MyVegas Rewards: Free Hotel Rooms, Show Tickets and More via Facebook

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New TPG contributor and assistant editor Peter Rothbart brings us through the art of scoring free Las Vegas perks via MyVegas Rewards.

Opportunities to earn and redeem hotel points in Las Vegas are improving, especially with the recent partnerships forged between prominent hotel brands (like Hyatt, Marriott, Starwood and IHG) and premier properties on the Vegas strip. Still, as one of the top 5 most visited travel destinations in the US, we welcome more options to explore Sin City using points and miles.

Enter MyVegas Rewards.  MyVegas is a Facebook game presented by MLife, the rewards program for MGM Resorts, which operates myriad Las Vegas casino properties including Aria, Bellagio, and MGM Grand. MyVegas launched in 2011, and presently boasts over 5.5 million players. The game itself is a cartoonish webscape rendition of the Las Vegas Strip, in which you play an assortment of free slots and table games, “build” casino properties and level up to earn real comps, including free hotel rooms, show tickets, restaurant credits and more.

The MyVegas Strip.

The MyVegas Strip.

Rewards come in the form of Loyalty Points, which are redeemable for a variety of comps, the most glamorous of which are free or discounted nights at Las Vegas MLife properties. Like most points and miles programs, redemption rates vary with demand. Mid-week nights cost less (sometimes much less) than weekend nights; for example, a regular mid-week night at Luxor costs 30,000 Loyalty Points, while the weekend equivalent costs 96,000.

Most properties also offer dramatically discounted “Bonus” dates for both mid-week and weekend redemptions. A regular weekend redemption at the MGM Grand costs 227,500 Loyalty Points, while a Bonus weekend redemption costs only 122,500. Bonus dates are plentiful and are posted months in advance, so taking advantage of the reduced rates is easy.

For those who have flexible schedules and aren’t necessarily seeking luxury, a room on the Vegas Strip can be had for as little as 12,000 Loyalty Points (for a mid-week Bonus redemption at Circus Circus). The table below shows the current redemption rates for hotel stays through MyVegas Rewards. Free nights are not presently available at Bellagio or Vdara, though both offer discount rewards. Also, note that all of these properties have nightly resort fees that are charged separately.

MyVegas Loyalty Point hotel redemption options:

Midweek Bonus


Weekend Bonus


Circus Circus















Monte Carlo





New York, New York










Mandalay Bay





MGM Grand











25% off room rate for 10,000 Loyalty Points


$75 (mid-week) or $125 (weekend) suites for 1,000 Loyalty Points

Further redemption options include Cirque du Soleil and other show tickets (ranging from 28,000-78,000 Loyalty Points depending on the show and seating class for Zumanity, O, Zarkana, Ka and Love), buffet passes, club entries, restaurant credits, monorail passes and more. Reward prices are subject to change and new rewards appear frequently, so check the rewards menu within the MyVegas game app to see current redemption options.

Land a free night in a Deluxe King Room at Aria for just 99,000 Loyalty Points.

Land a free night in a Deluxe King Room at Aria for just 99,000 Loyalty Points!

The redemption process is straightforward: after using your Loyalty Points in MyVegas, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to book your hotel stay, buy tickets, etc. You can generally redeem rewards on short notice so long as there is sufficient availability. Rewards that require advance booking (like hotel rooms) can be redeemed by phone; others (like buffet passes) can be redeemed at any MLife desk upon arrival. MLife also tends to be easygoing about refunds and cancellations; they’ll willingly credit your MyVegas account with the appropriate number of Loyalty Points if your travel plans change. Accounts are limited to one per person, so you can’t redeem rewards for someone else. Also, each individual is limited to 3 total redemptions in a rolling 30-day period.

Loyalty Points are predominantly earned in the following ways:

  1. Game play – you earn Loyalty Points just by playing slots and table games. The more chips you bet, the faster you earn. You can earn a maximum of 2,000 Loyalty Points per day via game play. MyVegas routinely offers promotions (oriented around holidays or major events) that reward you with extra Loyalty Points for playing a certain amount each day.
  2. Leveling up – As you play, you gain experience points. Once you accumulate enough experience, you graduate to the next level and receive a bonus (typically some combination of chips and Loyalty Points). Initially the amount of experience needed to level up is triflingly small, and the bonuses at lower levels are accordingly meager. More experience is needed to advance at higher levels, but you’ll earn as much as 1,000 Loyalty Points each time you level up. (Leveling up also unlocks the critical auto-spin feature, which lets you play up to 200 spins with one click.)
  3. Daily spin bonus – Every 22 hours MyVegas offers you a Wheel-of-Fortune-style spin to earn bonus chips or Loyalty Points. The daily spin bonus is increased when you “like” the MyVegas Facebook page, and is further augmented based on how many Facebook friends you have and how many consecutive days you have played. Like the level up bonuses, daily spins start off small. At higher levels, however, you can pull jackpots of 5,000 Loyalty Points or more.
  4. Property bonus – As you play the game, you’ll “build” MLife properties on your MyVegas strip. Each of these properties has a clickable button that periodically offers bonus chips or Loyalty Points. Lesser properties offer small, frequent bonuses, while the more renowned properties offer much larger (but less frequent) bonuses.
  5. Bonus linksMyVegas occasionally sends out links to coupons redeemable (by clicking) for chips and Loyalty Points. While points earned this way don’t add up quickly, they are virtually effortless.

Loyalty Points are surprisingly easy to earn, especially if you’re often at your computer and can have the game running in the background. Earning is slow at the outset, but picks up quickly. In roughly 6 months of casual game play I’ve earned over 300,000 Loyalty Points. Once you level up to unlock higher Daily Spin and Property bonuses, you could plausibly abandon game play all together and still average a few hundred Loyalty Points each day, enough for a few free nights and buffet passes on the occasional Las Vegas jaunt.

Pro Tips

  • MyVegas will spam your Facebook newsfeed relentlessly.  Every time you hit a jackpot, advance a level, or reach some other achievement within the game, you’ll be prompted to share the good news with your friends.  You can tediously deny all these requests, but the more elegant solution used by many MyVegas players is to create a separate Facebook account.  This strategy is triply beneficial: it keeps your newsfeed clean, speeds up your game play, and enables you to “friend” other MyVegas players (which earns you more chips as described above). This is technically a violation of Facebook user policy, but one that is generally overlooked (or has minimal consequences when enforced).
  • Each of the slot games offers a bonus round, in which you play a game within the game to win extra chips.  While the additional chips are helpful, the bonus rounds generally require your attention, and time spent playing the side games dramatically lowers your earning rate for Loyalty Points.  To maximize your ROI, play the game Lucky Birds, which has a bonus round that only takes a few seconds.
  • The “bet more, earn more” nature of the game might tempt you to bet the maximum, but as any slot player will tell you, that’s a fast way to go broke.  These games function more or less as real slots, and you will lose chips in the long run.  If you bet a modest amount, those losses are tempered by the steady cascade of free chips that get thrown your way via the bonuses described above. Slow and steady definitely wins this race, so nurse your chip stack and don’t get tempted to overbet.
  • There are many MyVegas Facebook groups offering help for beginners, news, strategy, chip sharing and a legion of MyVegas friends. They’re worth checking out from time to time, even if only for the free chips.

Bottom Line

MyVegas Rewards can’t match the large bonuses available through credit card signups, but it does offer a fairly easy and risk-free way to earn comps in Las Vegas. The earning rate is such that it’s probably not worthwhile if you have to dedicate significant time to game play, but if you can run the games in the background while doing other work, you’ll get a good return on your time investment and be well on your way to taking Vegas by storm!

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  • AmyP

    I have been playing this game since last July and have earned and used over $3,000.00 in rewards. Yes, really!! We went to Vegas 4 times last year and are planning another trip in July of this year. We always get free food and have had some other experiences we wouldn’t normally have done if it weren’t for free tickets. At the very least you can cash in for some free monorail tickets or a BOGO buffet somewhere…hey, it’s better than paying for two buffets – they can be pricey!! Originally I did spend about $100 buying chips but since then I just pull in the free chips they give you every day and just keep piling them up. It’s free and it’s easy! MyVegas is one of my favorite go to places for free Vegas stuff!!

  • bob cobb

    Do chips expire? Ive thought about doing it, but I have no plans to go to vegas anytime soon. I’d like to have them in case I do though..

  • Landon

    Neither chips nor Loyalty Points expire, so you can save them for as long as you like.

  • A

    I believe the 3 redemptions/30 days are for the MGM Mlife related items. Monorails or even wolfgang puck should be outside that limit.

  • MCN

    I think the days of this game offering a lucrative bonus is pretty much over. I played this game for three hours and earned points that was estimated to be worth around $2. That was not a good use of time or your computer bandwidth.

  • Landon

    Earning is pretty slow to start, and you’ll really get the most out of MyVegas if you don’t have to commit your attention to it (i.e., if it can run in the background while you’re doing other things on the computer). Once you get the hang of it, it definitely pays off!

  • Jason Mitchell

    So what’s the best betting amount if not the max? Is it the min?

  • PR@TPG

    There are two determining factors: one is the size of your chip stack, and the other is your level in MyVegas. Initially you want to bet small to protect your stack, and then increase your bet as you level up. This article summarizes optimal betting strategy pretty succinctly:

  • Whitney

    I spent a good portion of my long weekend playing this game, and have so far managed to rack up about 16k loyalty points. The thing is that if you actually do the math on the rewards, you’re usually a lot better with the low-points value rewards that require some out of pocket cost on your part.

    For example – if I play for forever and manage to rack up the 280k points required to get two dinner buffet passes for Bellagio, I’m only getting a value of $0.0002 per point. Whereas if I redeem a mere 1500 loyalty points in order to get “exclusive room rates” at Mandalay Bay, I’m actually getting a MUCH better redemption rate of about $0.03 per point.

    Similarly, if I buy myself a standard ticket to Zarkana for $99, and then use 5,000 LP to get a free “companion pass”, then I’m getting a redemption rate of $0.019 per point. Whereas if I spend 208,000 points to get two comp tickets, then I’m only getting a redemption rate of $0.00125 per point.

    My point in all this: unless you really, really like playing online slot games endlessly, then your best bet is to play for a couple days most – redeem for the low-point awards that also make you spend some dough out of pocket, and you’ll not only be getting a better deal, but you won’t have to waste your life playing this rather tedious game.

  • PR@TPG

    Great suggestion Whitney; the buy-one-get-one redemptions do tend to offer the highest value on a dollars per Loyalty Point basis. However, many of those 2-for-1 deals can be found in Vegas for free through other channels, so check elsewhere before redeeming.

    You’ll earn faster and spend less time doing so once you level up a bit, so be persistent. I regularly clear 2,000 Loyalty Points daily with only a few minutes of focused attention; that earning rate has been enough to put me up at the Mirage for three nights and enjoy the occasional show whenever I hit Vegas for a periodic poker spree.

  • Whitney

    Can you elaborate on what “other channels” one might want to check? Any tips would be appreciated.

  • PR@TPG

    First try the usual discount channels (Groupon and other similar sites, coupon books, in-flight magazines). The Vegas Groupon in particular usually has abundant 2-for-1 deals for shows, buffets, and certain other attractions.

    Second, you can often get 2-for-1 comps from floor bosses in the casino if you’re gambling. Naturally, the more you gamble, the more generous they’ll be.

    Third (and this has worked for me), it never hurts to just ask at one of the hospitality or loyalty desks (MLife, Total Rewards, et cetera).

  • Robbie

    Do the % off for rooms coupons work with existing reservations?

  • PR@TPG

    They should work fine. You’ll have to contact either the hotel or the MLife desk to use the coupon anyway, so ask in advance.

  • Guestmyvegas

    When creating a new facebook account for myvegas, do you need to create one with your real name to redeem loyalty rewards?

  • MyVegasRay

    Aria hotel stay is gone!

  • Sare

    When using the 1500 points for $75 weeknight room at Vdara, do i need 1500 points PER NIGHT or is it 1500 points for one stay (3 nights)? If it’s a total of 4500 that i need (3 point redemptions) does that mean I would not be able to also use points for Cirque tickets?

  • PR@TPG

    Yep, disappointed to see that one go, though awards have occasionally gone away and returned. Hopefully we’ll see Aria again in the future.

  • PR@TPG

    To me, the wording implies that you can redeem a single coupon for 1,500 Loyalty Points and secure that $75/night rate for the duration of your stay (which couldn’t be longer than 4 days anyway, since the weekend rate would then apply).

    That said, definitely check with MLife before redeeming. I’ve found their staff generally knows the answer to such questions, so a phone call to confirm shouldn’t be too onerous.

  • Cynthia Wotring

    Hi, I am looking at booking two rooms at any of the hotels listed. Is it possible to book the two rooms for the same date under my name? Thank u.

  • Brenda Patten

    Explain the difference between the mid week comp room bonus and midweek comp room

  • erica wheaton

    Can you redeem a coupon for a room reward and then upgrade your room from what you are given?

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