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With all the travel I do, sometimes by the time that I get on the plane and climb into my seat, all I ever want to do is just close my eyes and pass out. Obviously this is easier said than done most days. Between passengers boarding and shuffling about and cabin crew announcements, relaxing can be difficult on a plane, and especially during a long-haul flight. People have different strategies – for some it’s a strong inflight cocktail, for others, it’s a Xanax or perhaps a nice book…Puddy from Seinfeld preferred to just stare at the back of the headrest, so to each his own I guess.

I have written in the past how much there is one product that I travel with wherever I go: the Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones. They provide me with a sense of calm in what can be an otherwise crazy environment. American Airlines provides these to their business and first class cabins on many flights, and if for some reason I don’t have my trusty pair with me, I always gladly accept the pair the flight crew hands out for use.

I don't go anywhere without my Bose headphones.

I don’t go anywhere without my Bose headphones.

Today, I would like to give away a pair to a reader who can tell me how they relax the best on a flight. To enter, comment on this post or on our Facebook page how you like to relax. Is it by taking a nap, having a drink, or maybe you catch up on the goings on of the Kardashians in your favorite tabloid? Whatever it is, enter by 5pm ET on Monday, April 14 to be eligible. You can only enter once per medium. The winner will be chosen at random and announced next week.

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The Westin St. Louis, a favorite of the

The Westin St. Louis, a favorite of TPG Reader HBahorich

TPG reader HBahorich said: “I know it’s not the most exciting location in the entire world, but my favorite SPG location is the Westin in downtown St. Louis. I have stayed there multiple times for birthdays and wedding celebrations. Perfect location for some St. Louis baseball, friendliest staff ever, and softest pillows in the world. I know live so close to this Westin (years later after staying there) that I utilize their gym on a weekly basis, separately owned, but such a great partnership!”

We loved your answer, and we hope you’ll continue your love affair with the Westin St. Louis and your upcoming concert with the Hear The Music, See The World promotion!

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  • Bill

    Having a drink and reading a book!

  • Jasmine

    Now that even most domestic carriers have individual IFEs, hours of mind numbing reality TV shows unfortunately do the trick most of the time. In first or business, I try to work my way through the wine selection and zonk out to a movie after dinner!

  • Paul

    I take a glass (or two :) of wine and then take a nap. Thanks for the give-a-way!

  • TDelta

    Hoping that the other people having drinks don’t get too drunk and have loud conversations on a red-eye flight (it happens way too often)

  • Aaron

    Hopefully stretching out on a flatbed watching a movie.

  • Nina Nicole

    When I really need to relax I always enjoy taking a late night drive…when the roads are empty and I can enjoy the street lights or dark country road depending on where my mood takes me. Its always an adventure, I never know what I’ll find!

  • Zachary E Blumenfeld

    I just put on some Ellie Goulding, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride…

  • Goat Rodeo

    … popping an ambien, drinking a cocktail or two, turning up the music on the headphones and letting the world just fade away.

  • Octavian

    White noise app

  • Eva Tolnai Rosol

    Just closing my eyes and listening to music on a flight.

  • Nicolas Kämmerer

    I always try to relax by getting a drink, sitting back, hearing some music and close my eyes. That really calms be down and I am really relaxed after that. (and a little tired)

  • Rob

    Flying is my chance to catch up on movies that I haven’t had time to watch, so the QC15′s would be nice. :)

  • bhanik

    browse through the in flight shopping magazine :)

  • MarcMon

    A nap or reading the nytimes

  • Rod L

    I love to put in my earphones and play spa music or put on sounds of the ocean on a noiser app, especially if i’m headed to a beach destination. It helps relax me and start my vacation sooner.

  • Jacob K

    Listening to music and going to sleep!

  • Nick

    Put on the headphones, drink a glass or two of red wine, and listen to classical music.

  • David Miller

    Closing my eyes and putting on some nice music… FYI, with the entry deadline you are showing of April 7, it’s going to be pretty tough to get comments in on time :-).

  • shome maity

    Closing my eyes while listening to some soothing music.

  • Robert

    Taking off my shoes

  • Ann

    I like to relax by watching sunsets at the beach

  • Christopher Khalil

    Catch up on new movies I haven’t had a chance to watch yet!

  • Jonathan

    I usually can relax just by closing my eyes, but if that doesn’t work, I get out a magazine or book and lose myself in reading.

  • bostrvlr

    Before the flight I download a good comedy film onto my iPad. Once we are in the air, I order a red wine and start up the movie. I sip and laugh and time flies, too!

  • Leigh

    I load up all the new episodes of the shows I need to catch up on and binge-watch.

  • whrobb

    Drink some Krug!

  • Sara A

    I take a deep breath, try to get as comfortable as I can and usually start watching a movie as soon as I can. Especially on long haul flights.

  • raj

    Just disconnect. If i’m lucky I’ll have an empty seat next to me so don’t have to talk to anyone and I can just daydream about all manner of things for a while. The great thing about traveling is that you’re doing something meaningful (going from one place to another) whilst simultaneously being able to enjoy some downtime. So at least for while I like to just be left to my thoughts. Eventually though I will scroll through the movies available or the book I’m carrying with me.

  • Stasie

    I can’t say I relax, I try to sleep or at least close my eyes, or watch a movie on ipad.

  • Johnson

    Close eyes and sleep!

  • Gretchen

    By watching a movie.

  • Paul W

    Once I get to my seat, it is relaxing to me to focus on the fact that, at least for a few hours, nothing is really expected of me. I can sit back and let others take care of my needs (bring me food, drinks, etc.). No responsibilities. I watch junky movies and TV shows I would never watch on the ground. I drink alcoholic beverages in the middle of the day, or even the morning hours, with no concerns about it making me too groggy to work or drive. Idleness is so rare in my life that just having nothing expected of me is a great luxury in itself.

  • Eric

    I like to relax by just zoning out. Flying is one of the few times in my life that I am not tethered to a computer, a cell phone, or someone who needs my attention. That peace and quiet of just being able to be in my own head… priceless!

  • Matt

    Did you mean enter by April 17? In that case, I relax with a rum and coke and then watching a movie. Perhaps Airplane, Snakes on a Plane, or maybe even Cast Away.

  • nellwal

    xanax and a martini

  • James

    Reading through the inflight magazines.

  • Tiff

    Sudoku puzzles in the airline magazine. Occupies my mind so I’m not thinking about anything else for a while. =)

  • Steven Butler

    I relax by catching up on my various magazine issues that I accumulate for flights coupled with listening to music, mostly jazz.

  • Scott

    I always choose a Window seat so I can lean up against the
    window and sleep with the help of my blind-fold that I had received in my amenity
    kit via my free award Bus. Class seat to Spain thanks to using miles. Ironically that was the last time I sat upfront,
    but still carry that kit with me on every flight..…

  • Steve

    I relax by reading a book or magazine until I fall asleep.

  • John D

    I typically just look out the window, sip on my cocktail and imagine myself hoping on the clouds.

  • Alberto

    Look out the window and watch the rest of the tails lined up

  • MYRflyer

    Open my CX F amenity kit, place ear plugs in my ears. Down a glass or two of Krug.

  • mwn

    Headphones on, and read until I fall asleep

  • Jyish

    Download whole seasons of TV shows and enjoy the nonstop entertainment.

  • Alex

    Relax on a flight? Yes, I get an aisle seat and sit uncomfortably in an upright position, keep one leg always blocking the aisle and the other ackwardly bent under the seat in front of me. I rub my ears while letting the stress flow out…. ooooosaaaaaahhh. Alcohol also helps.

  • Ryan Williams

    by sipping a drink and watching the clouds outside the window

  • Brian Goo

    Napping with passive-noise cancelling earbuds on (with or without music on)

  • tarheel traveler

    Definitely use the flight for catching up on some sleep.

  • nrdk

    Best way I’ve found is to try and zone out, block the noise from fellow passengers and of course, get a nice stiff drink.

  • Kick G.

    I usually avoid highly caffeinated drinks for at least 12 hours before the flight. Then some easy listening or an audiobook on the ipod. I recommend a story that you have read or heard before like Harry Potter or Of Mice and Men, that way it’s like someone telling you a story that you may already know.

  • J Hanserd

    window seat, shoes off, spotify playlists and ipad ready

  • Patricia

    If I’m lucky enough to be in BC or FC, I immediately start drinking Champagne upon boarding! And if the Bose headphones are offered to me by a FA, it’s heaven. Then I browse a book about my destination, nod off, always keeping one eye halfway open for a refill. Rinse and repeat.

  • geekyjeff

    I’ll watch movies on my iPad that I’ve been waiting to catch up on. Hard to enjoy movies w/ a young baby at home!

  • Antoin

    look out the window and watch the clouds go by…….

  • YangB

    I would like to enjoy some music by Mozart and Brahms with these headphones! :)

  • Sean G

    I have nice earbuds, but they don’t work as well as fancy noise cancelling headphones.

  • Elizabeth S.

    There is something about just being on an aircraft while it is taxiing that makes me sleepy. As a mother of 4 perhaps it is the fact that there is always so much to do prior to traveling that I am exhausted by the time I board the plane. To actually be forced into sitting is instantly relaxing for me.

  • L.A. Lady

    How do I relax on a flight? Chamomile tea (or a bourbon if it’s a particularly obnoxious flight) and earplugs that I had made to fit my ear canal.

  • PatrickNJ

    I fantasize ways of torturing the person in the seat in front of me whose backrest is sittin in my lap.

  • Steve

    I usually think about how much anyone who bought the seat next to me vs using miles must have spent. Always easy to relax when you saved a few thousand $$$

  • Bryce Griffler

    I try to get a window seat so I don’t have to worry about people climbing over me (I always use the restroom before flight). Then, I sleep. Yes, it takes SIGNIFICANTLY longer than at home, and yes, it FEEL like you’ll never get to sleep. But once you wake up, and there’s only 15 minutes of flight left, and THEN you deboard nice and rested–it’s a great great feeling!

  • Michael

    A good drink, followed by ear plugs and eyeshades

  • Quinn

    A stiff drink is a nice start

  • Vitaly

    Depends on the length of the flight and my seat location
    – long flight with easy isle (bathroom access) – drink myself to sleep
    – long flight with difficult isle access (window seat in 3-3 economy) – read myself to sleep
    – short flight window seat – listening to music while watching outside
    – everything else: reading

  • Aevey

    No matter how soon I start packing for a business trip, I always end up ironing shirt at 2am. Whilst I don’t recommend it, I usually end up being dead on my feet by the time I reach the airport, but so far that hasn’t stopped shrieking children, the headphones would!

  • matt

    Have a drink and listen to the WTF with Marc Maron podcast.

  • Rabbit

    I always just try to fall asleep. Something about planes always makes me sleepy.

  • momwants2fly

    The title says “Thursday Giveaway” yet the article reads “enter by 5pm ET on Monday April 7″
    What am I missing here?

  • Lily

    I pretend to be asleep so I won’t have to make awkward small talk with strangers who want to know why I’m traveling alone…although to be fair, usually I actually do pass out before the plane even takes off! Recycled plane air makes me sleepy….

  • Matt B

    Even at 6′ 3″ I have the window reserved as my preference to get a good #avgeek peek at everything going on around my departure airport. Mostly on short hauls, but transcons require a neck pillow, a piece of reading material, some decent tunes loaded on spotify, and a cocktail if it’s after 5 and my emails are caught up.

  • MilesRunner

    I catch up on the latest movies that I missed when they were in the theaters. Some comfy headphones would make that even better.

  • Brenton Thomas

    If I’m traveling for pleasure I’m usually too excited to fully relax, but a drink or two typically helps…

  • Benjamin Murphy

    I love the new electronic policy because as soon as I sit down in my seat, i pull out my ipod, close my eyes, forget about the world, and just listen to the music. The Bose headphones would help immensely.

  • Louis

    I usually just read a magazine and try to tune out everything else that is going on. Some games on my iPhone help too

  • Dave D

    Lounge or pre-departure beverage, followed by iPad mini watching (right now it’s House of Cards – Bose headphones would be a huge plus) as hectic, stressed passengers board. Once settled, crossword puzzle from inflight magazine until I get sleepy enough to doze off with eye shades on.

  • ZB

    Best way to relax on a flight?
    Hop on a redeye flight and take an advil PM. Always works for me. Once I slept for 13 hours on Eva Air’s RL class :)

  • HaleyB

    Our little secret, mkay? I book my kids in the seats in front of me instead of next to mine ;) just kidding.

  • lauren

    With a stiff Bloody Mary and a great book!

  • T

    I will generally have a drink on the plane and watch a good movie (if available), otherwise, I’ll listen to music and read a book or magazine. The headphones would sure come in handy and would certainly enhance my in-flight experience..

  • tringuyen82

    kindle app on ipad. now that the airlines are allowing the ipads to be left on during take-off ipads are a must.

  • MichaelWiebe

    I usually watch a movie and fall asleep. Lately I’ve had some bumpy flights and instead just watched my movie.

  • garyst16

    My favorite way to relax is to put on some smooth jazz, close my eyes, and lean back (but not too far!) and allow the flight time to just “fly” on by…

  • Gajendira

    I tend to relax by using my personal headphone to watch movies and listen to musics provided by the in flight entertainment

  • Erin P

    I make sure to bring a small blanket for redeye flights (I’m usually flying in economy and very few airlines hand out blankets anymore!)

  • tenielle


  • eric medschool GND

    I get me some warm cookies. Eat alot of them, .. before landing.. im out like a baby.

  • millede

    a really good book works for me except for Sunday when the child in front of me was airsick. Nothing works for that

  • scott

    I relax by watching movies and tv shows that I’ve uploaded to my iPad. My wife and I can both plug in with our headphones via a splitter.

  • Pat F of DCA

    No question–the best way for me to relax is to READ (hopefully on a beach).

  • frenchman619

    I bring a Game Boy on which to play Pokemon

  • Bret D

    Best relaxation on a flight for me is more of a moment – you sit down, have a drink from the flight attendant and switch your email to “out of the office” and then savor the fact that you can truly relax for your trip! The rest of the flight is pure bliss after that (and a couple more cocktails)!

  • phxbne

    taking a nap – or reading a chick lit book

  • Becca

    Xanax. Even though I understand the basics of aerodynamics and know that flying is safe, tubulence always freaks me out.

  • Ayish

    Best way to relax for me is to catch up on some reading.

  • Nick

    Just pop an ambien. Bam. Problem solved.

  • Clif

    I usually relax by turning on some classical music and leafing through the pages of The Economist or National Geographic.

  • Matt

    I start by having my ear buds in my ears upon boarding, so I give off the ‘not interested in small talk’ vibe…although some still don’t get it:) I follow that by reading through a magazine that is easy to start and stop as I usually go for the aisle and have to get up for those passing by. Once my row mates are set, I’ll get out my book of choice and start reading until I am officially relaxed and offered a beverage. Beverage of choice is usually a white wine if in first/business class.

  • Brad

    Watching a movie on my iPad with a decent set of head phones is the only way to travel.

  • karassa

    I take along some knitting and/or crocheting! It’s both productive AND relaxing!

  • TJ

    Have a nice sleep in 1st class suite.

  • Ashley Kemper

    My best relaxation strategy, hands down: in-flight movies + red wine!

  • Rob D

    I like to read a magazine during takeoff (holdover from when they wouldn’t allow electronics), then once I can bring out my laptop I catch up my backlog of TV shows (I bring copies on a portable hard disk to fill in for times I don’t have streaming services like Netflix)

  • Stoney

    By playing hold’em, eight handed, by myself.

  • Matt C.

    Reading (on Kindle and iPhone) and music. I find that reading makes the time pass faster (especially on long flights where a 2 hour movie is over too quickly), and if I get tired I’ll play some music while I drift off.

  • Tejash Patel

    Ideally I like to find an empty row in to stretch out in, while I catch up on TV shows on my iPad.

  • Jerryxe

    All I like to do is to watch TV shows, especially comedies. Luckily my Mac Book Pro Retina can last for 8 hours, so that’s enough for a domestic trip, or international flights with wall plugs.

  • Jansen


  • propeciakid

    All I need is a good book and some ear plugs.

  • Dana Bryan

    I unwrap the blanket, place it over my legs, take a swig of water, then listen to my beach tunes mix. It’s a mix of over 200 songs selected by members of my immediate family, and is played during our family vacations on OBX. It doesn’t matter where I am flying to in the world, but the mix always helps me to relax and remember all of our wonderful family vacations.

  • Arche

    take off my shoes, wrap myself in a blanket, put on a movie, order some wine, relax

  • DannyYX

    I had a lot of international flights for 10+ hours. For me the best relaxation is a recursive rest plan: eat, drink a glass of wine and watch movie, sleep for 2-3 hrs, then again eat, drink and sleep. I found it to be super helpful in dealing with jet lag, especially between places with around 12 hour time differences.

  • Paul

    Having a nice old fashioned. Bring the sugar and orange peel in my carryon.

  • Kevin

    Jack and Coke is my go to. Would love Bose headphones to go with that!

  • leothelion

    Pop on the headphones with some easy listening tunes playing… Then close your eyes and drift slowly to sleep. Either that or listen to an audio book and let the story come to life in your imagination.

  • yogijuan

    REST!!! The key to being happy & functional at any destination (especially if traveling over multiple time zones) is to maximize the Quality & Quantity of Rest while on the plane. If I am upright, I am deep in meditation. If I have the chance to lie down either on empty seats next to me, or in Business Class, I take advantage of every moment to sleep/rest. In addition, even my cheap Noise Canceling Headphones help to decrease the noise fatigue and to increase ability to have some more Quiet Time for deep rest. I can only imagine what the Bose headphones might do?

  • Emily L.

    Every night before I go sleep, I like to be in bed and play Candy Crush till I run out of lives. It’s the best way to get my mind of everything.

  • James L

    Turning on 90s slow jams.

  • Mike

    get settled into my aisle seat, call wife & son & then play on iPad.

  • Max Barab

    Listen to music and nap. I try to stretch out if possible.

  • joshuafe

    Earbuds and podcasts. Right now I am listening to Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History. However, Marc Maron, John Oliver, and Risk! all make the rounds as well. Hopefully, I am by the window so that I mindlessly stare outside listening to something interesting.

  • Kami

    I have my Travel Go Kit ready for every flight, even short ones. That way I know I won’t be inconvenienced by cold, dry air, hunger, light or NOISE:
    -thin socks
    -eye drops and chap stick
    -eye mask
    -head phones (but I need better ones!)

  • Jack

    Through reading a book

  • Rick

    I watch movies til I’m dead tired and then just naturally go sleep.

  • joon0033

    Catching up on GoT episodes

  • Steven

    Relaxing for me means putting on some soothing music and looking out the window at either the ramp action or the scenery out the wing.

    I assume you meant enter by 5pm on Monday, April 14th. :)

  • tymmz

    Depends on how long the flight is and what the timezones say I need to sleep, but I like to head to the galley and chat with the crew. (Of course not congregating in the aisle or anything.) Find out where they’re based and how long they’ve been flying. Or what their favourite destination is. Always a fun time!

  • leeschneider

    Watched Wolf of Wall Street on the plane last week. Fortunately had a window seat so I could tip the screen towards the wall. After the flight the guy next to me said, “you must have been watching something pretty funny, huh?” could only say yeah and get out of there asap.

  • Rich

    By reading a great book until I feel asleep :)

  • Jimmy

    Get a drink or two from the lounge before my flight, either through my AA status or AMEX Platinum/Priority Pass. The drinks help me relax so I just put my headphones on and try to nap or sleep. I wish I had some Noise-Cancelling headphones since I’ve had flights with loud passengers next to me.

  • Angela

    I love to watch movies the whole way through the entire flight. A short nap in the middle wouldn’t hurt if I’m already tired.

  • ss

    I just have a drink, sit back, and take a nap.

  • Pazpeaceman

    In flight mag of course!

  • Alana

    I try to read but that only lasts for so long before I turn to my itunes. A glass wine helps to get relaxed for the longer flights too.

  • Will

    Play a game on the iPad

  • Zack Bresler

    For me, the best relaxation on a long flight is a cold beer and sci-fi novel, sometimes listening to music, sometimes with earplugs.

  • Alex

    Catching up on Arrow, Elementary, all those free books from bookbub lol :)

  • PrateekJain2012

    I love to watch movies and relax, and fall asleep while watching a slow movie :)

  • Matt

    Switching my seat just before boarding to get an empty seat next to me. Then stretching out.


    An adult beverage or two and a good book. Thanks

  • Giulio

    There’s nothing more relaxing than cracking open a well-written novel on a long flight. I always try to bring more than one book to have options.

  • Caroline

    It use to be reading magazines and listening to music. But since I have kids now, it has changed to not travelling with kids ;)

  • Christopher

    My fail-safe ritual for sleeping on overnight flights:
    1. Arrive at the airport tired.
    2. Once boarded, take 10mg of Melatonin (a safer and more natural alternative to Xanax).
    3. Order a glass of red wine from the flight attendant, followed by a glass of water.
    4. Get cozy with my own blanket, neck pillow, and eye covers.
    5. Drift off into la la land!

  • ojuniorbr

    Have a glass of wine, and listen to Pink Floyd. :)

  • David

    Reading an old-fashioned book on paper.

  • Kendall Drake

    For long-haul flights, nothing beats reading on my Surface Pro (Hopefully with QC15′s to drown out the noise) before a champagne assisted nap.

  • Rob Brown

    I like to put on some earbuds (with or without music), open a book, read for a bit and then pass out asleep for the rest of the flight. Happens like clockwork, every time!

  • Robert

    Depending on the movies available, I’ll either watch a movie or two, or take a nap.

  • Jenn

    I like to read or do crossword puzzles on my iPad, ideally while curled up against the window, watching the landscape unfurl below.

  • Jonathan

    I usually just read a magazine and fall asleep…unless there are some crying babies around me, which is usually always :(. So I guess these headphones would be great for eliminating that noise!

  • nelsonjo


  • Michael Andrews

    With So Many Good Ways To Relax On THe Plane This Is A Tough One….But I Would Say A Xanax And Long Island Always Do The Trick, Especially When You’re Right Behind Some Whiny Kid Screaming At The Top Of Their Lungs!!

  • Alexis L

    I like to read fiction to relax

  • Jonathan

    Having a drink and taking a long nap

  • Marcus4

    I’m trying to develop a memory palace that I can retreat into.

    Here’s a passage from Thomas Harris’s book “Hannibal” that explains the idea. It begins with Hannibal stuck in economy on an international flight.

    “Dr Lecter could overcome his surroundings. He could make it all go away. The beeping of the computer game, the snores and farts, were nothing compared to the hellish screaming he’d known in the violent wards. The seat was no tighter than restraints. As he had done in his cell so many times, Dr Lecter put his head back, closed his eyes and retired for relief into the quiet of his memory palace.

    For this little time, the metal cylinder howling eastward against the wind contains a palace of a thousand rooms.

    As once we visited Dr Lecter in the Palazzo of the Capponi, so we will go with him now into the palace of his mind . . .

    The foyer is the Norman Chapel in Palermo, severe and beautiful and timeless, with a single reminder of mortality in the skull graven in the floor. Unless he is in a great hurry to retrieve information from the palace, Dr Lecter often pauses here as he does now, to admire the chapel. Beyond it, far and complex, light and dark, is the vast structure of Dr Lecter’s making.

    The memory palace was a mnemonic system well known to ancient scholars and much information was preserved in them through the Dark Ages while Vandals burned the books. Like scholars before him, Dr Lecter stores an enormous amount of information keyed to objects in his thousand rooms, but unlike the ancients, Dr Lecter has a second purpose for his palace; sometimes he lives there. He has passed years among its exquisite collections, while his body lay bound on a violent ward with screams buzzing the steel bars like hell’s own harp.

    Hannibal Lecter’s palace is vast, even by medieval standards. Translated to the tangible world it would rival the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul for size and complexity.

    We catch up to him as the swift slippers of his mind pass from the foyer into the Great Hall of the Seasons. The palace is built according to the rules discovered by Simonides of Ceos and elaborated by Cicero four hundred years later; it is airy, high-ceilinged, furnished with objects and tableaux that are vivid, striking, sometimes shocking and absurd, and often beautiful. The displays are well spaced and well lighted like those of a great museum. But the walls are not the neutral colors of museum walls. Like Giotto, Dr Lecter has frescoed the walls of his mind.

    He has decided to pick up Clarice Starling’s home address while he is in the palace, but he is in no hurry for it, so he stops at the foot of a great staircase where the Riace bronzes stand. These great bronze warriors attributed to Phidias, raised from the seafloor in our own time, are the centerpiece of a frescoed space that could unspool all of Homer and Sophocles.

    Dr Lecter could have the bronze faces speak Meleager if he wished, but today he only wants to look at them.

    A thousand rooms, miles of corridors, hundreds of facts attached to each object furnishing each room, a pleasant respite awaiting Dr Lecter whenever he chooses to retire there.

    We follow as he moves with a swift light stride along the corridor of his own making, through a scent of gardenias, the presence of great sculpture pressing on us, and the light of pictures.

    His way leads around to the right past a bust of Pliny and up the staircase to the Hall of Addresses, a room lined with statuary and paintings in a fixed order, spaced wide apart and well lit, as Cicero recommends.

    Ah . . . The third alcove from the door on the right is dominated by a painting of St Francis feeding a moth to a starling. On the floor before the painting is this tableau, lifesized in painted marble: A parade in Arlington National Cemetery led by Jesus, thirtythree, driving a ’27 ModelT Ford.truck, a “tin lizzie,” with J. Edgar Hoover standing in the truck bed wearing a tutu and waving to an unseen crowd. Marching behind him is Clarice Starling carrying a .308 Enfield rifle at shoulder arms.

    Dr Lecter appears pleased to see Starling. Long ago he obtained Starling’s home address from the University of Virginia Alumni Association. He stores the address in this tableau, and now, for his own pleasure, he summons the numbers and the name of the street where Starling lives: 3327 Tindal Arlington, VA 22308.

    Dr Lecter can move down the vast halls of his memory palace with unnatural speed.

    He has decided to visit his collection of ancient textiles. For a letter he is writing to Mason Verger, he wants to review a text of Ovid on the subject of flavored facial oils which is attached to the weavings.

    He proceeds down an interesting flatweave kilim runner toward the hall of looms and textiles.

    In the world of the 747, Dr Lecter’s head is pressed back against the seat, his eyes are closed. His head bobs gently as turbulence bumps the airplane.”

  • navster

    Lavender essential oil, melatonin, and 600-thread count pj’s!

  • Michele A

    I relax by picking out new books for the I pad, putting in my earplanes and having a bag of gummie bears and a chocolate bar for me. Helps for even the longest flight

  • Narayan

    My idea of relaxing is on the couch with a book by John Grisham, Scott Turow or similar authors while my wife watches her never ending movies on Lifetime!!

  • Minchun

    I feel like watching movies without headphone is a good way to relax. Because I always feel headache wearing headphone on plane. But I think it would be better with this headphone!

  • wiznick

    On short flights, I read a book and pass out. On long international flights, bit of scotch and some music does the trick.

  • Chris K

    Depends on length of the flight. For short-haul, I bring my iPad and a couple of TV episodes. For long-haul, I bring my iPad with a couple of movies and a melatonin, I usually watch a movie, eat, pop the melatonin, and pray I pass out until arrival. If I wake up, I watch another movie.

  • Erin Kendall

    Reading usually works best for me. The less interesting the material the better for putting me to sleep.

  • Zach G

    Sipping some Dom in a Eva air business class seat!

  • James

    Best way to pass the time on a long flight, Ambien

  • Alex

    I relax by simply putting on headphones and closing my eyes. If I’m not sleepy, I’ll spend time catching up on TV shows on my laptop.

  • AndyD

    I just try and breathe deeply for a moment when I sit down, open a book, or zone out watching a movie. Ear plugs help.

  • Joseph

    Sleep in coach, drinks and TV in first.

  • kyle

    I like to listen to music.

  • Jonathan

    I take my Benadryl and take a nap

  • Matt

    I love to have a drink and then take a nap to relax on my flights

  • Carey

    I relax after having a cocktail and closing my eyes for 20 minutes. I always feel refreshed after a quick power nap.

  • bydh

    Since I am particularly susceptible to motion sickness while reading or watching videos, I tend to listen to music with either noise isolating or canceling headphones to block out the loud airplane noise. Though, if the turbulence isn’t too bad, I’ll either read a book or use the in-flight entertainment options on international flights.

  • Matthew Ender

    Grabbing a beer at the lounge before boarding, then heading onto the plane with Real Racing 3 on the iPad.

  • Alex

    Will be using this to try and get some rest on crazy Air Berlin long haul Coach travel next month!

  • mooneytb

    Beer and watching movies

  • Marc

    Ambien. Kidding aside, I usually relax with a glass of Bailey’s milkshake while being tucked into a nice, warm blanket.

  • rukawa005

    Watching movies until I get tired, then take a nap!

  • Matt F

    I like to relax by listening to my Bose QC15 headphones….. wait… I don’t have those… yet!! Help me please! I need to relax!!!

  • Sam C.

    I love to listen to soft music maybe a tv episode with a drink and then take a nap while listening to that soft relaxing music!

  • Caline H

    A glass of wine, my blanket, my neck pillow and classical music!

  • Raymond_G

    When I relax I like to unplug… to have some passive entertainment, like listening to music or watching a good movie (comedies are the best for unwinding, but give me a good drama on a long-haul trip!). And a pair of Bose QC15 headphones would be perfect for me! Fingers crossed. Thanks!

  • Bill

    A drink, a good meal, a movie, and …. zzz.

  • Patrick

    Three kids…I could really use these! Especially for the airport lounge

  • Christina Oddy

    I lose myself in a good book!

  • AP

    I relax with a book on my kindle. When I get irritated, I switch to looking at pictures of my family. Always calms me down :)

  • christopherind

    There is a stiff competition if we are traveling as a family – who gets the Bose, as the sound quality is way superior and noise reduction is just great. Enjoy!

  • ian

    Would love to listen to them!

  • E Siegel

    Look out the window.

  • Aleks

    I relax usually by sleeping. If not tired, reading something from the stack of magazines I subscribe to but somehow never have time to read.

  • Michael Paul

    To relax, I would take these headphones, plug them into my iPhone, then hop onto the plane’s wifi and hit up where I’d start the Water track and drift off into my own world of bliss in the sky.

  • Scuta

    Watch a movie…may fall asleep but good either way!

  • HoKo

    A good book and some relaxing tunes

  • Stephen W.

    Reading a good book helps me relax, but if I had the option a professional massage would be the best way to relax. I’m surprised that Emirates hasn’t added this as an option.

  • Rick

    I relax by reading my Kindle, magazines and enjoying a glass of red wine….

  • LXZ

    watch a movie!

  • Eugene Cho

    3mg of melatonin 1 hour prior to take off.

  • Joe-SC1

    (1) Kindle books, (2) Podcasts, (3) Take off my shoes and my socks then walk around on the rug bare foot and make fists with your toes. No, scratch that last one, that was Die Hard. My bad.

  • Ben

    I’m a six foot four student, so legroom and especially premium cabins are pretty rare. But that doesn’t mean relaxation isn’t possible. I do three things. First, I have a good meal either in the airport before leaving, since it’s much easier to be pleasant or sleep when not hungry, and the dollar goes a lot further than on the plane. Second, I drink plenty of water before and during the flight, as hydration is easy to forget but makes a BIG difference in mood and body. Lastly, I remember why I’m traveling–looking at a picture of the family or friend I’m going to visit, or thinking about the presentation I’m going to give if it’s a work trip, can focus the mind, and sometimes even provide the basis for an interesting conversation with a fellow traveler. We’re all in this together, so we may as well enjoy it.

  • Miro

    I relax by catching up on my RSS feed of frequent flyer blogs, of course! (Unless there is a devaluation going on at the moment, that is.) Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Prabir

    I relax by watching TV, folding laundry and drinking a beer – all at the same time. :)

  • Or N

    I relax the best on a flight by having just the right amount of vodka or whiskey before boarding and then having one more glass seals the deal onboard and it’s straight to nap time.

  • Matt M

    Visualize where that plane is taking me. If for pleasure I visualize the activities I have in store. If for work, I visualize a successful meeting, sales pitch, etc. Visualizing the destination/end goal is a mental escape from the stresses of flying.

  • Noy

    I relax the best just by placing my head on my husband’s shoulders and I fall asleep within minutes haha! He is so envy of me.

  • Nicole

    I like to read or watch movies on planes, but my best relaxation tip is a new one for me. I took my down booties (originally purchased and used for backpacking) and changed into them on the plane. They are lightweight and compact, but they keep my feet so much more comfortable than shoes and so much warmer than just in socks! Plus, when I have to go to the bathroom, I don’t have to put shoes back on, because the booties are made for walking around a campsite!

  • cotoneloc

    Wine induced nap…

  • Jacky

    I usually try to nap, although as I’ve gotten older and my back worse, this has been more and more difficult.

  • rob

    I watch lot of movies + melatonin if it is an intercon that I have to sleep.

  • Albertina Roca

    As soon as I check in, I head straight to the nearest Amex lounge and start taking advantage of the free wine and food they offer.

  • Jason K

    I agree about the noise-cancelling headphones. I have a pair of noise-cancelling earbuds (getting the fit right to block out everything can be a chore, though!) that help a ton. Now when I arrive at my destination, I’m much calmer and less frazzled than I was before I started using them.

  • Arthur H

    A few glasses of wine in the lounge then wine or whiskey on the flight always helps me relax.

  • Ken

    I find flying pretty relaxing to begin with :-). If I’m trying to sleep I will listen to (but not watch) some TV shows. That usually puts me out pretty quickly.

  • Richard N

    I start the relaxation by getting in some Candy Crush time followed by movies on the laptop.

  • Marc D

    Extra row stretch out (if in coach) combined with a week’s worth of past-due rest from a business trip and a nice glass of wine. Does it every time.

  • James K

    Watch movie on my IPAD.

  • Joshua Tarkoff

    You don’t want to know ;-)

  • Jonathan Brewer

    Hydrate. As much as I love boozing it up like the next guy, being properly hydrated helps me sleep better, and arrive more refreshed than anything else.

    (Don’t worry, I’ll still have a drink every now and then. Not that crazy!)

  • Darin

    Sit down slap on the Bose Headphones and start watching the Big Bang Theory on my iPad!

  • Michael Bollhardt

    I usually start off by catching up on any episodes of my favorite shows. Recently, re-watched the last 6 episodes of game of thrones in preparation for the new season. Then after I have had my fill, I like to take a quick nap. Depending on who is around me, (i.e. loud children) i will have a nice drink before that nap to further increase the effectiveness of the nap.

  • Matt

    Champagne and Mimosas!

  • Stephen Ching

    I like to reading the inflight magazines as I wait for everyone to board. Most of the time I end up falling asleep up until the plane is at full throttle on take off. I awake for a moment, then fall back asleep until drinks and snacks are served. From that point on, I like to listen to music or watch a movie.

  • Al Z

    Ear plugs, eye masks and a sleep aid – sleep through the entire flight.

  • Chip

    I like to relax by hanging out at the pool

  • Etienne

    I reflect on my loved ones and the joys in my life. I focus on the positives and breathe deeply. That usually takes care of that. Then I plug in and get distracted.

  • Jerry

    Changing into some comfy clothes

  • mspswede

    My Bose headphones and iTunes!

  • Giorgio Brusa

    Good Italian music and coffee

  • Kelly S

    I am a nervous flyer. So when I got my Ipad I was a happy camper! Now I rent movies I don’t get to see with the family! Ya know, the one’s my son CAN”T watch and the ones my husband WON”T!!! So I catch up on funny romantic comedies! That gets me through the flights and I arrived relaxed!!

  • Christine H

    I put on my ostrich pillow and fall asleep!

  • josh s

    I don’t relax until the doors to the plane close and there are no more overweight or smelly people or people with babies looking for their seats walking down the aisle towards my row

  • Michael

    Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones and red wine

  • Mike

    With my habit of booking 6 am flights to arrive at my destination as early as possible, I’m usually asleep before takeoff – but I will wake up for a bloody mary

  • Kyle G

    Nothing beats a good book

  • Ankur

    Red wine and a neck pillow

  • disqus_SCjAaZd554

    I like to sit in my seat, buckle my seatbelt, take on big breath, exhale and pick up the airline magazine and read.

  • Jen C

    A glass of wine and surreptitious people-watching before boarding, then a good book on the flight!

  • Nacho D R

    a bit of cognac and cointreau!

  • Stogs2

    Get a drink and read until I fall asleep (but since I don’t sleep well on planes, I usually read and watch a movie or two)

  • smitty06


  • Sanjay M

    would love to get those headphones….

  • MichaelG

    When there’s no internet, I like to close my eyes and meditate. When there *is* internet, I like to read thepointsguy.

  • Bhargav

    I have cranberry juice with ice first, and then I pull out my leather notebook and pencil and just doodle throughout the entire flight. Airports, route maps, buildings, sketches, whatever. Never get bored of it!

  • ericts8

    Usually just bring a book and try to get through it. Haven’t flown a flight shorter than 6 hours in a long time, so I get plenty of reading done.

  • Savvy Consumer

    In my opinion, the best way to relax is simple. Close eyes for a minute or two, relax the body’s muscles, listen to some serene music, preferably just instrumental music. While doing this, the idea is to take deep breaths and focus on breathing and relaxing your muscles. After a few minutes, open your eyes. The music and breathing exercise wonders for me every time! :-)

  • James

    I love to book early morning flights like 6 a.m so I am able to get some good shuteye with some music on the plane!!

  • Mike

    I read the inflight magazine while waiting to takeoff, watching out
    the window, see what’s available for the IFE system and use a book,
    magazine, or my iPad’s videos to fill the time between any meals or
    sleep (I usually fly international, but in Delta’s economy comfort

  • Dan

    Take off my shoes (clean socks!), have a drink, and read until I fall asleep. Works every time!

  • michael

    I play Settlers of Catan on my iPhone. It’s a bit mindless, but as each game takes about 90 minutes, it makes the flight goes by pretty fast.

  • Alison Basar

    half of an anti-anxiety pill, a celeb gossip magazine, wi-fi and movies and i’m all set!!

  • Alice

    I usually watch 3 movies and have some sleep with earplugs on for international flights. Short haul is never a problem.

  • DrSifu

    Traveling is relaxing enough for me. To be stuck in a metal tube 30,000 ft above, free from the BS going on below is enough for me. But in the spirit of the contest, I’ll catch up on movies while flying to relax

  • Point Princess

    Taking a nap on a flight is always a go to! Otherwise either reading a good book or watching a TV show.

  • Uri

    If I can’t sleep, I tend to watch 2 broke girls, Big bang theory, etc – very relaxing.

  • Dru

    How I relax depends on the length of the flight, obviously. But, because I’m so busy I don’t get the chance to read magazines on a regular basis. So, I take them on the plane, read them, throw they away and travel light and relaxed.

  • James Merrill

    I put on a movie and promptly fall asleep!

  • Natalie

    I like to catch up on TV shows I have downloaded.

  • Scott

    taking a siesta with my wife in an open air tent while on safari in the Okavango Delta of Botswana…..birds chirping and in the distance hearing a hippo snorting and grunting…..

  • Rae

    By sleeping as much as possible, using my neck pillow and dear hubby’s shoulder

  • Bradley B.

    Reading a good book.

  • erin

    I have a ritual as soon as I get in my seat for an overnight flight. Take off my shoes, put on comfy warm socks, put everything I won’t need away and anything I will need (a pen, magazine, iphone, and kit with toiletries, water bottle) in the seat pocket, spray on some essential face mist, lather on the lotion and have my pillow and eye cover handy! Now maybe I can add the Bose headphones to the mix!

  • julsdaman

    A good book with some music relaxes me but always have trouble falling asleep because I’m tall like you Brian!

  • Avi

    Depends on the seat. If economy, I sleep right away. Of business/first, I will take an alcoholic drink and then sleep (Since they have pre-departure drinks and you can’t get that in economy)

  • Anna

    A glass of wine, comfortable clothing including shoes off and comfy socks on, a blanket and any audiobook.

  • Joe Harris

    Listening to music and having a cocktail always gets me in the zone.

  • Miro

    Usually a good book does the trick…

  • Rajat Deva

    The best way to relax is through some good breathing exercises and meditation. A little coffee-shop jazz with a glass of wine will also do the trick!

  • GetToThePoints

    Have 3 glasses of wine, slap on the QC’s and listen to a bit of Pzizz soundtracks and float awayyyyyyyy.

  • Espan

    Like a baby on a washing machine, the motion and white noise are all I need…

  • Alex

    I like to study, learning is so crucial to living

  • Sachin M.

    1 mg xanax, and nice Cab, and watching a movie that I’ve seen before. Maybe Dumb and Dumber, Gladiator, or the Usual Suspects. That way if I doze off it isn’t a big deal.

  • Ron Martinez

    In a non-annoying way, I relax by striking up a good conversation with a complete stranger. You never know what you’ll learn.

  • Jenny

    contoured eye mask, ear plugs or headphones, neck pillow. I pass out during the ascent

  • JoshR

    The way I relax is by getting out my tablet and either reading a book on the kindle app or catching up on some TV shows I’ve gotten behind on. If I’m travelling alone and do not wish to be disturbed by a talkative rowmate, I make sure to get my earbuds in as soon as possible to give them the “I’m not interested in talking” signal.

  • FlyingDoc

    It may be uber-geeky, but I just discovered Marvel Unlimited… a great way to relax during travel of any kind. On a recent flight from Dublin, I “binge-read” the original X-men comic books from the 1960′s. A great way to relax and relive my wasted youth.

  • Julie

    My Kindle and ipod combination- also the thought of going somewhere relaxes me at the beginning of a trip and the thought of my own bed relaxes me on the way home!

  • nolanerd

    Easy, I’m from New Orleans. A shot of bourbon and some Louis Armstrong on the iPod.

  • Jons

    Bring my kid to where the cabin crew usually gather. He is a cute boy and more often than not the crew will entertain him for a while while I stretch and get a strong drink.

  • Mike

    I relax best with a cocktail with my kids watching the IFE.

  • Emerina

    I like to read a good book. It takes me through anything!

  • Heels05

    I love to have a drink and look out the window

  • Hoa

    Sleep! Especially when there is a time lag during flight

  • Sarah

    Read my kindle

  • Sarah

    A big drink

  • jmonsky

    In order to be best relaxed on a flight you have to prepare. Prior to flights make sure you have a good meal, flying hungry is no way to relax. Second you must make sure you have some good music that lets you drown out the noise around you (thank god the 10k ft rule is dead) I personally like some funky jazz like the Meters, loud enough to drown you out but not too busy or pump you up that you want to get up and dance. Also it doesn’t hurt if you have a seat upgrade because extra space is always more relaxing, or at least a window seat, you can’t relax if the people next to you keep bothering you to get up to use the bathroom or stretch their legs etc.

  • Matt Apter

    NyQuil on the rocks!

  • AkikoK

    After I settle in by wearing those socks provided in business class, taking a glass of wine and if I am lucky to have one of those enlarged headphones on, I like to knit sweaters. I find that knitting while flying is about the most relaxing activity. It requires just about the right amount of attention not to miss a stitch, to provide a goal for one patch of the pattern that can be accomplished in 30 to 40 minutes. I find that doing this, being served a veggie meal, (business class has excellent veggie meals), and sleeping is my ideal way to fly. I send my sweaters to “Knit for Kids”, World Vision, an organization that distributes these sweaters to kids in third world countries. I was told that even in an African desert, the nights are very cold. It would be a real high for me to see a kid wearing one of my sweaters especially in a publication such as National Geographic.

  • RJP

    Audiobooks for me… it’s like someone reading you a bedtime story! (Would be even better with noise-canceling headphones… I’m just saying.)

  • DJ

    My down travel pillow, earplugs, eye mask, and that silver bullet of travel, Ambien.

  • Mike G.

    Jack Daniels Honey on the rocks and a good movie on my iPad Mini!

  • Michael Stewart Allen

    One drink before I board the plane then headphones and some downloaded shlocky tv episodes on my ipad.

  • Justin

    I take Gabapentin, Verapamil and Percocet regularly so I’m usually pretty chill on a plane. The one thing for some reason that always works the best though is music. I can just fall back in my seat and relax when I have music in my ears. I usually like to work on my tablet or ultrabook when I travel too.

  • John Ellison

    Find it very relaxing to go through email WITHOUT wifi. Sort, delete, queue for send and when I hit the ground it feels like a ton got accomplished.

  • james

    Ear plugs are usually all it takes for me to be able to nap.

  • Brian

    I stare out the window. I find it very relaxing to stare aimlessly at the landscape below.

  • orsetto

    A bottle of water, eye mask, pillows — good night

  • Kenneth

    My iPad and some cheesy movies are great for nodding off… but it’d be even better with noise-cancelling headphones!


    My pair of Yamaha EPH-100 and my favourite offline Spotify playlist, Dvorak’s New World Symphony. As I always do this it has become a habit and really helps me finding a sense of familiarity and appeasement.

  • Susan

    Eye mask, music or a movie, and a sleep aid… or two… and maybe a cocktail…or two….or three

  • David Williams

    I agree – eye masks! I was on a flight last night with a woman a few rows in front of me reading her iPad while having the overhead seat light on for some reason, and she was blinding me (and others around me) with the reflection off of her iPad. Noise canceling headphones would complete my effort to shut out inconsiderate co-passengers!

  • Devin

    Since I’m usually traveling East, I prefer to stay up so it is easier to fall asleep at night. My routine is a good stretch before boarding and an iPad with movies/documentaries. Lots of water also.

  • Allison

    As a pilot, my time for r&r is on the ground……I’d love a pair of QC-15′s for ATC communication, though!

  • PS

    Tilt my head on to the window, close my eyes, and dream about the future.

  • Michael


  • B Miris

    I find it very relaxing to settle in to my seat and create what I call my “self contained unit”. I have my own water, a warm shawl, an old pair of comfy socks that I later dispose of, and a podcast covering the language of whatever country I am visiting or if a domestic spot, an audiobook on the local area. It is all very thought out well in advance and this planning makes it a relaxing time, that often knocks me out.

  • Y.W.

    If I can, falling asleep is the best, if not, people watching ..

  • Yankees

    Free BOOZE on till I’m out cold! But free BOSE sounds good too me as well!

  • ThtsaPaddlin

    Shitloads of heroin.

  • Émilie Clavel

    It’s all about the ‘sleepy’ playlist. I spent years perfecting the right playlist. Still not 100% right, but at least it helps me relax. ‘Till a baby starts crying in the next row, that is…

  • Todd S.

    Slippers from home, ear plugs (yes, those headphones would sure come in handy!) and a glass of red wine

  • Sanders

    Put in music, grab a book, and basically cocoon myself into my seat. I can’t sleep on planes very often, so that’s the best I can do.

  • Joe

    Have a glass or two of white wine and pass out!

  • Jane

    Benadryl and a good book

  • Liz H.

    A large cup of coffee, a good book, and a quiet playlist with good headphones, and I’m set for hours…

  • Peter K

    Always have a window seat. Nothing helps clear out the chaos going on around you like the endless scenery outside the plane – whether its on the ground or in the air.

  • pcg

    The Swell Season and The XX is generally how I relax.

  • Guest

    I always have a variety of things: my favorite TV shows on my Ipad since I never have time to watch them live, at least a movie, a couple of books, magazines and music. I use a pair of comfy socks and always bring earplugs, a mask and sleep aid (non drowsy).

  • Dundili

    My preferred method is some Classical music (more Mozart than Wagner), a club soda with lime, and a glass of vino or Bailey’s. And of course, to sit away from the bulkhead if possible.

  • Courtney Lynch

    I can’t sleep on a plane for anything, so for me, relaxation involves reading, watching movies if they’re available, and a stiff drink or 4.

  • Siddharth

    A glass of wine and the inflight magazine

  • Bruce Hsu

    Bring iPad with bunch of movies!!

  • John S

    Earplugs/headphones, awkward neck pillow, and… SLEEEEEEP.

  • Luke Bornheimer

    On a red-eye, I go all out: balls of wax in my ears, headphones over my ears, eye mask over my eyes, hoodie over my head and blanket over my body. Nothing compares to the relaxation of International First Class (even on United!).

  • JR222

    great question. I would say order a glass of red wine, grab a pillow and a blanket (if you are lucky enough to find one), turn on the ipod and play some tunes. Once in the air crank the seat back and strecth your legs.

  • Bryan

    I generally just read a book on my phone.

  • Anastasia

    I like to relax by hanging out on the back porch, taking in the scenery and enjoying a cool breeze :)

  • Shirley

    I put in my earplugs, pull out a book, and read!

  • KAZ

    I like to watch a movie until I fall asleep.

  • Evan L

    I intentionally get less sleep before my flight. Once my plane takes off, I take my shoes off and start reading. With a neck pillow, I’ll be asleep in 30 minutes

  • Burton

    I relax the most in first/business class, lay flat and sleep!

  • Briank

    Eat a huge amount of food and get owned by food coma.

  • Yaswanth

    It’s nice to relax by hopefully having someone fun or interesting next to you on a flight that you can meet and have a great conversation with!

  • yummypoints

    catching up with my shows and movies!

  • Charlie

    In economy: Memory foam neck pillow. I’ve had softer neck pillows in the past but even my wife slept DEN/LHR with hers. And she always complains about not being able to sleep sitting up.

  • Tiffany Lewis

    wine and a itunes movie

  • Stephen

    Listening to podcasts of NPR’s Planet Money or Freakonomics

  • Scott M.

    Throw on a pair of headphones and listen to a pre-arranged Spotify playlist while I read the WSJ front to back (including the style section). This usually allows me to zone out of my current situation on the plane and into another place. Most of the time I’ll drift off to sleep for 30 mins or so giving me the perfect cat nap before I land.

  • Kabukijuul

    I relax by staring enviously at my husbands pair of bose noise cancelling qc15 headphones…oh wait: that doesn’t actually work that well. Darn!
    New answer: a stiff drink!

  • Mike W

    Kick off my shoes and listen to music. I purposefully deprive myself of sleep the night before. Sometimes I’m out before we’re even in the air!

  • gtg5017

    Make sure I have my window seat, throw on some tunes, prop my pillow against the window, and off to dream land.

  • mschiquitabnana

    Eye mask and music are definitely the way to go!

  • Gabriel

    Reading a good book

  • Brian Sullivan

    Binge Watching! Most recently started Breaking Bad, on season 3 at this point. I could really use those headphones!

  • Chris

    I relax with a book, snacks, and maybe a nap!

  • Andrew

    In economy? SLEEP thanks to the quiet of these headphones! Or maybe use them to enjoy the IFE if available or in a premium cabin.

  • fd2020

    Exactly this Bose headphone. Wouldn’t mind another one!

  • Scotty G

    One drink then headphones and music

  • charlie

    Ear plugs for sure are needed.

  • Al

    IPhone music, seat reclined, chillin’ to the tunes. ‘

  • jeff li

    For the past few years, I always looked for Big Bang Theory.

  • jen

    Headphones on and book in hand!

  • gerardo g

    On long flights I wait for dinner see a movie and get some help from a sleeping aid :)

  • Jasher

    I relax knowing I’m in business or first.

  • Sunny


  • Allan Klein

    As a Delta flyer, a Woodford on the rocks or two usually does the trick. I also take my Tumi BusinessElite amenity kit with the eyemask and socks unless of course, I’m travelling in BE.

  • Jon

    Just read until I fall asleep

  • Rob G

    Ipad and Bourbon!

  • Robert Shields

    Eyes closed with meditation focused on breath. Some music may help!

  • danny

    xanax for me!

  • marine

    With a glass of rose and a good movie!

  • David

    Best way to relax is actually to use Bose noise-cancelling head phones and sit in First Class where you can stretch out!

  • KT

    I relax by doing anything but work – I particularly love puzzle magazines and the Hemisphere mag sudoku!

  • Jason

    Bottle of screw top wine i got with a southwest drink coupon, eye mask, Pavarotti on my iphone, and these headphones!

  • William

    If I’m going on a flight of more than two hours,years back I heard the one of the metrics of chill was to remove your shoes. Oh, is that the drink cart I see-excuse me.

  • Chris

    The take off puts me to sleep. I sit down, tuck my purse behind me, stick in my ear plugs, and I’m TKO shortly after take-off.

  • Craig

    Lots and lots of red wine…

  • Tex


  • Erick

    A nice cup of hot camomile tea!

  • Greg

    The trifecta – A drink, music, and book.

  • Angie W

    Tire myself up with the new release movies then a glass of wine, eye shades, and ear plugs would work their wonders to put me into sleep.

  • Richard

    Drink + book + sleep

  • Julia

    Eye mask & melatonin.

  • snakedoc1

    I can always relax well on Delta flights with a few Woodford Reserve drinks. Never fails and doesn’t cause a headache the next day.

  • EggSS4

    Reading some long form articles on my iPad.

  • LauraPDX

    I play Sudoku and watch movies

  • Mary W

    Pillow, blanket, ear plugs, shoes off and zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  • TacoChuck

    Couple of drinks, earbuds and audiobooks.

  • Liz

    I love to read a book until I start to feel tired, and then I take a nap.

  • Don

    Put my headphones on and meditate to some soft music

  • Jacob

    In business class!

  • Arturo Crespo

    Wine and Melatonin.

  • Sammy

    A good book, headphones and music, and a neck pillow

  • Fed

    I carry around an old school game boy advance – i play old school SNES games on it and it’s by far the best way to relax

  • Greg

    A good glass of wine and warm nuts!

  • ntang2

    Games on the iPad, a good novel, and a nap.

  • Jennifer Lau

    Listen to music and take a nap :)

  • ahr6

    Whiskey on the rocks!

  • Luca S

    iPad with games, and a phone full of music!

  • ttxtri

    Just did this last night on my last flight. made friends with the flight attendant. She handed out the full bottle of Evian and offered up the unused pillow and blanket from the first class cabin to use on my next flight (12 hours tokyo to Detroit) in economy comfort. I popped and Ambien and curled up in the down comforter on that flight and time went by like I was on a 1 hour flight!

  • Kevin

    I always get settled and turn on an audiobook, something with a deep narrator’s voice usually puts me to sleep

  • Crissy

    I have a special mix on the iPhone with some mellow music, I can listen to it whether I want to sleep or read or just relax.

  • Hdal Llasu

    Eyemask, soothing music, melatonin as needed

  • Andy

    One Xanax and significantly less awesome, non-noise-canceling headphones

  • Ariel

    Headphones and a mix of my favorite tunes. Also some crocheting materials so if it gets too cold I just use the yarn as a blanket.

  • Susan Pertierra

    I read my Kindle or a real book or catch up with my travel partner.

  • K Johnson

    I like to catch up on several months of magazines on a flight. It’s great to leave a flight with much more room in my bag than when I stepped on the plane.

  • Oldmanbob

    While certainly not as enjoyable as Bose Headphones, I use silicon ear buds and listen to soundtracks of rain with thunder. It just lulls me to sleep.

  • Robert

    Low volume music for background noise and a non fiction book!

  • 325RF

    I read to relax, and use the earbuds from my iPod. The Bose headphones would be SO much nicer!

  • Steve

    I usually use standard headphones and try to read or watch TV. Definitely would love to upgrade to the QC15!

  • Brian

    A glass of wine and some Seinfeld reruns

  • glen

    Couple of drinks, earbuds and a boring book. Zzzzzzzz..

  • Kevin W.

    My kids are young, but fly a few times a year. When I sit next to them, I put the armrest up and give them the IPad. That’s always good for a 2 hour nap.

  • MB

    I always stock up on This American Life podcasts before a long flight. Ira Glass never fails to lull me into a contented tranquility. Also, plenty of booze doesn’t hurt.

  • Trinity

    a perfect chance to indulge in my latest novel

  • phil

    Wine in F or beer in Y. And a pillow.

  • johnathome

    For APAC travel, ambien is my friend but for most domestic travel, my QC20 and reading on my ipad is what I do to relax.

  • Rob P

    Cranberry juice and vodka!

  • Barb

    I was watching Say Yes to the Dress on my last fight to SFO. It was great!

  • Jason

    Couple glasses of champagne and a nice flat bed!

  • Evan

    I let my wife sit with our kids and I volunteer to sit by myself.

  • Jonathan Leung

    a glass of wine, and enjoy a few movies on my tablet.

  • Thomas C.

    I’ve always thought that being on an airplane is the perfect time to relax. So, a few months ago, when I was going through a particularly stressful time at work, I loaded up my smartphone with a bunch of meditation apps. Once we’d reached cruising altitude, I turned on my phone (airplane mode, natch), pulled up one of my new apps, only to discover that it was a hypnotherapy app! I have to confess–I didn’t actually do the hypnosis track on that flight, the first time. I had this vision of the pilot making an announcement that a passenger in the main cabin was clucking like a chicken, and we’d need to make an emergency landing. But, when I finally got home and tried it out, I realized that a good hypnosis app can actually be deeply relaxing. So, now, I’ve started taking the opportunity to do one of my hypnosis tracks when I’m on a plane (since I know that I won’t freak everyone out), and I have to say that I’ve noticed a real change in the way I respond to stress, generally (and I’ve even lost a few pounds!). So, even though it sounds kinda “twinkle-ding-dong,” I’m a convert.

  • Tim Boyles

    A nice plastic cup of tomato juice with ice, some music on the earbuds, and a novel from John Sandford.

  • scott b

    early boarding (before the chaos) and a window seat are key

  • Cali

    I love to relax by pouring a glass of wine, putting on a good tv show and just hanging on the couch if I’m home. Of course, traveling and hanging out on a beach is also not a bad option. :)

  • Ian Lee

    noise cancelling headphones, movies, books and work (puts me right out0

  • yellowpad

    A biz class seat, a sip, a silent seatmate and a snooze.

  • Justin

    A couple of pre-boarding drinks and a window seat.

  • nagrom9

    To relax on a flight, I read a book.

  • ASW

    I can watch The Big Bang Theory at home anytime I want; but when I’m flying I skip the sitcoms and instead take advantage of looking out the airplane window at the different landscapes (mountain ranges, glaciers, rivers, islands, cities, boats) passing by far below. It’s actually quite relaxing to just stare with a modest amount of awe and marvel at our planet.

  • MMR

    I get out my ginger, gum, water, eye mask, blow up neck pillow and a good book. I take a deep breath and think about where I am going.

  • Howard

    I’ve found plane flights to be the best time to relax by reading a book. As an added bonus, it usually (though not always) will keep any chatty Cathy (or Kenneth) in the next seat from talking my ear off.

  • Amanda

    I relax with a good book!

  • Adam

    I relax with my iPad loaded with movies and some Ambien

  • Greg

    Usually think about leaving the real world behind.

  • Marlene

    I like to drink a glass of wine in the lounge prior to boarding, and then put on my headphones and open a book or magazine.

  • KurtisK

    No better way to relax on a flight than a cold Fresca and reading up on my next adventure.

  • Carlos La Costa

    A good business magazine to catch up with what is happening

  • iwantpainfreeears

    I wear an eyemask and headphones. But my headphones are cheap and they hurt my ears after 1 hr, so I really, really, really hope I win the Bose headphones!!

  • Jerm

    having a drink and listening to music!

  • LarryInNYC

    I start with my “takeoff” song (really, my “10,000 feet” song) — Dean Martin singing “Volare”. Then, a drink. Finally, for an overnight flight, there’s nothing like Ambien.

  • Santastico

    Bottle of champagne and I relax like an angel

  • Chris

    Some music from my phone and catch up on travel RSS feeds on my tablet.

  • avi

    a couple of beers and a book does the trick for me!

  • Robbie

    I usually pop a benadryl before the flight to knock me out once I get on.

  • Naren

    I normally settle down with my Kindle and a couple of beers.

  • Rick Arthur

    Coming back from Hawaii last year, I bought a first class ticket for my wife. I sat in back coach with the kids. Relaxing because I know how happy it made her!

  • Sara

    A glass of wine, a nice book on my kindle or planes are where I watch all of my movies.

  • Thomas

    catching up on podcasts and playing games on my phone.

  • Jessica S.

    Exactly what I am doing now! Looking out across the beautiful Rockies and catching up on my favorite blogs. Thankful for GoGo Internet!!

  • Andy

    I like to sit and watch a movie at home in the TV room.

  • oldguy

    the free beer!

  • Kazu Okumura

    Doing homework. Homework for grad school is more relaxing than sitting in coach!

  • Aaron

    This will probably be a unique one but I’m a bit of a stickler when it comes to being clean on long flights. Before I can relax, I whip out my bottle of spray sanitizer, grab me a few paper towels from the lavatory, and wipe down my arm rests, seat belt buckle, touch screen TV, remote, and whatever hard surface I might be touching during my flight. Once I get rid of most germs, I feel at ease enough to start settling in. haha

  • Dan Frommer

    I relax/fall asleep by tuning into Japanese Horizons on AA’s 777s. It’s such a novel mix — even though it’s mostly loud pop — that it’s actually peaceful.

  • Drew

    A couple drinks (using Southwest or Delta free drink passes, of course) and a digital book on the iPad! I can’t sleep on flights so I might as well enjoy myself.

  • sAnIL ,,, ;)

    the 14 hour flight to india is tiring … so i relax off by watching some movies , couple of beers , and sleeping

  • Brian

    Netflix on the couch with my dog!

  • KPA


  • Kevin C

    Sleep! I usually fall asleep before we even take off!

  • Dave

    laptop loaded with movies and tv, a few drinks, and a prayer that i can fall asleep.

  • Jose

    A pillow and an iPad movie!

  • David

    Beer/wine and a good movie a home :)

  • Joseph Alberts

    i’m old school–give me a book and some relative quiet and i’m happy and chilled out. if it’s noisy, well, these headphones would be nice!

  • Saltine

    The best way that I can relax is to go to my quiet place and just let it all go…

  • Alex

    Big plate of mac and cheese before going to the airport + one glass of wine in the lounge + two glasses of wine on the plane + the latest Girl Talk mash-ups + my soft pajamas = best plane sleep ever.

  • humbi

    Bring all the TV shows I need to catch up on. For longer flights a little medicine to help sleep works well.

  • Giacomo C

    Naps usually do the trick for me!

  • Sam

    I read magazines and catch up on emails!

  • goo

    I like to stay up the night before and just pass out on the plane, if its a really long flight I love catching up on pleasure reading.

  • Rory Buchanan

    I stare out the window and dream of bouncing on the clouds

  • DDKL


  • Jonathan Bello

    Strong cocktail then start reading. Pass out in 15 min.

  • Ed D

    Benedryl. Left my Bose in taxi from hotel to airport in Tunisia last week!

  • The #hustle Blog

    I get up and stretch the legs every hour. Gotta get the blood flowing.

  • JK

    Load the iPhone with comedy clips such as Louis CK, laugh away..

  • Adrian Cepeda

    A glass or two of some whiskey and start watching movies.

  • Mindray

    Have a drink and read a book. You’ll be asleep in no time.

  • Brian

    I like to watch the movie that I’ve pre-loaded onto my iPad.

  • Sean

    I’ll relax by having a couple beers or wine before getting on the flight, and then some light reading or easy listening music.

  • Steve

    Relaxing is always something I wish I could do on a flight. Even though my job involves airplane design, I’ve always been a nervous flyer, to the point of even turning down trips for work out of anxiety, mostly over turbulence. I would love some advice on what works, particularly for longer flights. Can’t sleep on planes either. :-(

  • Arlene

    Copy of the latest celebrity gossip rag, wine with dinner and then ear plugs and eye mask!

  • dean

    I have a nice beverage that relaxes me well.

  • Dan M

    I read the in-flight magazine again and again and again…

  • Whit

    Motion sickness medicine, puts me out every time after a bit of light reading

  • Jim

    A bit of Xanax, although not every time. A bit of Dave Mathews on the iPhone helps to relax me and put me to sleep, even though it is a bit difficult for me to sleep on a plane. I’m getting better at it though.

  • Julia Crownover

    I read a good book until I get tired and then turn on some chill music and relax!

  • Jim

    Steve, try these out, as they have helped me immensely. I thought it would be fun to have a band called “The Panic Attackers!” It’s part of my life, but here’s a few helpful tips.

    Even though the Virgin one is a course (that you have to fly to England to take), I found their weekly email to be very beneficial.

    Gert is funny, but if you pick up a few tips from him, it will help as well.

    Good Luck!

  • Todd

    I relax by spending quality time with my partner, who is sitting in the window seat.

  • K. Mizushima

    Unfortunately, I can’t drink on the plane due to the altitude (I’ve almost blacked out after few sips), so I usually put on my earbuds and listen to music.

  • jdshscja

    I love doing word searches while listening to music, I can kill hours doing that.

  • Ben

    I find the best way to relax is coming to the airport 3 hours before the flight. Check-in, and head to the lounge, between all of my credit cards, one of them is going to let me in free!
    Take a cup of my favorite whisky mixed with coke and I am settled. By the time the flight comes, i’m completely relaxe. I sit down in my seat, and I am out!

  • Stepha

    Two jack and gingers in the SkyClub, followed by a calm and comforting playlist on the plane. (And I have the worst headphones! Nice headphones definitely help here.) Spotify Premium offers offline playlists, which have been a lifesaver.

  • Tom

    I love reading my book

  • ckc7

    I usually just sleep a little less the night before, get onto the plane with a window seat (so nobody to disturb me), and pass out before takeoff. Recently I tried Dream Water (or equivalent) and found that it was actually quite useful too!

  • Ben Koller

    Easy – an old fashioned and some Black keys on a decent set of headphones does the trick every time.

  • RK

    Catching up on reading.

  • Jack Zhu

    I like to sit back and enjoy a gin & tonic before knocking out.

  • Samantha Bradshaw

    A good meal at the airport, a glass of wine and a movie on the plane will normally knock me out…unless there are screaming children nearby

  • glenn

    I like to relax listening to music with pillow next to the window

  • Robin

    I always grab a book that’s entertaining – lately my Go-to has been “The Book of Basketball” by the Sports Guy, and flip to a random chapter to just remember nuanced takes on various instances of players and times in basketball history. Humor just helps me unwind. After that, I’m usually able to knock out fairly quickly.

  • Ryan

    I relax for my international flights out of Seoul by checking in my baggage ahead of time at the local train station, taking the train to the airport, visiting the lounge, grabbing a few drinks. By the time I board the plane, I have a good buzz on, and can sleep like a baby.

  • Polly

    I like to listen to meditation exercises such a yoga nidra when I really want to relax during a long flight. It always helps to have loose clothing, a mask and slippers.

  • biltongblatjang

    a cocktail, earplugs and read the ebook

  • Kevin Teng

    Relax with by listening to my plane playlist which includes a lot of electronic/dance/house music which I eventually doze off to as well somehow.

  • Sheryl Lynn

    Sounds weird but Pilates helps me relax. It’s probably the breathing techniques but more importantly I can just close my eyes and clear my mind.

  • Ivan

    On long haul flights like the one I took last week from LAX to Sydney last week (I am in Port Douglas now wishing I was scuba diving and going on the Daintree rainforest tour but everything has been cancelled and I am sadly sitting in a hotel room listening to the rain and wind of Cyclone Ita category 5) I ask to sit near the back of the plane in the middle section where there are no other passengers and I fold up all the armrests along the four seats and go to sleep like a bed. It’s so relaxing and my version of “first class” in economy seating! Anyway I hope you pick me for the headphones because my trip sucks now, came all the way to Australia and won’t even be able to dive or go on any tours…picked the absolute worst week to come… :(. Hope I will have a relaxing flight home though…these headphones would be awesome because when I watch movies on the plane I always bring movies with English subtitles because the planes are too loud for me to hear clearly since I don’t have any noise canceling headphones…

  • slomichael

    Relaxing at the new Istanbul Airport Lounge.  The kabobs, the 2 grand pianos, olive bar,  nut bar, AND the private relaxition rooms, free!!! Why, oh why, have you TPG not written about this!!!

  • Ahmed

    I bring a seasons worth of a great TV series like Game of Thrones or the Walking dead and binge watch until I fall asleep.


    I like to relax by looking at the route maps in the back of the airline magazines. Day dreaming about exotic locals can make the flight much more pleasant.

  • Unrea

    I love sleeping on flights to relax and put my mind at ease. After being in the military for 12yrs and going overseas often, Sleeping on a flight is like taking candy from a baby. Nothing interrupts my sleep on a flight except that food cart lol!

  • randallvs

    Double Scotch on the rocks and earplugs

  • Mandy

    I don’t fly that often, but I would try my best to sleep to relax.

  • Jon

    I live to sit back and listen to music with a drink in my hand

  • RRR

    I sit back and do a five-minute meditation.


    There really isn’t anything better than some noise isolating headphones to tune out the din. Well, maybe some noise canceling ones…

  • Billf

    I try to stay awake for hours before a long haul flight then have a drink and catch up on my sleep.

  • R. J.

    One cocktail pre-flight, and then I count backwards from a 100 once they close the doors. Works every time.

  • Rhen

    I wish I had better tips to share, as I find relaxing on an airplane to be so challenging. I will probably find others comments here inspiring though! For me, I have found that I have to keep it light – light, silly TV shows (basically, anything starting with a ‘Real Housewives’ in the title), silly reads – nothing heavy – think more along the lines of Chelsea Handler – or stand up comedy on the iPad. Louis CK is a good one, though I get weird looks when I laugh out loud on the plane. I have yet to really ‘relax’ on a plane though – looking forwards to figuring that one out!

  • Joe

    Drinking champagne until I black out…

  • Spanky

    I relax by curling up with a good sci-fi book. Load up my kindle, fit in some ear plugs (which is why I need the Bose headphones), and I’m good to go.

  • Scott

    The key to relaxing on a flight can be summed up in one word politely said to the first class steward during the pre-flight drink order: bourbon. The rest will fix itself!

  • Ralph

    Simply read a good book

  • Jansplans

    I start with soft beautiful music on my (cheap headset-would love the Bose ;) Settle into my seat and begin long, deep calming Yoga breathing. Before I know it, we’re landing …

  • Rohitashwa Bhotica

    Just catch up with shows and movies. And make sure I eat and drink a lot.

  • Matt T.

    Nothing beats curling up on the couch with the iPad.

  • Clayton

    watching some tv shows/movies on the tablet and a cocktail.

  • Tony

    I swap between sleeping and also listening to music on my QC15 which I love. Would love to get a pair for the bro or gf.

  • Randy

    Watching a movie on my I-Pad!

  • katewow

    since it’s almost impossible for me to sleep on a plane,so my bf gave me an ambien when we were going to Mendoza. I should have taken half because the next thing i know, I’m awake and we’ve landed in BA. Wow. Who knew? But we rarely travel together so I’m always awake so the Bose would be quite helpful to help me relax when I’m by myself. Please!

  • jholl74

    Good book + a nice cocktail + being lucky enough to have an empty seat next to me = relaxing flight (although that 3rd item is sometimes hard to attain ha!)

  • Morris

    Nothing like a brand new book…

  • Jason

    I like to make some journal entries. Helps me relax (and a glass of wine!)

  • Mike L.

    I feel dehydrated during long flights so i drink plenty of water and also bring along a facial mask. I’m probably the only one that does it. I also bring with me a scent I enjoy and spray little on myself. Aromatherapy!

  • Dave

    Best way to relax is doing yoga! Singapore suites are decent for this, but the best is the nose of an Asiana 747.

  • Larry

    First off, you have to put in your ear buds right away to let the person next to you know you are not interested in their fishing trip or their grandsons wedding. Then fire up Telleman’s Concerto for Strings, or Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and open your book… that’s how to relax.

  • Elizabeth

    I have flight anxiety, so first I take a xanax. Then I settle in to watch an old movie I’m familiar with — favourites are Indiana Jones or Back to the Future.

  • Blaine

    Thankfully, I don’t travel much for work. Most of my trips are adventurous ones with my fiance. We usually start out with a beer or wine each and settle into getting through a season of some new show we’ve been wanting to watch on the iPad (e.g., Breaking Bad, House of Cards, The Americans, etc.). We use our ear buds and an auxillary splitter, so winning these headphones sure would be great….for one of us. Ha. After a few hours, we usually switch to some relaxing music, pull out the Brookstone travel pillows, don the eye masks, and try to get some sleep before the adventure begins.

  • dantheman

    I find that an airplane is one of the last places we truly can unplug. I avoid the wifi and enjoy some quality time away from social media, emails, and phone calls. I do some great thinking, catch up on my reading, and write in my travel journal. I usually use ear plugs to block out the surrounding distractions and truly enjoy it!

  • David


  • Elaine

    I read or listen to a really good book that I can get totally engrossed in.

  • Kirchgoens

    One Ambien, a shot of vodka, and a Mark Twain audiobook.

  • Ashley

    Reading puts me to sleep at a semi reclining position

  • Kathy

    I put in earbud headphones and then add another sound barrier layer of large headphones to cover my ears, then sit back and watch a movie on my tablet :)

  • KTM

    Scotch on the rocks, classical music in the headphones, and a good book or The Economist. Works every time.

  • Safwan Halabi

    In-ear headphones, Beethoven, neck pillow, window seat and digital version of National Geographic on iPad are my ingredients to a relaxing plane ride.

  • Anita

    I cannot relax sitting economy. I recently started last year flying business and it’s the only way to fly and I can relax. There’s more room and less people. You get to kick off our shoes and slip into pjs and slippers. How can you not relax? :)For some reason knowing that I’m being taken care of in premium cabins relaxes me. I sleep better too.
    During flights I usually TRY to relax by watching the IFE and napping so I don’t pay attention to my surroundings.

  • KBR

    I like to sit back with a drink and a good movie

  • ermintrude

    I think I have a good handle on this. I get sorted before I get on the plane: I change into a neat pair of sweat pants, a comfortable neat looking sweat top, air cool socks etc and breathable trainers To hand in my carry-on is a nice fully stocked amenity kit, head pillow and PC and phone charger and something to read. Also I take on a 13″ PC (IMO any bigger has too many drawbacks) and external HD loaded with Movies etc.. as I rarely want to watch anything on offer on the plane (An exception being fawlty towers on Thai!!). I don’t drink too much alcohol even when free as for me that exacerbates jet lag. Bottom line is if you can get a similar feeling to when you are sitting at home whiling the day away that is a good place to be. Also good kharma towards your neighbors is a must.

  • CVG_Kid

    Drugs. Pseudoephedrine to open my sinus up. Loratadine to counter any reactive foods. The most discomforting issues for me are cabin pressure and humidity levels.

    If it’s a connecting flight I shower in the lounge.

  • Jonno

    Eyes closed. Head back. Headrest adjusted.

  • Randy

    A cocktail and a good book will usually do the trick. Also, putting on headphones with some relaxing background music will help to keep my mind in a more tranquil place!

  • David

    I relax by listening to nature sounds from an app on my smartphone.

  • Sean

    I watch movies on my iPad.

  • iwantmoremiles

    Laying down in a lay flat seat in business and watching a movie, eating and sleeping on a long flight.

  • Josh

    Two Dramamine and either wine or beer

  • Jonathan

    Usually I take a forget-me-now pill. It’s a psychological upgrade to first class. Crying baby? Who cares. IFE doesn’t work? Who cares. Terrible food? Who cares. Hey guess what? I just slept an entire 14 hour flight in economy.

  • Lauren

    I play solitaire on my iPad until I can’t keep my eyes open…

  • WikiGirl

    Recipe for Relaxation: Tasty adult beverage specific to time of day traveling, Kindle Paperwhite loaded with an old favorite, iPhone and headphones to listen to AmbiSci tracks.

  • Marlene

    I’m always on long haul international flights in economy for work, so I’ve got a routine – glass of wine, eat about half the meal, eyeshades and listening to a tv show, preferably one that’s low key enough to fall asleep to!

  • Yanfei

    Get inebriated and try to sleep; and more important, try very hard to get upgraded using miles, cash, or magic!

  • Rich

    sounds of nature ” The Ocean ” on the i pod !

  • Michael S.

    I’ve heard great things about these Bose headphones!! I haven’t broke down and bought them yet! Congrats to the winner!

  • Steve

    noise cancelling headphones, music and some reading materials.

  • PTran

    Eating junk food and then taking a nap!

  • mpeterson78

    I watch movies about airplane disasters and enjoy the confused reactions to people around me when they hear the screams of the passengers in the movie bleed through my earbuds. I bet the QC15′s would contain those explosions and noises of sheer terror!

  • BP

    Reading during short flights and watching movies during longer flights.

  • Brenda

    I make sure I have a new book to read that I’m really excited about. I get completely engrossed in the story.

  • Dave

    I read the previous posts of TPG that I printed out for my flight…obviously.

  • Edgar L

    How to relax: lounge before, drink during, along with my memory foam travel pillow, in addition to noise reduction earbuds. It would be nice to complement my relaxation kit with the Bose headphones.

  • Andrew

    I would make sure I have fully charged battery or sit with a charger on longer flights and play my favorite PC video games. Time just flies by.

  • cj rhee

    Earplugs, a comfy neck pillow, good music and a good book!

  • Julian

    Relaxing in flight is easy — sit up front, put my seat back, and sip my Bloody Mary!

  • Peter D

    I take a nappy nap.

  • mangoManFT

    A drink, warm nuts, and a book. That’s all I need to relax on a plane.

  • Larry

    I almost inevitably travel with a windbreaker. As soon as everyone’s seated, I roll it up, put it behind my neck, tilt my my head backwards and typically fall asleep, even before the plane has lifted off.

  • phil gold

    Whle I dont want to encourage drinking, I do have a drink, have a movie/music/book, and lots of deep breaths.


  • GDA

    Well, I have always found it difficult to relax and truly enjoy a flight until my last flight. You see, just about every flight I had been on in the past involved family travel in economy with our two young children. Our last trip was my wife and I flying in first aboard a USAIR A330 to Cancun. We settled into the wonderful lie flat seats, ordered a couple of Vodka & Cranberries, and enjoyed watching tv and movies on our laptop. A pleasant, relaxing flight indeed.

  • pete4215 .

    I think the best way to relax and zone out on long haul flights is with a chilled glass of Chambien – Champagne and Ambien. It gets you mellow and helps you sleep. Do not recommend for short haul as you’ll get unload with the baggage.

  • Andrew Glazier

    I read and nap.

  • mkm

    On long flights I love catching up on movies I haven’t seen on the in flight on-demand!

  • BN126

    Catch up on movies

  • JTP

    Best way to relax…. is a nice bloody mary before takeoff!

  • djrobsd

    Best way to relax is listening to your favorite music while sipping on a cocktail.. And then finally passing out. Now that they let you keep your portable electronics on during take off, it makes it that much easier. It will be even more easier if I win these headphones! LOL

  • joshb8403

    I like to relax with a glass of wine and some good music :)

  • MrDeadly

    In the old days I always took a good novel and at least one magazine, since I don’t sleep well on planes and learned early on not to drink much. No I still have a book with me, along with earplugs and a tablet just in case the AVOD is lackluster.

  • mommabean

    I ALWAYS take my squishy earbuds and iPod shuffle when I fly. I put them in my ears and push play to relax. I can actually fall asleep before take off. Such talent!

  • Terre

    My flights require 18-24 travel hours, so I bring several good mysteries and then pass them on to the cabin crew at the end of the flight. They seem to appreciate books in good condition.

  • Melody

    I relax by getting lost in a book.

  • ZP

    a good book for me and my daughter

  • Nick

    I used to purchase mini bottles of scotch – usually 3 at a time – to soothe the nerves while I plunged into the latest issue of Car & Driver, American Cinematographer or Wired Magazine. But now, since I’m on the wagon, it’s all about a good playlist, a decent set of earbuds, and said magazines.

    Of course, those little flappy things by the headrest help if I wanna doze off, too. They weren’t around when I was growing up in the 90′s, but whoever invented those things deserves a Nobel Prize!

  • Thanh

    I like to listen to music and take a nap!

  • Lynn W

    Read a good book, paper not electronic.

  • Edgar

    A book in Spanish and hoping the neighbor doesn’t know the language preventing further conversation!

  • Tyler

    After boarding I usually try and grab a few winks during pushback and takeoff. Once I wake up it’s nice to have a snack of some sort, maybe read a bit or watch some shows on my iPad. After that it’s back to sleep, the most valuable thing you can do on an airplane!

  • Tim

    I like to relax by putting in earphones to block out the world and staring out the window

  • Sue

    I have been thinking about the Bose noise canceling headphones for a while because is so difficult to relax on a flight any more. If they ever allow phone calls on planes, I’ll buy them immediately…but I’d much rather win them today.

    So what I do is try my best to read, although I seem to be a magnet for loud folks that talk the whole flight.

  • PureeTofu

    Depending on where I sit makes all the difference on how I relax. Aisle seats usually end up in watching an action movie (to be louder than the engines) and a non-caffeinated soda. Window seats result in headphones listening to music. Middle seats…well there is no relaxing in a middle seat.

  • Jason

    I relax in so many different ways on a flight. Its truly a chance to meditate, sleep, listen to some great tunes, or get lost in a good book. Not having internet and a way to stay connected to work is sometimes a blessing, and getting that time on a flight is great.

  • mp1007

    On short flights I listen to music and watch the view from the window but on longer flights I usually have dinner, kick back and watch one of the movies I have not seen yet and enjoy a quiet time without cell phones!

  • ‘breath

    It depends on the airline. In Thai the IFE is poor, so I bring a book. In BA or most Middle Eastern carriers, I like to watch films (which is pleasing to do, since I have no TV at home). I don’t mind either, it’s just preparing appropriately. And always, I try to get myself a “couch” class by being one of the last passengers to enter the plane, and go towards the back rows, regardless of the seat allocated to me. If there are any empty rows of seats, they are usually in the back, so I try to grab one!

  • Edgar Perez

    Relaxing is easy. Headphones on…zone out!

  • Brad

    Reading and catching up on email.

  • Jeff

    NYT crosswords app on the ipad!

  • Jeff

    sometimes I dose myself with benadryl

  • travis j lee

    I usually get to the airport a good hour or so before the flight, have a drink and pick up the newest issue of Fast Company. Happily, I’m now subscribed, so I usually just have a drink and stay put. By the time I’m on the flight, since I have an insane paranoia of turbulence, I put on my headphones, close my eyes, and let the plane do what it does best. If I hit a rough patch in the air, I start to bob my head a bit to the music, which helps me disorient enough between actually being in turbulence and me headbangin’ away

  • Fraser Campbell

    I have never tried out a pair of noise cancelling headphones, but my current method works pretty well. I put in my headphones with some white noise streaming in the background to dull out distractions, then i read a book on my iPad. Enough alcohol also produces a similar effect (however, not so practical for those morning flights).

  • Larry

    A glass of red wine and an OTC antihistamine does the trick :-)

  • Terry Malloy

    My favorite way to relax is to share some chocolates and gratitude with the flight attendants at the beginning of the flight and then allow the First Class service to commence at an Economy price.

  • Taryn

    A glass of wine and some smutty gossip magazines!

  • Bryan

    I like to watch movies on my MS Surface Pro 2.

  • Brennan

    I relax in knowing that I used miles, not cash to pay for the flight!

  • Nguyen

    I would read a book for relaxing on the airplane. Thanks.

  • Roy Fitzwater

    For a short flight, i like to do a sudoku. For overseas flights, 1/2 an ambien is the way to go!

  • Nick Ewen

    By reading TPG, obviously!

  • Linda

    I love to catch up on netflix on my ipad, enjoy a drink, and sleep to relax. Bonus points for eye masks and earplugs!

  • Jasmine

    I don’t relax! I hate flying, but it’s worth it to get somewhere awesome!

  • Shorty

    It’s all about mindset. Often, if you think the flight will be miserable, so will your experience. I positive attitude with the destination in mind or visions of relaxing at home help to make the most of a (usually) crappy airline situation.

  • Mark

    Have a drink, put a baseball game on the radio, and take a nap!

  • lycidas1

    Glass of champagne, pop a melatonin tablet or two . . . and hopefully listening to some tunes on the Bose headphones that I won from

  • Kona Rider

    I relax by plugging in my earphones/headphones to drown out noise of plane and other passengers.

  • Jon Dukes

    I like to get in the lounge before the flight have a few drinks. I always hope for no crying babies! The headphones would be amazing in finding peaceful bliss in a crowded plane!

  • Amanda B.

    I have different seasons of Glee on my iPad and like to skip around to just watch the song and dance numbers!

  • Allie39

    Catch up on my reading

  • Ty

    Two glasses of wine and two japanese whiskies…

  • J R Silva

    Vodka, Soda, Lemon. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

  • Jennifer

    A glass of wine and my less expensive Bose headphones do the trick. Noise canceling headphones would be an excellent addition and help me relax even more.

  • Ritam B.

    I drink some wine and watch movies – its great to be disconnected and unwind.

  • Jason

    I like to enjoy a mixed drink on SW flights using one of the free drink coupons they seem to frequently mail out.

  • Chris

    A glass of white wine and anything by The Polysphonic Spree on my less expensive headphones (until I win these of course).

  • Joshua C

    I look out the window and jam out to some tunes in the earbuds! But those tunes would sound so much nicer with the Bose QC15′s!

  • Mo

    Grey Goose & Tonic w/ a lime + dream of winning the MegaBucks is the way I relax

  • Ellen

    A good book on my Kindle…!

  • Ivan M.

    Ear plugs + Kindle

  • Mariele

    My favorite way to relax on a flight is to sleep as much as possibe! I usually put in some in-ear headphones and then some earphones over that! These would come in handy for some quality sleep on long haul flights!

  • Narayana

    My favorite way of relaxing on a flight is to eat and drink a lot which makes me very sleepy and then I really relax (sleep).

  • Armando86

    Wine, Wine, Wine! Give me some red and I will be relaxed during any flight!

  • 1LatinScandal

    I try to think of some of the best peaceful moments I’ve had. I put my earphones on and listen to a bit of music. Depending on the mood it can be classical (which reminds me of my dad) or it can be more on the dance side and then I just pretend (in my head of course) that I am this awesome dancer. Next thing I know I’m dosing off and relaxed.

  • Shannon M.

    I relax the best on flights by stretching and being really hydrated before I board. Chamomile tea and a good pair of noise cancelling headphones also do the trick. Wink, wink.

  • Sarah C

    I sink into my seat with a few of my favorite magazines or books I’m looking forward to reading and as soon as the plane is airborne and I can start gazing out the window, I’m already relaxed!

  • Jennizzle

    I fly economy, so on long-haul flights, I don’t get to enjoy some of the luxurious, relaxing perks as my higher class passengers. However, I can still relax. For me, it’s planning. I like to tab articles and bookmark sites en route to my destination. During the flight, I read and summarize what I want to see, do, and eat. It’s a great way to get even more excited when I land. It makes me looking forward to the trip and not minding the flight duration at all!

  • Art

    Watch the inflight tv programs & movies.

  • HilLesha

    A good pair of headphones – that is a must!

  • AI

    I think about heaven and the peace and how quiet it must be there!

  • Michael

    I usually end up staying up the entire night before the flight, finishing work and packing at the last minute. By the time I’m on the plane, I’m out like a light until we land. Works great, although you’re a little groggy when going through customs when you land…

  • Big J

    I love to veg out and watch movies without being disturbed by anyone.

  • Sean

    I just like to relax while listening to my music.

  • Tio Abogado

    Audiobook, until I pass out.

  • chinomad

    Make sure my seat is not near the wing or bathroom, have a window seat so I am not disturbed while sleeping, eat before getting on the plane, take melatonin when I get on the plane, sleep through meal service.

  • WesB

    Good music is always my favorite way to relax on a plane… and these headphones would make it even sweeter!

  • Rebecca

    My ipad! Watching a movie or tv show helps me forget where I am. Or reading, I have a lot of ebooks downloaded on the ipad as well.

  • helixcon

    Sleep, if possible. If the flight is long enough to warrant it, 50mg of diphenhydramine doesn’t hurt :)

  • Bas

    Read National Geographic magazine :)

  • jordan

    I start reading a book and quickly fall asleep

  • Sean Besser

    Watch a movie

  • dude26

    I first see a light comedy of some kind, than pop a little pill and try to dose off into dream mode….

  • Chris

    On a long flight, eye mask and ear plugs and try to get some sleep. If that doesn’t work, watch a dozen movies and see which one I remember afterwards.

  • Skor

    good-natured flirting with the air hostesses always helps….

  • Mark Aldrich

    See Tony at Virgin Clubhouse Hong Kong. Order the Chicken pie and house red. Move onto a chilled James Boag’s Lager. Finish with 12 year Glenlivet. Sweet dreams all the way home.

  • TVBurns

    Finally figured out a good routine for 14 hour YYZ-PVG nonstops last year: Wheels-up I take 7.5mg zopiclone (I miss the meal, but hey, it’s economy class, so not missing much) drop off for 4-6 hours with neck pillow, eye shades and noise-cancelling headphones (mine are getting beat up, hence my contest entry). When I wake up I stretch against the washroom bulkhead, do the “foot-scrunching” thing in sock feet and generally convince myself that I’m awake on China time, then have coffee and whatever “breakfast” I can scrounge from the attendants, and finish out my “morning” doing crossword puzzles on my laptop. It’s like Sunday in the park, except the park is seat 14A…

  • HBahorich

    Relaxing with some sunshine and a book is ideal

  • Rick

    I have a strong cocktail drink, throw some ear plugs and wake up at my destination. On flights where I struggle to sleep, these Bose headphones will make not sleeping a nice alternative. ++[|]-|“`__“`|-[|]++

  • Fresnan17

    Earplugs and a boring book usually works for me.


    I have the amazing ability to sleep wheels up to wheels down on an airplane. In my own bed, that’s another story…but, on a plane, I can relax!

  • Laura

    I always bring earplugs, and a few more for other passengers, since I travel with a very acive toddler. :)

  • tivoboy

    Honestly, to relax I take the time to read all the periodicals that I have that I DON’T get the time to read (or take the time to read ) while on the ground. For me, that plan can still represent a remote location where I can leave the ground based stresses behind for just a little while

  • Leah

    A book. A margarita. A pool.

  • Thinh

    I usually sleep through the entire flight.

  • Vedderesk

    Music, I love finding new music – from around the world

  • CS

    Magazines, Kindle filled with fun books, and a really good neck pillow.

  • md9802

    I like watching movies

  • Alex Robles Az

    i go prepared with the best selection of music to intensify the trip :P, that’s why i want such fine headphones :D

  • Ryan K

    I wish I could sleep, but I can’t, so instead watching a movie on my computer/tablet helps.

  • ken

    I relax by patiently teaching Walmart CSRs how to do Billpays… breath in, breath out…

  • uuzume

    Either classical music or silence are the most relaxing to me. That plus some fresh air and I’m feeling very relaxed!

  • Chris P

    hit the Lounge prior to departure and have two glasses of wine. put on some good music during take off and grab another bottle of wine when first beverage service comes around(as a back up later). this usually put me to sleep fairly quickly without having too much to drink. eat something always helps to get sleepy as well. noise cancelling headphone is a must needed feature.BOSE QC 15 is a great choice for ppl like me like to turn my head to the side to sleep. the over the ear headphone dont work out very well in that case.

  • Jimmy

    I recorded lectures of my college professors. With my iPhone headphones, these lectures put me to sleep in about 15 mins. If I won these Bose headphones I’m sure I’d be knocked out in 5 minutes flat.

  • Scott

    I’m one who usually can’t stay awake on a plane, but i do love my noise cancelling headphones from sharper image for airline travel. It blocks out background sound, and enhances the audio of podcasts or music. It was broken by my youngest a few years ago, so it is taped and doesn’t fold up all the way anymore.

  • Paul

    I’ve often planned for little sleep the night prior in the hopes of sleeping for much of the flight. Noise cancelling headsets certainly make that more likely.

  • Uri Hadelsberg

    I just start watching movies and then head to a book and back to the movies and TV episodes. Longhauls are the worse though!

  • Karl P

    I have a Scotch on the rocks, put in my earplugs, close my eyes, and hope for no one jiggling my seat!

  • Candace P

    I have a glass of red wine, put in my cheap earplugs (hint, hint-I would love a set of good headphones), and try to get into relaxing music on my ipod.

  • jbatt

    Would gladly share any relaxing tips if I had them. But I don’t. Would be happy to try these Bose earphones.

  • Ali

    A drink and a short tv show works for me.

  • Oliver Palley

    Catching up on tv while simultaneously catching up on my blogs.

  • Mark Schroeder

    stay up all night before your flight, drink warm milk, and eat turkey

  • Billy Goat

    I sleep through the flight.

  • phoenixbe

    Catching up on reading while listening to light music – about the only time I can do that is on a flight :)

  • Drew

    Nothing wrong with some pharmaceuticals I say! Xanax!

  • Dustin

    I like to vanquish evil forces on my PSP and then watch a movie or two. Both of which could really use some noise cancelling headphones because it gets noisy in coach!

  • Andrea

    I usually do some reading and trying to sleep if possible. If not, always love to catch a movie to check out and relax!

  • sriram201

    my favorite go-to was to sleep through the flight till I got sleep apnea. So now I stick to watching shows that I wouldn’t otherwise on tv

  • Michelle

    I always make sure I’m loaded up with entertainment – movies, books, music!

  • George W

    I space out with Electroplankton on the Nintendo DS. Neverending ambient music.

  • Hawaiitex

    I try to relax with a stiff drink and a good book ; )

  • ohheyitsrenee

    Blast music on my headphones and stare out the window. Longer flights require a movie on the ipad. Tomato juice to stay hydrated. Pray that the person next to me isn’t chatty haha.

  • Betty

    Reading downloaded posts from certain blogs that had been saved for later, a good book, or actually just spend the majority of the time editing photos that I would never get a chance to do otherwise. Flying helps promote “me” time. =)

  • Andrew P

    I relax best by catching up on podcasts and by letting myself doze off if my body wants to :)

  • Hans

    A drink or two and catching up on reading the latest issues of the Economist

  • David Kung

    I relax on long haul flights by putting on either sound isolating earphones or sound cancelling headphones then watch videos on my portable device. I do slightly slouch when I sit so my tailbone area tends to get really sore after a couple hours which prevents me from relaxing. To alleviate this I rest my hamstring area on a pillow and it usually solves the problem.

  • GR

    being prepared helps me the most

  • Sam

    An early flight, a window seat, the airline magazine and I’m out.

  • Clive Field

    A couple of Baileys usually does the trick

  • NKP

    Watch a movie on my Ipad and try to fall asleep.

  • Ryan

    I can
    never find a comfortable position to sleep on an airplane so I just
    relax by zoning out until I’m too tired to care about comfort…then

  • Alix Piorun

    A book and headphones! Mine aren’t as good as these though!

  • Collidingstar

    I dream about winning the Bose Headphones Contest from ThePointsGuy!

  • Heather S

    I relax by devouring a novel and sipping on ginger ale :)

    heatheranne99 at gmail dot com

  • MM

    Have a drink and catch up with my reading on iPad.

  • Marilyn

    An extra glass or two of champagne and a great book.

  • Meagan

    To relax, I often like visiting a big field of flowers by my house and relaxing on a hammock while the sun goes down. Of course, the nature noises are pretty, but sometimes it’s good for it to be silent. I would love to win!

  • Meagan

    I like going to a big field of flowers by my house and relaxing in a Hammock while the sun goes down. Id love to win!!

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