Chase Freedom 20,000 Point Offer Now Available

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Update: The offer mentioned below for the Chase FreedomVisa is no longer available. View the current offer here

I’ve had the Chase Freedom card for years now and it becomes even more powerful when combined with the Chase Sapphire Preferred and/or Ink Plus and Bold cards. The card offers rotating quarterly bonuses that allow you to earn 5 points per dollar in certain categories, up to $1,500 per quarter. So if you maximize each 5x quarter, you can bank 30,000 valuable Ultimate Rewards points per year on $6,000 in spend.  I value Ultimate Rewards points at about 2 cents a piece.
Chase Freedom 5x

The standard sign-up bonus on the Freedom card is $100 (10,000 points) when you spend $500 within the first three months of card membership. I’ve written in the past how Chase often offers more lucrative bonuses when you apply for a card within the branch and TPG reader Bill tipped me off that they are currently offering $200 (20,000 points) with $500 spent within 3 months- twice as lucrative.

I just walked into my local Chase branch in NYC and talked to a banker who confirmed that there is a special promotion currently being offered for $200- but it isn’t listed on the laminated card on the banker’s desk- so you have to ask for it. 

Locate the closest Chase branch near you

I also noticed that they are still offering 50,000 miles on the United Explorer card when you spend $2,000 within three months with the $95 annual fee waived the first year.

50,000 miles for the United Explorer card- better than the standard 30,000

50,000 miles for the United Explorer card- better than the standard 30,000

And the United Club card with no sign-up bonus (which is normal), but the $395 waived the first year.

$395 annual fee waived the first year on the United Club card

$395 annual fee waived the first year on the United Club card

I’ve written about lucrative in-branch offers in the past, but I’m happy to report they still seem alive and strong. Feel free to share any other top offers you’ve received for inquiring at the branch. If you’ve signed up for one of these cards recently with a lower sign-up bonus, you can always call Chase or send a secure message via to see if you’re eligible for the better bonus- never hurts to ask!

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  • K2

    I got approved for the Ink Bold card today. Do you think I will get approved for this tomorrow since it’s a personal card–not business? Or did I completely miss the boat since the applications will be a day apart?

  • Justin

    Wife just recently had her Slate converted to a Freedom (by Chase…not by her request). I’m going to have her secure msg Chase if she can qualify for the bonus once she reaches the req’s. She also has a Sapphire Preferred so she’s ready to go.

  • Samuel

    I just got a Freedom card 2 weeks ago. Do you think I could possibly increase my sign-up bonus by walking into a branch at this point? How would I go about this?

  • welovekimberly

    Where can I submit a request for answering a question? I notice sometimes you make an entire post dedicated to answering questions. My question or request for an article would be how to leverage Hotel’s offering best rate guarantee. E.G. I recently booked a Choice Hotel with $, and then found cheaper rate on Travel Pony. I’m submitting a claim, maybe I will get a free night out of this, based on their best rate guarantee….seems like most hotels offer something for finding a lower rate other than directly through their website.

  • thepointsguy

    Just call the number on the back of your card or send a secure message asking to see if you’re eligible for the better offer. Report back!

  • FlyingJoey

    For some reason Chase won’t approve me for one of their cards. AmEx Plat/Skymiles Gold/CitiThankYou/Citi AA-Exec/Discover/USBank LAN/Barclays USAir/Barclays Apple Fin./ + Other cards all paid in full. I guess they don’t like me or something.

  • Clivus

    S’funny cos I have all the Chase cards but citi wont touch me!

  • Clivus

    Maybe the credit agency they use has an erroneous bad report on you, you’re entitled to credit report after card rejection, easy fix

  • JCSC

    You can also just go to the actual online Chase Freedom page and use the limited time offer of 20,000 points that just came out. Easier than driving to the branch! :)

  • FlyingJoey

    I have a CitiTU/AA Exec/Home Depot/Shell Gas/Exxon Gas/American Airlines Credit card from Citi… Citi has no issue throwing cards at me, but Chase does.

  • doctorofcredit

    Yes, Chase has a bonus match policy.

  • K2
  • clvus

    Like I said, I have that same prob with citi, about a year ago I managed to get their AA card but only after a hassle. There was something on the credit report they used that reflected bad on me, I pointed out t6he mistake – it took 2-3 emails/letters and eventually they sent me the card. ( But not anymore and I am through with them for now) So I really think there is something in your credit report that Chase doesn’t like, its fixable, if you have the time and energy!

  • Savvy Consumer

    I did that for my Chase Sapphire Preferred. Sending a secure message works. They matched my offer.

  • FlyingJoey

    I’m fighting with TransUnion they say “The available credit on your open bank credit card accounts is too low.” which is a complete lie. How is this possible when all of my credit cards are paid 100% I even have credit balances on some.

  • Micah Isaac Salazar

    Chase Sapphire Preferred- apply in branch and spend $2K in 3 months as opposed to $3K in 3 months for their current 40K points offer.

  • Lynn Nguyen

    Also, for those out there who don’t have a branch in their city/state you can call and ask for the match. There aren’t any Chases in PA and I used the secure message system and they agreed to give me the extra 20k

  • misty

    Thanks for a good article! Have had the United Explorer Card once in the past.. how long do you have to wait to
    reapply on a Chase card? Also.. is there a business version of this card?

  • Andrew

    I had applied 2 months ago under a 10K bonus plus 5K for additional AU.
    Met the spend and got the bonus last month.
    I secured messaged today about the new offer and with 30 minutes was given an additional 10K points. Free money just for asking!

  • Bruce Farley

    Try contacting their reconsideration department. I’ve always had a hard time with Barclay throughout the years with no debt and a score above 800. After talking with someone in their reconsideration department I was approved. I would suspect the reason is minor like too many accounts, or something else. Never hurts to talk to them.

  • Rob philip

    YMMV but I got no additional points for my second United Explorer card. I called Chase and United and they confirmed that the Explorer bonus is something you can only get once per mileage plus number. They did give me some miles to help smooth over the annoyance.

    However – that was when I already *had* an Explorer card. Perhaps they are less vigilant when you don’t have one and re-bonus you.

  • Matt

    Me too!

  • Matt

    They gave the extra 10k points within an hour

  • Samuel

    Ya, just got it matched. Thanks for the advice.

  • Chris

    I am assuming this is only for new card applicants? I currently have the Freedom and Sapphire cards. Thanks.

  • yourPFpro

    You may want to confirm this but I believe you should be able to apply for the freedom today and get approved as long as you don’t have too many other recent inquiries/credit already extended with chase.

    I did an IB for myself a month ago and a chase marriott today and my app went pending(5 personal, 2 biz cards with chase). Will call recon next week.

  • karim

    Now you can also apply for the spg card for 30k using a referral link.

  • Em

    I have discovered the miles and points game one year ago thanks to tpg blog. I used to be a cash only person before. that means I got my first credit card in April 2013. I had to limit myself to “bad” secured cards and similar. Now in May 2014, I have 186k spg points, 32k delta miles, 60K united miles, 88K miles and more of Lufthansa, 82000 IHG points. I will be offering my mother a trip to Paris and to South Africa next year. And Guess what, with an economy award ticket on United for 35000 miles only. Thank you TPG :)

  • Jason

    Still have the old Master Freedom (5 years+).
    Do you think I can get this one (VISA) with bonus?

  • John

    Question: can you convert a CSP visa to the no annual fee Freedom if you ALREADY have a Freedom visa? Is it possible to have 2 Freedom visa? Any experience?

  • Alex

    This runs until 6/30 only. Existing cardmembers can also do refer-a-friend via (targeted)

  • Alex
  • John Leonard

    I saw the $200 bonus but not 20,000 points. Are both the same?

  • Alex

    Chase is in the process of replacing all MC with Visa

  • Stephen

    Yes. If you spend $500 over 3 months, you will receive 20K UR points, which you can immediately apply as a $200 statement credit. That is the Chase Freedom credit card benefit.

  • John Leonard

    awesome! Thanks alot!

  • Vandana

    Me too!

  • shay peleg

    I was lucky i was able to start with mile cards (delta amex)

  • Josh

    I applied for the card on May 12th, my first statement (June 12th) I didn’t spend $500 yet.
    Now today on July 12th, I already spent over $500, they only gave me 10,000, instead of the 20,000 points that I was supposed to have been given.
    I sent a message through the mobile app asking about why I was shorted 10,000 points, they’re saying that they don’t see the offer in their system.
    Does anyone have a screenshot of the 20,000 points offer in 3 months so I can show it to them?

  • Julia

    Does anyone know exact date when Chase Freedom began to offer $100 bonus for $500 spent in the first 3 months and $25 bonus for adding an authorized user in the first 3 months??? I don’t remember seeing these offers when I applied for the card at the end of July, 2014. And it is nowhere mentioned in papers that came with the card. Thank you.

  • cwe
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