight. I was flying to a tiny airport for a funeral and didn’t get my bag for another 1 1/2 days. I will be more careful about measuring from now on!!

  • Jamie

    I use a Tumi Alpha 22″. Want a new bag because current one is over 10 years old.

  • Blythe

    I have a 22in travel pro (not the professional level). This bag is on its third set of wheels and all the handles have been replaced multiple times. I guess that’s the benefit of travel pro, the ease of replacing parts on your own. Had to rush a zipper repair at the local shoe repair since no roller board is worse than having your car in the shop! A tumi would move me up to a new level and retire the poor black travel pro bag!

  • Vijay

    I’m using a Briggs and Reilly which I like. I’d use the gift card for a good check in bag.

  • Jesse L.

    I currently use a Nike gym bag as a carry-on. Despite the fact that I often travel for business, my bag makes me look like a 14 year-old.


  • Kelvin

    2 Samsonite nylon four 360′ wheeler in 4 years and 600,000+ miles and counting. I guess every travel suitcase WHEELS have maximum mileage but after about 2 years of traveling for each bag, two of the 4 wheels always get stuck and won’t turn. I guess it’s about time to try a different brand. Pick me. Pick me!!

  • JessieC

    Currently use my Patagonia bag of six years for traveling, it is pretty much beaten up. Would like a strong one for trips.

  • MB

    I use a beat-up red Samsonite wheelie—about two inches too large for carry-on, I’m helpfully told every check-in. Jet lagged and bleary eyed, I always have to spend the first hour of my arrival hunting down my bag and dodging elbows in the battlefield of airport luggage carousels.

    Time to upgrade to a classier carry-on to avoid extra delays and stray bruising at the emotional roller coaster that is baggage claim.

  • sam

    Use triple fold and it gets too heavy without wheels

  • Mary Lou

    Been using an LLBean bag that was a retirement gift in 2007. It’s been all over the world, and is getting pretty shabby. My new bag will hopefully be a bit larger, as I am traveling to Australia & New Zealand for a month at the end of summer.

  • Sharolyn S. Griffith

    I bought a new set of cheap American Tourister 5 years ago and have traveled mostly around the U.S. until going to Morocco in spring 2012, when that one trip had a seam that ripped on the front pocket. I had to borrow one bag to go to Turkey last summer and would really love some better luggage.

  • andrew

    Dakine 22″ roller. Love the skateboard wheels (smoother IMO than inline skate type wheels) and weight but the bag doesn’t stand up well due to lack of structure.

  • Liat

    Heys hardback carryon. It falls over when it’s fully packed!

  • Leigh

    A Jenni Chan carry-on. It’s cute, but I could definitely do with something a bit more durable…

  • Or N

    I currently use an old, relatively heavy Nike bag which isnt very functional to say the least.
    It really is time for an upgrade.

  • Noy

    I’m traveling with a small carry on suitcase which I dont even know the maker of haha!
    Pretty old piece of luggage but it does the trick. Would love something new and better though.

  • cindy

    Standard black Samsonite with 2 wheels…. very heavy and hard lug during travel as well as hard to spot at baggage claim. Would love to have a bright colored Tumi!

  • TerryH

    Noname bag with a broken zipper. Need I say more?

  • Debra

    My husband & I are looking for soft bags for an upcoming trip to Kenya.

  • Jack Marsh

    The sad and bitter truth is that my luggage takes such a regular beating, that I have been buying G.H.Bass & Co. bags. Looks good, takes a pretty good amount of abuse and is fairly reasonably priced. So a such a FINE upgrade would be nice change for the better.

  • MaryMWithrow

    I Truly need new bags and these have true style, safety and color! I would be feeling on top of the world carrying these, thanks for the chance, my 2 bags are ugly black old nylon no namers, lol Mary

  • phil

    Using a bag I bought at Costco 8 or 9 yrs ago. The zipper is falling apart so could use the GC to buy another at eBags.

  • My3Sons33

    I currently use a Vera Bradley duffel bag. Even though I love VB, It’s not the most sophisticated bag. I would like to look like a grown up when I travel.

  • sue

    Have an old Samsonite hard-side. It’s too heavy. Time to replace.

  • yhemy ojke

    Presently using a samsonite but the structural strength is not so good for travel. Really need an upgrade

  • Austintastic

    I have been using an American Traveler bag since AA destroyed my previous bag. Not the worst bag in the world, but I could definitely use an upgrade after 2 years+ on a replacement bag.

  • Garry Margolis

    For short trips, I use a Costco two-wheel rollaboard which works pretty well, but for longer ones (2+ weeks), I use an old Samsonite foldover two-suiter that is showing serious signs of wear, whose main zipper is funky, and whose pop-up handle won’t stay up any more. I just came back from a four-week trip and have already started to look at replacements. Btw I also have an eBags-branded computer+camera rollaboard that is great.

  • Paul A

    I have an old, outdated, and now oversized, carry-on from Ricardo (I’ve never heard of them either). It would be great to upgrade my travel bags! Plus, it’ll save me the stress of wondering if I’ll be able to fit the bag into the overhead bins….

  • Sean

    I currently use a “Travel Select” carry on (I’m traveling in St. Louis with it right now) and it started to fray and tear a little while ago. Also its a little smaller than I could get away with for a carry-on bag size on most flights so I’ve been looking for an upgrade to a larger and more reliable bag!

  • Jeff

    My parents are visiting me now from China and they really like my Tumi wheeled backpack. I would really like to buy them another one.

  • Holly B

    I have a Delsey roller bag that has served me well, but is so beat up it’s begging to be retired and replaced with something more reliable.

  • Adam

    I’ve got an American Tourister. It’s served me well but one of the zippers is broken.

  • Steve

    I travel with an old Codex bag (not sure they’re still made) and I would love a new bag, especially to pack the growing family’s stuff. A spinner would be ideal as we’re always overloaded and it’s easier to maneuver!

  • Richard

    I have a Rick Steves brand bag and it is really beat up due to constant traveling.

  • Rivkah T

    I have a no-name brand I picked up at TJ Maxx. And my “2-3 day business trip roller just broke (I think a certain 4 year old was having too much fun…or was it the temper tantrum he has in he airport when I couldn’t let him help me?). I really need a new good quality bag.

  • Andy T.

    I have an old Dockers brand bag that’s about 10 year old that my Mom gave me! I think she bought it from Sears back when people actually shopped there.

  • The Broadway Boys

    Ive got a couple of mid-sized High Sierra rolling duffers. It would be nice to get an actual suitcase…like a grow up… :)

  • Stratos

    this is how bad it is: i dont even know what brands my various random pieces are. i need a nice set!!!!

  • zippy pam

    Old clunky and very heavy Samsonite needs replacing! I would love a new light weight hard side bag. Thanks!

  • orsetto

    Briggs roller for check-in, Filson Pullman (going on the 10th year!), Goruck Radio Ruck to carry-on. Of these, the Briggs is showing the most wear. I try to buy quality luggage but things eventually need to be replaced.

  • CV

    I’m still using a set of canvas Samsonite luggage that I got with credit card reward points back in law school. I’m ashamed to admit how long ago law school was for me now…

  • Hawaiitex

    I have a no name bag (it fell off the first flight) I bought in china town in Houston to fly to Honolulu. It did its job and needs to go out to pasture

  • Lindsay

    I have a Sienna Hardshell bag that is years old and terrible. The handle snapped off on my last flight, and it’s too big for a European carry-on so I often have to check it. I’ve been procrastinating on buying a new one, so this would be a welcome gift! Looking at getting my first Tumi!

  • Rohitashwa Bhotica

    Currently using a Delsey bag – but might have to change it soon as it tore from the bottom on my trip to Como. Also the wheels have gotten a little wonky.

  • Francee

    Traveling with a hard top Jeep bag. Luckily it still has all 4 wheels, but the lining ripped out in the first use. Upgrade please!

  • AB

    Currently using a Delsey bag – but since I travel over 100K a year I need something more reliable.

  • Tyler Brown

    I travel with an old High Sierra backpack with zip-away straps and detachable carry-on. The thing has held up amazingly but there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, that beats traveling through the airport with a 4-wheeled bag! Help me make it happen!

  • Cindy Pursley

    My luggage is very old and heavy – when I use it on an flight, I either have to pay for overweight or not pack all that I need. Plus, its black like everyone else’s luggage. These new colors would definitely set me apart from the rest of the travelers.

  • Meredith

    My current travel carryall is The North Face Jasper. While it offers sturdy support and sectionalized compartments, I’m moving cross country next month and need to upgrade my carry-on for a full set.

  • Leigh Barratt

    I am currently using a fairly old set of lugage that I bought at Macy’s. I don’t remember the brand name at all. I need to upgrade it because it is very worn and torn in places. I can’t believe I used the set when I went to Australia this year. Sad. I definitely need something better because I am travelling way more now and I should look better doing it.

  • Jenny

    I travel with a Samsonite hard case roller and it is perfect (fits domestic and international flights), but I need a new bag to get one of the new stylish cover

  • Kristie McComb

    I have a 29 inch Ricardo suitcase (light version) that I am traveling with for 3 weeks in Brazil (business and a little bit of fun). I’ve already had to replace two different zippers and my fear is this thing is on its last legs. I could totally use a tough, tough piece of luggage to get me through more than 3 years of travel for once!

  • Mary

    I have a Desley rolling carry-on, but it is too small for my needs now.

  • Lisa K

    I have a set of 13 year Atlantic luggage –it is time!!!!!

  • Janelle Meyer

    I have an old one from target that I am not sure of the brand but it is very heavy. I would love a new lighter one!

  • TravelingSaurus

    I’m dying for a Tumi vapor international carry on. I have a Patagonia black hole duffel that I adore, but for less adventurous trips, it would be awesome to have a grown up looking bag!

  • Adam

    Every traveling scuba diver understands the importance of decent luggage. The amount of gear you need adds up. Good quality bags also help you protect the equipment that your life depends on when you are underwater. I own a very nice ThinkTank Airport 4 sight for my underwater photography equipment. Unfortunately this is not the case with my gear bag. I travel with an old London Fog bag. It served me well, but is reaching it’s “golden years” and desperately needs an update.

  • Stephanie

    I have been traveling with the same Samsonite carry on luggage that is literally being held together with some string I sewed it up with! It looks awful!

  • AZelk

    Time for an upgrade from my Samsonite upright bags… they’re durable but HEAVY. I could use something lighter and with spinner wheels!

  • Beersmith

    Traveling with a Rick Steves convertible (backpack) carry-on – it has faithfully made many diving & fishing trips to Mexico & Caribbean, but it is getting a little beat up! I think I need an upgrade to one of the Eagle Creek ultralight weight carry-ons!

  • Emily

    Honestly I wouldn’t use it for myself. My parents just visited and my mom’s suitcase weighed about as much as the stuff inside it! She seriously needs a newer, lighter case like the Tumi Vapor! She’s a study abroad advisor and does a fair bit of international traveling and this would help her out so much.

  • Diane

    A brand called Ciao that I bought at a store called Cheapo-Depot! Honestly it’s the best bag I’ve ever owned.
    I probably really don’t need an upgrade because I will be so exhausted I could sleep anywhere since I have 2 grand babies due a few weeks apart and will crossing the country to see them.

  • Ryan

    I have a polka dot bag that is completely beat up, and has a broken wheel, and zippers that dont pull properly…time for an upgrade!!

  • Cindy H

    The bag I was using for travel is an old duffle bag that I have had for years. It has a couple tears in it that I have wrapped with tuck tape. I finally threw it our while cleaning last week so now I really dont have a travel bag, so I could really use an upgrade!

  • bill

    I’m traveling with a cheapie Jeep suitcase that is a spinner but 2 wheels are missing and the zipper is on it’s last leg.

  • Luis

    I have an old samsonite trolley bag. The bag has stood the test of time, except for the little plastic legs at the bottom that created a stand with the wheels. It snapped off somewhere at DCA (cough cough), so now when I try to keep it standing upright, it just falls over because the wheels are on one side, but there is not support structure on the other side.

  • tparmar

    Have a BR, but the bag itself weighs in at a whopping 13 lbs…which is a travesty because of the limitation of weight for bags. Even without being filled, the bag easily hits the 50lb mark.

  • Jamil

    hey tpg. First of all i just wanted to say you guys are doing a super amazing job at covering so much good info every single day. It’s like when i see an email from TPG , i go like ‘awesome, whats new’ and cant wait to read it.
    I travel very often as i am a consultant and my bag is wearing out big time. Ive just never had the time to invest in something really good which i know i should and this is a good opportunity.
    Im currently using a bag thats made in (hold on let me check….) is Taiwanese made. We bough it in Tanzania when my wife moved to the US. So yeah im definitely due for an upgrade after all the hussle and tussle this bag has gone thru with all the frequent travelling.

    thanks and happy friday!

  • Linda

    Found wonderful helpful information on your tweets that I realize I need to get busy and find a better bag to travel w. Currently using Swiss gear which has served me well. It is looking a little rough around the edges and the handle is not always holding up. Need updated bags as we travel to Croatia for 40th wedding anniversary this fall.

  • Becca B

    My very old Eddie Bauer (14 years old) has started unraveling at the seams. I fully admit I tried leopard print duct tape, but I think it’s on its last legs

  • geekyjeff

    I’m using an +14 year old samsonite roller for my work travel. It’s still holding up but barely. Would love to replace this with a Tumi!

  • Ryan

    I’m currently using one of the 3 pieces of Claiborne luggage that came in a nested set I bought from Woot! five years ago for $90. It is junk and has always been junk. The chemical smell (I read about in reviews before buying) has NEVER gone away. Five years, at least 15 trips and my clothes still smell like a sweatshop factory when I get to my hotel. Please help!!

  • seakimski

    My black vintage Samsonite hardside carryon (circa 1990) needs to retire. It’s had its corners busted by baggage droppers and repaired with epoxy and duct tape. Black electrical tape keeps the trim in place. Poor thing… But it’s certainly been a trouper!

  • Burt

    I have the original Alpha carry on first generation. It still survives after more then 20 years. Would be great to have the latest new bag and keep the old one for my partner. Tumi offers the best quality in travel luggage

  • A.J. Malkiewicz

    I’m still sporting that old black rolling duffle bag my parents got me for my first Greyhound bus trip home to Pittsburgh. While the thing still functions, it is so large and cumbersome that it consistently allows me to overpack. Don’t let this bag continue to be an enabler! With a new carry on I promise to make packing minimization a priority and learn how to dress to impress without carrying my whole closet with me on vacation.

  • AlaskaMountainGirl

    My three samsonite hard sides are used for 11 to 14 trips each year and most trips are international. Each carries 50 pounds of samples to trade shows and are pitiful condition but no point in replacing these work horses. Oh, but having a lovely new carry on would go a long way in easing my humiliation at baggage claim when claiming my beat up work horse bags.

  • James Senecal

    I have a mid-sized TravelPro that I have been using for the past 8 years. It has held up well, but has really been beaten to death with all my travel around North America and Europe. A broken wheel, torn liner, missing zipper, and a constant jamming handle are all good reasons for a replacement, but with a very large family it has not been at the top of the financial investment list. I’d love to travel in style with a new bag that is fully functional. ;-)

  • Cassy Turner

    After 5 years and many miles, my Swiss Army bag has decided it’s done. I travel for work and carry textbooks with me to show teachers. The handle doesn’t move at all, no matter how much pounding or prying I do. The rest of the bag, however is still great! I also thought, go local, and bought a bag from Go-Lite in Boulder. It just doesn’t have the stamina my Swiss Army bag had. After 6 months, the top is fraying and it just isn’t going the distance.

  • Julian Cha

    I have a jeep travel bag that I bought from walmart. It is starting to rip apart and I need an upgrade! Please help me out TPG! Thanks!

  • Katrina

    With all the changing rules and fees for baggage now, my whole luggage arsenal is limited to various “carry on” bags, or at least they were carry on specs at some point of their lives. My favorite and most used is a lime green, hard case Atlantis. It’s taken a beating over 4 continents and probably 250k miles over 10 years. Shoot, it was one of the first bags I bought in grad school when I left for Africa to do my research. It would be nice to relieve it of some of the work with a larger, proper checked piece of luggage! (A TUMI Vapor would definitely be at the top of the list)

  • Randy

    Using a Samsonite spinner, but it’s a mid-size bag that must be checked…getting time to find a nice carry-on spinner for the short trips!

  • Cory Davis

    I’m traveling with a Heys Eco Leaf, which means recycled plastic that cracks instead of the beautiful polycarbonate used by Tumi. I’d like to step up to the big leagues and not make a fool of myself walking into the lobby of Park Hyatt New York when I use my 2 free nights there from the Hyatt card you convinced me to get!

  • Cory Davis

    Thanks for that, by the way! I’m also flying free to NYC on my Southwest Premier sign-up bonus so this would make for the best free travel ever. PLEASE give it Tumi! : )

  • Upgraded

    I’m using a black leather bag that I bought 20 years ago at Welcome in Buenos Aires. I need to upgrade to something with wheels because it’s getting too hard to shoulder that bag everywhere.

  • Lauri

    I have a no-name luggage set that my parents bought me as a graduation gift 12 years ago! Two of the three pieces are falling apart at the seams so I could desperately use a new set, and would love to splurge on a chic Tumi carry-on!

  • Guest

    I currently use a Samsonite Spinner bag. I want to upgrade to something more fully featured.

  • Mark Adkins

    We received a fantastic set of Samsonite luggage when we married, but it included the oversized bags that are no longer allowed on flights. Now that we have kids, and thanks to TPG are beginning to travel outside the U.S., our bags just won’t do. Planning Hawaii this year and Europe next with 100% earned miles. We’ve been looking at ebags Packing cubes and ebags Mother Lode cases. My wife likes to take our current luggage home to Colombia, and they are becoming worse for wear. Missing handles, broken zippers etc.. We’d love to win this….

  • lori bremner

    My pre-9/11 Samsonite roller board has the large wheels that make it easy to roll, but always targeted by the gate crew for mandatory gate checking. I don’t mind that much when I can pick up the bag at my next gate, but a couple smaller airports require you to retrieve your bag in baggage claim, which is a huge nuisance. This traveler needs a new bag!

  • Katey M

    American Tourister Bag from Wal-Mart – as much as I LOVE to travel I REALLY need an upgrade. I need something that looks different than all the others on the belt – SIGH

  • landonjanderson

    I currently travel with your typical black-upright with the pop-up handle and 2 wheels. It’s a carry-on, but my worst fears come true when I am forced to gate-check my bag and retrieve it in baggage claim…..because it looks exactly like the other 250 bags going around the carousel! I am usually having to purchase a new bag every 6 months as the handle is ALWAYS breaking (it gets stuck in the down position). Lately I have seen a new trend in the 4-wheeled hard-case carry-ons. I often find myself on smaller regional airplanes, and having the ability to turn the bag 90-degrees to roll down the aisle would be a dream come true for me!

  • Romara

    I have an Osprey Meridian from 2006 with multiple holes from the airlines. A new Tumi would replace this bag and meet most of the overhead bin rules.

  • Jason

    I have an old TravelPro. It has served me well, but I need something new, preferably with wheels that rotate.

  • Elisabeth

    I currently travel with a suitcase that I got when I was in 4th grade! I’m not sure what the brand. It definitely gets the job done but has become pretty worn throughout the years!

  • Mayra

    I travel with a weekender from ebags. I would love something with wheels…the Tumi possibly?

  • Brenda

    I have a lovely black suitcase (brand unknown) that is always so much fun to locate on the luggage carousel (because it looks like all the other ones it seems). My last trip was a little hard on it…when we finally got it off the carousel, we found it missing 3 of its 4 wheels! Poor guy. It is willing to limp into retirement if it can be replaced by something bright and colorful with 4 functioning wheels.

  • Nichole Sylka Lorkowski

    I am currently traveling with an american tourister bag that needs to be held shut by a zip tie lol

  • Nancy

    I have been using the same bag made by Atlantic for over 20 years. I love the interior design and structure, particularly for trips that involve moving from hotel to hotel, because it has a great integrated suitor. However, years ago, the telescoping handle broke as I was trying to pull the fully packed bag up a flight of stairs (can you visualize this – handle in hand, bag at bottom of stairs). My husband has been beyond embarrassed, watching me try to roll this bag through airports hunched over. The final straw came recently when we where flying home from Miami. The wheels of my bag broke apart as I tried to wheel the bag over a curb. So, sadly, I have to give up this bag, much to my husband’s delight. P.S. love your blog.

  • Julie

    I have a black american tourister that is missing one leg (thanks to baggage handlers). I’d like to upgrade to one that doesn’t tip over!

  • Kirchgoens

    I’m using an older soft-side Briggs/Riley. It was great in its day 15+ years ago, but now it’s heavy for the size. I could really use the extra couple pounds allowance that come with a newer, lighter tech bag.

  • LuvVacations

    I have Samsonite luggage given to me as a present by my parents back in 1988. The 2 bags have traveled to 5 countries in Asia, 7 European countries, and 4 Caribbean countries. The larger bag has 2 broken outside zippers and the smaller bag 1 broken outside zipper. Can’t fully zip closed the larger bag due to faulty zipper. The wheel sizes for these rolling zippers are less than 1″ diameter, extremely tiny and basically useless.

  • Charles G

    Hi TPG, currently I’m rocking a well-loved Kenneth Cole roller bag that has been great. However, the wheels are about to fall off, so I’d love to upgrade to a luxury bag like Tumi or Rimowa! Thanks for the great travel content on the site.

  • Rich

    I have a samsonite 2 wheeled bag ! Need to up grade to a 4 wheel spinner !!!

  • Kazu Okumura

    My Samsonite roller has been through a lot. The zippers have a hard time closing and its seen a lot of destinations. I need an upgrade!

  • Dallasag

    I use the Tumi T-Tech Cargo Medium Trip Packing Case. It’s a too big for a carry-on but the perfect size for a checked bag. No matter how much my family packs it, it always comes out to between 40-47 lbs. Anything bigger would risk tipping the 50 lb scale and additional fees. The luggage is great, it’s hard sided and molded for more protection, great spinning wheels, lightweight, and well organized inside. My new favorite bag.

  • John

    The wheels on my Tumi 21″ Lightweight are beat up and too loud…time for an upgrade. I’d probably go with a Tumi Alpha or a Vapor

  • rojomojo

    eagle creek tarmac 28. its light and has a a no-matter what warranty.

  • Raymond_G

    I currently use a Jack Spade shoulder bag… but I’m thinking to upgrade to a Tumi. This would certainly help!

  • Janet

    Traveling with the same luggage I took on our honeymoon to Tahiti in 1986. Just wondering when the zipper is going to fail for good! Gets tougher to zip up each and every time. Thanks for all the tips!

  • Rick

    Using a fairly old Renwick carry-on. Its getting to be way too small for me these days and the handle is getting worn. Would definitely be nice to get an upgrade

  • ASW

    I’ve been using a TravelPro “Crew Series” rollaboard for many years now and it’s done pretty well save for having to replace a busted zipper pull and two rollerblade wheels. The big drawback is that it doesn’t spin like the new rollers and it weighs a ton which means I can’t pack much in it. On the plus side, it still meets the overhead compartment size requirements.

  • Angela

    I’ve got an old American tourister that has all sorts of marks on the front from being tossed around so much. The dimensions at this point also wouldnt comply with United’s strict new carry on rules unfortunately :(

  • pattyvk

    My dad lovingly gave me a huge suitcase to visit a friend in London when I was 15 and living in Brazil. That’s when my love for travel began, and countless countries later, my bright red suitcase is no longer all that red… let alone bright. I’m otherwise a stylish person, and that redish tank is really cramping my style.

  • Steve

    I’m using what I think is known as “K-Mart Special”. The plastic interior that gave it stability has not stood the test of time, has since cracked and shattered, and the bag has lost it’s frame. And i find little pieces of hard black plastic in my clothes. Ouch!

  • MrDeadly

    I am between bags just now. The top handle of my trusty old softside carry-on detached on the way home from Yangon, and I have yet to replace it.

  • Nick

    I use an oversized Fox Motorsports duffle bag, normally for dirt bike riding, as my main luggage only because it’s huge and it’s easily identifiable. That said, it’s made of cloth and plastic, and it’s coming apart at the seams – literally! Need a big time upgrade, please!!

  • AC

    would love a new medium sized spinner for my upcoming 3 week eurotrip plus japan on the Alitalia / KLM AF deal!

  • Sarah

    That tumi bag has my name on it. I have been using Delsey soft sided bags now for a few. Years, butilong for a really special tumi bag that I would be proud to wheel into the Lounge and onto the aircraft. Also the color lipstick would match my lipstick perfectly! Please pick me to make my first utilization of ebags and check out their products and service, I am going abroad in a few weeks, and I will be in Italy and Switzerland and I want to be. Ultra proud. My newest tumi hard side bag.

  • Jeanie French LaPack

    Rockin a hundred year old TravelPro that’s gotten me there and back but has seen better days. It owes me nothing and should be put out to pasture.

  • Charlie

    I’m currently using an old Delsey and have had several items damaged while traveling. In addition 3 of the zipper pulls are damaged. I’d really like to upgrade to a hard shell bag (with functional zippers). Thanks for doing what you do!

  • Peter

    I have a ~12 year old, well-used Delsey that no longer stays closed very well. I just bought a luggage strap to try to extend its life a little (and to keep my underwear from spilling out on the tarmac).

  • Adam Jakowenko

    I have a 12 year old no-name brand carry on with only one working wheel that I bought at a discount store. The one working wheel squeaks, so I have to balance the carry on on that wheel if I dont want to physically carry the bag, but then everyone looks at me because the noise is distracting.

  • jessica

    I have a Rick Steves carry-on from Bed Bath & Beyond. It’s pretty functional but the name is a bit embarrassing. I’m starting a new job and would like a Tumi so I have a bag to impress, not make everyone laugh!

  • IgnacioHernandez

    From not working for awhile to landing a job that requires me to travel I started to look for ways to earn miles which landed me to this blog. I don’t have a travel bag and going to make do with what I have since I start work on June 2 but would be very grateful for win like this. Thank you

  • Nil D

    My Tommy Hilfiger rolling duffel bag has supported extreme
    long domestic journeys. As I upgrade the battle ground internationally, the
    luggage yells to get into more spacious spinner. A must need upgrade to use
    with reward point travels internationally. #TPGFTW

  • Mark

    I have a Swiss gear bag. I need to upgrade this to a carry on for an upcoming trip! The Swiss gear bag is too big.

  • Susan in SEA

    My AT carry-on bag’s name has gone from “Miss Perfection” to “Miss Fortune”! Originally a beautiful purple, now it is faded, and espresso-stained. It has withstood “Miss Hap”, “Miss Adventure”, and “Miss Handling”! Her lining is repaired with leopard print duct tape, the zipper pulls are paper clips, and one wheel drags more than it turns. Each time I get ready to pack, I think “I really should get a new bag…”, but once I’m home I forget about it until the next trip. FORCE me to shop with your amazing gift card! (and save my fellow passengers from having to view my shame!)

  • Tim

    I started my new job a year ago that requires me to travel about 80% of the year. Traveling this much was new to me so when I was hired I went to TJMaxx and picked up a TravelPro carry-on for $59. While this bag has served me well I will soon need to replace it especial with how much more traveling I will be doing in the future. It would be nice to have a piece of luggage that will last.

  • Jason

    Got a Rimowa.. no need! buahahahaha

    …but a new one would be nice.

  • DocterZee

    Tumi!! The zipper is broken and I cant extend it for longer trips :(

  • emsfs

    I have a bag I got at a discount store, the brand is ‘boundaries’ – it recently got damaged at the airport, so I need to replace it badly. I’d love to get a nice stand up rolling bag for some upcoming trips. Thx for the giveaway.

  • Bre

    My mom likes to get “Deals” on luggage and present them to me for Christmas every few years… unfortunately, they are never that great quality and I’m always replacing them. The latest has been “Leisure” suitcases… which are OK, but I’ve replaced the carry-on suitcase like 3 times now!

  • James

    I’ve mainly been using a backpack the past few years (good brand though—”Gregory”), so it would be wonderful to have some actual rolling LUGGAGE to tote my stuff around instead!

  • stephanie

    My carry-on “tote” bag is an American Tourister at least 33 years old! (not saying how old I am!) . It has been everywhere with me and I have travelled extensively in these 33 years domestically and internationally. But it’s time for a new one that hopefully will last another 33 years!

  • Eric C

    I am using one that I got from a friend who replaced their luggage, it only has two wheels, not the fancy ones that has 4 wheel steering, it is pretty old and beat up, I would like a new luggage since its nice to travel in style.

  • Lauren

    I am currently using a High Sierra AT7, which is a great bag. But, it is technically slightly too big. Not too big to store in the overhead bin, mind you, but too big for some sizers. Anyway, I would like to upgrade to an Eagle Creek Tarmac 22! The bag is over $300, so a gift card would really help.

  • Johnny

    I use a Samsonite spinner as my carry on. It is nearly worn out from my frequent business trips to Europe. It is time for a new one.

  • Bruce Farley

    I currently have a Swiss Gear Back Pack which is serving the purpose for now to travel between Dallas and Charlotte to spend quality time with my wife since work/career decisions have us currently living in separate states. Since you turned me onto award credit cards to spearhead our point portfolio for future traveling abroad, I will need to upgrade my back pack to using a more realistic luggage gear. This luggage item would be a good kick-starter.

  • Chanel

    Right now I am traveling with a 19″ Tommy Hilfiger rolling suitcase and I need an upgrade because I need something larger.

  • ben

    I am using a Pierre Cardin. I think I need a new bag which has more space.

  • joanna

    Using a bag from Elle. Would like to change to a new one with bigger spage.

  • Andy

    samsonite spinner of some sort that is totally cashed.

  • Whyclef

    Use a TravelPro bag that is starting to fray and wear out, not sure how long it will last. I need an upgrade so that I’m not embarrassed wheeling my bag through the airport anymore. Please give me a new bag Mr. Points Guy.

  • Laura

    I have an old Ricardo Beverly Hills carry on which is about five years old, and I would really like to get a nicer bag, but I can’t afford the Tumis, so I’m probably going to replace it with an equally inexpensive bag. Of course, it would be great to win this contest and be able to get a more durable carry on.

  • Tony Childers

    We bought all of our bags at a garage sale….. they are worn…. the wheels don’t role, but the price was right for our family and they are a beautiful (sarcasm font) brownish color! (I don’t even think they have a brand on them). With the $400 eBags gift certificate, a little extra money, and the 40% sale on Tumi, we’d get a few bags to replace our garage sale bags.

  • susanadam

    My bag is a Ricardo Beverly Hills…the handle feels like it is not going to pull out anymore…and the zipper has lost a couple of teeth. It would be a treat to win this luggage so I don’t loose any of my belongings! Thanx Points Guy! I share you with all of my clients that book trips with me!

  • Ivan w

    I am currently travelling with a lame Calpak shoulder carry bag that just fits in the overhead bins! No wheels! So it gets quite heavy at times especially walking from one trerminal to another to catch a connection! LUCKY I AM STRONG! Haha. So definitely need an upgrade!

  • Lita

    I travel with a Kelty women’s backpack right now, which is precisely why I need an upgrade. It’s a fantastic pack, but not all my trips are backpacker style! I would love a nice suitcase for trips when I’ll be staying in one place a while.

  • Erika Katayama

    I think it is Ricardo Beverly Hills- circa 1998…

  • Ellen

    I have a Delsey, and it’s getting rather worn around the edges.

  • Emily

    I’m traveling with a victorinox bag and in addition to the handle that gets stuck half the time that I’m using it, the bag is falling apart at the seams a bit. (it’s lasted over 10 years and lots of baggage handling) A new bag would be awesome!

  • todd s.

    I’ve got a 15 year-old bag Eagle Creek bag that I bought for a college graduation trip to Europe. Needless to say, I’m well beyond college age now and need a grown-up bag. A gift certificate to eBags would be a dream come true! That Tumi Vapor looks amazing.

  • Carlo

    I have just about outgrown my Asolo backpack that I first used for a backpacking trip to Europe in 2006 and I need grown-up luggage so $400 worth of Ebags merchandise can’t hurt.

  • Silpa Sevakula

    I have an American Tourister bag, can you believe it, broke one its first use. We bough it brand new from Amazon and on our first trip with it to India, Qatar Airways broke it and refused to give us a refund for it. I couldn’t believe such a highly reputed company would a) break our bag like that b) refuse to give us another one. We are planning a few trips this year and really would like a new piece of luggage to travel with.

  • David Bernard

    I use this really old cube shaped bag that is so old that I can’t even identify the logo… the only other clues I have as to the identity of this bag is a faded and discolored tag on the inside that says “Made in the Philippines”. It’s so old and rugged that I’m embarrassed to even roll it through the airport most of the time :P I really want a new one… I need to start looking like a more sophisticated traveler if I want those first class upgrades! :D

  • Rharraka

    Currently have a Samsonite spinner set, which we are pretty pleased with. Would love to try out a Tumi hardside one day to see why all the raving reviews for such an expensive bag !

  • Joe S

    Have an old Samsonite and desperately need an upgrade!

  • Mighty Mouse

    I’ve got a Costco Tumi that works well… but I need a new tote and I would love to own the Tumi Voyageur.

  • FlavCity

    Still using my CamelBack backpack when I travel. It would be ok if I were in college, but I need a more mature, higher quality carry on bag these days!

  • samuel

    I have a targus carry on
    I would like to get osprey carryon/ backpack. In US, I can use the wheel. In Europe with cobble road, I can use it as backpack

  • mariobourque

    I use a small duffle bag. I tend to pack light and it fits in the above compartment. Would be nice to have an actual luggage set as the family will be flying more.

  • Mike K

    I currently travel with an American Tourister spinner, which gets the job done, but is too big in light of the new carry-on restrictions. I would love the Tumi Vapor, which several of my co-workers have, since they absolutely rave about it!

  • Kr

    I have a Samsonite luggage whose will got clogged with something during a trip and now no longer works – making the bag not only hard to use but… a bit useless…

    An upgrade is more than necessary because – let’s face it – the wheels are one of the key aspects of a suitcase, no?

  • Isra

    My luggage is a smartfold. Its a perfect carryon as it meets all the airilne dimensional requirements. It also has a lot of pockets and compartments for business travel. However, I bought it back in 2000 and it time for something new.

  • Glaire

    I travel 95% of the time with a Briggs & Riley carry on. It’s the model before the baseline cx. Got it at Costco for $99. Would like to get a larger Briggs & Riley to use. As checked luggage to re place my old noname beater.

  • Anita

    Usually a clearance rack no name from Marshall’s (one began with Pierre something) but last year I finally got tired and realized that I was wasting more money replacing them so I sprung for Samsonite from Costco. Then it broke in 6 months but luckily store policy lets you return them no questions asked so I did but I wish I could find a brand I could stick with. This prize would help me afford a quality bag for a change!

  • Feroze

    I sure could you a new carry on bag . The old one is at its last legs :-)

  • jmaudsley

    I have a Traveler’s Choice hard sided carry on bag that I got for a song, online. Since I have just started collecting mile, I am going to need a much more sturdy bag to stand up to all my travels!

  • Judygrin

    I have a black Travel Pro that has seen better days. I would love to try a TUMI

  • tiffany l

    i have a gregory backpack, but i need a new one because i hate orange!

  • Krysta

    Hey TPG! I am currently using a costco carry on and an old polo suitcase that has a broken handle and a hole in it. It managed to survive through my back and forth trips to Asia the past couple years, but now may it RIP. I am moving to Norway in August to pursue a masters degree in International Business and am desperately in need of some new luggage as I know I’ll be doing a lot of international traveling (unfortunately on a student’s budget).

    PS. Thanks for all the FF & Credit Card tips, its saving me a lot of money and making my life significantly less stressful!!

  • Fernandes

    My trips were made ​​with a bag of M Luxcel brand of kit.

    The handles came defective, arrested and nearly cut my finger off and last week in Munich wheels broke like an old toy. I dragged that suitcase with much effort without the training wheels, essential item for a traveler.

    I need to replace it urgently, broken handles, without training wheels can not afford to travel with her.

    I go to Paris and need a quality bag.

  • Guest

    I have a 1st gen spinner held together at the joints by tight seams of duct tape. It’s an international dimension bag that I cannot seem to part with.

  • Todd

    I have a 1st generation spinner that I just can’t seem to give up . Held together by tightly wrapped duct tape so the handle still collapses. It’s international dimensions and I love it.

  • Walker

    My wife and 3 kids each have their own Delsey Helium carry-on. Works well for everyone to pack and keep up with their own bag.

  • Kestie

    Um, let’s see. Eagle Creek gear, an old diaper bag convertible backpack from Lands End (my kid is now almost 16) that are filled with about a million little traveler bags and sacks from the Container Store (I admit my addiction). I could use some funds to feed my addiction and help me lose the diaper bag backpack (my kid would probably be quite relieved if not grateful to you).

  • Sandeep B

    A brics pininfarina, though I think the bag is kinda over rated and over priced for what it is. Its nowhere as smooth rolling as a tumi t-tech and the small wheels on it def cause issues.

  • june e christensen

    My backpack died last year when a van driver dropped it and it ripped open. He dropped it from 6 feet above the ground! It was old and rotten from years of backpacking with the children. My oldest daughter is 38! It was windy that day and I had to run to catch my undies from flying around the airport! Time for a new bag! Love this site, just found it in time for a bucket list trip to Italy, Israel, Jordan and Paris with a return to the US this fall.

  • Skor

    a handmade bag from India… has been with me for past 7 years – it is tough and durable, though the wheels are now about to come off… time for a new bag…

  • floressalicis

    I’m using a black nylon suitcase that my parents bought back in China before we emigrated over 20 years ago. So it’s held up over the years better than on would expect, but considering how much more frequently I travel these days and the fact that my cousins in China insist on us lugging back baby formula for them (for obvious reasons, they don’t trust buying the stuff in China), it’s really, really showing its age.

  • Erin K

    I have an old Samsonite rollaboard. It’s pretty beat up and could definitely stand to be replaced. On the plus side I don’t care if the airlines beat it up anymore…

  • Brad

    The Tumi bag is awesome. I need an upgrade from the Travelpro that due to too many trips fell apart 3 years ago! Great bag, but too many miles on it.

  • Taryn

    I have an old Travel Pro light weight carry on. One of the wheels has started to fall apart and makes a horrible sounds when in motion. It’s embarrassing to cause so much noise when navigating through the airport.

  • Dana

    My travel bag is Swiss Gear duffle. Unfortunately The bag is heavy empty and it no longer meets carry-on size – I had to check it last time I traveled :( The whole bottom of the bag is torn because it scapes the ground when tipped to roll. I’ve dreamed about the Tumi bag!

  • Wellington

    I have an Osprey Porter Travel Duffle bag. It’s been pretty clutch in the past and due to the straps and backpack style use it has been great when running through a terminal to catch a flight or a train when I am late. As a result though it has gotten beaten to crap. Duct tape has come to my rescue.

  • Kabukijuul

    I travel with an old duffel bag on wheels. It is a bit short, so to wheel it behind me, I have to hunch like Quasimoto. Also, two of the outside zipper pockets are ripped open. The look I get from the agent when checking into business class with my classy luggage is priceless! If I win, I will be buying a Tumi.

  • Tom

    I’m traveling with a Travel Pro bag which has been wearing out recently. Could use an upgrade to keep my things safe!

  • benstephens

    Last trip had me carrying an Osprey Porter 45L backpack. It was a leisure international trip, which to me dictates backpack and not roller bag. I do need a good roller bag for my domestic business trips. I only have a busted one from Target. It’s served me well, but I need an upgrade.

  • Tim

    I mostly travel really light with a backpack + an old suitbag. An upgrade would be nice

  • Andrew Glazier

    I have a Delsey carry-on garment bag that works well but I need a nice rolling carry-on!

  • Lynne T.

    I’m currently using something called Jaguar brand that I’ve had for 4 years and only paid $25 for the 3 piece set, so it’s cheap and that’s why I need an upgrade.

  • Kagey

    Delsey Helium. The seam on the outside pocket is ripped. It’s also not a spinner so its maneuverability could be better.

  • Chapped As

    Traveling with an old gym bag, I need the upgrade because it’s an old gym bag.

  • Scott M

    An almost 20 year-old Samsonite hard-sided suitcase that has been thrown off bush planes in Australia, jammed on top of buses in Cambodia, snowed on in Russia, beaten on in Kenya, sneered at by high-end hotel bellman in Paris, laughed at by colleagues (um) everywhere, bounced through conflict zones, jumped on (by me to close it!)…and STILL it is alive, kicking and my go-to bag. All that said, I fear it has to die one day and I’ve had my eye on those spiffy Zero Halliburton aluminum cases for years. A $400 voucher might make the cost of one a little less painful!

  • Safuvan Padannayil

    I bought a set of American Touristor bags 6 years back. Spent a lot on it thinking “Life time Warranty” will pay-off. But now that I’ve a kid, I really need 4 wheeler Spinners.

  • Paul Lin

    I use Tumi Vapor 23′ carry-on currently. Really want to upgrade it to a four wheel spinner.

  • Chelsea

    I use a suitcase I bought cheap at Kohls years ago – I don’t know the brand, but it’s not great as the fabric is starting to wear and a piece of plastic is sticking through. I could definitely use the gift card to get something that won’t fall apart!

  • researchwarrior

    I wish the winner wasn’t “chosen at random” because some of these bag situations seem more dire than others. I love reading the stories!

    My current carry-on was purchased at a surf shop (I think it’s design to haul snowboarding gear) over a decade ago, just before I left to study abroad. It’s bright red and gray and ridiculously sporty. We call it “Clive,” which is the brand, but I’ve had him for so long that it’s almost taken on a personality of its own. My dad actually greeted Clive when he picked me up from the airport recently. Clive’s got all sorts of clever pockets and padded straps and can be converted into a backpack, which came in handy during my hostel days, but these features are much less helpful on business trips. When I arrived for a convention last year, a colleague actually asked if I was going camping!

    While Clive’s had an incredible run and held up well, it’s time for me to be a grown up and have a carry-on bag with wheels. Or at least something I can take into an airline lounge that doesn’t make me look like I’m headed to the X-Games.

  • Carla S

    I’m using an old no name bookbag to travel with.I need a replacement because it’s falling apart and not that big.I really want something with a larger interior and more sturdy.

  • yksmirk

    I have traveled with a knock-off Deuter Aircontact since my backpacking and trekking days.We have had many great trips together but I find now that I travel with points and less on a shoestring then I have grown out of this bag and I’m ready to upgrade to less back pain!

  • Mike

    My wife and I use ebags brand luggage. We began several years ago to travel with only one bag each, and chose the ebag for that option. It makes train travel so much easier having a carry-on bag. We would love to upgrade to a TUMI!

  • Teddy

    My current bag is a Samsonite soft travel bag, I couldn’t remember the type. It’s supposed to be a cabin bag, but the bag itself is already pretty heavy, leaving me with little weight allowance for my stuff. If possible, I would like to have one that’s strong and durable, but also light.

  • dude26

    I travel with just a backpack that’s kind of getting old:) Would love to buy a new carry on on

  • Eckingtonite

    I have a dying LL Bean bag that has held up well for years – they don’t make it any longer and a hole is wearing through the top!

  • Alison F

    I use an ancient TJ Maxx score: a navy carry-on by Calvin Klein. It has served me well the past 9 years, but I’d love a chance for an upgrade!

  • Christopher Chang

    I’ve got an old Samsonite whose inside strap has ripped off, so an upgrade would be most welcome for my upcoming trips :D

  • Goat Rodeo

    Crappy Target Swiss standard carryon bag – holds up well but looks atrocious. Want something with a bit more features and style.

  • r Hirsch

    I use an old backpack that a cat peed on the scent of which defies febreeze. want something I can roll rather than carry on my back!

  • Christina Oddy

    a cheepo bag from Walmart! My husband’s new job is requiring a lot of trips to Mexico, so we really need to upgrade to a better bag!

  • Jackson Gallagher

    Well, I don’t have a carry on that I trust. I have some off brand carry on that is about to fall apart. I recently purchased a Briggs and Reilly check bag and I am in love. I would love to get its younger brother as a carry on.

  • Sheila

    I have a LV carry on bag that the handle gets stuck, the wheels have cracked and about to fall off, and the zipper opens up at times (when its filled a little over the rim). I paid a lot of money for this piece of junk. I don’t know if its me who just got a bad one or they are all like this, but need to find a more functional bag.

  • Robbie

    We have a set of Wenger black canvas luggage. They’ve been great since we bought them 5 or so years ago. Very sturdy. Been to Europe a few times and lots of domestic travel with them – no problems. I’ve just been starting to research spinner carry-ons as we only have one currently. Heading to Boston in the fall and we each need a carry-on. The eBags credit would be awesome! Thanks for all the great info.

  • Peter

    I use an old Briggs and Riley. It has the handle release on the body and not the handle. Very bad. I’m in need. I travel a lot and need good gear. eBags and Tumi would be a dream come true. Hook it up Points guy!

  • Jeff from LA

    I’m currently using a Travelpro FlightCrew 4 carry on, which I enjoy. However, a Tumi would definitely be a huge upgrade.

  • K Johnson

    I’m using an American Tourister Mobile Office which is great for short and sweet trips for a single person, but I’m flying my family of four to their first cruise in June. An upgrade would definitely come in handy so we can get all of our stuff packed comfortably and security.

  • Jonathan

    We use a Ricardo luggage bag right now. Would love an upgrade for our future travels especially with a little one on the way! =)

  • Scott

    My bag is so old the name plaque has fallen off. The zipper doesn’t work very well either. I’m taking a trip to Europe in a couple months and need to buy a new bag before then, so this would really help.

  • scott

    I have a no name rollon that will be too big as airlines start to be more strict about carry on

  • Anna

    I’m using an old American Flyer bag that I picked up at Ross when I was in college for something silly like $30. Haha, I think this speaks for itself on why I need something new

  • Bvoice

    I have a Kirkland Signature bag and I need to upgrade to something more styling!

  • rebekahhlim

    a black ricardo one that has a broken zipper for the the front pocket. def need an upgrade!!!

  • Joan

    I would love to be the name drawn:)

  • Jack

    I’m using a non-branded old carry on that hurts my hands to wheel around because the handle is broken…I would love a new one!

  • madtho

    Oh! My weird, tired LL Bean luggage set. They’re blue, so easy to spot on the carousel, but that’s the sole redeeming quality.
    First, they weigh a ton. Empty.
    The suitcase is enormous, like scuba and ski enormous, which would be fine, except then it weighs 7.4 tons. Murder at the weigh-in desk.
    The carry on is fine for a weekend. It has a bonus feature in its ripped, floppy, skivvy eating liner. I’m always pleased to find long-forgotten undergarments tucked away in the tears.
    And the dopp kit. Ah the dopp kit. It’s big. Looks like it could be a carry on for a light packer, except it’s so full of flaps, pockets, folds, zippers and wet dividers that it’s already full. No room for anything else. Surely designed by the same guy that does the fly-fishermen’s vests.

    I need something minimal.

  • Charlie

    I’m traveling mostly with a 12 year-old Rick Steves convertible backpack carry-on. I love it and it’s still great for a quick weekend trip but the zippers are starting to stick and my knees and shoulders, after multiple problems in the last 10 years, just aren’t up to carrying everything on my back anymore. I’ve actually been looking on eBags and Rick’s website for a roll-aboard type bag. My brother began using one a few years back and says it might be a good idea for me.

  • gabrielowen

    currently i’m using a victorinox rolling carryon that i love but i busted a whole bottle of shampoo in a few weeks ago. but i’m still using it! just with everything in a garbage bag first THEN inside the suitcase. haha. i’m desperate for an upgrade!!!

  • Greg

    I would love a new travel bag. I currently Carry a small 2 wheeled bag that I purchased from k mart. The brand of the bag is concourse. Bag is not that old but the zipper for the outer pouch will not close. I have some friendly traveller warn me that my zipper is open while I am in line to board nearly every flight.

  • Jeremy

    I’m currently using an Atlantic carry-on roller bag. The bag is VERY heavy and one of the handles recently broke loose. It’s served me well, but I need something lighter and in good shape (I log about 80K-100K each year).

    The timing of this is perfect! Fingers crossed…

  • Tova

    I use a Samsonite rolling duffel. It’s great but really need to get a 4 wheeler for my back issues.

  • Jansen

    Using a hand me down London Fog from parents. The spine of the handle that connects it to the structure broke last trip.

  • Clhealy

    My luggage is made by Atlantic and I have been using for over 10 years, I have duck tape on the bottom to hold it together

  • Dan g

    Unfortunately, I’m a poor medical resident (still training). I loved my victorinox carryon until usairways broke a wheel off of it last week. It’s kinda useless now. Tumi would look fantastic and be much more useful than the hobbled excuse for luggage I’m suffering through now!

  • Tony Albano

    We brought a non brand bag last years Christmas. It was a good deal for the up-coming European hop and hop off train trip. Okay, we really planned ahead!

  • Luke US

    My Delsey bag?! It’s so old and worn out that it badly needs a replacement! :) Too many trips!! Two of the zipper pulls are no longer there, and the back is badly scratched! I would simply love to be able to replace it with a shiny new one! :) Thanks for your giveaway!

  • Grazia Graziella

    My Samsonite bag is so old that the zipper doesn’t work and the left wheel struggles to move! I’m on a trip right now, and after coming home I have more traveling planned in a couple months! I definitely need to buy a new bag before then, so this would really help! Thank you very much.

  • Celeste

    I am currently using a large, wheeled American Tourister suitcase. It is probably 10+ years old and falling apart! I definitely need an upgrade, hopefully something with a hard exterior so it would withstand wear & tear better. Thanks for the chance!

  • Martha

    My husband and I are in Vienna today. My bag is a 10 year old Tumi that has served me well, but on this trip I realize I definitely need an upgrade to a bag with 4 wheels. It has just become too difficult to handle in airports and on and off trains. I would love to have a new Tumi Vapor carry on.

  • D Pack

    I’m using an old American Tourister carry on that is about dead. I’m afraid it could bust apart at the seams as I’m trying to stuff it into the overhead bin.

  • Ivan M.

    I am actually happy with the bag, but I really need some bag accessories. Stuff like packing cubes, devices cases, cable organizers…

  • Rose

    I have a Travelpro – it’s been great for years, but one of the wheels just stopped working…

  • Meredith

    I need an upgrade because I buy all of mine at discount stores. I feel like I deserve an upgrade for a change. :)

  • S T

    Traveling with my IZOD carry on, but would love an upgrade to a TUMI or a Victorinox carry on that works on int’l travel size limits!

  • Gregorio

    I have an old two-wheel Kirkland Signature bag. Honestly should have thrown it out a year or two ago. Would love a new bag!

  • Jeremy

    Just back from a trip to Europe with a Briggs and Riley carry-on that is literally bursting at the seams and is down to one functional zipper. The biggest design flaw though is the handle extender button on the bag rather than the handle itself – no one can ever figure it out. Would love an upgrade based on TPG recs!

  • wangkai

    I have a small day-pack with a REI duffle bag. I use this combination to avoid checking in bags. But they do take a toll on my shoulders when I had to deal with long-haul flights (recently a 30+ hours trip), so anything to relief that stress would be awesome! :)

  • Lois

    My “Tommy Bahama” carry-on bag was a big mistake. It’s in the shape of a duffel. When the handle is pulled out and you want to stop, the bag rests one side (instead of staying upright), so that side is in tatters. Because of the shape, it doesn’t quite fit in many overheads. Even though it is technically OK, according to airline measurements, I’m not allowed to bring it on the smaller airplanes because it looks to big.

  • Christopher

    I am currently rocking a mismatched set of Samsonite 26″ers. They are awesome. If I won I would buy my wife a nice set as well!

  • Allie39

    I have a huge samsonite bag that is really beat up that I use only for international trips. I have a Paris trip planned later this year and it would be awesome to be able to get a replacement!

  • Rika Mohseni

    i bought one of this( but i need solid bag for long distance traveling

  • Ros

    I have a large Samsonite hard case I’ve had for close to 10 years that alone weighs 15/20lbs thus limiting the weight I can add without paying fees. I also use an old American Touristor garment bag that sometimes doesn’t meet carry-on requirements. Time for much needed upgrades!

  • Kimberly

    I have been using the same American Traveler luggage for the last ten years. It has held up pretty well, but the zipper is starting to go! Time for something new.

  • John F

    I have a rolling duffel purchased at Costco a few years ago. On our way home from our trip to Boston last summer the drop bottom section zipper failed during transit on the plane. When we retrieved our luggage some of my clothes were hanging out and a brand new pair of shorts was missing. We are taking a 2 week trip on AA soon and I have been looking for a replacement on ebags. Right now I am leaning toward a Ful rolling duffel. Any comments about Ful?

    A new bag would be great and since we are flying with AA an Admirals club pass would really help as we have a 5 hour layover both ways in Dallas.


  • nadball

    we currently have some cheap knock off jio bags, which have definitely seen better days. i’ve been eyeing the ebags etech 2.0 bag for a while since they’re kind of a hybrid between a duffel and roll-on.

  • Julie B.

    I enjoy the travel bag I have now, a Kelty Flyway, but I do need a pack for back country hiking… I’d love to get a Deuter pack!

  • Steven Slade

    My Samsonite suitcase was a wedding gift 20 years ago. It has no roller wheels or telescoping bar, just a single handle. When my trusty suitcase came around the conveyor in Berlin Tegel, it was open with clothes spilling out due to the lock giving way. After repacking I swear I was the only one in the airport carrying a bag instead of rolling it. I’ve been eyeing new suitcases at ebags for a while now, and subscribe to their daily deals in the hope a nice suitcase comes along on super deep discount. One with wheels. And a lock.

  • misschele

    My bag is a cheapie leopard print roller. I am 4’10″ and am not tall enough to see into the overhead. It is much easier to ask for someone to grab the one tacky leopard print bag than to go through half a dozen black bags to get to mine. Would be great to ask for the Tumi instead. We have three generations going to Ireland and the UK – thanks to tips from TPG – and those Admiral’s Club passes would be nice for the one long layover we have in Philly…

  • Armando86

    I have an American touristor bag which has seen better days. The zipper is a nightmare and I’m afraid is at the end of its days…

  • Michael

    My Samsonite bag has a broken zipper and a hole in the exterior pocket!

  • renee

    I am using a Kelty Redwing 2650 that I got back in 2008. It has served me well during the last few years of backpacking, but, after numerous trips abroad the bag needs to be retired.The zippers are broken and i had to sew the compartment closed.Time for an upgrade.

  • RRR

    I travel with both Samsonite and Ricardo of Beverly Hills. Both leave something to be desired. I need both more stability, more room in the outside pockets, and more pockets on the inside.

  • Nicholas H.

    The points guy is my go to for credit card signup solutions.

  • Gert

    I have old Samsonites. They never left me alone, but it’s time for 4-wheeldrive travel :-) Besides that I’m more and more travelling business style, so I’m on the lookout for a removable suit sleeve as well.

  • Samantha Bradshaw

    Currently traveling with a Delsey set, given as a graduation present in 2006 that has lost one piece on international flights with two more failing soon.

    International traveling puts such a strain on bags, upgrading to something sturdier, lighter and easier for petite me to move around would be a dream

  • SimoneJ

    Been a committed one-bag traveler for about 25 years. My current bag is a well-used (read “seen better days”) 22″ rather heavy Brand X that’s served me well for about 15 years, but is now, with more and more people carrying on, getting gate checked frequently. I want to get a Briggs & Riley Transcend 19″ International Carryon for their life-time warranty and nice design.

  • Amanda Whitley

    right now i am using a cheap 30 dollar duffle bag that it coming apart so it would nice to get some nice quality luggage before my upcoming vacation

  • Andrew

    Well, my luggage is quite old, and I believe my parents bought it for me when I was 13-14, so now it is roughly 20 years old! It is Atlantic Luggage, and it has certainly held up, although it has some wear spots, stains, and the retractable handle doesn’t come in and out as easy. The reason I/We could use some new luggage is that in three months my wife and I, along with our first child will go on our first vacation! The baby will be about 15 months old, and we still have not bought any new luggage for us, or to accommodate having a child now and would like to get a set of hardside spinners to help protect some of the things we will bring along for the baby. We will be gone between flights, hotels, and cruises for just over 3 weeks and a new set of luggage would definitely help, and not sure if I’m confident my old luggage will make this long of a trip!

  • Braxton

    I have two 25 year old Kirkland/Costco pieces – the carry-on has proven indestructible, but unfortunately is a bit too big for current carry-on allowances. The rolling duffle is ready to come apart. Two Delsey have been very disappointing with zipper failures early on… not worth shipping back for warranty repairs. So, I’m ready for an update, and have heard a lot of people rave about

  • Mark

    Currently traveling with a Samsonite carry-on. It’s lasted for years, but things are starting to pop off, the nylon is starting to tear, and it would just be great to have a bag with better inside compartments! Thanks for the site and posts!

  • Anna Pry

    i only travel by car lately and we use laundry baskets for our clothes or backpacks for other stuff, we could very much use an upgrade!!

  • Evan

    Oh boy…where do I even start?

    At the moment, I’m using a couple of “International Traveler” hard-shelled suitcases that have seen much better days. Last year, United Airlines left their mark on one of the cases (literally) by denting it to high heaven and ripping off the emblem, thereby leaving sharp metal prongs sticking out of the front. The zipper pulls have been replaced with bread ties and the handle no longer fully extends, leaving me to hoist it and carry it through the airport every time I travel. I could certainly use some new luggage.

  • Andrew P

    I’m currently using a carry on with spinners from Macy’s (I think the brand is Revo) that gets the job done, but it’s a bit clunky so I could definitely use an upgrade.

  • Nichole R.

    My family bought a 3 piece set by International Traveller (now IT) from Costco about 5 years ago. They have been quite heavily used (even as a hospital labor bag), and are not even used for travelling anymore. Now, the 31″ and 28″ are used by my Mother to hoard her old clothes, and the 22″ has been M.I.A since last year.

    It would be much appreciated to win this giveaway since I will be travelling throughout the country this Fall, and Japan next spring. Thanks!

  • Vertigo

    I have hand me down luggage from Costco. One is tiger print and the other lady bug. I think this is a pretty good reason for an upgrade. For some reason, I get a lot of compliments from older ladies. As a guy, I have to reclaim my manhood and dignity with a nicer set of luggage.

  • Mike K

    I have a carry-on Samsonite that has been with me for years..its a great bag, it still works fine, and I love it. My wife on the other hand has not had such luck. One of her suitcases’ wheels stick and I always have to help her drag out the pull bar from the back (as you have to pull it out at just the right angle). I would love the ability to get her a bag that she can enjoy and have a great experience with when traveling…

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