Is the Current US Airways Share Miles 100% Bonus Promotion Worth It?

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This past week saw the sudden announcement of some big changes from American Airlines’ frequent flyer program and a few smaller ones from US Airways. With this news in mind,  TPG reader Paul tweeted me to ask:

@thepointsguy Given the recent unannounced changes from US Airways, would you still recommend taking advantage of its 100% bonus on shared miles?” 

My answer is yes – absolutely. I’m such a big fan of this promotion that I published a post about it this week called Top 10 Reasons To Buy US Airways Miles with the 100% Share Bonus.

Basically, the US Airways 100% Share Miles bonus promotion enables you to buy US Airways miles at about 1.1 cents apiece – which is an amazing value. You’ll have to move fast, though, because this promotion will end today – Sunday, April 13, 2014! The only downside is that you can only get 50,000 bonus miles per account.

To be clear, while American Airlines made a bunch of nasty changes this past week like doing away with international gateway stopovers and raising the cost of AAnytime awards, US Airways really only made one major change: raising their North Asia round-trip business class awards from 90,000 miles to 110,000 miles – which at approximately $1,200-1,300 based on the per-mile purchase price of this promo is still a phenomenal deal. North Asia destinations include China, Hong Kong and Japan, and you can choose to route your itinerary via Europe, effectively giving you the opportunity to book a round-the-world itinerary at that level.

US Airways 100% Share Miles bonus is a great deal, enabling you to buy miles at 1.1. cents apiece

US Airways 100% Share Miles bonus is a great deal, enabling you to buy miles at 1.1. cents apiece

US Airways awards give you a lot of flexibility, to be sure, but keep in mind that it can also be a pain to book them. They don’t offer one-way awards, and you’re not allowed to make changes to your travel once your trip begins. However, if you can manage to find sweet spots in the award chart (like off-peak awards or awards to South Africa, New Zealand and Australia), it’ll be a great value to have these miles at only 1.1. cents apiece. Personally, I maximized this promotion and transferred a bunch of miles between accounts I manage for my family and friends.

I’d definitely advise you to take advantage of this promotion, too, but just make sure you get a redemption idea set up and redeem your miles as soon as possible so that you’re not affected by future devaluations – and there will certainly be more of them as American and US Airways merge their frequent flyer programs. I don’t expect the final merger to happen until 2015, but you never know, as the two airlines still haven’t made a formal announcement of their intentions.

Remember to buy US Airways Share Miles today, and let me know if you have any other questions by messaging me on Facebooktweeting me or emailing me at [email protected]

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  • BobChi

    I have enough US Airways miles now that I likely wouldn’t be using new ones until after that program ends. I would have considered doing it just for the AAdvantage miles they will eventually be, but, as you say, AA made nasty changes to their program in the middle of the night with no notice, which doesn’t bode well for future value of those miles – I predict further ugly devaluations without warning. I expect when the dust clears AA miles may settle in at a value of about 1.5 cpm, but that’s not something I would personally get the miles speculatively for at 1.1 cpm. This has become one of those deals where I’d do it if I needed to top off an account for an award; no longer is it one I’d do speculatively.

  • Michael

    North Asia also includes Taiwan.

  • Pointie

    Too risky to purchase any more. I was a big fan of these purchases, but what AA/US Air did over night is simply inexcusable.

  • iahphx

    “Yes — absolutely worth it.” Really?
    No way. The vast majority of US Airways fliers should NOT purchase these miles. They’re only a good deal for frequent flyer experts, who want to fly in international premium cabins to certain destinations, and are willing to take the considerable time and trouble to find award seats. Everyone else should definitely NOT buy these miles. They’re very difficult to use — award inventory runs from meager to terrible — and they only represent an extraordinary value for those premium cabin awards. And these awards could vanish in a heartbeat.
    Personally, I bought miles. But I know I am not a “typical” Dividend Miles customer.

  • Greg

    The points are not looking as attractive right now after the changes without notice. I am willing to bet that these points will be 25%-50% less within a year.

    I predict seeing things like business class to europe 125,000 miles next year. I also predict bigger fees coming online. Finally I predict a drop in available premium class award seats NOT because “the economy is picking up” which I a pile of nonsense, rather fewer award seats because they are not releasing as many seats.

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