Thursday Giveaway: 25,000 American Airlines AAdvantage Miles and Admirals Club Passes from Citi

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Earlier this month, I wrote that during the month of April, Citibank is providing complimentary One-Day passes to any domestic Admirals Club lounge or US Airways Club to travelers whose credit cards no longer provide complimentary access (specifically the American Express Platinum Card and Business Platinum Card) as a way of highlighting Admirals Club access as a perk of both its Citi Executive AAdvantage and Citi Prestige cards. For last week’s giveaway, I offered 25,000 American Airlines AAdvantage miles and 4-packs of Admirals Club Passes courtesy of Citibank in honor of this promotion.

American's Admirals Club

Win some miles and American’s Admirals Club passes this week.

This week we are excited to announce that we are giving away ANOTHER amazing prize pack! The Grand Prize is 25,000 American Airlines AAdvantage miles plus a 4-pack of Admirals Club One-Day passes, and there are two runner-up prizes of 4-packs of Admirals Club One-Day passes!

This week, instead of telling me how you would use your miles, we’re going to mix it up a bit. It’s Thirsty Thursdays here at TPG headquarters and we’re shaking up some drinks for an early happy hour! At some Admirals Clubs, you’ll find a full self-serve bar available to make yourself a drink, and I would like to know: if you had every alcohol and mixer at your disposal, what drink would you make? 

To enter, comment on this post or on our Facebook page telling me what that drink would be? And for you teetotalers, what’s your favorite mocktail? Perhaps it’s a pre-flight Bloody Mary? Maybe it’s a nice dry martini with a blue-cheese-stuffed olive? What about a nice tall glass of refreshing sparkling water with a wedge of lemon? Whatever it is, enter by 5pm ET on Monday, April 28 to be eligible. You can only enter once per medium. The winner will be chosen at random and announced next week.

And the Winners of Last Week’s Prizes of 25,000 American Airlines AAdvantage miles plus a 4-pack of Admirals Club One-Day passes are…

Last week we asked what your favorite aspects of the Admirals Club experience was, and we were overwhelmed with the responses! We had some amazing entries! One stood out from the crowd, coming from blog reader NVD:

“I love traveling to far flung destinations, but there’s nothing that bugs me more than going over 24 hours without a shower. Thanks to this feature in many Admirals Clubs, I don’t have to. It came in particularly useful when traveling from DPS-KUL-CDG-JFK. An layover in CDG with a shower at the lounge eased the transition from Malaysia first to AA coach!”

We also had two runners up who each won a 4-pack of Admirals Club One-Day Passes, and they were TPG Facebook fans Gary C. and Hilary M.!

Congrats to all of our winners, we hope your miles and passes will be put to great use and you’ll enjoy the luxury of the Admirals Club!

Disclaimer: The responses below are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. It is not the bank advertiser's responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered.

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  • Jamie

    Rum and Coke

  • Brian c

    Cucumber Collins – great light and refreshing summer drink.

  • usnamom2014

    Long Island Ice Tea!

  • Jake

    I’d make a delicious Negroni!

  • Mike

    Shiner Bock Beer

  • Yippeee

    A bloody mary for sure!

  • DarrenB

    Moscow Mule. Way too refreshing, which makes it way too dangerous. I might fall asleep in the Admirals Club and miss my flight.

  • [email protected]

    captain and coke

  • Brian Sullivan

    Maker’s and Ginger

  • Thomas

    An Old Fashioned or a Caucasian.

  • Sfera

    Moscow Rule – Also available at the Admirals Club!

  • jp

    Champagne, a twist of lime and just a dash of elderflower cordial – perfect for summer

  • nellwal

    White wine spritzer with a tequila back

  • David


  • frenchman619

    Vodka Gimlet

  • mspswede

    Tanqueray and Tonic.

  • Joel Ang

    Old Fashioned with Old Weller Bourbon!

  • Marcus C

    Root beer and Baileys Irish Creme.

  • zbird

    Pisco Sour

  • Dave

    I’d love a Whiskey and diet coke, low carb and high alcohol content! :)

  • W_hedgie

    Definitely a Bloody Mary…or an Oyster Shooter if at a seafood restaurant. ;)

  • jj

    It’s embarrassing, but a pina colada always makes any situation feel like a vacation…

  • Steve

    A strawberry margarita with Don Julio 1942 tequila – can’t wait for summer!

  • Patrick

    Makers Mark Bourbon Sour

  • Cali

    I would make a painkiller. If you haven’t had one in the Virgin Islands, it is rum, pineapple juice, coconut creme and nutmeg. Don’t forget a cherry on top! :)

  • Kyle

    I’d have a Manhattan with Maker’s Mark.

  • Petrone

    Double Jack Daniels on the rocks! Texas Staple!

  • Phil

    A gin and tonic, of course! My go-to at a bar or a lounge, it’s a nice entry to calm the nerves. Plus, if I drink it before a long flight, it’ll remind me of grounded comfort and keep me relaxed for the duration of the flight. Well, maybe more than one, depending on the flight’s length!

  • Hashim305

    Bombay Sapphire straight up.

  • HaroldD

    Jack and Coke

  • tpup

    I’m partial to No-jitos

  • Stephen

    I would make a Sazerac. It’s rye whiskey, bitters and a touch of absinthe.

  • B Miris

    I’m from New York so a Manhattan of course! I’d mix it up by using a Tennessee whiskey or perhaps Canadian Rye, (when in an international mood)…

  • Marlene

    My favorite is Stoli Orange and cranberry juice.

  • Carli Fernandez

    Cosmo, not too sweet

  • Gabriel

    Bloody Mary. There is just something about drinking tomato when I fly.

  • Paul

    The Last Word. Classic. Delicious. Relatively unknown (which only adds to the appeal).

  • Cory

    I love a pisco sour.

  • Robert Dickerson

    Tom Collins

  • Chelsie Baugh

    ginger ale and that tiny bottle of whiskey. so refreshing at cruising altitude!

  • Clay

    Old Fashioned!

  • Peter van Es

    Smoked chiles and coffee, fresh cream, balancing the flavours and a nice organic Mezcal.

  • Pawel

    Long Island IceTea

  • Peter K


  • Lyndsey Borg

    Definitely would be a gentlemans Jack and sprite

  • Sean G

    Gin and Tonic with Hendrick’s gin

  • David W.

    Pisco sour (especially at SCL)

  • Octavian

    Root beer!

  • Monique

    The perfect travel cocktail drawing inspiration from international destinations: equal parts Port and St Germain with sprig of mint

  • Evan

    Easily a Balvenie DoubleWood 12 Year Old.. One for me and one for the bartender.

  • Erin Kendall

    Rum and Coke. Mount Gay does the trick.

  • Christina Oddy

    I like a good whisky sour!

  • Clay

    Old Fashioned

  • Seth W.

    Gin and Tonic. Thank you!

  • Ashley Miller

    Fernet and Coke, for my Argentine husband!

  • Matthew Wilson

    Jack and Coke

  • Denise

    If it’s an open bar, I use the espresso machine and add whatever nudges are available- Tokyo had Grand Marnier and Bailey’s! If it’s a bar, champagne, duh :) (gotta pretend air travel is still glamorous, right?)

  • RG

    Cubalibre(Rum, Coke, Lime) with Cuban Rum(Available in Mexico)!!

  • Marsha

    Caipirinha made with cachaça, sugar, and lots of lime. Our wonderful hotel in Iguazu, Argentina welcomed us with these wonderful cocktails. They were delicious and refreshing and hard to find.

  • Adam Berger

    Woodford Reserve on the rocks.

  • MarcMon

    Irish Coffee: gets me tipsy like I want to be and keeps me alert like I need to be

  • Mike

    A nice hot cup of Joe. Black. And maybe a glass of water.

  • Melissa

    Vodka and Cranberry with a wedge of lime.

  • Carl Cheng

    I usually keep it simple with a Vodka Soda with Lemon. Or if there’s a self serve bloody mary bar, I’ll do that or Tom Collins-esque with a gin, ginger ale, seltzer, and lemon.

  • Ree

    Amaretto Stone Sour

  • Kevin Schmidle

    Cabo Margarita…..(in fact might make one now)

  • Taylor Michie

    Sparkling water with a twist of lemon, because underage. ;-)

  • Tiff

    Ultimate chocolate martini. It’s dessert in alcohol form. Chocolate liqueur, white chocolate liqueur, vanilla vodka, Irish cream, and coffee liqueur.

  • District Downer

    Since I’m heading to Peru in a few weeks, it’s got to be a Pisco Sour!

  • Scotty G

    Woodford Reserve, neat

  • Kevin C

    I would want a good pre-flight Caipirinha.

  • Damo

    Hendricks gin muddled with fresh mint, lime, and cucumber with a splash of soda. A little agave syrup if you like it sweet.

  • Lyubomir Grigorov

    I learned this in Eastern Europe. Absinth (75%+ alcohol) and Aftershock. You light them up, gather the fumes in a wine glass, put out the fire, drink the shot and inhale the trapped fumes through a straw.

  • Catherine H.

    For a morning flight, mimosa every time. For an afternoon or evening flight, a frozen strawberry margarita with a sugar rim please!

  • whrobb

    If I could do it, I’d make myself a Caipirinha, no question.

  • sAnIL ,,, ;)

    Rumoke :) [ Rum + Coke ]

  • Kim

    Chocolate martini. A little Godiva Liqueur, some Creme de Cocoa, vanilla vodka and chocolate milk.. YUM!

  • Jesse

    Gin & Tonic never fails!

  • Kim


  • JG

    Mai Tai, fell in love with them after having them on Air Tahiti Nui!

  • CR

    Just a glass of merlot, please.

  • MCB

    White sangria.

  • Llador

    Classic vodka and club soda ahhhh refreshing

  • Paul W

    Pappy Van Winkle bourbon straight-up with a Budweiser in a bottle (I am a simple man) to back it up.

  • Billy L

    Vodka Martini

  • Kate

    All the champagne!

  • landon

    I would make a Grasshopper, minty, milky, yum!

  • Santastico

    Glass of a Super Tuscan red wine from Italy. What else could i ask? :)

  • Quinn

    A Kentucky Mule. Makers Mark, ginger beer and lime.

  • Sean Cummings

    There’s many ways to go here given the wide net of spirits and ingredients at your disposal. But this is American Airlines, the Kanye West of airlines, where one first class ticket doubles as a month’s rent. Now, how do you celebrate an airline such as this? An airline that just bought another airline with a similar moniker just to say hey, we’re the only ones in the sky who are allowed to rep the red white and blue? With the cocktail of American cocktails: The Butterfield Boilermaker. A Budweiser, given a hard sip, then topped off with Jim Beam, just the way Coach Butterfield and his Bad News Bears would like it. That my friends, is first class.

  • Latimer Luis

    Crown and Ginger

  • Alan

    Amaretto Sour

  • Tyler

    Manhattan, a classic and always refreshing!

  • tinkin3

    It would depend on the time of day – in the morning, it would be a nice spicy Bloody Mary; in the afternoon, it would be a vodka martini, dirty; and in the evening, it would be a nice glass of red wine.

  • Daniel M

    Vodka Red Bull

  • chris

    a double Bailey’s on ice

  • Henry

    I love a cold margarita; always makes me feel like I’m at the beach.

  • cosmo

    I could use a Malibu Sunset Please and $25,000 points to get there! ice cubes
    3 to 4 ounces pineapple-orange juice (I use a blend rather than purchasing separate juices)
    2 ounces Malibu Coconut Rum
    grenadine, drizzled
    maraschino cherries, for garnishing
    pineapple and/or orange slices, for garnishing

  • Ashleigh Henning

    if given the right ingredients (coconut milk, strawberry, pineapple, rum) i’d make myself a lava flow on my way to hawaii!!!

  • Kerry

    Old Fashioned. Maker’s Mark, with Fruit.

  • Care Leah

    Easy! A White Russian. The dude abides.

  • anne

    frozen strawberry marguerita!

  • Dave

    The terms of your original contest said that you would choose the winner at random – your comment above about the winner standing out indicates that you clearly violated the terms of your contest.

  • Patty Calzada

    A Blue Hawaiian! My favorite tropical drink that puts me in vacation mode!

  • Alana

    Spicy bloody mary with a lime!

  • Grover’s Bathtub

    A Negroni (gin, sweet vermouth and Campari).

  • Champagne

    Nothing better for Thirsty Thursday than a Killer Bee….but I need Sunshine’s secret recipe….or I could just improvise….cheers.

  • Rick

    Definitely a Blue Hawaiian!

  • Nick

    I love a Moscow Mule when traveling. Super refreshing!

  • Bill

    Gin and Tonic specifically with Hendricks Gin garnished with a Cucumber

  • Lauren

    Pisco Sour! And I’d fly LAN Business down to Lima :)

  • Alan Fowler

    Absolute Peppar for a bloody mary. Good drink and good vitamins to keep you fresh while traveling.

  • Angela

    Mai Tai FTW!

  • Mayur

    a nice spicy Bloody Mary is my poison ! :-)

  • willy

    Mai-tai! Just the name evokes foreign travel and international intrigue. When ever friends of mine travel I ask them to enjoy a mai-tai on the beach or wherever they are. Some will even send us back a photo with the drink when they do…

  • Mark Licciardo

    A double Johnny Walker Blue Label on the rocks please.

  • cbadklap

    I would make a Galley Bay Special from Antigua which is rum, grenadine, bananas and coconut cream. Soooo good.

  • Kelly

    Definitely a delicious lava flow!

  • Howard

    Gin & Tonic

  • Ernest S.

    Gin and tonic for me … though I usually opt for a nice glass of sparkling water. Trying to stay hydrated while traveling!

  • Ben Senise

    A Singapore Sling would definitely put me in vacation mode

  • Evan


  • Pete

    Bloody Mary, even late at night (and the strange looks that come with it).

  • mariobourque

    Malibu coconut rum and pineapple juice. My goodness.

  • Uri

    Pina Colada!

  • Adam B

    I think I’d try and create an approximation of a Cathay Pacific Sunrise – it’s the closest I’d ever get to experiencing one with my current meagre miles total!

  • Patty M.

    Pisco Sour!

  • PrateekJain2012

    Pina Colada!

  • Aarif

    I don’t drink, so maybe a Coke with Lime? Or a Shirley Temple?

  • Miro

    Blue Curacao

  • Jay

    I would make a Pimm’s Cup drink. Tastes amazing! Learned about it in New Orleans and our Drink Tour guide explained it perfectly. It’s the taste of Summer in your mouth. Ever since then, I think of Pimm’s Cup as the perfect adult drink for any occasion that involves outdoor activities or even while relaxing in a Business Class seat on the new triple 7 to Europe that the extra 25,000 AAdvantage miles would help me land on.

  • Kev

    Tequila on the rocks with a lime

  • Alana Rubin


  • Rob

    Pickle back. With the mixer being pickle juice from pickles flown in from Poland, preferably in 1st class.

  • Jonathan

    Beer me!

  • Roman Goubin

    Bloody Mary
    White Russian
    Or some good old fashioned vodka will surely spice up your day

  • TONY

    Vodka & margarita!

  • WBTM

    pina colada

  • kevin

    An Old Fashioned, with Rye. Old Overholt works best!

  • Antoinette

    I would just be happy to sleep on along haul flight with my 5 yr old. No cocktails needed. Just need 25,000 for me to able fly business class to southeast asia

  • Kevin C

    Gin and tonic with Bombay Saph!

  • QT


  • Lauren

    A Beijing Bellini! Champagne, lychee liquor with a lychee dropped on the bottom.

  • Maria Paula Straub-Montenegro

    I’d love nothing more than a creamy Caribbean Pina Colada with not just one cherry but four cherries on the top!

  • technicolordreams

    Gin on the rocks with seltzer and a splash of cranberry juice and lime juice!

  • David Coates-Bradshaw

    Campari and Schweppes Bitter Lemon !

  • adam

    Harvey Wallbanger

  • drew

    Bulleit Rye with a cube of ice

  • rojomojo

    The most expensive ingredient mixed with the least expensive ingredient.

  • Eric


  • Ben Price

    I think I’ll stick with bourbon.

  • Goosh

    Greyhound using fresh squeezed grapefruit juice.

  • Zak

    Two shots of chiliguaro puerto viejo style: guaro, tomato juice, touch of clamato, salt, and tabasco.

  • tigermark82

    a local beer from near the city I’m in

  • Dan

    a vodka gimlet (vodka and lime cordial)

  • MaxC

    Mimosa please…

  • Molly

    Anything with St. Germain. It’s my go-to at the moment.

  • Chad

    Favorite Drink: Moscow Mule. Vodka (Any good brand), Ginger Beer, Lime Juice/Wedge served in a Copper Mug.

  • chris

    Gin Tonic

  • Stoney

    Whiskey in a whiskey

  • GetToThePoints

    Sapphire and Tonic

  • azcat23

    Most definitely an Old Fashioned and hopefully on my way to Europe.

  • Alex

    Nothing fancy, just Johnny Walker Double Black with coke zero :)

  • Nguyen

    I just want a simple Baileys on the rocks. Thanks.

  • Kelly S

    Yep…a Pina Colada puts me in the vacation state of mind!!!!

  • bryanschmiedeler

    I am a traditionalist when it comes to drinks. Gin and tonic for me, please and thank you.

  • Jacob K

    I’d make myself a Mai Tai to get in the mood for a trip to the Caribbean!

  • Rose

    Old fashioned…with rye!

  • Rod L

    Long Island Iced Tea!!

  • Aleks

    Gin and tonic!

  • Nat Lester-Coll

    No drink is more American than a Sazerac, which also happens to be my favorite cocktail.

  • Jessica

    I’m a bit of a nervous flier, so I stick with something comforting. Baileys on the rocks for me.

  • nemme

    For me it’s Campari with soda water and an orange slice.

  • lily

    Bellini please!

  • Jason

    Mojita before a flight to Bora Bora

  • Joshua Tarkoff

    Shirley Temple with a splash of rum!

  • PrinceAli

    Nothing takes the edge of a hot summer day like a “Mamie Taylor” – Scotch, Ginger Beer, Lime, ice, and repeat. You’re welcome:)

  • cotoneloc


  • kyle

    A rye old fashioned with a pickled cherry..

  • Truthiness

    As of late, a Manhattan made with Bulleit.

  • Thomas

    A good ole rye whiskey and ginger ale!

  • kim

    flaming Dr. Pepper!

  • Christine Urban

    Well since I’m low-carb right now, I would have a splenda mojito. But if I weren’t, I would DEFINITELY have a craft beer! I miss beer.

  • Michele

    In honor of my 85 year old neighbor, who, in the 60′s circumnavigated the globe, including a walk along the Gaza Strip, my drink of choice will be a Kir Royale.

  • Sam

    Singapore Sling!

  • k1978

    I’ll take a Grey Goose vodka martini, very cold with 2 olives, please :)

  • Jacob

    I’m boring. Just champagne for me!

  • cowbox

    Love my Miami Vice!


    Grey Goose, Soda, Roses Lime Juice

  • Robert

    Nothing beats a stiff Old Fashioned.

  • Rob Hall

    I’m have to got say a Virgin Lava Flow. Ya, I’m a guy who likes fruity drinks, but don’t knock it ’til you try it!

  • Allie39

    Mimosas or manhattans, depending on time of day!

  • Raymond_G

    for me it would definitely be.. the “Aviation”. it’s made with gin, maraschino liquer, creme de violette and lemon juice. refreshing, and flight-themed!

  • CarpeToday

    Jack Daniels with a splash of coke.

  • SJ

    Woodford Reserve on the rocks

  • Newo

    An Old Fashioned made with top quality rum instead of bourbon!

  • Harlan Vaughn

    A ruuuummmm and coke (pretty much all rum with a splash of coke)! Whiskey works too!

  • Jeff The Wanderer

    A White Russian, Dude.

  • Kelsey

    In a dream world, every bar would have the ingredients for a Penicillin. Scotch, lemon juice, honey syrup, ginger, topped with Laphroaig…heaven. Get fancy with a block ice cube, and you’re set.

  • Paul

    A vodka tonic or a mojito.

  • Patrick

    Makers Mark Manhattan with a cherry

  • Viet

    Bourbon and coke

  • Mary

    Grey Goose vodka martini!

  • Edward

    I love grasshoppers.

  • kodoma

    I’m a teetotaler but if I wasn’t, there would be a melon ball shooter on the bar!

  • Brandon

    Markers Mark and Ginger Ale would be a great afternoon drink, but can not resist a nice Bloody Mary bar for early morning flights!

  • Phil


  • waffffffle

    I just had a Moscow Mule for the first time yesterday and it was delicious: vodka, ginger beer, and lime served in a copper mug. The drink I had was made with a high quality organic ginger beer that was fantastic.

  • Guest

    In this Florida heat, I am always craving a not-too-sweet cocktail. Tonight I’ll be mixing a Drunken Rabbit – bourbon, aperol, orange, rasberries and mint. Only way to start the weekend :)

  • José Diniz

    I’d have a Caipirinha.

  • owendaddy

    Pisco Sour or a Piscola! Haven’t had Pisco in years.

  • Cool Breeze

    I don’t drink alcohol but my favorite mocktail is a virgin mojito! Unfortunately no lounge has mint so that makes it tonic w lime. I use lots of lime since it’s pretty rare that you can get lime on airplanes these days and w the price of limes rising it’s going to be even less likely to get them in the future. And tonic water because it has quinine which is a nerve deadner, need I say more! But quinine has possible benefits for leg cramps which given I fly mostly economy could be a life saver!

  • Mvfarina

    I’d make a lime Caipirinha to get in the Brazilian mood before boarding for GRU on the 77W

  • Josh

    An old-school Zombie!

  • SamL

    Chocolate milk? :-) I’m not really a cocktail or mocktail drinker.

  • Mark

    I would mix up a Southern Comfort with Lime Juice!

  • Nicole N

    In this Florida heat, I am always craving a not-too-sweet refreshing cocktail. Tonight I’ll be mixing a Drunken Rabbit – bourbon, aperol, orange, rasberries and mint. Only way to start the weekend :)

  • bmp412

    A well mixed mojito or a good single-malt scotch, no ice.

  • nbenfo

    Rye whiskey, splash of sweet vermouth, bitters. No rocks, but please, not up! I hate those glasses.

  • D.O.

    I’m a grey goose vodka martini guy, definitely takes the edge off

  • Mike


  • Jeff Glassman

    Scotch on the rocks

  • Darcy

    If I could make any drink at all I would definitely order a malibu rum + pineapple juice!

  • Kelsey W

    Blackberry mint mojito.

  • Confused Entry

    Hi Brian, I love your site, but one question about these contests! You say your choose at random, but everytime you mention why the “chosen” winner stood out from the rest. Am I missing something here?

  • James

    Please give me a Bloody Mary!

  • Ralph

    Strawberry Daiquiri poolside and yes, with the little umbrella

  • Nish Junankar

    White Russian

  • Nhan Phan

    It has to be a French mojito! I had it for the first time a few years ago in Saint Martin and every time I drink it, the flavors remind me of traveling. It is basically a mojito topped off with champagne. Must be made with fresh mint and muddled. Delish!

  • Aryan

    There’s nothing like sitting by the window of your favorite airport lounge with an Old Fashioned in your hand.

  • Moonspinner

    The quintessential Australian drink–”lemon, lime and bitters”–made with freshly-squeezed lime juice, a fresh lemon and high-grade bitters. Maybe with a dash of imported Czech absinthe (the real stuff with the high wormwood concentration).

  • dubaych

    dark ‘n stormy

  • Mike

    Crown and Coke. Simple and Delicious!

  • emanuel

    Mojito! Make that 2

  • Michael R

    White Russian!

  • Darren Kuhnau

    Pappy Van Winkle 20 year bourbon, neat. Thanks.

  • Chatelaine

    I love a margarita, but with fresh lime not bar mix or cointreau. If there isn’t fresh lime then the good ole standby is a vodka tonic.

  • TheRealScottR

    I’ll take an extra spicy Stoli Bloody Mary with olives, a lime, a celery stick, and bacon salt around the rim of my frosty pint glass. Nothing says vacation like a bloody Mary.

  • Matthew Ender

    Grey Goose, Soda, Lime

  • wk84

    A Moscow Mule! Vodka, strong ginger beer, and a squeeze of fresh lime in a copper mug!!!

  • Jerm


  • ben

    anything nice will do

  • Tamara Hathaway

    Moscow Mules! Ginger beer, vodka, splash of fresh lime juice, over crushed ice in a copper mug! Yumm!

  • Adam H

    A perfect Woodford Reserve Manhattan, on the rocks.

  • Tyler Eastwood

    A glass of Champagne and Vodka lemonade. Sounds like a weird combo but it works for me! lol

  • Saul Spicer

    Caffeine free diet coke.

  • joanna


  • Stephen

    Scotchy scotch scotch. Or Whisky. Or Bourbon. Something brown for sure.

  • Peter

    I like a cold draft beer. Someday I’d like to try the Asahi beer machine at the Admirals Club in Tokyo.

  • Matt Rosen

    Macallan 25

  • sdrummer

    White Russian for me

  • Dundili

    My usual standby is a sparkling mineral water with lime, although occasionally I like to go for a gin and tonic when in the mood. Cheers!!

  • Bob Breclaw

    Dry and dirty Beefeaters martini on the rocks, with an olive and pickled mushroom.

  • David Pier

    Old fashioned, bourbon, no fruit.

  • Jill S

    My self-named “Jilly” martini. Combines POM juice, triple sec, sweetened lime juice and some Grey Goose vodka. YUM!!

  • Antonio

    Definitely a Long Island Iced Tea!

    BTW you do a great job with this web site.

  • Adam Hill

    White Russian

    The dude abides…

  • John Hill

    Dry Southern Comfort Manhattan, straight up, two cherries (one for me and one for my wife!)

  • AMSBelle

    Moscow Mule, preferably with Tito’s Vodka and served in a copper mug.

  • Karim Sie

    White Russian is my favorite

  • Elise

    Amaretto sour, or a “sparkler” – bubbles, vodka, lemonade and berries!

  • Lauren Adkisson


  • Eddie Dziuk

    grey goose martini – DIRTY

  • Cliff

    I’d do a two-parter. Some calvados neat with nocino walnut liqueur as a second.

  • Ron

    Gin martini

  • Newbie to the game

    I will make a good old sazerac

  • Alex

    Very simple: woodford reserve, white wine syrup, bitters, orange peel. ideally served over a large ice cube. Ridiculously good.

  • Josh N

    Vieux Carré – invented at Carousel Bar at the Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans. Equal parts rye whiskey (I prefer Redemption Rye), sweet vermouth, and cognac, dashes of angostura and peychaud’s bitters and a bar spoon of Benedictine. Oh so good. Lots of ingredients but incredibly balanced.

  • Dean

    Given that I’m in a lounge and feeling like a classy flying gentleman, I’m mixing Pappy Van Winkle 15 with just a splash of water. A little bit of unexpected luxury.

  • Guna

    I would get Gin and Tonic!!!

  • Jocelyn Rubi

    an old fashioned cocktail with bourbon

  • cyhu

    Wouldn’t it be fun if there was everything right there to make a cool mint julep? Guess I have the Kentucky Derby on my mind!

  • Geri Jeter

    I grab whatever decent single malt is available and pour it over a couple of ice cubes. Simple, no fuss, and hits the spot.

  • Anssi Alkio

    Diet Coke since I don’ particulary enjoy taste of alcohol.

  • beth

    pear vodka, St. Germain, and prosecco!

  • Jeff Richmond

    A caipirinha. I might jazz it up with a couple of blackberries.

  • Mike

    I’d have to go with a Moscow Mule made with Ketel One

  • Luke US

    A nice Martini for me..! :)

  • Scuta


  • Mitty

    A Rum & Coke is always a relaxing way to start off the trip–either at the lounge or during preflight.

  • Joe-SC1

    Gotta be a Mojito.

  • jen

    A mai tai with fresh pineapple juice (of course)!

  • bostrvlr

    Pimm’s cup

  • Nathan H

    DIRTY Sapphire Martini, extra olives

  • AC

    Caipirinha sounds good to me!

  • Nathan

    Coke Zero is as edgy as I get. Hits the spot every time though.

  • American Dreamer

    Mojito is my choice!

  • Glenn

    A Vesper Martini. It was good enough for Bond, and it’s good enough for me. Gin, Vodka, Lillet Blanc (since they don’t make Kina Lillet anymore), and a twist. Ahhh…

  • Rob D

    If they have a full bar I go for a Vieux Carre, but sometimes I have to settle for a a whiskey soda instead.

  • Sarah C

    I would make a mimosa! Delicious!

  • Chanbott

    Tequila lime juice, triple sec and ice make a quick refreshing margarita.

  • LC

    A good old Cuba Libre, nothing else!!

  • Synthia

    Mai tais makes me feel all warm and bubbly!

  • Jason

    Keep it simple – vodka tonic
    For a little kick – kamikaze

  • Jonathan

    I’d stick to red wine…a nice pour of Malbec always reminds me of my first solo trip, which was to Buenos Aires!

  • michael

    I would make a poet+alchemist, which I had a few weeks ago at the Ritz-Carlton in Berlin. One of the best drinks I’ve ever had. Can’t remember what was in it except it had a beautiful scent of cardamom. :-)

  • Matt

    Nothing beats a Hendricks gimlet!

  • Mat M.

    Just give me some whiskey with no junk in it! Bourbon and Scotch are my favorites

  • snakedoc1

    Woodford Reserve will always be a great companion for a weary traveller.

  • Al

    Goldschläger with apple juice, Goldschläger with bourbon… Goldschläger with anything really.

  • betty blanco

    Tough decision. Mojitos are my favorite rum drink, but a Bloody Caesar is also delicious.

  • Luckyebisu

    Thanks for your great site, great posts of things that are useful to me before I even realize it.

    I employ a two (2) pronged approach to this situation. I first sample the wines. I mean to say, all of the wines. Its a great occasion to broaden my scope and make sure I take the time to enjoy any wines that break my stereotype of airline service and expand my palette. American Admirals do a great job with this. Some light food items now are perfect. If I have time, I’ll then have a tequila. Or two. (No reason for this, I just like tequila.) And by this point my flight is usually ready for me.

  • Mike

    Old fashioned

  • Patrick Folger

    A relaxing heavy Mai Tai, drinking those always make think of Hawaii. My favorite place to travel to

  • axe152

    A nice red wine is what makes my day.

  • Juan Ignacio Vimberg

    I’d take a Baileys On The Rock

  • Jasmynebruin

    I would have to make myself a hurricane with fresh strawberry purée. Strawberry daiquiri combined with a piña colada, now that’s a vacation

  • Eddy

    An Old Fashioned always hits the spot before a flight.

  • Robert Carter

    I would make a Long Island iced tea. It’s simple but it packs the punch I need to relax and get through anything and everything. And the great thing is you don’t need that many! lol

  • Heather

    It would be a toss up between a sidecar and a bourbon slush.

  • Christopher

    Cant beat a classic caipirinha! Love the crispness of a fresh lime muddled with sugar. Sometimes I switch up the cachaca for vodka to get it a little smoother!

  • Stella

    I love Baileys Irish Creme on the rocks and pinacolada – nothing beats these two.

  • Justin

    A super Margarita. I would start with a $2000/bottle Jose Cuervo 1800 Coleccion Tequila(aged for 10 yrs), $800 Quintessence Gran Mariner, Agave Syrup, and fresh squeezed Key Lime juice. I know it’s a waste to use such good tequila & Gran Mariner, but what the hell, I’m not paying for it!

  • John k

    Pour one shot of everything

  • Firstclassflyer

    Rum & Coke hits the spot.

  • Lauren

    I would make a derby. Or maybe a CX Pacific Sunrise. Probably both.

  • HBahorich

    Beer-garita is one of my favorite…. get a frozen, strong margarita on the rocks, make sure the salt is plenty, with a lime or two and a standard local brewed beer. Fantastic!

  • SC

    Virgin Pina Colada

  • Za


  • TA


  • Dollar Bill

    I’ll take high-end whiskey, neat, or a few pints of a hard-to-find IPA like Pliny the Elder or Just Outstanding, but no mixed drinks, thanks.

  • Nev

    A glass of fine scotch and a tall glass of san pellegrino sparkling watter. Sigh

  • AsH

    I found my favorite Piña Colada recipe from the Piña Colada Wikipedia page a few years ago: 3oz coconut cream, 6oz pineapple juice, and 1 1⁄2oz white rum blended or shaken with crushed iced. A great drink to celebrate an adventure!

  • Caraaa

    Singapore Sling! Haven’t been able to find one in the States that tastes as good as they do in Singapore..hopefully I can get back there soon!

  • Bowserscastle

    I like a refreshing GIN mule: Muddle 1/2 oz lime juice, 1/2 oz simple syrup and 6 mint sprigs at the bottom of a mixing glass. Add 1 1/2 oz gin and 3/4 oz ginger beer (if you got it!!) and shake well. Pour over ice in a glass, top with soda and garnish with a wedge of lime. It’ll leave you with great breath and ready to tackle any destination.

  • cindy

    hot rose bud tea, or a 7×7.

  • k som

    Cinnamon toast crunch: rum chata liqueur + fireball whiskey…tastes just like the cereal.

  • Mark R.

    Ketel One on the rocks with a splash of dry vermouth and blue cheese o;ives.

  • shay peleg

    Vodka redbull!

  • shay peleg

    Interesting question

  • AlexS

    Flaming Dr. pepper like what you’d find at gold mine in the big easy!because that’s what I’m going to need to get me through 4 flights and 10k miles next weekend!!!

  • LC

    Strawberry margarita!!

  • Liz

    Ketel One Soda with lime and muddled raspberries.

  • effegi49

    What about a Vesper Martini?

  • Jon

    Jim Beam and Diet Coke…..pure class

  • tiffany l

    if i’m on my way to someplace warm, a pina colada to get me started!

  • Ali

    Blood orange margarita

  • gcal

    Rum and coke is my favorite cocktail.

  • Sarah C

    at the moment a bloody mary with an extra dash of hot sauce sounds especially good.

  • VMM

    Gin and sin–gin, lemon juice, orange juice and grenadine. Nothing like it.

  • cvg_kid

    macchiato, not a big drinker

  • Brian

    Peach Bellini

  • Jose

    I don’t really drink but your mention of a “nice tall glass of refreshing sparkling water with a wedge of lemon” sounds great to me!

  • Christine B.

    A big glass of red wine!

  • Matt

    Bourbon on the rocks.

  • Kenneth Z.

    A refreshing strawberry daiquiri!

  • David Miller

    I’ve always been partial to mojitos, especially when on vacation.

  • Luis V.

    The classic gin and tonic. No matter what time of year it is, it’s always refreshing. Can’t be beat.

  • Beth

    Bingo. I only enter these things when there is a promise of random selection. Here, we were lied to. I don’t have time to be lied to.

  • Jansen


  • gpks00


  • Joseph Mansour

    a nice beer!

  • ronette

    a vodka shot

  • Cindy Pursley

    dirty martini, vodka, not gin.

  • Sam T.

    White Russian! Keeping it classy. :)

  • Jfadd

    Champagne with a touch of grand marnier

  • djstrouse

    A dirty martini with vodka, brine, dry vermouth, and picked vegetables. Typically, I hate the taste of pickled things, but somehow its a very nice touch in a martini.

  • PC

    Vodka gomlet

  • Matt

    Shot and a beer

  • John A.

    I would have a gin and tonic in a long hiball with a slice of lemon over ice. Stirred twice counterclockwise. With a seat in a comfy chair what more could I ask for.

  • Deep

    Champagne with a touch of grand marnier in the morning. Bombay and tonic with mad amount of twist for anything past 12. Johnny Walker Green on the rocks right before bed.

  • Mr. Cool


  • Marty

    Pickleback shot. Sounds disgusting, heck, it is disgusting, but also fun.

  • Lea


  • KoolFatKat

    Mai Tai

  • Esteban

    A Negroni

  • scott

    A Tequila Slammer! Haven’t had one of these in years.

  • Alaine

    I would love a bloody mary!

  • Deborah McKee

    I like a Dark and Stormy that I was first introduced to on a trip to NY at the rooftop bar in the Peninsula Hotel. Dark Rum and Ginger Beer. Fantastic.

  • JD

    For a night flight I love making a baileys, mint liquor, vodka, and milk. It’s fantastic in the winter and a flight attendant in United Global First though it was fantastic.

  • Jason

    If everything was on the table I’d go for a flaming Dr Pepper. A shot with 151 layered on top of Amaretto, lit on fire and dropped into a glass half filled with a cold bud light.

  • Dr. JLo

    I love a good frou-frou drink any day and I am man enough to admit it! Give me a good strawberry daiquiri or Pina-colada. If not, I’ll take a Michelob Ultra.

  • Jeff P

    I recommend drinking quickly before the noodles absorb all the alcohol. Relax & Enjoy.

  • Katie

    whiskey sour

  • Charlie

    I’d take a white russian just like the dude!

  • Daniel

    I’d order a G&T, especially if I was on my way to London!

  • Eric Poole

    Nothing glosses over the trials of airline travel like a dirty marty!

  • Leigh

    Ooo, definitely a spicy Bloody Mary.

  • andy

    mind eraser, no chaser. crystal head vodka, copa de oro and ginger.

  • Or N

    For years I have the same pre flight ritual – Two half full glasses of Vodka on rocks.

  • Noy

    Pretty standard for a girl hehe. Feigling sour.

  • Dale Reardon

    I would personally mix a Pina Colada as it is my favourite cocktail and reminds me of island holidays and lounging on the beach and having a good time.


    I would go for a spicy bloody mary with fresh horseradish and maybe even some bacon as a garnish. It’s perfect any time of the day!

  • MrDeadly

    Gosling’s Black Seal rum, orange or orange and lemon juice, and cointreau. Nothing beats the Havana Sidecar.

  • socalgecko

    easy. Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster.

  • daly h.

    Mojito, no doubt!!!

  • Jake P

    Of all the airline lounges I’ve had the privilege of enjoying, my favorites to this day are LHR’s BA First lounges in T3 and T5.
    Before a 7 hour LHR-JFK, nothing sounds better than a Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch on the rocks.

  • Corinne

    Just a simple iced tea since I don’t drink.

  • Bernie M


  • Brian

    A simple, but delicious Moscow Mule.

  • Richard H

    First I would hit the cappuccino machine, then add some Bailey’s Irish Creme for a delicious breakfast.

  • peachykeen

    Coca Cola – shaken and not stirred

  • naz

    In the spirit of the destination country, I began a tradition of immersing myself in the culture right from the get go, which includes getting a fitting drink at the airport of origin. This led me to discover adventurous refreshments like tamarind martini at DXB on my way to Bombay or lemongrass & basil cocktail before a flight to Bangkok. But the best discovery I made was kalimotxo at Madrid airport. The sweet and unthinkable mixture of red wine and coke has now become my regular go to drink when I travel; probably because it gets me even more excited that I’m traveling!

  • eric

    lemon drop

  • Tara O

    whisky, on the rocks

  • Anita b

    Run and coke yum!

  • Kathy bah

    I’m allergic to alcohol , damn genes! I do love an ice cold Coke. Makes you go ahhh

  • Xavier


  • panka

    An Aperol Spritz!

  • Paul Teixeira

    Rum Punch (Planter’s Punch)

  • cmblais

    You can never go wrong with a Sazerac!

  • orsetto

    Singapore Sling because of my Singapore Girl.

  • Jonathan M

    Just a nice top shelf scotch, neat!

  • Trevor

    Mai tai!

  • Colin

    Jack and Diet Coke!

  • benstephens

    Just a simple Sweetwater IPA, please.

  • Jason K

    I distinctly remember my favorite libation. My wife and I decided to stop at a Waikiki watering hole and I was able to enjoy a Mai Tai at sunset after enduring a long flight to Honolulu from the east coast. This delicious
    mixture of rum, curacao (gorgeous island by the way), and lime juice was the
    perfect introduction to the islands of Hawaii.

  • Jay K

    I have always enjoyed a pre-flight bloody mary….the spicier the better!

  • SR

    Jack and Ginger

  • nikad

    Bloody Mary or Bellini would be my choice – both refreshing before a long haul flight as I always fly from EZE

  • Ryan

    Absolutely it would be a custom Bloody Mary – loads of Tabasco and Worcestershire…with lots of ground pepper.

  • Denny Moody

    There’s no drink I love more than a Moscow Mule served in a ice cold copper mug. 2 shots Vodka, 4 dashes of bitters, half a shot of line juice, all topped off with ginger beer. Oh! And lots of ice.

  • Tina B

    Gin and tonic (Bombay Sapphire is preferred). Two olives instead of lime.

  • Ryan

    Every alcohol and every mixer available? I would drink a glass of some obscure aged Scotch that I had never had before with one or two ice cubes depending on their size. I believe alcohol is best enjoyed in the absence of mixers.

  • Kim

    Toasted Almond..Yum!

  • NAD

    A mimosa but only if the oj is fresh squeezed

  • SCJ

    I’d make a rye manhattan, up and very cold.

  • Brian

    There’s nothing like a mimosa after arriving back in the USA on an early morning flight from Rio…

  • Bernie Segatto

    an ice cold bud light

  • TerryH

    Gin and tonic!

  • Tim

    caiparinha…i havent had one in years

  • Yanfei

    cranberry and vodka!

  • Nicole

    A good ol’ pint of Guinness!

  • Drew

    You can’t go wrong here and it’s always nice to let loose a bit! Though a nice Irish whiskey on the rocks or stepping up a notch and getting a strong Old Fashioned does the trick, if price doesn’t matter I go for something a friend of mine calls the “Rye Not?” – Bulleit rye whiskey, Green Chartreuse, a lemon twist, drop of honey, and a freshly sliced jalapeno. Shaken, not stirred of course!

  • Laura

    I would mix up a Kir Royale. You take creme de cassis (blackcurrant liqueur) and mix it up with champagne.

  • Meredith

    I don’t like most alcohol but love a good Bloody Mary while sitting in First Class to start a trip!

  • Sean

    Irish car bomb just so I can say the word “bomb” in an airport.

  • Dawn

    Good whiskey does not require a mixer. Neat.

  • Karin

    Piña colada in a pineapple! So tropical! :)

  • Jeff G

    Mojito, please!

  • Pazpeaceman

    I’ll throw a little bit of everything together into one mega cocktail (assuming I don’t have a business meeting when I arrive!). Why not sample the whole buffet?

  • PenGold

    I just had this amazing cocktail called a Texas Two Sip in Uptown Dallas. So good and tart! I’m sure it would not be easy to replicate with a standard bar but you can’t go wrong with a little grapefruit juice, vodka and a splash of cranberry. TGIF all.

  • astronugget

    I often find myself traveling for work to places with underdeveloped infrastructure and inadequate nutrition. For these trips, gin and tonics are by far the most useful – tonic to fight malaria (because of its quinine content), lime to prevent scurvy, and gin to stave off boredom!

  • Carol E.

    A full bar? Clear everything away. Chill the martini glasses and a good dry vermouth. Fill the shaker with crushed ice and Tanqueray, add a touch of vermouth and stir. Pour into chilled glass, add an olive. Hope for a delay.

  • Michael

    My favorite drink when in the front of the plane — a kir royale.

  • JTP

    Pre-flight boody mary hands down.

    But, I dont’ mind the beers as long as they’re not the bud lights..

  • Celeste

    A Dirty Girl Scout– vodka, Kahlua, Bailey’s, Creme de Menthe, and crushed Thin Mints on top!

  • Miles Ma

    Bomb shot!

  • Komal

    Hmm, I wouldn’t be able to decide between my spin on a Rob Roy (3 parts Johnnie Walker Black to 1 part St. Germain and a splash of bitters) or a glass of 1993 Dom. So I’d do what you always recommend with credit cards and choose both!

  • Randy

    Keep it simple with a little Jim Beam and ginger.

  • Josh

    Gin and tonic!!!!

  • Jeff Greig

    tall cold draft beer

  • Ross

    Moscow mule, but with gin instead of vodka.

  • Jordan

    Sugar-free Red Bull and Vodka!

  • Heather S

    A ginger ale with a lemon wedge, hands down :) Cheers!
    heatheranne99 at gmail dot com

  • Sharon

    I’d whip up a Tom Collins with grapefruit! The drink packs a punch while still being extremely refreshing – exactly what I’m looking for between long flights.

  • Josh

    Bloody Mary – love the Lufthansa that put out all the ingredients you need to make your own.

  • noko

    A shot of Patron silver with a slice of lime and salt before a long flight!

  • Brennan

    Iced coffee for me!

  • Stu_pdx

    A Manhattan – just thinking about one is relaxing.

  • Scott M

    Tito’s vodka and orange juice screwdriver. Love a little vitamin C before I fly!

  • Dave Westhed

    Because April 28th is my birthday, I would mix an old fashioned to celebrate aging in style, while in an Admiral’s Club.

  • mangoManFT

    G&T with a splash of cranberry (and a sprig of rosemary if they have it)

  • Jason

    Definitely an old fashioned with a nice rye whiskey.

  • kidfreetravel

    I’d have to go with a mai-tai :) The perfect drink to get you ready for a tropical destination!

  • FlavCity

    I would mix myself a classic Manhattan and wish I was back in the glory days of travel where everyone dressed up for a flight, and the FA’s were young, pleasant,and smiled. Actually, make that a Double!

  • Eugene

    I will go w/ root beer

  • Journey4Happy

    Keep it simple. Rum. Coke. Ice. BOOM!

  • Keith

    Manhattan made with Rye Whiskey, served up

  • bill twombly

    a perfectly made mojito seems to melt the day’s stress away, and at the admiral’s club stress is not a common condition

  • Upgraded


  • lori bremner

    I don’t know if my favorite drink has a name or not. Here is what is in it:
    Club Soda
    Small splash of cranberry
    Small splash of orange
    Squeeze of lime
    I make it in a tall glass with a lot of club soda so it is refreshing, hydrating and still a pretty low calorie beverage for an alcoholic drink!
    I’d love to win the miles!!

  • orsetto

    A Singapore Sling to toast my Singapore Girl.

  • dwh

    Bourbon, light ice. All day, every day.

  • mchiller

    I’d have a tasty Colorado Bulldog!

  • dude26

    I actually really love CX’s cocktail “cloud 9″:)

  • RG

    Long Island Tea for me please


    Long Island Ice Tea…

  • Fanfoot

    Habanero Margarita. Just follow the recipe on the side of the Monin Habanero Lime mix, and use your favorite tequila. A nice Sauza Anejo would be my pick (no point in going crazy, its a mixed drink).

  • yaychemistry

    Every alcohol available? Pappy Van Winkle, Neat. Hands Down!

  • Jon

    I would make a Moscow Mule (vodka, ginger beer, and lime which is supposed to be served in a copper mug, but perhaps we’ll forego the copper mug). The mule is a very slow carrier and Moscow is a distant destination. Perhaps one day AA will go there. Until then, I’ll be happy to toast to that possibility with a Moscow Mule in the AA lounge.

  • ESF

    A margarita with light salt!

  • Bob

    around the holidays one of the lounges had eggnog and that was great!

  • Ray

    Rum and coke!

  • Michael Kennedy

    I would make a concoction of bacon infused vodka and chocolate liquor garnished with a strip of candied bacon and a chocolate covered strawberry. A little bit of indulgence on my way to a well deserved vacation.

  • giloo2002

    I would enjoy a margarita made with the best tequila, Triple Sec, and fresh lime juice.

  • Cody Johnson

    You can never go wrong with an “old fashioned” I would have my friends at the Admiral Club mix 1 sugar cube, 3 dashes of Angostura bitters, 2 orange slices, and bourbon whiskey.

  • Ncsam

    Dark and Stormy

  • Sara

    I’d make an ice pick: vodka and iced tea.

  • Randy

    Coffee and Baileys Irish Creme. Liquid comfort food.

  • MikeBoston

    My cocktail is of choice, especially a pre-flight drink is called the “Random Selection”. I basically let the bartender know that as long as it is comprised of clear liquor and mixers, they can make me whatever they like. :)

  • Karen H

    A summer pineapple strawberry cooler mocktail for me! I can drink one, close my eyes and feel like I am already in Hawaii!

  • Katie

    Oh Points Guy, here’s a giveaway I can sink my teeth into, so to speak. I’d fill a mug with 1/3 coffee, 1/3 Pinnacle Whipped Cream vodka, then a heavy splash of Baily’s. Heaven in a mug!

  • NCTraveler

    My go to is a Moscow mule. Sweet, refreshing in its copper vessel, and if good ginger beer is about, it settles the stomach from that turbulence you just encountered.

  • Kathy

    Spiced Cooler: Barcardi Oakheart Spiced Rum, Sweet & Sour, Simple Syrup and Ginger Ale. Ahhhhh.

  • Amy

    I’d make a mojito!

  • NCTraveler

    My go to drink is a Moscow mule. It’s sweet, refreshing in its copper cup, and if you can get real good ginger beer, it settles the stomach from that turbulence you just encountered.

  • helixcon

    Sazerac. Nothing like it.

  • Dmitry Magas

    I would make BerrySwirl: in a large beer mug mix as many berry-flavored vodkas as possible and then add a splash of 7-Up

  • NYC Lover

    Definitely a Martini!

  • K. Thompson

    The perfect martini – swish some dry vermouth in a cold martini glass then poor it out. Then shake Tanqueray with ice very hard and poor it in the glass. A couple of olives and your in heaven.

  • Grazia Graziella

    I love mojitos!!

  • Spacetime17

    Bloody mary!!! Perfect daytime drink.

  • Nebojsa A.

    Sparkling water with lemon or just regular pop.

  • SusanK

    Spicy Bloody Mary with extra worchestchire and Blueberry Sonic ( blueberry Stoli with club soda and tonic) for my hubby who I would bring in with me :)

  • Pample Mousse

    A nice soda fits my needs!

  • Jason

    An old fashioned because i watch too much mad men

  • LoneStar


  • Monte Poster

    Diet coke with lime in one hand… something with Bailey’s or Kahlua in the other!

  • Mike

    With all types of liquor at my disposal, might as well make a nice strong Long Island Iced Tea

  • CR

    Malbec & Cabernet, with Camembert cheese please

  • Robert

    For me, it would have to be whisky. Preferably glenfidditch.

  • americansky2011

    A Diet Coke With Lime!

  • Dayna

    I would definitely order a Bloody Mary with extra horseradish! And being that I am 6 months pregnant right now, those cravings are really hard to fight off!

  • Patrick

    Dr. Pepper and easy on the ice.

  • Tom

    Coors light… simple enough?

  • Joel

    There’s nothing quite like a relaxing evening transfer, sitting in-front of a bank of windows watching the sunset with an old-fashioned made with rye whisky and some orange rind. If you’re lucky the bar will have a rum-soaked cherry as garnish.

    As an infrequent drinker, any fresh juice is always a blessing. Turkish Airlines carries fresh-squeezed orange juice on each flight and fresh lemonade with mint. Delicious!

  • cmeinc

    I’ll take a shirley temple with two cherries! Let’s add a nod to the great actress herself!

  • Allen

    Grey Goose and OJ

  • Michael James Spreyne

    An ice cold cucumber water…mmm, refreshing!

  • Karl P

    A nice imported (or European, if I am over there) beer always hits the spot!

  • Candace P

    I would do a TBT (Throw Back Thirsty!) and get a Harvey Wallbanger, since I would not be driving for a while!

  • Pat

    Before boarding a plane, I prefer a Gin Fizz. Actually, I prefer two.

  • Emy Barsley

    Gin, tonic, ice, and lime. Simple and refreshing right before the flight.

  • Buddy

    Just give me a Long Island Iced Tea for a refreshing time!

  • Vanty

    My drink would be a John Daly which is Sweet Tea Vodka and Lemonade! Refreshing and yummy! Thank TPG!

  • Mike K

    Depending on the time of day, usually a Red Snapper (just a Bloody Mary with gin instead of vodka)… or two.

  • Wehaf

    I love ginger ale with grenadine. Calms the stomach, provides a little bit of sugar, feels a bit special.

  • augias

    My mocktail: I ask for orange juice mixed with cranberry juice with no ice — the combination is better than either juice, and any bar or restaurant can make it since they have to carry these juices for cocktails. No ice is important as that triples the size of the drink.

  • Seth

    The drink I would make is one I just had last week at Lake Arrowhead, which is an Uptown Cocktail with gin, cucumber, and mint. It looked like a backyard had been dumped in the bottom of the glass, but it sure was delish!

  • Daniel Obenoskey

    I am going to have to go with a Mojito!

  • Vedderesk

    I’d have to make a drink for one of you guys, I don’t drink!

  • Vedderesk

    More for you!!

  • Jazzy

    Mojito! The ultimate summer drink

  • Todd

    I’d have a glass of the finest champagne.

  • Vivian

    Kansas City Ice Water — Vodka, gin, Sprite, and lime juice

  • Katie

    Nothing too crazy, but I’d make a Bailey’s on the rocks…I treat myself to it only a few times per year!

  • Eric

    Singapore Sling ftw!

  • Jonathan Sha

    To be honest, I would want to take advantage of this prize to top up my account so I can redeem a trip to Asia on Cathay Pacific First class so I can have my favorite Champagne Krug ;)

  • Jacob
  • Andrew P

    A nice refreshing craft root beer

  • wildcat007

    Aviation cocktail – a drink invented to celebrate the prospect of flight in the early 20th century.

  • Mike

    Bushmills whiskey, a few drops of ice water. Mmmm.

  • Jeff

    Diet coke or Baileys Irish cream

  • Ali

    I’d make a Ciroc Obama – Ciroc + lemonade + lemon wheel. It’s a festive little number would have the POTUS loosening up his tie and telling raunchy Harvard stories in no time. Bonus points for enjoying one in O’Hare while watching a Sox game.

  • Peter5

    Makers ginger ale

  • Yati

    one Flaming Moe please :)

  • Andrew T

    I’d keep it simple. Take a lowball/Old Fashioned glass, add one large rock (the large square, ideally without any bubbles, takes up almost the entire glass). The good stuff:

    - 2 shots premium bourbon (you said any booze, so why not make it Pappy Van Winkle?)
    - Fill the rest with great ginger beer (Cock and Bull, Fever-Tree etc)
    - Add an authentic, italian bitter cherry (Amarena cherry), with a little bit of the cherry juice
    - Stir
    - Drop in a piece of candied ginger for good measure



  • RI

    A refreshing root beer!

  • Mandarine Oriental

    Nothing too complicated, I prefer ginger ale.

  • NooYawker

    Bloody Mary, what else!

  • Rocketman

    A delicious rum punch is a fantastic summer drink. All you need is rum and whatever fruit juices you can find in your fridge (the more types of juice, the better)

  • Lawful Permanent Resident

    Thanks for this nice initiative! I would just love a gin and tonic, I fly a lot back to my home country and I always have one before or right after my flight. It’s a pity they don’t serve it on most planes!

  • JB Wilcox

    i’m typically pretty satisfied with my cranapple on the rocks.. :)

  • gmmerrell
  • koalayummeee

    Baileys Irish cream and coffee!

  • Susan D

    I’d toast to the places I have yet to visit while paying homage to where I came from with a Duck Fart. Crown, Kahlua & Bailey’s.

  • Joel

    Gin and Tonic :)

  • Aaron P.

    Delayed flight or a missed connection? Just head to the airport lounge and “Figetaboutit.” This is my ultimate go-to drink (and a crowd pleaser), provided you have all the ingredients at hand.


    2oz. Bulleit Bourbon

    .75 oz. Lemon Juice

    .25 oz. Luxardo Amaretto

    1 barspoon of Fig Jam

    2 dashes Angostura Bitters


    Combine ingredients and shake with ice. Fine-strain into a chilled coupe. Garnish with an orange twist.

    It’s a winner every time. After a few of these, you’re travel day can only get better!

  • Haowei Chen

    I like the root beer!

  • misschele

    Although I should be mixing a Mint Julep for the Kentucky Derby here in Louisville this week, I prefer an extra spicy Bloody Mary or maybe even a Bloody Kentucky (Kentucky bourbon instead of vodka)

  • LBC

    Rum & Coke for me, thank you!

  • curtmuell

    An Old-Fashioned. Because that’s how I am.

  • briangarr

    Great site, great fun. I would have a Coke Zero. I live to be different

  • iris97

    Midori and OJ is great- love the color too!

  • funkiehouse

    How does this post stand out from the crowd?

    “I love traveling to far flung destinations, but there’s nothing that bugs me more than going over 24 hours without a shower. Thanks to this feature in many Admirals Clubs, I don’t have to. It came in particularly useful when traveling from DPS-KUL-CDG-JFK. An layover in CDG with a shower at the lounge eased the transition from Malaysia first to AA coach!”

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