Thursday Giveaway: 25,000 American Airlines AAdvantage Miles and Admirals Club Passes from Citi

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When American Express Platinum cardholders lost access to the American Airlines Admirals Clubs and US Airways Clubs in March, the only cards that would get you into the Admirals Club were the Citi Executive AAdvantage World Mastercard (which comes with full Admirals Club membership) and more recently, the Citi Prestige, which just added Admirals Club access (not membership though) to its benefits.

Last week, however, we wrote that during the month of April, Citibank is providing complimentary One-Day Passes to any domestic US Admirals Club lounge or US Airways Club to travelers whose credit cards no longer provide complimentary access (specifically the American Express Platinum Card and Business Platinum Card).

Nothing like getting yet another card and yet another 100,000-mile bonus

Carrying this in your wallet ensures entrance to the Admirals Club all the time!

Now, in honor of this promotion, the good people at Citibank have generously donated several prizes for us to give away to lucky TPG readers.

The Grand Prize is 25,000 American Airlines AAdvantage miles plus a 4-pack of Admirals Club One-Day passes, and there are two runner-up prizes of 4-packs of Admirals Club One-Day passes.

To enter, comment on this post or on our Facebook page about what your favorite part of the Admirals Club experience is. Is it the ability to kick off your shoes and have some downtime between connections? Perhaps the business centers where you can print important documents or private rooms to take a conference call? For me, I like to get in there, set up my computer, check in on the world, send some emails, and have a glass of wine and a light snack before my flight. Whatever it is, enter by 5pm ET on Monday, April 21 to be eligible. You can only enter once per medium. The winner will be chosen at random and announced next week.

The bar at American's Admirals International Lounge at JFK

The bar at American’s Admirals International Lounge at JFK

And the Winners of Last Week’s Prize of A Pair of Bose Noise-Cancelling QC15 Headphones Is…

Last week we spoke about the concept of relaxation on flights, and what it takes to get you to that sweet place of comfort. Perhaps it’s a cocktail, maybe it’s watching the in-flight entertainment, or perhaps reading a book, to each his own. I always travel with my Bose Noise-Cancelling QC Headphones, they are always providing me with the perfect sense of calm at 35,000 feet! I asked what how you relaxed, and TPG Facebook fan Matt O seems to have mastered the art of relaxation to a t!:

I don't go anywhere without my Bose headphones.

I don’t go anywhere without my Bose headphones!


“Here is what I do – 1) Make sure that all my stuff is laid out before I sit down. Organization is key! 2) Before I leave the house, I always wear loose fitting break away North Face pants and wool socks. 3) Sit down, remove shoes, and slide those under the seat in front of me. Wool socks will keep your feet warm. 4) Put on my headset, and turn on my SLEEP app on my iPhone while people are boarding the plane. By the time we leave the ground, I feel like I have been to the spa. ” 

Congrats Matt, we hope these headphones help you relax even more!

Disclaimer: The responses below are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. It is not the bank advertiser's responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered.

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  • Steven Feldman

    Free drinks!

  • Ali Lyder-Norton

    I have only had the opportunity to enter one once- but It was great for a nap over a long layover!

  • Jacob

    I like being away from the crowds and wifi!

  • Joseph

    Being able to get away from all the rush and rest in peace .

  • Phil

    The glass of wine to help unwind and keep me from whining :)

  • Karim Sie

    Free drinks and foods ;)

  • Sarah

    A quiet, respectful place to relax.

  • Corey

    The free beer. What else?

  • Josh Shields

    free drinks are definitely nice but the showers make a huge difference

  • Colin

    I’ve never been in an Admirals Club, but I’d like the ability to relax without the hustle and bustle of the terminal.

  • Justin

    Always flew United or US Air…never entered an Admirals Club. I’d like to see what they have in there (and esp now that it seems American is taking over the PHL to everywhere routes!)

  • Johnson

    For me, a nice place to take a break before boarding is great!

  • Jon Benson

    I love getting to the Admiral’s Lounge, stretching out my legs, and passing the time with a movie on Netflix in peace (thanks to the complimentary wifi).

  • Corey

    Obviously the free beer!

  • Eric

    I’ve never gotten to experience it since I’ve never been on business or first yet.

  • Leo Alvarez

    If you’ve got a long layover, free drinks and wifi access mean this place is heaven on earth! Thanks TPG

  • Nick

    Just love being able to sit and relax after going through security (h-e-double hockey sticks) and before the hectic boarding process.

  • Meredith

    I love having free wifi in a comfy seat where I can kick back and relax. There is just too much going on outside in the main airport for me to relax.

  • Quinn Hatoff

    I really love a long shower after a red-eye flight! Plus, the AAngels are always the nicest when flight problems arise

  • David F

    Free wifi and a nice place to relax between flights.

  • B Miris

    Admiral’s Clubs are so welcoming, the staff is helpful and friendly. The exclusive and luxe ambiance adds so much to the travel experience, I just love the clubs and would love the passes or miles!

  • Vlad

    Wifi, drinks, and ideally a nice shower!

  • dwh

    I like the assistance when there are flight delays

  • Aaron

    I like to have a comfortable place to sit with nice food and beverage options.

  • Alex

    I loved the showers at the LAX terminal 4. Great way to be refreshed after a 15 hour flight from Sydney lol!

  • TheRealScottR

    The best part about the club is the carpet, really nice carpet.

  • FlyerM

    The relative peace and quiet of the Admirals club is unbeatable. I’d much rather wait for a flight in the club than by the gate.

  • A. K.

    I enjoy relaxing with wifi away from the hustle of an airport. Awesome!

  • Jeff Richmond

    No question it is the showers! (Especially in DFW A.)

  • Bradley B.

    Normally, it’s getting away from the bustle and noise in the main terminals.

    The real benefit, if fortunately less-often necessary, is during IRROPS, getting rebooked and going where you need to go.

  • Arielle

    I love getting in there and relaxing and catching up on the latest news and replying back to emails and having a glass of wine and no one bothering me. Nice quiet lounge

  • Brenton Thomas

    After living and flying out of Dallas for three years, nothing beat the experience of actually wanting to get to the airport early to relax, detach, and mentally prepare for wherever I was headed out in a setting that was familiar and comfortable. Now that I live in Nebraska and travel less, I’m lucky just to hit a hub with a layover long enough to use the lounge.

  • azbasshead

    Nothing beats the peace and quiet I can achieve in the Admirals Club. Comfortable chairs, free WiFi, snacks and drinks; it makes any layover worth the wait.

  • babyshark31

    I like being able to get away from it all!

  • Rick Dressler

    Definitely the ability to relax and have your own personal space before being crammed onto the plane. Its a great space for your last relaxing breath for a few hours!

  • Kevin Heffernan

    I like to have a beer and check email in peace!

  • Yishai

    Love kicking off the shoes and checking e-mails while waiting for a connecting flight. Makes the airport feel like home not a bus station!

  • frenchman619

    Most thankful for Wi-Fi and an outlet

  • Carey

    The best part of the Admiral’s Club is the fact that I plan to get to the airport early and enjoy my time in the club. I love avoiding the home-to-curb-to-gate rush. Arriving in the Admiral’s to have a cocktail, catch up on email and prepare mentally for my flight is wonderful.

  • Dia (The Deal Mommy)

    Access to top-notch customer service in case anything goes wrong.

  • CloseYourEyesandBlow

    Just being able to know that I have a seat and some snacks makes the world of the difference

  • usnamom2014

    Two w’s – wine and wifi!

  • Harlan Vaughn

    I love being able to get a rum and coke, check my email, and relax after the stress of getting to (and through) the airport.

  • teachuslove

    Relaxing while eating the free stuff :)

  • Joe Hallissey

    Just walking in the door is an amazing feeling. A place to relax in peace a long flight.

  • Brooke Edmunds White

    Comfortable chairs!

  • GetToThePoints

    Ability to bring up to two guests or immediate family members

  • Yippeee

    The one in Denver makes the most incredible Bloody Mary’s…that and the wi-fi I cannot live without!

  • jacisme

    I love the opportunity for a little quiet time away from the hectic terminal before getting on a plane.

  • Mark

    Relax in a nice chair and connect to wireless!

  • tiffany l

    wifi and a quieter place to work!

  • Phil

    A quiet place to get away from the craziness of the gate!

  • CC

    Sitting in a chair that doesn’t hurt after 30 minutes!

  • LogicalHuman

    I love getting away from the stress of the airport, having a cozy chair to sit in, being able to get some work done, have a drink and snacks, and enjoy the peacefulness! The nice clean bathrooms/showers are a bonus too!

  • bryanschmiedeler

    I love the ability to get away and have a quiet place to relax.

  • lance

    My favorite thing is really what distinguishes most admirals club from most Uniited clubs…. Showers. DFW multi-headed showers are always a highlight :)

  • Steve Graham

    Relax in comfort with a drink and use wi-fi to catch up.

  • bostrvlr

    I love the Admiral’s Club for peace and quiet, Wifi to catch up on email, a cocktail to end the day, a convenient and yummy meal on a tight connection, and a comfortable chair to relax in before the next crowded, loud flight.

  • naz

    Right when you walk in through the doors and feel that cold AC breeze hit your face, you feel nothing short of being a VIP. Not everyone has the opportunity to take a break from stressful travel and pamper themselves with fresh foods and delicious drinks. I would consider myself luck!

  • Vicki

    It’s like home – a glass of wine and cushy chairs!

  • Cami

    Knowing that there will be a place to sit and stretch, free wifi, and decent food. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Saul Spicer

    The super fast internet access in most Admiral’s Clubs.

  • renee

    Wifi and drinks

  • Tim

    Honestly it’s just the ability to relax far from the crowds.

  • Patrick

    Having easy access to electrical outlets to charge my devices is definitely my favorite perk of Admiral’s Clubs

  • Trevor W.

    Being able to drink wine and connect without the hustle and bustle of the airport is why I enjoy the Admirals Club experience.

  • Tara O

    Free wine and wifi (the important things)

  • Tiff

    The chance to get away from the hectic environment of the terminal, have a snack, and maybe a drink and relax, but really, it’d be nice to just go someplace where I’m not constantly worried about keeping a constant eye on all our carry-ons.

  • Josinei

    My favorite is the peaceful place we have to rest before a connection flight.

  • Ernest Baskin

    Availability of a place to rest with comfy shares

  • cotoneloc

    Hands down, the shower facilities in MIA.

  • Valerie Chang

    Love the wifi and the chocolate chip cookies

  • DarrenB

    I love being able to just relax and not feeling like I have to fight the world for a seat. I can sit back, load the wifi on my laptop, and do some work. Every thing feels comfortable – not like outside in the gates, where everyone is scrambling around.

  • derick

    to get away from the gate lice! ugh pdx is infested with them :P

  • Brent Sears

    I’m new to the game. I haven’t been to the club and I have a connection coming up with my wife and would love to see what the fuss is all about.

  • Goat Rodeo

    … to get away from the unwashed masses. never cool to hang out with the plebeians.

  • Peter H

    Free WiFi, Snack & Drink

  • gwenglish

    I love being able to get away from the gate and relax in a quiet place.

  • JamesP

    The new coffee machines (and WiFi).

  • Ben Price

    Love the yogurt pretzels and free WiFi!

  • Kimberly Grace Taylor


  • Drew

    The white chocolate covered pretzels and morning muffins!

  • Stompey5

    a little oasis among the city

  • zbird

    to have a power outlet located near a seat.

  • Vincent

    Perfect way to escape the crowd and get a well-deserved drink after any TSA experience.

  • AI

    Food, quiet, and big screen to watch football!!

  • Chad D

    To sit back and relax away from the craziness outside and have a beer.

  • Josh

    Free food & booze!

  • lamonster

    I like having a place where i can get free wifi

  • nellwal

    I can’t say because I just stand outside and look in the window. Sad, hopeless and totally Dicksonian. <> If I could just get in one of those just one time…….

  • nukoon

    Being able to take a shower to freshen up after a long flight does wonders!

  • Opaaq

    Free wifi for sure!

  • Luke

    Perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle to relax with a glass of good single malt.

  • Daniel

    I love being able to stare at the plane I’m about to fly while relaxing with a gin tonic (at DFW).

  • Shana

    After (or before) a long international flight, I like to start my visit with a shower and then relax while accessing internet (free wifi) and snacking on the available goodies. If I am just on a quick trip, I skip the shower and go straight to the snacks and email!

  • paula gulbicki

    It’s like being in a hotel rather than the airport. The personnel are like the best concierges at the best hotels. They make the experience a pleasure. We’ve met interesting travelers who have shared valuable travel information. So it’s possible to have a quiet time or a social time. It’s like being the member of an intimate travel club. Love it!

  • andrew

    to have somewhere with a power outlet that’s quiet and comfortable.

  • Josh

    Free wifi and a place to recharge

  • Oliver Palley

    The best thing about going to the lounge is that the free wifi. Being able to sit down (with a free drink), in a comfy chair and quickly check in with the wider world to ensure that you don’t have to worry about anything. That means that when you do head to the plane you know you can relax with a book or a film, and enjoy the quiet with the knowledge that no one needs you right now.

  • Benjamin J L

    The best part about the Admirals Club experience is the simply the chance to relax, juice up your devices, have a drink, and let the layover(or delay) pass by that much quicker. Even the most experienced of us can get stressed flying and the club experience relieves that.

  • Acker

    Best part of the club? The people I meet in there.

  • Ericka C. Baran

    My favorite thing are nice clean bathrooms. Many have good lotion! It is the little things when traveling.

  • Todd Baumgartner

    A place to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the gate area, with wifi and a place to charge my gadgets.

  • Riri

    To do a shower to be relax

  • Siddharth

    A quiet place to relax and recharge.

  • Scott M

    Simply a cocktail and some wifi

  • Kathy

    My favorite part of the Admirals Club is the tranquility. I normally am a basket-case pre-flight, and the atmosphere in the Admirals Club allows me to stop and take a deep breath. My husband really appreciates it because he doesn’t like to be around me when I am that hyper.

  • Mr. Cool

    crackers & cheese

  • Curious George

    Free wifi and the coffee machines!

  • Dan

    Grabbing a drink, for sure!

  • AZL

    Booze and snacks.

  • Josh

    Love the quiet and calm away from the chaos of the terminal,

  • Marcus Rogers

    All the snacks!

  • Stogs2

    Tranquility, a drink and wifi between (or before and after, in some cases) flights

  • Spencer Wheelwright

    Peace and quiet.

  • Candace P

    I like to sit in a comfy chair, have some snacks and a glass of wine before my trip.

  • kpaulso

    Gotta be the escape from the “others”. :) Kick back, log in, enjoy a beverage and maybe indulge in a snack.

  • Tamara Hathaway

    I tend to take the lounge for granted since it’s a weekly visit for me. The relaxation, snacks, drinks and Internet just seem like the norm. I took my mom on a trip recently though and it was her first experience with a lounge. You would have thought she was in heaven! She definitely make me appreciate the “little things” that we seem to take for granted as frequent travelers!

  • MisterChristian

    Having a few drinks before boarding.

  • Matthew Riter

    The snacks. The peace and quiet. Wi-Fi. It’s all good!

  • Bri

    the restrooms

  • Linda

    A great place to relax with a cocktail and snacks!

  • Jonesy

    I do a good ole rail in the bathroom and head back to my seat to get some real work done.

  • MichaelG

    For me, it’s definitely gotta be referring to myself as “Admiral” (I know that’s technically not part of the club, but it’s still fun). The snacks and drinks are a close second.

  • Brian

    Free wifi and wine

  • Elizabeth

    I’ve only had the opportunity to use the club once and it made our 7 hour layover go by much quicker than we expected. Snacks, drinks, clean bathrooms and the ease of charging all our devices was a welcome change :)

  • Larry

    Nice place to relax, have a couple drinks, and much quieter than the gate area.

  • faizan

    I would love to try the admirals club if given a chance … never been so this can be my chance :)

  • CR

    I love being able to show up early enough to not be rushed or stressed but able to enjoy the time before boarding.

  • Big Pappa

    Peace and quiet pre boarding

  • Temo

    I haven’t been in one so that’s the reason I would love the the passes! :)

  • Gabriel

    Free drinks and snacks and a more comfortable place to wait

  • N P

    comfy chair to work between flights

  • sAnIL ,,, ;)

    relax and de-stress after a long flight with a shower , drink and snacks …
    especially a 14 hour flight to india

  • Zila

    Go to the bathroom without dragging all my luggage with me. Really.

  • Tyler

    I like to prep for the flight which means firing off emails, having a few drinks and grabbing a snack. This allows me to use the flight to sleep as much as possible!

  • janell

    I’ve never been to the Admirals Club but love using the Delta clubs so I imagine it would be wonderful!

  • Roman Goubin

    The privacy of lounge access is nice
    Free “snacks” could desperately need an upgrade though

  • evandoyle

    I think my favorite part is having a comfortable place to relax in the middle of the hectic world of the airport. It’s like entering a little oasis of calm.

  • Michael R

    Being able to get some emails out before taking off. And of course the free grub!

  • Gina

    I like to sit somewhere comfortable & decompress w/a glass of wine & some reading before a long flight, esp overnight.

  • Michael

    free snacks and internet connection

  • ER

    The chocolate cookies at the Admiral’s Club (either one) at MIA. Yes please!

  • Joseph Alberts

    i have no favorite experience at the admiral’s club as i have never set foot in one. but i would still like the passes to be able to elevate my feet (my favorite past time) and chill out before my flight. elevated feet at the gate is largely frowned upon.

  • Joe

    May sound odd, but I really enjoy the mixed nut/snack mix they have. It’s addicting.

  • Susan Pertierra

    I like the easy access power outlets, wi-fi and clean bathrooms.

  • Mary W

    I enjoy the free WiFi in a comfortable safe surrounding with private clean bathrooms. They serve wonderful snacks and quality non-alcoholic drinks, which I prefer. I can count on a pleasant calm experience in the Admirals Club.

  • Jeff Williams

    I like the solitude and being able to access the internet with free drinks. Nice to be away from the hustle and bustle at the gates.

  • Steve

    For me, the best part is having a relaxing place to sit where I can read (if alone) or comfortably hang out with family or friends if I’m traveling with others. This is especially true for long layovers!

  • Chris

    For me, the Admirals Club is the perfect transition between checking in and boarding. It’s an oasis in the middle of the airport’s hustle and bustle, allowing me to freshen up, ensure all my emails are up to date and make any last minute plans for my arrival. It’s also a great place to get assistance with your current or future flights from the knowledgeable and helpful staff.

  • MissVacation

    To give my friends and family a “preview” of our awesome vacation photos!

  • aprilmay2

    Love the cleanliness and quiet!

  • David Miller

    Just a nice comfy chair when you need it.

  • Rob

    I’ve never been in an Admiral lounge…

  • Mike

    I like the useful agents to help with bookings

  • Ray

    I like the nicer seats and quiet

  • Jonathan

    I love being able to get a glass of wine and people watch while doing some light emails.

  • Sal

    My favorite part is the free drinks!

  • JTP

    I’m going to be completely honest…. it’s the free bloody mary’s.

  • Cindy

    wifi and quiet

  • Sheng

    Pick up some snacks before flights and relax on the sofa.

  • Haowei Chen

    For me, I like that it is a quiet place I can find to work during a trip.

  • flyingcturtle

    I like just getting away from the chaos and be a little more comfortable

  • Shorty

    I love that I can charge my phone and drink a beer without dealing with the terminal chaos.

  • WesB

    I’ve never been in one…. but I’d sure like to!

  • SMaity

    Being able to relax and possibly be productive before flying off, along with the complimentary drinks and snacks!

  • Pumpkin_Pie

    I love to get out of the hustle and bustle of the airport terminals so I can relax! It’s nice to sit down in a comfortable chair.

  • Joshua Tarkoff


  • BobChi

    At ORD there’s a quiet room where one can blissfully sit down without no TV noise, no cell phone noise, no conversation and simply read, work quietly or doze off.

  • sqrblk

    Never been in one, but ability to catnap, grab a cocktail, and catch up on emails would be mine!

  • iwantmoremiles

    free wi-fi, comfortable seats and quiet.

  • charlie

    Free wifi and a place to sit.

  • Edward

    I love the peace and quiet.

  • Todd

    I’m in the JFK Admirals Lounge as I write this! I love the 2 free premium drink vouchers given if you’re traveling international business class. United charges for that!

  • Mike

    I went for the first time ever today and having a place to sit without a million people was awesome!

  • Liz

    The quiet environment and wifi, and maybe a drink.

  • TONY

    I like the option to sit back & relax while not miss out anything from work (thanks to WiFi and Power).

  • rick

    Just to relax in a peaceful setting.

  • Deep

    I love the all you can drink starting prior entering the aircraft and the peace.

  • lor

    Alot nicer chairs to sit and do your work in.

  • Howard

    The food in the Admirals Club is nicer than that available in the public restaurants in most terminals.

  • Jason

    Enjoy a comfy chair and plane watch.

  • Ivan M.

    Shower during a layover!

  • Dundili

    My favorite part about Admirals Club is the opportunity to use a shower before a red-eye flight – makes the flight much more pleasant. I love the lounge in Miami especially before the long trips to South America.

  • savscott

    Take a shower during a long layover

  • double_danno

    There’s just something about being able to unplug – even for ten minutes – that resets the stress of the day and prepares you for the adventure ahead. Also, free booze is nice.

  • Armando86

    I love to just lounge, sip on a cocktail, and enjoy the moment before hopping on a flight.

  • Diana

    I enjoy just being able to relax a little between flights.

  • snakedoc1

    Just love being able to escape to a quiet, relaxing environment and unwind with a glass of wine.

  • Wellington

    It’s great to be able to speak with one of the more experienced AAngels for help, having them their is great during IRROPs.

  • Paul Teixeira

    get a drink and a snack and have some more great relaxing time with wifi before my flight.

  • Paul H.

    Chairs that are comfy! Power where you need it. Helpful agents. Food. Drink. Ha! Any downside? I think not….

  • Deborah McKee

    I love just being able to have a drink and organize myself for the flight. Best part is when I have an issue with a delay. I find the agents much more helpful inside the club.

  • mjtaxpro

    Relax without screaming kids

  • Margaux

    The best part is being able to charge all of my electronics without stressing! And the showers. Oh, those showers.

  • Monte Poster

    To sit down in a calm area. With free WIFI. And free drinks. And no line-ups for the washroom. Did I mention the free drinks?

  • Uri

    Relax and enjoy the free food…

  • Matt

    Remembering to bring a water bottle so I can fill it up with beverages that help ease the stress of traveling. Oh, and WiFi is always a good thing as well :)

  • kaladeb

    Definitely, free snacks. But easy access to outlets to recharge devices is great!

  • TeX

    Finding a comfortable chair.

  • michael


  • Jackie

    I like having a drink and a snack between flights – but mostly I like having a quiet place to relax and get away from the crowds at the gate. That’s why I like lounge access!

  • Peggy Wu

    Being able to sit quietly and have a moment of peace before getting back out to the craziness of the rest of the airport!

  • Matt

    Capable agents in IRROPS

  • kimmy c

    The wine is the best part….and no crowds…cheers

  • Brian C

    Favorite part is the solitude and silence… golden.

  • W. Hung

    Food, drinks and WIFI! and a place to sit down and relax

  • Phylliss L.

    Private room to complete conference call, then power while sipping glass of wine

  • Ralph Liberatoscioli

    The best of the AA Admirals club is a quiet place to sit and relax before a flight, catch up on email with free Wifi and enjoy a nice beer or cocktail while hopefully looking out over the tarmac.

  • Marc

    There’s nothing I love more than to relax with a drink of wine while doing some plane watching.

  • Salil Gokhale

    Good drinks and no crowd! Just got the AA card awesome experience.

  • David

    Just being able to unwind without the hustle and bustle!

  • Bowserscastle

    I like having a nice relaxing chair where I can make sure all my gadgets (including my noise canceling headphones) are charged while I check thepointsguy and the blogs for ideas on my next travel deals and experiences!

  • mcatp

    Having a quiet place to power up everything and watch planes.

  • sillysil26

    I love the food and the comfortable seating!

  • joel gb

    The best part is probably to have a quiet place where you can take some rest

  • Chris

    I like to find a quiet corner to catch up on my sewing or just sleep.

  • general45 aka Bill from maine

    Lounges restore a little sanity in today’s travel world.

  • David

    The lack of loud announcements.

  • gabriel p

    Ability to kick back with a drink and tweeting about the Admiral’s experience, and of course posting an IG photo (pics or it didn’t happen).

  • AC

    the quiet corner to read a book and enjoy a drink or two before my flight!

  • yaychemistry

    My favorite part of the Admirals club is the refreshing showers after a long flight!

  • Ashker

    I like the option to order freshly cooked foods.

  • Talat

    The modern setting impresses me.

  • Free Stuff Scavenger

    I like it when the AA representatives personally walk around to notify guests of an upcoming departure!

  • jen

    not having to mingle with the crowds. Bathrooms that usually don’t have lines!

  • rz3

    I like to sit and relax in a comfy chair with some space and a drink. The wifi and power are definite plusses, too!

  • Sarah Luk

    Being able to get away from the hustle and bustle of the terminal is priceless. It’s a moment of calm before heading back out into the storm. Plus tea and cookies is always a plus in my book.

  • Liv


  • gpks00

    Wifi & snacks

  • James T.

    The food and the relaxing atmosphere.

  • Lyubomir Grigorov

    I like the fact you can escape the busy public terminal. The free drinks help you relax before/after a long flight as well.

  • Ryan Daigle

    Play area for my son, wifi and drinks for me and the wife. It’s a beautiful thing!

  • Thomas

    My favorite part is having my own space at the airport. The food is a nice touch too.

  • Robert

    A place to rest while waiting for flight!

  • Iain

    Chill out with a drink, some peace and quiet while looking forward to a vacation.

  • Maria Paula Straub-Montenegro

    I like to be totally unplugged from the world! All I do is drink something light, then have a muffin or fruit and just in one of those fluffy comfy chairs and take a nap. Best way to enjoy the Admirals Club.

  • Karen C

    Having a place to relax with a snack. Airport food is mighty pricey these days!

  • jeff

    Not having to deal with the gate lice

  • Monic

    Like having a quiet place to relax

  • James

    nothing better then getting a nice whiskey from the bar waiting for you flight!!

  • Matt

    A place to get away from the hustle of the airport for a few minutes.

  • Dale Reardon

    I love being able to relax in more comfortable surroundings and have a drink.

  • Santafefran

    A place to relax far from the madding crowd.

  • Jacob L

    No public address announcements!!

  • Hemal

    It’s a place where you don’t have to worry that much about someone stealing your passport or phone, wifi is nice too

  • Ellen

    I love the (relative) quiet. Very relaxing.

  • Heyitspeej

    Relaxing in a quiet environment

  • ASW

    The individual Margherita pizzas are yummy!

  • Greg

    The showers are awesome.

  • Adam

    Getting to use a nice, clean shower after a long flight!

  • Phil

    a nice place to unwind before flying

  • Zach

    Free drinks!!! What could be better than that?

  • Michael Kennedy

    The best part is by far the drinks and a nice shower!

  • Will

    I’ve never been, would love to try one some day…

  • Dustin

    Airport food is expensive and airline food isn’t the greatest. But lounge food, (if you hit the right lounge), can really do the trick!

  • Andrea

    Not thousands of people every where. I don’t have to sit on the floor to charge my stuff. What’s not to like?

  • David Coates-Bradshaw

    It’s nice to escape to the calm of an Admirals Club, relax, have a drink, take a shower, eat something, catch up on email/facebook etc. Ahhhhhhh !

  • Heather

    I love the quiet, the free drinks and never fighting over an outlet to recharge!

  • John A.

    A nice view of all the action of the aircraft moving around the tarmac from a comfy chair while sipping a gin and tonic. All seems pretty civilized to me.

  • wiznick

    Nice view of the tarmac, some wine and good WiFi to finish some work.

  • Richard

    Just having a place to relax and get a drink.

  • Julia

    Comfortable chair and snacks.

  • CVG_Kid

    The interweb

  • Santastico

    Love the comfy chairs and the kids area.

  • geoduck_007

    Casting aside the hustle and noise of the airport with a cocktail in hand

  • Larry

    A comfortable place to take a snooze or go online, have a drink and use clean bathroom facilities

  • Stephen W.

    My favorite part of the Admirals Clubs are the staff, getting to know the same people each time I fly through the same airports.

  • Bill B

    I would love to find out! I access the United Club from a 1st year free Club card from Chase and the Delta Club with a recent Am Ex Platinum card; I’ve never been in an Admiral’s Club. I suspect the best part of it would be keeping my wife happy!

  • GeeEmm

    I am a former UA 1K now-free agent who’s never been in an Admirals Club. I would look forward to seeing the much better the food options compared to UA’s junk.

  • John Diaz

    I like it because I have everything in one place: drinks (any kind), food, snacks, restrooms, internet, security and confortable chairs while I wait for my next flight.

  • Jonathan

    I enjoy being able to sit down and relax in a more comfortable and less noisy environment!

  • Colby

    Comfy chairs, wifi, snacks, clean bathrooms, and easy access to desk agents to make last minute changes

  • Eddy

    Faster wifi and outlets to power my devices!

  • Peter

    Celebrity sightings and people watching!!

  • Eric Poole

    My favorite part is the showers (in the clubs that have them) after a long international flight!

  • Katherine

    Comfortable chairs and complimentary snacks!

  • Aaron

    Definitely the showers after a long flight.

  • Anthony S.

    Let me in there and I’ll gladly let you know! :)

  • joeypore

    2 words: house. merlot!

    Admirals clubs may not be as fancy as some int’l lounges, but just the saved time alone with very helpful agents is priceless. I’ve switched flights, done re-routes and more, and then gone back to sipping my glass of wine, rather than deal with the crowds of (usually frustrated) people out at the gate.

    Wether it’s free water (seriously, airport water is ridiculously priced), free wifi, or even just a quiet environment to relax, It’s nice to be one step ahead in the admirals club.

  • GCMD

    I appreciate Citi’s effort in giving out these awards – I’m still holding onto my platinum amex currently (and have the citi aadvantage plat visa) but when it comes time to renew, I may really consider add the Citi executive card – hoping for the aa prizes too :)

  • Liat

    My favorite part is the chocolate chip cookies!

  • JAG

    avoided the hubbub & craziness of the airport and getting some business conducted!

  • Jfadds

    Getting away from the crowds

  • Corinne

    It is my wish to provide an answer, but I’ve yet to have the privilege. I’m planning my first vacation, to happen at the end of this year. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to try the Admirals Club experience.

  • Matt

    The newspapers!!

  • jerry

    a shower

  • Bopcat

    I fell and broke my foot on the last day of a Caribbean cruise last year. The only reason I survived the 10 hours wait for my 7PM flight home on a wheelchair was because I have access to the San Juan, Puerto Rico Admirals Club with my AE Platinum card!!

  • PC

    Peace and quiet

  • Big Jim

    Help from agents with any problems that arise with flights

  • Joey

    Quiet, quiet, quiet!!!!!!

  • SA

    Drinks, snacks, and comfy sofas!

  • Justin Johnson

    I love me some free power and internet. Free booze is also good.

  • Darian

    A chance to relax in a quiet environment, away from the hustle.

  • tridentnyc

    Peace and quiet and a nice hot shower for sure.

  • Jeanie French LaPack

    Wifi that’s fast enough to stream video while I await my flight.

  • Raymond_G

    For peace, and quiet, and being away from the hustle and bustle. It’s time out of time, with a little luxury going a long way. Which is all to say it can be a godsend!

  • Myrna

    Love the drinks and treats!

  • Chris

    Easily accesible plugs to charge my electronics.

  • James Horne

    Nice to grab a cold beverage and a light snack and relax while catching up on emails/internet.

  • Chanel @ La Viajera Morena

    I would definitely have to say that my favorite part of the Admirals Club experience is escaping the crowds!

  • Rob K

    Good food and drinks!

  • B Mai

    Oasis of tranquility before your flight

  • jenny

    showers, drinks, food, comfy chairs, plugs galore, need i say more?

  • Julia

    I have never been so I would live the opportunity to relax in a quiet space without all the craziness of the airport all around

  • Michael Heffner

    I like to move it move it, we like to, move it

  • Dave

    Wifi and Wine:)

  • JC

    I most appreciate the versatility of the experience; the Admiral’s Club makes it easy to relax with larger chairs, quiet areas, refreshments, and cocktails, OR the opportunity get heads-down and easily focus on work, with work stations, good wifi, etc.

  • D Jo

    We just spent a few hours in the Tokyo Admiral’s Club. What we loved was the open bar. No bartender, just a line of bottles. I took the Bailey’s to my chair with some coffee :)

  • Andy

    Wifi and drinks

  • VM

    I enjoy relaxing and having a drink before a flight

  • Tomas

    Definitely I like free food and drinks:)

  • avi

    Wifi and a cold drink does it for me!

  • Amanda

    I like having a quiet place to relax and free food is good too!

  • simplex4

    Never been in an Admiral club but I guess it will be wine.

  • Jon

    The showers, when available.

  • Rob J

    Finding an oasis of Peace, with Internet access, and a warm coffee are the primary reasons I keep a Citi/Executive Card – oh, priority check-in is a close second.

  • Ryan K

    Drink, snack, and comfy spot to chrge my electronics!

  • thecanary

    A nice place to hang away from the overcrowded airport!

  • Brian

    A relaxing place to unwind and prepare for the upcoming flight with a snack and a cold beverage.

  • Or N

    My favorite part of the experience is having a glass of vodka before a flight. It helps me relax quite a bit and sleep on the flight.

  • Noy

    Not having to haul your luggage around with you to go to the bathroom and having a light snack before a flight is a major benefit.

  • GlennP

    Getting away from the usual hustle and bustle and relaxing for a while

  • Dawn

    I like so many things! Favorites: free wifi, getting away from the noise and crowds, snacks and drinks, and nicer bathrooms.

  • Newo

    A quiet, relaxing place to sit and do some work can change a bad day at the airport into a good one. A good beer doesn’t hurt either!

  • Desmond

    i like drinking a beer and hanging out

  • MFK

    I like the club as a nice respite away from the crowds in the main terminal.

  • Robert Sungolowsky

    couch is softer than plastic benches!

  • socalgecko

    Comfortable seats and power outlets. what more does a traveler need?

  • RN

    1) not having to pay for a bottle of water; and 2) clean bathrooms.

  • Arturo Crespo

    Just a relaxing place…

  • AnaQ

    I value clean bathrooms. It’s nice and quiet and I can get down to business. LOL.

  • Ricky Moorhouse

    I guess it would be a great place to relax and recharge, but I’ve not had the opportunity yet!

  • Christian Saborio

    Showers, drinks, snacks, and sanity from the mess flying usually is.

  • EMOjunky

    I like having a glass of wine before a flight – it helps me sleep on long trips. And if it’s during a layover, it’s always nice to plug in any electronics I’ve been using (probably my ipad) to recharge before the next leg of my trip.

  • avanex20

    A place to meet fellow travelers and reminisce before beginning an unforgettable journey!

  • Jamie

    I enjoy the premimum food options in many Admiral’s Clubs. Even with having to pay, great to be able to grab a real bite to eat in the calmer lounge environment.

  • jmei

    I like how there are people there that will actually take care of flight problems for you like middle seats on a flight you are waiting to board. That personalized treatment (and wine!) make it worth going there. It’s nice to feel like a real person in an airport once and a while.

  • Matt

    It’s only been within the past year that I’ve discovered how amazing and relaxing the admirals lounge can be! Packing, getting to the airport, going through security, etc. can be hectic. It’s nice to be able to have a drink, grab a snack and decompress before a flight.

  • K Johnson

    My favorite part of the Admiral’s Club experience is the chance to unwind with the family whether that’s enjoying free snacks and a drink, catching up with free wifi, or having the kids chill in a space specifically for them.

  • Jonathan M

    the ability to charge my phone and have a quiet drink!

  • Fred

    The drinks!

  • Eric

    The privacy away from all of the crowds in the terminal is always the best part. Being able to relax in the calm in the storm that is travel is always a pleasure!

  • Thomas C.

    My favorite part of the Admirals Club experience is a tie between:

    1) The Eames chairs that have started showing up in some (all?) of the Admirals Clubs. If you can set the alarm on your phone, it’s the perfect chair in which to nap.

    2) Alicia, one of the bartenders at one of the clubs at JFK. She’s completely delightful, and her Spanish pet names for customers — “mi amor”– crack me up. I adore her.

  • Randy

    Just getting out of the huddled masses would be enough, but a rum and tonic before a flight certainly doesn’t hurt!

  • r Hirsch

    to escape the terminals…if only for a bit

  • Brian N

    I like it because it is not the main terminal! Pretty simple. Outlets to charge devices, food, drink? Yes please.

  • Ricky Wolfe

    On long layovers after long flights, being able to shower and wash up is the best.

  • Ryan from MA

    I love the quiet and peace in the lounge!

  • Scott

    I like having two free beers because I feel like a high powered CEO rather than a lowly government employee…

  • Erin Kendall

    I usually just get some snacks, sit in a quiet corner, use the wi-fi and generally just chill out between flights.

  • Anssi Alkio

    As international traveler, it is nice being able to charge all electronics and have some food, especially if there is long wait between flights.

  • Jessica

    It’s just nice to have a quiet place to relax and have a free drink.

  • JudyAnn

    Nice chairs, quiet, power and a glass of wine!

  • Matt K

    The ability to have a shower after a long international flight, relax with a drink, and take advantage of the snacks.

  • Fawna

    I love it because it’s a great moment to just sit down and take a breath between manic trips! Always lovely to catch up with family in those fantastic chairs for a moment or two.

  • Peter5

    Comfy chairs!

  • dantheman

    It’s just just a relaxing place and is a refreshing break from the chaos of the airport. It’s nice to sit and enjoy a drink, read a local paper, and chat to other travelers.

  • Randy

    A comfortable place to sit with a glass of wine and WiFi makes the time before departure that much more enjoyable!

  • Mital

    I don’t have first hand experience of the Admirals club, but the American Airlines miles would really help me and my wife to get 2 round trip domestic tickets to India via Qatar.

  • JoeyG

    Matt O: Break away pants and removing your shoes on the flight??? WTF…? What exactly are you preparing for on a flight? I would hope that flight personnel would ensure you aren’t seated next to a young child travelling alone…..the pants are simply creepy, and the shoe removal is just plain rude (you know what wool socks smell like after walking a few miles in the airport?). I’ll bet you’re the same person who jams his seat back into the lap of the person behind you, and uses the seat headrest in front of you as a handlebar when getting up to do who knows what in the lavatory……..great prize winner, folks!

  • viks

    Great to have a sanctuary within the hustle and bustle of the airport!

  • Rich

    Getting away from the crowd ! Not paying $5.00 for a diet coke !

  • Accinma

    I love the calm and quiet as soon as you step through the doors from the noisy chaos of the terminal. Then I walk through the whole club and inspect all the perks and choose the perfect place to sit with my free wine and snacks. Favorite lounge so far was Admirals Club in

  • Nick

    My favorite part of the Admirals Club is getting in, checking my flight, grabbing a complimentary drink, and people watching. Very relaxing to guess where other people are going.

  • Jak

    I usually get a ride to the airport on flight days much earlier than I need (saves on parking, but a bummer to have to wait). Having access to a lounge allows for a quiet and stress-less wiat time. My home airport is BDL and the only lounge available is USAirways. With the merger with American a lounge pass is even more valuable to me and the glass of wine is a huge relaxation bonus!

  • Edgar

    A comfortable chair, a drink, and an available power outlet is all I need…yay for lounge access!

  • B. Holliday

    The calmness of an Admirals Club is what I like most. People come in to relax from their journey and unwind a bit! This is exactly what my wife and I would do if we are fortunate enough to win access to the AC! Or, the AA miles would assist my wife and I as we prepare to celebrate our upcoming anniversary in June by adding to our existing points.

  • Nicole

    I don’t have personal experience with lounges, but from everything I’ve seen and read, the snackies and the bathrooms/showers!

  • MSPpete

    I enjoy the wifi in the clubs.

  • Sean

    I’ve never been to an Admiral’s Club, but I imagine that I would like the big comfortable seats and quiter envirnoment.

  • Brennan

    Love the snacks and not having to fight for a power outlet!

  • Robert

    I like it because the chairs are nice and the room is quieter than the rest of the airport

  • Jenny P

    The best part is that I can take my sons and they eat up going to lounges and it is amazing how a free coke and some cheese make them feel like VIPs

  • Soggy beer pants

    The showers at Dallas admirals club between flights when returning home after a long international trip like South Africa. On international trips I have a change of clothes in my carry on — just in case after having a drink spilled on me during a flight a couple of years ago and sat in soggy pants for rest of flight. A glorious hot shower and a change into fresh clothes at the Dallas admirals club makes that last leg home so much easier.

  • Nick

    Nice chairs with a drink makes long layovers much better.

  • victor corey

    We recently had a 7 hour layover in Detroit. We were very greatful that we had availability to the American Airlines Admiral Club to make our stay at the airport much more enjoyable.

  • LV

    Whether it’s before a flight or on a layover, just having the opportunity to get some calm, as well as a beer at the bar with my sweetheart (does that make me sound like a romantic or what).

  • Fresnan17

    I have never been to the club, but I would love to go!

  • Aaron Handman

    I enjoy the calm away from the storm that can be Terminals. WiFi, comfy chairs, and a peaceful atmosphere make it easier to accomplish whatever you need to.

  • nbenfo

    Most airports are stress-zones where there’s a million other people stressing about the same thing you are–getting from Point A to Point B. A few weeks ago, I stumbled on an Admirals Club and all it took was a friendly smile and welcome from the front desk to remind me that humans aren’t so bad. Free beer was cool too.

  • Quinn

    I find the free wifi and quiet space really helps me get some work done between flights.

  • Harold

    Free drinks and snacks!

  • Brian

    My favorite part? … The quiet. It’s amazing.

  • Robert

    Oh man, I would love to enjoy the quiet peace and luxury of an Admirals Club instead of the hectic hubbub of typical terminal areas.

  • Li Fang Yu

    I’ve never been to the Admirals Club but would love to experience it myself. Winning these miles would help make that possible on our trip to Japan in December!

  • Peter K

    When traveling for work, a quiet place with a power outlet is all I ever want. It seems like a small request, but good luck finding it anywhere outside of a club!

  • Terry K

    I like that some have kids rooms where I dont have to worry about them running around.

  • Tom

    The Eames lounge chairs at some of the Admirals Club locations are a really nice touch that highlights iconic American design.

  • Lesli

    What I love about the lounges is that most of the time they are so underutilized (well at least in the airports I fly around to). It is nice to be able to sit around and relax without people crowding you in a chair.

  • Charles Shimooka

    I enjoy relaxing in the lounge with a drink and catching up on the latest news with a newspaper.

  • Debbie

    It’s nice to have a place to relax before flights, but I really like how you can get better service if you need help from an agent.

  • Farhan Haroon

    I would goto the Admiral lounge in JFK. Go on the computer to catch up on emails, and eat a light snack. Then I would put my feet up and relax in their lounge chairs. If I have a overnight flight. I would go take a shower, change in to my PJ’s and have a relaxing flight.

  • Yanfei

    Just the privilege to stay away from swarms of people, even though it’s kind of packed in the lounge as well nowadays.

  • Luis

    I’ve only been at the Admiral’s Club once, at LGA. It was there that I discovered that quiet is actually a luxury item. Even the shortest trips can be enhanced with the ability to collect your thoughts.

  • TerryH

    yogurt pretzels and help with plan changes

  • moglixxx

    A power outlet without having to swoop in before someone takes the 3 available in the airport. Free wifi. and who doesn’t love snacks?

  • R. J.

    I have never experienced the Admirals Club but would love to plug in and catch up, have a drink and relax pre-flight. The miles would help us on our family vacation to Jamaica.

  • Unrea

    I love the comfortable cushy chairs and easily accessible power outlets to charge all my portable devices.

  • Eric Pease

    I love the snacks in the Admirals Club!

  • Emily

    Free food! And the peace and quiet of course.

  • John

    Comfy chairs and elbow room.

  • Brendan

    I like the bar at RDU. It’s a nicer club and the people are really friendly. Plus, lots of outlets!

  • MaSaBeMama

    Spacious waiting area, a food menu in addition to snacks, nice bathrooms, outlets – and the pleasure of treating travel companions to the experience for the very first time!

  • Drew

    I love to just get away from the crowds and hustle and bustle of the airport!

  • Gabe

    The best part of our Admirals Club experience is? Well, it depends on who you ask in my family. For my wife, it’s a chance to unwind with a glass of wine before a long red-eye. For my 6 year-old son, it’s a chance to put-on some comfy pajamas and play in the kids area before his transcontinental power nap. And for me…a clean bathroom – that alone is worth the price of admission.

  • ElizabethS

    Love to start my trip early by finding a comfortable quiet spot, putting earplug on and closing my eyes, may indulge in a nice glass of wine.

  • Sara

    After an international flight, being able to shower and have a cocktail before my connection is priceless.

  • yiplar

    I’ve never had access to the Admirals Club, but I’m sure I wouldn’t mind a comfortable place to grab a drink remove myself from the chaos of the terminal. I think my favorite thing would simply be the atmosphere.

  • JB

    Comfortable chairs and a place to gather some peace and quite while waiting for your flight!

  • Patrick Folger

    Never been in a AA Admirals Club, been in Alaska Air which really enjoyed. Would love to see whats behind those doors in AA

  • Mike – Dayton, OH

    A drink and a power-nap in between flights in a quiet Admirals club really helps one get through the travel melee.

  • Bob

    I look forward to the relative peace and quiet of the club compared to the terminal, and, of course, the free wifi.

  • Baqa

    Number one benefit for me is getting away from the crowds for some quiet time.

  • Ivan

    The SHOWER and the food and the lounge chairs/couch are the best thing, especially on a long layover. I can just kick back refreshed, and chow down in a comfy chair!

  • Junlan

    I love eating, so all the ‘free’ food and snacks makes my day, especially if there was crummy food on the plane! Good internet service is also great for catching up since I don’t connect to the internet on the plane!

  • Elaine

    Haven’t been to an Admirals Club lately but what I like at other clubs is being away from the terminal craziness, the chance to have a snack, and working wifi. As a new Executive Card holder, I look forward to trying one on my next trip. I would love to win the 25,000 miles since I just burned a bunch of AA miles for my next trip!

  • Victor

    Really love the ability to shower after an overnight flight and get myself refreshed for the day. Cant do that anywhere else in an airport

  • JAY

    We also enjoy the ablity to sit bck and relax between th ever hectic pace of travel. Most assuredly we would find a good use for the 25K of miles.

  • Thomas

    I just enjoy the less hectic atmosphere that the club provides over the general gate area. Being able to get online and “relax” between flights is great.

  • Patricia

    I appreciate access to an outlet to recharge my portable oxygen concentrator!

  • Michael Andrews

    I Like The Excellent Staff Working In The Admirals Lounges. They Always Try To Make Yout Flying Experience Enjoyable And The Drinks Are A.nice Touch Too :)

  • RRR

    Amid all the chaos of modern-day airports, the Admirals Club is like an oasis of calm where I can relax, make last-minute phone calls, and enjoy a light snack before venturing back out into the chaos.

  • Sterling17

    Love being able to grab a shower before and/or after my long international flights, and I think my those sitting next to me are glad for that as well!

  • ennelai

    Food! Om nom nom…

  • Hawaiitex

    For me it’s safe harbor away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd. A chance to reset and slow down with a drink .

  • Richard Olmstead Jr

    I like the Admirals Club (I have been a member for many, many years) because it gets me out of the mainstream airport traffic, I can have a drink and/or snack, but most of all it keeps my wife HAPPY.

  • Alex

    It’s a good place to relax, plus it has good Wi-Fi connection for laptop. Wish I can experience it again on my future trips.

  • Alan

    The basic functions every traveler is looking for in Admirals club includes Wifi and some refreshments or food. The favorite part I like is actually the great restroom you can take a shower. That can really help me to feel refreshed during a long trip.

  • Daniel Di Bartolo

    I’ve never used an Admiral Club lounge, but I DID just book my first ever award ticket (business class on AA to Rome). Thanks so much for helping me get there! It would be AWESOME to replenish some of those miles. :)

  • Melinda Fulner

    The lounge vs terminal is equivalent to crowded subway vs a nice car service. You can’t really relax in the terminal. The lounge also has nicer restrooms and comfy chairs. Kick back and see what The Points Guy has been tweeting.

  • Jesson Tian

    The free food, nice chairs and good service. Does nice restroom also count? I believe so. ^_^

  • rukawa005

    comfy chairs, a place to use my laptop, some light refreshments and snacks…. can’t ask for more :)

  • Sara

    I have only been able to read about the Admirals Club and would love to experience it firsthand!

  • Kathy

    haven’t had the chance to go inside any of the Admiral clubs – would love to, though!

  • Iver

    American has really upped its game in the past few years (saying this as a 25-year multimillion mile flier on several airlines); this goes for the Admiral’s Clubs as well – new SFO club in particular is stunning and uplifting (as well as relaxing).

  • jake108

    Re AC, first off a warm greeting(and possible assistance) from AAngels. Then complimentary F&B or purchased depending on meal service on m flights. Next, likely network with fellow-minded travelers. I could spend many hours in AC(or FL)and have!

  • jake108

    Edit to above: I forgot to mention the showers-always a nice treat!

  • Laurie

    A place to sit down away from the chaos! And of course, drinks and food are a bonus.

  • Raghu

    Like the quietness of the club, less noise from airport foot traffic. catch up on e mails or get a glass of wine. A one stop shop

  • Peter

    I like having a beer and letting my little ones play in the kids’ area before a long trip.

  • Mat M.

    While I’ve never had access to the Admirals Club I feel like it would be great experience. Since I normally travel for business I would take great advantage of their business services….and maybe a drink or two!

  • Brice Mckalip

    Free beer! Few things make me happier than escaping from a hectic airport and pulling up to the bar to watch a game while waiting for my next flight.

  • kyle

    I just like to be able to sit down in a comfortable chair with a beverage. It’s like a stress-free zone.

  • Rod L

    I enjoy a light pre-flight meal so when I get onboard I can: A) work work work on a daytime flight undisturbed; or B) sleep through a nighttime flight

  • CoreyA

    I’ve never experienced it, but I imagine I would enjoy the beer and a shower. :)

  • desiblogger

    I use the lounge to get organized for my flight and when traveling for work, make sure I get done what I need to get done on my flight. When traveling with my kids, it’s my chance to take 5 minutes to relax and prepare for craziness of flying with children!

  • Peter D

    The astrolabe. Oh wait, wrong admirals club. The wi-fi!

  • tshark42

    I love having a place to relax between flights, fire up the Internet to get a little work done, and grab a quick bite to eat and drink. It’s nice to get a little peace and quiet from the hustle and bustle of the gates.

  • papapit

    I value the clubs for the cleaner and quieter environment then the public spaces of an airport. Like to escape more often and hope to do that with the offered pass. Thank you

  • Dm

    Friendly friendly staff! And fast wifi. What more could I ask for.

  • Chuck

    Love the quiet atmosphere, the chance to get some real work done in a casual environment, and the great staff that are usually found there.

  • Breck

    Never been, would love to try.

  • Ellen

    Comfy chair, feet up, snacks and wifi!

  • scott

    I like the lounge because you are away from the chaos of the airport. You can relax, get your work done in peace and comfort, and enjoy your complimentary drinks and snacks.

  • Larry

    Gotta be the drinks!

  • Ty Webb

    Just a quiet place to relax after the stress of getting to the airport and going through security.

  • Marib

    I don’t have 1st hand experience of the Admirals Club because the one time I was eligible (business class award from JFK), there were 3 accidents on the way there, and we arrived over an hour and a half later than planned- made checkin by 5 minutes! I would love to go back to Rome and experience what I missed at JFK five years ago!

  • Suzanne Gwinn

    The restroom is it for me. That is the biggest deal of the Admiral’s Club experience. It is always clean, gorgeous and best of all, not crowded and I don’t have to lug my suitcase in there. Beyond that, being inside the Club in between a flight and having the ability to lounge in a comfy chair while catching up on emails is a great perk. The snacks and beverages don’t hurt, either.

  • London Larry

    the smile on the face of the first person to greet me when I enter an Admiral’s Club…followed by efficient and professional help with any travel Snafu’s that might have occurred…

  • Mark R.

    Being able to relax and zone out.

  • mighty flighty

    Now that we got rid of all the grouchy American expressers its a great quiet place to snack relax work and get ready for your flight.

  • funkiehouse

    Arriving at the Admirals Club before or in-between flights is like stepping onto the sand once you arrive on vacation. It gives you that much needed rest and breath of fresh air after maneuvering through a anxious mob of people running for their next flight. We usually frequent the ORD and LAX clubs since we live in Chicago and have family in LA, although we are moving to LA very soon. I love that the main airports we frequent have showers so if you find yourself running out the door with little time to make it to the airport, you have a chance to give your undercarriage a thorough once over before boarding or heading to dinner after arrival. We’re planning a trip to Costa Rica this fall for our anniversary and were looking forward to our stop in DFW (unless we go through MIA) because we have heard great things about the DFW club. I never thought that an airline club would be a destination, or influence a ticket purchase, but there you have it.

    We have been day pass users thus far but are really considering membership. I was about to apply for the AMEX Plat a few months back, just before I ran by the story from TPG that this benefit was being dropped so now were eyeballing that Citi AA Exe 100k card but not until next year when we buy and remodel our future LA home. Let’s hope the Citi offer is still around when we can meet the spend requirement for the miles. Fingers crossed. Cheers.

  • Pineapple

    We live in Hawaii. We’re going to Italy this fall, but I am dreading the 24 hours and 3 flights it will take to get there. Spending some of the layover time in an Admiral’s Club would make things a lot easier. Also, we can use the extra AA miles to get off the rock more often!

  • Sara

    Relax in a comfy chair, have a glass of wine, check email…

  • Jean

    I love everything about the admirals club. I am someone that has been traveling coach for years, so anything that makes me feel special is an excellent experience!!

  • sarah w

    I have lucky been able to go to the Admiral’s Clubs on a few occasions. The best part are the little snacks available to power you up before a flights. My best experience ever with the Admiral’s Club was when i missed a connecting flight on my way home over the Christmas season. I went straight to the Adminral’s Club to have a new flight booked. It took all of 5 minutes while the attendant was able to place me one one of the few remaining seats (bonus -in first class also!!!) while other’s had to wait on a line that was 100+ people long. Without them, i probably would not have made it home for another 2 days (no exaggeration). Thanks so much!!!!

  • DSB

    AC is great. AMEX Platinum was good for the while it lasted. Have CITI EXEC now!!! A hot shower and a cold brew at MIA on the return from the oil patch in LatAm to IAH is a must.

  • rojomojo

    A safe place to sleep.

  • matt

    i love the ability to go early and relax w/ good drinks and food.

  • mangoManFT

    It’s great with the family as it provides a quiet place to have a snack & drink, and relax. Our kids have grown accustomed to going to “the club” when we fly. We try not to spoil them, but I guess we fail in this case :)

  • Julie Smith

    I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting an Admirals Club, but I’d love the opportunity! I’m taking my sister to Grenada for her 50th birthday using miles, so we’ll be spending some time in MIA. It would be a wonderful birthday treat for us to be able to spend the layover in the Admirals Club!

  • Chris B.

    Being somewhat removed from the grind and hustle of the terminal is the best part for me. I think it really limits the mental exhaustion of a few-hour-long layover due to this and it makes all the difference.

  • Shaz Sadhukha

    A nice relaxed environment with a good selection of drinks is what I look forward to. Certainly beats hanging around those uncomfortable terminal chairs!

  • dude26

    I think for me it’s simply the ability to sit in a comfy chair, checking email, reading blogs (like this one!) etc.

  • Happy Feet

    We used the admiral club passes when we were flying to MCO from SFO and had to stop over at CDA. The kids could relax in the lounge and it made our vacation a great start.

  • Tom

    I like it for the free drinks before my flight!

  • Michael Kao

    I just visited the admiral club in LAX. I like the fact they have a separate room designated “kids lounge”. My two boys could play, scream without disturbing other fellow guests while me and my wife could simply relax and enjoy the food and drink.

  • Cliff

    I just got in through the Executive card. I gotta say, the guaranteed snacks and restrooms make it worthwhile.

  • mipo777

    I like how they can help with flight issues.

  • LeslieB

    I really appreciate having a quiet place to work and check email without the need to search endlessly for a seat near an outlet.

  • panda

    comfy chairs

  • Dino Vlahakis

    What I like most about the admirals club is their little snacks and drinks. Recently I also have good time at the admirals club bar before an exciting trip.

  • Concorde Club

    I like to escape the madness of O’hare and settle into a corner of the Admirals Club where I can take a break, sip some wine, and watch the jets. In short, pretend life was 30 years ago.

  • Joanna

    i love the quieter atmosphere, free internet, and nicer bathrooms, for sure!!

  • Matt

    I like to sit back peacefully without the crazy crowd by the gate and have a drink.

  • Karen

    Great for passing time on those long layovers!

  • Esteban

    Just the fact of a bit more relaxed wait for a flight makes a visit to an Admirals Club worth it

  • Helen S

    I like having a little bit of private space and a chance to recharge my iPad between flights.

  • Daniel M

    My favorite part recently has been the Avis golf games that give you AA miles!

  • Tord

    Power outlets and free wifi.

  • Kim

    Drinks and a quick snack!

  • Roberto

    My favorite thing about the American Airlines Admiralty Club is the ability to stretch out, get refreshments, and get some work done!

  • JP

    The kids rooms. We enjoy having a place for the kids to play and work off energy in the Admirals Club before the flight. I’m sure people who want peace and quiet appreciate that there is a room where kids can play.

  • Skor

    I would have liked to share my experience but the fact is I have never had to the opportunity to visit one – would be great if I could through this giveaway!

  • NVD

    I love traveling to far flung destinations, but there’s nothing that bugs me more than going over 24 hours without a shower. Thanks to this feature in many Admirals Clubs, I don’t have to. It came in particularly useful when traveling from DPS-KUL-CDG-JFK. An layover in CDG with a shower at the lounge eased the transition from Malaysia first to AA coach!

  • Jeff Sloyer

    Being able to take a shower and get refreshed. The showers in Dallas Admirals Club are amazing!!!

  • Pazpeaceman

    Hands down that distinguishes the Admirals Club from otherairline lounges is the genuine friendliness of the staff. Also they typically tend to be less crowded than other clubs.

  • Ron

    I enjoy a quiet place to relax in a comfortable environment.

  • Rich

    I love having a quiet place to work, and get away from the craziness of the airport for a short while. Waiting for a flight at the gate is “the pits”.

  • Daniel Dodd

    I like being able to sit down, relax and get a bite to eat. Then being able to send a few emails or just surf the web for some last minute ideas about my destination gets me excited about my trip.

  • MaxC

    Refreshments and wifi

  • JoanZ118

    I will only travel on AA so I can use the Admirals club, before any flight…. coming or going. I usually travel to see kids and grandkids and need the time to relax have a drink or a snack and collect my self and my thoughts….it is the best time I can get for myself and be alone….I love it.

  • Matthew Ender

    Escaping the craziness of the terminal and grabbing a beer pre-flight or during a connection is pure bliss.

  • jedijood

    The baby rooms for our kids!

  • Tim

    free food, drinkk, & wifi!

  • Steven

    I enjoy the chance to escape the chaos of the terminal.

  • Christina Oddy

    The chance to take a break from the chaos and relax is the biggest benefit for me.

  • Stella

    The Admirals Club completes out vacation allowing my family to bond and relax with each other even while waiting for our next flight.

  • todd s.

    In addition to the perks that everyone’s mentioned (drinks, food, wifi), I’ve actually met a lot of interesting people in the Admirals Club.

  • Monica

    I have never been to an Admirals Club but would love to on my upcoming trip that I’m planning for my husband’s birthday. I plan to take advantage of the American Airlines sale to the Caribbean & either book a surprise trip in December to either Antigua or Grenada. The club passes & miles would really help with adding some extra excitement to the trip.

  • Heather

    Snacks, mostly. And less chaos

  • Pete

    Love being able to grab a glass of wine, sit down in a comfortable chair, and recharge (both my devices and myself!) during layovers.

  • Rob P

    They’re quiet, have comfy chairs and free booze! Thank you!

  • Brett Baumann

    Best part of Admiral’s Club, easy its the showers. After long day at work there’s nothing like a relaxing shower, followed by free beer and a night flight home!

  • Collidingstar

    Not having to hunt town a power outlet is my Number one!

  • mp1007

    For me the best is the pre-flight snacks and escape from the crownds in the terminals…

  • DubZ

    I enjoyed the comfort of the seating areas and the snacks and drinks, especially before long international flights.

  • Luke US

    I’ve never been in a lounge, hopefully I can win a pass here! :)

  • Caline H

    I LOVE THE ADMIRALS CLUB!! I have only been a couple of times but it is such a nice oasis in what tends to be a constant sea of craziness when I travel. Just being able to sit in a comfy chair, have some tea, and use WiFi is well worth the admission fee! :P

  • Christopher

    I had an experience at the Admirals Club in Dallas that made me a life long customer. After a long international flight I decided to splurge on a day pass since I had a long layover.

    When I checked in, the nice receptionist told me that there were showers available if I wanted. What the heck, I thought. It couldnt hurt. Well, it did. Now I am completely spoiled!

    The shower had 7 (SEVEN!!!!!!) shower heads! I have been to a few nice spas and hotels, and have NEVER seen a shower so well-equipped. I thought about skipping my flight and just spending the day in there!

    When I finally peeled myself away I ordered a Bloody Mary and asked myself why this was my first time at the AC. I didnt have a good answer…

    Anyways, if I won, I would use those miles and passes to go right back to Dallas baby!!

  • SammyQ

    Admirals club is awesome. Love having space to stretch and sit comfortably.

  • American Dreamer

    Free drinks and food are the things I appreciate more…

  • Rich A.

    The food, drinks and a comfortable place are what I like —–

  • David

    The solitude.

  • Deneetro

    I like to stretch out and relax as opposed to being at the crowded gates fighting for a seat.

  • Ben

    To fully appreciate the admiral Clubs, you need to come to the airport early!
    You start off with a pleasant greeting from the agents at the desk, this sure makes you feel good.
    Then you need to scout out the lounge, and make a mental note of all the amenities the lounge offers. Keep in mind how much time you have. If you have a little time, it’s not ideal for a shower, skip straight to the food.
    I’m attached to my BlackBerry so I go straight to an outlet to charge up.
    Then I get myself a free beer or coke mixed with whiskey (personal favorite)
    While sipping my drink, I relax in a chair and catch up on some emails.

    Aha, if only my office was this good.

  • David Granet

    I love the AC because of the agents like Elma in LAX and Marc in SAN. Sure the safety, cleanliness and food are all nice but the personal attention and ability to take care of flying changes smoothly makes it special. I have been called on the plane by the AC agent and been able to take care of tons of little things I needed while in the club. Internationally it is a piece of home where you know everything will be ok. Love the flagship lounges and some of the partner clubs around the word are just amazing! Worth every penny for my Citi “Black” card for the club access alone.

  • Ace Mason

    I love that Admirals Club gives me a chance to just take a breather from the hectic airport hustle and bustle and gives me time to relax before my long-haul flights. Gives me a chance to get my pre-flight snack in and get a little work done in a relaxing and comfortable environment.

  • Benett Lapray

    I wont lie, i stuff my bag full of free cans of soda and snacks!

  • Joel

    My favorite thing about the Admirals Club are simply to have everything you need to relax before catching my flight in one place. Snacks, relaxing place to sit, wifi and clean restrooms.

  • rjnc

    free drinks, snacks, wi fi. What is not to love in an industry where you now get nickel and dimed to death.

  • Lily

    Admirals Club can provide a good place to take a rest or shower during my trip. Wifi can let me connect to my family and friends. This is the best part I like it. Hope they can improve the speed of Wifi :)

  • Taryn

    I like getting away from the chaos of the main terminals into an oasis of peace and free drinks…

  • Benjamin Han

    Being away from the crowd and terrible airport seats adds so much to making any layover comfortable.

  • Dr. JLo

    I like having a place with free WiFi, a quieter atmosphere, free drinks, clean restrooms and snacks.

  • Cindy

    It is nice to have a place where I can leave my bags and my children’s luggage and not have to tote it all around the airport.

  • Jacob
  • Erin B

    Having the opportunity to sit down and relax with a nice glass of wine while getting in some Netflix binge watching is what makes the Admirals Club such a great place!

  • Derek P.

    I haven’t had the opportunity to be inside the Admirals lounge. I got my platinum card last November and have gotten to get inside all other lounge except AA. Now that they are no longer part of the AmEx Platinum package if I did get to go I would grab a drink or two, watch the NBA playoffs and watch the planes takeoff while I wait for mine.

  • GLobus1

    Favorite parts of the experience? Good locations, chairs, food, drink, and access to the Internet.

  • boxedlunch

    love just being able to spread out

  • Kim

    Airport concourses tend feel like being in a cattle herd during busy times. Admirals Clubs certainly let you forgo the herd mentality

  • Alexandra Pucherelli

    I like the comfy seats and free drinks

  • Lily DiZerega

    The quiet and calmness to do whatever it is you need to do – check email, grab a drink, freshen up, get a work out in, take a conference call, it’s endless.

  • David

    The best part is being able to freshen up and relax after a long flight. Add in the snacks and drinks, then I am ready for the next flight.

  • Beth Sherman

    The Admirals Club is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the airport. It’s a place to kick your shoes off, grab a cocktail and do some internet surfing to find a great restaurant or event to attend at destination.

  • md9802

    Free wifi, food and drinks!

  • Scott Libson

    I like having a place to relax during a long layover. It’s a combination of comfy chairs, nearby bathrooms, wifi, etc., but combined, it boils down to feeling less stressed about travel.

  • JK733

    I enjoy going in, sometimes with my traveling companions, and relaxing before or between flights. Sometimes I have 45 minutes, sometimes a few hours. A great place to catch a quick nap, or reconnect with the electronic world if I want to. Love the snacks and free beverages!

  • misschele

    Have never been in an Admiral’s Club. In face, have not flown in over 10 years. Have finally been able to book a 3 generation trip (ages 73, 46 and 9) for this summer. Would be icing on the cake to have the passes! We will have to drive a significant distance to get to the airport. The points would give us more time to tour instead of drive.

  • Amy @ The Q Family

    Free wifi and space to relax.

  • Caroline

    I just love the peace and quiet of the club; and, of course, my glass of wine.

  • waffffffle

    My favorite part of the Admirals Club is the front desk. It’s so much easier to deal with changing flights and upgrades than trying to get a gate agent’s attention.

  • Lantean

    Just being away from the crowds and the noise.

  • Jeff

    The front desk assisted me a lot in the past winter season. I can easily rebook flights.

  • Jacob K

    Love going to the AC to escape the crowds, get a free diet soda, and check some emails before getting on the plane!

  • Stephanie T.

    WiFi and beer

  • Edgar L

    drinks, clean and quiet bathrooms, snacks, and of course, wifi.

  • Maya

    Those comfy seats and free snacks and drinks make for a much more pleasant layover!

  • Tyler

    I can’t wait to try the Admirals Club and report back. My guess is that I will enjoy a beverage and a snack pre-flight and hopefully if TPG makes this happen I will know for sure!

  • Precia Chesnutt Barrett

    It’s been a long time since I’ve been in an Admirals Club. With my family, I like that it is a contained area. I can send my teen off to the bathroom, or to get food without worrying as much as I do when the facilities and restaurants are really far apart. I just love the comfy chairs too!

  • gmmerrell
  • Jenny

    I haven’t been in the Admirals Club, but I’m all for a pre-flight cocktail!

  • shaaaawn

    I have never experienced the Admirals Club, but definitely always wanted too! That said, I would image grabbing a drink or 2 at the bar would probably top the list of my favorite thing to do.

  • Darcy

    The best part about it is that you get a chance to relax! There is space to spread out, unlike most other areas of the airport. It also puts everything you need in one convenient location!

  • Paul

    Free drinks! Separation from “the gate”.

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