My Experience Using TripIt Pro to Organize My Travel

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I recently signed up and was approved for the Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard which comes with a sign up bonus of 40,000 miles after $3,000 in spend within the first 90 days and a complimentary subscription for TripIt Pro, worth $49 annually.

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 3.48.56 PM

Having never really used TripIt’s services before, I wanted to give it a try and log my travel plans for my trip to Brazil that I just returned from. First I had to activate my complimentary subscription by logging on to my Barclaycard profile and clicking on the TripIt Pro banner.

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 4.00.54 PM

Since I had signed up for a TripIt account years ago, I just had to log in to my existing account and was then taken to the TripIt dashboard. The difference between the standard TripIt service where you can create itineraries and share them with family and friends and the Pro service is that you will receive mobile alerts about flights delays and cancellations, be able to see if your airfare is eligible for a refund, get alternate flight options and add people to your ‘Inner Circle’ so they will automatically be looped in on your travel plans.There is also TripIt for Teams which has the same capabilities of the standard service but you can assign an admin to create trips for travelers and a travel calendar/dashboard will be created for all team members.

Create a Trip to track flights, hotel stays and activities.

Create a Trip to track flights, hotel stays and activities.

I found adding trips to be extremely easy and you can do it in one of two ways. If you go into the dashboard and select “Add a trip” you can fill in the relevant information and choose if you would like to share your trip with your connections, or keep it private. Then you can add in any flights, hotel stays, tours or other activities that you have planned. TripIt will create an easy to read itinerary with all important information.

Forward your confirmation emails to or set up auto-forwarding.

Forward your confirmation emails to [email protected] or set up auto-forwarding.

The second and most convenient way to add plans to your itinerary is to set up automatic forwarding of confirmation emails from your inbox. TripIt will extract the necessary information from your confirmation email and add it into a trip. If you don’t want to set up automatic forwarding you can also manually forward confirmation emails to [email protected] and your trip will be instantly added to your account.

My Brazil trip mapped out.

My Brazil trip mapped out.

My Recent Brazil Trip
I added in my roundtrip flights from Miami to Recife and Recife to Fernando de Noronha, as well as my friend’s Recife hotel information for my 5 hour layover and our hotel reservation for the 4 days I would be in Fernando de Noronha. Sergio, who I was traveling with in Brazil, had also signed us up for scuba diving and a tour around the island so I was able to add those into the itinerary so I could see what we had planned for each day. TripIt will also give you the option to view your itinerary in a map so you can see exactly where you’ll be going throughout your trip.

Create a seat alert so you will be notified when the seat you want opens up.

Create a seat alert so you will be notified when the seat you want opens up.

Overall I was impressed with the tool, especially when I saw how easy it is to add in details of your trip – TripIt pretty much does all the work for you. It was also nice to be able to log in and see a note that says “Everything looks good, but TripIt Pro will keep monitoring this trip.” Although it wasn’t much use to me because I was able to choose the seats I wanted from the get-go, you can go to the ‘TripIt Pro’ tab and set a seat alert so that if a seat opens up that you want you will be notified and can then go change it.

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 10.12.08 AM

On the TripIt Pro tab along with flight alerts and the seat tracker you’ll see a banner on the right side showing exclusive offers for Pro members like Hertz Gold membership and a 10% discount on Hertz car rentals when using CDP# 1847596. There is also an offer for a one year Regus Businessworld Preferred Membership which I signed up for about a week ago.

The Regus membership comes with 15 visits to over 1500 Regus Business Lounges worldwide and gives you a 10% discount on meeting room, day office, co-work office and videoconference bookings, complimentary refreshments and business-class WiFi, special rates on office and virtual office, on hand administrative support and two complimentary business lounge guest passes. Visit these links to see all Regus business lounge locations in the United States and worldwide. I don’t know if I’ll ever visit one of these lounges but it’s still nice to have the option if I need it.

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 10.08.08 AM

One of the features I haven’t fully set up yet is the Point Tracker. I linked a few of my programs so far and noticed that not all programs can be tracked, most notably American, Delta and United. When I entered my account information for those programs TripIt alerted me that they could not retrieve my point balance and in order to be able to track my balance through the service I would have to forward my  reward-program statements to [email protected] It would be nice if you can set up auto-forwarding of you reward-program balances just like you can do with your travel confirmation emails, but I don’t see that option on the site of as yet.

I definitely want to get into the habit of using TripIt to keep track of my travel plans because they can get pretty complicated at times especially when I’m hotel hopping and flying on a couple different carriers throughout my trip. I also think it will be useful to add my TPG team members as connections so they will be able to view my travel plans as well and know where I’m going to be – maybe we’ll even upgrade to the TripIt Team membership and give it a try since its free for the first 30 days, then the price varies by number of team members. What do you think of TripIt Pro, do you find yourself using it often?

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  • Harlan Vaughn

    Use it for every trip, and love it. It notifies you when you land if there’s been a gate change, which has saved me a time or two on a really tight connection. It’s also available offline, which is good for when you’re in another country and need to look up a time/address/etc.

  • SuESanders

    The difference between the standard TripIt service where you can create itineraries and share them with family and friends and the Pro service is that you will receive mobile alerts about flights delays and cancellations, be able to see if your airfare is eligible for a refund, get alternate flight options and add people to your ‘Inner Circle’ so they will automatically be looped in on your travel plans.

  • Neal

    I’ve been a long time user of Tripit Pro, but I’m finding myself frustrated at what it DOESN’T offer: monitoring your reservations for changes such as seat, class of service (upgrade!), aircraft type, even scheduled times. If you’ve been re-routed or take an earlier flight, it becomes annoying to get the alerts for a flight you are not on. Tripit really needs to evolve the product to allow for these types of situations.

  • Mark Garretson

    I work in marketing for Concur, the company that owns TripIt, so it’s been very nice getting access to the Pro version for free and using it to help organize complicated itineraries!

    On of the greatest features about the Pro version is the notifications for your scheduled flights….There have been multiple circumstances where TripIt has alerted me to a gate change even before the announcement has been made at the gate and on the airport TV monitors. Also to flight changes…On my recent trip to Rio De Janiero and Fortaleza, TripIt alerted me that my Delta flight had been delayed…I got that notification 30 minutes before I got the notification email directly from Delta.

    The main use of TripIt for me has been just having a centralized place to keep all of my confirmation numbers and travel details. The auto import function has been great as well, but overall, just forwarding my travel itinerary emails to [email protected] is easy enough as is!

    From my understanding, Concur has some big plans for TripIt in the future! Glad to know that you enjoyed it so much TPG!

  • Carey

    I’ve been a fan of TripCase. It is also a clean and easy-to-use travel management app, but it provides travel alerts free of charge.

  • Rob Perelman

    Never used TripIt but it sounds really similar to Kayak Trips, which I’ve been using for 3 years or so (for free) and can’t live without.

  • J

    welcome to 2014!

  • Matt

    I used it strong for 2 years, but being based outside of the US renders it useless for me. I found it quite unhelpful on international itineraries in monitoring flights or alerting me to gates. Also, as it is reliant on data aggregators (like a FlightStats or equivalent), I found the airline was frequently ahead on alerts.

    The standard service suits me just fine with the calendar integration and iOS app.

  • Ben

    You should try combining TripIt with Flight Track Pro. I find using Flight Track Pro’s integration with TripIt so useful when learning more about the flight(s) I’m about to take.

  • joshuafe

    Any insight on what the big plans are? I live out of concur and tripit pro for work.

  • Mark Licciardo

    Been using the free version & it works great, been thinking of upgrading to pro. Thanks for the post, it is helpful.

  • SgFm

    I have been using it for 9+ months. It is inconsistent in flight monitoring IME. I just returned from a trip to the Middle East and Africa. It missed a major flight change that was announced >24 hrs in advance, but then on that same flight the next day it alerted me before the airport monitor screens did of a delay. I have also had difficulty sometimes with forwarded reservations being unable to get transcribed into the Tripit display properly, and then having to do it manually myself. Overall I like Tripit Pro, but I don’t love it.

  • dee seiffer

    Very similar to my experience. It is great for organizing and sharing intineraries. Our family knows where to find us. My mom is 94 and my niece is due with a baby any day now. We want to be found.

    I love having the app on my phone and being able to check the itinerary off line.

    USUALLY the alerts are accurate, but not always. Traveling in Asia right now. TripIt Pro sent a weird alert the other day about my son ‘s flight that was completely inaccurate. I have gotten alerts about delays and gate changes that were helpful.

  • Farhan Haroon

    I used Tripit for my recent trip to Italy. It was great for planning our trip with Airlines, hotels, and trains.. However, sometimes the app would load the same travel plan multiple times. Other than that it was great.

  • Rusty Longwood

    Hey great man! I love trip it. I’ve found the auto-import feature has some issues with flights, any hope on fixing that?

  • dwrecked

    Concur would be better if it became more like TripIt. I use Concur for all my work travel, and like Mark, have noticed that airline notifications come faster through TripIt. Notifications of delays seem to be more accurate as well–American likes to post delays in 30 min chunks, but TripIt will often state the true planned length of the delay. TripIt also helped me get a $450 refund on a pair of tickets to LIH that dropped in price after I booked them. TripIt is a solid yes.

  • Wandering Sheppard

    I use this app a lot, but found it lacking when dealing with cruises. Uploading to your app is no better than inputting it yourself.

  • asar

    The problem I have with TripIt is that it does not realize if I have cancelled a flight or hotel reservation.

  • Edgar Perez

    I love Tripit! I tried tripit pro and found some issues that I reported to them and may have been resolved. For example, had a connecting flight with like a 30 minute connection. The app kept warning me it was a tight connection. However, the connection required NO plane change so there was NO way I was going to miss the connection. Also, when looking for an alternate flight on Southwest, it kept reporting no seats available on any flight, despite there being plenty. It likely has trouble interpreting how Southwest does seat assignments. The point tracking was okay but AwardWallet presents the data much cleaner. I opted out of Pro with no problems but now my non Pro, keeps giving me reminder message bubbles though it is not showing me the messages. Still LOVE Tripit as I am on a plane EVERY week and am a hotel hopper so it is great I can email my itinerary and easily know where to go each night with no effort from me:)

  • Chris P

    i use Tripit and TripCase at the same time. both has pros and cons, but TripCase offers free flight status updates on changes in time, gate and other updates that Trip it do not offer for free. For those who wants an alternative, it doesn’t hurt to download both apps

  • Wildcat1

    I love Tripit Pro but find it very frustrating that with their seat tracker you cannot get it to watch for a certain class of cabin only (i.e. only econ, bus or first not just ANY). Would also be great to be able to select specific seats to watch for. Maybe I am missing something but right now find this feature (seat tracker) not very useful at all

  • BusinessTraveler

    I use Kayak, and haven’t tried TripIt Pro yet. I was thinking about using it to track miles/points until I saw that American won’t update. AwardWallet seems to do well in that space.

  • Brian

    I have a pro subscription and one major flaw is that while it monitors flight status, it does not monitor reservation status. For example, I forwarded an email confirmation for a flight I later cancelled. When I looked at trip it , it showed I still had the flight and even alerted me it was time to check in.

  • andypahwa

    Been using it since I became a consultant about 3 years ago. Every trip, personal or business, gets added to my TripIt account via push email option.

    I like that I can layer the calendar for TripIt onto my work calendar (outlook), my personal calendar (gmail) and have it on my phone (iOS).

    Having connected with friends on TripIt, they have allowed enough privacy setting for me to see when they’ll be in certain cities (you can limit the amount of info shared through the settings).

    Pretty cool overall. No other way I’d keep track of the 600+ travel days and 600K miles flown over the past 3 years.

  • Mike Furgason

    Just logged an upcoming trip, was easy to do, but I’m doubting the value, seems like I can get the same functionality through a combination of google calendar, Award Wallet, and airline apps for free. I thin Barclaycard could offer some better perks in its place

  • Mike Naypauer

    I wonder if it varies by cruise line. I forwarded an upcoming reservation our family has on NCL and it imported it nicely and had each port day with begin and end times inputted.

  • Mike Naypauer

    I do find it ironic that Barclay offers the Pro version for free and you can’t track Barclay awards in Point Tracker.

  • Haley

    “It would be nice if you can set up auto-forwarding of you reward-program balances just like you can do with your travel confirmation emails, but I don’t see that option on the site of as yet.”
    Do you really not know how to set up email forwarding from your email account? Google is your friend.

  • InsertFootHere

    I couldn’t count all the times TripIt Pro has helped me with delays/gate changes/cancellations. But today it informed me of a $20 price drop in a fare I’d purchased a few weeks back. It took no more than three minutes to call the airline (Alaska), who kindly put the $20 in my account as a credit toward future travel — and at no charge! The representative even asked if I was using TripIt, and mentioned how great it was. Paying $50 a year is worth it for the notifications alone, but now I’m only out $30 for the year — a real bargain if you ask me. Thank you TripIt Pro!

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