Thursday Giveaway: $400 American Airlines Gift Card

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It’s been a very US Airways-centric week here at TPG, with the announcement on Tuesday that you are able to use US Airways miles on British Airways without incurring the huge fuel surcharges, and then yesterday I wrote about the current best sign-up bonus offer of 40,000 miles on the US Airways Premier World Mastercard.

US Airways gives 40,000 Miles after your first purchase...what would you use them for?

US Airways gives 40,000 Miles after your first purchase…what would you use them for?

US Airways has been on my mind a lot this week, and especially since I am planning on my first trip to Mykonos this summer. While I was looking to pay for my ticket on American, as I’m trying to re-qualify for Executive Platinum, I came found out that US Airways has a direct flight from Philadelphia to Athens, which has very convenient timing for Mykonos connections.

Mykonos...on my summer hit list, thanks to US Airways!

Mykonos…on my summer hit list, thanks to US Airways!

So, for this week’s giveaway, I want to know what your favorite US Airways destination is, and how many miles it would cost you to get there in coach if you if you have the US Airways Premier World Mastercard. Remember, the card gives you 5,000-mile discount on award tickets in economy on US Airways-operated flights. The grand prize is a $400 American Airlines gift certificate, since US Airways no longer sells gift cards, but you can still use American’s to purchase US Airways flights. 

To enter, comment on this post or on our Facebook page with your answer…is it Tel Aviv to visit to beautiful white sand beaches? Maybe it’s to visit Waimea Canyon on the island of Kauai? Or perhaps want to check out Sukiyubashi Jiro for sushi in Tokyo, a personal favorite of President Obama (and on TPG Creative Director Adam Daniel Weiss’ bucket list too!). Whatever it is, enter by 5pm ET on Monday, May 5th to be eligible. You can only enter once per medium. The winner will be chosen at random and announced next week.

And the Winners of Last Week’s Prizes of 25,000 American Airlines AAdvantage miles plus a 4-pack of Admirals Club One-Day passes are…

Last week we asked what your favorite aspects of the Admirals Club experience was, and we were overwhelmed with the responses! We had some amazing entries! One stood out from the crowd, coming from blog reader Michael K!…his entry was…well, can we say original?

“I would make a concoction of bacon infused vodka and chocolate liquor garnished with a strip of candied bacon and a chocolate covered strawberry. A little bit of indulgence on my way to a well deserved vacation.”

Now how could someone say no to this!

Now how could someone say no to this!

We applaud your creativity Michael, savory and sweet, you know how to do it up right! We also had two runners up who each won a 4-pack of Admirals Club One-Day Passes, and they were TPG Facebook fans Landon A.and Alan W.!

Congrats to all of our winners, we hope your miles and passes will be put to great use and you’ll enjoy the luxury of the Admirals Club!

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  • Justin

    PHL-OGG let’s do it TPG! Ha…that’s where I need to get out to Bri to see my buddy who I haven’t seen for years.

  • Hao


  • jmw2323

    PHL-BRU for beer and mussels

  • sAnIL ,,, ;)

    hyderabad HYD — to see my family

  • Marc

    Vancouver, and only 30K RT!

  • Al

    Lisbon is just a short hop from Charlotte, and during non-peak season 30,000 miles with the discount.

  • Jake

    I Love BRAZIL!! I’d go to Rio de Janeiro and enjoy the beaches and caipirinhas. It’d only take 60,000 miles for an economy ticket!

  • pepper4

    LAS-DCA, 20k

  • Sarah

    My sister is getting married in Copenhagen in August and I’m having a really hard time finding an affordable flight. The closest US Airways could get me is Amsterdam and sadly, since I’ll be flying during the peak season, I guess it would cost 130,000 miles (90,000 if I had the credit card!).

  • Jessica


  • scn231

    New orleans! I know it’s not the most exotic destination, but it’s my favorite, and I could get there for 400 bucks :)

  • Joe

    VCE – 60,000 Miles to get there.

  • Rence

    Definitely Europe during off peak, and I’d probably pick Barcelona for my next trip – just 55k miles with the US Airways Mastercard next fall!

  • Bradley B.

    PHL-VCE. 30,000 miles off-peak, with the 5,000 discount. Mmmm, now maybe I need to start planning a trip.

  • Carl Cheng

    hong kong or japan for 30k one way

  • Kyle

    Would love to go AUS-MYR this June for some lounge time on the beach. It’s a crazy 55,000 miles with the US Air MasterCard.

  • NYCBK123

    Hard to pick! PHL-LIS or CLT-GIG, off-peak/discount 30k miles for me to explore either one of those, which I have never been to! :)

  • Justin

    To Denmark to check out Noma

  • frenchman619

    Kuaui, no doubt about it

  • waffffffle

    PHL to BCN. I love Barcelona and gazpacho in the summer.

  • Jon

    LA in the fall for would be awesome. Would run me around 25,000 miles.

  • Brian

    Vancouver 30k, RT

  • Joe

    I know this may sound rather boring, but I love Philadelphia. Great art and culture, reasonable hotels, good gay scene.

  • Ree


  • Matt S

    I’d consider taking advantage of the off peak 35,000 award to Europe – with the 5,000 card discount that would only be 30,000. Probably Amsterdam where I could jump off and explore the region I haven’t been to yet. Of course Hawaii was a favorite trip of mine, so for 35,000 miles I’d consider going back there for sure.

  • Ben Price

    Sicily to visit the in-laws for the first time!

  • Goosh

    PHX – HNL, for 35,000 miles round trip

  • KurtisK

    You can’t beat 30K miles one way to Japan. Love it.

  • Corey

    Tokyo is definitely where I’d use the miles but I am relocating to Korea for a new job and both countries only need 25k each way using US miles. I think that’s pretty great especially after devaluations and in peak season for AA miles =]

  • Rod L

    Would love to do LAX-CLT-GRU for 30k off peak or 55k low (with the US Airways MC discount). Would love to see Sao Paulo’s beautiful architecture in person and dine in some of the great restaurants they have!!

  • twenteries

    STL to YYZ, only 20,000 miles with the discount!

  • AMSBelle

    My husband has a work trip to Paris, so I’d love to meet him there for some champagne, croissants and a stroll on the Champs Elysees. Only 15,000 miles after the initial bonus and the economy discount (although I’d upgrade, if possible). Vive La France!

  • Evan

    PHL-CDG off peak 30,000 with 5000 discount

  • RJP

    20k miles (off peak) would get me to Turks & Caicos out of Philly. Another 20k would get me back… but I might just stay there! :-)

  • Mike

    Paris is my dream city to go for my next trip.

  • Heather L. Cannady


  • Goat Rodeo

    Most certainly Tokyo for the sushi and night life.

  • Winnie

    I dream of a romantic vacation in Venice Italy! 30K miles one way coach from SFO to VCE with a stop at PHL!

  • Chris P

    Turks and Caicos for the perfect white sand beach, diving and snorkeling with a short flight with US airway from the east coast!

  • beth

    DEN–PHL to visit old friends! 20,000 miles RT with discount!

  • smweb23

    i would fly to france to visit the families that saved my grandfather’s life during world war 2. many of the members of their family died saving my grandfather who was a jewish american bomber pilot shot down over nazi occupied france.

    my goal is to visit them and 400$ on AA would certainly help.

  • CS

    Hands down Kauai. Escape to paradise in Hanalei, I can already see the Mai Tai in my hands at Tahiti Nui.

  • Landon

    30K off peak to CDG to visit the art museums.

  • Aaron Swerdlow

    Kauai for 25,000 Avios, which is 15,000 less than the same flight using AAdvantage. Only $5 in total government fees and 1/4th of the sign-up bonus from the 100K BA Avios card!

  • Ana

    Zurich!! Switzerland has been #1 on my bucket list my entire life, and I’ve been everywhere else but there. 35,000 miles off peak (in the dead of winter?)… or 60,000… or 90,000… or 130,000 OUCH

  • Liv

    BRU! Bruxelle ma belle! (Brussels my beautiful!) 30K

  • Jerm

    SFO for 20000

  • Jonathan

    I don’t think you can beat Los Angeles to Istanbul with a Stopover in Paris for a 30,000 point off peak award after the 5,000 point discount.

  • Larry

    Tel Aviv! Then Haifa, Jerusalem, and Eliat!

  • Aarif

    Hawaii (either Maui or Kauai) for 30k roundtrip in coach.

  • Pazpeaceman

    I’d definitely go for the (35-5 = 30k ) coach award to cancun’s white and wild beaches, especially since they use the A330 in the tourist seasons! One of the shortest widebody flights in the western hemisphere!

  • samantha

    Athens to start out a grand eurotrip!! 25,000 miles, one way with the card!

  • tripswithtykes

    I’d head to St. Thomas so I could relive my honeymoon on nearby St. John just in time for my 10th anniversary later this month. 20K off peak each way, so that is a great deal.

  • Lauren


  • Chao Z

    My order : Tel Aviv! Then Haifa, Jerusalem, and Eliat!

  • Darcy

    I would definitely be heading to Europe!! Where to start though!? Gosh, too many great choices… London, Italy, Spain, Amsterdam, etc. I just can’t pick! Points would be 30K. Crossing my fingers!!

  • Jeff Richmond

    It’s Amsterdam! 35,000 miles off-peak normally, so a 5,000 discount would make it just 30,000.

  • Guest2014

    That’s a real expensive holiday you’re planning on :(

  • Julio César Urdaneta Torres

    BWI-OGG – Never been to Hawaii. Would love to take my wife there since we couldn’t afford a honeymoon there when we married.

  • Cory

    Rome. Unless off-peak, i would need 55,000 miles w/ the USAirways card.

  • Josh

    At 30k for the round trip off-peak, the PHL-VCE flight is amazing. As one of only 2 non-stop flights from the US and the one that arrives the earliest, this is my favorite US flight!

  • Alexis L

    Rome for 30k miles in coach, off-peak & one way, which would be 50k miles round trip with the US Airways mastercard

  • usnamom2014

    I’d go to Ireland for 35,000 miles off peak minus the 5000 for using my card. I’d love to see where my grandparents grew up!

  • Zachary Kubetz

    bos-barcelona 60,000 on Iberia plus cash for extras then mandatory train to pamplona on July 6 for running of the bulls, a serious bucket list stop

  • Lu Johnson

    lax- fco 55,000 each, my hubby and I want to go for our 10 year anniversary!!

  • bmp412

    Hawaii (off peak) for 30k!

  • cotoneloc

    55k miles RT in Sept. 2014 JFK>MXP after the 5k discount for holding the US Airways Premier World MasterCard which I was just approved for!

  • LR

    favorite US airways destination is Rio de Janeiro! I actually booked a RT trip for the WCup with 55k US Air miles

  • ss

    BOS to SAN 20K miles Great deal!!

  • Myrna

    Would love to use it for my visit to Roma :)

  • Evan Ng

    Tokyo! I really want to try Jiro’s sushi.

  • mkm

    Definitely Tel Aviv. I left too many friends there from my time in the service, and it would be great to go back and see all of them. 75000 with the card!

  • heather

    Hawaii for 30K

  • Katrina Yu

    LAX to PAR for 60K!

  • Peter K

    Maui for 30K is a dream for me!

  • Bill


  • Patrick Folger

    DUBLIN! My #1 most desired place on my bucket list

  • Carli Fernandez

    Hawaii for 30K definitely!

  • AmyCTrent

    many of the members of their family died saving my grandfather who was a jewish american bomber pilot shot down over nazi occupied france.

  • Elizabeth Creekmore

    Venice Italy!!! 20,000 miles round trip for the two of us. Would love to go for our anniversary!!

  • Louis

    Current favorite destination is PHL-MAD. Madrid is beautiful and a great city to spend time in. 30,000 miles roundtrip off peak, 55,000 roundtrip otherwise.

  • Ana

    Are you kidding? I’m planning on the 35,000 miles! Whenever that may be available lol ;)

  • SL – SFO

    Would love to do Hawaii for 30k!

  • MichaelG

    I would take a hop from New York to the sun-bleached sands and crystal blue waters of Providenciales in Turks and Caicos. The lowest economy fare (both before and after the June 1 changes) is 35,000–so it would be only 30,000 US Airways dividend miles for the round for the RT with the 5,000 mile discount from the US Airways Premier World Mastercard. The 40,000 miles bonus after first spend (on the $89 annual fee version of the card) would be more than enough to cover the trip, leaving me more to spend on brightly colored tropical drinks while lounging at the beach.

  • Steve

    I’d go CLT-MAD. I lived in Madrid for a bit and it’s an amazing city with a ton to do. It would cost 30,000 off-peak or 55,000 normal.

  • Jordan b

    Boston to Barcelona for 55k

  • Burton

    Would love to go to Japan for 30K and enjoy some nice sushi and temples!

  • Miro

    Philly to Venice for 55k


    I am thinking Tokyo.

  • John Pherrin

    I would head to Northern Costa Rica, flying LAX to Liberia. Jungle, Coffee, & pristine beaches……not many better ways to spend 55,000 miles (after the US Airways CC discount) on some much needed time off the grid.

  • Benjamin J L

    DFW >>> VCE via PHL for me. Would love to do a nice summertime tour of Northern Italy and Southern Switzerland. Gorgeous weather, great food, and even a gondola! 60K miles R/T!

  • Matthew Ender

    It’d be hard to pass up a 30k trip to Hawaii in the middle of a Boston February…

  • Jacob

    I think tel aviv’s beaches are beautiful & very under rated.

  • bostrvlr

    30K trip to Kauai to take the Zodiac trip to the Na Pali coast and snorkel along the way.

  • jmei

    I’m already on a trip to Tel Aviv, but I could 40k miles with US Airways One World Partners to go to the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh this summer!

  • Angela

    New York to Rome in the summer for 55k miles

  • BarcaFan

    Barcelona from the East Coast for 55K points is, admittedly, a terrific deal; there are so many cool touristic things to do in Barcelona, from palaces to gardens, from shopping to dining — not to mention the awesome weather — that makes this place the best holiday spot in the whole of Europe!

  • Rabbit

    I can’t pass up Hawaii for 30,000 miles. The pictures from my last vacation are looking just a little bit too old, I think I need to make fresh ones.

  • BarcaFan

    I meant 55K miles of course (not points)!!!

  • djstrouse

    I would fly to Kona on Hawaii’s Big Island for a 10-day backpacking trip, spending each night in a different climatic zone (wet tropical one night, polar tundra the next, volcanic the next, and so on). With 10+ of the world’s ~13 climatic zones squashed against one another, this is the only place in the world (to my knowledge) where this is possible! It would run me at least 40k-5k=35k miles RT, leaving either from SFO or EWR.

  • kaladeb

    Rome would be 55,000 if not off-peak.

  • michael

    Providence, RI. It’s such a beautiful town at this time of year! As a small airport, PVD is quick and easy to get in and out of–no stress! It’s only 20,000 miles with the US Airways card.

  • Tiffany

    My pick would definitely be SFO-SJO (47,500-5,000=42,500 points needed), great beaches, whitewater rafting, ziplines, exceptionally friendly locals and exotic (to me) wildlife, I can’t imagine a better adventure.

  • djstrouse

    Why 30k? Their award chart says 40k, so 40k-5k=35k, right?

  • Yehudis Lewis

    NY to Rome for 55,000 miles

  • Richard H

    Kona to Venice for 55k miles. Fortunately, Hawaii to Europe is the same number of miles as departing from the mainland unlike many other airlines that charge a lot more miles to go from HI.

  • Patrick

    NY to Athens 55,000

  • Phil

    PHL-VCE for 55,000 miles round trip. Loved the 3 days we spent in Venice last year and would go back in a minute.

  • rojomojo

    Funky Town

  • nhmomjcd

    I would take a trip to Rome to see my daughter who is going to be studying there this summer! I would need 55,000 miles Ecomony (which is 60K-5K) discount from the use of my USAirways Premier Mastercard. Since each ticket usually costs upwards in the $1000 dollar range, it would truly be saving me so much money. And since the sign up bonus was 40K I would not be far off from that trip to visit my daughter.

    And yes, Italy is one of my favorite destinations! I will eat some caprese salad and have a cup of espresso for you … Molte bene!

  • Emma

    I’d go to Lima, Peru – have always wanted to travel to south america if there is a 5k point discount each way, the lowest reward flights would be 60k RT in the main cabin.

  • Miguel Albano

    Japan is currently on the top of my bucket list. Not only because I would love to visit Tokyo, but more importantly, immerse myself into the Japanese culture through the japanese countryside.

  • Jeff Broman

    I would go PHX-BCN. The lowest I can find with the 5K discount is 55,000.

  • InternetMan

    DFW-MAN So I can watch my team Arsenal crush United! I believe it would be 95,000 miles in first/business. My wife and I would love the chance to make it out their for a game next season since we were able to see them play at home this year, away would be even better. Manchester is also a great city to explore with a great historical significance.

  • AC

    LAX to Barcelona for 55k

  • Eric

    Rome! Always a good choice. And just 55,000 miles….

  • Zach G

    Fly with US to TLV and then visit Jerusalem

  • Monica

    So with the US Airways Mastercard discount, it would take me 30,000 miles to get from ATL to SXM. I think that’s a pretty good deal to get to visit the beautiful island of St Maarten.


  • Rob Brown

    I’d go from CLT to FRA to see Bavaria in the summer for 60,000 miles roundtrip! I’d first transfer some SPG points to top off my US Airways account…

  • grrljock

    Barcelona. I’d love to check out how much of La Sagrada Familia has been built since I was there the first time, in 1986.

  • Sarah Johnson

    I would pick Hawaii I’ve never been thereand our Lila so beautifu it’s appx 55,000k

  • Ang

    NY to Rome for 55K miles!

  • noko

    London. My daughter’s dream trip! I have bee there 25years ago, before I got marry. She loves everything from England….Music, movies,Shakespeare ,tea ….especially “Rolling Stones”! We will go there in off season to save miles. 35,000milesX2=700,000!

  • Jason

    Ireland for 30k in the off-season!

  • Yankees

    75k points to tel aviv so I can get some real falafel and enjoy it on the beautiful meditrainian sea beach.

  • Steve Burman

    Barcelona would really work for me.

  • Douglas Lin

    my wife and i have been talking about going to italy for years. rome would run me 55K miles

  • Paul Shipman

    SEA-VCE about 50,000 miles!!

  • Tony Eljallad

    I would do DTW Detroit to HNL Honolulu IT would cost 40K miles I was trying to book a very short trip with US AIRWAYS from MAY 17th- MAY19TH but sadly the 5K benefit does not apply :( and I only have 35K miles with them

  • Jeff

    The Caribbean for 30,000 miles after the discount!

  • Fanfoot

    I’d take a two hopper to Hawaii. Looks like probably 20K for the outbound but probably 50k for the return on the dates I looked at anyway.

  • Ashwin

    From the beaches near LAX to the beaches near GIG for the world cup is only 150,000 points minus 5,000 points on US Airways. (If you use the American-operated flights, it goes down to 60,000 – 5,000 = 55,000 miles).

  • TONY

    SJC to SLC for 25K only!

  • Lisa T. (LAX)

    My dream destination is Taiwan. I absolutely loved the country the last time I visited and I really hope to go again really soon, too bad it is 105,000 miles for business class. A girl can dream right?! :)

  • charles


  • imagine002

    For me, Kansas City. I know, not most people’s idea of a destination, but family trumps.

  • JoeY

    In off-peak season, to go from Chicago to Hawaii is 35,000 miles, but with the mastercard, 30,000.

  • Edward

    30K from SAN to LHR for the culture and hot Britons.

  • Roman Goubin

    Madrid would be a cool place to go on the way to hkg since US still allows stopovers to asian destinations and it would only be like 55k roundtrip but you still have to factor in a award processing fee

  • James

    defiantly would use this towards my favorite place in the world, cape town. the beaches there are beyond incrdible with mountinas in the scenery! cant get better than that!

  • glen

    DCA to SEA for 45k!

  • ZB

    LAX next year would be great as i’ve never been there before :( . Plus it’ll only cost 25000 AA miles. Not too shabby :)

  • Ben

    I would go to Rome from Philadelphia for 30,000 miles (off-peak roundtrip price with the US Airways Mastercard!).

  • Courtney

    A bucket list item for me is to walk the Camino de Santiago. I would fly into Madrid for 55K miles and then make my way to the start of the camino. So awesome!

  • MisterChristian

    I think Athens would be it for me, hands down. The food, the shopping, the whole pace of life are just great. Compared to western Europe, it’s very reasonably priced. If you’ve never been, you’re gonna love Greece. At 55,000 miles, it’s a good deal as well.

  • RDMM

    Tokyo once again! 100k RT in J!

  • phil

    Anywhere in Hawaii.

  • sue

    Kauai here I come!

  • Cindy

    kaui 50,000 miles

  • SMaity

    Chicago to Hawaii for 30k miles this winter!

  • Bradley Russell

    InternetMan I am with you bruv, would love to go see the Gooners kick ass in Manchester! But I think I would use the reward to take my wife to a city that she has never been to… NYC!

  • just_ducky

    I would take wife on 5yr wedding anniversary adventure. Probably up to Napa to explore a few vineyards and relax a little

  • Dennis M.

    wold love to travel from New York City to Peru. Off-peak is only 35K miles!

  • Rob P

    LAS for 20,000 points! Thank you!

  • josh f

    Rochester to Hawaii!

  • gpks00

    ORD to HNL for 30k miles in winter

  • Randy

    DC to Seoul. I just miss my little girl! 60,000 pts minus 5k. (Ok – I’d go for the Korean BBQ as well.

  • Mikhail

    My friend and I have been panning a eurotrip for the past couple year. This year’s the year! — Wiesn 2014 we’re coming!

  • Christopher

    I would go from Boston to Tokyo baby! 30k each way, so with the 5k discount I could go roundtrip for 50k!!! With all that money I saved, I could buy a lot of sushi!!!

  • MV

    US does not fly to Asia. 5k discount is only on US metal.

  • MV

    I would probably go to London, it should be 60k in economy round-trip I believe.

  • John

    MCI-IST for a taste of history. I believe that would be 55k on US Air.

  • Bruce Hsu

    DCA to Tokyo, 50k round trip!!

  • MRL

    30k miles to Tokyo for a sushistravaganza

  • reikokorin

    I would definitely go to Kauai. I’ve been planning a trip there for almost a year, and I think we almost have enough miles and points for it, but the extra miles would help a lot!

  • Nathan

    SEA to NRT – 50k miles!

  • alaine

    I’d go to Virginia to visit family.

  • David

    US Airways’ flight to Tel Aviv opened up access to Israel. I couldn’t be happier about their merger with American if only because of this flight option.

  • bettyblanco

    Definitely the winter break in Hawaii for 30k miles

  • Allie39

    North Carolina (Charlotte) – specifically to visit Asheville!

  • tiffany l


  • Neuris Fernando Chalas

    Miami. 25000 points from LGA gross of any discounts on AAirlines. Maybe I can redeem on AAirlines and be on the same flight as you again. Awesome sauce!

  • general45 aka Bill from maine

    Rome for 55k would be great.

  • Liat

    US airways to Israel!

  • avi

    phl to tlv

  • undertoe6

    New York to Barcelona! 55,000 on Iberia

  • Daniel

    From New York to Rome for 55k US Airways Miles!

  • Matt

    30,000 to HHH for a ticket for my girlfriemds dad to their family vacation. He cannot make the drive from Pittsburgh and tickets are pricey.

  • Cad

    Definitely a transcon route like SFO to NYC, since it only costs 20000 miles with US Airways credit card.

  • Rick

    I’d love to fly to Paris and stay at the PH Vendome once more!

  • Angela

    I’d want to fly to Venice and see St Mark’s Square and the Doges Palace

  • Liz

    I would go to Rome for 55,000 points! :)

  • George w

    From seattle to aruba for 20000 miles off peak times-October

  • Jay K

    Rome!!! I think 55K?

  • Jamie

    Athens for 30,000 miles in coach off-peak using US Airways Mastercard discount.

  • Lita

    My favorite U.S. Airways destination would be Edinburgh, Scotland, for the Fringe Festival! It would cost $211 plus 55,000 points for me.

  • Henry

    SFO to surprise my mom for Mother’s Day!

  • Sajer Guy

    I’ll take PHX to HNL any day. Can’t beat Hawaii!

  • LarryInNYC

    Off-peak to Paris, 35 K miles reduced to 30 K with the US Airways card.

  • Nick Knight

    Boston to Rio de Janeiro Brazil Time for a coconut drink. 35,000 off peak

  • 3milio

    I can tell you that you will love the Greek isles. I was just in Thira (Fira or Santorini) a couple of weeks ago and would love to go there again! It’s just incredible. I’d probably go from Charlotte to Athens and so forth. The cheapest i can probably swing it is 70K each on economy :( But man, that place is nice!

  • Chase

    Maui-every chance I can get to visit!

  • Desmond

    I would fly from SAN to BOS to see family. Just 20k points with this card

  • Michael

    I’d fly to Charlotte for 20000 miles!

  • Howard

    Atlanta to Bermuda — 20,000 miles RT with the USAir MasterCard discount

  • kim

    ATL to Hawaii for 35k…. :) I love AA for this and try to take AA as much as I CAN!

  • Julie

    I’d love to go to Rome again! If I go in November, it would cost 40,000 miles with the card.

  • Philatravelgirl

    From Philly, I’d love the seasonal direct flight to Venice – one of my favorite cities to explore and get lost in. Not that you can ever find a low mileage ticket, I believe it is 45k coach. I could then jump on a cruise to Croatia and/or Greek Isles

  • crystal s

    I’ve always wanted to go to Rome with my husband so I would go there from NYC and that would be 55,000 miles.

  • Jonathan

    My favorite US Airways destination would have to be New York (LGA). It’s incredibly close to Astoria, where I used to live and have fond memories of eating delicious Greek food. With the US Airways World Premier Mastercard, a r/t flight would just be 20k miles!

  • ajh507

    It would be Panama (PTY). Should be nice to catch the 100th anniversary of the Panama Canal. 30k miles to redeem R/T tickets with US Airways Premier World MasterCard 5k miles discount.

  • Iain

    My wife would visit her “Mum” in the UK. PHX-LHR for 55000. Thanks.

  • Eddy

    SFO-FCO would be 55k miles in coach with the US Airways MasterCard (30k if I can book an off-peak ticket). I would stuff my face so far beyond silly!

  • geoduck_007

    Rio De Janiero for 60,000 – not bad

  • Concorde Club

    A jump from PHX to OGG to enjoy the 80 degree beaches at Wailea and the 28 degree morning sunrise on the volcano.

  • Or N

    I am actually TLV based, so my favorite destination with US is actually New York. It should cost me 80K miles but with the card I’ll only need 75K not including the 50K sign up bonus.

  • Ali

    I’m planning a trip to Madeira, Portugal to charter a small boat and chase down my own Moby Dick. Seriously though, I just invested in underwater film equipment and am ready to locate the mysterious sperm whale. This trip through Lisbon should cost 50,000 miles roundtrip if I use my US Airways card and purchase off-peak tickets – not too much considering the 20 hour trip!

  • samuel

    During the rainny season of seattle to sunny aruba to recharge my vitamin D naturally for 20000 miles…. more UV!

  • K.M

    Kahului, Maui. I’d love to drive out to Hana again!

  • Danny

    I would fly from Philadelphia to Tel Aviv, hopefully that route still exists after hub consolidation.

  • Chris

    Off peak to Europe for 30 k with the 5k discount!

  • Paul Teixeira

    30K miles SFO to PVR, Mexico party in Puerto Vallarta!

  • Joe

    BME — broome, australia

  • Travis

    I would do Atlanta to Antigua for 25k. Beautiful beaches.

  • Jonathan S.

    DFW-MAN as well. 95,000 miles in first

  • Stu

    Two words: Chili Crab. Gotta get to Singapore for the real deal.

  • Roberto

    I would fly from LAX to the beaches of Tahiti. Cannot think of a more relaxing vacation other than certain places I’ve been to before, including the Greek Isles, as you’ve mentioned.

  • Brian Goo

    A flight to Aruba would be nice, via Charlotte or Philly. With the card, I would only need to dish out 20,000 miles during off-peak season, otherwise it’s 30,000 / 55,000, 75,000 before June 1, or 30k / 50k / 70k or even more if it’s considered Level 2 High Season.

  • Nathan

    60,000 miles so that I can visit my family in Hungary :)

  • Trev

    PHL to LAX for 25,000 miles

  • Fred

    Kansa City – it’s home!

  • Brian

    Lamest answer maybe, but flying to Phoenix for a week of Spring Training with some side trips to Sedona and the Grand Canyon (maybe Vegas too…) would be about perfect.

  • thadeusd3

    Cle to CDG for 55K miles. It’s my son’s #1 destination.

  • Michelle Lofton

    I would use it to fly my mother-in-law out to visit my brother-in-law and his wife. That would be from PHL to LAX and would only be around 25,000 miles.

  • Dan

    35,000 miles to Hawaii with the card. It’s a steal – let’s go!!

  • Ryan

    Lima Peru from DFW…..should be 55,000 after the discount

  • J Swartz

    PHL to BCN for the Catalonian sun and sea….60000 miles and $102!

  • Jan

    Turks & Caicos, the best beach destination close to the mainland USA

  • Ron

    PBI for 20,000 miles

  • Richard

    LAX to visit family!

  • Julia

    Maui or somewhere warm!

  • rich

    JFK-Turks and Cacious for some beach time !

  • Randy

    For me it’s as simple as a flight into Knoxville, TN (TYS) to see family, since US is one of the very few airlines that service that area!

  • Nicole

    IAD to EDI to visit my long distance boyfriend. I’d make him take me up to see the highlands and hike a bunch of munros, which we’ve been talking about for far too long! Maybe go on an extreme outdoor adventure like canyoneering too! I believe it would be 35,000 off-peak or 60,000 otherwise, minus 5,000 for using the US Airways mastercard.

  • David

    Rio for 60,000 miles in business class each way (off peak).

  • JFA

    ord- narita-55 K

  • Levi

    LGA-BCN off-peak for only 30k points…pretty sick

  • PC

    35 ,000 TO HAWAII- A STEAL

  • Thomas

    A trip to Tierra del Fuego. Rafting the Futaleufu

  • Matt

    Chicago-Paris for 55k

  • Nathan

    I would take my wife back to Santorini for our anniversary. We had a great honeymoon there.

  • alan

    LAX to have a long relax trip with my family would be great!

  • Neill

    I would take 3 months off and travel to Italy, starting and leaving from Rome. 55k points

  • Matt

    DFW – Honolulu! Never been to Hawaii, and at only 35,000 miles it’s a steal! Being able to use AA flights gives a few more choices from DFW as well!

  • Tonetone28

    AVL to see the family – 25000 miles

  • Sean

    LAX for 25,000 miles

  • L OBrien

    DFW -> LHR!! London has been on our bucket list for so long and the high fuel surcharges have been a deterrent in the past. 55K miles with the 5K mile discount.

  • Anina

    I have always wanted to visit Salvador, Brazil. From NY via PHL, it would be only 30K with the US Airways Premier World Mastercard during off-peak.

  • MelissaK

    SAN to LHR – can’t wait to use my 60,0000 miles there!

  • Eugene

    Off peak award to Tokyo or Seoul and visit the ancient temples!

  • Felicia Braude

    Would love to visit Tel Aviv!!!

  • Dawn

    SFO -> SCL for 55,000 so that I could go hiking in Torres del Paine national park, a long time dream of mine. Pretty sure it would be the most stunningly beautiful place I’ve ever seen.

  • Alec H

    I’d love to finally check out Greece and all the beautiful beaches

  • Steve

    Off peak to visit my sister studying abroad in London. Would only cost me 25,000 miles with the explorer card! Great way to save money for the pubs and my favorite meal fish and chips!

  • Helen S

    ORD-BCN for 55,000 miles. Barcelona is high on my list.

  • LXZ

    I would use it to fly my parents from my east coast to the west coast and make it easier for them to see me

  • whrobb

    I’d use it to get home for Christmas… DUS-PIT. Been in Germany for a few months now and looking for a way I can get back for a visit.

  • David

    50k SAN to CLT to visit friends. Nothing fancy, but can’t beat time with friends and family.

  • SSM

    DCA –> AUS for some much needed sun, texmex, and chilantro for 25K – 5K = 20K miles!

  • Elena Garcia

    IAH-FCO should cost 55k in Economy in the summer assuming there is saver award availability :)

  • Will S

    Dublin to visit the Guinness Brewery. Can’t imagine anything better on this Friday.

  • Edmagiri

    DCA-BOG in October to visit family => 60K – 5K = 55K

  • DarrenB

    My favorite US Airways destination is Lima, Peru. Traveling out to Machu Picchu is a must. Not to mention all the other things to do, like museums and whitewater rafting. The roundtrip costs 35K miles, so it only takes me 30K miles during off-peak season to book a round trip in coach with my US Airways Premier World Mastercard! What a steal! Especially since the card already gives you 30K miles after your first purchase.

  • Michael

    Munich,  super saver 35K round trip,  it’s mini Octoberfest now!!

  • Tony N

    LAX-HNL with friends would be a blast! 35000

  • iwantmoremiles

    I have never been to Turks & Caicos. It would cost only 30,000 miles after the discount from my US Airways Mastercard. Hard to beat.

  • JB

    I want to return to the place of my birth: New Jersey.

  • Ben L

    PHI-DUB for 55k. Can’t beat Ireland!

  • Zhengran He

    BHM to Hawaii for a honeymoon!

  • jake

    For this weeks contest, already booked using USDM: ORD-JFK-HEL-HGK-NRT-HGK-LAX-DFW-ORD in BC, 90K. Wow! Could still use the prize.

  • Elaine

    Hawaii for me too! In November, for 35,000 points.

  • Bob

    Kauai for 35,000 – my fav island!

  • Teddy

    Visit Manaus, Brazil and the surrounding Amazon for 30,000 miles during off-peak season. All flights will also go through Miami, so you can enjoy two places in one trip & you won’t be disappointed!

  • expresso19

    YQB – EDI then a train through the highlands to northern scotland. quiet, relaxing, and i love a beautiful train ride. still 125,000 miles rt after the 5,000 discount from my us airways master card.

  • Michael

    SFO to HNL for just 35k.

  • Tim

    PHL to PLS for 30k or 20k offpeak (if the card perk still works for offpeak fares)

  • Drew

    Sydney to go back and visit friends that I made during studying abroad!

  • Andy

    SFO to HNL for 35k.

  • Mav7

    LAS from LAX for 20k miles would be inefficient, but hey, $400 in travel credit should cover

  • Brennan

    SRQ to SFO for 20,000 miles (with the 5,000 mile discount!)

  • dwh

    55000 to head to Peru on LAN and hike the Inca Trail

  • Robert

    CLT-CDG for 55,000 miles

  • quitecontrary1977
  • brockab

    Kauai for 35,000 would be fantastic, perfect graduation gift to myself!

  • Brendan

    Definitely Barcelona! Never been to Spain but I’m dying to go.

  • Jason

    I’d like to finally win for once please!

  • Clift

    GLA — Glasgow, Scotland … Scottish whisky to the North; English Fish n’ Chips to the South — and all for 30K with the Mastercard and its sweet 5,000K benefit!

  • ennelai

    BOS -> PHX! for 25k miles.

  • nybeccaboo

    Kauai or Honolulu for 35,000. I can visit my family and have a tropical getaway. Win-win

  • janejanejane

    Tel Aviv!!

  • Alex

    Visit to Barbados over Thanksgiving week for some turkey, Caribbean style!

  • Josh

    IAD-TPE (Taipei) to see my grandmother – 115,000 miles on AA and Japan Airlines

  • Marvin @ intrepidmotion

    Kauai for 35K for some fun in the sun and quiet relaxation!

  • Candace P

    Waimea Canyon on Kauai sounds great! One Hawaiian Island we have not been! I am sure it will become my favorite place that US Airways flies!

  • Ellen

    Definitely Tel Aviv…

  • JimDandy

    PHL to VCE 60,000 + $101 for a sunrise reflection of St. Marks in a mildly flooded Piazza San Marco and an end of day Vivaldi concert.

  • Ernest S.

    Would love to book a trip to Kauai for a dose of the aloha spirit (and the amazing beaches!).

  • CT

    I’d definitely go to Kauai. I dream of snorkeling and soaking in the sun on the white sandy beaches. I would seduce my stomach with shaved ice and the occasional poke bowl. And my wife would also be happy :)

  • Adam

    How could you beat Aruba for 30k miles to shake off some winter blues

  • Tyler Brown

    PHX to HNL for 35k miles. Couple that with the companion voucher from the US Airways card, a 3rd person and some strategic planning, and you can take a family of 3 to Hawaii for 35k miles and ~$600 round trip! Not bad at all…

  • MerRhosyn

    Definitely Tokyo!

  • Erin Kendall

    CLT-MUC 55000. A liter of beer and an enormous pretzel. What could be better?

  • Larry

    HNL for 35k

  • Jason

    CDG for 30K off-peak =)

  • stu_pdx

    PDX > SCL round trip would be 55k miles, more than I have right now.

  • Chris

    Kauai for 35K for some fun in the sun and an awesome time!

  • Yati

    I’d love to go to Hawaii since i’ve never been. My friends tell me it’s awesome. Having grown up in south Florida, i love beaches. Just 35k miles.

  • Aaron

    I want to go somewhere warm! This has been the longest winter!

  • Elijah Nouvelage

    Barcelona (SFO-PHL-BCN rt) for 65k after the 5000-mile mastercard discount.

  • DL

    Hawaii for 35k miles!

  • nangress

    Hawaii for 70K miles, 65K if using the US airways card or 63K miles (with the 10% rebate) using the AA Citicard.

  • Tatyana

    JFK-PLS 30K Dividend miles

  • Mike B.

    From New York to Kauai for 35,000 is a great deal for me

  • Andrew P

    I would travel off-peak next January to Paris for 30,000 miles.

  • Kelly Hardy

    Definitely Kauai for a well deserved break from business travel. 35k miles with the card :-)

  • todd s.

    LAX to Chicago (ORD) for The Taste of Chicago (25k miles). I miss my deep dish!

  • ASW

    SFO > YVR roundtrip for only 27,500 US Airways Dividend Miles including the 5K Mastercard discount. Would nosh my way through Vancouver’s Granville Island, check out the cool totem poles at the UBC Museum of Anthropology and also visit with friends.

  • Safacon

    SFO to TPA. There is no place like home.

  • Joe-SC1

    Hard to beat Aruba for fun-n-sun at not too many miles & not too many hours in Economy (for the US Airways 5,000 mile reduction). 30,000 miles RT with the discount.

  • MariDoug

    My favorite destination is ORD to CDG which is 65,000 miles.

    runningmatey at hotmail dot com

  • Uri Hadelsberg

    As one who splits his time between the US and Tel Aviv, it would definitely be Tel Aviv!

  • Vrudhi

    My top destination for this summer is Rome to get some delicious Italian food in my tummy! The lowest economy fare available (both before and after the June 1 changes) is 55k miles to fly Economy (which is 60K-5K) after my discount with the use of my US Airways Premier Mastercard. Though, this would actually be 15k after the amazing 40k bonus offer currently offered on this card. Well worth the $89 annual fee!

  • Cynthia

    I have always wanted to go to Italy. If I figured it out correctly, the lowest economy this summer would be 70k from AUS to Venice.

  • Desiree H

    This card is awesome! Thanks for the information! Im going to apply! :)
    I would go to Hawaii, for 35,000 miles!
    Faithrains2387 (at) yahoo (dot) com
    Thanks for the chance, I really want to get my mom a flight to come see me since I just moved across country!!

  • Luke US

    My favorite US route? 30,000 miles (off peak economy, with the US Airways Premier World Mastercard) to Paris, one of the most romantic and elegant cities in the world! I just love to walk along the Seine on grey, windy days! :) Not to mention the amazing French food…! :)

  • steve

    20k with discount for domestic trip to New Haven for some great pizza.

  • American Dreamer

    I would just love to visit Rome once in my life, so let’s say my choice would be NYC-FCO for 30k miles off-peak (with the discount).

  • JRW

    LAX-NYC on US Air for 20,000 miles with US Airways Premier World Mastercard!!

  • Michael


  • Sarah C

    I would fly from BDL to PLS for 30K (35K without Barclays card) to enjoy the most beautiful beaches in Turks and Caicos. i went in 2012 and absolutely loved it!

  • Mike K

    CLT to MUC in time for Oktoberfest!

  • Dave Westhed

    I would leave fall in Minneapolis to warm up on the beaches of Aruba. The off peak cost in September is 25k miles- so it would be only 20,000 US Air dividend miles round trip after deducting the 5,000 mile discount from the US Airways Premier World Mastercard. That’s a steal.

  • cr

    LAX for 25k sounds good to me in the rainy northeast!

  • Carolina A.

    I would love to go to NYC! I believe it would be 20,000 miles with the US Airways card, not bad at all.

  • Will Beyer

    LAX to Lisbon (via Philly) could be had for as little as 60,000 miles with the right timing, or 55,000 with the Premier World card discount, and before you can say “umas ferias bem-merecidas,” I’d be taking a tram up to the Alfama to hear some Fado, or a bus to Evora to see the ruins.
    Either way, I can promise there would be vinho verde and port involved sooner, or later, or both.

  • david646

    phl-tlv 30k coach off peak with opportunity to visit Petra & Jerusalem.

  • RRR

    I can see me having a felafel on the beach at Tel Aviv, right there on Hayarkon Street, and I would use 75,000 miles to indulge my whim.

  • Debbie

    Rio de Janeiro ! Only 30,000 miles in coach if you go off-peak!

  • Jay Hawk

    Kauai is such a beautiful island to visit and 35,000 miles with the card.

  • Hilary

    Paris Je T’aime! So much to see, do, enjoy! Paris off peak with the card is 30,000 miles.

  • Jacob K

    A trip to Rome for all the ancient sights and awesome food, for the price of 55k miles!

  • Raymond_G

    definitely paris from nyc with an off-peak award!

  • Stasie

    Off Peak, to my favorite country… PHL>DUB, 85,000 miles (that’s w/ the 5,000 mastercard mileage discount credit), would love to be back.

  • navman

    I can’t think of a better way to spend a long weekend than indulging in great whiskey and quirky theatre at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It’s only 55,000 Dividend Miles from PHL-LHR, followed by a train ride with dramatic vistas of the North Sea and the quaint towns that dot the coast.

  • Dave Mo

    I’d fly PDX-PHL-BAR and take in Barcelona and Catalonia. 55-125k miles in coach with the 5k USAir MasterCard discount.

  • LoneStar

    Definitely Paris for 30,000 miles with the card.

  • David Khoo

    New York to Calgary for 20K miles after the 5K discount. Then, explore the awe inspiring Banff and Jasper National Parks.

  • Grazia Graziella

    A nice trip to Venice for 30,000 miles R/T is hard to beat!!

  • Pample Mousse

    London, UK 30K

  • Joey

    To Kona, Hawaii! JFK-PHX-KOA roundtrip in economy class on US Airways is 80,000 miles, but with my US Airways mastercard, it would only be 75,000 miles.

  • Amy

    travelling to PHL would be good since it’s on of their hubs, and It will cost just 25000 (less 5000 miles) with the card.

  • Jill

    It would only cost me 40,000 miles to get from RDU to DUB. That’s actually less than I realized.

  • Hawaiitex

    HNL-SAT 80,000 on us air. There is nothing like the open air dining on the river walk in San Antonio (man I miss home) A great place to eat mexican food and celebrate cinco de mayo

  • Steve

    Denver to Kauai for 35K for some sun and surfing

  • lori bremner

    My 90 year old mother lives in a town only served by AA. Flights into her airport are crazy expensive since there’s no competition. When I take my three sons to see their grandma, we have to fly into a larger airport three hours away. I’d use the gift card to make four tickets SFO-CMI do-able for a summer visit!

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